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Ms. Cox

English 9 H

October 14, 2016

Suspense Techniques and Examples

Suspense is that intense feeling an audience retrieves while waiting for an outcome. Suspense is

the technique that makes readers wonder What is going to happen next? Without suspense, the

story would be bland. Foreshadowing, imagery, and tone are concepts that work together to tie

everything into a mysterious, perilous story. Its the most important factor to keep readers

intrigued and longing for more.

Foreshadowing is an example of a technique used to create suspense. Foreshadowing is

an indication of what is going to happen next without clearly stating the event. In And There

Were None, the author used multiple incidents. At the beginning of the story Blore is told

Watch and pray. The day of judgment is at hand. (pg 17) as the ending got closer, it revealed the

theme of the story. The mood was kept intense and suspicious by using this approach.

Imagery is very important in suspenseful writing. Imagery is figuratively descriptive to

make the readers can feel like they are a part of the story. For example Without, the night was

cold and wet, but in the small parlour of Laburrnam Villa the blinds were drawn and the fire

burned brightly.(pg. 1) in The Monkeys Paw the imagery set the mood and added a eerie,

realistic vibe to the story. It helps the audience specify the era and time the event takes place.

Tone of voice plays a big role in suspense stories. In The Tell Tale heart, tone creates

the anticipation, and apprehension on the upcoming event. It characterizes a certain situation and
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adds more detail to writing, for example indeed, the illness only made, my feelings, my senses

stronger, more power. My sense of hearing especially became more powerful. I could hear

sounds I have never heard before. I heard sounds from heaven; and I heard sounds from hell!

(pg.64) The writers characterize their tone for the readers to get a better understanding of the

main characters personality. It captivates the audiences attention and keeps them attentive.

Overall, suspense creates an extreme feeling that reels readers in and leaves them asking

for more. Suspense techniques help authors improve their stories for the audience.

Foreshadowing is important for details leading up to the climax. Imagery helps identify the

setting of a story visually. And lastly tone helps add personality to a story.
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