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Root Words Guide

1. Thei Zoophobia - zoo+phobia means fear of

Thei meaning god/religion animal
Ist meaning follower Androphobia - Andro means boys/male so
Now adding different words androphobia means the one who dont like
Theist meaning the one who believes in god boys.
Atheist meaning the one who dont believe Gynophobia - Gyno means girl / women so
in god. gynophobia means the one who dont like
Monotheist mono+theist mono(only one) girls
so monotheist means the one who believes Pedophobia - Pedo means child so
in one god. pedophobia is the one who dont like
Polytheist Ploy means many so polytheists childrens.
means the one who believe in many gods. Demophobia - demo means people so
Pantheist Pan mean all over so pantheist is demophobia means the one who fear of
one who believe in all gods across al public speaking.
religion. Anthropophobia - anthro means human
being so anthropophobia mean fear of
human being or the one who dont like the
2. Logy company of human being or in simple word
aloof (living alone)
Logy means study of something
Theophobia - theo+phobia means fear of
Theology - Teho means god or religion so
theology means study of religion
Anthropology - Anthrop means human
4. Cracy
being so anthropology means study of
human being. Cracy means govt /system
Morphology - Morph means structure so Democracy - demo+cracy means govt of
morphology means study of structures. people
Anthropomorphism - Its antrop+morph+ism Autocracy - auto+cracy means
meaning is giving human structure to god. dictatorship/kingship (when one person
Zoomorphism - Its zo+morph+ism meaning rules the whole government or system)
giving animal structure to god. Theocracy - Theo+cracy means when
Amorpic - Its a+morph means no particular government is of religious people like priest,
structure. bishops etc.
Plutocracy - Pluto means wealthy so
3. Phobia plutocracy means when government is

Phobia means fear or dislike Page 1
Root Words Guide

controlled by wealthy people like Somnambulist - som+amb+ist here som

industrialist. means sleep ambu means walk so
Oligocracy - Oligo means selected few so somnambulist means the one who walk
oligocracy means when selected few runs while sleeping.
the government. Ambulant - means things able to walk
Mobocracy - Mob means crowd so Somniloquist - loquist means talking so
mobocracy means when crowd takes over somniloquist means the one who talks while
government or in other words lawlessness. sleeping.
Monarchy - monarc means top official like
king so monarchy is the rule of king. 6. Cious

Anarchy - means lawlessness its just similar Cious means to do something

to mobocracy . Loquacious - loquis means talking so
Gerontocracy - geron mean aged/ lozuacious means the one who talks a lot
experienced so gerontocracy means when Voracious - vora means eat so voracious
position are determined by the experience means the one who eats a lot.
or the age. Avaricious - avari means greed so avaricious
Meritocracy - merito means performance so means greedy
meritocracy means when positon are Pugnacious - pug means fight so pugnacious
decided by performance means the one who fights a lot.
Cleptocracy - clepto means thief so
cleptocracy means when government is run 7. Cide
by thieves.
Cide meaning kill/ murder
Beaurocracy - beauro means top officials so
Infanticide - infant+cide meaning to kill
beaurocracy means when government is run
by top officials.
uxoricide - uxor means wife so uxoricide
Aristocracy - aristo means nobility so
mean A husband who murders his wife.
aristocracy means when government is run
Mariticide - marit means husband so
by noble families.
maritcide mean The murder of a husband by
his wife.
5. Somnia
Patricide - patri means father so patricide
Somnia sleepness means A person who murders their father.
Insomnia means lack of sleep Matricide - matri mean mother so matricide
Somniferous - ferrous means things causing means A person who murders their mother.
something so somniferous are the things Fratricide - frat means brother so fratricide
that cause sleep like pills etc. means A person who murders their brother. Page 2
Root Words Guide

Benefactor- person who gives money to a

10. Ambul cause
Walk,move Beneficial- producing a good effect
Amble- to walk in a slow, relaxed way Benevolent- showing kindness or goodwill
Ambulant- walking or moving
16. Cata
Ambulance- a vehicle that moves a patient
Down, against completely intensive according to
11. Anim Cataclysm- a flood or other disaster
Life, spirit Catalogue- a complete listing
Animal- a living organism; Catastrophe- turning for the worst, a
Animate- to make alive; substantial disaster
Equanimity- of balanced spirit
17. Cert
12. Anti sure
Against, opposite of Ascertain- to find out something with
Antibody- a substance that destroys micro- certainty;
organisms Certain- being absolutely sure
Antiseptic- preventing infection; Certify to state that something is true
Antisocial- opposing social norm
18. Circum
13. Arbour Around, about
Tree Circumnavigate- to sail around
Arborist- someone working with trees Circumscribe- to draw around
Arbour- a shady area formed by trees Circumspect- looking around
Arborous- having many trees Circumvent- to go around or bypass
14. Auto
19. Clar
Self, same, one
Autocrat- a person who governs with clear
absolute power Clarification- an explanation
Autograph- a persons own signature Clarify- to make something clear
Automatic- moving by itself wish, will to state something clearly

15. Bene 20. Cline

Good, well lean Page 3
Root Words Guide

Inclination- a leaning toward Cumulative- gradually building up

Incline- a surface that slopes or leans
Recline- to lean back and relax 26. Cycl

Circle, ring
21. Counter
Bicycle- a vehicle with two wheels
Opposite, contrary, opposing Cycle- a sequence that is repeated
Counteract- to oppose the effects of an Cyclone- a storm with circling winds
Countermand- to cancel a previous order 27. Dia

Counteroffensive- attack against an attack Through, between, apart, across

Diabetes- disease characterized by
22. Cranio
excessive thirst and discharge of urine
skull Diagnosis- understanding a condition by
Craniology- the study of skull going through a detailed review of
characteristics; symptoms
Cranium- skull of vertebrates Dialog- conversation between two people
Cranial- pertaining to the skull
28. Dict
23. Cred
believe Contradict- to express the opposite of
Credence- belief that something is true or Prediction- a statement foretelling the
valid; future
Credulous- believing things too easily, Dictate- to speak out loud for another
gullible person to write down.
Incredible- unbelievable
29. Domin
24. Crypto
Hidden, secret Dominate- to be the master of
Cryptic- of hidden meaning Domineering- excessively controlling
Cryptography- science of secret fcodes Predominate- to have more power than
Encrypt- encode into secret code others

25. Cumul 30. Ethno

Mass, heap Race, people

Accumulate- to gather or pile up Page 4
Root Words Guide

Ethnic- pertaining to a defined group od Beneath, below

people Infrastructure- underlying framework of a
Ethnocentric- focusing on the ethnicity of system
people Infrared- below the regular light spectrum
Ethnology- the science of people and races.
36. Inter
31. Funct
Between, among, jointly
Perform, work International- involving two or more
Defunct- no longer working or alive countries
Function- to work or perform a role Intersection- place where roads come
normally together
Malfunction- to fail to work correctly. Intercept- to stop or interrupt the course of.

32. Hetero 37. Junct

Different, other join

Heterogeneous- made up of unrelated parts Conjunction- a word that joins parts of
Heteronyms- words with same spelling but sentences
different meanings Disjunction- a disconnection
Heterodox- not conforming to traditional Junction- a place where two things join.
38. Juven
33. Histo
tissue Juvenile- youthful or childish
Histology- study of the microscopic Rejuvenate- to bring back to youthful
structure of tissues strength or appearance.
Histochemistry- study of the chemical
constitution of cells and tissues. 39. Kilo

34. Hyper
Kilobyte- 1,000 bytes
Too much, over, excessive, beyond Kilometer- 1,000 meter
Hyperactive- very restless Kilograms- 1,000 grams.
Hypercritical- too critical
Hypertension- above normal pressure. 40. Lab

35. Infra
Collaborate- to work with a person Page 5
Root Words Guide

Elaborate- to work out the details 46. Luc

Laborious- requiring a lot of hard work. light

Elucidate- to explain, to throw light on
41. Later
Lucid- easily understood , giving off light
side Translucent- allowing light through
Bilateral- of or involving two sides
Unilateral- affecting one side of something. 47. Lum

42. Lex
Illuminate- to fill with light
Word, law, reading Lumen- unit measuring light
Lexicology- the study and history of words
Alexia- los of the ability to read 48. Macro

Illegal- not authorized by the official rules or Large, great

laws Macroevolution- large scale evolution
Macromolecule- a large molecule
43. Liber
Macroeconomics- study of the overall
free forces of economy
Liberate- to set free;
Libertine- a person with a free, wild lifestyle 49. Mand

Liberty- freedom. To order

Command- an order or instruction
44. Lingu
Demand- a hard-to-ignore orer
Language, tongue Mandate- an official order
Linguist- one who studies languages
Multiligual- able to communicate in 50. Mania

multiple languages Madness, insanity, excessive desire

Linguine- long flat tongue- shapes pasta. Bibliomania- a crazy love of books
Egomania- a mad love of oneself
45. Loc
Maniac- an insane person
Dislocate- to put something out of its usual 51. Max

place greatest
Location- a place Maximal- the best or greatest possible
Relocate- to move to a new place. Maximize- to make as great as possible
Maximum- the greatest amount. Page 6
Root Words Guide

Microscope- a device to see very small

52. Medi things
57. Mid
Medieval- pertaining to the Middle Ages
Medium- in the middle middle
Mediocre- only of medium (inferior) quality Midriff- the area between the chest and the
53. Mega Midterm- middle of a term in school
Great, large, million Midway- halfway between
Megalopolis- an area with many nearby
58. Migr
Megaphone- a device that projects a loud move
voice Immigrant- a person who moves to a mew
Mega structure- huge building or other country to settle
structure Migrant- person who moves from place to
54. Meso Migration- the process of moving
59. Milli
Mesoamerica- Middle America
Meson- elementary particle with a mass One thousandth
between an electron and a proton Millimeter- one thousandth of ammeter
Millibar- one thousandth of a bar
55. Meta Millitre- one thousand of a liter
Change, after, beyond, between
60. Mob
Metaphysics- study of nature and reality
Metamorphosis- a complete change of form move
Metastasis- the transmission of disease to Immobilize- to stop from moving
other parts of the body Mobile- able to move freely
Mobility- the equality of being able to move
56. Micro
61. Mort
Very small, short, minute
Microbe- a very small living thing death
Microchip- a tiny wafer with an integrated Immortal- living forever, unable to die
circuit Mortal- certain to die
Mortician- an undertaker Page 7
Root Words Guide

Negate- to say it didnt happen

Negative- meaning no
62. Multi
Renege- to go back on a promise
Many, more than one or two
Multi- coloured- having many colours 68. Neo
Multimedia- using a range of media
New, recent
Multi-tasking- doing many things at once
Neoclassic- a revival of classic form,
Neo-colonialism- the indirect (new)
64. Mut economic and political control of a region by
a more powerful foreign power
Neonatal- a newborn child, especially first
Immutable- not changing
few weeks
Mutant- an organism that has undergone
69. Non
Mutate- to undergo a change
No, not, without
65. Narr Nondescript- with no special characteristics
Nonfiction- true, real, not made-up
Non- sense- without sense
Narrate- to tell a story
Narrative- a story
70. Not
Narrator- a person who tells a story
65. Nat Notable- marked as worthy of attention
born Notarize- to certify a signature on a legal
Innate- included since birth document
Natal- relating to birth Annotate- to add remarks
Natural- gotten a birth, not afterward
71. Numer
66. Nav number
ship Enumerate- to name a number of items on
Circumnavigate- to sail around a place a list
Naval- relating to a navy or warships Numerology- the study of magical uses of
Navigate- to sail a ship through a place numbers
Numerous- a large number
72. Omni
no Page 8
Root Words Guide

Omnipotent- with all the power 77. Oxy

Omniscient- knowing all things sharp

Omnivorous- eating all types of foods
Oxymoron- combining two ideas that
73. Ortho sharply contradict other
Oxidize- corrode a surface
Orthodontist- a dentist that straightens 78. Pan
All, any, everyone
Orthopaedic- a doctor concerned with the
Panacea- a cure for all diseases or problems
proper alignment of the bones
Panorama- an all- around view
Orthography- the correct way of writing
Pantheism- the worship of all gods
74. Osteo Pandemic- affecting all

bone 79. Para

Osteoarthritis- inflammation caused by
Besides, beyond, abnormal, assistant
degeneration of the joints
Parasite- an organism that lives on and off
Osteopathy- therapy that uses among
another living being
others manipulation of the skeleton to
Parallel- alongside and always an equal
restore health
distance apart
Osteology- the study of bones
Paragraph- a portion of a written document
75. Out that presents a distinct idea

Goes beyond, surpasses, exceeds 80. Para

Outgoing- being of lively, sharing nature
Protection from
Outdoing- doing better than
Parachute- protection from failing
Outdoor- outside
Parasol- an umbrella used to protect from
76. Over the sun

excessive 81. Path

Overconfident- more confident than is
Feeling, emotion
Antipathy- a feeling of great dislike
Overstock- more supplies than is desirable
Apathy- a lack of feeling or interest
Overexcited- more excited than one should
be Page 9
Root Words Guide

Empathy- ability to understand anothers 87. Poly

feelings Many, more than one

Polychrome- with many colours
82. Pel
Polyglot- a person fluent in many languages
Drive, force Polygon- shape with 3 or more straight
Compel- to force someone to act sides
Expel- to drive someone out of a place
Repel- to force back 88. Pon

83. Per
Popular- appealing to a lot of people
Through, throughout Population- all of the people who live in a
Permanent- lasting throughout all time particular area
Permeate- to spread throughout Populist- a supporter of the rights of people
Persist- to continue for a long time
Perennial- lasting through many years 89. Port

84. Peri
Export- to carry goods out of a place to
Around, enclosing another
Periodontal- pertaining to bone and tissue Portable- able to be carried
around a tooth Porter- a person who carries luggage
Peripheral- lying outside of the center
Perimeter- the outer boundary of an area 90. Pos

Place, put
85. Phys
Deposit- to place or drop something
Nature, medicine, the body Expose- to place out into the open for all to
Physical- relating to the body see
Physician- a doctor Position- the place where someone is
Physique- nature and shape of ones body
91. Post
86. Poli
After, behind
city Posthumous- after someones death
Metropolis- a large city Postpone- to get ready in advance
Politics- actions of a government or political Postscript- an addition to an already
party completed document Page 10
Root Words Guide

92. Pre Quart- a fourth of a gallon

Earlier, before, in front of Quartet- a musical composition or group
Preamble- a part in front of a formal involving 4 voices or instruments
98. Radio
Prepare- to get ready in advance
Radiation, ray
93. Pro
Radioactive- emitting radiation
Before, in front of, for, forward Radiologist- someone diagnosing or treating
Prognosis- a prediction of what will happen via radiation
Prologue- a passage before the main part
Prophet- a person who foretells the future 99. Retro

Backward, back
94. Pul
Retroactive- relating to something in the
Urge past
Compulsion- a very strong urge Retrogress- to go back to an earlier
Expulsion- to kick someone out condition
impulsive- having a spontaneous urge to do Retrospect- the remembering of past events
100. Rupt
95. Purg
Break, burst
clean Bankrupt- unable to pay because youre
Purge abolition, abstersion, catharsis, broke
clarification, cleaning, cleanup, coup, Interrupt- to break into a conversation or
crushing, disposal, disposition event, to disturb;
Rupture- a break in something
96. Put
101. San
Computer-an electronic thinking device health
Dispute- to disagree with what another Sane- mentally healthy
person thinks Sanitary- relating to cleanliness and health
Input- contribution of ones thinking Sanitation- maintenance of public health
97. Quart
102. Scend
Quarter- one fourth Climb, go Page 11
Root Words Guide

Ascend- to climb upward sun

Crescendo- a climbing up of the volume of Solar- involving the sun
music Parasol- umbrella protecting from the sun
Descend- to go or climb down Solarium- a room where one is exposed to
sun light
103. Sect
108. Son
Dissect- to cut apart piece by piece sound
Intersection- the place or point where two Consonant- a speech sound
things cross each other Sonorous- producing loud, full, rich sounds
Bisect- to cut into two equal parts
109. Soph
104. Self
Of , for, or by itself Philosopher-a wise person
Self- discipline- the ability to discipline Sophisticated- wise about the ways of the
yourself world
Self- respect- respect for yourself Sophism- a clever but misleading argument
Selfish- concerned only with your own
interest 110. Sphere

105. Sex
Biosphere- the whole round surface of the
six earth
Sextet or sextets- a composition or group Hemisphere- half the earth spherically
of six shaped like a ball
Sextuple- six fold
Sexagenarian- person in his/her sixties 111. Spir

106. Sol
Inspire- to stimulate or animate
alone Transpire- to give of vapour with waste
Desolate- lonely, dismal, gloomy product through the skin or a membrane
Solitary- done alone , by yourself Spirit- invisible life force
Solo- a performance done by one person
alone 112. Sta

107. Sol
Stable- standing steady and firm Page 12
Root Words Guide

Stagnant- standing still, not moving Supersonic- faster than the speed of sound
Stationery- at a standstill , fixed.
118. techno
113. Stell
Technique, skill
star Technology- the practical application of
Constellation- a group of stars that forms a knowledge
pattern Technocracy rule of technology
Interstellar- between the stars Technologically- characterized by
Stellar- relating to stars technology

114. Struct 119. Tetra

build four
Construct- to build Tetrapod- having 4 legs
Destruction- the act of destroying Tetrarchy- government by 4 rules
something that was built structure Tetrose- a monosaccharide with four carbon
something built atoms
Infrastructure- underlying framework off a
system 120. Tort

115. Sub
Contortion- a twisted shape or position
Under, lower than, inferior to Distort- to alter the shape or condition of
Submarine- an underwater boat Retort- reply in a manner that is supposed
Submerge- to put underwater to change the effect of something
Substandard- inferior to accepted standards previously said

116. Sum 121. Tox

highest poison
Sum- the combined total of everything Detoxification- the process of removing
Summation- the total, highest amount poison
Summit- the highest point or top Toxic- poisonous
Toxicology- the study of poisons
117. Super Intoxicated- influenced by drugs
Higher in quality or quantity
122. Tract
Super bowl- the final annual football game
Superior- above average , better in quality Pull, drag Page 13
Root Words Guide

Attract- to pull objects nearer Unicycle- a vehicle with one wheel

Distract- to drag attention away from Unilateral- decided by only one person or
something nation
Tractor- a motor vehicle that plus things Unique- the only one of its kind
Unison- as one voice
123. Trans
128. Urb
Across, beyond, through
Transcontinental- across the continent city
Transfer- to move from one place to Suburb- residential area on the edge of a
another city
Transport- to carry something across a Urban- relating to a city
space Urbanology- the study of city life

124. Tri 129. Vac

Three, once in every three, third empty

Triangle- a figure with 3 sides and 3 angles Evacuate- to empty a dangerous place
Triathlon- an athletic contest with 3 events Vacant- empty, not occupied
Tricycle- a 3- wheel vehicle with pedals vacation- a time without work

125. Ultra 130. Verb

Beyond, extreme,more than word

Ultrahigh- extremely high Verbalize- to put into words
Ultramodern- more modern than anything Adverb- a word relating to a verb
else Proverb- a short saying that expresses a
Untrasonic- sound waves beyond human well-known truth
131. Vice
126. Un
Acting in place of, next in rank
Not, opposite of, lacking Vice- president- the person next in rank to
Unabridged- not shortened the president
Unfair- opposite of fair
Unfriendly- lacking friendliness 132. Vid

127. Uni
Evident- clearly seen
One, single Page 14