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5-E Model ESL Lesson

Title ESL: Elasticity, Stretching, and Launching Rubber Bands

Purpose/Rationale Allow for all students to interact with a physical form of

potential/stored energy in the form of rubber bands. The students
will be able to draw a connection between the deformation/stretch
of the rubber band and how far the rubber band flies.
Community Resources More Brain Powered Science--Comeback Cans By Thomas
and meeting needs of OBrien
particular population of Certain students require additional aid outside the norm, during
students. problem solving practice ensure they are given the necessary
English language/Euphemism support: Insure practice
problems utilize language that can be understood by non-native
speakers, or be ready to explain or demonstrate visually the
Application Stimulus: Quick Demos for use in the class when
necessary for demonstrating principles to give a real world
connection to the material.
Virginia SOLs PS.6
The student will investigate and understand forms of energy and
how energy is transferred and transformed. Key concepts include
a) potential and kinetic energy;
b) mechanical, Potential, Spring.

Materials Self propelled can (Both See through and metal). Clicking Pens.
Colored Rubber Bands. Masking Tape
Safety and Class Spring-Based projectile. Choking Hazard (small parts). Goggles
Management Issues (necessary).
SIOP Features (check all Preparation: Scaffolding: Group Options:
that apply) ___Adaptation of content ___Modeling ___Whole
___Links to background ___Guided practice ___Small
___Links to past learning ___Independent practice
___Strategies incorporated ___Comprehensible input

Integration of Process: Application:

___Reading ___Hands-on ___Individual
___Writing ___Meaningful ___Group
___Speaking ___Linked to objectives ___Written
___Listening ___Promotes engagement ___Oral

Procedures for Teaching (numbered with time frame)

Engage (10 minutes) Hand out rubber bands and springs. Have students fill out venn
diagram showing similarities and differences between the two.

Comeback Can Demo

Show students the Can and have them predict what will
happen when you roll it across the table
Have them Roll the Can.
What Happened? Whats inside? Why?!
Allow for students to mess around with the can.

Explore (20 minutes) Pen and rubber band launching.

How far can you make the object go?
What is different about the springs/rubber bands?
Students will fill out table with data from spring and rubber band

Explain (10 minutes) Ask them how what they did with the Pens and rubber bands relate
to the Comeback Can.
Encourage and emphasize their usage of the words: Energy,
Stored Energy, Motion/Movement,

Which spring/rubber band could store the most energy? -> Potential

Elaborate (20 minutes) Ask the students again, what they think is inside the Comeback
Have them explain why they think this.
Diagrams/drawings of their ideas.
Show them.

Build comeback cans. Have them predict how the rubber bands will
affect the distance the comeback can travels.

Formative N/A

Summative Switch Up Rubber Bands inside the Can

Have them predict how the different rubber bands will
change the comeback can.
Activity Sheet(s) Measurement Sheets.
How far did certain rubberbands go?
How far did certain pen springs go?