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Endorsed by Jamaica Customs, Customs Brokers BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE

and Freight Forwarders Association of Jamaica,

Caribbean Customs Brokers Association and

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution The Bachelor of Science Degree in

Copyright 2014
Customs Processes, Freight Forwarding and Immigration
was designed in collaboration with members of the
industry in general and in particular, the Jamaica
CARIBBEAN MARITIME INSTITUTE Customs Department, Custom Brokers and Freight
Palisadoes Park, P.O. Box 8081 Forwarders Association of Jamaica, Caribbean Custom
Kingston CSO, Jamaica West Indies Brokers Association, with input from the Port Authority of
Telephone: Jamaica, Immigration and Quarantine Departments. This
618-2047,618-7447, 924-8175 industry ready course covers the whole gamut of border
924-8176, 924-8198 protection for both air and sea and addresses the global
Facsimile: (876) 924-8158 needs of international trade. It will be the platform for entry and progress into the industry.
OPTION 1: At least five (5) CXC / GCE OLevel subjects
inclusive of English Language and Mathematics or any Entrepreneurship and Business
other equivalency recognized by the University Council of Finance
Jamaica. Candidates in this category are required to Maritime Law
complete the course in four (4) years or eight (8) semes- Transportation Management
ters on full time OR four (4) calendar years of twelve (12) Forensic Accounting and Fraud
semesters on part time. Detection
Tariff Classification
OPTION 2: Mature candidates, who must be at least 25 Elective
years of age and must have at least five (5) years work
experience at a supervisory level in the industry. Candi- SEMESTER 6
dates with mature entry qualification are required to
complete the course in four (4) years of eight (8) semesters
on full time OR four (4) calendar years of twelve (12) Customs Invoice Inspection
semesters on part time Border Protection
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Human Resource Management
SEMESTER 1 Customs and Ports Regulation
Customs Valuation
Business Accounting
Introduction to Management
Information Technology SEMESTER 7
Statistics and Computation
Language and Communication Relationship Marketing
Marketing Practice International Health and Regulations
Migration Component Issues Sustainable Development
Industrial Relations
SEMESTER 2 Customs Process and Safety Framework
Immigration Law and Regulations
Port Operations (Air and Sea)
Business Communication SEMESTER 8
Information Technology II
Psychology Customs Law and Regulation
Business Law Ships Agency Management
International Business International Treaties
Security International Ship Port Security Code Port Financing
Work Experience (6 weeks) Strategic Management
Customs Agency Functions
SEMESTER 3 Research Project

Spanish I 3
Carriage of Goods by Sea Law This will be both formative and summative and will
Cargo Documentation employ the following:
Sourcing and Procurement Assignments
IMDG/Air Code I Presentations
Elective Quizzes
Projects (individual and group)
SEMESTER 4 Group discussions
Final examinations
Case study
Spanish II
Quality Customer Care WORK EXPERIENCE
Carriage of Goods by Air Law
Freight Forwarding and Logistics The degree includes a work experience or internship
Marine Insurance component that allows candidates to gain practical
Work Experience (6 weeks) and management skills.