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Everyone this is Sarah with REGISTED NURSE RN., AND TODAY WERE going
to be going over fetal heart rate of deceleration in your maternity class or
for the ob when youre studying for in clicks you will have to know the basics
about fetal heart rate deceleration hes three types that im going to go over
and in this video im going hit the highlights of things that youll need to
know for your test in lectura and for the in clicks and I made it really
easyand thought of some clever ways in orden for you to understand this
material but after you get done watching this video be sure you go to our
website registered nurse RN.calm and take the free quiz that will test your
knowledge on the heart fetal heart rate deceleration we have diagrams that
youll have to know whether its earlier lay or variable and you have to know
the cause and it will really test your knowledge and prepare you for your
exams that youll have to take in nursing school also we have a bunch of in-
class quizzes dosage calculations quiz personality quizzes every type of
ways you can really think of so go there To get some free quizzes so lets

Get started ok we have three