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Allahu Akbar

April 2017 by Heather

Learning Priority: widening social interaction, and
development of a sense of others

Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam and essential to

ones faith. It is important to pray as a
Muslim to keep clean spiritually. As a muslim, prayer is
done five times a day. During prayer we remember
Allah gave us all blessings and we seek refuge for all our sins and
mistakes. Prayer also makes us be a person with taqwa
(God-consciousness) and feel a sense of peace.

Sara, you were playing hide and seek with me. You
were hiding under my hajab and it came off my head
so I put it on yours.
Immediately you said Allahu Akbar and started to do
the prayer positions. This was repeated over and over
and was very beautiful.
MasyaAllah, I am very proud of you and glad that your
family has exposed you to the beauty of salah at an early
age. I am sure you do prayer at home with your family. It
is human nature that children imitate what their parents
You were able to do the prayer positions
which shows you have done this before. You must feel
a sense of belonging to this centre where you can
express your identity as a Muslim.
We will encourage you to do Allahu Akbar at centre
and offer you the hajab and mat so you can continue
to enjoy the beauty of salah.