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Assessment 1

CHCECE009 Use an approved learning framework to guide practice

For this assessment you are required to go into a service and complete
the below tasks. On completion the assessment must be signed off by
the manager or the assessment will be marked as NYC

Students Name and ID : __Kamila Karpinska 09998_______________________

Part 1- Research

Research the below frameworks and Identify similarities and

differences (reference your research)
1. Every chance to learn Curriculum framework for ACT schools
Preschool to Year 10

From 2008, all ACT schools have been using this framework to plan what
they teach in their school curriculum from preschool to year 10.
The title of the framework, Every chance to learn, came from students.
This curriculum framework recognises that quality teaching is the key to
student achievement.
The document provides the definition of the curriculum, its purpose and
principles. It contains structure of Essential Learning Achievements
and explains what students must do in order to meet the required criteria.
2. Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework
The document was designed for children from birth to 8 years. It includes
Principles for Childrens Development, Early Years Learning and
Development Outcomes, and Supporting Childrens Transitions. Its a new
document from 2016.
3. The Curriculum framework for Kindergarten to year 12 in Western
325 page document which sets out the principles, rationale and framework for
the new outcomes-focused curriculum direction for all K-12 education in Western
Australia. The document begins with an explanation of the Key Features and
Structure of the Curriculum Framework. It then outlines the seven Key
Principles underpinning the curriculum framework, the thirteen Overarching
Learning Outcome Statements, and the overall Scope of the Curriculum
Framework. The document is designed for use in conjunction with the
Outcomes and Standards Framework Overview - Student Outcome Statements
(1998) published by the Education Department of Western Australia.


4. The Tasmanian Curriculum by the Department of Education of

The Tasmanian curriculum is built around Health and Wellbeing. The document
(which contains K-10 syllabus and supporting materials) explains the structure of
health and wellbeing curriculum and presents its teachings. It includes
curriculum planning, assessment, sample learning opportunities, and assessment
evidence guide to Health and Wellbeing.

Part 2 Centre visit

Go into a service and ask how they implement the below into their
practice as part of the NQF
Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for

My Time, My Place: Framework for school Age Care in Australia

United Nations Rights of the child

Policies and procedures

National Laws and Regulations

Who is responsible for implementing all the above in the service?

Childcare Centre:
Managers Name:
Managers Signature: