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CSSA Questions v7.

1. Which of the following is unique Work Party Identifier?

2. Which of the following can we extend as the JAVA Code Component?
Utility Function
3. Decision Tree Results tab SS was given, what is the Usage?
Config the functionalities in which business users they work on
4. What is the use the Branch Ruleset?
Several Development teams work on different Enhancement and not known
ahead which functionality will go into PROD
5. Which is the configuration that cant be done in Screen Flow?
Harness can be added in Assignment Shape
6. How do we test the Service Rule?
7. Service Configuration/Execution structure
8. We have Course Parent case, Enroll Subcase each student can enroll on the
Course. How can we find the No of Enrollments?
9. In which layer we can place most reusable components?
Framework layer
10.In which most appropriate to create Work object
Implementation layer as more specific
11.UI Components are affected by which of this rule?
Section, harness, mixin, skin
12.Which configuration of the Data page rule change requires the change in the
referencing rule?
Parameterized input
13.Circumstance questions based on base rule check ed
14.Resolution related questions specicially without patch (eg. LPFW:01-01)
15.Rule no longer be executed, even we allow the user to see the error message
on the reference of the Rule. Which is the best appropriate way to achieve
Block the Rule
16.Two different flows need to be executed at the same time. What is the best
Configure in the case designer for both the step as upon stage entry
17.The local action need to be executed in the Finance stage, and the same local
action is getting referenced in the Resource step. Which is the best way to
achieve this? (not sure correct one on this two)
Configure in case designer of process stage
Configure in Advanced tab of the Resource flow
18.Student subcase needs to be executed as standalone case and class is the
parent case. In which locking mechanism can we achieve this?
Default locking in advanced tab of Sub case Case type rule
19.Persist smart shape used for?
Convert temporary work object to permanent work object
20.Which is NOT the configuration part of DWA access?
Configure the operator as External (This is part of External Authentication)
21.Skin rule Mixin components
Typography, borders, background
22.Which rule cannot be a reference rule for repeating grid
Data table
23.Which is not part of Responsive UI
Smart layout
24.Section related questions related to visible when condition
25.Which operation that cant be done in Report Results
Paging, sorting, Filtering, Grouping
26.Which configurations hits the performance of the Reports
Sorting on the columns
Filter criteria
Grouping on the columns
Include in the Manager portal
27.Ticket functionality and usage
Resolve the parent case when all the subcases are Resolved
28.How can we achieve the Error handling for the connector
ConnectionProblem flow in the connector rule

Few questions on the data model (Page references)