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3-7 April 2017
Bulwagang Mabini, DFA Main Office, Pasay City
(Draft V.6)

April 3, Monday

Executive Meeting
(D-League Executive Council and Secretariat Only)

0830-0900 Registration
0900-0905 Invocation
0905-0910 Singing of the Philippine National Anthem
0910-0915 Opening Remarks and Call to Order
0915-0920 Agenda Setting
0920-1130 Reports and Deliberation
1130-1150 Adopting and Signing of Decisions
1150-1200 Closing and Adjournment of the Session

Start of Summit Proper

(All Particpants)

Orientation and UN/ASEAN/Pacific Theme

1230-1300 Registration
1300-1305 Invocation
1305-1310 Singing of the Philippine National Anthem
1310-1315 Opening Remarks
1315-1320 Introduction of Speaker
1320-1350 Talk on the Diplomatic League
1350-1355 Introduction of Speaker
1355-1425 Talk on Diplomacy
1425-1455 Open Forum
1445-1455 Break
1455-1500 Opening of the Next Session
1500-1600 ASEAN and the Pacific Community
HE David Strachan Ambassador of New
Zealand (Confirmed)
Hon Jesus Pineda Consul a.h. of Fiji
Representatives, ASEAN, ASPAC (TBC)
1600-1620 Open Forum
1620-1625 Awarding of Token and Certificates of Appreciation
1625-1725 United Nations Forum
Representatives, UNDP, OCHA, UNIO (TBC)
1725-1745 Open Forum
1745-1750 Awarding of Token and Certificates of Appreciation
1750-1800 Closing of the First Day of the Summit

April 4, Tuesday

Model UN and Internation Simulation Forum Workshop

(Options 1 & 2 run concurrently)

0730-0800 Registration
0800-0840 General Orientation of the Forum - Workshop
0840-0900 Open Forum

Option 1: Model UN Academy

0900-1100 General Debate and Guest Speakers

1100-1200 General Debate and introduction of Resolutions
1200-1300 Lunch Break
1300-1500 Deliberation of the Resolutions through Committee
1500-1515 Afternoon Break
1515-1730 Finalization and Adoption of Resolution
1730-1750 Adjournment of the Session and Awarding
1750-1800 Closing of the Model Summit

Option 2: Diplomacy Game / Internation Simulation

0900-1100 Rules Orientation

1100-1200 Simulation Session
1200-1300 Lunch Break
1300-1500 Simulation Session
1500-1515 Afternoon Break
1515-1750 Simulation Session
1750-1800 Closing of the Model Summit

April 5, Wednesday

Universal Diplomacy

0730-0800 Registration
0800-0815 Opening of Universal Diplomacy Session (Model UN 2.0)
0815-0820 Introduction of Speaker
0820-0920 Universal Diplomacy Introduction
Ambassador Jesus Domingo (Confirmed)
0920-0940 Open Forum
0940-0950 Morning Break
0950-1000 Opening of the Next Session
1000-1145 Universal Diplomacy Causes / Model UN 2.0 / Barangay
Development, Peace and Security, Humanitarian
,OFW Protection
1145-1200 Awarding of Token and Certificates of Appreciation
1200-1300 Lunch Break
1300-1500 Breakout Session Action Planning (Model UN 2.0)
1500-1515 Afternoon Break
1515-1600 Presentation of Plans
1600-1610 Opening of the Next Session
1610-1650 Diplomacy of Communities
1650-1730 Diplomacy of Culture and Commerce
1730-1750 Open Forum
1750-1755 Awarding of Token and Certificates of Appreciation
1755-1800 Closing of the Third Day Session

April 6, Thursday

Careers in Diplomacy

0830-0900 Registration
0900-0945 The Diplomatic Career: Preparing for the FSO Exam & the
DFA Career
Assistant Secretary Charles Jose , Ms.
Stacy Alcantara (TBC)
0945-1000 Open Forum
1000-1015 Morning Break
1015-1100 Diplomacy Masterclass:
Ambassador Rosario Manalo (Confirmed)
1100-1200 The Diplomatic Career: UN, Red Cross, Other International
Speakers: UNCT, ICRC/IFRC, WB/ADB etc.
1200-1215 Open Forum
1215-1230 Closing of the Summit

The Diplomatic Ball

1800-1900 Registration and Cocktails

1900-1905 Invocation
1905-1910 Singing of the Philippine National Anthem
1910-1920 Opening Remarks of President & Sec-Gen
1920-1930 University Roll Call and Recognition
1930-1945 Messages from the Guests of Honor
Hon. Secretary of Foreign Affairs Enrique
Manalo (TBC)
Hon. Mrs. Pam Manalo (TBC)
1945-2000 Awarding
2000-onwards Dinner, Special Events & Entertainment
After-Dinner Speech Contest
Viral Campaign Contest: Cook Islands for

April 7, Friday

Presentation of D-League and Universal Diplomacy Partnerships

0930-1100 St. Scholasticas College, Manila

1430-1600 Far Eastern University, Manila

(Other Universities TBC)