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# UI settings

# CREDIT fields appear in Ares' control panel->skin

CREDIT Name "Win7"
CREDIT Author "Qwak"
CREDIT Details "Windows 7 style skin"
CREDIT Version "1.00"
CREDIT Date "01/08/2010"
COLOR DLProgBar.Progress "0080FF"
COLOR ClientFrame.Border "E2ECF8"
COLOR DLProgBar.Complete "76b96b"
COLOR DLProgBar.PartialDL "cce1fb"
COLOR DLProgBar.PartialUL "0080FF"
COLOR DLProgBar.MissinPart "C0C0C0"
COLOR DLProgBar.CompletePart "76b96b"
COLOR DLProgBar.PartInProg "CFD8E4"
COLOR DLProgBar.DLsource "cce1fb"
COLOR DLProgBar.ICHbar "9ca0a6"
COLOR ULProgBar.Complete "76b96b"
COLOR ULProgBar.Cancelled "F1EFE2"
COLOR ULProgBar.Progress "0080FF"
COLOR ULProgBar.Overlay "F1EFE2"
COLOR ULProgBar.Part "E2ECF8"
COLOR HintGraph.Ink "005AFF"
COLOR HintGraph.BackGround "FFFFFF"
COLOR HintGraph.Grid "ECE9D8"
COLOR Listviews.AltRow "FFFFFF"
COLOR Listviews.HotColor "E1EBF8"
COLOR Transfer.AltRow "FFFFFF"

COLOR Hint.BackGround "E2ECF8"

COLOR Hint.Font "003d7a"
COLOR Player.BackGround "E2ECF8"
COLOR Player.Font "003d7a"
COLOR Listviews.BackGround "FFFFFF"
COLOR Listviews.HeaderBK "FFFFFF"
COLOR Listviews.HeaderFont "003d7a"
COLOR Listviews.Font "003d7a"
COLOR Listviews.Font2 "808080"
COLOR Listviews.Font3 "95BFFF"
COLOR Listviews.VLines "003d7a"
COLOR Listviews.TLines "003d7a"
COLOR Listviews.HeaderBorder "E2ECF8"
COLOR SearchPNL.BackGround "E2ECF8"
COLOR SearchPNL.Font "003d7a"
COLOR LibDetPNL.Font "003d7a"
COLOR ToolBar.BackGround "E2ECF8"
COLOR ToolBar.Font "003d7a"
COLOR Panels.BackGround "E2ECF8"
COLOR Panels.Font "003d7a"
COLOR Panels.Separator "E2ECF8"
COLOR Caption.Font "003d7a"
# COLORENUM define chatroom's colors
# available color enums:
# black,maroon,green,orange,navy,purple,teal
# gray,silver,red,lime,yellow,blue,fuchsia,aqua,white
COLORENUM Chat.BackGround "White"
COLORENUM Chat.Font "Black"
COLORENUM Chat.Nick "Black"
COLORENUM Chat.NickPM "Gray"
COLORENUM Chat.Public "Blue"
COLORENUM Chat.Join "Green"
COLORENUM Chat.Part "Orange"
COLORENUM Chat.Emote "Purple"
COLORENUM Chat.Notification "Navy"
COLORENUM Chat.Error "Red"
# General Theme settings, acceptable values are 'True' or 'False'
BOOL 3DProgBars False
BOOL XPThemedButtons False
BOOL XPThemedPanels False
BOOL XPThemedHeaders False
# BITMAP defines filename of imported bitmap
BITMAP Chat "chat.bmp"
BITMAP MimeSmall "mimesmall.bmp"
BITMAP LibBig "libbig.bmp"
BITMAP Emoticons "emotic.bmp"
BITMAP Transfer "transfer.bmp"
BITMAP TabsSmall "tabssmall.bmp"
BITMAP ScreenLogo "logo.bmp"
BITMAP SearchPNL "searchpnl.bmp"
BITMAP MShareSet "mshareset.bmp"
BITMAP WebAnim "webanim.bmp"
BITMAP SearchStars "searchstars.bmp"
BITMAP Player "mplayer.bmp"
BITMAP Trackbar "trackbar.bmp"

# maintabs
# height of tabs
PANELTABS height= 45
# number of pixels relative to tab's left corner where Ares paints tab's caption
PANELTABS captionLeft= 40
# number of pixels relative to tab's top corner where Ares paints tab's caption
PANELTABS captionRight= 8
# number of pixels relative to tab's top corner where Ares paints tab's caption
PANELTABS captionTop= 15
# number of pixels relative to component's left corner where Ares paints the fir
st tab
PANELTABS ButtonsLeft= 5
# Tabs are painted by copying 3 images from source (BitmapFile), left, middle an
d right
# These Points store two values:left and width
# Tab component's BackGround Image
PANELTABS CopyPointLeft= 0,4
PANELTABS CopyPointMiddle= 5,13
PANELTABS CopyPointRight= 17,5
# Copy coordinates are given for tab's 5 possible states: off,Hover,DownHover, D
own and Clicked
PANELTABS BitmapFile= tabsBitmap.bmp
PANELTABS height= 36
PANELTABS captionLeft= 14
PANELTABS captionTop= 12
PANELTABS ButtonsLeft= 5
PANELTABS CopyPointLeft= 0,4
PANELTABS CopyPointMiddle= 5,13
PANELTABS CopyPointRight= 17,5
PANELTABS OffCopyPointA= 4,1
PANELTABS OffCopyPointB= 4,9
PANELTABS OffCopyPointC= 13,1
PANELTABS HoverCopyPointA= 23,6
PANELTABS HoverCopyPointB= 29,7
PANELTABS HoverCopyPointC= 37,7
PANELTABS DownHoverCopyPointA= 87,6
PANELTABS DownHoverCopyPointB= 93,7
PANELTABS DownHoverCopyPointC= 99,7
PANELTABS DownCopyPointA= 66,6
PANELTABS DownCopyPointB= 72,7
PANELTABS DownCopyPointC= 79,7
PANELTABS ClickedCopyPointA= 45,6
PANELTABS ClickedCopyPointB= 51,7
PANELTABS ClickedCopyPointC= 58,7

# see PANELTABS' comments, the following settings apply to smalltabs eg. search
and chat tabs
SMALLTABS BitmapFile= smalltabsBitmap.bmp
SMALLTABS height= 25
SMALLTABS captionLeft= 6
SMALLTABS captionTop= 8
SMALLTABS ButtonsLeft= 5
# background image
SMALLTABS CopyPointLeft= 44,1
SMALLTABS CopyPointMiddle= 44,7
SMALLTABS CopyPointRight= 44,1
# tabs states
SMALLTABS OffCopyPointA= 16,2
SMALLTABS OffCopyPointB= 18,9
SMALLTABS OffCopyPointC= 28,2
SMALLTABS HoverCopyPointA= 30,2
SMALLTABS HoverCopyPointB= 32,9
SMALLTABS HoverCopyPointC= 42,2
SMALLTABS DownHoverCopyPointA= 0,1
SMALLTABS DownHoverCopyPointB= 1,13
SMALLTABS DownHoverCopyPointC= 14,2
SMALLTABS DownCopyPointA= 0,1
SMALLTABS DownCopyPointB= 1,13
SMALLTABS DownCopyPointC= 14,2
SMALLTABS ClickedCopyPointA= 0,1
SMALLTABS ClickedCopyPointB= 1,13
SMALLTABS ClickedCopyPointC= 14,2
# Smalltabs may have a 'close' button, the following rects define where to copy
state images from
SMALLTABS OffBtnCloseCopy= 52,0,13,13
SMALLTABS HoverBtnCloseCopy= 52,12,13,13
# where CloseButton if any should be painted (relative to tab's coordinates)
SMALLTABS CloseButtonLeft= 17
SMALLTABS CloseButtonTop= 8
# Image of owner draw listviews header
LISTVIEW headerBitmap= listviewbitmap.bmp
LISTVIEW headerCopyPointA= 0,2
LISTVIEW headerCopyPointB= 2,3
LISTVIEW headerHoverCopyPointA= 5,2
LISTVIEW headerHoverCopyPointB= 7,3
LISTVIEW headerDownCopyPointA= 10,2
LISTVIEW headerDownCopyPointB= 12,3
LISTVIEW headerDownCopyPointC= 15,2
BUTTONS BitmapFile= buttonsBitmap.bmp
BUTTONS CopyRectA= 25,3
BUTTONS CopyRectB= 28,5
BUTTONS CopyRectC= 33,3
BUTTONS HoverCopyRectA= 0,3
BUTTONS HoverCopyRectB= 3,5
BUTTONS HoverCopyRectC= 9,3
BUTTONS DownCopyRectA= 12,3
BUTTONS DownCopyRectB= 15,5
BUTTONS DownCopyRectC= 21,4
BUTTONS CheckedCopyRectA= 36,3
BUTTONS CheckedCopyRectB= 39,5
BUTTONS CheckedCopyRectC= 44,4