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Steps for plotting Gain/Directivity/Axial Ratio vs.

frequency in CST Microwave Studio:

1. Assign a farfield (broadband) monitor

2. From Template Based Postprocessing choose Farfield and Antenna Properties:

3. Then choose Farfield Result:
4. Finally, you have to specify:
a. Browse Results: farfield (broadband)
b. Browse Monitors: farfield (broadband)
c. single direction, and the Theta and Phi of maximum Radiation
(We choose single direction since you will be plotting the gain/axial ratio vs. frequency. Thus,
you need to set a certain point in space, specified by an angle and , for which you will observe
the gain/axial ratio vs. frequency.)
d. Plot Mode: choose the plot mode you desire and the parameter you want to plot vs. frequency
e. Choose whether you will be drawing the axial ratio, E, E, etc.