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ALTO Archive & Content Library

A secure, high performance media archive with low total

cost of ownership and excellent green credentials.

ALTO is a scalable, flexible & affordable alternative to a Tape Archive offering

faster access for many more users and a very low total cost of ownership
The Tape Archive Legacy and Background Superior Performance Disk Archive
A number of historical arguments favoured data tape as a backup ALTO is a Disk Archive system based on hard disks with
medium for hard disks, including low cost, high capacity and superior performance and lower total cost of ownership
robustness. But ultimately the performance of a Data Tape Library than a Data Tape Archive
is limited by the complex mechanical systems for selecting and
loading the data tapes; sequential access to the data and the need Lower Cost of Ownership
to share a limited number of Reading and Writing decks. Tapeless ALTO Archives use green disk drives which support spin-
workflows are already firmly established in Media acquisition and down operation. Any disk which is not reading or writing is
production and with ALTO the same benefits are now available for switched off saving power and extending the life of the
the Archive and Content Library. disks. Good for the environment and good for the budget.

Alternatives to Data Tape

Faster Access for more Concurrent Users
Hard Disk Drives offer the advantage that each disk is inherently a
ALTO is a purpose-designed Archive with similar data rates
self-contained reading and writing device capable of random-
to a Tape Library but much faster access for many more
access rather the sequential access of data tape. The next
concurrent users and no planned maintenance
generation Green drives used in ALTO are designed to be spun
down and switched off when not reading or writing, reducing
power consumption and greatly extending disk life, but new Higher Security than RAID
techniques are needed to protect the media from disk failure. The ALTO user-configurable Replication offers higher
security than simple RAID systems without the cost and
Data Replication for Archive Protection complexity of Clustered storage, and the ability to remove
Following a disk failure, the lengthy rebuild time for a simple RAID disks for vault storage, or project transportation. Media
array can leave content vulnerable to subsequent disk failures. can be read offline with PC or Mac computers.
Alternative protection strategies significantly increase capital cost
and running cost. ALTO uses Data Replication techniques to Simpler installation
offering user selectable protection, minimal recovery time, and ALTO is easy to install and easy to integrate. It uses low-
disaster recovery configurations in geographically separated cost off-the-shelf Disk Drives which can be added as
locations. ALTO disks can be removed for vault storage, or project needed without downtime. ALTO supports any current or
transport. Media files can be accessed on an external computer. future disk drive capacity in any combination.


ALTO Archive & Content Library
A secure, high performance media archive with low total
cost of ownership and excellent green credentials.

ALTO is a scalable, flexible and affordable local storage or enterprise

archive solution, that makes your media assets more accessible.
Compact, High Density Storage Up to 150 Terabytes in 5U

Scalable for Enterprise Archives Up to 1.2 Petabytes per Rack

Secure Content Replication No RAID Rebuilds No Robotics

User Selectable Protection 2x and 3x Replication

Distributed Systems High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Random Access Faster Find and Load Partial File Restore

Removable Media with Encryption Shelf Storage Options

Powerful Internal Database and Media Management

MAID Architecture Low TCO Good Environmental Credentials

Standard Green disk drives Extended life and low maintenance

Hot Swappable Disk, Fans and Power Supplies

Plug and Play Connectivity Easy to interface and expand

Embedded 64 bit Linux OS Fast & Secure

48 Slots, any Disk Drive size No Migration, no Repack, full utilization

Hybrid solutions Extend the Life and Reduce TCO of Robotic Archives


Making your media assets more accessible makes good ALTO Archives & Content Libraries are available through
business sense. News Sports and factual programs are more Broadcast System Integrators and Resellers worldwide. Disk
appealing and your content can be more easily re-purposed Archive Corporation Ltd partners with the industrys leading
for new revenue streams. Media Asset Management; Archive Management and
Workflow Automation specialists to offer high value best-of-
For High capacity Local Storage or Enterprise Archives ALTO is
breed solutions for Broadcast & Media operations
the most cost effective and proven solution for a totally
tapeless workflow. Disk Archive Corporation Ltd.
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ALTO is in use in Broadcast operations around the world,
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optimised for longevity and security of media assets combined
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with low total cost of ownership and low environmental
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