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April 2017 Lunch Menu April 22 Earth Day

National Grilled Cheese Month

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
"School Library Month" All meals are served with Low-Fat Milk or Water
All meals are served with condiments needed
"This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

3. Spicy Chicken Sandwich 4. Pizza Bar Choice 5. Cheese Enchilada w/Beef/Cheese Sauce 6. Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich 7. Baked Ham or Turkey Slice
Hotdog w/ Chili Sauce Bologna & Cheese Sandwich Quesadilla w/Cheese Sauce Corndog or Assorted Shaker Salads Country Fried Steak w/Gravy
Oven Fries, Tomato Slice Corn on Cob, Cucumbers w/Dip Salsa, Peppers, Diced Tomatoes Nacho Cheese Doritos Creamed Potatoes, Green Beans
Baked Beans, Dill Slices Garden Salad w/Dressing Chili Beans, Mexican Rice School Coleslaw, Dill Spear Cherry Tomatoes w/Dip, Southern Biscuit
Mandarin Oranges Favorite Cookie, Applesauce Fresh Apple Slices, Jello Cup w/Topping Pineapple Chunks Pudding Cup w/Topping, Peach Slices
Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk
10. Lasagna Roll w/Sauce & Cheese 11. Fish Nuggets w/Hushpuppies 12. Grilled Cheese Toast w/BBQ Pork 13. Chicken Fingers w/Dip 14. Meatball Sub w/Cheese
Beef Steak Nuggets w/Dip Manager's Choice Entre Hamburger or Cheeseburger Brunch Lunch (Mini P'cakes/Sausage Link) Chef Salad
Buttered Carrots Garden Salad w/Dressing SunChips, Coleslaw Potato Rounds Onion Rings, Fresh Broccoli w/Dip
Broccoli w/Cheese Sauce Buttered Corn, Buttered Croissant Baked Beans, Dill Slices Broccoli w/Rice and Cheese Corn on Cob
Breaded Cheese Stick, Fruit Cocktail Mandarin Oranges, Yogurt Cup School Brownie, Fresh Grapes Oven Baked Roll, Pineapple Chunks Fresh Banana, Animal Crackers
Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk
17. Pepper Jack Chicken Sandwich 18. Deli Ham & Cheese Hoagie 19. Taco Salad w/Chips and Cheese 20. Chicken Nuggets w/Dip 21. Asian Chicken w/Rice
BBQ Pork Nachos w/Cheese & PeppersManager's Choice Entre BBQ Rib Hoagie Yogurt Parfait w/Granola Chef Salad
Sweet Chili Doritos, Lettuce Lettuce, Tomatoes, Dill Slices Mexican Rice, Pinto Beans, Peppers Creamed Potatoes, English Peas Egg Roll, Stir Fry Veggies w/Soy Sauce
Mexican Corn, Tomato Slices Corn Nuggets, Broccoli Salad Salsa, Lettuce, Diced Tomatoes Southern Biscuit Broccoli w/Cheese Sauce
Baby Carrots w/Dip, Pear Slices Cinnamon Roll, Pineapple Chunks Applesauce Strawberry Shortcake Mandarin Oranges
Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk
24. Pizza Bar Choice 25. Country Fried Steak Sandwich 26. "Half Day for Students" 27. Cheesy Chicken & Rice Bowl 28. Stuffed Baked Potato w/Cheese
Corndog or Hotdog Fish Sandwich w/Tarter Sauce Corndog or Assorted Shaker Salads BBQ Pork Nachos or Manager's Choice
Garden Salad w/Dressing, Tater Tots Cool Ranch Doritos, Tomato Slices Brown Bag Seasoned Green Beans, Buttered Carrots Egg Noodles, Fresh Broccoli w/Dip
Fresh Veggies w/Dip Buttered Corn, Celery Sticks w/Dip "Grab & Go" Lunch Parkerhouse Roll Blackeyed Peas, Brd. Cheese Stick
Baked Apples, Juice Box Scooby Doo Snack, Peach Slices Fresh Strawberry & Grape Cup, Juice Box Red & Green Apple Slices "Birthday Club"
Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk Choice of Milk, Mini Rice Krispy