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JULY 4, 2016

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September to December 2016 cue cards

Published on Saturday, 03 September 2016 03:53 | Written by Kiran Makkar | Hits: 25551

The May to August list is still very important. Here are some
new ones which I could catch hold of. Please share your
speaking in the comments so that others are benefited

Tentative list

1. Tall building
2. Ad you saw or read recently
3. Website you visit often
4. A scenario when you used imagination
5. Meal you would like to have
6. How you prepared for a happy event
7. Describe a country in which you would like to work for a
short time
8. Describe an important building in your hometown.
9. Describe a place where you often walk.
10. Describe a local event you attended in your community or
11. Favourite Season or Time of the Year (or Month)
12. Describe a friend you had when you were a child
13. Describe a small business that you would like to open,
(or, start or run or own or have) if you had the chance.
14. Describe an important letter that you received.
15. Describe a good law in your country.
16. Describe a famous person you would like to meet.
17. Describe a library that you have used. (A public library or
a university or school library)
18. Describe someone you know who you think is a good
19. Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you
were a child
20. An incident when you forgot an appointment
21. A place where you go for relaxation
22. An equipment you use at home
23. A short journey you often make but dislike
24. A busiest time of your life
25. A movie you like
26. A sports centre in your city
27. A gift you gave
28. Activity you like doing
29. A plant, vegetable or crop you are familiar with
30. Favorite place to eat out
31. Vehicle you would like to buy
32. Favorite TV channel
33. Expensive thing you bought recently
34. A visit to a member of your family
35. A part of your city that is changing
36. Describe a trip you took by public transportation
37. Childhood hobby
38. Any game you like to play in stadium or playground
39. Something that made you laugh
40. An interesting or unusual thing you did
41. A ritual followed in your country
42. An app or program you like on mobile or computer
Describe an indoor game that you enjoyed as a child.
You should say:
what the game was
where you played it
who played this game with you
and explain why you enjoyed playing this game.

Model Answer 1:
I havent thought about this in years. Erm, I did play games inside quite a lot as a child, everything from
board games like snakes and ladders to hide and seek, but that was when I was a bit older. However, I
think probably one of my favourite games or things to play with at least was when I was really little.
Maybe about four? Let me tell you all about it.
The game involved playing with a set of simple, pale wooden bricks. Id had these for as long as I could
remember, there were maybe fifty or so differently sized rectangular (cuboid) and square (cube) blocks of
wood, and they were stored in a dark green canvas duffle bag which had a white rope handle. I dont know
what the wood type was, but it was pale and they were quite light, so I could manage them even with my
tiny hands. The bricks provided me with hours of creativity and fun, even though they dont sound at all
promising. From an early age, Id toddle over to the bag, find a spot on the floor at home, and just upturn
all the bricks in a messy pile on the floor. The game was simply to build things. Sometimes I might make
a tower as high as I could before it toppled over. Other times Id create creatures or whole worlds with
different bricks perhaps representing a different building or animal. I just used my imagination, the bricks
could be absolutely anything I wanted.

Playing with bricks sounds like it might be a solitary activity. Its true, sometimes I did just play on my own,
absorbed in my own thoughts. However, sometimes Id play with my sister too, and together we would
create our own universe which we might control, or at least interact with. If friends came around we could
work together to construct more complex creations. A tower might be built even higher with two minds at
work trying to fathom out how to make it stable. Or we would develop each others ideas in the way that
only small children with boundless imaginations can do. We had no limits to our creativity, and we were so
small at that age that everything we saw was new and unexpected, so it was just as easy to imagine a goat
as a dinosaur both were equally unfamiliar in my world, so why not have dragons and unicorns too? It is
amazing what a little rectangle of wood can represent if you have an open mind, and believe everything is
Why did I enjoy it? Thinking back I just remember feeling content and absorbed with this game. I suppose
when you are so small, maybe four years old or thereabouts, there isnt much you get to control in life.
However, with this game I could do whatever I wanted and in my imagination travel wherever I pleased. It
was something I could do with other playmates too though I wonder how co-operative we really were at
that age. I also can still remember the sense of satisfaction of building an enormous tower of bricks that
was even taller than me and then the seemingly endless joy of knocking it all down again and watching
the many bricks scatter across in all directions! I dont think Ive ever felt quite so powerful since!

I dont remember exactly what age I was when I outgrew playing with such simple bricks, but I do feel a bit
nostalgic when I look back at that time. Nowadays childrens construction kits are much more
sophisticated, with models coming with instructions on how they should be built. I wonder if we have lost a
little there, a construction kit with a picture showing how the finished model is supposed to look, might help
you build a replica of an existing building perhaps, but your imagination might use the same materials to
create a whole new world! I know which I would prefer to do

[ Written by - Lucy Marris: Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]

Model Answer 2:
I actually don't play indoor games nowadays because I don't have enough free time. These days whenever
I get free time I like to do reading and cooking. But I miss my childhood days when playing indoor games
were so desirable and fascinating.
The indoor game that I used to play when I was child was dumb charades! I played this game with my
parents. We used to play this game at weekends mostly. Especially when my parents had free time as both
of them were very busy with their works.

I enjoyed this game very much because we used to play in 2 teams. One member of each team has to
made different gestures or do some movements and other team members have to guess it. As child that
was a great challenge for me. I had to make the right gesture to help my partner understand what I was
trying to say. On the other hand we had to perform really good to beat the opponent team. As I played with
my parents and close family members, I loved their companionship. The game required a bit if
psychological effort and brainstorming while it was so challenging and enthralling.

I really enjoyed this indoor game than any other indoor games I played at that time. At the end of each
game a chocolate pack was given as a gift and that made the game more challenging and competitive.
Some of my very fond memories with my family members were rooted in this game. I still remember my
mother making some funny gestures to let my father understand what she was trying to mean. My mothers
lovely face, funny gesture and loud laughter made me cherish this game more than any other one.
Sometimes it was very relaxing for us to take part in this game and I guess my parents also liked to play
this game with me as they found that I enjoyed it a lot.

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Describe a website you often browse.

You should say:

what is it
how long have you been using it
give details information about the website
and explain why you often browse this website.
[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what
you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]
Follow-up Questions:
How long have you been using the Internet?
How the Internet has changed our lifestyle?
What would be the possible uses of Internet in the future?
Model Answer 1:
I have just a few minutes to tell you about a website I often browse. I will tell you what the website is, how
long Ive been using it, a bit about what is on it and why I visit it so often.

The website is the BBC news website. You can find it at but I just have it as a
favourite on my toolbar. I am a complete BBC junkie! I visit the website several times a day if I can, and
have been using it for as long as I can remember. Possibly for as long as the website has been in existence
but definitely for the past ten years or more.

The BBC news website is massive. It contains rolling headlines of breaking news, and from the landing
page, you can jump to sections on different types of news categories. For example, there are tabs for world
news; health issues; environmental reports; education; sport; education and science as well as
entertainment and arts stories. You can read just text based articles illustrated with a few pictures which
is my preferred way of accessing news and information or you can opt to see news film or audio clips. I
think the website is really comprehensive and easy to use too.

The BBC news website, for me, is a one-stop location for all current affairs and news items. I really like that
I can see headlines of breaking news almost instantaneously, but it also includes more thoughtful reporting.
Detailed online articles with considered analysis about global or local events. I can also find out what the
weather forecast is always handy in the UK where it can change so quickly, plus I like to be able to keep
an eye on what is happening locally to me in Sheffield where I live. I also trust the BBC website to give
balanced reporting, I think it has journalistic integrity, so I feel if I read it every day, I will have a good
perspective on what is going on in the world, and enough information to come to my own conclusions on
current affairs across the globe.The only downside of the website is that I find it can be a bit addictive!
Because it is updated frequently it is tempting to keep going back and having another look if there is some
running news item that I am following. It can lead me to procrastinate when I am supposed to be working,
but I tell myself it is important to keep up to date with what is going on in the world, even though I know that
really, it wouldnt hurt to limit myself to a news fix just a couple of times a day!

I wonder if you use the website too, and if you do, whether you might as avid a follower as me!

[ Written by - Lucy Marris | Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]

Possible Answer 2:
I've been using the internet for more than 10 years and from the very beginning till now there are some
websites those I use almost every day. is one of those websites and possibly I'll use this site
forever. is basically an e-mail service provider and a very popular search engine. I can still remember
my first day at a cyber cafe where I opened the first website of my life and that was and the
cafe owner helped me to open an e-mail address and I still use this email address to send and receive e-
mails and for chatting. is a popular search engine, possibly next to but as an e-mail service provider, it is
more popular than in my country .This website has many other useful features. For
instance, the homepage contains up-to-date news and newsfeeds. It also gives the option to open free
blog, host a website etc. is a very popular service and recently the has become one of the most popular questions and answers website which is
used by millions of people around the globe. is owned by an American multinational technology
company named Yahoo Inc. The headquartered of this company in is Sunnyvale, California. It was founded
around 24 years ago and it is still one of the most visited websites in the world.

I open this website more than twice a day on an average. The email service it offers is quite excellent. I
also participate in the website to post my questions or to answer questions posted by
others. The pointing system of this answer-question based sub-domain of yahoo website makes it quite
remarkable and popular.

Alternative Answer 3:
I use the internet daily and there are lots of websites that I often browse for different reasons. But probably is the one I most often browse. It is a social networking website and probably is one of
the top 5 most visited websites in the world. The website mainly facilitates me stay connected with my
friends and helps me update and broadcast my news as well.
Though the primary purpose of this website is to let people communicate friends and known people but
there are lots of other features as well. It offers games, eCommerce facility, emailing, chatting, making new
friends, social marketing, different campaign, fan page opening etc. I have been using the website from
2004 and it is important to me because all of my friends and relatives are connected there. If a friend has a
birthday, the website notifies me and I can wish him/ her a birthday, if someone has a new photo or news to
share, I can see it from my account. I can share my photo, video, updates, thought as well. If someone
opines on an issue, others can comment on it. For me, the website is important because my childhood
friends, adolescence friends, college & University friends are connected there. I get their updates regularly
and can let them know what's happening over here. In no other way, I could have been connected to the
people I am now connected via facebook. I use this website from my computer and from my cell phone as
well. For me, this is a social networking website where I remain close to my friends and relatives. But with
its own right it has become a powerful eCommerce platform, gaming place, marketing channel, and many
more other business related platform.

Nowadays everybody owns a facebook ID. Making new friends is easy on facebook and that helps people
grow their friends beyond the boundary. Millions of people use facebook and it is almost impossible to
connect with people you care and know without this website.

Tips for answering this Cue Card question:

Pick a website which is popular and you often visit. If you prefer to talk about a website which is not known
to all, mention that this is not a very popular website but I visit it for this particular reason. You can pick a
social networking website, email service providing website, news channel website, your university or office
website, a website you have developed and visit for updating it, Wikipedia type website etc. If you pick a
website which is popular, do not give any fictitious information. Giving false information about a well-known
website like Google, Yahoo or Facebook would create some doubts in the examiner's mind as s/he might
also be a user of this website.

Do not worry if you do not know every detail of the website even if the question asks you to describe it. If
you do not know the owner name, operation since, technical aspects of the website, simply skip those parts
instead of giving imaginary information. You can focus on what the website offers to the visitors and what
you do from this website. For instance:

Social Networking websites:

Most of my friends are also connected in this website/ social network and I get their updates.
I can publish my updates and let my friends know about it.
It helps me finding my old friends/ family members.
It offers me to use third party applications and play games.
I can share my images and videos.
Help me find out information related to my education/ job.
Chat with my friends.
Email Service providers:
I send emails from this website.
I check the emails sent to me.
I can send attachments.
Has a good spam filtering and threat detection service.
Wikipedia like website:
Helps me finding reliable and details information on various topics.
Loads faster and has a subscription option.
I can contribute on updating the information.
Most of the topics are covered and you can get almost all of the information you need.
News websites:
Provides updated and latest news.
Both local and international news are served.
Has email notification service on my selective topics.
Gives sports news and events.
Offers interesting supplementary and magazines as well.
News presentation is outstanding and sources are very reliable.
Covers last minute news as well.
Part 3: Details Discussion:
Q: How long have you been using the Internet?
Answer: I have been using the Internet since I bought my first personal computer in 2007. At first, I didn't
know how to use it properly but as time went by I became aware of it. I use it constantly every day either for
studies and work or for entertainment. I check my e-mails, read the news, watch movies and TV series,
listen to music. It's instantly accessible and I can find a massive amount of information on various topics
such as health issues, environmental, economy, sports, education et cetera. I have become really
dependent on that and I consume almost all of my spare time surfing the internet.

Q: How the Internet has changed our lifestyle?

Answer: This is a really controversial issue. On the one hand, the Internet has made our lives better and
simpler as everyone nowadays seems to be moving online. It provides reliable and accurate information on
many topics. It is user-friendly because you can find anything you need by just sitting on a chair rather than
going to a library and of course it has made communication much easier and faster as it connects people
across the globe. Furthermore, it results in developing our cognitive skills because we can gain or even
expand our existing knowledge and this knowledge can be shared instantly. On the other hand, the Internet
has led to a kind of addiction and it declines the ability of interacting and socialising. This leads to isolation
and feelings of loneliness because we deprive of social interaction. Last but not least, the Internet can be
risky in some cases, especially for kids, and for online transactions. Hacking, identity theft, and online
crimes are some common drawbacks of Internet.
Positive sides of the Internet- it fosters communication around the world, helps people make more friends,
creates opportunities for business and e-commerce, online shopping at better prices, fosters tolerance and
understanding, creates positive changes in attitudes, brings information at our finger tap, makes business
transactions easier and helps in learning things in a better and efficient way.

Negative sides: Widespread use leads to isolation because people have online friends only and they lose
their friends they see in the flesh, identity theft, hacking, spread of malware & virus, dependency on the
internet kills our social skill, chances of plagiarism etc.
Q: What would be the possible uses of Internet in the future?
Answer: My personal opinion is that driving is an activity that will be controlled entirely by the Internet in
the future. Furthermore, it will be able to trace any kind of shortages of necessary goods in our houses, for
example, if we run out of sugar, coffee, fruits and vegetables etc. The Internet will place online orders for
those items automatically. It will have a predominant role in the field of medicine as well by making all kinds
of surgeries and check-ups and doctors will only have to press a button. Another use that comes to my
head is in universities. In the next twenty years or so, lectures will only be online and every student will
have to attend university from their own personal computer. Moreover, people will primarily communicate
using the Internet, landlines and cell phone networks would no longer be required. Finally, more interactive
software and websites would be available that would connect the world data and would serve to the users.
[Part three question answers were written by Mary, UK]

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5. Describe a website that you would recommend your friends.

Describe an advertisement you like.

You should say:
what type of advertisement it is
what product it advertises
where you first saw it
And explain why you think this advertisement is effective.
Model Answer 1:
There are several advertisements that we see in TV daily and some of them are very boring and others are
average while some are very interesting and creative. One such advertisement that I really liked was
regarding the unmatched contributions of mothers for their kids which I saw few months back. The
advertisement was broadcasted for the 'Mother's Day' and it was not for any product. The ministry of child
& mother care of health department was the sponsor of this ad and I saw it 3-4 days before the last
'Mother's Day'.

This ad was a very creative one and it was not like the most other ads that publicize the advertize their
products. Rather it was an advertisement dedicated to the mothers and it reminded us that the toughest job
of the world is the job done by mothers. They take care of their kids with the utmost care and dedication.
They sacrifice their own wished and will to properly bring up the kids.

I saw this ad in the (...say a channel name..) UR TV channel. This was a creative ad that effectively
delivered the message it intended to. It has shown some successful person in the history at the end and
before that it showed how mothers are taking care and inspiring their kids to do good things and in the end
it shows the tribute to the mothers of the world for their valuable and second to none contribution.
Sample Answer 2:
There are several types of advertisements that we see daily on TV, billboards, through Internet, social
networking sites, mobile applications, and mobile games. Many of them are very banal, full of marketing
speech and kind of boring while others are average and their primary focus is to express the positive sides
of a product to increase the sales. Finally quite few of them are creative, informative, humorous, fascinating
and memorable.

I usually do not like to watch advertisement between a movie/ TV programme and large commercial breaks
are quite annoying to me. I personally think that the best way of advertising is using billboards, which can
lead you to remember the brand name forever without actually annoying you.

Well, the best advertisement I have ever seen that I still like for its uniqueness was in a main road in the
United Arab Emirates and I really liked the idea of this advertisement. One day while passing the main road
a big billboard caught my eyes. It was designed to look like the filtration zone of a cigarette which is
commonly known as the cigarette butt. The large billboard was quite different in shape and it presented the
message Stop smoking even Marlboro quite visibly.

I stole a glance at the billboard and thought about the message it conveyed. I actually did not think much
and forgot about it. After an hour I found myself in front of a beach with a packet of Marlboro cigarette in my
pocket. While I was lighting a cigarette, I was wondering why I bought a packet of Marlboro? It is usually
not my brand? To my surprise I realized that the advertisement that I saw on the road had an immense
effect on my psychology unconsciously. I was convinced that the billboard had forced me to buy that brand
unconsciously. I think it was the first time I realized how advertisements can target people's unconscious
mind. Technically speaking this is the moment I realized that the best way to influence peoples buying
behaviour is to use their unconscious mind instead of trying to deliver marketing speeches. When I thought
more to analyze the billboard advertising and its effect on me, I realized that the advertiser tried to use
reverse advertising techniques by delivering the message that Marlboro is less dangerous and smokers
who wish to quit smoking should try this. Possibly all smokers- from light smokers to heavy ones, wish a
day without smoking though many of them do not try hard. Then the billboard advertisement was
pretending as if they were broadcasting an important public safety message. Moreover they used a
fascinating design on the billboard that would actually grab anyone's attention. As you can see, they were
quite successful as I still remember this advert very vividly and I like this advertisement due to the creative
thinking of the maker.
[ Written by - Pendar Fazel ]
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2. Describe your favourite advertisement.
3. Describe a creative advertisement you have recently seen.
4. Describe an advertisement you liked.

Describe an unusual building you have visited.

You should say:

where it is
how it looks like
why you went there

and explain why you think it was unusual.

Model Answer 1:
Buildings are strange things, they are easy to take for granted if they are the ones you live near to and pass
by every day, but some buildings are really remarkable, and not always for outwardly obvious reasons. It
would be easy to pick an unusual building that has an extraordinary external architecture, and of course
they can be remarkable, impressive and on occasion beautiful. However, the building I want to talk about is
certainly unusual, unique even, but you wouldnt necessarily know this unless you went inside.

So Ill tell you where it is and what it looks like, why I went there, and explain what it is that makes it so rare.

The building is in Sheffield where I live. It is a large tower block and as well as being the second tallest
building in the city I am told it is the tallest university building in the UK. It is known as The Arts Tower,
because those are the subjects that were originally taught inside its four walls. Degrees like modern
languages, philosophy and other Humanities disciplines. It is a classic 60s tower, twenty stories high and
constructed of concrete and glass. Honestly, its not particularly attractive - not in my eyes anyway, though
it is typical of that era in architectural terms. Even so, it is something of a local landmark, because it is so
high you can see it from almost anywhere in the city. It has so many glass windows that in certain lights
the building seems to change colour as they reflect the light of the skies outside. It can look like burnished
gold in sunset, or in the dark, when the internal lights are on, it is lit up like a Christmas Tree. I wouldnt call
it beautiful, but it is striking. However, these factors, though interesting, arent what make the building so
unusual. The reason I made a special visit to see inside it, is because of what lies within

The building was constructed with a really rare and unusual elevator. Its called a Paternoster Lift, and
before I moved to Sheffield Id never even heard of one. They are a little tricky to describe, but Ill have a
go! Essentially, a paternoster lift is a passenger elevator which consists of a chain of open compartments
(each usually designed for two persons) that move slowly in a loop up and down inside a building without
stopping. Passengers can step on or off at any floor they like, but the lift just keeps moving so they have to
be quick! There are no sliding doors to shut you in the elevator, you just step in the opening and stand in it
until it reaches the floor you want, when you carefully step out as the chain of boxes just carries on in slow
but continuous motion. The design is pretty ancient, going back to the 1880s, so at the time they were first
created they must have seemed extraordinarily innovative, but now the lift is unusual because it is such
historic engineering. Very few of the lifts survive because of safety concerns - the continuous motion and
open doors means people can fall going in and out, and a few years ago someone was actually killed
using one getting caught in the mechanism somehow as the compartment they were in transitioned from
going up one side to going down in the loop the other at the top of the lift. Sheffield, however, has kept its
paternoster lift and kept it in working order too. I think it might be the largest one in the world, at 38
separate compartments (or maybe they should be called carriages), but it is definitely the largest in the UK.

I made a special visit to the building to try out the lift with a friend. In such a technological age where we
take things like escalators even flying for granted, it was a strangely unsettling experience. It actually
took a little while to pluck up the courage to step into the moving platform as it passes by as you have to
time your entrance quite carefully. Similarly, you need to judge it carefully getting off, too slow and there
isnt time to jump before you are taken off to the next floor, too fast and you might bump your head as the
opening isnt quite clear. There is a definite knack to it! It was like traveling back in time, you could
imagine people in Victorian times in England being astonished at such extraordinary technology, it is
impressive now it must have been mind-blowing then!

So I think this building is unusual, because it contains a piece of living history. A working paternoster lift
that is possibly unique in size, and certainly extremely rare. The building also has a couple of conventional
elevators now, as well as stairs for people to use. However, the paternoster lift is still there, turning slowly,
and it is quite fun to have a ride, like traveling back in time on an ancient fairground ride! The building is
also a rather literal reminder that you shouldnt make assumptions only by what is most obvious you just
wouldnt know from the unpromising exterior of the Arts Tower what lies within! Sometimes if you look
beneath the surface a little very remarkable things emerge. Hence the saying dont judge a book by its

[ Written by - Lucy Marris: Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]

Model Answer 2:
A curved building, a gigantic animal shape in front of a building, crazy arts etc. are quite magnificent
architectural examples I have witnessed many times in my life. But nothing can be as unusual or unique
than the Basket Building I have seen in Ohio, United States.

This building is the head-quarter of the Longaberger Company and this is a famous manufacturer and
distributor of handcrafted maple wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products in the United States.
This giant basket building is situated in Dresden, Ohio in the United States. One of my maternal uncle lives
in Ohio and I went to visit his house two years back. While visiting different places with my cousins I noticed
this building and the exceptional and strange design of this building simply stunned me.

This building is a giant basket like building. It might give you the impression that a picnic basket has been
kept in the side of a park. The idea of establishing a building that represents the corporate brand and the
main product the company manufactures was indeed a genius one. It is a 7-story large building which is the
head-quarter of the Longaberger's Home Office. This is perhaps the largest basket monument human has
ever created. I heard from my cousin that it is around 200 feet long and 136 feet wide. After I returned
home and search for more information about this building and found some interesting facts like, it took
more than 2 years to be completed and it cost 30 million dollar. It occupies more than 25 acres area and
the basket handles were settled on the top of this building using 150 tons weight copper and wooden rivets.

As I told that, my concept of strange building and monument was redefined after I saw this building. It was
quite unique, some would say bizarre. I think this is the strangest building I have ever seen because of its
architectural design and structure. Anyone who has never seen this building would be puzzled and would
agree that this is a strangely designed and unusual looking building.

Some other unusual buildings you can talk about:

Dancing House (Prague, Czech Republic ).
Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada).
Forest Spiral - Hundertwasser Building (Darmstadt, Germany).
The Torre Galatea Figueras (Spain).
Stone House (Guimares, Portugal).
Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands).
Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk, Russia).
Manchester Civil Justice Centre (United Kingdom).
Beijing National Stadium (Beijing, China).
The Ufo House (Sanjhih, Taiwan).
Nord LB building (Hannover, Germany)
Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, United States).
Grand Lisboa (Macao).
Container City (London, United Kingdom).
Nakagin Capsule Tower (Tokyo, Japan).
Wall House, Groningen (Netherlands).

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