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CLAFLIN UNIVERSITY EDUC 450: PROFESSIONAL CLINICAL PRACTICE sire: epic eu f) __— a Api TEACHER SURVEY SEMESTER: iva 2 DIRECTIONS: Pease take afew minutes to provide fewdbacy setae to the performance ofthe teacher candidates who Wer, Oifgned to your school. The feedback that ou Proving eta Tp to evaluate how wel iain Univers’ Profession 2 x rronrams prepare our candiatast0 pert (2c ee ates, We vil aso use your feedback to make Fee necessary to improve OU BTOGrams, 05 We pera ete tee to become “Visionaries tht the Word Needs” by crereesiing our conceptual Framework of ban eec¥= ae sea ccoders, Reflective Practitioners and Moral Service Providers". Use the following ratin The teacher candidates: yoocierasieader = z see Ls i ae coiadents development to planning and oreo sa nostic tests, observations and student records to ass student learning needs. _ 5 [existe nowledge ofthe subject matter 3--F se ertcal thinking and problem solving ls “$7 Eanes ideas ina ogi and deat wanaet eg technology in the delivery of insteucion Ges effective orl ond witen communication sls “Keep abreast of best practices, ‘Demonstrate leadership quali Ffeacher ox aineflective| = +f atanoge te schoo and classroom and resizes 2° tional time ge aha promote spec and szepancs ofa als Pes ey aitng ast eal wth uanned =e 7 fiseveom EEAECEE int gh bec onSaatans eT eee Gents (Formave and Summative) see Fate otical professional bl Tfeachor a4 Moral Sti Sear radenintrests and vale Helis a Ser wh oxaponl and daa stuns sbi Pe erences 37 Cotsboate with pers and ther eve 18 re dla basedon etn ard DS aces 39 Pool csroom Bebo of students 28d em PI Gehnigues for cretion _ i i eS itin good lon wh sarents and tudes 2 Loe san alive member of profesional ESOT Overall Rating for Our Candidate Performance: at changes would you recommend to improve our ProBrams cr the design of the Clinical Practice? NTS Steet andlor Weert iS, Slade Fh tahexpectdions far al pee She eS Aeprapr Ge sae egies pp fica ide ann ip learners. 7 t ‘Teacher's Signature Date: f