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Why did
Grandad: Askew

I was raped at 10
years old, but this
abuser doesnt even
have to sign the
sex offenders register
By Cheryl Islip, 39, from Eastbourne
walk f
so I went to Normans bedside
and woke him up.
Norman pulled back
the covers.
Get in with me, he said.
As soon as I did, Norman
I convinced myself.
Shortly after that, when
I was 11, I was put into foster
care as Mum wasnt coping.
After that, I only ever saw
Norman if I bumped into him
in town.
started groping me. He pulled I desperately tried to bury
s my grandad me up and down like he up my nightdress and climbed everything thatd happened.

A Norman bounced
me up and down on
his knee, I was in ts
of giggles.
He wasnt my biological
grandad but he was as
always did.
Horsey horsey dont you
stop he began singing.
Just let your feet go
clippity-clop, I joined in,
giggling away.
on top of me.
Then he raped me.
The pain was unimaginable.
I was totally paralysed with
fear and shock.
When Norman
But the burden of my secret
and the painful memories were
bound to have an effect.
Over the years, I became
withdrawn and depressed.
In June 2000, aged 22, I gave
good as.
You see, hed married my
I could feel him I stayed let me go, my face
was drenched
birth to my daughter.
Things didnt work out with
wide awake
Words: Cher Heasmer/Lucy Needham. Court photo: Alamy

mums mum before I was born. rubbing himself with tears. her dad. But I was determined
He was the only grandad against me. Minutes later, to be a good mum and to always
Id ever known and I loved him
to bits.
It was horrible.
But mostly, all night, he was sound
asleep, snoring.
protect her.
She was so innocent. Id sit
When I was around 3, Mum
and Dad split up.
I was confused.
I thought maybe
sobbing my Just like nothing
had happened.
and watch her and wonder how
anyone could hurt a child.
And as I got older, I spent
a lot of my time with Nan
that was just the
way grandads
heart out But I stayed
wide awake all
I couldnt bear the thought of
anything bad happening to her,
and Norman. always cuddled night, sobbing and it brought everything
After school, Id have dinner their grandchildren. my heart out. Norman had done back to
at their place. It continued to happen What Norman had done had the surface.
But one afternoon when whenever Nan wasnt looking. hurt so much, I knew it was I cant let him hurt another
I was 9, something strange Lets play Horsey, hed say, wrong. I thought about telling child, I thought.
started to happen patting his lap. Mum or Nan, but Norman So in 2004, after building
Come and sit on my knee, Then, when I was 10, I stayed was a grown-up and I was just up the courage, I went to
Norman grinned. over one evening. a child. the police.
Then he started bouncing I couldnt sleep. Nan was out, Theyll never believe me, Then I told Nan about it over


the phone. She was horried
and I later heard she and
Norman had split up.
But, despite reporting
Norman to the police, I was told
there wasnt enough evidence.
with her dad, but we remained
good friends.
A few years later, in 2011,
I happened to bump into a
relative of Normans.
And memories of what
hed done came rushing back
I could move on was
to get justice.
Norman deserved to be
punished for what hed done.
And if the police couldnt
nd any evidence, Id have to do
it myself.
Me as a child
I thought nobody
would believe
me if I told them

everything on my phone, I told

a mate.
She came along with me
for support.
As I knocked on Normans
door, I was shaking.
I was crushed, but I tried my once more. So I came up with a plan to Although I hadnt seen him
best to move on. Only this time I couldnt catch Norman out. in years, he hadnt changed
In July 2009, I had my bury them. Ill record him confessing one bit.
youngest daughter. I wasnt I knew that the only way The sight of him made my
skin crawl.

What exactly
He invited us in and I cut
to the chase.
I couldnt bear being in his
company a second longer

is a trial of facts?
than necessary.
With my phone secretly
set to record in my pocket,
I began.

I want to talk about
nder the law, a trial of or a what you did to me as a
facts may take place once hospital kid, I said.
Norman was quiet for
a court has found that order. The a while, then he let out a
the defendant has a disability trial is not a A legal
long sigh...
that prevents their trial from criminal trial to
progressing. If the jury finds the determine guilt or
offences proved, the courts otherwise, so that means the A partial confession
options are to order an absolute defendant cant receive a but was he t to be
discharge, a supervision order prison sentence. tried in court?
< Continued from previous page

of justice y heart was through the case,

M hammering in my
chest as I waited for
him to continue.
If he confessed, it
could be the evidence I needed
to go back to the police.
Normans barrister
asked for him
to be seen by a
doctor again.
And eventually
he was ruled
unt to be tried.
Youre right, something did So a trial
happen in the bed, he said. of facts was
Not a full confession but it heard at Lewes My battle
was something. Crown Court. Now I want to get
I didnt stick around much It meant that the law changed
longer. And after I left, rather than his
I went straight to the police. guilt being decided,
Eventually, the the
case was reopened.
Another victim
He was a truth
of the
man. Got no more than a slap
on the wrist. Disgusting.
came forward, too, free man. allegations Now Ive started a petition to
and a trial was set
for 2014. But it Got no more
determined I was so young stop this happening to others.
Its so hard for victims to

than a slap
kept being delayed instead. speak up. It took everything
due to Normans Last November, discharge. It meant that I had. Yet Norman got away with
ill health.
Hes got on the wrist a jury found
Norman Askew,
although he was guilty, no
conviction was registered.
it because of a legal loophole.
All rapists and abusers
dementia, a police 88, did the acts So Norman was allowed to should be put on the sex
ofcer told me. charged against walk free and wasnt even put offenders register, regardless.
A doctor ruled he was him, which were one count of on the sex offenders register. So Im channelling all my
unt to be tried, but the CPS rape and three counts of I was appalled. energy into getting this
ordered he was t when their indecent assault on a female. The man I called Grandad law changed.
own doctor examined him. But the judge gave him raped me when I was just a If I can spare just one victim
It took until 2016 to get an absolute little girl. Yet he was a free the injustice, itll be worth it.
back to court. But, halfway

Following the trial... Get help

D etective Constable Amy Green of Sussex
Police said, While, to some extent, I am
A ccording to
the Office for
National Statistics,
disappointed that the court was unable to one in 14 adults in
impose a sentence that reflected the severity England and Wales
of the matter, I do feel it was an important was sexually abused
exercise for the evidence to be heard and as a child. If you
for a jury to reach verdicts for these extremely need advice or
serious acts. I hope that the verdicts will support, contact the
provide Askews victims with some solace, National Association
as it demonstrates that their for People Abused
compelling and truthful accounts have in Childhood.
Askew received See
an absolute been believed beyond any doubt.

1,001 CASH! W hat links British actress Emma
Watson and notorious Polish
movie director Roman Polanski?
To find out, solve the
crossword, then read
down the shaded squares
to find the five-word
prize answer. AYE TIS
Phwoar its a whopper! Enjoy your puzzling
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11
1 Garden 1 Stored liquid
burn-up (7) in glass (7)
5 Fleet of small 2 Terrible,
13 14 15 ships, often frightening
ceremonial (8) dream (9)
9 Story outline (4) 3 Money earned
13 Close-fitting (5) on savings (8)
16 17 18 14 Hire a flight (7) 4 Inscribe with
15 Learned acid (4)
19 person (7) 5 Froth (4)
16 In a while (5) 6 Ready for
20 21 22 23 24 17 Malice (5) use (2, 3)
18 Hook-and-eye 7 Thorn in the
25 fixing fabric (6) flesh (8)
20 Inputs a phone 8 Tie down
26 27 28 29 30 number (5) securely (4)
21 Sparkle like 10 Shade of
31 32 33 a star (7) purple (5)
23 Musical work (4) 11 Slow-moving
34 35 36 37
26 Petrol, maybe (4) animal (8)
27 Vegetable dish 12 Nerve,
cooked quickly impudence (5)
39 40
in a wok (4-3) 19 Showy feather
30 Nero or or column of
Claudius (7) smoke (5)
34 Outside (4, 3) 22 Polish capital (6)
42 43 44 36 Close (6) 24 Demonstrator
37 Body of water (5) on a march (9)
45 39 Personal 25 Learnt off by
listening heart (9)
46 47 48 49 devices (10) 26 Secure starting
40 Supervise (10) position (8)
50 51 52 42 Of clothing, a bit 28 Extreme fright (6)
too big (5) 29 Silver-medal
53 54 55 56 43 Embrace (6) winner (6-2)
44 Inaugurate by 31 Soft fruit (9)
57 oath (5, 2) 32 Ready to do
46 Document as told (8)
58 59 60 61 62 sanctioning 33 Violate,
police search (7) encroach (8)
63 64 65
47 Grand National 35 Dry up (9)
racecourse (7) 38 Soft-paper
66 67 68
48 Perimeter (4) handkerchief (6)
53 Requisite (4) 41 Counsel (6)
54 Novice (7) 45 Wrath (5)
69 70 71
55 From the ends 49 Spotted dog (9)
of the Earth (5) 50 Complicated (8)
58 Out-of-date, 51 Elegant in
cliched (3-3) motion (8)
60 Startle (5) 52 Particular and

500 winner 62 Madcap, exact (8)

bananas (5) 56 Musical-beat
66 Tramp (7)
Photos: REX/Shutterstock/Getty Images

patterns (7)

1,001 Issue 39, 29 September 2016

Fantastic! I never thought I would
win anything like this. I can treat
myself to a new golf driver now.
67 Sunshine state
of America (7)
68 Implicit belief (5)
69 Romantic
57 Artificial
waterway (5)
59 Number (5)
61 Spanish wine (5)
night out (4) 63 Name of Sicilian
Kev Stone, Ilkeston 70 Assayers stamp volcano (4)
on precious 64 Dairy produce
metal (8) for drinking (4)
Your answer: 71 Extra helping 65 Church
of food (7) service (4)
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The ultimate puzzle selection PUZZLES SELECT ON SALE NOW! 9

Thank you, Shane!

It was no wonder I was

drawn to my talented
tattoo artist
TRIBI put on a brave face for the kids.
Thankfully, chemo and
radiotherapy worked.
Prescribed the drug
Tamoxifen, which is used to
treat and prevent some types
of breast cancer, I was put on
I decided on impulse that it
was time for another tattoo.
I already had one of an elf on
my stomach.
Id like owers on my tummy,
I explained, sheepishly lifting
up my top.
I told the tattoo artist,
a ve-year plan of checkups. Shane Sunday, that I wanted
By Nina Cristinacce, 44, from Bangor, Northern Ireland Its time to take my life sunowers, to remind me
back, I told Ali. to count my blessings, and
espite having packed them down that night. But facing the mirror each poppies, to pay tribute to those

D everything but the

kitchen sink, it seemed
Id left my loofah at
home. Typical!
It was July 2010, and me and
my kids Emma, then 9, Ryan,
8, and Alex 5, were enjoying
Cancers like a bag of apples,
I explained. A rotten one can
make the rest go bad, so you
have to take it away.
I could see from their puzzled
expressions that they didnt
really understand, but they
day was hard. Id one boob
bigger than the other, and red
scars snaking across my back,
tummy and chest. I shuddered
at my reection.
Whod nd me attractive now?
Then, in April 2013, driving
Id loved and lost.
Tragically, my mum, dad
and grandpa had all died of
different forms of cancer.
I can do that, Shane smiled,
sketching a design on my skin,
before setting to work.
a much-deserved break in hugged me tight. past a nearby tattoo parlour, With every scratch of the
Brittany, France. A month on, their dad needle, I felt empowered. Soon,
Squeezing some looked after I was booking
shower gel over
my bod, I made I had scars the kids while
I went in for
full-day sessions
as the design
do with my mitts.
But, as I ran my snaking a mastectomy
to remove my
began to grow,
snaking up my side
hands over my
left breast, I felt across my left breast.
and along my back.
We laughed and
Words: Jade Beecroft. Photos: Belfast News & Features/Mark McGrogan

a lump. then took esh chatted as Shane

Though Id from my back inked over my scars.
never noticed it
before, in denial, and chest to use for the
He told me hed
recently split from
I just assumed it Though they his wife, and I told
was nothing. saved my nipple, my boobs him my scars were
Then 38 and a single mum, were still lopsided after from cancer.
I didnt have time for cancer. the operation. But Id Are you keeping
But, worried when the lump barely time to worry, as well now? he asked,
didnt budge, I made an I started chemotherapy. totally unfazed.
appointment with my GP. The kids dad, as well I grew to trust
Referred for tests at Ulster as my best friend Ali, Shane implicitly.
hospital in September 2010, now 45, were my rocks, So when he
I got a devastating diagnosis collecting the kids from suggested bringing
Its stage-two breast cancer, school, taking me to my the tattoo round to
the consultant said. hospital appointments. cover the scars on
As the news sank in, my I couldnt have coped My kids were my breast, I thought,
heart plummeted. without them as the too young Why not?
How do I explain it to the kids? treatment took its toll. to understand Peeling off my bra,
I thought, anxiously. Chemo made me sick, I didnt feel remotely
Taking a deep breath, I sat and my hair fell out, but self-conscious in front

of Shane. Studying his face as
he got to work inking a big, red
poppy across my ribs, beside
my nipple, then fanning leaves
around my boob, I noticed
how good-looking he was.
Theres no way hed be
interested in me, I thought.
Ink, in Bangor.
Shanes mission
to make my scars
beautiful had given
me another idea
I want to help other
cancer patients take
back their battered
But, when I popped in for bodies, I told him.
another session, weeks later So, with the help of
Fancy coming to see a band Macmillan, Cancer
with me next week? he asked. Focus NI, and Pretty
Um, sure, that would be n Pink Breast Cancer
great, I managed, blushing. Charity, I organised a
But as the date grew closer, photographic exhibition
I started to panic. called Here I Am.
Shanes so cool and funny, It showcased beautiful
I fretted to Ali. Why would portraits of patients
he fancy me? and their scars.
Dont be daft, she said. Youre In remission now,
gorgeous, and he knows it. I cherish every day.
I neednt have worried. And I couldnt
We got on brilliantly, and there imagine being
was a real spark. without Shane.
And, as my tattoo blossomed, Cancer may
so did our love! have taken so
Six months later, we moved many precious
in together, and soon members of
I was helping my family, but
manage Shanes t also brought
studio, Alternative me love.

My vibrant lady
S hane, 43, says, Id never tattooed
a cancer patient before. Ninas
scars are part of her beauty. When
she said she didnt like looking at herself,
I suggested tattooing over them to help
create something attractive. Shes such Body of art
a vibrant lady, always smiling thats Shanes work
has made me feel
what I fell in love with. attractive again

THusEt 46SmiTO R Y S O FAR
J nutes after her
ventilator was switched off,
Georgette Smith, 42, was dead.
Shed chosen to die, arguing life
as a quadriplegic after being shot
in the neck wasnt worth living.
But her death opened the door
for prosecutors to bring murder
charges against the person whod
shot her her own mother.

The case
6st pensioner
he case was as at them.

T complicated as it was
tragic a daughter,
totally paralysed
after being shot in
the neck, begging to die.
Her frail, sick mother
Shirley Egan, 68, charged with
Larry but hit her
daughter in the neck, tearing
through her spinal cord.
Surgeons battled to save
Georgette, but she was left
tongue. I cant move any other
part. I cannot breathe on my own,
Georgette said in court papers.
see her
daughter suffer, her
lawyer told the judge.
attempted murder for carrying paralysed from the neck down, God, dont leave me this The hospital had no objection,
out the shooting. And, if her dependent on a ventilator, unable way. I should be able to make it simply wanted a court order.
daughter Georgette was to speak without effort, the choice, she said. After meeting Georgette and
granted the right to die, her control her bladder Georgettes daughters reviewing her medical history,
mother could face a rst- or bowels, and fed Candace, 22, the judge ruled she was
degree murder charge and through a tube. and Joeleen, competent to make the decision.
the death penalty if convicted.
This legal can of worms
She ran a high
risk of pneumonia,
It was 19, agreed.
She just
The next day, in May 1999,
Georgette Smith passed away
was opened on 18 March
1999, in Florida.
infections, ulcers
and bedsores.
a legal wants to be
at peace,
in accordance with her wishes.
After, prosecutors considered
Georgette and boyfriend Shirley was can of Joeleen said. the murder charge. According
Words: Lianne La Borde. Photos: PA Photos

Larry Videlock had been caring charged with But Georgettes to police reports, Georgette had
for her ailing mum since a car
crash left Shirley seriously
two counts of
attempted murder,
worms... case didnt just
raise ethical right
been shot after shed gone to
get papers about moving her
injured in October 1997. and held in jail. to die questions. mother to a care home.
Shirley, a 6st, 4ft 11in Two months on, Should her wishes The sound of gunshots
pensioner with emphysema, Georgette decided she couldnt be granted, it could mean a had startled Larry Videlock.
was blind in one eye, dosed cope with life as quadriplegic, murder charge for her mother. Rushing out, he saw Shirley
up on pain medication. and applied to the court to Shirleys lawyer objected to the standing in her bedroom
That day, Shirley heard have the ventilator switched request for this reason, but doorway with a revolver.
Georgette and Larry talking of off to end her life. Shirley herself backed her Shed red at him, before he
putting her in a nursing home. All I can do is wink my eyes daughters choice. disarmed her and called for help.
So shed grabbed a gun, red and wiggle my nose, wiggle my Ms Egan does not want to In the end, due to her ailing


Did a frail mother

really want her
daughter dead?

The prosecutor
plays Georgettes
deathbed statement

health, and her relationship to neglected. A

Georgette, prosecutors decided social worker
not to pursue the murder charge. had visited, left
Instead, in July 1999, Shirley information on
Egan went on trial for two nursing homes
counts of attempted murder. and home help.
The prosecutor produced Videlock said
statements Shirley had made Shirley could
to detectives, admitting being be verbally
angry with Georgette and Larry abusive, that
after hearing them talk of Georgette was Her choice
putting her in a nursing home. always tired Daughter
Giving evidence, Larry from taking Georgette wanted
Videlock said he and Georgette care of her to end her life
treated Shirley well. He and working
admitted that, two weeks part-time.
before the shooting, social Then Georgette gave paramedic whod treated
services had a complaint that evidence from beyond the Shirley after the shooting. 1997 accident.
Shirley was being abused, grave. Hours before her She said the elderly woman Shirley Egan was not
death, shed taped an claimed shed got the gun just responsible for her actions.
emotional video statement to scare her daughter and She was incapable of doing
from her hospital bed. her boyfriend. this intentionally, he said.
During the 20-minute She said she was tired of So had an ailing mother
video, Shirley watched them harassing her and telling tried to murder her daughter
in horror, hand clasped her they were going to put her in cold blood?
over her mouth. in a nursing home. She said Or had it all simply been
But Georgette Smith she meant to shoot it over a terrible, tragic accident?
was loyal to her mother. her head, the
Im sure it was paramedic said.
accidental. I know it
was. She cant see that
The defence added
that Shirley was Now turn
good. I love her dearly.
She is the best friend,
angry, crazy
and irrational over
Candace: her
she said.
Shirleys lawyer
maintained itd all been
from taking
and other
for the
mum dead, her
gran in court a terrible accident.
He called a
medication to
relieve pain from the verdict
LIFE! DEATH! PRIZES! For more true crime, see and click Crime.
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previous page
100 CASH!
hats the title of the 2012
W animated film about a Scottish
Puzzle princess with bright red hair? Solve

the puzzle by following the arrows
and writing in your answers. Then
read down the letters in the shaded

I squares to find the prize answer.


Shirley Egan
in court

Tof allheShirley
jury acquitted
charges. She
smiled and squeezed
her attorneys hand
after hearing the
courts verdict.
Shes [Georgette]
up there with God,
I pray to her in
Gods hands,
Shirley said. She
was my best friend,
we were together
our whole lives.
Yet, as Shirley was
released, she faced
an uncertain future,
in poor health,
homeless and now
without her main
caregiver her
daughter Georgette. Your answer:

14 TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details.

Fashion! Whats hot
this week...

Bri ht
Top Tip:
Not ready to go
full-on yellow?
Top, 45, Add a colour pop
Marks & to an outfit with
Spencer a bright bag
and shoes.

Printed top, top, 26,
18, Bonmarche Dorothy

35, Marks
& Spencer

Shirt, 28,
Raincoat, Traders
25, George
at Asda

Skirt, 39,
Bon Prix

Top, 22,

19, M&Co

Easter chick Daffy

wreath, 6,
Sainsburys for

Dress, Scarf, 10,

16, and M&Co
10, George
at Asda

Ceramic sign,
16, Next


5.99, H&M

Mug (set of two),

3, Sainsburys

Bag, 25,
Marks &
Feature: Christine Parsons

Shoes, 12,
at Asda

Registered charity 216032 (England & Wales) , SC037529 (Scotland)
Bloodwise. A company limited by guarantee 738089

Get together to celebrate friendship

Tea with The Girls

This spring, join other amazing women wholl be hosting their own
Tea with The Girls to raise funds for life-saving blood cancer research.

Whether youre celebrating a birthday, a special occasion or its just

been too long, make tea, make time for the girls and make a difference.

Sign up now for your free fundraising pack
! Trashll
for gold do!
I needed a novel We didnt hav
golden-wedding a bin when we
gift, so I filled this first moved
basket with foods into our flat,
that had the word so we took an
golden in them! empty box,
The happy couple
taped the lid
loved it. flaps down
Rosemary Janes,
via e-mail and put a bin
bag inside!
Sharp idea McIntosh,
Once their box breaks,
drawing pins are a
dangerous nuisance. Put a
Save your fingers
from being pricked by lid on it
storing them in a Keep lidded food
Tic Tac box. containers such
Lisa Muir, Warrington as yogurt pots.
You can use them
to store packets
of food that have
Zipitup been opened,
To stop jigsaw pieces making them
Stay fresh
from getting lost, I use a last longer.
polythene sandwich bag Denise Watson,
that you can zip up. South Hetton
It keeps them nice
and safe!
Carol Searle, Bristol

he state of New York has made it

T illegal to take selfies with what?
Unscramble each group of letters to

Paint discover six types of artwork, then

read down the yellow squares for

the prize answer.
When painting a (5, 4) 1 S
ceiling, cover your wall 3 GINGER 2 S
lights with an old 4 PEA CASES 3 E
pillowcase to stop the 5 TRIO PART
paint from dripping 6 SPA 4
on them. CANDLE 5 P
Pauline Jeal, Sidcup 6 L
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I gave birt
When I was
first admitted
to hospital

My baby turned out

to be a massive cancer
TUMO anything up at all.
To me, it all added up to the
same thing.
Me and Chris werent going
to be parents any time soon.
I was angry and sad.
losing something else...
The doctors were condent
theyd got the cancer in good
time, that Id get through it and
that it shouldnt affect my
By Alice Hall, 21, from Ross-on-Wye Im so sorry, I cried. chances of conceiving again.
None of that, Chris soothed. I cant lie, though. Hearing
hey were just words. doctor...I was pregnant, but The main thing is youre safe youve got cancer makes you

T Hard words. Strange

medical words.
But still just words.
trophoblastic neoplasia.
Its the word that came next
that scared me.
now Im not? And its cancer?
It was July last year.
Only a few weeks before, Id
missed my period.
Me and my boyfriend Chris,
24, were overjoyed, nervous,
freaked out...
and well.
But still my hormone levels
wouldnt settle.
I was transferred to see a
specialist at Londons Charing
Cross Hospital.
There, I had more tests. And,
think about things.
Its made me think, too,
Chris said to me.
Wed popped for lunch to
the local pub between rounds
of chemo.
He reached for my hand
Cancer. Were going to be parents, nally, a diagnosis across the table.
Im not following, I told the Chris kept saying. Those words: Will you marry
We hadnt been gestational me? he asked.
planning a baby.
But we were
neoplasia. Rushed into Youre proposing
in Wetherspoons?
very excited.
Although now,
The doctor
hospital, I asked, laughing.
But of course
it didnt look like
it was happening
explained Id
never really
doctors I said yes.
Planning the
after all. been pregnant. confirmed wedding gave me

I was in
Eight weeks At the time back some of the
into the I should have hope Id lost.
pregnancy, Id conceived, the
labour One day, all of
Words: Alex Noone/Courtney Greatrex. Photos: Talk To The Press

started bleeding. sperm knocked this will be behind

At rst, doctors the nucleus out us and well have a
thought Id of my egg. family, Chris said.
miscarried. No baby had formed. Lots of little versions of me
But normally But a trophoblastic and you running around.
a miscarriage neoplasia had Everything was going well.
makes the level A cancerous tumour inside But then, in October, I woke
of hormones in my womb. Growing rapidly. early one morning in agony.
your blood drop. Worse, scans showed there I called the doctor.
And my level was a large blood vessel What youre describing
was rising. running straight through it. sounds like labour, she said.
It could be It meant it couldnt be Chris rushed me into the
ectopic, a doctor removed surgically. Id need hospital where doctors
said, meaning the chemotherapy to break it down. conrmed I was in labour.
baby was forming Eight rounds in four months. Whatevers left of the
My lovely on the outside After the rst round, it made tumour is coming out, the
boyfriend of my uterus. me so tired though, luckily, doctor told me.
Chris But tests I didnt lose my hair. The doctors had warned this
didnt show Mind you, I felt like I was might happen. But theyd said

th to a
GRISLY So grateful
Thank goodness
doctors caught it
when they did

bowls you nd in hospitals.

Id given birth to a tumour. hadnt caught the cancer when
Just then, Chris burst in they did, it could have spread.
with a team of nurses. Now, Chris and I have got a
One of them took the tumour wedding to look forward to, a
off me to be disposed of. family in our future.
Weirdly, I felt ne. A future, full stop.
They helped me back to the And for that I feel lucky.
there everywhere. ward, where a doctor came to
was only Chris ran examine me.
a tiny chance for help. Id passed the tumour. There

Very rare
if the chemo Alone, I took a deep breath. was none of it left inside.
dislodged the tumour, I looked down into the toilet But the doctor recommended
separating it from the blood bowl, saw it oating in the water. a couple more rounds of chemo,

vessels attaching it to my body. The tumour! just to make sure.
By this time, I was having I gasped. A month later, gestational
proper contractions. Nurses It was a solid I reached in December, I was trophoblastic
tumour (GTT) is one
down into
gave me gas and air, as if I was tube of eshy given the all-clear.
really pregnant. tissue. Covered The cancer that grows from the
It lasted hours.
Then, just as suddenly as
in dark-red blood
and gunk. the toilet was gone.
If I make it
tissue that forms in
the womb during
the contractions had started,
they stopped.
I reached down
into the toilet bowl and through the rst
year without it
pregnancy. They are
very rare and can be
And so did the pain.
Nothing had come out of me.
bowl, lifted the
tumour out. lifted the returning, doctors
hope it wont be cancerous or benign.
Treatment that works
Chris helped me from my
hospital bed to the bathroom.
Dont ask
me why, I just tumour out back at all.
When that very well is available
And as soon as we got there, I wanted a milestones passed, for all types of GTTs.
felt it. This strange sensation... closer look. well try for a family. Nearly all of them are
It wasnt painful. Just weird. It was about the length In a way, it was only after curable. See www.
Then, a loud splash in the of a pint glass, and just a I got the all-clear that it hit me.
toilet bowl. bit thinner. This grief for the baby we for more information.
Oh my God! I cried. Urgh! I shuddered, dropping might have had.
There was blood absolutely it into one of those cardboard But were so grateful. If they
Ask our Doc
Dont be shy Chats Dr Martin Edwards is
Thousands of Brits with
cancer have to borrow from
elderly parents because
the cost of having the
a family GP whos seen it all before disease leaves them cash-
If the cramps strike when
Sore tongue A youre using your hands
Dr Martin Edwards
strapped, according to
Macmillan Cancer Support.
Ive developed the for fine work such as writing, Visit
Q habit of biting the this could be writers cramp, a uk/moneyworries if

Erm ,its a
form of muscle spasm. Your youre affected.
skin off my tongue with GP will rule out rarer causes
my teeth. Its incredibly
bit... personal
such as kidney or thyroid
painful, but I cant stop! problems, diabetes or calcium
Laura, 23 deficiency, and might suggest

Sounds like a compulsion,

hand exercises. Whiffy problem
A a ritual you repeat again
Q What are the
best foods to
and again to feel temporarily Surprisingly rare combat BO? Ive
and Learn
better, but which becomes so
I thought
frequent it can interfere with
your life or cause damage.
Kicking the habit usually
Q appendicitis was
common, but when
read herbs and
green leaves work.
Jeanine, 33
means cognitive behavioural I had it last month, Folliculitis
therapy, CBT ask your GP. the doctors said they Sorry, this is a myth. An inflammation of hair
hardly see it nowadays!
Ann, 25
A Spicy or smelly food
can increase BO by
follicles which causes a
pimply rash, and some
Hand cramps making your sweat smell spots might contain pus.
It can appear anywhere
Im 82 and for Appendicitis is infection of more strongly, but no food
Q months now Ive A your appendix, a small part
of your bowel low down on
can actually reduce it.
Leave off spicy food, wash
on the body that has hair,
but it isnt serious. Most
been getting cramp in
Words: Cher Heasmer. Photos (Kids bit/Winning website posed by models): Alamy/Getty Images

regularly, use occasional cases will

your right side, and its
my hands and have to become much less common. antiperspirant and wear clear up
rub them until it stops. No-one knows why, but it clean clothes every day. within two
Jennifer, 82 weeks
could be because we eat more without

Kids bit!
fibre or have cleaner water, treatment. Spot of bother
leading to fewer infections. Weird discharge
I finished my
Absent spells Q menopause, so
why do I have a
My son has blank
Q spells. He doesnt
know whats going on
yellowish discharge
from my vagina? Its
a little sore, too. HealthUnlocked is the
for a few seconds and Rita, 54 largest social network for
just stares. My GP thinks health (think Facebook for
it could be epilepsy. Most likely this is people with health
Penny, 46 A atrophic vaginitis
inflamed, sensitive skin
conditions). Its a great
place for users
These could be absence to interact
A seizures, a form of
epilepsy known as petit mal.
lining your vagina due to
lack of oestrogen following
menopause. Hormone
and discuss
their health
Hell need tests to confirm cream or HRT should stop problems
this, and tablets to keep the it. But as infection or even with others
spells at bay. Theres a good cancer are also possible, in online
chance hell grow out of them. check with your GP. communities
and forums.
Go to
Write to Dr Martin Edwards at Chat, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP.
Or e-mail Sorry, he cant reply personally. Online help

22 HEALTHY FACTS +++ 18 million people deal with hay fever in the UK +++ The UK has the highest lev

Mygirlhada new ear

PRINTED Thanks to pioneering
technology, my girl
So realistic
Now she cant
wait to have her
ears pierced!

finally feels normal

By Aurea Storie, 44, from Newmains, Scotland
s I cradled my

A newborn daughter,
nurses cooed over her.
It was August 2007,
and Id just given
birth to 7lb 2oz Anya.
Shes beautiful, they said.
And the nurses were right.
Anyas ear was
just folded skin

But I couldnt help noticing

her right ear. It looked strange.
It was a lump of folded skin.
Itll open out soon, my
husband John, 49, whispered,
sensing my concern.
But hours on, it still looked
the same.
Doctors ran tests. and could only focus on she beamed to us.
While we waited for the one noise at a time. Her ear looked so realistic.
results, we took Anya home. Then, in 2015, aged We cant thank you
Her big sister Oriana, then 4, 7, Anya told me and enough, I told surgeons.
was so excited. John, I want a new ear Anyas ribs were sore,
But John and I were terried to look normal. but she put on a brave face.
there was something wrong. However, doctors And ve days later, she
A few months on, a consultant wanted her to wait was allowed home.
conrmed it. until she was 9, to Now were waiting for
Anyas got microtia, he said, cartilage, we were told. make sure her ribs had grown Anya to have a second
explaining its a rare congenital They could also operate to so they could use the cartilage. surgery to position her ear.
deformity causing an help improve her hearing. So, in October last year, we Then a third to implant a
abnormally small As Anya grew took her to see the surgeon. bone-anchored hearing aid.
or absent ear. up, her deformed Anya was so excited. Anya amazes me with
In Anyas case
she had an
Anyas ear ear didnt faze her.
Though when
Can I get my ears pierced
when I have a new ear? she said.
her courage.
Shes even raising money
underdeveloped didnt faze she started school, Of course, I promised. for Edinburgh Sick Kids

her, but she

outer ear, and a she was teased. Edinburgh Sick Kids Friends Foundation.
Words: Cher Heasmer/Hattie Bishop

closed canal. The other kids Friends Foundation funded a I want to help other
Which meant
her hearing on the was teased laughed at my ear,
she sobbed one day.
pioneering procedure a 3D
printer produced a replica ear
children like me get new
ears, she tells me.
right side was poor.
Anya was at school Kids can be so
resilient, though,
to be used as a template for
the cartilage.
All Anya wants is to
look normal.
referred to a and it was soon On 5 December, Anya had But to me, shell always
specialist surgeon forgotten about. the eight-hour op. be perfect, inside and out.
who put our minds at ease. Over the years, the hearing When she came round after, To support Anya, go to
When shes older, we can loss became more apparent. she was so happy.
build her a new ear using rib She struggled to concentrate, I cant wait to wear earrings! fundraising/anyastorie

WE PAY Well pay cash, or mention a charity of your choice, if we print your health story. Write to Your Health, Chat, 161 Marsh Wall,
London E14 9AP or phone 020 3148 6150. You can send your story or e-mail the Doc at
CASH Always consult your pharmacist or GP before taking any over-the-counter or prescription remedies, and read the packet carefully.

el of obesity in Western Europe +++ The width of your arm span equals the length of your body +++ 23




odel and former
M Strictly champion
Abbey Clancy says that,
although she hates the
subject, she has what N O P Q S U V W X Y Z
etched into her
memory? To find out,
solve the puzzle... Fill in 2 7 9 8 10 9 3 9 26 12
the grid. Each letter of
the alphabet has been 9 17 8 17 25 10
replaced by a number
from 1 to 26. When
youve completed the 14 23 5 8 12 5 24 12 12 10
grid, the shaded squares
will spell out the L I T R E
two-word prize 4 25 21 18 21 15
answer. Weve
given 18 9 9 13 12 8 21 26 20
you five
to start 12 13 12 6
off. ARRRD!
16 17 12 6 5 21 14 18 17 13

17 11 4 12 21

21 12 8 23 21 14 7 21 23 14
Crunchy Easter
14 12 5 25 6 14 chocolate nests
Makes: 12
6 19 12 25 17 14 21 5 12 Prep: 20 min + 1 hr chilling

16 14 11 21 14 25 200g quality
17 26 23 5 19 8 21 15 12 8
broken into Sweet
9 25 25 12 9
5 23 21 8 21 5 11 8 9 24 crushed nely
A little oil, for greasing
Jelly beans
12 6 12 10

10 23 6 11 9 26 12 6 5 1a saucepan
Gently heat chocolate
in a large bowl set over
of barely
simmering water. Remove,
12 20 13 21 19 2
stir and leave for 5 min.

6 2 Meanwhile, lightly oil

a 12-hole jam tart tin.
1 21 14 1 12 23 10 12 21 14

3 Stir cornake crumbs

23 9 8 1 25 12
into melted chocolate,
mixing to coat really well.
Spoon a little of mix into
14 9 9 6 12 12 22 5 8 21 each tin. Using back of
Recipe and photo:

spoon, press chocolate

crumbs into base and
side of tin to form a nest.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Once all the mixture has
T R E been used up, refrigerate
Photo: REX/Shutterstock

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 nests for 1 hr or until

L I chocolate has set.

Your answer: 4 Use tip of a rounded

knife to slip each nest
out from tin and ll with
jelly beans to serve.
TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details. 25
Our tiny boy
I fell in love
with my Nate...

To us, hes the most
beautiful little boy
for Edwards syndrome.
But he has Klinefelter
syndrome, the specialist said.
A more common genetic
disorder than Edwards, it
still only 1cm dilated.
Youre going to need an
emergency Caesarean, the
midwife said.
Our baby was distressed
in my womb. Petried, I was
was a relief to hear that it wheeled into theatre.
By Jo Williams, 46, from Burntwood, Staffs was less serious. In August 2012, Nate arrived,
n spring 2011, I met an old within six months. But it meant our baby would weighing a tiny 2lb 6oz and,

I friend for a drink.

Andy, 33, had lived
opposite when we were
kids. He was younger
than me but, as we grew up,
we got closer, and
Its never going to happen,
I sobbed to Andy one night.
Weve got to keep trying,
love, he said, holding me.
Then, in January 2012,
I found I was
have an extra X chromosome,

would be delayed. They also

found a tiny hole in his heart.
At least its not life-
the moment he cried, Andy and
would produce less testosterone I wept, too.
than normal, and his learning Nate was whisked to Neonatal
Intensive Care while, in
Recovery, I replayed the birth,
feeling something wasnt quite
eventually became
best mates. We loved pregnant again.
Anxious, weeks
threatening, I sobbed.
But Id be closely monitored
right with our baby.
His ngers and the shape of
Over time, we
both met partners our unborn crawled by. But
I sailed past the
for the rest of my pregnancy.
Then, at 34 weeks, a scan
and settled down.
Id had two kids
baby, had 12-week mark,
and excitedly
at Burton Hospital showed
I didnt have enough
A stroll around
Skye, 22, and
Niall, 18 while
to give him told family.
Only, at my
amniotic uid, putting my
baby at risk of infection.
Andy had his little
girl Lauren, 9.
a chance 20-week scan
at Birmingham
We need to induce you,
said the specialist.
How are you Womens Hospital, Terried, I was induced
doing? I beamed. I got terrifying news. as Andy held my hand. Words: Rosa McMahon. Photos: PA Real Life

Both recently single, Andy Hes very small, the nurse I just want our baby
had asked me out several times frowned, calling in a doctor. to be OK, I sobbed.
before Id agreed. My heart started thumping But, after two days, I was
Hes grown into quite the with fear. Then
hunk, I thought as we chatted. We want to test for
Id worried about the age gap Edwards syndrome,
at rst but, from the moment the nurse said.
Andy kissed me in the taxi It was a potentially
home, we were a couple. deadly genetic condition.
Id like to start our own Back home, I was
family together, I admitted devastated, couldnt sleep.
shortly after we got together. At the hospital two
And Andy felt the same. days later, doctors offered
I was 40, so we started trying me a termination.
straightaway, and it wasnt No! I cried.
long before I had good news. We already loved
Its positive, I beamed, our unborn baby, had
waving the pregnancy test to give him a chance.
stick at Andy. So, at 22 weeks, I had
But the euphoria wasnt to an amniocentesis test,
last. I had an early miscarriage. where doctors took In hospital
Distraught, we kept trying, a sample of my amniotic
but more heartache followed uid for analysis.
when I had ve miscarriages It came back negative
Hot-cross buns
Taste The

4 Cranberry & Golden
Raisin Hot Cross Buns,
Raisins and
cranberries 7/10
make a nice
change from
the traditional
dried fruits.
Theyre great
straight from
the pack if
youve no
his head didnt look right, time to toast.
I conded in Andy. Tesco Finest 4 Bramley
Im sure hes ne, Andy Apple & Cinnamon
reassured me. Hot Cross
When we were nally Buns, 1.50
allowed to see Nate, he did
look unusual wrinkly, With a strong 8/10
with a large forehead and apple avour
deep-set eyes. and a kick of
Still, it was love at cinnamon,
rst sight. these are
The next day, doctors denitely
conrmed my worries. tastiest
Nate has many health when freshly
problems, the consultant toasted and
said, explaining Nate
had an undeveloped
skull, cataracts and
My little fighter! buttered.
Aldi 4 Specially Selected
breathing difculties, as well for special care. Belgian Chocolate & Toffee
as the hole in his heart. I missed him so much, and people meet him, they forget
I was discharged after two visited him daily. about what he looks like. Fudge Hot Cross Buns, 99p
days, but Nate was kept in We knew the Klinefelter He goes to a special school These are
syndrome meant Nate would and needs a wheelchair, as he so good,
need testosterone injections cant walk, run or climb like and the only
before puberty, and that hed other little boys. way to enjoy
have developmental delays. But hes determined to them is hot 9/10
Klinefelter But the medics were bafed as
to why he looked so different.
join in with everything he
can manage to do, wherever
from the

We suspect and whenever.

when the
a rare genetic
disorder, they said. Once people We dont know
what the future chocolate

T he genetic disorder
affects one in 660
Nate needed
24-hour oxygen, meet him, holds for Nate, so
were making the
has begun
to melt
males, and can cause was tube-fed,
and struggled
they forget most of every day.
In June 2015,
type 2 diabetes, fragile
bones, heart disease,
to swallow.
After 14 weeks,
about what we took Skye,
Niall and Lauren,
autoimmune problems,
depression and male
he nally came
home for good, and
he looks like to Ibiza we all
cookie, 7,
breast cancer. we tried to live as needed a holiday. Morrisons
Theres no cure, a normal family. Heartbroken, we had to How about
but some problems Only, in public, people leave Nate behind, as his travel celebrating
can be treated with stared and pointed at his large insurance was too expensive. Easter with a
forehead and small features. He was in good hands at
hormone replacement, Kids can be especially cruel. Acorns Childrens Hospice, but great big biccie?
speech, language and He looks like an alien, some we missed him like mad. This one is 30cm (1ft) in
educational support, joked, but they didnt really Now were fundraising to diameter, is studded with
and, in adulthood, mean any harm. take Nate on holiday. chocolate eggs, and you
fertility treatment. Despite everything, Nate, He may look different from can have it personalised
now 4, is charismatic, happy other kids, but hes a ghter. with your own greeting!
and has plenty of friends. Once And to us, hes perfect.

1,000s in cash
and prizes


6 ISSUE 18
ISSUE 25 4

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Call: 0800 904 7018 or visit:


Soap world Coronation Street
Peter arrested!
Toyah and Peter
are about to go to
the fertility clinic,
when police arrest
him after Chloes
claims that Peter
attacked her the
night before Ken
was pushed down
the stairs. This will
also ruin Peters
alibi for Kens
attempted murder!

Words: Mike Hollingsworth. Photos: BBC/ITV plc/YTV/Channel 4/REX/Shutterstock

Building bridges
Stacey makes
amends with
Michelle and plans
a family dinner

but can she get
through to Martin?
Plus, Bex asks
Shakil for help

with busking. But,
as she impresses
the crowd, Martin
ends up catching
her in the act!

The village turns out in force Hollyoaks

to say goodbye to Ashley Esthers kidnap
ts a very sad day in the village as family and

Liam locks Esther
friends gather in the church for Ashleys funeral. in a container and
Afterwards, Cain consoles Harriet by giving her demands 50,000
a brandy when she condes in him about feeling from Grace if
guilty for her shaky delivery at the funeral. So how she ever wants to
will she react the next day when, after see Esther again.
she nds Cain stashing stolen goods at Plus, Nancy sees
the church, he kisses her to distract her?! her first boyfriend
Cain wants to Elsewhere, Victorias feeling queasy Kyle (played by
hide his loot! and hopes shes pregnant. When Adam Adam Rickitt) at an
spots the test, he tells Moira hes going MS meeting and
be a dad But will he be disappointed? old feelings come
Plus, Robert gets mind-blowing to the surface
news, and Debbies jealous of
Sarah and Faiths closeness.

Dont miss this

Grand National 2017, ITV
7 The nations favourite
Telly 50
horse race is back on ITV.
Ed Chamberlin presents

and a panel of experts will
give their views about who
To enter, see page 64 might win the gruelling test
What relation is Moira to Is Victoria having of stamina. Among them
Adam in Emmerdale? Adams baby? is previous winning jockey
Sir Tony McCoy.

Alasting less
IN V They said we shouldnt
let my big sister marry
By Lindi Newman, 29, from Shoeburyness
he looked beautiful in 18. It was love at rst sight.
the best big sister ever, Tommy
was like the best big brother.
After a couple of years,
Tommy asked to have a chat
with Mum. He wanted her
permission to ask Maryanne to
marry him, and Mum said yes.
So, a week later, Tommy
came round to take Maryanne
for a walk along the pier nearby,
where he proposed.

S her fairytale white

dress and veil, hair
sitting in soft curls
around her face.
But, most of all, she was
wearing a huge, happy smile.
I was just 7, but already
Tommy was kind and funny.
He loved rock n roll, especially
Elvis Presley.
Soon, Tommy started
spending all his time round at
ours, with Maryanne, our mum
Linda, me and my brother,
Im getting married! she
cried when she got home.
Straightaway, she started
thinking about colour schemes,
owers, dresses.
But there were other, more
serious things to think about,
weddings: me
and Andrew...
I hoped that, one day, Id have Reece, now 37. too. Like where the pair of he was a boy, and hed lived in
the same magical wedding as I was so young then, I cant them would live care ever since.
my big sister Maryanne. remember a time when Tommy Tommy didnt have any So, after theyd got married,
I love you so much, Id told wasnt around. family of his own. Sadly, his we agreed hed move in with us.
her with a hug before she And, just as Maryanne was parents had passed away when Mum would be his carer, as she
walked down the aisle to was for Maryanne.
marry Tommy. In the run-up to the wedding,
I love you, too, shed With our kids plus there was lots of media interest
Words: Alex Noone/Charlotte Nisbet. Photos: Caters News Agency

said, squeezing me back. Auntie Maryanne in Maryanne and Tommy.

I dont think I knew and Uncle Tommy! Its thought they were one of
then that Maryanne was the rst Downs syndrome
different from other couples in the country to get
peoples big sisters. married. Not everyone approved.
And, in a way, shes not Total strangers whod read
so different. The fact their story in the papers got in
Maryannes got Downs touch with Mum, telling her
syndrome has never she shouldnt allow it.
mattered, never stopped People said the marriage
her from doing whatever would never last, that two
she wants. people with disabilities
Like marrying Tommy, couldnt look after each other.
despite many people Stuff and nonsense, Mum
saying she shouldnt. said. Maryanne and Tommy
Tommy has Downs love each other. This is their
syndrome, too. They met decision, and they have the
at a day centre in 1990, support of the whole family.
when Maryanne was We didnt tell Maryanne or

E Got the T-shirts!
The happiest of
couples 22 years on

he proposed in 2008,
I knew immediately what posing for photos on days out has Downs syndrome, too.
kind of wedding Id like. at the shops, at an aquarium, I was worried about what
I want a fairytale one down the pub kind of life my child would
like Maryannes, I said. At rst, the group was just have, she wrote, until I saw this
So we had the same for family and friends. But our Facebook page. Maryanne and Tommy blue-and-white colour posts were shared by so many Tommy are an inspiration.
and Maryanne
scheme, the same that, soon, theyd followers all Im so proud of Maryanne
Rolls-Royce cars and over the world. and Tommy. Theyre two
the same happiness. Happiness is catching, said people who happen to have
It wasnt long before I had Mum, and she was right Downs syndrome, but who
Tommy what people were baby Sophia, now 7, and her theyve 24,000 followers now! also have something even
saying. What would be the little brother Jude, 2. Recently, a mum in America more wonderful.
point in upsetting them? And, through all lifes twists sent us a message. Her child True love.
Instead, we focused on their and turns, one thing stayed the

On Facebook!
fairytale wedding. A beautiful same Maryanne and Tommys
bride, a handsome groomand commitment to each other.
not a dry eye in the house. Those who said it wouldnt
In the years after, there were last were wrong. Theyre one of

ups and downs, just like in the strongest couples I know.
every marriage. In 2015, they celebrated their aryanne and
And, in time, things changed. 20th wedding anniversary. We
About 15 years ago, the hired a hall and had a party
Tommy would
house next to Mums came up rock n roll-themed, of course. love to share their
for rent. We talked about it,
and decided Maryanne and
To love! I said, raising a toast.
Last year, a mate of mine many adventures
Tommy should move in. from work had an idea. with you. Search
Maryanne and
They were so excited to have Why not set up a Facebook
their own place and a bit of prole for Maryanne and
independence. And Mum and Tommy? she said. Tommy on Facebook
o follow them.
I could pop in all the time. When I suggested it to them,
Soon, I took over as the main they loved it. Theyd loads of
carer of Maryanne and Tommy. ideas for things theyd like us
And, when I met Andrew and to post, and were forever

500 T
he answers
T to all these
general knowledge
questions except
one are in the O U K L G P V S N O F U T E L B
grid in various
directions. To be this D A O E Y E B L P B E O R O R E
weeks Chat Big I A L A N T I T C H M A R S H L
Quiz champion,
work out which E L I D C T O I B Y L O L N T T
answer is missing.
This is your prize S A E N T P T N A L R C N I I N
answer. Answers are
in alphabetical order G R E E N C R O S S C O D E O A
in each section.
ground, six of which
needed to be 12 Think, stop, use your
eyes and ears, wait
Which American
actress and
replaced after
the storm of
1987 is in
until its safe, look and listen,
arrive alive! is the current
version of which green
most famous which road safety system? (5, 5, 4)
movies are
county? (4)
Calamity Jane
and Pillow Talk
also starred in
6 A leaf
which tree
13 According to the old
saying, a watched pot
never what?, said as a mild
Send Me No
Flowers and
appears on
the flag of
rebuke to someone whos
impatient? (5) one-pot
Please Dont Eat Canada? (5) In a large frying pan, fry
the Daisies? (5, 3) 4. Thats one
hunk of trunk! GARDEN 14 In mythology, a pot of
what might be found chopped red onion in

2 7
What flower Which TV gardener by digging in the ground at a knob of butter for 3 min.
completes the classic was the lead the end of a rainbow? (4) Add 100g cooked, halved
Ealing comedy crime caper presenter of the garden new potatoes and cook for
The ... Hill Mob, starring
Alec Guinness and
makeover TV programme
Ground Force? (4, 10) 15 What pot is a French
word adopted in
6 min until crisp and
golden. Fold in 2tbsp
Stanley Holloway? (8) English to describe dried capers, then push contents
Photo and recipe:

One of the Seven Wonders aromatic leaves, petals of pan to one side.
3 Which actor starred
alongside Kathleen Turner
in the 1989 black comedy
of the Ancient World was
The Hanging Gardens of
where? (7)
and husks for perfuming
rooms? (9)
2 Add a tomato, cut in
half, face-down and
The War of the Roses after season well. Brush with
starring together in The Jewel
of the Nile? (7, 7) 9 Graeme Garden, Tim
Brooke-Taylor and Bill
Oddie were collectively know
oil, then add a few slices
of garlic and cook for
6 min. Push them to
WHERE IN THE WORLD? as what for their TV one side.
4 Which western US state is
home to Sequoia National
comedy series? (3, 7)

3 In the same pan, fry
2 large eggs for about
4 min until theyre cooked
Park, the location of the What part of the body 1. Shes
largest tree in the world? (10) follows the word a pistol- but yolk is still runny, then
packing take pan off heat.

green ... in the UK, to make a

5Sevenoaks Finally, twirl 100g

phrase meaning good at
Photos: Getty Images/ REX/Shutterstock

which has cultivating plants? (7) smoked salmon into

seven oak two rosettes, add them
trees on
the Vine 11 What green is the area
around a town where
to a space in pan along
with a sliced avocado, a
AYE TIS cricket building is restricted in order handful of toasted
ARRRD! to stop unrestrained urban breadcrumbs and a little
sprawl? (5, 4)
freshly chopped dill.
Your answer: Serves: 2
Cost per head: 2.10
TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details. 33
Finding EMM Meeting Lorraine helped me discover
another very special lady me!
expecting her to tell
me to sling my hook.
But, amazingly,
she didnt.
Well, it
doesnt need
By Emma Levers, 53, from Waterlooville, Hampshire to be a dirty
little secret
s I took off my shirt secret for womens clothes. alone forever. But then, in any more,

A and tie, I started to

feel better But it
was when I slipped
into a pretty, pink

Ahh, thats more like it,

I loved being able to browse
the shop rails and pick stuff
out for myself, but Id get
embarrassed at the till and
dress that I nally felt like me. pretend it was for my wife.
Eventually, my
October 2012, I was having
a drink with friends when this
drop-dead gorgeous woman
walked into the pub.
Eventually, I plucked up
the courage to
she smiled.
vowed to
help me
become the
woman Id

I suddenly
I thought, smiling at my wife found my approach her. longed to be.
reection in the mirror. secret stash of Her name She took
I was born a boy my mother clothes. And, not
called me Martin but, for as long after, our remembered was Lorraine,
and we hit it off.
me shopping
and helped
long as I could remember, Id
never felt comfortable in my
marriage ended.
A couple of years I was After a quick
kiss, we swapped
me pick out
clothes and
own skin. So, every time my
parents went out, I dressed up
later, I married
again, this time wearing lacy numbers and
arranged a date.
make-up thatd
suit me.
in my sisters nighties, skirts
and stockings.
sharing my secret
with my wife. knickers! Lorraine was so
kind, and we made
For the rst
time in my life,
I managed to keep it quiet She laughed at each other laugh I felt accepted.
for years but, one day when rst, but quickly realised all the time. It didnt take long With Lorraines
I was 9, my mum came home I was serious. for me to fall in love with her. support, I decided
early and caught me. She agreed she was OK with One evening, we were I no longer wanted to be
Martin, what on earth are me dressing up, as long as I did starting to get a bit frisky Martin. I wanted to
you playing at? she asked me, it in private, and none of when I had to stop her hands become Emma. So I began
looking stunned. our friends or family wandering I suddenly dressing up full-time at home.
Sorry, I replied, found out. remembered I was wearing The next step was to go
blushing. It just feels nice. A couple of years a pair of lacy knickers! out as Emma, but the thought
Overcome with shame on, though, she It was time to come clean. So of it was terrifying.
and guilt, I promised to confessed she I told Lorraine everything. I started off with short trips
stop dressing up. wasnt happy, and I confessed to my years of to the supermarket, usually
But, eventually, the urge asked for a divorce. dressing up in secret, and the late at night. But I quickly
overtook me, and I started I was guilt and shame I felt. became more condent, and
wearing girls clothes convinced It just feels so natural to me, began venturing further aeld.
again, being extra- Id be I told her. When I inevitably bumped
careful about keeping I knew it was a lot for any into people I knew, they were
it secret this time. woman to accept, so I was half shocked, but
When I was 25, really kind.
I got married, and I felt alive for

So proud
we started a family. the rst time in
Words: Kim Willis/Hannah Abbott. Photos: Phoenix Features

I loved being my life.

a dad of four, but But there

L orraine (right with Emma

even that didnt was just one
make me feel says, Im a strong problem. At
like a man. 5ft 9in and
My wife worked believer that you should be nearly 19st,
nights, so Id wait true to who you really are. I was massive.
until she was There was no way I wasnt Takeaways
gone and the going to support Emma. and cans of lager
kids were I mightve lost my had been my
asleep boyfriend, but I love Emma comfort food
before Id very much. Im so proud but I didnt
Dressing as
of how far shes come, need them now.
through and I cant wait to see her I already knew
her drawers. a woman feels that full gender-
I even started so natural to me blossom even more. reassignment
shopping in surgery was my

Easter bunnies

5, George
at Asda

Bag, 5,


TK Maxx

Before, with Lorraine

ultimate goal, but I was too fat

to go under the knife.
So I joined Slimming World
as Emma. I was terried, but
everyone was so welcoming.
I stuck to the plan, and the
weight started to fall off me.
By January this year just
a year after I joined, Id lost
nearly 8st!
Now I can wear whatever
I want. My wardrobe is packed Baby socks, 4.99
with dresses, skirts and pretty for 5 pairs, H&M
tops all size-10.

Im now taking oestrogen as
part of a hormone-treatment

plan, and Im waiting to hear
when my surgery can go ahead.
Of course, the news has been
surprising to loved ones, but
most have been supportive.
I feel amazing, and its all
thanks to Lorraine. Reason to celebrate
My big hope for the future Now Im the happy,
is that, after my surgery, I can confident person
marry her and spend the rest I dreamed of being
of my life making her as happy
as shes made me. Cushion, 5,
George at Asda
T he highest-
value note
the Bank of
England can
issue is worth
100million. By
what name is

You lo
it known? To
find out, solve TI WARD ON
the puzzle
Make your way
from Start to
Finish, making SIGN EN TAN
words by joining
two boxes
together as you
go, eg: YE + POST VEL VET
you decide!
When you
reach Finish,
two unused Finis
boxes will join
together to
give you the
9 This week J.K. Rowling
prize answer.

100 marks 30 he Harry Potter

author had
Your answer: Springfields most
years since famous family
under her spell in
the world an episode when
they visited Britain.
was first She said a special
hello to young Muggle and
PIECES introduced huge Potter fan Lisa.
T E X T B O O K to Matt
W hich US star,
whose first W H T H G O E M Groenings Tom Hanks
name begins
with T, allegedly I C I N C L R T animated S tar of
helped revamp
NASAs official L T A R T R A A family The movies, from

website? To find Saving Private
out, solve the Ryan to Forrest
puzzle... Hidden I T O S T I O R Gump, Tom
in the grid,
reading forwards, G U I G L E I T Here are our Hanks made
a big-screen
backwards, up,
down or
diagonally, are
H H S O A E E A fave famous appearance in The Simpsons
Movie when he starred in an
advert announcing a new
10 words
beginning with T, T O R N A D O N guest stars Grand Canyon in Springfield!
Words: Michelle Rawlins. Photos: Alamy/FOX/REX/Shutterstock

one for each of

the clues (right). Bakers School
Find them all and dozen reference
the remaining
letters will spell Ancient tome
out the two-word Roman gown Latin-
prize answer.
Scottish plaid American ancy binge-
watching the family
Prickly plant dance favourite? Better get
Puzzle Flashlight Suit maker comfy Viewing every

100 Early evening

episode of The
Simpsons back-to-
back would take you
224 hours that's
over nine days solid!
Your answer:

36 TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details.


iar... Simon Cowell
Lady Gaga
G aga passes through Springfield,
determined to spread a little cheer.
She manages to cheer up everyone except
Lisa whose poker face isnt for pleasing!

T he TV-and-
music mogul
has lent a trio
of X-Factor
touches to the
show, playing
a talent-show
judge in three
episodes. He says
he only did it to stay young
forever, as, just like Bart, his
graphic character wont age!

Tony Blair
T he former
PM showed
his humorous
side in an
episode when
he greeted
the family at
the airport in England. When
Homer tried to bribe him with
a dollar to leave them alone,
Blair swiftly pocketed it!

Ricky Gervais Gordon Ramsay Russell Brand

H es not only
voiced and
appeared in the
T he sweary chef
appeared to
Lisa in a dream,
B rands
style was a
show, hes even to offer advice good fit with
written for it! before being the shows
forcibly removed! edginess.


O !    






   :)8% %#$ 5) 2821# 5) !5  :)8% %#$ 5) 2'  #5 5) 6/ ; )'%; 4(/(( 91; 6 &)'5!2 ; #15 #5 , )'%;-
#0 #0& ## &54 -&5/ 4 #0. &% 4 #4+ &  7 $&/ 4% &% 050/ (4 &% (#0

          !# ! ! $#    #    !$ !  $
$  ! 
05((#: /00 4 #0 &%  0(/4 04+
  # $  !       ""
/1 /01 01 00 &/%$
Q  6 &)'5!%; #15 #5 +; )'%; 4(/(( 
$ & %"
+1 08151   76. ) 5! 8%% +1# ) 4*6/7(

Q * ;1 ,< #2282- 1#5 1 " ; )'%; 46/( &04&
,8%% +1# 46/*- 29#' *. 1)22 5! ;1 &5%4 $
!))2 1)& 6 2; :;2 5) +; &/4 &
*/ %#&0  ,51(&04# &// $ (:# 4&  $ %+ )
* 4+ &/ 3 66666666
)81 5#%2
7/ #0  4 3 /&$ $:
Q  0 Q  0  4 Q 04// Q $9 &5%4 &
/1 /01 01 00 &/%$
/ &
5/%$ ! ! ! #0 (:  $ %+ )
* 4+  /4  40 /&$ 4 &5%4 4 # &% 4 0
9( /: 4 %04/54 &% 05!4 4& 4 05/0 005/ : 4  /4  4 5/%4+
$ # 5%/04% 44 4 0 %04/54 &% $: /$ % 8 4  $ %+ )
* 4+ %  0&

    4 #0 8 ##  (00 #4/&% ##: 4& $: %" &/ 5 # % & 4:+

 %45/ 4  %45/ 4

) $ &7/ '* ) $ &7/ '*

&$ # & ) %+/ &*

6'-'' *>$ > 8 %(&7 $> "07 "7-  "1 *0" "1 :0&7 (0 7  017 )9 %(&7 1 & < <"$$ &(7"> >(: "& ;& ( &> *0"  &1- 0 (*& 7( &< 1:10"01 (&$> & "07 "7 (0
"1 (&$> ;"$$ "& 7  - "&$ $(1"& 7 (0 $$ (001 "1 8@7 :& 9@)2- $1 $$(< :* 7( 3 <#1 (0 $";0> ( >(:0 017 "11:  <#1 (0 (;011 (001-   :$$ 1:10"*7"(& 07 "1 (0 ) >0
& # &+ @ "11:1 & "&$:1 *(17 & *#"&-  7  %?"& (00  &1 0/:&> *0 &&:% < <"$$ (&(:0 7  &:%0 ( "11:1 *" (0 &(7 7  70% ( 7  1:10"*7"(&- (0 :$$ 70%1 &
(&"7"(&1 ;"1"7 <<<-%?"&1"07-(%470%1- (0 &/:"0"1 & (;011 071 (&77 $*%?"&1"07-(% (0 $$ . +@, 88@ 888 888 +$"&1 0 (*&
(&>! 0"> 8@%! 8@*% 
7"% =- &# ($">1, (0 !%"$ $*%?"&1"07-(%- $$1 7( @88@ &:%01 <"$$   0 7 &( %(0 7 &  &7"(&$ $&$"& $$ & %>  "&$: "& >(:0 * (& *0(;"01 $$ :&$-  
4 &  /4        <01 1 % "1 ;"$$ (0 $$ 7"; *0"&7 1:10"01 ( %?"&1 *:$"1  > "% &- +, 7 0 (  0- ""7$ 1:10"01 $1( 7 11 1 $(& 1 7  1:10"*7"(& 1 & *:0 1
"07$> 7 0(: 7  *:$"1 01 7 %?"&1"07-(%- (0 :$$ 70%1 & (&"7"(&1 ;"1"7 %>%?"&0<01-(-:#-  <"$$ *0(11 >(:0 7 "& (0& <"7 (:0 0";> ($"> +<<<-7"%"&:#-
(%4*0";>,- > *0(;""& >(:0 "&(0%7"(& >(: 0 7(  (&77 > "% &- +, 7 *:$"1 0 (  7 & (7 0 "(&" %" 0&1 <"7 "&(0%7"(&
(:7 (:0 ((1 & 10;"1 & 7 (1 ( (:0 0:$$> 1$7 7 "0 *07"1- $1 7"# 0 " >(: ( &(7 <"1 7( 0"; 7 1 %111 > %"$ &4
 > *(17 &4(0 7$* (& (:7 0:$$> 1$7 7 "0 *07> ((1 & 10;"1-
 ) **
! Cute
We hear you ver you want to share
Were listening to whate
Send us
and welyour snaps
tot intotaurn your

of th !
Sisterly love
Twin-crediblejourney Perks of cake
II notoutside
loved this sign I saw
My daughters Eden, 3, and
Neve, 10 weeks, love their
a cafe. How could morning cuddles together.

T hat was a beautiful story wo of a Kind (2

March issue). Sebastian, a twin, has cerebral
palsy and has endured so much. I was pleased to
go in for some cake?!
David Truby,
Chipping Barnet
Ellie Smith, Whiteley
Just call
me smiler!
read that his latest operation has allowed him to
take his rst steps. The photo of him walking Photoofthe week
with his brother Solomon was so lovely. Ive
a feeling theres nothing this little boy
cant achieve with his twin by his side. WE PAY
Hazel Byron, Roby CASH
Makeover for Dad? Penguin power
W hen I came back from
the beauty salon, my M y friend gave me some
slippers and told me Day one
daughter was surprised that I should only wear them
by how different I looked. when I needed cheering up. It o Angel Dawn, 2, This is the first photo
of my son Jaxon at just
She told me that I was really works! The slippers has discovered a day old. Even though
beautiful and asked if we have huge penguins on them,
could send daddy to the so when I put them on I just my mud masks! he was in Intensive Care,
handsome salon now! feel silly moping around! Katie Oakes, Ashby-de- he couldnt stop smiling!
Eleri Webber, Little Neston Shulah Clarkson, Ormesby la-Zouch Stephanie Herfield, Belfast
 All contributions to Chat must be original, not copies or duplicated to other editors. Subject to these

Why not get in touch! conditions, 25 will be paid for all rights in each letter or photo of the week printed. The Editor reserves the
right to shorten or modify any letter or material submitted. Time Inc. (UK) Ltd reserves the right to reuse any
submission sent to Letters, Tips, Kids, and Chat to us! columns of Chat magazine, in any format or medium.
See page 4 for details on how We regret we cannot answer letters. We cannot take responsibility for manuscripts or photos sent in, so keep
a copy of anything precious. Please include your full name and address when you write.

Puzzle 1 2 3 4

50 S cientists have discovered that honeybees

work much harder the day before what?
Solve the crossword, then read down the
yellow squares for the prize answer.
6 7

1 Word that can come 1 Go down a
before market, snowy hill fast (3)
sonic and sized (5)
5 Fearful respect (3)
2 Buddy (3)
3 Member of the PIECES
8 Great style
I dont know about you,
6 British , Great flock (3) OF CAKE!
Britain & Ireland (5) 4 Sticky stuff that but I reckon my daughter
8 Vegetable that helps make Imogen has the makings
might bring a tear fibreglass (5) of a model?!
to your eye (5) 7 Wicked deed (3) Your answer: Victoria Parry, Childwall

TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details.

e CtroAlleTr!
con Transpennine
I hoped that
Id get along
who was following in the
paw-steps of her ancestors.
At night, Felix sleeps where
she likes. And during the
befriended a little boy with
autism, who was nervous
about travelling.
Another time, she helped
a little boy who was trying to
well with my daytime, she roams the run away from home. Felix
new colleagues. platforms, getting plenty had comforted him while
But there was one in of strokes and fuss from help arrived.
particular who really commuters, and putting big She really was an
made an smiles on asset to our workforce.

All kit-ted out! It was only

impression. their faces. Then, last year, I had
Not the fat One day, an idea
but the right that a traveller took
her photo and
Why not give Felix the
promotion she deserves?
Meet cat controller!
Felix was Felix should set up an
I thought.
Felix had helped put

Felix a sweet, black-

and-white moggy, haveaproper society on
Facebook for
our station on the map.
It was only right that she
whod already
job title... commuters to should have a proper job
the been working at
the station for
share photos.
And no wonder.
title like the rest of us staff.
And her own uniform...
Words: Emmie Harrison. Photos: Guzelian

six years. She really was a beautiful It was pretty easy to nd

railway cat! A female cat, shed been
named before anyone realised
puss, with her silky fur, big,
green eyes and long whiskers.
something online to t the bill.
When the miniature, neon,
By Andrew McClements, she was actually a girl, but the A softie when it comes to hi-vis jacket arrived, I pulled it
24, from St. Helens name suited her nonetheless. animals, I couldnt resist giving over her paws, and fastened it
Theres an historic tradition, Felix lots of fuss myself. under her tummy. And she
hen I arrived stretching back to the Victorian And, before long, we had didnt seem to mind one bit!

W for my rst
day working as
team leader at
railway station for
era, of railway workers having
cats as pest controllers.
So the station staff had
adopted Felix,
a close bond.
Life for Felix wasnt all
lapping up attention and
posing for photos with
customers, though. Once, she
I completed the uniform with
her very own name badge:
Felix, Senior Pest Controller.
Then I shared her outt
with her Facebook group,

RIP Tama
Felixs catflap
makes her feel elix isnt the first station fortunes around.
very im-paw-tant! cat to find international After Tamas death
stardom. In western Japan, in June 2015, 3,000
a stray tabby named Tama people attended her
was made stationmaster funeral, where she was
of the loss-making Kishi given the posthumous
station in 2007. status of Shinto goddess!
Tourists flocked to meet A new feline stationmaster
Tama, whose popularity named Nitama has since
turned the companys taken over her position.


Top cat!
Newly promoted
Felix thinks shes
the cats pyjamas!

n which

taller, on
at their
place of work
than at home?
To find out, solve the
puzzle Add a letter
anywhere in each of the
boxed-off words to fit the
clue, eg, Water vapour =
Write the added letter in
the space provided.
Read down the
added letters
Great platform
to spell out
patrolling deserves
the prize
the odd treat answer.


Watervapour STEM

Rollalong COAT

Moisten BASE


and the post went viral.
Apart from her swish, new
look and the fame, not much Removesoap RISE
changed for Felix. She got on
with her responsibilities as Astound MAZE
usual, looking out for lost
commuters or grabbing
another photo opportunity. Hotelrooms SITE
In time, we got new ticket
barriers. Big and bulky, we HIGH
didnt want to risk Felix getting Legpart
trapped in them. So we had
a catap installed, just for her. Nest ROOT
Felix continued to be the star
attraction at Hudderseld
station, with some fans making
special visits just to meet her.
Shes even had a biography my old work pal Felix Your answer:
written about her. And now she whenever I get the opportunity. Felix the Railway
has 100,000 Facebook followers As a co-worker and a friend, Cat by Kate Moore
around the world, who get she really is the cats whiskers!
costs 12.99
updates on her day-to-day life!  To keep in touch with Felix,
from www. TO ENTER
Ive since moved away and go to Turn to page 64 for details.
work in Manchester, but I visit FelixHudderseldStationCat

500 CASH!
he harvest from one acre of peanuts produces
T enough peanut butter to make how many
sandwiches? Fit these numbers into the grid. One
number doesnt fit. This is the prize answer.
3 digits 971 30000 8 digits
109 978 41000 92734314
208 53141
300 4 digits 63513
400 1500 72915
495 2175 78782
502 3816 79745
600 4020
733 5121 6 digits
800 6563 182706
950 7250 223650
8000 505147
9000 506202 9 5 0
13 5 digits
Puzzle 10575 7 digits

15000 1170798
18492 3005785
21500 6452362
27250 9295436

Your answer: ARRRD!

hen John Lennon appeared on The hich country has the largest number of heavy metal
Old Grey Whistle Test in 1975, his fee rock bands per head of population, with 53.5 bands
was 15. In what currency did he choose for every 100,000 people? To find out solve the puzzle...
to be paid? The answer to each clue (apart Make three nine-letter words using all of these three-letter
from the first) begins with the last letter of sections and enter them in the grid. Weve given you three
the preceding answer. The shaded squares letters to start you off. Unscramble the shaded letters to
spell out the two-word prize answer. find the prize answer.
1 Sacred beetle (6)
2 Wicker carrier (6)
3 Dental devices (12) M
4 Male siblings linked
by parents second
marriages (12)
5 Clean with plenty of
A elbow grease (5)
6 Wooden cask
B containing ale (4, 6)
7 Part of a lamp (5, 4)
8 Boast (4)
9 Horses fastest gait (6)
10 Thick broth, or
dense fog (3, 4)
11 Pictured holiday
greeting (8)
12 Do not ... sign on a 4x FOO TST DLE

hotel door (7)
13 School item written
on with chalk (10)
14 Two missed serves
at tennis (6, 5)
ARRRD! Your answer: Your answer: OF CAKE!

42 TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details.


No likey
my face!
My Take Me Out
TV debut had Whos that girl?!
me running As I watched the
show back, I hardly

to the doctors! recognised myself

By Beverly Wright, 43, from Rotherham

s my family and I a 21-year- OFF THE really dangerously high blood

A gathered around the old hottie! noticed pressure and heart rate.
Words: James Hanman/Dan Harding. Photos: Talk To The Press

telly last January,

my tummy ipped
with excitement.
No likey, no lighty! I giggled
as Take Me Outs host Paddy
the date
was heaps of
fun, we parted
ways afterwards.
TELLY! a change!
Id also
been more
tired than
usual, but I
Researching online later,
I discovered it can be linked
to Hashimotos disease, an
autoimmune disorder.
Back at the doctors, a blood
McGuinness emerged. Now I couldnt hadnt thought test conrmed it. A chronic,
My daughter Bailey, 16, and wait to relive it all much of it. lifelong illness, Hashimotos
I were squirming like kids on again. Except, as my face Over the next few days, meant my immune system
the edge of the sofa because, ashed up on the screen, things got worse. I started was mistakenly attacking my
this time, I was a contestant! I gasped in horror. having palpitations, was thyroid. The damage had
Id lmed the show back in I didnt recognise myself! constantly cold, and lost my stopped the gland from
November 2015, and had such Why is my face so bloated? appetite. And, if I did eat, producing vital hormones.
an amazing time. I blurted. I couldnt stomach much. At least I have an answer,
Despite being old enough Dont be silly, Mum, you look Plus, I was I said, trying to be
to be many of the girls mums, gorgeous, Bailey said. permanently positive. How do
I was the lucky lady who got
picked and bagged a trip to
But, to me, there was no
denying I looked different. My
struggling to climb
My eyes we treat it?
But I was in for
the Isle of Fernando with eyes were puffy, my cheeks the stairs or drag were puffy, another blow

cheeks filled
lled out like a chipmunks. myself out of bed. when the doctor
Between lming and the And Id started to told me theres no
show airing, I hadnt dread showering. It
left me feeling so out like a cure. It means Ill
be on medication
wiped out, I could
hardly do a chipmunks for life, to help my
body produce the
thing after. missing hormone.
A beautician, At least youve
I could barely keep my found out now, Bailey said.
eyes open either. Now, after joining the
Initially, I assumed it was Thyroid UK forum, I have
the after-effects of the stress amazing support. Ive also gone
of being on the show. It was gluten-free, and feel fantastic.
fun, but a bit full-on. My next goal is to join a gym.
You must go to the doctor, Its taken a good year, but Im
Bailey insisted. nally looking and feeling like
So I did. Tests revealed myself again. I dread to think
The power was I had hypothyroidism an what couldve happened if I
in my hands to underactive thyroid. If left hadnt gone on telly.
get a diagnosis untreated, in rare cases it can I may not have found love, but
be life-threatening, as it causes it certainly saved my health.


We focus on notorious crimes in UK
history and where they took place


Sophie and

Innocent victims
est mates Letisha teenagers were innocent

B Shakespeare, 17, and

Ellis, 18,
were shot as
they left a party in
Aston, Birmingham,
in the early hours
A machine
gun was
victims of a bitter gangland
feud between the
Johnson Crew and
Burger Bar Boys.
Marcus Ellis, 24,
of 2 January 2003. fired from Michael Gregory,

a car...
Charlenes twin 23, Nathan
Sophie, their cousin Martin, 26, and
Cheryl Shaw, and Rodrigo Simms,
friend Leon Harris 20, all alleged
were injured by the burst members of the Burger Bar
from an illegal submachine Boys, were convicted of the
gun, red from a car. The murders and jailed for life. L-R: Marcus Ellis, Michael Gregory, Nathan Martin and Rodrigo Simms


left McGreavy
babysitting while he
collected his wife

Dorothy from work.
onald Neilson was a But when Samantha
burglar but, in 1967, cried, McGreavy
moved on to armed whod been drinking
Words: Lianne La Borde. Photos: PA Photos/REX/Shutterstock/SWNS

robberies of post offices ipped and battered

and in 1974 murder. riday, 13 April 1973 her to death. Next,
Within nine months, hed shot dead
sub-postmasters Donald Skepper,
Derek Astin and Sidney Grayland
during almost identical robberies.
The media dubbed the balaclava-
wearing killer
the Black
F the mutilated bodies of
Paul, 4,
Dawn, 2,
and Samantha
Ralph, just
9 months, were
he strangled Paul, then cut
Dawns throat.
McGreavy then
mutilated their
bodies with a
pickaxe, before
impaling them.
Panther. found impaled In June
In January Neilson: killer on a neighbours 1973, David
1975, he kidnapper garden railings. McGreavy
kidnapped Police arrested pleaded guilty
heiress Lesley Whittle, 17, in Shropshire, and the Ralph to three
demanded a 50,000 ransom but never got familys lodger, murders and
the money. Lesley was found dead months David McGreavy, was sentenced
later hanged in a drainage shaft. then aged 21. to life in prison
Neilson was given four life sentences for The childrens with a minimum
Lesley the murders. He died in prison in 2011. dad Clive had McGreavy: shocking term of 20 years.
heiress child killings

aniel Pelka, 4, was each other but were both
Poor little

D starved and beaten

by his mother
Magdalena Luczak,
29, and her
boyfriend Mariusz
Krezolek, 36,
before he died in
convicted of Daniels murder
and jailed for life with
a minimum 30-year term.
A serious-case
review found there
were missed
Daniel: tort

their Coventry to help little

home in Daniel. Social
March 2012. services had
Daniel was investigated
locked in a in 2011
room, force- and teachers
fed salt, and had raised
subjected to concerns
water torture. when the
Krezolek broke underweight
Daniels arm in Daniel with
child was caught
2011, but the couple Luczak just hours stealing food and
claimed that hed before his death eating from bins.
fallen off the sofa. Luczak was found
Daniel weighed just hanged in her cell in Krezolek: heart
1st 9lb when he died. July 2015. Krezolek died of a Luczak: found
hanged in cell attack in prison
Krezolek and Luczak blamed heart attack in prison in 2016.


ee Harvey, 25, was stabbed
42 times in his car on a quiet
lane near Alvechurch, Worcs.
His fiancee Tracie Andrews
claimed a man had t 9.45 on
murdered Lee during a road-rage
attack after a three-mile car chase.
Andrews sobbed during a press
conference appealing for info, but
it emerged that the couple had had
a volatile relationship, and Andrews
could be violent.
A 14 September
1995, Naomi
Smith, 15,
went to post
a letter for her mum.
Just before
midnight, Naomis father and
was 15

Police found her best friend found Naomis half-naked

the murder body underneath the slide of a local
weapon hidden Andrews: released playground a few hundred metres from her
in the petrol from jail in 2011 home in Ansley Common, Nuneaton.
tank of Lees car and Naomi had been sexually assaulted, her
Andrews was charged with his murder. throat cut and body mutilated. DNA found
Andrews claimed she acted in self-defence on her body matched that of local man Edwin
but the court heard that shed stabbed Lee Hopkins, 19. During his trial, it was revealed
to death after a row broke out in the car. Hopkins had an obsession with knives.
She was convicted of murder and jailed He was convicted of murdering Naomi
Lee was knifed for life. Andrews, now 47, was released in Hopkins:
during a frenzied attack and jailed for life.
July 2011 after serving 14 years.
42 times
This is
big jackpot
By Robbie Pollard, 60,
from Liverpool

y wife Sandra,
52, was getting
more excited by
the second.
Now I only
need one more number she
told me excitedly.

Yeah, yeah, I said, engrossed

in an action ick.

It was February 2013, and
we were curled up in bed
me watching a lm,
Sandra enjoying
a cheeky game of
Chat Mag Bingo.
Wed both
recently joined.
Id suggested it,
as I knew Sandra
used to enjoy going to
the bingo hall, and the
website was great fun.
Sandra had won
150 within days!
And now she
was bouncing about Lounge Room.
beside me while I tried to We were thrilled,
concentrate on my lm. and spent my
I did it! she shrieked, winnings on a
leaping up with such new conservatory.
excitement, she fell off the bed! Sandra and
Have you gone mad? I really enjoy settling
I laughed, helping her up. down of an evening
But, when she showed me and playing the
her account balance, I started bingo together.
joining in with her springy Sometimes, well
celebrations, too. be playing the same
Because shed got games, or well both
the progressive be in the
jackpot on 75-ball
bingo in the The players chatroom.
Lounge Room.
Shed won a are so are always
loads of
whopping 2,383!
You really
friendly people to
banter with,
werent kidding! and such and the
Words: Lianne La Borde. Photos (not actual holiday): iStockphoto

I beamed as
we celebrated. fun
players are
so friendly Happy honeymoon!
And we knew and such fun.
just what to Im a singer
spend our winnings on I work as a Marvin Gaye and there it was
We were planning to jet off tribute act and recently, the A mega 4,028 jackpot was
to Tenerife for our two-week I got home from work and great thing about Chat in my account!
dream honeymoon and had decided to buy a few tickets Mag Bingo. You can buy your I won, I thought, a bit dazed,
been saving since our big, for a big game coming up in tickets in advance, and your I really won!
Everton-themed, white-and- the Lounge Room. cards will be automatically I couldnt believe that
blue wedding the year before. Tickets were only 10p and marked off, even if you cant itd really happened while
But, thanks to our win, the jackpot was over 4,000, so watch the game play out. Sandra and I were sleeping,
now we could go sooner than I snapped up three, using a I thought that Id check Id got the full house and
wed hoped. great buy-two-get-one-free offer. whatd happened with the bagged the jackpot!
We had an incredible holiday. Sandra had come to watch game the following day, as I was bursting with
And, not long after we got me perform that night, and we I drifted off to sleep. excitement and desperate to
back home, I hit the jackpot, were both feeling tired, so we The next day, I woke up, tell Sandra the brilliant news.
too! I won 1,150 in the decided to hit the hay. Thats red up my laptop, logged on But I decided that Id
My win

was a lovely

10, PLAY

O Join chatmagbingo.J15
with promo code CHAT
O Deposit 10, receiv us!
your 25 welcome bon

on the cheque. we picked a lovely

O Play with Re3gis5tra*tion
She looked up-to-date one *New customers on ly. Valid until 31 May
required. 18+ UK on deposit. You must
confused for and had the old 2017. Minimum 10 Bonus and join using
a second. Then, bathroom ripped out. accept the Welcome when you deposit
suddenly, Now its all promocode CHATJ15 Welcome Bonus to 0.
it clicked. nished and we both 10 to receive 2 5
Bonus max 10 r
Sandra absolutely love it. play. 250% Welcome st be wagered fou
just started Since we joined Chat Welcome Bonus murawals (including,
times before wit any cash winnings
screaming. Mag Bingo, Sandra but not limited to, to the applicable
Oh, youve and Ive won over or deposits related mber account.
won on the bingo, 7,700 between us. bonus) from your me ents apply. The
havent you?! Weve been able to Wagering requirems will expire within
We lcome Bo nu
she laughed. get a lovely conservatory, in its entirety.
30 days if not usedns apply.
Yep, weve had Cash-out restrictio w.
I nodded,
laughing It was so a really
See full T&Cs at ww terms., freephone
as she jumped
around in great to honeymoon,
and now
For 24-hour support
0800 458 0770.
y responsibly,

see the grin visit gamblea wa

excitement. weve got
Sandra won It was so great a great
before me to see the massive
grin on her face. on Sandras bathroom!
surprise her instead.
So, all day, I managed to keep
We can get
a new bathroom,
face have
my win secret and I have to she gasped, wed be big
say it really wasnt easy! her eyes lighting up. winners not once, not
The next day, my big cheque We sure can, I beamed. twice, but three times!
arrived in the post. Wed been wanting to sort And its all thanks
And, when Sandra got home ourselves out an update for to Chat Mag Bingo!
from work, I stood in the ages. So, as soon as we could,
hallway with the cheque
clamped between my teeth.
What on earth are you
doing? she gasped, eyes falling
This regal, scenic town on the River
Thames is perfect for a mini-break!
A royal spectacle You cant
go to Windsor without 4
6 reasoitn..s.
to vis

Enjoy a sweet treat The

Fudge Kitchen is one of
BUR But selfies are helping
to save my sight
By Lynsey Scott, 36, from Glasgow
osing in front of saving me from going blind.
Her Majestys gaff! You Windsors little gems. Learn
can explore some magnicent how to make the sweet stuff
rooms in the largest and
oldest inhabited castle in
by pre-booking a personal
fudge-making experience.
the world. Plus, if youre there You'll get to sample fudge,
at 11am, youll get to see the
colourful spectacle of the
and take some home, along
with a fudge-making kit.
P the restaurant toilet
mirror, I switched my
phone to sele mode.
Finding the right
angle and the perfect light
the camera ashed.
Squinting at the picture,
Ive always had to keep a close
eye on my sight and, since my
teens, Ive had to wear glasses.
But when I blinked, Id go
blind, even after I opened my
eyes.Then my sight would return
after a few seconds, blurry.
changing of the guard. Or, if youre just popping by, I was satised. Ive always had problems

2 Wide-open spaces Windsor watch the fudge-makers

Great Park is huge 5,000 at work while shopping for
acres to be precise and its some sweet souvenirs.
Then I caught the eye of
another woman in the mirror.
She sniggered, probably
with an over-active immune
system, which had caused
thinning of my corneas.
beautiful, too. The perfect
place for a romantic stroll.
For families, the Deer Park
5 Get building! Enjoy a day
at Legoland Windsor. It
has over 55 interactive rides.
thinking that I was vain.
Until I pulled out eye drops.
What the stranger didnt
Doctors gave me thick,
glass contacts to help. But it
just got worse.
is an ideal spot to enjoy a And dont miss Miniland with know was that seles were Over 10 years, I developed
picnic while you take in views model scenes made out of ulcers on my eyeballs.
of the resident wildlife. nearly 40 million Lego bricks. You cant see them,

3 Get pamperedin 4-star

6 Mess about on the river! but when I ran my
Words: Cher Heasmer. Photos: Alamy

luxury at the Macdonald Take a round-trip on the nger over my lids,

Berystede Hotel & Spa in river, going upstream and it felt like grit.
Ascot, 20 minutes drive from back, with views of Windsor Sometimes Id go
Windsor. Theres a thermal spa, Castle, Eton College, partially blind. Or not
an 18-metre swimming pool, Windsor Racecourse be able to go outside
rock and infrared saunas and and the Brocas meadow. as light gave me pain.
an outdoor hydro pool. I couldnt even open
After, a meal in Hyperion, my curtains.
the hotels restaurant, Useful stuff After one scan,
is a real treat. O For Macdonald Spa a doctor thought
Hotels and Resorts, see: I had meningitis.
It was my pesky ulcers making me
O For fudge-making, see: sensitive to light. Then, in May 2014,
O For Windsor Great I woke up one
morning and rubbed
Park, see: www.windsor my left eye. But it just felt squishy.
O For riverboat trips, see: A recent photo: And I could push
Fun for all Ive now had my eyelid too far
the family six transplants into my socket.
Then, horried,


RST! Patched up
After one of
my many ops

my eye rejected the cornea so theyll burst and leak

I needed another. while Im out in public.
And another Often I walk past friends in

Dye is used to find leaks After my third transplant, the street and accidentally
I had my biggest challenge yet. ignore them.
I developed a fungal infection Ill keep my head down.
behind that eye and had to My doctor says hes terried
cataracts, leaving me entirely have it cut open. when he sees my name on
I realised what had happened. blind in that eye. They made a slit in my eye his appointment list.

Words: Emmie Harrison/Hattie Bishop

My eye had burst open! Yet I felt blessed that I had when I was wide awake, and Because he never knows
Gross! one good eye. put a scalpel underneath to what will be next for me.
I didnt feel any pain, but In May 2015, the problems scrape out the gunk. Hes the one who suggested
I was entirely blind in that eye. started again... The sound of the operation I take the seles every day.
I rushed to hospital and One day, I was sitting still gives me nightmares. Because I cant see close up,
learnt my cornea had ripped, down, and then, when I leant Since then, Ive had another I can take a picture and zoom
leaving the gooey esh of forwardplop! cornea transplant in my right in on my eye to check on it.
my eye exposed. Liquid was eye making that six overall. People may think Im really
Doctors werent
able to glue it back I leant dripping out of
my right eye
I can only see shadows in my vain, but seles are actually
right eye, and my left eye is the difference between life
together, so I had
to get a transplant. forward itd burst.
So much for
getting better after more work. and death for my sight.
Im due more surgery, which
Cornea donors
are people who
and...plop! my good eye!
Calling my
could go either way.
Sadly, people dont
Be a donor
have recently died. mum, Lyn, she like the thought
I was so grateful. rushed me to of donating their eyes
It saved my sight. dripped out hospital to when they die.

Except that all have another So, one day, I might
I could see for cornea transplant. not be so lucky in he cornea is clear tissue
months after the surgery, But I was almost entirely A&E if there are no at the front of your eye
was light and shadow. blind. I couldnt even see 3ft in donors left. that lets in light so you can
Then I got the herpes virus front of me. My eyes make me see. Donating them after
on the cornea and it was dying. For three weeks while the feel so self-conscious, you die can save someones
Leaving me blind again. cornea healed, it was terrifying. I always think people sight. See www.organdonation.
So, that September, I had I needed help making my can notice that or call 0300 123
another cornea transplant. food, getting dressed and theres something 23 23 to join the register.
I had to take anti-rejection crossing the road. wrong with them.
steroids, but I developed Unfortunately, though, Or Im scared that

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$! "
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'$  +' ( ! " )$ +'!  $+ ( $ ""$
     #    $ !   " $! 


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   #    !      & ##
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 $  !  $++
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.# '1 !#' .#! '# 0( #' .' %'.( ( '' .# #0' %'14 %#4 #' 0'.' .(& 222&%' '.'## (&#&0+%'14%#4&

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TALESof the
Could aliens be harnessing
energy from a massive star? Illustration
of possible
o-one had seen brightening at frequent,

N anything like it
before. A star
unlike any other in
the universe.
It sat in the northern
hemisphere, 1,000 light years
from Earth, nestled between
regular intervals.
And in a denite pattern.
Something never before
seen from a star.
The scientists worked hard,
desperate to know what was
happening on Tabbys Star.
two faraway constellations. They ruled out the natural
So distant, you needed a possibilities one by one.
telescope to see it. Instrumental errors, dust
Its ofcial name is KIC rings, sunspots, clouds of
8462852. But it was astral debris...
nicknamed Tabbys Star, Before long, scientists were
after Tabetha Boyajian, facing another possibility.
the American scientist who That Tabbys Star was
led the initial research being made to dim and for diggers and machinery. So
into it when it brighten civilisation to catch the stars somehow, the metal would need
was discovered by beings energy, maybe turn it into to be lifted into the air, to cool
in 2009. Scientists from another power or electricity. before being transported.

ruled out
For four years, civilisation. And Jason Wright wasnt the Is that whats happening on
scientists By aliens. only one. Soon, another paper Tabbys Star?
observed Tabbys
Star closely. the natural One scientist
who examined the
was published by Professor
Eduard Heindl of Germanys
At the moment on Earth,
weve no real idea how youd do
But the more
they observed, possibilities data collected by
Tabetha and her
Furtwangen University.
He believes somewhere out
the more
mysterious one by one team was Jason
Wright, an
there is a super-civilisation,
much more advanced than
Tabbys astronomer our own.
Star became. from Penn And for whatever reason, the
It was really weird, State University. resources on that civilisations
Tabetha told the press. We Aliens should always be planet are drying up. They
thought it might be bad the very last hypothesis you need to get their energy from
databut everything consider, he said. somewhere else...
checked out. But what other explanation Where better than a star?
Words: Alex Noone. Photos: Alamy

The light from the star was there? Take our own sun. Theres at
would dim by about 22 per Jasons explanation for the least 6,000 times more metal in
cent, then brighten again. dimming and brightening of the sun than any of the planets
Light from stars dim and Tabbys Star was simple. of our solar system.
brighten constantly when Several mega-structures If humankind had the A radio
planets, comets and asteroids could surround it. Stellar technology to mine that metal, telescope
pass in front of them. light-collectors. Perhaps like wouldnt we do it?
But the light on Tabbys cosmic solar panels. The surface temperature of a
Star was dimming and Technology built by an alien star like our sun is hot. Too hot


Tabby led t
researchhe 3

it. But thats not to say other communicate with each other.
beings havent managed it. Those radio waves would 4
And the idea itself isnt new. beam across the vast
Back in 1960, English-born emptiness of space to be
scientist Freeman Dyson wrote picked up by anyone listening.
about the possibility of But there were no radio
harnessing power from a star. waves coming from A B C D
For now, theres Tabbys Star. No
no other communication.
Are they At least, not as
But if there is a
super-race out aware of us
we understand it.
Because if a 1
there, a super- civilisation is so
civilisation, who
are they?
on Earth, advanced it can
harvest power
And are they 1,000 light from an entire

years away?
aware of us here star, whos to say
on Earth, 1,000
light years away?
they havent also
developed means 2
In October of communication
2015, Tabbys Star was beyond our understanding?
investigated by the SETI Tabbys Star is a mystery.
Institute, the Search for Extra An enigma. It may be a
Terrestrial Intelligence. massive energy eld
It was thought that if there
was a civilisation out there
ploughed by an alien species.
It may not. 3
harvesting power from Right now, its beyond the
Tabbys Star, they must be limits of our technology to say.
using radio waves to
Photo: Getty Images

Other worlds 4

I n e uary, scientists announced

the discovery of three planets in
Look closely at these two pics
theres a difference in almost every
our galaxy that could support life. Puzzle
square. Only one has no changes,
the grid reference (eg, 1A)
They orbit a dwarf star called Trappist-1,
and are 39 light years from Earth. The
5x is your prize answer.

irst planet outside our solar system

was found in 1992. 30 PIECES
Your answer:

TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details. 53

1,110 CASH!
MIDDLING Filthy Large Country Flying toy Peas Day
Pocket a
snooker Fat for Historic
MATEY! soil stones pub home before ball
cooking period
Have Church
hen a new Large Time
W reservoir was
created in the Catskill
vase of life
a debt
Big bird
Gener- Bravery
Mountains to supply ously Fish
New York, a small given spawn
village was sacrificed Salesman
and ended up under Early
Uncooked Sheeps evening
the water. What was the stone
coat meal
name of the village?
Solve the puzzle by Bird said Ancient
Modern Flying Metal Dapper,
Persia Shed saucer
to bring
source spruce
following the arrows babies site
and writing in your
answers. Then read Blue Tuition Round
Title flower period
down the letters in the trip
shaded squares to find Join
Ardent forces Hair-style
the prize answer. desire fixer
table G Public
school confi-


Puzzle Meat
M I N C E R S Towing

1,000 Single
a knot

deer L Wheel

Your answer:

AYE TIS Puzzle
ARRRD! 6 8 1 S W E A R W O R D
To solve the
puzzle, each
3 x 3 box,
each row and
7 4 6
50 S
3 n ancient R M X S I M R O E
each column
must contain A Sumerian clay
the numbers
1 to 9. Solve
6 2 4 1 tablet includes the
word KUSHIM.
the puzzle,
3 1 4 Archaeologists
believe this is
then read
the first written A R O Y T U P O I
down the
numbers in 9 2 8 example of a
the highlighted what? The answer
squares for the 9 7 1 3 is the one missing
prize answer. from the grid.
3 6 5

60 Your answer:
Your answer:

54 TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details.

420 CASH!

100 Puzzle
21 A s you can see, our TVs gone on the blink, and
we cant make out what programmes being
4x screened If the show looks familiar to you, thats
your prize answer!


eve got up close and personal with

W a kitchen gadget favoured by keen
cooks. If you can make out what it is, thats
your prize answer.

Your answer: Your answer: MIDDLING


an you work out how

C many Jammie Dodgers
are in the jar? If so, thats your
prize answer.
Puzzle ARRRRD!


Photos: Alamy/ BBC/REX/Shutterstock/Evlin Kazancel

ans of Danny Boyles original Trainspotting movie will

Frecognise all the stars from 1996. But something isnt as it
should be in this still from the film. If you know which item
doesnt belong, thats your prize answer.

MIDDLING Your answer: Your answer:


TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details. 55

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6-12 April 2017

w a lt er reads your w eek ahead

astrologer B er n a rd Fi tz
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
21 March - 20 April 22 June - 23 July 24 Sep - 23 Oct 22 Dec - 20 Jan
Good job, good money. Whats The work youre doings not The best opportunity youve Looks as if youre the centre
not to like? It seems to have rewarding, and you want to had for ages is right in front of attention! Everyone wants to
your name written on it already, move on, or so you say. Youll of you now, yet somehow be your friend, buy you a drink,
and everyone assumes youll see this week that what youre you just cant see it. Look have a photo taken with you
say yes, but try to ignore that. aiming for isnt as good as you again. It couldnt be more Probably not what youd
You still have a voice in all think and your own jobs getting obvious if it was jumping up planned, but it shows that
this, so think it through first easier. Still want to leave? and down and waving at you! what you do is appreciated.
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You cant have all that you want, Its good to have friends you Love affairs are often played Love at first sight? Absolutely!
but you can have some of it. A can argue with where you can like a game, and you have the But it also depends on whats
cheaper version, perhaps? You laugh it off and be mates again advantage now, so use it. No making your heart beat faster.
may be happy to accept the next day. But some pals arent need to play safe, or think of A person, an object, or perhaps
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Sometimes, you can step back Pay attention to legal and A setback at the start of a trip Ever fallen asleep on the bus,
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right. But, at other times, that go wrong, who has to pay? but if it comes near the end, to walk back? That happens in
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hich capital citys name literally PIECES

W means eastern capital? Fit the words
into the grid, then read down the letters in
the shaded circles.
3 letters 4 letters TIER 7 letters
EGOS PUREE 8 letters

MINI 6 letters 10 letters

Your answer:

TO ENTER Turn to page 64 for details. 57

T he day before
popular teacher
Stephanie Scott,
26, was to marry
her sweetheart,
her burnt remains
Bride-to-be Stephanie
crossed paths with a monster
classroom keys from a
in his
matching Stephanies were
Vincent Stanford in the small,
close- knit community
of Leeton.
Born in Tasmania, hed
moved to Holland with his
family, before recently
colleague and, at 1pm, sent found at his house. Blood was returning to Australia.
were found an e-mail to the bus company
shed hired for her wedding.
found in his car.
Then detectives
Hed got a job as
a cleaner for an
dumped in an No-one heard from her again. found a photo of Friends said agency passed
Australian national Aarons calls went to
voicemail, Stephanie didnt
what looked like
a burnt body on shed been
criminal checks.
park. While shed
spent happy months
show up to dinner that evening. his mobile phone.
At home, half-nished place Three days so excited said he was quiet,
a hard worker.

planning her
settings for the wedding sat
untouched. Stephanies car a
after Stephanies
disappearance, about her The Monday
after Stephanie had
wedding, her killer red Mazda had vanished, too. Stanford was
Alarmed, Aaron contacted arrested for upcoming vanished, hed hung
out washing, waved
had spent over a family and friends nothing. murder a
wedding to neighbours.
decade thinking By Monday night, a huge
missing person hunt was on.
crushing blow
to Stephanies
Hours after his
arrest, Stephanies
about murder Family rebuffed claims
Stephanie had cold feet, was a
ance and family,
whod clung to the hope of
car was found in a
eld. Then, on the Friday the
runaway bride. Friends said nding her alive. day before the wedding her

chool cleaner Vincent
shed been so excited about her
upcoming wedding.
Over 100 guests
Little was known about charred remains were found
at Cocoparra National Park
a regular camping spot for

S Stanford, 24, was a

ticking time bomb.
Hed had murderous
thoughts since he was
a boy it was just a matter
of when, where and who.
were already
on their way.
parents worried
shed been run off
the road and was
the Stanford family.
The next day, Stephanie and
Aarons wedding venue was
locked and silent. Distraught
family and friends had own
from around the world for the
Words: Lianne La Borde. Photos: REX/Shutterstock

Tragically, for bride-to-be injured. They ceremony but, instead, guests

Stephanie Scott, that moment raised money on attended a tragic memorial.
came when she happened to social media for a Yet there was more horror to
cross his path on Easter helicopter search. come. It was thought Stanford
Sunday 2015. But, behind had also raped Stephanie.
It was just six days before the scenes, police Last July, Vincent Stanford
her wedding to her soulmate were suspicious appeared at the NSW Supreme
Aaron Leeson-Woolley. of local man Court in Sydney. He pleaded
Stephanie had driven to Vincent Stanford. guilty to murder and
Leeton High School in New Hed misled aggravated sexual assault.
South Wales at 11am on Easter ofcers when Hed given detectives a
morning, to plan lessons for her questioned about graphic and disturbing video
students while she was on her working at the Aaron and confession, saying hed dreamt
honeymoon in Tahiti. school that Sunday. Stephanie: of killing since he was aged 7.
She picked up a set of Classroom keys soulmates He said that, on that fateful

Facebook picture
Killed at school of her hen do

a knife, plastic handcuffs and I beat her to death, Stanford said.

day when hed spotted cleaning products. He punched Stephanie up to Stephanies body in her car
Stephanie at the school, he Back at the school, friendly 40 times before sexually boot, cleaned up her blood and
knew he had to kill her. Stephanie wished Stanford assaulting and stabbing her. the rest of the school.
I was not angry or anything, a happy Easter He only stopped when she He drove to the national
I was pretty emotionless. He grabbed her, put a hand stopped moving and breathing. park, heaped branches over
While Stephanie had over her mouth and dragged Stanford also confessed her naked body, poured petrol
planned lessons, Stanford her into a storeroom. to taking photos of her body, on them, and set her alight.
obtained a rape kit from I closed the door behind us, keeping her bra. He put After dumping Stephanies
his home including Viagra, chucked her on the oor and car, Stanford walked home.
Court documents revealed

Help from his twin...

Stanford showed characteristics
of sexual sadism.
He was known to linger in
the girls toilets while students

A er he murder, Vincent Stanford were on their lunch break.

Aged 12, hed attacked and
exchanged texts with his identical choked a teacher, and been
placed in a mental-health unit.
win brother Marcus, asking him to And before the murder, hed
dispose of evidence. Hed posted him Googled bride rape, bride rape
vid, and bride raped with
Stephanies drivers licence, as well as wedding gown. He also searched
her engagement and graduation rings, for necrophilia and necro rape.
During his confession,
which Marcus sold in Adelaide. Stanford told police that he
Marcus Stanford was jailed for couldnt adapt to society.
I would have to require
brother Marcus 5 months after admitting being an emotions, I have almost none,
is arrested accessory after the fact. I have hatred, he said.
Vincent Stanford was jailed
for life but intends to appeal
his sentence.

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FINAL PHOTO I wont let my babys
death be in vain
for an ambulance.
Racing to hospital, Caydens
skin became mottled all over,
and, by the time we arrived in
A&E, he was having seizures.
teeth and hair.
The doctors kept trying to
bring Cayden out of the coma,
but he kept tting.
Two weeks later, an MRI
It looks like meningitis, scan showed that the uid,
By Gaynor McConnell, 33, from Manchester a doctor said. seizures and meningitis had
No! I sobbed. Not again. caused severe brain damage in
ne word plunged me older boys Kye, 9, and Tyler, 6, This time, it was far worse. Cayden. If he ever woke up, hed

O into every parents

worst nightmare.
the doctor said
It was April 2011, and my
little boy Cayden,
as I stayed with Cayden.
Me and Caydens dad werent
together, but he visited.
And slowly, with aggressive
treatment, Cayden recovered.
Back home,
Cayden was put into an
induced coma while doctors
stopped the seizures. A scan
showed a build-up of pus and
uid on his brain, so surgeons
inserted a shunt to drain it out.
be a shell of the baby I loved.
I dissolved into tears.
Days passed, and Cayden
looked so normal, it was hard
to believe he was dying inside.
I took a photo then, to show
4 months, had been
crying, feverish, Horrified, after three weeks,
my happy, cheeky
My sisters looked after Tyler,
while Kye and I moved into a
what meningitis can do.
A week later, doctors removed
refusing to feed.
Id rushed him to I pictured boy was himself
again. Only, he
charity house near the hospital.
The lump on Caydens back
the dermoid cyst. I watched,
shocked, as they pulled out the
Words: Lianne La Borde/Charlotte Nisbet. Photos: Caters News Agency

hospital, where the

diagnosis was made. Cayden kept suffering
from chest
was swollen again, and tests
disgusting, hairy, toothy mass.
Why hadnt it been properly
My head
swam as, horried,
losing limbs, infections,
it was a
examined and removed earlier?
Weeks passed, but Caydens
I pictured Cayden
losing limbs, dying.
dying Doctors at
cyst a
condition didnt improve. His
body was shutting down.
Cayden had been Hospital were made I couldnt bear him being stuck
diagnosed with mild spina dismissive. But, in November up of in hospital, so I learned how to
bida at birth, which could 2011, Cayden had yet another skin, administer his medicine
mean restricted movement of fever. He was given antibiotics, myself. And, in January 2012,
his spinal cord as he grew. steroids. But, over the next I took my baby home to die.
Hed also been born with three days, he deteriorated I told the boys the truth.
a small lump at the base of rapidly. His temperature Cayden was very poorly,
his back. Doctors hadnt been soaring, he couldnt even and cant wake up, I said.
worried, only now it was swollen. tolerate being held. So they read him stories.
Cayden was pumped full of Then, one evening, And, that February, at just
antibiotics, and days dragged his eyes glazed, and my 14 months, Cayden
by as my baby fought for life. baby boy went oppy passed away in my
My sisters Marion, 31, and and unresponsive. arms, with his dad
Sandy, 28, looked after my Petried, I rang by his side, too.
The days
spokeswoman for Cambridge
after were
University Hospitals, which runs
a blur as
we said our
Addenbrookes Hospital, said, The heartbroken
care given to Cayden fell below the goodbyes.
standard he was entitled to expect, I replayed
and led to a second episode of l
every single
meningitis that, sadly, proved fata moment in
in 201 2. We offe r our sinc ere my head.
My beautiful boy
condolences to the family for
My gut
Only 14 months was telling
their terrible loss. when I lost him... me the
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to my baby Upset when picked up
Top tip: The
coconut scent
Cold hands and feet conjures up lazy
Convulsions summer days
or seizures and nights.
had missed something. I wept, distraught. Drowsiness,
floppiness or being
So I contacted a specialist In December 2013, I had a
solicitor, who found an MRI baby girl, Lacey, now 3. Shell unresponsive

scan taken during Caydens never meet Cayden, but shell High fever
rst bout of hear all about him. Pale, blotchy skin
showing an open My gut was Hed be 6 now.
Now Cambridge
Rapid or shallow
passage from the
base of his spine
telling me University
Hospitals have
Red rash that doesnt Champneys
A Little Pick Me
to the lump.
Passages like
the doctors admitted liability
for his death.
fade under pressure
Refusal to feed Up Enlivening
this can be a hive had missed Ive released Stiff neck and
sensitivity to light
Shower Mousse,
6.50, Boots
for infections. The his last photo to
scan shouldve raise awareness Unusual, moaning Gorgeous, zesty
prompted doctors of meningitis. high-pitched cry scent with a hint
to investigate Theres not Vomiting of warmth feels
and remove the cyst. always a rash, and parents To read more about like a real treat.
If they had, a second bout of should trust their instincts.
Cayden, go to www. Top tip: Pump
meningitis wouldve been rare. If I can save one child, my
Cayden should still be here, boy wont have died in vain. onto a sponge
for best results.
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Missenden; E Beavon, Rhyl; R L I void. All entries must be made directly by the
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DCruze, Greenford;
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adioactive wild boars have
R been found roaming in the
Sumava mountain region between
the Czech Republic, Austria and
Germany. The porkers have been
scoffing mushrooms that contain
levels of a radioactive substance
left over from the nuclear disaster
at Chernobyl in 1986.


Y ouTuber KoreanBilly ha
fame online teaching s risen to
subscribers his 40,000
how to tal
accents, most recentlyk in British
Photos (not actual coffin): Getty Images/SWNS/CEN/CTV/KoreanBilly

From South (Korea) to tackling Brummy.

West (Mids)!

AWAKENING teen was
A n Indian
declared dead after ON YER BIKE
battling an infection
from a dog bite. But
C CTV footage has
emerged of a racy
couple gettin
the lad woke up just g busy on
motorbike, while speed a
a mile from the village down a motorway in ing
where his family were d. Paraguay. Not what we
taking him to be burie call safe sex they we
Dead lucky, that! even wearing helmets rent


E ric Manu left Ghana for British Colu
after he wed his Canadian wife. But,mbia
while L ynne Gollogly, 39, from Rotherha
is celebrating her 40th birthday

working as a landscape gardener,

he inherited by marrying herself. She said, Itsdo,
the position of chief of his tribe whe always something Ive wanted to ed
died. Now, to raise money for his n his uncle and because Mr. Right hasnt turn
back in Canada gardening. Even people, hes up yet, Im just going to go ahead
a chief can
be doing this kind of job, says reso
urceful Eric. and get married without him!

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