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Professional Self-Assessment Form

Teacher Candidates Name: _____Louisa Steadman________ Date: _____February 14, 2017______

Mentor Teachers Name: ______Ms. McCormick______ School: ____Mellichamp Elementary______

Grade Level (s)/Subject Area(s)_____________Fourth Grade All Subjects__________________


Instructions to the teacher candidate: Please reflect on your professional performance, and
respond to each of the following prompts.

1. In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional strengths?
How have you built on these strengths so far, and how do you plan to do so in the future?

I feel that my professional strengths in terms of ADEPT performance standards include short-range
planning of instruction, establishing and maintaining high expectations, maintaining an environment
that promotes learning, planning assessment and using data, and providing content for learner, and
professional responsibilities.

I feel that my strengths in creating short-range lessons by creating lesson plans in a timely manner
and sharing them with my cooperating teacher. After sharing the lessons with my cooperating teacher,
she shares them with the fourth grade team. I set high expectations for all students by preparing them
each week with the goals of the lessons I am teaching. Each day, students will know what is expected
of them because I have an outline available at the start of each lesson. I have built on my strengths of
creating a classroom environment that encourages and supports student learning by reminding
students to use their set of complements when working together, and by personally providing
students with positive feedback. I have built my strengths in planning assessments and using data by
creating effective question stems when writing assessments and using student scores to determine
what content is being mastered, needs to be reviewed, or needs to be retaught. When evaluating
assessments, I look for frequently missed questioned and ask myself if the question needs to be
revised or if I need to reteach the content for mastery.

2. In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional challenges?
How do you plan to meet these challenges?

I feel that my professional challenges in terms of ADEPT performance standards include using
instructional strategies to facilitate student learning, monitoring, assessing, and enhancing
learning, long-range planning, and managing the classroom. While I feel effective in incorporating
teaching strategies for certain content and topics, I feel that there are specific areas in which I
need to focus on providing more exciting and engaging strategies for teaching. The subject that I
feel that I am struggling with this area is social studies. I plan to improve on this my researching
and experimenting with new and improved instructional strategies for teaching social studies. I
say that I have a challenge with monitoring, assessing, and enhancing learning because I feel
that while I am monitoring and assessing student learning, I need to improve upon providing
immediate feedback to students. I plan to be quicker and more frequent when providing students
with feedback on their learning.
Long-range planning is something that I have never done before. For this reason, I feel that I
have much to learn about the process of long-range planning and how it can benefit my
instruction. I plan to improve my skills in this area by frequently checking in on my long-range
plan to see how my progress is coming and what changes have made or may need to make for
the remainder of the semester. Lastly, classroom management is something that I feel I need to
work on. While I feel that most times I am able to keep students interests, there are times when
students are off task and it is difficult to bring them back to the focused way of learning. I feel that
I will improve my classroom management by being consistent with behavioral incentives (such as
the marbles in the jars) and consequences for misbehavior (such as five minutes on the wall
during recess.

3. Describe your students overall progress and achievement. What insights have you
gained into ways to improve student progress and achievement?

Overall, I feel that the majority of the students are learning the materials that I am teaching and
are mastering the content. There are about four students that struggle with the content and need
intervention and differentiated instruction. For these students, I find it helpful to pull them into
small groups for instruction and, in some cases, give them differentiated assignments that may
not be as overwhelming. In the event that most of the students are not doing well on an
assignment, I use this information to reteach the concept to the entire class. If there is a concept
that I need to reteach, I try a different approach to instruction.

4. How will you use the knowledge you have gained through this professional self-
assessment to promote your continuous professional growth and collaboration?

After reviewing the ADEPT performance standards to analyze my progress in each criterion, I feel
that I have opened my eyes to my strengths and weaknesses in my instructional process. I am
able to look at the flaws of my performance in terms of the ADEPT performance standards and
create a plan for improving. I feel that I can use this evaluation to seek out professional
assistance from my cooperating teacher, other school staff, and to also do research on my own in
order to improve my instruction. I will continue to reflect on the ADEPT standards throughout my
student teaching and beyond in order to become a better teacher in all aspects of the standards.