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Personal Statement

My name is Louisa Steadman and I was raised in Beaufort, South

Carolina. I am a lover of the ocean, reading, and learning. Other hobbies of
mine include singing, sewing, and painting. All of my life I knew I wanted to
become an educator. Growing up with a deaf sister has allowed me to build
upon my love for teaching and learning. I grew up around American Sign
Language, ASL, and often found myself teaching others the language.
Learning a second language at such a young age opened my eyes to the
possibilities of working diverse groups of people with a common goal;
I attended Beaufort High School where I was a member of the Beaufort
High School Voices choir. Being a member of the choir for four years allowed
me to grow as a person and a student. It was during this time that I learned a
lot about myself in terms of what I wanted to do with my life. I gained a
sense of pride and unity. I was encouraged by my choir director to set my
goals high and work towards achieving them. After returning home from my
freshman year at Lander University for Music Education, I decided it would be
more financially wise to complete as associated degree and later transfers to
a four year college.
In 2014, I completed my associates degree from the Technical College
of the Lowcountry and transferred to Claflin University to pursue a degree in
Elementary Education. During my time at Claflin, I have maintained a GPA of
3.9, receiving honors each semester. I received the South Carolina Tuition
Grant and the South Carolina Life Scholarship. I was also inducted into the
National Society of Leadership & Success Inductee and Pi Lambda Theta
Honors Society. Additionally, I worked as an intern at the Career
Development Center and a researcher for the National Professional
Development Program.
After gaining experience as student in the field of education I found
that I would be able to eventually combine my passion for translating and
education to teach deaf and hard of hearing students. After graduating from
Claflin University in May of 2017, I plan to become certified in American Sign
Language. My goal as a future educator is to begin my professional career by
integrating my enthusiasm and talent for learning and teaching with
students in order to provide quality education.