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2 september 30, 2016

Bishop Guillory receives humanitarian award

Bishop Curtis Guillory, award is presented to an in- In accepting the award,
SVD, was honored at an dividual who lives a life of Bishop Guillory said that
event Sept. 15 where he was honor, integrity and service receiving it inspires him to
presented with the Rabbi that affirms the legacy of do more. He said that in the
Samuel Rosinger Humani- Rabbi Rosinger, and moves challenging times of today,
tarian Award. Southeast Texas closer to people need to get to know
Given annually by Temple becoming the kind of com- each other more especially
Emanuel, Beaumont, the munity children deserve. through dialogue.

Mike Getz and Allison Nathan Getz

Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD, with Rabbi Joshua S. Taub Bill Scott, Michael Wolf, and Bishop Guillory

Paul Hay, Bishop Guillory and Beverly Hickman-Hay Richard Johnson, Debra Johnson and Sandy Fertitta

S I N C E R E G R A T I T U D E Bishops Calendar
Oct. 8 Mass, Knights of Columbus,
St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica
Oct. 9 Blessing of renovated church,
St. Elizabeth, Port Neches
Oct. 10 Texas Catholic Conference,
General Assembly, Austin
Oct. 12 Mass, Msgr. Kelly Catholic High
School, Beaumont
Oct. 13-15 Xavier University, meeting
Oct. 16-17 Equestrian Order of the Holy
Sepulchre, meeting
Oct. 21 Red Mass, St. Anthony Cathedral
Basilica, Beaumont
Oct. 23 Installation of Rev. Donatus
Mgbeajuo, MSP, pastor of
St. Therese, Orange
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
Oct. 29 Youth Day of Reection, sponsored
M Y D E A R B R OT H E R S A N D S I S T E R S I N C H R I S T, by African American Ministry and
Youth Ministry
In the Gospel that was proclaimed at our 50th Anniversary celebration on September Oct. 30 Jubilee Mass for wedding
18, 2016, Jesus prayed, Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, anniversaries of 25 years,
so that they may be one just as we are one. (Jn. 17:11) 50 years and more,
In our cultural, racial, ethnic and demographic diversity, the Catholic Community of St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica
Southeast Texas gathered at Ford Park to give thanks and praise to God for leading and
guiding our Diocese these past 50 years. We are grateful to the people of other faiths,
especially religious leaders, who joined us, as well as our civic leaders. Ofcial Appointments
The celebration was also a time to walk back into our history and hear the voices of
our ancestors in faith and see how their faith guided them through good times and Rev. Khanh Ho, re-appointed pastor of Holy
bad. Having walked back, now we walk forward enlightened, inspired and strength- Trinity, Mont Belvieu
ened to carry on the Joy of the Gospel.
I want to thank the staff of the diocese who worked tirelessly for the past 1 years to
plan the celebration, as well as all the volunteers who assisted them in countless ways,
to carry out those plans and make the celebration so special. I also want to thank the
organizations, Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre, Knights of Columbus and Peter
Claver for their participation. I thank all of you who attended. I know you were inspired
and strengthened. This was indeed the gathering of the community as the People of
God to worship and celebrate our unity in the Eucharist. In total, there were approxi-
mately 4,000 in attendance.
Finally, I want to thank the priests, women and men religious, deacons, seminarians
and deacon candidates not only for their participation but also for their deep faith and
May the Holy Spirit bless and guide all of us as we journey together into the future!


M O S T R E V E R E N D C U R T I S J. G U I L LO RY, S V D, D D
4 september 30, 2016

Knights of Peter Claver Celebrate

The 44th Annual St. Peter
Claver Day was celebrated with
a Mass at St. John the Evange-
list Church in Port Arthur on
Sept. 11. Bishop Curtis J. Guil-
lory, S.V.D., was the main cel-
ebrant with concelebrant Rev.
Mark Ameh, M.S.P. The Mass
was attended by the Beaumont
Inter Diocese of Councils, As-
semblies and Chapters of the
Knights of Peter Claver (BIC-
The Murray J. Frank award
was given to Arthur Pilete, St.
Mary Council 182 in Port Ar-
The Dorothy Baker Service
award was given to Alma Mar-
tin, also from Council 182.
BICCAC Outstanding Ju-
nior Awards went to Halle Stu-
berfield from the Our Mother
of Mercy Junior Court, Coun-
cil 64, and Tharen Robertson
Jr. from Sacred Heart Junior
Council 132. Tharen Robert-
son was also named the Presi-
dent Award winner.
Knights Harry Brown, Joseph Vallery and Kenneth Dagrie preparing for the St. Peter Claver Day Mass

Alma Martin, winner of the Dorothy Baker Service award at a reception for the 44th Annual St. Arthur Pilete, winner of the Murray J. Frank award at a reception following the 44th Annual St.
Peter Claver Day Mass. Peter Claver Day Mass.
september 30, 2016 5
Diocesan Calendar
Pets and blessings! Oct. 1-2 Second Collection for Catholic Charities of SETX
Oct. 4 Finance Council Meeting
Oct. 4 CEMI: Contemporary Christian Spirituality
Oct. 5 Evangelization Commission Meeting
Oct. 5 RCIA Commission
Oct. 6 CEMI: Moral Theology & Conscience Formation
Oct. 11 CEMI: Contemporary Christian Spirituality
Oct. 13 CEMI: Moral Theology & Conscience Formation
Oct. 15 CEMI: Psychological & Faith Development
Oct. 16 Second Collection for World Mission Sunday
Oct. 17 CEMI: The Social Justice Teachings of the Church
Oct. 18 School Budget Workshop
Oct. 20 PCL Meeting
Oct. 21 Red Mass
Oct. 22 To Marry For Life

Holy Family Retreat Center

9920 N. Major Drive, Beaumont
(409) 899-5617

Pope Francis greets a man with a guide dog at a March 16, 2013, general audience in the Paul VI hall at the
Vatican. (CNS/LOsservatore Romano) 13-16 A.C.T.S. Mens Retreat, St. Anne Parish
21-22 Community of Hope International Retreat
The feast day of St. Francis of Assisi is Oct. 4. Many churches in our diocese cel-
ebrate the feast with a blessing of the animals. Here is a list of where and when these 22-23 To Marry For Life
blessings will be offered: 27-30 A.C.T.S. Womens Retreat, St. Elizabeth Parish
St. Charles, Nederland, 130 Hardy Ave., in the back parking lot at 9 a.m. on
Saturday Oct. 1. November
St. Joseph, Port Arthur, 4600 Proctor Street, in front of Cody Hall at 9 a.m. on
5 Unity of S.E. Texas
Saturday, Oct. 1.
St. Joseph, Livingston, 2590 US 190, at the church at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1. 5-6 To Marry For Life
St. Pius X, Beaumont, 5075 Bigner Road, in front of the parish center at 11 a.m. 10-13 A.C.T.S. Womens Retreat, St. Jude Parish
on Saturday, Oct. 1. 13-16 Community of Hope International
St. Henry, Bridge City, 475 W. Roundbunch Road, near the activity building at
2 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2. A donation to the endowment for Holy Family Retreat Center is a perfect
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Port Arthur, 3648 S. Sgt. Lucian Adams Drive, at the way to honor a marriage, a baptism, an anniversary or other special
Shrine, after 8:15 a.m. Mass on Tuesday Oct. 4. events as well as a method to remember deceased family and friends. A
St. Anne Catholic School, Beaumont, 2715 Calder Ave., in the school parking card is sent in your name. Gift certificates for retreats and programs are
lot at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4. available. Call (409) 899-5617 for information.
St. Catherine of Siena School, Port Arthur, 3706 Woodrow Drive, in the park-
ing lot by the school at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4.
St Mary, Cleveland, 702 E. Houston St., outside the church at 9:15 a.m. on
Wednesday Oct. 5. Over Five Decades ...
St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, Beaumont, 700 Jefferson St., in the plaza at 6 of Thoughtful, Caring Service
p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5.
Infant Jesus Lumberton,243 S. LHS Drive, in the courtyard at 6:30 p.m. on
Wednesday, Oct. 5.
St. Francis of Assisi, Orange, 4300 Meeks Drive, in the picnic area during 10:30
a.m. Mass on Sunday, Oct. 9.
St. Mark the Evangelist, Silsbee, 905 N. 9th St., on the lawn between the Parish Owned and Operated by Joel, Portia, Kathy & Jay Levingston
Hall and Education Building at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 12. 5601 39th Street 2001 Nall Street
Groves/Port Arthur Port Neches/Nederland
Our Lady of the Pines, Woodville, 1601 Pine St., in the church courtyard at 11 962-4455 722-0253
a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22.
6 september 30, 2016

He regretted the effect but not the cause

Father Chambodut was intro- office in the diocese under the front of the cathedral. Father
ETCetera duced to ecumenical relations, bishop. The office was espe- Chambodut visited all the sick
Msgr. James Vanderholt though that term was not used cially important at that time he knew of whether they were
in those days. Three times Fa- in Texas because the bishop Catholic or not.
His name to the priesthood on his 24th ther Chamboduts life was was frequently absent from It was during the Civil War
is on a birthday, March 25, 1846. saved by Protestants when he Galveston due to the length of when Father Chamboduts
grave stone The first post for Father was lost while traveling in an time it took for the bishop to leadership became known to
in the right Chambodut was Nacogdo- unmarked area in East Texas. travel around Texas. the entire community. The
side of the sanctuary in St. ches. The parish bounds ran Once he was saved by a Native A yellow fever epidemic French clergy in those days
Mary Cathedral in Galveston. from the Red River in the American. struck Galveston in 1853- tended to back the Confed-
His name was Father Louis eracy. This was not so much
Chambodut and he is be- intended to be a political
lieved to be the first person statement as much as they
ever ordained for the Diocese identified with their parish-
of Galveston. Father Cham- ioners. In Galveston, the
bodut was one of the more laity mostly endorsed the
than 100 diocesan priests Confederacy. Many of the la-
that came to Texas from ity had earlier served in the
France in the 19th century. army of Napoleon.
That is an amazing fact when It was in the Battle of
it is considered that there was Galveston that Father
few laity from France that Chambodut ordered the
settled in the Lone Star state. raising of a yellow petticoat
There was a burning zeal for over the Ursuline Convent.
the mission apostolate in The yellow petticoat was a
Lyons, France, at that time. signal that the convent was
Texas benefited from this. being used as a hospital. The
Chambodut was an out- substitute for a yellow flag
standing student in the semi- stopped the shelling that the
nary. It was thought that he convent was receiving at that
might be appointed to the time.
staff of the local cardinal af- Even after the war, Father
ter ordination. Bishop Jean Chambodut got in trouble
Odin CM, the bishop of with authorities. Father had
Galveston, visited the semi- earlier told his people to
nary while Chambodut was not give in to the Carpet-
still a student. Bishop Odin Baggers and urged them to
invited the students to con- vote.
sider the vocation of being As a result, the local author-
missionaries to Texas. In his ities would not allow Father
speech, he did not promise Chambodut to vote because
Father Louis Chambodut
comfort but he did promise of his pro-Confederate re-
that they would not sleep on north to the Gulf of Mexico in Father Chambodut next 1854. Father Chambodut cord. When informed of this,
the ground and share water the south, on the east from the moved to St. Mary Cathedral was the only parish priest in Father Chambodut is reported
holes with the frogs. Cham- Sabine River and only God in Galveston. The bishop pro- the city to survive. There is a to have said, I regret the re-
bodut chose Texas. knew its western boundary. moted him to Vicar General of monument to the priests who sult, but I do not regret the
Chambodut was ordained It was at Nacogdoches that the diocese. This is the highest died that is located in the cause.

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september 30, 2016 7
Gods Nature Exuberance or the Cross?
By Father Ron Rolheiser
Its funny where you can
learn a lesson and catch a
glimpse of the divine. Re-
cently, in a grocery store, I wit-
nessed this incident:
A young girl, probably
around 16 years of age, along
with two other girls her own
age, came into the store. She
picked up a grocery basket and
began to walk down the aisle,
not knowing that a second bas-
ket was stuck onto the one she
was carrying. At a point the
inevitable happened, the bas-
ket stuck to hers released and
crashed to the floor with a loud
bang, startling her and all of us
around her. What was her re-
action? She burst into laughter,
exuding a joy-filled delight at
being so startled. For her the
surprise of the falling basket
was not an irritation but a gift,
an unexpected humor happily
fracturing routine.
If that had happened to
me, given how Im habitually
in a hurry and easily irritated
by anything that disrupts my root, creative, prodigal, robust, While theres clearly a para- rienced there is not actual de- had this little axiom: After the
agenda, I would probably have joy-filled, playful, and exuber- dox here, theres no contradic- light but, instead, a numbing laughter, come the tears! They
responded with a silent exple- ant. If you want to know what tion. First, the tension we see of the brain and senses induced were right, but only as this ap-
tive rather than with laughter. God is like look at the natural between the cross and exu- by frenzied excess. This doesnt plies to the kind of laugher that
Which made me think: Heres exuberance of children, look berance is already seen in the radiate the exuberance of God, we tend to crank up at parties
a young girl who probably isnt at the exuberance of a young person and teachings of Jesus. nor indeed does it radiate the to keep depression at bay. The
going to church and probably puppy, look at the robust, play- Jesus scandalized his contem- powerful exuberance that sits cross however reverses my par-
isnt much concerned about ful energy of young people, poraries in opposite ways: inside us, waiting to burst ents axiom and says this: After
matters of faith, but who, in and look at the spontaneous He scandalized them in his forth. Carnival is mostly an the tears, comes the laughter!
this moment, is wonderfully laughter of sixteen-year-old capacity to willingly give up attempt to keep depression at Only after the cross, is our joy
radiating the energy of God, when she is startled by a fall- his life and the things of this bay. As Charles Taylor astutely genuine. Only after the cross,
while, me, a vowed religious, ing basket. And to see Gods world, even as he scandalized points out, we invented carni- will our exuberance express the
over-serious priest, church- prodigal character, we might them equally with his capac- val because our natural exuber- genuine delight we once felt
minister and spiritual writer, look at billions and billions of ity to enjoy life and drink in ance doesnt find enough out- when we were little, and only
in such a moment, too often planets that surround us. The its God-given pleasures. His lets within our daily lives, so then will our exuberance truly
radiate the antithesis of Gods energy of God is prodigal and contemporaries werent able to we ritualize certain occasions radiate the energy of God.
energy, irritation. exuberant. walk with him while he carried and seasons where we can, for Jesus promises us that if we
But is this true? Does God Then what about the Cross? the cross and they werent able a time, imprison our rational- take up his cross, God will re-
really burst in laughter at fall- Doesnt it, more than anything to walk with him either as he ity and release our exuberance, ward us with an exuberance that
ing grocery baskets? Doesnt else, reveal Gods nature? Isnt ate and drank without guilt as one would free a caged ani- no one can ever take from us.
God ever get irritated? Whats it what shows us God? Isnt suf- and felt only gift and gratitude mal. But that, while serving as Oblate Father Ron Rolheiser,
Gods real nature? fering the innate and necessary when a woman anointed his a certain release-valve, is not theologian, teacher, and award-
God is the unconditional route to maturity and sanctity? feet with expensive perfume. the ideal way to release our winning author, is president of
love and forgiveness that Je- So isnt there a contradiction Moreover, the joy and exu- natural exuberance. the Oblate School of Theology
sus reveals, but God is also the between what Jesus reveals berance that lie at the root When I was a child, my in San Antonio. He can be con-
energy that lies at the base of about the nature of God in his of Gods nature are not to be parents would often warn me tacted through his website www.
everything that is. And that crucifixion and what scripture confused with the bravado we about false exuberance, the ex- Now on Face-
energy, as is evident in both and nature reveal about Gods crank up at parties, carnival, uberance of wild partying, false book
creation and scripture, is, at its exuberance? and Mardi Gras. Whats expe- laughter, and carnival. They heiser.
8 september 30, 2016

Pope: Anyone one who repents, desires Gods embrace can be saved

Bell ringers perform for Pope Francis during his weekly audience Sept. 28 in St. Peters Square at the Vatican. (CNS photo/Remo Casilli, Reuters)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) the crowds, and still he begged that Gods salvation can reach earthly punishment as just, cross for me.
-- The church is not just for God to forgive them because anyone in any condition, even is the perfect role model of True, he was a big thief, a
people who are good, who they know not what they do. the most negative and painful, repentance and an excellent sinner, who stole from people
think theyre good or pretend Not many understood how he said. Gods salvation is for example of a Christian who his whole life, but in the end
to be good, it is for everyone, the Messiah could allow him- everyone, no one is excluded, trusts in God, the pope said. he was sorry and asked for for-
especially the bad because the self to be nailed to the cross but his mercy and pardon are He showed a profound re- giveness, which meant he also
church is mercy, Pope Francis and do nothing to try to save there above all for the bad be- spect and reverence for God; succeeded in stealing heav-
said. himself, the pope said. But cause the church is mercy. he was aware of Gods omnip- en. He was a very good thief,
No one is excluded from Jesus saved us by remain- God is always there offering otence and his infinite good- the pope said with a smile.
Gods forgiveness, even the ing on the cross. And all of himself, the pope said. ness, the pope said, and it The Lords passion finds its
worst sinners, who only must us know that it is not easy to Pope Francis urged those is this confident respect that culmination in his words of
draw near to Jesus with a re- remain on the cross, our little who are suffering, especially helps make room for God and pardon on the cross, the pope
pentant heart and the desire everyday crosses. those confined to a hospi- trust in his mercy even in the said, and reveals his mission --
to be embraced, he said Sept. But upon that great cross tal bed, locked in a prison or darkest night. to save all sinners.
28 at his weekly general audi- and with great suffering, Je- trapped by war to gaze at the That Jesus is there among On the cross, the final act
ence. sus stayed there and there cross, let the power of the the guilty, offering salvation, confirms the realization of this
In his continuing series of he saved us, there he showed Gospel penetrate your hearts scandalizes the leaders, the saving plan and underlines
talks on mercy, the pope fo- us his great omnipotence and and console you, give you pope said, but for the good that from the very beginning
cused on St. Lukes Gospel ac- there he forgave us, the pope hope and the deepest assur- thief, it is the bedrock of his Christ reveals himself as the
count of the crucifixion and its said. ance that no one is excluded. faith. definitive and unique incar-
story of the good thief. Jesus The fact that he -- an inno- The good thief, who rec- Here the unthinkable has nation of the fathers love.
was nailed to a cross between cent man -- died between two ognized who Jesus was, admit- happened -- God loved me Jesus is truly the face of the
two criminals, was jeered at by criminals attests to the fact ted his own guilt and saw his so much that he died on the fathers mercy, he said.

Faith in Action
Working on Behalf of our Most
Vulnerable Citizens
Coquese L. Williams, director of We have a core of commit-
Parish Social Ministry ted supporters who assist us in
Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas meeting the needs of the com-
Earlier this month, the Dio- munity, including volunteers
cese of Beaumont celebrated who help carry out our mission
its 50th Anniversary. For 40 on a daily basis.
of those years, the Diocese has Asset Building Case
had a role in ministering to the Management (ABC) com-
vulnerable in our area, through bines financial education with
a structure and activities that long-term case management,
MY DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST, have become the agency now helping families repair their
known as Catholic Charities of credit, increase their savings,
Southeast Texas. and make progress toward
As you are aware, Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas provides many Catholic Charities is the so- home ownership or continued
services to the poor and vulnerable of our diocese. Every day of the year, cial service arm of the Diocese education. ABC also sponsors
of Beaumont and has assisted free tax preparation services
they serve a hot meal to the hungry at the Hospitality Center. Through every bishop, including our through the Volunteer Income
the Asset Building Case Management program, families learn how to current Bishop Curtis J. Guil- Tax Assistance program, and
lory, SVD, in fulfilling his was able to provide tax servic-
manage their finances and work to become first time homeowners. pledge to serve the poor within es to almost 200 families last
Children who are grieving the death of a parent or a brother or sister are the diocese, regardless of their tax season. In addition to our
helped through support groups at Elijahs Place. Counseling services religious affiliation. Beaumont office, ABC also has
October 1 and 2 was the an- an office in Port Arthur at St.
supports adults and children with their emotional and mental health nual diocesan special collection James Catholic Church.
needs. Emergency financial assistance is provided to the working poor, for Catholic Charities. All the Counseling Services pro-
money given in this second vides professional counsel-
the elderly, and disabled. These are just some of the services that are
collection stays in the Diocese ing in individual, family, and
made possible through the generous support offered by the faithful of of Beaumont. The collection group settings for all age groups
our diocese. helps Catholic Charities to on a sliding fee scale. Counsel-
continue its mission to help ing services are offered from
those in need through our sev- our office in Beaumont and at
On October 1-2 the annual second collection benefitting the programs en programs. St. Elizabeth Church in Port
of Catholic Charities takes place in your parishes and missions. I ask for Our service to people of all Neches.
faiths, with a focus on low-to- Disaster Response empha-
your continued care and concern for the poor by a generous response moderate income individuals sizes disaster preparedness and
to this collection so the staff and volunteers of Catholic Charities can and families, dates to 1976 recovery, along with temporary
when the Diocese of Beau- hardship assistance, to help
continue its mission of providing help and creating hope. mont took on a refugee reset- individuals rebuild their lives
tlement program. Forty years after natural or personal trag-
Please also remember in your prayers those who will be served by later, many of our programs are edies. During times of disaster,
unique services not duplicated we collaborate with commu-
Catholic Charities, that they will be reassured of Gods love for them in our nine county region. nity disaster preparedness of-
through your act of kindness. The seven programs of Cath- ficials and work with commu-
olic Charities of Southeast nity first responders, assisting
Texas bring child and family families with recovery plans.
S I N C E R E LY I N C H R I S T, services, emergency assistance, For the past year, this program
asset building case manage- has been at the forefront of pro-
ment, daily food service, im- viding flood relief assistance for
migration legal advocacy, grief the diocesan counties affected,
support and counseling services and is continuing with long-
M O S T R E V E R E N D C U R T I S J. G U I L LO RY, S V D, D D
to the community. Services are term recovery initiatives.
available to all without regard Elijahs Place gives peer and
to race, gender, religion, age, or adult support to children ages
national origin. Continued on page 12
10 september 30, 2016

Are your finances in good hands?

By Richard Rosario buyers process. Topics include worked 21 years in the banking dividuals who need assistance beginning of each year, ABC
For many, owning a home developing a spending plan, industry in San Antonio, and in keeping their homes. begins preparing for Volunteer
is considered the American how to read a credit report, another 19 in the nonprofit ABC also offers other pro- Income Tax Assistance, a free
Dream. Unfortunately, not ev- dealing with identity theft, how sector at the Southeast Texas grams aimed at helping people tax preparation service for low
eryone can realize that dream to correct credit issues, basics of Community Development with financial literacy. These and moderate-income families
because either they are not homeownership, shipping for a Center. classes cover topics such as and individuals. This service
prepared financially to handle home and shopping for a mort- Ive seen broke people who budgeting, banking services, is offered in both English and
the responsibility of owning a gage. make $20,000 a year, and Ive how to reconcile and balance a Spanish and saves people prep-
home or because they are not For those who are more ad- seen broke people who make checkbook and how to set up arations fees that can be several
prepared to go through the vanced in their homebuyers $100,000 a year. If people a debt pay-off plan. Another hundred dollars if they went to
process of buying a home. process, the Realizing the dont have a spending plan and service is the Individual Devel- another place.
Fortunately, Catholic Chari- American Dream: Homebuy- are not financially literate, they opment Account which sets up For people who feel like they
ties of Southeast Texas has the ers Education Class is available. will be part of the 95 percent of a savings account and matches may not benefit from ABCs
resources to help. Under the This class is meant for those the country that has less $300 the amount saved dollar per programs, Hopson says to rec-
Asset Building Case Manage- who are ready to buy a home when they hit 65 years old, dollar, up to $1000, thanks to ognize its never too late to start
ment program, several classes, within 12 months. In order to said Hopson. a partnership with Covenant taking control of your financial
workshops and other programs see which of the two classes an ABC has helped more than Community Capital out of future. Its never too late to start
help low to moderate-income individual or family would best 50 people get new homes and Houston. a spending plan. If your dreams
families and individuals with fit in, Matt Hopson, director several more people regain The first Thursday of every are big enough, you can do it.
overall financial literacy as well of ABC, schedules one-on-one their financial stability. Hop- month, individuals striving for And never be afraid to ask for
as meet their housing security meetings to go over financial son sees success in the program the same financial goals meet help.
goals. information and determine when individuals start living on for the ABC Team Meetings For more information on
For those who dream of own- their financial stability. spending plans and reestablish where they discuss a specific ABC programs, or any other
ing a house, ABCs Fundamen- Hopson has 40 years of expe- good credit. Theres even for topic every month. Topics vary Catholic Charities programs,
tals of Good Credit program is rience helping people achieve individuals in fear of a foreclo- monthly and cover different as- you can call (409) 924-4400
a 15-hour class for individuals their financial goals. A native sure. ABC offers a Foreclosure pects of financial literacy. or you can visit
to start preparing for the home- of Beaumont, Hopson has Prevention program to help in- As tax season starts at the

Est en buenas manos sus finanzas?

Por Richard Rosario de compra de la casa. Temas in- Nacido en Beaumont, Hopson nas que necesitan ayuda para preparacin para voluntarios
Para muchos, ser propietario cluyen el desarrollo de un plan ha trabajado 21 aos en la in- mantener sus hogares. asistencia impositiva (VITA),
de una casa es el sueo ameri- de gastos, cmo leer un informe dustria bancaria en San Antonio ABC tambin ofrece otros un servicio de preparacin de
cano. Por desgracia, no todo el de crdito, con el robo de iden- y otros 19 en el sector sin fines programas para ayudar a las per- impuestos gratis para familias
mundo puede realizar ese sueo tidad, cuestiones de forma del de lucro en el centro de desarro- sonas con educacin financiera. de ingresos bajos y moderados.
porque o bien no estn pre- crdito, fundamentos de la pro- llo comunitario sureste Texas. Estas clases cubren temas tales Este servicio se ofrece en ingls
parados financieramente para piedad de la vivienda, para una He visto gente rompi que como presupuesto, servicios y espaol y salva personas ho-
manejar la responsabilidad de casa de envo y compras para $20.000 al ao, y he visto rom- bancarios, cmo reconciliar y norarios de preparaciones que
ser dueo de casa o porque no una hipoteca. pieron quienes hacen $100.000 conciliar una chequera y cmo pueden ser varios cientos de d-
estn dispuestos a pasar por el Para aquellos que estn ms al ao. Si la gente no tiene un configurar un plan de pago lares si se fueron a otro lugar.
proceso de comprar una casa. avanzados en el proceso de plan de gastos y no es alfabetiza- de deudas. Otro servicio es la Para las personas que sienten
Afortunadamente, Caridades compra de su casa, la Realizing da financieramente, sern parte cuenta de Desarrollo Individual no pueden beneficiarse de pro-
Catlicas de Texas sudeste tiene el American Dream: clase de del 95% del pas que tiene me- (IDA) que configura una cuen- gramas de ABC, Hopson dice
los recursos para ayudar. Bajo la Educacin de comprador de nos $300 cuando llegan a los 65 ta de ahorros y coincide con la reconocer que nunca es tarde
gestin de activos de caso edifi- vivienda est disponible. Esta aos,dijo Hopson. cantidad ahorrada dlar por d- para empezar a tomar control
cio (ABC) programa, varias cla- clase est dirigida a aquellos que ABC ha ayudado a ms de lar, hasta $1000! de su futuro financiero. Nunca
ses, talleres y otros programas de estn listos para comprar una 50 personas a conseguir nue- El primer jueves de cada mes, es tarde para comenzar un plan
ayudar a individuos y familias casa dentro de 12 meses. Para vos hogares y varias personas con a personas buscando los de gastos. Si tus sueos son lo
bajas a moderados ingresos con ver cul de las dos clases mejor ms recuperar su estabilidad mismos objetivos financieros suficientemente grandes, puede
alfabetizacin financiera global, una persona o familia en, Hop- financiera. Hopson ve xito en para las reuniones del equipo de hacerlo. Y nunca tengas miedo
as como cumplir con la seguri- son horarios uno-a-uno reunio- el programa cuando los indivi- ABC donde discuten sobre un de pedir ayuda.
dad de su vivienda objetivos. nes sobre informacin financie- duos vivir en planes de gasto y tema especfico cada mes. Te- Para ms informacin so-
Para aquellos que suean con ra y determinar su estabilidad restablecer el buen crdito. Pero mas varan mensuales y cubrir bre los programas de ABC, o
poseer una casa, programa de financiera. incluso para las personas con el diferentes aspectos de la educa- cualquier otros programas de
fundamentos de buen crdito Matt Hopson, director de temor de una ejecucin hipote- cin financiera. Caridades Catlicas, puede
de ABC es una clase de 15 ho- ABC, cuenta con 40 aos de ex- caria, ABC ofrece un programa Como la temporada de im- llamar a (409) 924-4400 o
ras para las personas de comen- periencia ayudando a personas de prevencin de ejecucin hi- puestos comienza al principio puede visitar
zar a prepararse para el proceso a alcanzar sus metas financieras. potecaria para ayudar a perso- de cada ao, ABC comienza
september 30, 2016 11
Looking for volunteer advocates

Advocates visit with Rep. Joseph Deshotel at the 2015 Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day in Austin. ETC file photo

By Don Dupre with 90 of those being from injustices embedded in some of ing and end of life care. phone calls to legislative mem-
Advocacy is not just the the Diocese of Beaumont. our laws. Attending Advocacy Children and families will also bers. It all starts Oct. 17, 2016,
responsibility of parents and That year the Texas Legisla- Day in Austin is just one aspect be discussed with legislators. with registration at the Catho-
teachers, but of all members ture passed laws that resulted of doing the work of justice. It is This conversation will cover lic Charities of Southeast Texas
of the Catholic community. in the closing of many abor- an opportunity to demonstrate School Choice Tax Credit website at www.catholicchari-
This call was issued by the U.S. tion clinics state wide includ- solidarity with our brothers and Scholarships to help children For more infor-
bishops and the faithful heard ing Whole Womans Health sisters in Christ and to tell our attend Catholic schools, sup- mation or to become involved
that call. of Beaumont. This shows the legislators changes are needed porting abstinence only educa- call (409) 924-4400.
Next April teams of Catho- importance of advocacy for the to provide greater protection for tion, conscious protection leg- Information will also be
lic advocates from the Diocese faithful in Southeast Texas. them. islation and foster care issues. posted on the Catholic Chari-
of Beaumont will board buses Carolyn Fernandez, presi- The next Catholic Faith in The other broad subjects that ties of Southeast Texas Face-
headed to the Texas state capi- dent and CEO of Catholic Action Advocacy Day is April will be discussed will be health book page.
tol in Austin. Charities of Southeast Texas, 4, 2017. This event is made and human services, justice for Once you have registered,
The duties of an advocate are said The USCCB publishes even more critical because it the incarcerated, including op- you will receive email about ad-
defined by Google as to pub- a document titled The Two only happens once every two position to the death penalty. vocacy activities. One of those
licly support or recommend a Feet of Love In Action in years when the legislature is in Protection for the poor and activities is a special Advocacy
particular cause or policy. Ac- which it is explained that part session. vulnerable will also be covered. Day prayer service on Dec. 7,
cording to Coquese Williams, of the work of love (charity) is Next years teams will talk Catholics can get involved at the Catholic Charities of
Parish Social Ministry coordi- also doing the work of justice. about issues important to Tex- in advocacy in many different Southeast Texas office at 2780
nator at Catholic Charities of And the work of justice entails ans while using provided infor- ways. Williams said that the Eastex Freeway in Beaumont.
Southeast Texas, the causes and people of faith giving a voice mation like talking points and advocacy group always needs Catholic Faith in Advocacy
policies for these Catholic ad- to those who feel they have no brochures. The advocates will prayer warriors to pray for Day is a collaborative effort by
vocates are determined by the voice; who feel no one who is be speaking with the legislators the advocacy groups safe travel Catholic Charities of Southeast
United States Conference of listening or paying attention to about five broad subjects. and to pray for a successful ses- Texas, African American Min-
Catholic Bishops. their needs. Protection of human life is sion of the legislature before istry, Criminal Justice Ministry,
The last Catholic Faith in Doing the work of justice one of these subjects and will advocacy day, and until the Family Life Ministry, Evangeliza-
Action Advocacy Day, in 2015, means participating in our civil include discussion of Catholic legislative session ends. tion and Catechesis, Stewardship
was attended by over 3,500 governance process to help bring bishops teaching on subjects Williams also needs Catho- and Communications, Catholic
Catholics from across the state, about change in the systematic like abortion, euthanasia, clon- lics to write letters and make Schools and Worship.
12 september 30, 2016

Predatory loans prey on the poor and vulnerable

When an 81-year-old wom- victims develop budgets so across the United States trap long time just paying fees and keeper and that we are to care
an pays a 500 percent interest these victims can pay off the vulnerable people in debt with interest without ever paying for the poor, the vulnerable,
rate on a loan, something is loans, and by contacting the payday and auto loans. People on the principal. and the marginalized; that we
wrong with the system. predatory lender to ask for who have an immediate need The United States Confer- are to love our neighbors as
This happened here in South- lower interest rates for the for money agree to these loans ence of Catholic Bishops said ourselves.
east Texas. Coquese Williams, victims. For details on this and either leave postdated the typical borrower is in Payday and auto title lend-
Parish Social Ministry coordi- program call Matt Hopson at checks, account numbers for payday loan debt for seven ers prey on the very people
nator for Catholic Charities (409) 924-4425. auto drafts or automobile ti- months out of the year. She whose care for which we are
of Southeast Texas, said this Regulation of the predatory tles as collateral. rolls over a loan an average of charged.
local case has been used na- Consumers who utilize

Predatory lenders here and

tionally to push regulatory these products are desper-
legislation for payday and ately seeking financial as-
auto loan businesses. Us- sistance but in most cases
ing this womans case for an
example finally embarrassed
across the United states traP do not have the capacity to
get a loan or the money they
the lender into forgiving her
vUlnerable PeoPle in debt need from any other source.
So, they are the least among
When you consider finance
charges on some of these with Payday and aUto loans. us who can afford to pay the
excessive fees and interests
loans can be as high as $30
for every $100 borrowed, it PeoPle who have an immediate tied to these loans she said.
Government regulation of
becomes extremely difficult
for the borrower to ever get need for money agree to these predatory lenders is a
priority for the USCCB as

these loans and either leave

out of the loan. they seek protection for the
When Williams was asked poor and vulnerable. It is
how does anyone get out of one of the subjects that will
this trap, she said that some
are bailed out by a dona-
Postdated checks, accoUnt be discussed by Catholic
advocacy groups when they
tion from a family mem-
ber, friend or someone at
nUmbers for aUto drafts or visit the Texas Legislature in
Austin on April 4, 2017.
work. Some trapped by this
debt close the account from aUtomobile titles The Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau is col-
which payments are being
drafted, some leave town as collateral. lecting comments on pay-
day and auto lenders while
without leaving forwarding preparing to issue a resolu-
addresses and some die with- lending industry would also Williams said these loans are eight times and pays an inter- tion. It is important to com-
out ever paying off the debt. help. To date 35 municipali- structured so the person bor- est rate of about 400 percent. ment because the payday and
Catholic Charities of South- ties have passed local ordi- rowing this money cannot According to Carolyn Fer- auto lending industry repre-
east Texas can also help preda- nances to regulate these preda- pay back the principal, inter- nandez, president and CEO of sentatives will be making their
tory loan victims through the tory lenders. Beaumont is not est and fees on time, and then Catholic Charities of South- comments also. Final com-
Asset Building Case Manage- one of those municipalities. take on more debt. Williams east Texas, Our faith teaches ments are due by Oct. 7 at
ment program. ABC helps Predatory lenders here and said the borrower can go for a us that we are our brothers

Continued from page 9 The volunteers come from all applications, and self-petitions organize local social justice gram. It also serves as a central
5-18 who are grieving the loss walks of life and include youth for battered immigrants. The ministries and community point of contact for the dioc-
of a parent or sibling. We offer groups. There are volunteers Board of Immigration Appeals services. This includes em- esan involvement in Catho-
the program in our Beaumont who have been coming for has accredited all of the Im- powerment of persons within lic Faith in Action Advocacy
office and at Immaculate Con- over 25 years, including indi- migration Case Managers, and local church congregations or Day, the biennial gathering of
ception Church in Liberty. viduals who helped to start the the staff includes a part-time civic organizations to respond Catholics from across the state
Hospitality Center pro- center 29 years ago. Immigration Attorney. Servic- to community needs, through in Austin.
vides a clean, safe and dignified Immigration Services is es are provided on a sliding fee service, action, education, ad- How can you learn more
environment where those with the only regional non-profit scale to clients from countries vocacy, and community build- about Catholic Charities?
limited resources have access program in Southeast Texas across the globe including, ing. The program also spon- Call our office 409-924-4400
to a hearty, midday meal, ev- recognized by the Board of India, France, Mexico, Hon- sors the annual diocesan-wide or 1-855-924-4400; Visit our
ery day of the year. The center, Immigration Appeals and U.S. duras, Nigeria and the Philip- Third Age Day Celebration website: www.catholicchari-
located in Port Arthur, relies Citizenship and Immigration pines. for individuals 50 and older, Or like us on
on a vast array of volunteers Services to provide immigra- Parish Social Ministry and coordinates the diocesan Facebook Catholic Chari-
who come in on a daily basis to tion legal services such as fami- lends support and training Catholic Campaign for Hu- ties of Southeast Texas.
cook, set-up, serve and clean. ly visa petitions, naturalization resources to those wishing to man Development grants pro- Until next time.

Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja

A mega-church celebration! Una mega celebracin!

It was a mega-church celebration! though the local Catholic Church is di- Era una mega celebracin! Casi 4,000 Monseor Guillory destac que,
Nearly 4,000 Southeast Texas Catho- verse with different cultures and back- catlicos, clero visitante y familia, y otros aunque la iglesia catlica es diversa con
lics, visiting clergy and family, and other grounds, all are united in the Catholic invitados del Sureste de Texas se reunier- diferentes culturas y procedencias, todos
guests gathered Sept. 18 for the 50th an- faith. on el 18 de septiembre para la celebracin estn unidos en la fe catlica.
niversary celebration of the founding of And diversity abounds in Southeast del 50 aniversario de la Fundacin de la Y hay mucha diversidad en el Sureste
the Catholic Diocese of Beaumont. Texas. One illustration of that at the an- dicesis catlica de Beaumont. de Texas. Un ejemplo de este en la misa
Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD, fifth niversary Mass was in the intercessions El Monseor Curtis Guillory, SVD, del aniversario era durante las intercesio-
bishop of Beaumont, said he was filled which were in nine different languages quinto obispo de Beaumont, dijo que nes, las cuales se dieron en nueve idiomas
with joy to see so many gathered to cel- representing nine of the cultures that are se llen de alegra al ver tantos reunidos diferentes que representan a nueve de las
ebrate the dioceses birthday. included in the Diocese of Beaumont. para celebrar el cumpleaos de la dice- culturas que hay dentro de la dicesis de
Welcome to all of you, Bishop Guil- These were Spanish, Vietnamese, French, sis. Beaumont. Los idiomas fueron espaol,
lory said. Bless God who has done won- Tagalog, Nigerian, Italian, Tamil, Japa- Bienvenidos a todos ustedes, dijo el vietnamita, francs, tagalo, nigeriano,
drous things. nese and English. obispo Guillory. Bendito sea Dios que italiano, tamil, japons e ingls.
In his homily Bishop Guillory talked In addition, the offertory gifts were ha hecho cosas maravillosas. Adems, los dones del Ofertorio fuer-
of the journey the Catholic Church in brought up by people representing vari- En su homila, Monseor Guillory on trados por personas que representan
Southeast Texas has had over the past 50 ous groups in the diocese such as parish- habl del viaje que tomado la iglesia los diversos grupos en la dicesis como
years. He said it was a wonderful time ioners, schools, organizations in the dio- catlica en el Sureste de Texas en los lti- feligreses, escuelas, organizaciones de la
because the Beaumont Diocese was cese and youth. mos 50 aos. Dijo que era un momento dicesis y la juventud.
founded right after the close of the Sec- Bishop Guillory was joined at the Eu- maravilloso porque la dicesis de Beau- Monseor Guillory estuvo acompaa-
ond Vatican Council and was able to put charistic liturgy by 14 visiting bishops mont fue fundada despus de la clausura do en la liturgia eucarstica por 14 obis-
into action many items brought forth by including Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and del Concilio Vaticano II y fue capaz de pos visitantes, como el Cardenal Daniel
the Council such as the increased role of Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Fiorenza poner en prctica muchos elementos por DiNardo y Arzobispo Emrito Joseph
the laity and dialogue with other faith from the Archdiocese of Galveston- el Consejo como el creciente papel de los Fiorenza de la Arquidicesis de Galves-
communities. Houston. laicos y el dilogo con otras comunidades ton-Houston.
Bishop Guillory emphasized that Continued on page 21 de fe. Continuada en la pagina 21

Some of the Catholic faithful in attendance

Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja

Glorious music was provided by several choirs

Our Mother of Mercy, Beaumont, Youth Choir

Members of the St. Joseph, Beaumont, Vietnamese Choir Diocesan Jubilee Choir

Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja

Handbells from St. Charles Borromeo, Nederland Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School, Beaumont, Varsity Choir

Some of the religious leaders celebrating

Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja

Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Fiorenza, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, at right, from the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

The entrance procession.

Some of the interfaith clergy who gathered to celebrate. Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD, blesses the crowd of nearly 4,000.
A Eucharistic celebration for all ages

Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja


Intercessory prayers were in nine languages

Ray Peregrino, Tagalog Paula Lovoi, Italian Guiseppe Mannella, French

Linh Hoang, Vietnamese Dr. Mary Manuel, Tamil

Michiko Guyote, Japanese Loveth Ezike, Nigerian Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja
Gift bearers represent various groups in the diocese

Paul Joubert and Eduardo Perez, representing diocesan youth.

Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja

Charlene and Carlo Busceme also brought up the gifts at the rst Mass in 1966. Sister Maria Theresa Thuy Dung Nguyen, OP, and Sister Maria Vincent Tuyet Nhung Vu, OP

Torivio Gonzalez and Jose T. Gonzalez Jr. of St. Joseph, Port Arthur. Wilma and Melchor Pascua, St. Jude Thaddeus, Beaumont.

Enjoying the memorabilia and birthday party

Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler looks over memorabilia. Taking a photo to send to their daughter.

Parishioners from St. John the Evangelist, Port Arthur. Douglas Cormier and family enjoying.

This wine carafe was brought up with other gifts

at the rst Mass, Sept. 29, 1966. St. Mary, Cleveland, clergy and parishioners pose with the pope. Photos by K. Gilman, M. Tennissen, D. Dupre and J. Ceja
Continued from page 13 works of catechesis. included a copy of the 17th added details, painted all the brought to Southeast Texas
Archbishop Fiorenza, a The Mass took place at a century painting Madonna marbelizing and gold leafing. by special courier. This brick
Beaumont native, said he re- local arena that usually hosts and Child with St. Anthony The angels were gifts from was one of the bricks that had
membered the time, 50 years sporting events and rock con- of Padua by Anton Van Dyck Chris Richardson who took locked up the Holy Door of
prior, when Beaumont was an- certs. With a crew of volun- in the main frame with angels photographs of the angels in Papal Basilica of St. Peters in
nounced as a new diocese. teers, the floor of the arena on either side that were repro- the Cathedral Basilica and had the Vatican at the end of the
I was thrilled that the Holy was transformed into a sacred ductions of the angels in St. them reproduced on canvas. Jubilee in 2000. After Pope
Father recognized the strong space. Bishop Guillory re- Anthony Cathedral Basilica, In addition, those attending Francis opened this Holy
deep faith of the people of this Door at the beginning of Holy
area, he said in his comments. BISHOP GUILLORY REMARKED THAT THE Year of Mercy it was given to
He said he has seen how the the Diocese of Beaumont as a
Gospel has been proclaimed
and lived in an intense way in
ROCKSTAR EVERYONE HAD COME TO SEE sign of communion with the
Holy Father. This brick can be


Southeast Texas. seen at St. Anthony Cathedral
Cardinal DiNardo also added Basilica.
his thoughts. After Mass the celebration
You are a resilient group
who knows how to journey
FAITHFUL REACTED JOYOUSLY continued with a birthday
party including dancing, cake,
with the Lord even when it marked that the rockstar ev- Beaumont. entered the arena through a memorabilia and music.
storms, he said. eryone had come to see that Parishioners from St. Antho- holy door constructed for the The Eucharistic liturgy was
The cardinal said he could day was Jesus Christ and the ny Cathedral Basilica, Tommy event. The same St. Anthony the main part of the two-day
see the work of Christ through faithful reacted joyously. Frank, Jay Francis and Clifton parishioners also built that. celebration that also included
the diocese especially in the The stage included a spe- Guillory, carefully construct- One of the first items peo- a 5K run on Saturday that
mindfulness and attention cially constructed altar, ambo ed these pieces over several ple saw when they entered benefitted the diocesan Cath-
to the poor and through the and backdrop. The backdrop months. Marianne Measells the arena was a brick that was olic schools.

Continuada de la pagina 13 El teln de fondo incluye la rante varios meses. Marianne los vistos cuando entraba la de comunin con el Santo Pa-
La misa fue en una arena pintura Madonna y nio Measells aadi detalles, pinto gente a la arena era un ladrillo dre. Este ladrillo puede verse
local que generalmente aloja con San Antonio de Padua todos lo de mrmol y el hojear que fue trado al Sureste de en la Catedral Baslica de San
eventos deportivos y concier- por Antn Van Dyck del siglo del oro. Los ngeles eran re- Texas por mensajero especial. Antonio en Beaumont.
tos de rock. Con un equipo de XVII en el marco principal galos de Chris Richardson que Este ladrillo fue uno de los La celebracin continu
voluntarios, el piso de la arena con los ngeles a ambos la- tom fotografas de los nge- ladrillos que haba encerrado despus de la Misa con una
se transform en un espacio dos que eran reproducciones les en la Catedral Baslica y los la puerta santa puerta de la fiesta de cumpleaos que in-
sagrado. Monseor Guillory de los ngeles en la Baslica reprodujo en lona. Baslica de San Pedro en el clua baile, pastel, recuerdos y
remarc que la estrella de rock Catedral de San Antonio en Adems, los asistentes en- Vaticano al final del Jubileo msica.
que fueron a ver ese da era Je- Beaumont. traron en la arena a travs de en el ao 2000. Despus que La liturgia eucarstica era
sucristo, lo cual le causo risa y Feligreses de la Catedral Bas- una puerta santa construida el Papa Francisco abri esta la parte principal de la cel-
alegra a los fieles. lica de St. Anthony, Tommy para el evento. Los mismos fe- puerta santa al principio del ebracin de dos das que tam-
La tarima incluy un al- Frank, Jay Francis y Clifton ligreses de la Catedral Baslica ao santo de la misericordia, bin incluy un corrido 5K el
tar, ambo y teln de fondo Guillory, construyeron cui- tambin la construyeron. el ladrillo fue dado a la dice- sbado que benefici a las es-
especialmente construido. dadosamente estas piezas du- Uno de los primeros artcu- sis de Beaumont como signo cuelas catlicas diocesanas.

The Diocese of Beaumont and DIOCESE OF BEAUMONT

Catholic Charities of Southeast Full-time Multi-Parish Evangelization/Catechetical Coordinators
Full-time Secretary Office of Catholic Schools
Texas are looking for qualied Full-time Multi-Parish/School Accountant
individuals to join their workforce
Part-time Bus Driver
For detailed information about a
specic position, please refer to Full-time 6-8 Grade Language Arts Teacher
the diocesan website at RADIO MARIA under ST MARY CATHOLIC SCHOOL, ORANGE A Christian Voice in
the Careers tab. Or contact the Full-time 4th Grade Elementary School Teacher Your Home
Diocesan Human Resources 1250-AM KDEI Port Arthur, TX,
ST MARY CHURCH, FANNETT or on the Internet
Department at (409) 924-4364. Part-time Assistant Bookkeeper
Call toll free 1-888-408-0201
22 september 30, 2016

aDUlt Confirmation proGram University of Dayton, ohio

Are you an adult Catholic, tuesdays, oct. 6 - Dec. 8, 2016
18 years or older, who has 6:30-8:30 p.m. VLCFF - VirtuaL Learning Community
received First Holy Communion St. Joseph the Worker Parish For Faith Formation
but has never been confirmed? 804 S. Cleveland, Dayton
There is a program for you, The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) is an initiative to offer
(Education Building) adult religious education and faith formation anytime and anywhere via the internet. The
which consists of nine sessions,
where you can gather with goal is to support the Churchs professional ministry of religious education and adult faith
other adults to prepare to
or formation in cyberspace. The VLCFF is coordinated and sponsored by the Institute for
receive this sacrament and be Pastoral Initiatives (IPI) at the University of Dayton, a Catholic Marianist Institution.
confirmed by Bishop Guillory thursdays, Jan. 26 - march 30, The Diocese of Beaumont is a partner with the VLCFF which enables you to take
on Sunday, May 7, 2017, at 2017 courses at a discounted rate. Go online to to register
the noon Mass at St. Anthony 6:30-8:30 p.m. and begin learning more about the Catholic faith. Below are the registration dates and the
Cathedral Basilica, Beaumont. Infant Jesus Parish courses available for the upcoming cycle. Additional information about each course one is
listed online.
Sessions have been set up in 243 South L.H.S. Drive, Lumberton
several areas of the diocese (Religious Education Building) CYCLE 7: The Parish Nurse as Counsellor and
but others will be added if OCTOBER 16 NOVEMBER 19, 2016 Spiritual Companion
needed. If you are interested or (Registration: Aug 31; Closes Oct 12) The Second Vatican Council: An
in attending, please contact Overview
Dr. Lorraine S. DeLuca at the A Vision for Catholic Youth Ministry Theological Reflection: Key to
mondays, feb. 20 - april 24, 2017
Office of Evangelization and Bible Basics Connecting Faith and Life
Catechesis (409) 924-4323.
6:30-8:30 p.m. Vocation, Spirituality and Discipleship of
Catechetical Methodology: Archdiocese
St. Therese, the Little Flower of for the Military Services Only Catechists
Jesus Parish Catholic Beliefs
Celebration of 4612 Garnet Avenue, Port Arthur Catholic Teaching on Chastity, Family CYCLE 1:
the saCrament of (Education Building) Life, and Human Sexuality Education JANUARY 15 - FEBRUARY 18, 2017
Confirmation with Church History 2 (Registration: Opens Oct 19, 2016;
bishop CUrtis or Communication and Community Closes Jan 11)
GUillory, svD
wednesdays, feb. 22 - april 19, Creative Methodologies: ADHD in Parish A Vision for Catholic Youth Ministry
2017 Life - Pastoral Implications (SN 3) Advanced Catholic Social Teaching
Sunday, may 7, 2017 Designing a Parish Catechetical Plan Autism in Faith Formation (SN 4)
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
12 noon maSS Catholic Pastoral Center Disabilities in Parish Life: An Overview Bible Basics
St. anthony Cathedral Basilica (SN 1) Catholic Beliefs
710 Archie Street, Beaumont
Ecclesiology: Beginnings of the Church Catholic Teaching on Chastity, Family
(Assembly Hall) Ecclesiology: Pilgrim Church Life, and Human Sexuality Education
Reception will follow in the
Evangelization and Discipleship Christology
Cathedral Basilica Hall
Faith and Human Development Church History 1
Faith Formation for Adults with Special Disabilities in Parish Life: An Overview
Needs (SN 5) (SN 1)
Foundations and Vision for Adult Ecclesiology: Beginnings of the Church
Learning and Faith Formation (AFL 1) Faith and Human Development

ConfirmaCin para aDUltos Fundamentals in Deaf Faith Formation

Methodologies (SN 2)

Images of Jesus
Introduction to Catechesis
Images of Jesus Introduction to Christian Morality
Eres un catlico adulto, ms de 18 aos, que ha recibido Introduction to Catechesis Introduction to Liturgy
Introduction to Liturgy Introduction to Practical Morality
la primera comunin, pero nunca ha sido confirmado?
Introduction to Pauls Life and Letters Introduction to Prayer
Hay un programa de nueve sesiones, donde pueden Introduction to Practical Morality Introduction to Scripture
reunirse con otros adultos a prepararse para recibir este Introduction to Prayer New Testament
Introduction to Scripture Old Testament
Sacramento y ser confirmados por el obispo Guillory el
Leadership in Ministry Our Hearts Were Burning
domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017, en la misa del medioda en Marianist Studies: Prayer Parish as a Learning Community (AFL 2)
la Catedral Baslica de Santa Antonio. Si ests interesado en Marianist Studies: Social Justice RCIA
Mary in Scripture and Tradition Relational Ministry with Youth
asistir, por favor pngase en contacto con la Dra. Lorraine
New Testament Sacrament of Marriage: A Holy Calling
S. DeLuca en la oficina de evangelizacin y catequesis (409) Old Testament Sacraments
924-4323. On Bended Knee Study of The Joy of the Gospel
Our Hearts Were Burning (Evangelii Gaudium)
Parish and Social Action Survey of Catholic Doctrine
Lunes, 20 de febrero-17 de abril, 2017, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Praying With Children Survey of Catholic Social Teaching
St. Joseph Parish, 4600 Proctor St., Port Arthur, (Cody Principles for Addressing Diversity Vocation to Ministry
salon) Issues in Youth Ministry Vocation, Spirituality and Discipleship of
Sacraments Catechists
Survey of Catholic Doctrine
september 30, 2016 23

CatholiC eduCation & ministry institute (Cemi)

Fall 2016 Workshops & Courses
C-06 introduCtion to liturgy,
PsyChologiCal and Faith develoPment the Prayer and worship of gods People

How do I believe? The what I believe is simple enough to answer, NOTE: This is one of the pre-requisites for entering Deacon Formation.
it is the how which is critical to self-understanding and to the life- Thursdays, October 6, 13, 20, 27 and November 3 and 17 (Sum-
giving tension between the believer and the Church, the individual mary and Review);
and the community. Using James Fowlers model of stages, nuanced 6:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M., Catholic Pastoral Center
by psychology (Erickson) and morality (Kohlberg), we will explore our Presenter: Rosalind Sanchez, Director,
inexhaustible journey of trusting faith. Office of Worship, Diocese of Beaumont

Rev. Michael A. Jamail, Vicar General This 5-week workshop will focus on the Mass as the center of the life
Saturday, Oct. 15 of the Church, the Eucharist as the center of the Mass, with an in-
9 a.m.-1 p.m. depth look at the theology and history of the parts of the Mass and
Catholic Pastoral Center, Beaumont (Assembly Hall) how they form one continuous prayer that shapes the lives of Chris-
tians. We will look at the Churchs Yearthe Liturgical Yearwhat it
is and what it means, explore the Liturgy of the Hours, examine the
various ministries of the Mass and who does what, briefly examine
C-03 some of the liturgical documents that guide the Church in its cel-
the soCial JustiCe teaChings oF the ChurCh ebration of Mass and the Sacraments. Finally, we will discuss specific
sections of a video by Father Edward Foley, Encountering the Mys-
Often called the Churchs best kept secret, Catholic Social Teaching is tery, an Overview of Eucharistic Theology. Our final evening will be
a rich treasury of insights on human dignity and the common good. a summary and review and time for Q&A. Required Book: Modern
This course looks at the scriptural basis of our Catholic Social Justice Liturgy Answers the 101 Most-Asked Questions About Liturgy, author
Teaching, as well as the important writings of the Popes and Church Nick Wagner, published by Resource Publications, Inc. 1996 ISBN:
Councils. The course will also address the issue of how we, as individuals 0893903698; ISBN-13: 978-0893903695. Can be purchased through
and a community are called to live Jesus message in the social and the Office of Worship.
economic arena. (8 hours - 4 sessions)
All other materials supplied by the Office of Worship.
Paul J. Thomas, associate director
Mondays, Oct. 17, 24, 31, Nov. 7
6:30-8:30 p.m.
St. Mary, Fannett (Religious Education Conference Room) CEMI is coordinated through the Diocesan Office of
Evangelization and Catechesis, and is sponsored by
a variety of diocesan offices. CEMI reserves the right
to cancel a workshop or course due to low registration.
the gosPel oF matthew
These courses and workshops are partially funded by
The Gospel of Matthew is a very intricate Gospel that was written
from a Jewish perspective, for a predominately Jewish Christian the Stewardship of the Catholics of Southeast Texas
community. Although the author used Marks Gospel as a source, he through the Bishops Faith Appeal.
often quoted from the Old Testament to show how Jesus fulfilled all
God had promised in the past. With Advent we move into the new
Church Year and weekly we will hear Matthews Gospel proclaimed at There is no charge for CEMI workshops and courses.
Sunday Mass. Come explore this interesting gospel and find out how
Matthew continues to challenge us today. (8 hours - 4 sessions) You can register for CEMI on the diocesan website
at or by calling the OEC at
Dr. Lorraine S. DeLuca, Director
Wednesdays, Oct. 26, Nov. 2, 9, 16 (409) 924-4324. Please register one week before the
6:30-8:30 p.m.
St. Anne, Beaumont workshop or course.
(Parish Hall)
24 september 30, 2016

How can we recognize a typical child molester?

Many of us like to think that we would to inspire trust from the adults around community. They convince others that with children.
recognize a potential child molester if he them. concerns about their behavior are insig-
or she were walking toward us on the The problem is that these people are nificant and unimportant. Always seems more excit-
street. We like to think that the people not like other peoplethey have sex In order to recognize a typical child ed to be with children than
who sexually molest children are easily with children. We must learn to recog- molester, adults in the community must adults.
identifiable by some special characteris- nize the traits of child molesters so that develop a healthy suspicion about each
ticssome demented look in their eyes, we have a fighting chance in the effort to and every adult who spends time with Gives gifts to children with-
or the crazy way they dress or act. out permission, and en-

For the general public, child courages them to keep
molesters are perverts, monsters, secrets from their parents
or disgusting creepsat least until and guardians.

most child
the person accused is their neigh-
bor, their minister, or a trusted Lets children do things
member of their family. When the their parents would not al-
person accused is clearly not the
stereotypical monster, pervert, or
disgusting creep, many would rath-
molesters look low them to do.

Thinks rules dont apply to

er believe that the child is lying or
confused rather than to confront jUst like the person them.

next door, the

the truth about child molesters. The typical molester is no easier
Unfortunately, most child mo- to identify by sight than the typi-
lesters look just like the person cal doctor or the typical parent.

coach, the teacher,

next door, the coach, the teacher, Because there is no typical child
the minister, or a trusted member molester, adults must be alert to
of the family. They dont seem to the warning signs that indicate
be different from the rest of us.
They can be valued employees,
trusted volunteers, loyal friends,
the minister, or a they are potential risks to children.
There are no easy answers. Pre-
venting child sexual abuse de-
and responsible members of the
community. Aside from their pro-
pensity to have sex with children,
trUsted member mands much of us. It requires that
we know the warning signs and
take action to intervene when we
they otherwise may be law abid-
ing, responsible citizens who make
a difference in other peoples lives
of the family have concerns about the safety of
a child.
Brought to you through the Na-
through many aspects of their own lives. protect our children from abuse. children. We must be alert to the signs tional Catholic Risk Retention Group,
They may have a spouse and children Child molesters are consummate liars. that some adults might represent a risk Inc. and its VIRTUS programs with the
of their own. They may be well liked They know how to manipulate the con- to the children in their care. goal to help prevent, address, and mitigate
and respected in the community. They versation and the situation so that they Adults must be willing to speak up wrongdoing in the community of faith and
have genuine skills working with people dispel any concerns about their behav- when they notice that an adult: to help adults become protectors of children
and, particularly, working with children. ior. They use their manipulation skills and to help communities become safe ha-
They may be kind and generous and able to groom children, parents, and the Always wants to be alone vens for children.

The Virtus Protecting Gods Children training (PGC)

educates and trains adults (age 18 and older) about the
Protecting gods children sessions
dangers and warning signs of abuse, ways to prevent
abuse, how to report suspicions of abuse, and how to
SeSSionS in engliSh
respond to allegations of abuse. Attendance at a PGC Please pre-register for the session at least 5 days in advance of the scheduled date at the
session is required for all clergy and ALL full-time and
part-time diocesan / parish / school employees. Diocesan phone number provided. Sessions last about 3 hours.
/ parish / school volunteers who have regular access to
children and teenagers at least 10 times per year are also Date Time Place Contact
required to attend the training. Those who are required to
attend a PGC training session must do so within 60 days
Oct. 8 9:30 am Our Mother of Mercy, Beaumont 409-454-7127
of their employment date or beginning their volunteer Oct. 11 6:00 pm Catholic Pastoral Center, Assembly Hall, Beaumont 409-924-4309
service. A certificate of participation is issued afterwards.
See the diocesan website ( / Safe Oct. 11 6:00 pm Our Lady of the Pines, Woodville 409-384-1424
Environment / Awareness Training) for more information Oct. 17 6:00 pm Infant Jesus, Dollinger Hall, Lumberton 409-755-1734
about Who Must Attend and for the full list of training
sessions. Oct. 25 6:00 pm Sacred Heart-St. Mary, St. Katharine Drexel Bldg., PA 409-985-5104
september 30, 2016 25
Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
By Carolyn Martinez peared at Lourdes, france, in
There are many devotionals 1858; at fatima, portugal, in
honoring our blessed Mother. 1917; and beauraing, belgium,
but perhaps the most popular in 1932 and 1933.
and familiar one is the rosary. for centuries the rosary had
in fact, the month of october been made up of 15 decades,
is dedicated to the rosary with the Joyful, the sorrowful and
oct. 7 a feast day of Mary and the Glorious mysteries. These
the rosary. decades 10 hail Marys sepa-
This feast, now called feast rated by an our father and a
of our Lady of the rosary, was Glory be help us to think
begun by pope pius v in 1571 about events in Jesus life.
to mark the Christian victory While saying these prayers, we
over the forces of the turks at are to think or to meditate on
Lepanto. The turkish forces the event of that mystery.
had been moving into east- in 2002 pope st. John paul
ern europe for almost a cen- ii added a fourth decade the
tury. but in 1571 a fleet of 300 Mysteries of Light to the first
ships, under the command of

Childrens Corner
three. The Mysteries of Light
Don John of austria, defeated feature five events in Jesus
the turkish ships at Lepanto. public life. in making this ad-
The victory was won on oct. 7, dition, st. John paul ii called
1571. for a revival of the rosary
before the battle pope pius v to implore from God the gift of
had requested that all Catholics peace. he continued, The ro-
pray the rosary asking for vic- sary is by its nature a prayer for
tory. When he announced the peace. one cannot recite the
feast, he called the day the feast rosary without feeling caught
of our Lady of victory. Later up in a clear commitment to
pope Clement Xi spread the advancing peace.
celebration of the feast to the The five Mysteries of Light
church. it was pope Gregory are: Christs baptism in the
Xiii who changed the feasts Jordan, Christs self-Manifesta-
name to our Lady of the ro- tion at the Wedding of Cana;
sary. Christs proclamation of the
praying the rosary has been kingdom of God; The trans-
a custom of Catholics for cen- figuration; and Christs institu-
turies. but did you know that tion of the eucharist.
our blessed Mother asked that The parish in sour Lake is
we pray the rosary daily? she dedicated to Mary under her
made that request when she ap- title, our Lady of victory.

Mission Prayer
Dear Jesus, the GospeL taLks about havinG
of the W eek faith. soMetiMes the GospeL passaGes are so
harD to unDerstanD. keep My faith stronG so
that i Dont Get DisCouraGeD.
on a large piece of paper draw a big tree with leaves
on its branches. Color the leaves in fall colors. next DID God never stops loving you?
Gods love is like sunlight nothing can stop it from shining. When we
to the tree draw a little green plant with yellow flow- YOU sin, we stop Gods love from entering into us like closing the drapes on a
ers (mustard). somewhere on the paper (below the
pictures or in a cloud) write what Jesus says about
KNOW? window to lessen the light coming into a room. Avoiding sin is like stepping
out of the shadows back into the sun.
these two plants in the Gospel for the 27th sunday Faith is our response to Gods love, it is FindinG a saFe support in God, it
in ordinary time. if you dont remember what he is enterinG into communion with the mystery oF a love which surpasses
us and surrounds us. God Gives Grace abundantly to all, but especially
said, look it up in the Gospel of st. Luke, 17:5-7. to the poor.
-PoPe Francis
26 september 30, 2016

One Stewards Response:

Leadership Styles
when there are 50 people in a ministry meeting democratical- sue with this leadership ap- number of people have not
room, and the leader needs to ly might give everyone a voice proach is that there would be converted by a certain timeline,
come up with a decision. Does in a matter. But, things could varying opinions outside of the that is simply out of the leaders
the leader still take everyones get hectic if there are 50 people meeting through gossip and control.
vote knowing that all 50 will giving their opinion, with each speculation because of the lack Leadership seems like a dif-
have varying opinions? person thinking his or hers is of transparency. Also, the lay ficult task, and it probably
These leadership challenges right. And even though there leader cannot assume that they is. That is why so few rise to
are not unique to any indus- are 50 people, not all 50 might have the answers to everything the challenge. But lay leaders
try. They happen everywhere, be experts on the matter being and are knowledgeable on ev- should also know their limits
including the Church. So discussed. But since the meet- ery topic that comes up. because parishes are not run
By Richard Rosario what does the Church do? De- ing is being run democratically, Lay leaders have to find the democratically. For example,
Media is currently flooded pends on the lay leader and on everyone gets a vote, including gifts in others, while at the there might be ministries that
with election coverage. Televi- the ministry. They may try to those that have no idea what same time making decisions can advise the pastor, but he
sion, newspapers, radio, social please everyone and run their is going on but somehow still that are best for everyone. Will has ultimate say in what hap-
media, blogs and even movies meetings and business demo- managed to form an opinion. people disagree? Of course. pens in his parish.
all seem to focus on the dem- cratically. They may ignore ev- On the other hand, a lay That is part of leadership, the Everyone has a gift to bring,
ocratic process. But when it eryone and do what they think leader working in ministry good and the bad. But that is but few can help bring those
comes to our own leadership, is best. Or they might try to could try an authoritative ap- where prayer comes in as well. gifts out from people and work
how democratic are we? find a middle ground where proach where they decide what Patience can be a really nice gift them in unison with each other
In a democracy, everyone everyone has an input, but in is best. Things would definitely in really tricky situations. Lay to make them work. So if you
gets a vote. So if a meeting is the end the lay leader has the get done much quicker and leaders should also note that know leaders like that, who
run democratically, everyone ultimate say. there would not be an issue things happen on Gods time, knows, you might see them in
in the room gets a vote. Seems Each style has its pros and its about having so many varying not theirs. So if a project is not the news in the future during
fair right? Well, what happens cons. For example, running a opinions at a meeting. The is- happening on time or a certain election season.

La Respuesta de un Corresponsable:
Dones para Lderes
Por Richard Rosario industria. Ocurren en todas hay 50 personas, no todos van a falta de transparencia. Adems, fuera de control del lder.
Los medios de comunicacin partes, incluyendo la iglesia. ser expertos en la materia que se el lder no puede asumir que El liderazgo parece ser una
estn actualmente inundados As que qu hace la iglesia? discute. Pero como la reunin sabe las respuestas a todo y es- tarea difcil, y probablemente
de cobertura de las elecciones. Depende del lder laico y el se est ejecutando democrti- tn bien informados en todos lo es. Es por eso que no hay
La televisin, los peridicos, ministerio. Pueden tratar de camente, todo el mundo tiene los temas que surjan. muchos que enfrenten ese de-
la radio, las redes sociales, los complacer a todos y funcionar derecho a un voto, incluyendo Los lderes tienen que en- safo. Pero los lderes laicos
blogs y hasta algunas pelculas democrticamente. Pueden ig- aquellas personas que no tienen contrar los regalos en otros, tambin deben saber sus lmites
parecen centrarse en el proceso norar a todo el mundo y hacer idea de lo que est pasando, pero mientras que al mismo tiempo porque las parroquias no fun-
democrtico. Pero cuando se lo que ellos piensan es mejor. de alguna manera todava for- decisiones que es mejor para cionan democrticamente. Por
trata de nuestro propio lider- O podran tratar de encontrar man una opinin. todos. Que la gente no est ejemplo, hay ministerios que
azgo, somos democrticos? un punto medio donde todo el Por otra parte, un lder laico de acuerdo? Claro. Eso es parte pueden asesorar al prroco,
En una democracia, todo el mundo se le va escuchar, pero al en un ministerio podra inten- del liderazgo, el bien y el mal. pero l tiene la ltima palabra
mundo tiene en todo lo que
un voto. As Cada uno tiene un don que pueden traer a la iglesia, pero sucede en su par-
que, si una re- poCos pueden ayudar a saCar esos dones de la gente... roquia.
unin funciona Cada uno
democrticamente, todos ob- final el lder laico tiene la ltima tar un acercamiento autoritario Pero que es donde rezo as. Pa- tiene un don que pueden traer
tienen un voto. Parece justo palabra. donde deciden qu es lo mejor. ciencia puede ser un regalo real- a la iglesia, pero pocos pueden
verdad? Bien, pero qu sucede Cada estilo tiene sus pros y Definitivamente se hacen las mente agradable en situaciones ayudar a sacar esos dones de la
cuando hay 50 personas en una sus contras. Por ejemplo, ejecu- cosas mucho ms rpido y tener muy delicadas. Lderes tenga gente y de manera que trabaje
junta, y el lder necesita llegar tando un ministerio de manera tantas opiniones diferentes en en cuenta que las cosas suceden toda persona con su don que
a una decisin. An debe ser democrtico le podra dar a cada una reunin no sera un prob- en el tiempo de Dios, no suyo. trabajen todos juntos. As que,
democrtico el lder, sabiendo persona una voz. Pero, tambin lema. El verdadero problema As que si un proyecto no est si conocen a lderes como que
que las 50 personas van a tener podra problemtico si hay 50 con este enfoque de liderazgo es pasando el tiempo o un nmero puedan hacer eso, quin sabe,
opiniones diferentes? personas dando su opinin, y que habr diferentes opiniones proyectado de personas que no quizs los estaremos viendo en
Estos desafos de liderazgo cada persona piensa que su opin- fuera de la reunin a travs del han convertido por una cro- las noticias en el futuro durante
no son exclusivos de cualquier in es la correcta. Y a pesar de que chisme y la especulacin por la nologa que est simplemente la temporada de elecciones.
september 30, 2016 27

** Places to go, things to do **

OCTOBERFEST - Blessed Sacrament Church, 780 Porter St. in Beaumont, will be accepted. Then Oct. 30 is Family and Friends day with a 9 a.m.
will be hosting the Annual Octoberfest Saturday, Oct. 1, and Sunday, Oct. Mass at St. Therese Church followed by lunch in the Church hall at noon.
2. Everyone is invited to enjoy the festivities and great food. This year For more information, call the St. Therese Parish office at (409) 933-3783.
food booths include gumbo, shrimp on a stick, BBQ beef sandwiches,
chicken wings, fish sandwiches, funnel cakes and much more. Famous HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! The Office of Family Life will host its annual
Octoberfest fried chicken dinners will be available. Octoberfest will Jubilee Mass celebrating those who have been married 25, 50 or over 50
feature games for children and adults. Mass will be celebrated Saturday, years. The Jubilee Mass will be Sunday, Oct. 30, at St. Anthony Cathedral
Oct. 1, at 5 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 2, at 10 a.m. This is a family-oriented Basilica, Beaumont, and will start at 2:30 p.m. Due to space limitations,
event. it is requested that only immediate family members accompany the
celebrants to Mass, which will be celebrated by Bishop Curtis J. Guillory,
FISH AND SPAGHETTI - Knights of Columbus #951 will have its monthly S.V.D. A reception will follow at the cathedral center immediately after
fish fry Friday Oct. 7 at the KC Hall on College Blvd., Beaumont, 4:30-7 Mass. To register please contact your parish secretary, they have all the
p.m. Dinners are $8 a plate. Then the annual Spaghetti Dinner is Sunday necessary information regarding the event.
Oct. 9 at the KC Hall on College Blvd., Beaumont, from10:30 a.m. until 2
p.m.. Dinners are $10 a plate. Dinners include spaghetti, meatball, salad AUTUMN FEST - The Women of Infant Jesus Altar Society, 243 LHS
and garlic bread. For information on the fish or spaghetti dinner call 409- Drive, Lumberton, invite you to the 10th Annual Autumn Fest and Silent
866-9390. Auction on Friday Nov. 4, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. and on Saturday, Nov. 5,
from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Handmade crafts, wood items, homemade cakes,
REMEMBERING MSGR. FRANCIS H. BURLTON - Our Lady of the cookies, pies, candy, frozen entrees, jellies, pickles, preserves, books,
Assumption will honor its beloved former pastor Msgr. Francis H. Burlton, jewelry and homemade Rosaries will be on sale. Chili will be served for
with a special celebration honoring his life and the 10-year anniversary lunch on Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The silent auction ends Saturday at
of passing. The Mass will be on Oct. 13, at 8:15 a.m. at Our Lady of the 3 p.m. For details call Sheila Kane at (409) 755-3073.
Assumption, 4445 Ave. A in Beaumont. Father Anthony Paulose, C.M.I.,
and the staff invite all to this celebration which may include a video LOOKING FOR ACTS LEADERS - An ACTS Leadership workshop will be
presentation. A reception will follow the Mass. Father Michael A. Jamail held Nov. 12, from 9 a.m. until approximately 3 p.m., at St. Anne Church,
will be the main celebrant. 2715 Calder in Beaumont. Check in will begin at 8:30 a.m. This workshop
is for all who have attended an ACTS retreat and are currently serving
AND THIS LIL PIGGY WAS SMOTHERED! - Knights of Peter Claver on, or are interested in serving on a retreat team. A $15 fee is due at
Council & Court 182 are selling Smothered Pork Chop Dinners on Sunday, registration and lunch will be provided. Register at
Oct. 16, at the KPC Hall located at 515 Savannah Ave., Port Arthur, from 10 For information contact Bill Gier at (409) 833-6433.
a.m. until sold out. Menu is smothered pork chops, rice and gravy, potato
salad, sweet peas, roll and soda. Cost is $10 per meal to dine in or carry TRIP TO SPAIN AND PORTUGAL - A 12-day Marian Shrines Pilgrimage
out. Hall phone is (409) 983-9132 or for more details call (409) 985-8419. to Portugal, France and Spain, Barcelona, Lourdes, Burgops, Santiago De
Compostela, Fatima and Avila. Spiritual Director: Father Sinclair Oubre,
GOLFING AND DANCING! St. James will be having a Golf Tournament pastor St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Orange. the trip is June 5-16, 2017. The
and Homecoming Dance as special fundraisers. The Golf Tournament will cost is $3,490 per person from Houston which includes; Round trip air
be Saturday, Oct. 22, at Babe Zaharias Golf Course, 3500 Jimmy Johnson transportation from Houston, first class hotels double occupancy, 2 meals
Blvd., Port Arthur, with registration starting at 8 a.m. and shotgun start per day (breakfast and dinner,) daily Mass, all airport taxes, entrance fees,
at 9 a.m. The Homecoming Dance will be the same day at Kirwin Hall, tips to drivers, tour guides and fuel surcharges. Limited to 50, first come-
adjacent to St. James Church, 3617 Gulfway Drive, Port Arthur, starting first serve. For further information, please contact the St. Francis Church
at 7 p.m. and ending at 11 p.m. For information, to register or get tickets office at 409-883-9153.
for the dance, call Donna Byars at (409) 540-9328 or email her at dbyars@ CHRISTMAS AT SEA PROGRAM - The Apostleship of the Sea-Diocese
of Beaumont and the Port Arthur International Seafarers Center collect
GOSPEL EXTRAVAGANZA! - St. Therese Church, 1409 N. 6th St. in ditty bags for seafarers throughout the year. During December, these
Orange, is having a Gospel Extravaganza in the church on Oct. 29 at 6:30 bags are delivered to the many ships and tugs that visit the docks of Port
p.m. Music will be provided by the Sacred Heart-St. Mary, Port Arthur, Arthur, Port Neches, Orange, Sabine Pass, and as far out as Cheniere LNG
Mens Contemporary Choir; the Our Mother of Mercy, Beaumont, Gospel in Johnsons Bayou, La. This includes the refinery docks and the many
Choir; the St. John the Evangelist, Port Arthur, Gospel Choir; the Salem commercial and private docks up and down the waterway.
United Methodist Church, Orange, Gospel Choir; and Gods Mercy Choir If you or your group wish to donate gift boxes or filler items, contact
which is made up of a mixture of members from the choirs at St. Therese Tammy Domingue at the Port Arthur International Seafarers Center
Church, Salem United Methodist Church and the New Temple Baptist 409-982-4504, or Doreen M. Badeaux with the Apostleship of the Sea
Church in Port Arthur. No admission will be charged but love offerings Diocese of Beaumont at 409-985-4545.
28 september 30, 2016
september 30, 2016 29
Diocese Dash fun for all

Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, SVD, jokes and encourages the crowd before the start of the Diocese Dash.
The Diocese Dash, a 5K walk
/ run kicked off the Diocese of
Beaumonts 50th Anniversary
celebration early on Saturday,
Sept 17. Runners gathered in
front of St. Anthony Cathedral
Basilica School at 8 a.m. on a
hot and humid morning to
hear the bishop speak and to
pray with him before the 5K
got underway. Besides the 5K,
the event also had face paint-
ing, outdoor bowling and other Averly White, a third grader at St Anthony Cathe-
dral Basilica school enjoyed the face painting.
booths. The Diocese Dash was
sponsored by and raised money
for the Catholic Schools of the

Olivia Hembhard, Joel Schiesler

and Taylor Ho race toward the Angela Bransford is happy with her finish.
Finish line.
30 september 30, 2016

Interested high school students
16 years old and older who are
fully initiated (confirmed) will
receive training to become ex-
traordinary ministers of Holy
Communion on Sunday Oct. 2
from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the
Diocese of Beaumont Catholic
Pastoral Center, 710 Archie St.
in Beaumont. All interested
youth should register through
the Office of Youth Ministry by
calling Mallory Matt at (409)
924-4358 or email at mmatt@

Junior High and High School

youth are invited to a fun day of
kickball sponsored by the Dio-
cese of Beaumont Youth Min-
istry on Saturday, Oct. 8 at the
Beaumont Athletic Complex.
High School youth will check
in at the fields at 8:30 a.m. with
a coaches meeting at 8:45 a.m.
and the games will begin at 9
a.m.. Junior High youth will
check in at the fields at 9 a.m. St. Anthony Basilica School Cross Country team competed in a meet Sept. 24, at Pleasure Island in Port Arthur. Congratulations to team members
with a coaches meeting at 9:15 Amari Rogers, 11th place medal winner, Micaiah Smith, Clare Coker, William Ideozu, Bryce Wylie, Daniel Coker, and Ashton Rogers. All finished the
one mile course in under ten minutes.
a.m. with the games beginning
at 9:30 a.m.. For more infor-
mation, contact Mallory Matt,
Life Chain seeks prayer warriors
Diocese of Beaumont Youth The United States Con-
Ministry secretary at (409) 924- ference of Catholic Bishops Life Chain LoCations
4358. states Prayer is the founda-
tion of all that we do in de-
The African American Youth fense of human life. Right Beaumont Kountze Kirbyville
and Youth Ministry Teams Day for Life of Southeast Texas Calvary Baptist Church parking First Baptist Church of Kountze, First Baptist Church Auditorium,
of Reflection is Oct. 29 at St. is asking all youth to join lot, Dowlen Near Folsom 100 Monroe Street 105 N. Barrow Avenue
Pius X Church at 5076 Bigner others in prayer for the Oct.
Road in Beaumont. Activities 30 Life Chain. Individual Bridge City / orangefield nederland / Port arthur
youth should arrive at one of First Baptist Church Parking lot, Central Mall, FM 365 to 9th Ave. Lumberton
begin at 8 a.m. and continue un-
9788 FM 105, or St. Henry Catho- Infant Jesus Church, 243 LHS
til 4:30 p.m. with Bishop Curtis the 14 Life Chain locations
lic Church parking lot, 475 W. silsbee Drive
J. Guillory, SVD, as the keynote by 2:15 p.m. and commit
Round Bunch Road, Bridge City Calvary Mission Baptist Church,
speaker. Brian Johnson, director to one hour of silent prayer 1316 FM 327 East(Across from orange
of Adolescent Cathechesis and to end abortion, euthanasia Dayton High School) 16th Street @ Burton Avenue
Evangilization for the Archdio- and assisted suicide in our Walgreens, 101 S. Washington
cese of Galveston-Houston, and country. Avenue in Cleveland Winnie - stowell Vidor
Valerie Harrison, who ministers Youth are encouraged to First Baptist Church Gym, 120 E. Market Basket on Main Street
with him, will be the speakers. A bring a lawn chair, umbrella Jasper St. Pear Avenue
continental breakfast and light and bottled water as you be- Lone Star Buffet Restaurant Park- Woodville
lunch will be served. For more come a voice for those who ing Lot on US 96 hampshire fannett, side walk of Tyler County Court-
information contact African cannot speak. The 14 loca- 4-way stop at Texas 124 & FM house, 100 W. Bluff.
tions are listed below. For in- 365
American Ministries director
Linda Duhon-LaCour at (409) formation call Karen Soares
924-4306. at 409-866-8652.
september 30, 2016 31
Sights, sounds of anniversary Mass now on DVD
Did you miss the 50th anni- the diocesan choir enhances the drive will be included that will the day of the event. You will
versary celebration on Sept. 18? Eucharistic celebration as does have a 16-minute slideshow see people from all over South-
Or were you there and would the intentions that were in nine of photos representing the 50 east Texas from arriving at the
like something to keep as a me- languages representing many of years of the Diocese of Beau- event through the Mass and
mento of the day? the ethnicities that make up the mont. From the first Mass at including the birthday party
The Diocese of Beaumont is Catholic faithful in Southeast St. Anthony Cathedral through after.
offering a two-hour DVD of Texas. the years showing groundbreak- A $15 donation will include
the Mass that includes Bishop Look at the video of the Mass ings, celebrations, school chil- shipping and handling. Your
Curtis Guillory, SVDs, hom- at the nearly 4,000 who were dren, recovery from hurricanes, package will be delivered to
ily along with the encouraging in attendance maybe you priests who have pastored the your door in about four to six
and inspiring comments from will see a family member, your local parishes and all five of the weeks.
Cardinal Daniel DiNiardo and neighbor or yourself! You may bishops of the diocese. To order, go online to www.
Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza. know one of the gift bearers. Also included on the flash drive and reserve
The beautiful music led by In addition, a bonus flash is more than 200 photos from your copy.

Have your own memento Tenga su recuerdo del 50

of the 50th anniversary aniversario de la dicesis
Order your copy of the Mass today! Ordene su copia de la misa hoy
Includes bonus flash drive with mismo! Incluye un USB como
photos from the past 50 years and bono con fotos del evento y de los
photos of the event. ltimos 50 aos.

$15 donation includes Una donacin de $15

shipping and handling incluye manejo y envo
Go to Vaya a
to reserve your copy. para reservar su copia.

Please Save the Date Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pat & Tommy Frank

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A culture of excellence and quality.

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas

Health System has a heritage of
compassionate and innovative
care dating back more than 110
years to its founding by the
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate
Word. Today, were transforming
healthcare in Southeast Texas.
One patient at a time. As part
of a Catholic, not-for-profit
health system,we are here to
extend the healing ministry of
Jesus Christ.

Health System

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