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MARCH 2017


Navy pushes for more
ships, technology
breakthroughs. PAGE 10


New and legacy
military vehicles
demand capable
embedded computing
in the smallest

packaging yet. PAGE 22

Insights for systems designers
into the latest enabling
technologies for aerospace,
defense, and commercial
avionics applications. PAGE 42

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Rugged Hyperconverged Infrastructure from Crystal Group converges high compute,
storage, networking, and virtualization for optimum reliability in harsh, tactical
environments. Eliminates separate systems and reduces power, space, and cooling.
Ideal for ISR, cybersecurity, C2, HADR, and other field/mobile operations.


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MARCH 2017
VOL. 28, NO. 3

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Low Profile from
Navy pushes for more ships, Audio Transformers
technology breakthroughs Impedance Levels 10 ohms to 250k ohms,
Power Levels to 3 Watts, Frequency Response
±3db 20Hz to 250Hz. All units manufactured and
Shipboard electronics designers are tested to MIL-PRF-27. QPL Units available.
adapting to the block-upgrade approach to
improve existing surface warships, while Power & EMI Inductors
Ideal for Noise, Spike and Power Filtering
Applications in Power Supplies, DC-DC
also considering a wave of new ships. Converters and Switching Regulators

Pulse Transformers
22 TECHNOLOGY FOCUS 10 Nanoseconds to 100 Microseconds.
ET Rating to 150 Volt Microsecond,
Manufactured and tested to MIL-PRF-21038.
SFF embedded computing for C4ISR
Modern missions on new and legacy military Multiplex Data Bus
Pulse Transformers
vehicles demand capable embedded computing Plug-In units meet the requirements
of QPL-MIL-PRF 21038/27.
systems and components in small form factors. Surface units are electrical equivalents
of QPL-MIL-PRF 21038/27.

32 RF & MICROWAVE DC-DC Converter
Input voltages of 5V, 12V, 24V And 48V.
Standard Output Voltages to 300V (Special
voltages can be supplied). Can be used as self
saturating or linear switching applications. All
units manufactured and tested to MIL-PRF-27.

34 ELECTRO-OPTICS WATCH Power Transformers
0.4 Watts to 150 Watts. Secondary Voltages 5V
to 300V. Units manufactured to MIL-PRF-27
Grade 5, Class S (Class V, 1550C available).
one week
Delivery-Stock to
for sample quan
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Commodity technology and its
threat to capability and innovation
There’s a lot of benefit to the mili- least equal weight to military capabil- Deferring maintenance and upgrades
tary’s continuing use of commodity ities when considering new designs can save money — for a while.
electronic components and subsys- and systems upgrades. With the prospect of facing
tems; this approach can lead to low Commodity technology often can potential foes who are on technolog-
costs, predictable interoperability, and represent the best capability for the ical parity with the U.S., is focusing
for the most part acceptable perfor- money. Much of the time commodity solely on costs and commodity tech-
mance. We all should be mindful, makes sense, yet we should keep our nology really the way to go? When it
however, of how the misuse of com- minds open to the possibility that in comes to boosting military capability,
modity technology may threaten to some instances commodity might not can using commodity technologies
stifle technological innovation. be the best solution, and in fact might still move the needle? To be honest,
Military leaders need to remember discourage innovation that could lead maybe not; it’s like marching in place.
some of the potential drawbacks of to a big increase in military capability. The days of simply maintaining
commodity technology, particularly The next war likely will involve the status-quo by using the latest
when program managers adhere to adversaries whose technological generations of commodity tech-
dogged commodity specifications capabilities, tactics, and strategies nologies may be short-sighted and
imposed to ensure the use of com- are at least on a par with those of wrong-headed. In an industry com-
mercial off-the-shelf (COTS) guide- the U.S., perhaps even better. That petition that involves only commod-
lines. The point to remember is this: means no more free rides in military ity technologies widely available
the military doesn’t need commod- operations against a technologically anywhere on Earth, the only differ-
ity technology, per se; the military inferior foe. Every inch of ground, entiator is price; rarely does capabil-
needs capability. every bit of airspace, every wave ity even enter the discussion. Worse,
I support the use of COTS to the of the ocean in tomorrow’s battle however, is that competing on only
fullest extent possible; it’s crucially theater will be contested against a cost with clearly specified com-
important, is part of the fabric of our foe with modern jet fighter aircraft, modity technologies may be stifling
military procurement system, and stealthy radar systems, potent elec- innovation. With no incentive for
should remain so. In many cases, tronic warfare (EW) capabilities, and genuine increases in capability, com-
technologies rightly defined as COTS formidable cyber warfare abilities. modity-based competition is a race
have some of the best value-added Despite these threats, military to the bottom on price. How well
benefits that industry has to offer, leaders still place substantial value does that bode in a world as danger-
and can represent major capability on using commodity technology in ous as ours, and one that is becom-
enhancements. What I mean by com- military systems — sometimes even ing more so with each passing day?
modity is garden-variety technology at the expense of solutions that offer It’s time for capability to take pri-
that’s available to everybody. Program innovation and enhanced capabilities. ority over reducing costs. These are
managers and purchasers should Yes, using commodity technologies desperate days, and maintaining the
not pursue commodity technology can reduce costs. Using incremental status-quo with commodity tech-
blindly as the only way to meet COTS system block upgrades can reduce the nology isn’t going to cut it. Wait too
requirements. They should give at risk of expensive system redesigns. long, and it just might be too late. 


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and analysts.. target. and fast attack boats improve the training of U. for enhancements to the Texas. Fla. enhance.. news Lockheed and Raytheon develop smart IN BRIEF bullets to defend ships from swarm attacks BY JOHN KELLER  General Dynamics ARLINGTON. precision. In the future. for the program in February 2016. and engage several 4 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. Va. These kinds of threats demand Trainer (IEWTPT). actively controlled projec. battle staff.S. deadly and evolving threat to ships Md. Army intelli- sels to ward off swarming gence and electronic warfare attacks from aircraft. Control segment in Grand Prairie.S. rather than Officials of the U. to alter their flight path in real time military intelligence training nition capacity of bullets fired from to stay on target. and of missiles with the speed.2 million vehicles (UAVs). bearing down from many military intelligence analysts. itary intelligence warfighting order in January to the Raytheon Co. that Navy ships have access to lead. current close-range shipboard gun system operators. medium-caliber. Dynamics Corp. and Defense Advanced Research Instrumentation (PEO STRI) in Projects Agency (DARPA) in Attacks by unmanned aerial Orlando. Missiles and Fire and other maritime threats pose a Systems segment in Laurel.7 Arlington. small million contract to the General order in February to the Lockheed planes. for Simulation. Va. simulates and stimulates mil- DARPA awarded an $8 million ing-edge defensive capabilities. state of the art in defensive gun Dynamics to start with the tile with significantly improved systems by creating a new. intelligence training capabili- guidance. DARPA Intelligence and Electronic Azimuth Defense Fast Intercept officials say. MAD-FIRES aims to advance the experts are asking General guided. mis. missiles. equipment and tools to provide Missile Systems segment in Tucson. in an advanced EW simulation effort to develop a military Simulation and training surface ship defense using experts at General Dynamics medium-caliber smart bul. training for military intelli- two companies won phase I contracts idly and with high precision using gence personnel. is joining intelligence and Raytheon Co. bilities of a U.. simply throwing out a curtain of metal bullets. track. made an $8. The a range of directions and do so rap. for phase II of the Multi and other maritime vessels. The IEWTPT FIRES) program. Warfare Tactical Proficiency Round Engagement System (MAD. Training. The Army Program Executive independently targeted smart munitions. will enhance the capa- lets that enable Navy ves. and a capacity to capabilities. collectors.militaryaerospace.S. It would combine the gun-launched projectiles. naval deck guns may be able to fire different directions at once. spe. 1703mae_BG_4 4 3/6/17 11:05 AM . ple and diverse targets coming from proficiency and sustainment Ariz. and accuracy The program seeks to incorporate ties to augment. — Lockheed to upgrade Army Martin Corp. rap. (EW) electronic simulator to siles. low-cost existing IEWTPT block 1 base- range and accuracy over current technological foundation for guided. Mission Martin Corp. line and add block 2 military systems.  automatic weapons. announced a $9. MAD-FIRES seeks to create a systems. fast in-shore attack boats. and large ammu. cifically an ability to engage multi. Army intelligence gun launched. enhanced ammunition rounds able improve the current IEWTPT’s id-fire capability. for MAD-FIRES phase II.

You can count on us to stock the RF parts you need and reliably ship them when you need them. Add Fairview Microwave to your team and consider it done. 1703mae_BG_5 5 3/6/17 11:05 AM . with over one million RF and microwave components in stock and ready to ship.715.4396 RF COMPONENTS ON DEMAND. The Right RF Parts. Right Away.800. We’re RF On 1. fairviewmicrowave.

Raytheon. N. lockheedmartin.... projectile development and per. and McKinney. and Westminster. Ariz. Lockheed Martin will do the work previously won MAD Fires phase 0 FIRES program. news fast-approaching targets simultane.raytheon. Dallas.. Bethesda. Lockheed Martin in Grand Prairie. and should be finished in November EVANSCAPS 2017. Brea. will do its work in Tucson. Phase 1 of the MAD-Fires program would demonstrate the final MAD- ously and re-engage any targets that involved preliminary risk-reduction FIRES technologies in an operational survive the initial engagement. lation baseline for the program. Keyser. or DARPA at www.darpa.      .J. meanwhile.. and should be finished in EVERYWHERE March 2018. establish a modeling and W.. Calif. military environment. formance. Mass. Va. Md. Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control at www. FOR MORE INFORMATION visit Raytheon Missile Systems online at www. Chelmsford. Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Moving to phase II of the demonstrations. A potential third phase Marion. Ill. Texas. Minneapolis. contracts to define concepts and and Raytheon now will focus on Montville.html. Texas.







/0 / /.00.    -. / 0 /0.

0  / 0  /.   .

/0 / .0  0  /0 ///   Rockwell Collins builds VLF -.


  / //0.


 for B-2 bomber   -  !" / #0 .0   0  military communications .


Iowa.&'0%'()*+$ +$. Ohio — Military communications experts at the   Rockwell Collins Government Systems segment in Cedar Rapids. are starting full-rate pro-    ./ 0 WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB.

   duction of a secure and jam-resis-  %'.

S.$& % '    !! tant very low frequency (VLF) radio   "  !!# & %&' & for the U. Air Force B-2 stealth  .


com 1703mae_BG_6 6 3/6/17 11:05 AM .militaryaerospace. bomber to enable the aircraft crew to communicate with national 6 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www.

c m r call us t day at 800-431-1064. DC-DC Converters. 143 Sparks Ave. TRANSFORMERS & INDUCTORS Surface Mount & Thru Hole Think Pico Small - Over 5000 std Ultra Miniature Military • COTS • Industrial • Ultra Miniature Designs • MIL-PR 27/MIL-PR 21038 • DSCC Approved Manufacturing • Audio/Pulse/Power/EMI Multiplex Models Available • or Critical Applications.  PIC  Electronics’ products are proudly manufactured in the USA and are AS9100C Certified.picoelectronics...000 VDC Outputs — 1-300 Watt Modules • MIL/COTS/Industrial Models • Regulated/Isolated/Adjustable Programmable Standard Models • New High Input Voltages to 900VDC • AS9100C acility/US Manufactured • Military Upgrades and Custom Modules Available PIC  Electronics Inc. l w pr file fr m . Pico Continues to Be the Industry Standard DC-DC CONVERTERS 2V to 10. For almost 50 years PIC Electronics has been providing innovative C TS and custom solutions for Military. Transformers & Inductors. Commercial. The big name in miniature components. Pelham. Aerospace and Industrial applications. visit ur website at pic electr 1703mae_BG_7 7 3/6/17 11:05 AM . AC-DC Power Supplies The most demanding applications require the world’s most reliable components.18" ht.  ur innovative miniature and sub-miniature components are unsurpassed in any  •  FAX: 914-738-8225 VISIT OUR EXCITING NEW WEBSITE:  www. NY 10803 Call Toll Free: 800-431-1064 E Mail: Info@picoelectronics.  T learn m re ab ut ur pr ducts and h w y u can benefit fr m ur expertise think.

rack. rockwellcollins.militaryaerospace. On this contract. the Advanced Extremely High Cycle Management Center at communicate over UHF satellite Frequency (AEHF) SATCOM system. tegic communications replace- Officials of the Air Force Life U. and should be finished by March 2019. It is nuclear hardened and meets stringent cryptographic requirements. and be survivable. Rockwell Collins will do the work in Richardson. contract to Rockwell Collins for full. strategic bombers typically ment. system. will not be ready for several years. Ohio.9 million as well as the MILSTAR SATCOM officials explain. qualifying. communications (SATCOM) links. are nearing the end of their development of the CVR in late 2013. Texas. Rockwell Collins has developed the B-2’s VLF communications system over the last four years in efforts to make the system avail- able for the B-2 fleet by as early as this year. Air Force offi- cials say. This time frame allows for only a modification and qualifi- cation program. human machine interface (HMI) display. not a full develop- ment program. and testing a B-2 bomber VLF communications 1703mae_BG_8 8 3/6/17 11:05 AM . These SATCOM links. are awarding a $12. Their stra- range missions. which involved modifying. and ancillary cabling. antenna. Rockwell Collins engineers have designed the B-2 CVR system to operate in the airborne nuclear combat environment.S. be secure. www. news command authorities while on long. how. con- sisting of a terminal and receiver.  FOR MORE INFORMATION visit Rockwell Collins online at www. Rockwell Collins began full-scale rate production of increment 1 of ever. and equipment to enable receipt and display of emergency action messages. The CVR that Rockwell Collins is building for the B-2 bomber will form a bridge between the UHF SATCOM and MILSTAR systems and the future AEHF SATCOM the Common Very Low Frequency anticipated life cycles. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Receiver (CVR) program.

Replaces 3 or more wet tantalum Superior capacitance Less weight and Rugged stainless steel case Glass-to-metal seal prevents capacitors in parallel or series retention at -55ºC requires less space withstands up to 80g’s dry-out for exceptionally long life Your Mission-critical applications require SlimPack performance MLSH Slimpack is designed to meet the most demanding military and aerospace applications. Slimpack delivers cde. It’s the world’s only hermetic aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a glass-to-metal seal. Energize your next idea with MLSH extremely high capacitance at ultra-low temperatures. 1703mae_BG_9 9 3/6/17 11:05 AM .

Shipbuilding BY Edward J. Marine to enable weapons to engage Structure Assessment (FSA) — the Corps. Lethality requires an offensive ous ships. It and Mission Systems showed how required for the Navy’s “Distributed calls for increasing the nation’s fleet to shoot down fast-flying enemy Lethality” vision pioneered by Vice of surface ships and submarines missiles by using data from the Adm. 66 attack submarines. a capability first since 2012 (updated in 2014). defense strategy. the Navy. Navy and Lockheed Martin mindset that enables the goal of 12 ballistic missile submarines. which directed the Navy Association national sympo. improving battlespace support ships. said “Distributed surface combatants. 104 bat system. 52 small SM-6 missile defense missile to sium in January. adds urgency to Navy efforts to design and build the right types of ships in the right numbers to technology support dramatic shifts in the U. the Navy breakthroughs has 273 deployable “battle-force” ships. and Lockheed Martin Rotary long-range targets. S P EC I A L REPORT The destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is heavily armed for land attack. Mexico showcased the effectiveness awareness. and anti-air warfare. large surface combatants. Walsh Navy leaders laid their cards on the table last December in a new Force Last September. and White Sands Missile Range in New firepower.S. Today. transport. and supporting the Navy officials say the FSA will of the Aegis Baseline 9 program Navy’s 2018 shipbuilding 1703mae_BG_10 10 3/6/17 11:05 AM . speaking at the Surface including 12 aircraft carriers. Fighter to the Navy’s Aegis com. ment calls for a fleet of 355 ships. 38 amphibi- destroy the target. Thomas Rowden. The assess- new F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike of Naval Surface Forces. surface warfare.militaryaerospace. (Navy photo) Navy pushes The Distributed Lethality vision for more ships. officials say the demonstration at sea control by increasing offensive and 71 logistics.” be an input in the 2018 30-year 10 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. Rowden. commander by nearly one-third.

727. detailed datasheets. and online ordering with same day shipping on any cable assembly built from our inventory of today! 1703mae_BG_11 11 3/6/17 11:05 AM . Customize RF cable assemblies to your exact specifications with the new Pasternack Cable Creator.000 Possible Cable Assembly Configurations ™ Available – All Shipped the Same Day.300 connectors and 120 cable types.8376 visit pasternack. 866. This easy to use tool provides instant pricing. Another RF solution brought to you by the RF engineers at Pasternack. Design & Buy Online with The Pasternack Cable Creator Over 250.

µONYX S PECIAL REPORT SFF Mission Computer shipbuilding plan. steams > 1x USB 3.S.19’’ x 6. 3 kilos. Navy’s 98. a 27.000-ton helicopter carrier. the Navy has moved to engineering 8. USS Independence (LCS-2). Distributed computing to avoid single-points of failure and hot spots > SWaP constraints : 3 liters. Here. but was “not constrained by Budget Control Act funding www. (Navy photo) > -40°C up to +71°C Operating > Qualified DO-160F/MIL-STD-810G/461F/1275D/704 Also in December the Chinese navy conducted the first live-fire drills from its one aircraft carrier. under- lining the tensions between the Pacific superpowers. the first of the “trimaran” variant. This program aims at a construction start date of October 2020 for the first vessel. In late December in the South China Sea. enabling it www.” Meanwhile. which leaders say is the nation’s top defense priority.5W cTDP > Up to 32GB dual-channel DDR4 memory > 2x removable 2.21’’ development of the strategic ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) replacement of the Ohio class.000-ton former heavy cruiser acquired from Russia in 1703mae_BG_12 12 3/6/17 11:05 AM . Liaoning.000-ton Nimitz-class carriers. Columbia (SSBN-826). The Navy wants Columbia on patrol by 2031. China commissioned the ship in 2012.ecrin. Naval experts believe that carrier operations will Tel : +33 1 69 07 83 22 extend China’s reach in regional waters. the Chinese ship is larger than the Indian navy’s 45.000-ton Vikramaditya and Japan’s Izumo. 30 Watts > cutting edge INTEL Skylake-U.militaryaerospace. Navy unmanned undersea vehicle conducting an unclassified oceanographic research mission. a Chinese ship picked up a U. The Navy proposal to build more ships responds in part to the need to maintain a strong presence in the Pacific to counter the growth of China’s navy.0 off the southern California coast.5’’ SSD > 1x PMC and 2x mini PCI Express sites for Avionics and I/O expansions The Navy’s controversial class of littoral combat ships will represent > 4x RS-232 + 2x RS-422 the bulk of the “small surface combatants” in the future fleet. > ITAR free without Export Control a 60. SoC. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) notes that the ship may be capable of 20-knot speed and could deploy an airwing of 24 J-15 fighters.S. with only 7. After extensive refitting and addition of a ski- jump flight deck.41’’ x 4.0 Full Spec + 4x USB 2. While less capable than the U.

5V ∎ Logic ∎ SpaceWire SRAM SSRAM ∎ Memories ∎ 1553 Transceivers .5V +3.5V +1. cruise missiles. CCA. All these studies recommend The Navy now is taking delivery ARCI sonar processing different numbers of submarines. expertise and flight history to achieve your goals.S.. listic missile submarines is the ies in recent years have proposed a ity and expanding the workforce Navy’s hugely successful acous- Navy of between 308 and 350 ships. and In October.3V Cobham Semiconductor Solutions +3. the Navy commissioned tiative the mid-1990s to slash the th amphibious ships. Conn. Navy’s mission there. Attack submarines III Virginia-class SSNs.cobham. and private stud. also built the Ohio-class SSBNs. cost and time needed to upgrade affect the Navy’s long-term planning class attack boat and the ninth submarine sonars with new digital Cobham Embedded Computer Solution The most important thing we build is trust Voltage Supervisor/Fault Detection Problem: Embedded Computing Voltage Reset/ Supervisor Fault Detection Solution: Cobham OSC +3. second carrier using an entirely Illinois. Department of Jabaley says that building more Supporting both attack and bal- Defense (DOD). Whether you are focusing on payload or platform Voltage Clock Manager LVDS 5 Volts Regulator electronics. has a rede- In the Med. The Navy commenced the ARCI ini- surface combatants. Navy. which signed bow and replaces 12 tor- naval activity resulting from its the FSA increases from 48 to 66 pedo tubes with two tubes capa- annexation of the Crimea. Michael Seawolf-class (SSN-21) SSNs.3V ∎ Microwave ∎ CAN Transceivers Filters ∎ Voltage Regulators/ XCVR ∎ Muxes Supervisors MUX Op Amp SpaceWire A-to-D 800-645-8862 www.8V 32 bit PCI bus +2. 2014 called for 346 ships. aggres. the third of eight Block Chinese design. Radiation Testing.8V solves your problems. and Filters. boats. Submarines Rear Adm.. CSIS and raise the question of whether consecutive ship to be delivered reports that China is building a larger numbers would be affordable. Cobham has the products. S PECIAL REPORT to intimidate its neighbors.125Gbps SerDes ∎ LVDS ∎ 3.3V +2. MRAM +2. of two Virginia-class boats per year. U. carriers. increased Russian Attack submarines (SSNs). SSNs would require adding capac.125Gbps SerDes +2. the 13 Virginia.5V ∎ ADC/DAC ∎ Power Distribution SDRAM Cobham RadTol ASIC with ∎ Clocks Modules Eclipse FPGA Gaisler IP 3. which insertion (ARCI) program. at shipbuilder General Dynamics tic rapid commercial off-the-shelf A National Defense Panel report in Electric Boat in Groton. early by Electric Boat.. The Navy also has the Syrian civil war underlines the Program Executive Officer for 39 Los Angeles (SSN-688) and three U.S. and involvement in story in recent years. The totals would Illinois (SSN-786).3V Fault Detect ∎ ASICs ∎ μProcessors and IP +1. have been a Navy success ble of launching six Tomahawk sion in Ukraine. Custom MCMs 1703mae_BG_13 13 3/6/17 11:05 AM .

during odd-numbered years. Falcon. field-programmable gate arrays. reducing the chance of obsolescence. Focused.falconelec. ARCI introduces general-purpose www. in system. is a Certified Small Disadvantaged Distributor and your authorized source for all state-of-the-art semiconductor components. The ARCI upgrades are accom- plished through biennial technical insertions (TIs) of hardware. S PECIAL REPORT signal processing technology to counter the fielding of extremely quiet diesel-powered submarines by potential foes. The ARCI program is run by Warfare Systems (PEO IWS) in reduced by leveraging them against the Submarine Acoustic Systems charge of software development. The allied forces. Whether managing individual inventory requirements. embedded for a rugged world. Falcon Electronics. Falcon is committed to your success. towed arrays. (Marine Corps photo) even-numbered years. Fast. called Marine Corps and Navy integrate targeting data for the latest version of the Aegis combat advanced process builds (APBs). also biennial. AS9120 REV A /ISO 9001:2008 Certified 1703mae_BG_14 14 3/6/17 11:05 AM . and other components for hull-mounted sonar arrays. providing sophisticated levels of support. high-reliability product lines from the Mil-Aero industry’s top manufacturers. Inc. with the Program Officials say that risks of these duced APB-15 software using the Executive Office for Integrated complex TI and APB upgrades are already tested TI-14 hardware. and other sen- sors. like servers and storage devices. Falcon’s line card showcases superior. and soft- A Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter acted as a “data provider” to help the ware revisions. PEO IWS intro- program office. fielded systems. 1-800-444-4744 sales@falconelec. or supplying leading-edge technologies to meet rugged environmental demands. Fal Falcon’s focus on the military and aerospace iindustry nd has allowed us to forge long-term relationships with suppliers who are equally as rel dedicated. Our alliances enable us to target your specific needs.

and X-band www. originally to provide fire support to land forces.2 million Navy Stay ConneCted award for BVY-1 integrated sub- marine imaging systems.. with its Next Generation Architecture futuristic design intended to reduce • High Density Computing & Connectivity radar cross-signature dramatically • Intel® Atom Architecture • Expanded Scalable Capabilities and “tumblehome” bow. Multi-Protocol Connectivity ing of Zumwalt (DDG-1000). oped TI-16 hardware using the ConneCtivity | Power | Control APB-15 software.700 tons) built by General Dynamics Bath Iron Works. Primary radar is a 53 Stand# 1348 years of service To learn more.. The Zumwalt class.0/ARINC 825. National Harbor. MIL-STD-1553. the company’s Manassas group won a $13. MD.militaryaerospace. Lockheed Martin has been the key player in ARCI. The Zumwalts are powered by D ata D e v i c e c o r p o r at i o n an integrated fight-through power www.600-ton destroyers (Arleigh Burke destroyers displace 9.5 billion. evolved Seasparrow and Standard SM-2 air-defense missiles.. Research and • MIL-STD-461F EMI development bring the total pro- Multi-Protocol Flexibility gram cost to about $22.73 billion. Protocol Conversion & Standalone) vertical launch tubes for launch- Expandable: (2) Mini-PCIe sites & (1) I/O Expansion Module ing Tomahawk cruise missiles. or more than • MIL-STD-810G MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 15 1703mae_BG_15 15 3/6/17 11:05 AM . April 3-5 vertical-launch. S PECIAL REPORT Acoustics Systems office devel. anti-subma- rine rockets. The Navy’s FY 2017 budget submission SWaP-C Optimized System • Rugged Deployable Compact Enclosure identified the cost of the three-ship • Low Power Computing Performance class at $12. Zumwalt class The year’s highlight for the surface Navy was the October commission. Vibration & Immersion $4 billion per ship. visit Raytheon-developed S. and See us at. In December 2016.. CANbus 2. the group won a $125 million modification to an earlier award for ARCI system engineering and production multifunction radar. • Ethernet. and in November. Scalable.ddc-web. ARINC 429/717. yo ur so lut ion p ro vide r fo r . The Zumwalts are armed with RS-232/422/485 & Avionics/Digital Discrete I/O two advanced gun systems and • 3 modes (Remote Access. the first Compact Avionics Interface Computer of a new three-ship class of 610-foot- long 15. has been • USB 3.0 Support controversial and expensive.


system that distributes power for of the Government Accountability integrated with mission personnel
propulsion and ship systems from Office, said that the ships’ costs have and either the MH-60R (for ASW and
four Rolls-Royce gas turbines gen- doubled from $220 million to $478 anti-surface) or the MH-60S (mine
erating 78 megawatts of power to million and the 12 LCS-derived frig- countermeasures) helicopters, are
advanced induction motors devel- ates planned could cost $14 billion. called mission “packages.”
oped by Converteam (bought by GE Responding to critics, Vice Northrop Grumman is developing
in 2011), which turn the drive shafts. Admiral Rowden and Sean Stackley, the modules, in separate increments,
Zumwalt suffered an engine Assistant Secretary of the Navy separately from the shipbuilding
casualty enroute from its commis-
sioning in Baltimore to San Diego
while transiting the Panama Canal.
Navy officials said the port shaft
lost power, caused by water leak-
age through bearings that link the
advanced induction motors. The
casualty follows earlier engine prob-
lems off Norfolk, Va., and Florida
after commissioning.
The two remaining ships, Michael
Monsoor and Lyndon B. Johnson Arleigh Burke class (DDG-51) destroyers will receive the Aegis combat system Baseline 9, which
enables them to conduct integrated air and ballistic missile defense. (Navy photo)
(DDGs-1001 and -1002) are under
construction at Bath. for Research, Development & program. The surface warfare mod-
Acquisition, told Congress that “the ule has been employed operationally
Littoral Combat Ship LCS program is on budget and below by Fort Worth (LCS-3), and the first
The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) pro- the Congressional cap.” two increments have achieved ini-
gram has been roiled by contro- The LCS comes in two variants: tial operational capability (IOC), with
versy. Growing costs and engine the traditional-hulled Freedom-class full operational capability planned
breakdowns with ships underway (LCS-1), with odd hull numbers, for 2020. The mine warfare and ASW
led then-Defense Secretary Ashton is built by Fincantieri Marinette modules still are at varying stages of
Carter in December 2015 to direct Marine in Marinette, Wis., with development and testing.
the Navy to restrict the class to 40 Lockheed Martin as combat sys- Five LCSs experienced serious
ships, down from the 52 planned. tems integrator. Austal USA, Mobile, propulsion system failures in 2016,
The December FSA stands by 52, Ala., builds the even-numbered prompting the Navy, in July, to stand
dubbed small surface combatants, Independence (LCS-2) three-hulled down operations for a compre-
but the Navy is now modifying the trimaran, with systems integration hensive review of procedures and
LCS design for the last 12 by adding by General Dynamics Advanced additional training. As a result, the
armor and weapons and designating Information Systems. Navy last September dramatically
those ships as frigates. In late December, the Navy took reorganized the program, designat-
The LCS program, the Navy’s delivery of its ninth LCS and fifth ing the first four ships as test ships
solution to replacing the Oliver trimaran, Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10). and merging the crews of following
Hazard Perry-class (FFG-7) frigates Eighteen more ships are under con- ships with the module crews.
and two classes of minehunters, has struction or under contract. Stackley and Rowden pointed out
been blasted by critics. In testimony The LCSs will embark mission that of the five propulsion casualties,
before the Senate Armed Services modules for anti-submarine and two were due to non-compliance
Committee in early December, Paul anti-surface warfare and mine with procedures, one was design-re-
Francis, managing director of acqui- countermeasures in littoral, or lated, and two were caused by con-
sition and sourcing management coastal, waters. The modules, when struction shortcomings.


1703mae_BG_16 16 3/6/17 11:05 AM


Navy officials said also that “the program used for the F-35B demo at version of Baseline 9, which pro-
Navy has taken a consistent and White Sands. vides integrated air and ballistic
rigorous approach in assessing and The cruisers are getting an missile defense (BMD). That pro-
addressing root causes of equip- upgraded version of Baseline 9 that gram is going only to in-service
ment casualties in LCS,” adding that provides enhanced anti-air warfare and future Burkes, and to the two
“there is still work to be done in capability built around the Aegis Aegis Ashore sites, one in service in
increasing the operational availabil- SPY-1 radar. However, the cruis- Romania and a second in Poland, set
ity of the ships in service.” ers won’t get the more advanced to stand up this year.
In 2014 then-Secretary of Defense
Chuck Hagel told the Navy to come
up with a new design for a ship at
least as survivable as the rugged
Perry-class frigates.
A small surface combatant task
High Speed Board to Board
force developed concepts for an
LCS-derivative frigate armed with Compliant Connector
an over-the-horizon missile like
the long-range, anti-ship missile
(LRASM), the SeaRAM defensive
missile system, Longbow Hellfire
missile, already test-fired from an
LCS, and an ASW sonar.
A draft request for propos-
als for the new frigate was set
Magnified View of Pins Arranged in a
Solderless Board-to-Board Interconnect
for release early this year, with a using InvisipinÆ
Coaxial RF Configuration
(shown with compression stop)

“clean design” expected this sum-
mer, a formal request for proposal
(RFP) by year end, and construc-
tion award by late 2018. The Navy
ï > 50 GHz Bandwidth @1 dB
would downselect to one ship-
ï 20 m C-Res (typical)
builder for the frigate program.
ï Up to 4 Amps
Twelve ships are planned, with
first delivery in 2023. Configurations
ï 0.23mm to 0.64mm diameter pins
Aegis modernization ï Pitches from 0.4mm to >1mm Compliant InvisipinÆ Interconnect

A good-news Navy story for 2016
*Available in tape and reel (machine placeable) or fully integrated into custom products.
has been the modernization of the

Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.
The modernization adds the
Navy integrated fire control −
counter-air (NIFC-CA) capability, a
new SPQ-9B surface search radar,
new RAM terminal defense missile, 610-443-2299
and other upgrades. The center-
©2015 R&D Interconnect Solutions. All rights reserved. R&D Interconnect Solutions, Invisipin, and are
piece of the effort is the insertion of trademarks of R&D Interconnect Solutions .

the Baseline 9 Aegis combat system MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 17

1703mae_BG_17 17 3/6/17 11:05 AM


The Burke-class ships are built
in “flights” based on the evolu-
tion of capabilities. Flight I ships
are the first-of-class Arleigh Burke
(DDG-51) though DDG-71. Flight
II ships are DDGs-72 through
-78; Flight IIA includes hulls -79
through at least -122, but pos-
sibly -123 or -124, depending on
which ship becomes the first of 13
planned for Flight III.
Lockheed Martin now is refining
Baseline 9 to provide the advanced
BMD for in-service destroyers and
those under construction. The
Flight III Burkes will get a new
Raytheon-built SPY-6 air-mis-
sile defense radar, still integrated
The Navy’s 22 Ticonderoga class cruisers are going through a bow-to-stern modernization
including a range of new combat and sensor systems. Here, USS Shiloh (CG-67) and with Aegis and running still-newer
Chancellorsville (CG-62) transit the Pacific to join the Navy’s Seventh Fleet. (Navy photo) Baseline 10 software with the new
BMD program.
Jim Sheridan, Lockheed Martin’s
Rugged HPEC boards vice president for Naval Combat &
Missile Defense Systems, says that
for your OpenVPX Systems
the company supports accelerat-
Digital Signal Processing
ing a Navy-Missile Defense Agency
DSP boards
10/40 GigaEthernet initiative to refurbish the Aegis
managed Switches SPY-1 phased array radar for ear-
lier Burkes by installing low-noise
amplifiers and upgrading their com-
• IIntel® Xeon Broadwell DE
• Dual processor (8 cores per processor) bat systems.
• PCIe / 10/40 Gigabit dataplaneFMC site
• Up to 48*10GBase-KR Sheridan also recommends
or 16 * 40Gbase-KR4 on data plane Signal processing and installation of a solid-state SPY-1
• Up to 12* Gigabit ports
and 6*10G/40G ports
communication FMCs radar for all the destroyers desig-
nated Flight IIA (Oscar Austin DDG-
Front End
79 up to the first Flight III ship). The
processing boards • V
Vita 57.1/4
Flight IIAs, he notes, will be the core
of the Burke class into the 2040s.
• Harsh environment app The new SPY would use the
of Development
• Supplied with a Full set
sw itchware) S-band, solid-state gallium nitride
• Virtex®-7 & QorIQ 6U VPX tools (firmware and
processing board • High-technica l su ppo rt technology developed for a long-
• High-performance boards range discrimination radar the
company is building for the Missile

Defense Agency to be based in Clear,
Alaska, for ballistic missile defense.
The Burkes are built by General
+33 (0)2 98 57 30 30 • info •
Dynamics Bath and Huntington


1703mae_BG_18 18 3/6/17 11:05 AM


Ingalls Shipyards in Pascagoula, regulators in two main turbine recovery of a Navy F/A-18E Super
Miss. Huntington Ingalls delivered generators last summer pushed Hornet fighter/attack aircraft.
John Finn (DDG-113) on 7 Dec. 2016. delivery to next month. Kennedy is set for delivery in
By coincidence, the ship is named General Atomics, builder of the June 2022. Huntington officials say
after Lt. John Finn who, while a electromagnetic aircraft launch- the program is intensively focused
petty officer, was awarded the ing system (EMALS) and the AAG, on reducing costs experienced in
Medal of Honor for bravery during announced in December that the construction of Ford, which is esti-
the Pearl Harbor attack. system achieved the first-ever mated to cost nearly $12.9 billion.
Rafael Peralta (DDG-115), the 65th
Burke, was scheduled to deliver in
February. Bath is set to build the
first Flight III ship, to be the third
ship funded in FY 2016, planned for

delivery in 2023.
Flexible DC-DC
Aircraft carriers Power Systems
The Navy now has 10 Nimitz-class for Military & High Reliability Applications
carriers, CVNs 68 through 77 • 800 Watts Conduction Cooled (No Fans)
• 9~45 or 16~80 VDC Input Ranges
(George H.W. Bush, commissioned • MIL-STD-704, 461 & DO-160 Compliant
in January 2009). The Navy is sup- • Measures only 180 x 120 x 60mm

posed to have 11 CVNs and 10 car-
rier air wings, but Enterprise (CVN-
65) was decommissioned in late
2012. When it enters service, Gerald
R. Ford (CVN-78) lead ship of the
four-carrier Ford class, will become
800 Watt Modular DC-DC Power System
the 11th flattop, with a 50-year
• Up to 4 Isolated Outputs
service life.
• Parallel or Serial Connections
Huntington Ingalls Industries, • -40~+85°C Ambient (-55°C Option),
the Navy’s only carrier builder, Conduction Cooled Operation
• Ultra-Wide input ranges:
continues work on John F.
- 9~45Vdc (transient 60Vdc/100ms)
Kennedy (CVN-79). - 16~80Vdc (transient 100Vdc/100ms)
Navy officials say that design • Reverse Polarity Protection
innovations for the Ford class will • Inrush Current Limiting
enable it to go to sea with 700 fewer • Advanced Status & Control
- Global Output Enable / Inhibit
personnel than the Nimitz-class - Individual Voltage Enable / Inhibit
ships. Ford introduces a new type of - Synchronization In/Out (560kHZ)
- Over Temperature Monitor
nuclear reactor, an electromagnetic - Remote Sense (≤10% compensation)
aircraft launch system, advanced - Output Voltage Trimming
- Output Current Trimming
arresting gear (AAG), and dual-band - Active Current Share (± 5% Accuracy)
SPY-3 radar built by Raytheon. • Up to 88% efficiency
These and other design
upgrades, the Navy says, will
enable a 33 percent increase in
aircraft sorties. Ford was sched-
uled to be delivered to the Navy
late last year, but failure of voltage
w w w . g a i a - c o n v e r t e r. c o m MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 19

1703mae_BG_19 19 3/6/17 11:05 AM

is an Aegis integrated electric drive (IED). says Lockheed resents a step toward full-up from DARPA in January. MTU diesel engines and twin $24. “how often can you be at the specifications. nent magnet motor. tenance or human control. Whidbey Island (LSD-41) and four L-3 Communications Maritime In a huge breakthrough for Harper’s Ferry-class (LSD-49) dock Systems won a 2012 contract for unmanned systems. two prototype systems for testing. Miss. test parameters. The eight Wasp LHDs and two with options for follow-on produc. tems by selecting programs from cruise missile that will enable it the common source library based to hit mobile and sea-based tar- Amphibious assault ships on their own requirements. maximum speed of 26 knots. the ship tran- diesels). At low speeds. christening of a robot warship… other components. America-class LHAs tion of two shipsets. that hybrid electric drive rep. are able to configure their own sys. capabilities. Critical to the success Navy and industry officials say The Office of Naval Research took of the White Sands demonstra. and common to many weapon sys- 11 ships of a new class now called other components for installation tems. The Navy initially Defense Secretary Robert Work all Aegis program code. using a high-torque perma. its autonomous navigation system. ers. and electrical targets and against Navy Third now are getting 34: eight Wasp technology with the production Fleet ships off San Diego. international navies that use Aegis duced upgrades to an active seeker will be ordered in 2018 and 2023. the only LHD pow. ‘I was part of company. decades-long goal of the surface christening in April. then-Deputy nent repository of components for community. and America (LHA-6). deploy 60 to 90 days without main- to carry war-fighters and equip.militaryaerospace. technical planned a full integrated power said. ered by gas turbines (others use During testing. tric drive system aboard Makin Caterpillar diesel generators. The vessel is required to the LSDs launch landing craft power the non-propulsion systems. work this 1703mae_BG_20 20 3/6/17 11:05 AM . and powered by the generators that initiative. S PECIAL REPORT The next two Ford-class ships. In August. but hull. in 2016. the system is con. the General gas turbines used at higher speeds. Sea Hunter is powered by twin Dynamics NASSCO yard won a The Navy fielded a hybrid elec. LHA-8 The hybrid electric drive uses Research Projects Agency through will restore a welldeck for use by electric drive motors fixed to the DARPA’s antisubmarine warfare landing craft. using only Navy technology leapt forward tric drive during construction. construction contract in 2019. The Navy and the five Raytheon Missile Systems intro- Enterprise (CVN-80) and CVN-81. but instead day like when the Nautilus was Navy-owned but maintained by the selected the more conventional GE christened… and say. sor uses a modular design that is Antonio. a perma. are built to support helicopters the Navy in 2015. 145-ton unmanned ship named Sea follow-on. you’re going to look back at this The common source library.” 12 San systems. which will replace eight on 36 Burke-class destroyers. The company tested the new Navy and Marine Corps leaders say The Navy moved forward in seeker against land-based mobile they need 38 amphibious ships. control software. is the source of all Aegis advanced induction motor. developed by Leidos Inc. propeller shaft reduction gears and continuous trail unmanned vessel built by Huntington Ingalls. The San Antonios.’”  20 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. history..class (LPD-17) ships. including electric motors. in April the landing ships. siderably more efficient than the approved the Leidos design in 2014. (LHD-1) and three America-class of hybrid electric drive propulsion Raytheon says the proces- (LHA-6) “big decks. and system for the Zumwalt destroy. array for the Tomahawk Block IV respectively. Navy christened a 132-foot-long. Martin’s Sheridan. exercised by Hunter. sited the 35 miles between Biloxi Technology Tripoli (LHA-7) will get hybrid elec. funded by the Defense Advanced and V-22 Osprey aircraft. over management of the program tion in September. gets.3 million award for LHX design. The Navy is funding more the LX.. DARPA ment shoreward. for a The Navy plans to award an LX Island (LHD-8). mechanical. a Speaking at the Sea Hunter common source library. and motor drives. and Pascagoula.

Inc. based on the latest generation Xilinx® Kintex® Ultrascale™ Worldwide Distribution & Support. the next evolutionary standards in digital signal • www. DMA engines and more VPX. Jade Model 71861 XMC module. DUCs. • Board resources include PCIe Gen3 x8 interface.. • Streamlined Jade architecture boosts performance. reduces power and lowers cost • Superior analog and digital I/O handle multi-channel wideband signals with highest dynamic range • Built-in IP functions for DDCs. Kintex Ultrascale FPGA Pentek’s new Jade architecture. triggering. Navigator FDK shown in IP or and ELINT monitoring and EW countermeasures call 201-818-5900 for more information All this plus FREE lifetime applications support! Pentek.pentek. Inc. Inc. Copyright © 2016 Pentek. Upper Saddle River. Other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Pentek. cPCI and AMC with rugged options. Pentek’s next generation Navigator FPGA Design Kit and BSP tool suite unleashes these resources to speed IP development and optimize applications. sample clock synthesizer and 5 GB DDR4 SDRAM • Navigator Design Suite BSP and FPGA Design Kit (FDK) for Xilinx Vivado® IP Integrator expedite development • Applications include wideband phased array systems. Plus. radar transponders. PCIe. also available in synchronization. doubles the performance levels of previous products. NJ 07458 Phone: 201-818-5900 • Fax: 201-818-5904 • email: info@pentek. Jade and Navigator are trademarks of Pentek. 2X HIGHER performance 4X FASTER development Introducing Jade™ architecture and Navigator™ Design Suite. One Park Way. See the Video! communications transceivers.pentek. Unfair Advantage. SIGINT www. 1703mae_BG_21 21 3/6/17 11:05 AM .

9 inches — is tionally expensive to maintain. executive vice president of engineering at rug.8 by 6. In fact. are extremely small in size. Citation. capabilities. so the tube is control. “We follow the Intel these robust compute capabilities. Iowa. and legacy platforms are being Bombardier Dash 8 or a Cessna infused with more and more systems. the cost is high. and video — is Interface Concept in interest away from rack- critical for real-time informed decision making. and we’re seeing that footprint shrink with a focus on products under 10 Platforms shrinking pounds in weight. ing the industry to seek small- The ability to gather. features. we’re seeing a lot of inter- ged computing specialist Crystal Group in Hiawatha. smaller. IC-OPT-FMCPa board agers and end users are anxious to benefit from such innovations. and reconnaissance (ISR) “We’re seeing some shift data — including text. content or capabilities into that sions. situational awareness. is driving the tube which is. IC-QSFP-FMCa module mount servers to embedded. integrate.3 by 1.militaryaerospace. surveillance. They are starting to shrink a reflection of that trend toward extremely compact in size. Modern embedded computing advances enable engineers to pack robust pro- cessing power in full-featured small-form-factor (SFF) sys. conducted with these vehicles. A marked increase in command. there’s less area to get surveillance. and upgrade embedded computing systems such that they deliver ever greater capabilities in ever smaller sizes.” Looking at the big picture in aerospace and defense. mission success. lightweight. becoming smaller. that direction. SFF. The platform size is and functionality. Interface Concept tems — and aerospace and defense program man. driv- demand for SFF embedded computers. Aerospace customers seek maintaining the platforms. communications. “we’re Crystal Group’s RE1401 NUC rugged embedded starting to see consolidation of platforms that are tradi. intelligence. intelligence. est in system on chip (SoC) applications. and extremely SFF embedded computing plays a large role in bringing small size. For example. and functional.” says number of applications. so we use a lot of embedded boards that ity to the field in ever smaller packages. Howard Aerospace and defense engineers are under considerable pressure to design and develop. process. BY Courtney E. new platforms are more compact going down to something like a than ever before. and reconnaissance (C4ISR) mis. Shaw says. share. computers.” Shaw continues. TECHNOLOGY F CUS SFF embedded computing for C4ISR Modern missions on new and legacy military vehicles demand capable embedded computing systems and components in small form factors. however. by necessity. so there is even smaller embedded computers for a growing a push to make the platforms more cost-effective. and safety. It’s really 22 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. and store form-factor solutions. computer — measuring 4. Roadmap. “It’s driving in Jim 1703mae_BG_22 22 3/6/17 11:05 AM . primarily because of the logistics associated with packages. imagery. applications that Space is at a premium in all aerospace and historically employed “C-130s are defense vehicles.

says Aneesh Kothari. and other embedded computing companies are witnessing and delivering sys- tems to facilitate greater hardware consolidation. they are supplant- ing several systems with hybrid or hyperconverged solutions.” Consolidation The sizes of embedded comput- ing systems and components becomes so important based on what designers are putting them into: very tight spaces in fixed- wing and rotary-wing 1703mae_BG_23 23 3/6/17 11:05 AM .” System’s ture. Systel. there’s less area to dissipate the heat. and storage in one in shrinking platform sizes provokes other systems-integration challenges. As a product gets smaller. Replacing multiple big boxes with www. another handling pushed into that silicon. processing. you’ve got big die and small boards.” “Defense customers are shifting storage. promises such ben. and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). taking all the content in a CPU a single SFF embedded system. “Space is at a premium. An embedded all-in-one The move toward ever smaller and from standalone systems to all-in.militaryaerospace. and crash.” Crystal Group. weight. “What has been and motherboard and turning into growing trend. approach combines video cap- more powerful embedded computers one embedded systems. doing processing. light armored vehicles. Ga. vibe. “In embedded computing. the case in the past is one computer mostly a CPU with all the features efits as cost and space savings. you have to be innovative and it requires a certain amount of system engineering. which lends to interesting thermal design challenges. “Power and thermal are just as much of an issue. and power (SWaP)- optimized — as small as possible but still incredibly high perfor- mance. you have to be careful about how you package them so there are no issues with shock. a Kothari explains. director of marketing at Systel in Alpharetta.” Shaw says. and systems need to be size.

says Rodger Kothari describes. applications ranging from missile defense systems and combat vehicle upgrades to aircraft modernization and new unmanned ground. ligent products. ranging from manned aircraft the central processing unit (CPU). uted via various radio formats and networks to com- ational awareness and for more effective target detec.” Hosking says. The encoding. Many systems using SFF embedded computing com- “Onboard exploitation is accomplished through ponents are airborne. cabling. Systel Inc. product manager at Curtiss- zmicro Learn More Wright Defense Solutions in Salt Lake City. helicopter run the mission maps with synchronized metadata.” Kothari says. and countermeasures. and signal generation for communications. 1703mae_BG_24 24 3/6/17 11:05 AM . zmicro. “We are seeing numerous requests for SFF systems and for board-level products that are integrated into SFF systems.J.” Programs using Pentek SFF systems and board-level products include: airborne radar electronic warfare (EW) transponders.” Hosking says. As an example. brings them in from the sensor pay. in Upper Saddle River. “SFF acquisition systems located near antennas and sensors can digitize signals and then deliver them IMPROVE VISUAL over optical cables to processing systems. CLARITY IN LIVE VIDEO and signal degradation of copper cables. “It’s a trend we’re seeing across the board: a single LRU vs. Systel’s EB7001 rugged SFF video video and create intel- capture system provides video processing. air. dramatically reducing the weight. line-replaceable unit (LRU) failure. vendor management and support. and underwater platforms. vice president of embedded computing spe- cialist Pentek Inc. small.” load. digital signal processing. bandwidth “Customer interest is piqued by the modular- ity and miniaturization we’re achieving with rugged 24 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www.militaryaerospace. size. Modularity and miniaturization ZMICRO’S INSIGHT SYSTEM IS A VIDEO Demand for SFF embedded solutions is coming from PROCESSING DEVICE THAT SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVES VISUAL CLARITY IN REAL-TIME VIDEO. Video is also recorded and tion. TECHNOLOGY F CUS package — which from a SWaP. says Mike Southworth. cost. compute. The ISR work flow captures several high-definition securely stored on solid-state drives (SSDs) for further (HD) video streams. and storage in one LRU. “Most of the applications we see require software radio signal acquisition. “Users can interrogate the encoded Hosking. video is presented Systel’s EB7001 rugged SFF video capture system is on dual displays onboard the vehicle and is distrib- deployed in airborne ISR applications to enhance situ. and encodes them to the H. allowing the user to cabins to unpressurized compartments.264 standard. multiple systems. EB5000 and price perspective is much more desirable.” equipment bays. review and analysis. mand-and-control centers. ruggedized wideband radio-fre- quency (RF) signal acquisition and recording systems. Now tech- nology is at a level where an all-in-one box can eliminate four other boxes. and unmanned vehicles. radar. and SIGINT surveillance subsystems for unmanned air- craft.

lightweight and high output power for improved SWaP metrics •High-power broadband CW transmitters for ECM and threat simulation •High-power narrowband pulsed transmitters for military/commercial radar systems •High-power linear amplifiers for communication systems Learn more and download our amplifier • All of our amplifiers are designed and manufactured in the USA brochure at mrcy. Key Features: •Compact. Mercury Systems offers gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifiers from 100 MHz to 40 GHz with power to 4 kW. . Copyright © 2017 Mercury Systems is a trademark of Mercury Systems.3251 1703mae_BG_25 25 3/6/17 11:05 AM . Innovation Amplified.

and input/output (I/O) devices that the Radio Technical Commission ned aircraft required a rugged mis. and the open-architec- ring engineering (NRE) cost and ture modularity enabled the rel- technical risk. computer-on-module (COM)-based A modified COTS variant of the form factors. eliminating the need for a add mission processing capabilities lated into the mission management separate laptop computer for the 26 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. Southworth says. DO-160 is An unnamed developer of unman. such as COM Express. form’s mission system architec. graphics.” Southworth says. cally configure the on-board soft. performance that the customer ditional program non-recur. and other the latest multi-core Intel Core i7 and networking technologies that on-board LRUs. ing unit (GPU) card with 3D graphics ules based on the even smaller ers. parallel computing. munications sensor payloads. mini-PCI architectures. tems. gence gathering air system sought Express and PCI Express/104 mod- Southworth observes. several Gigabit Ethernet physically 1703mae_BG_26 26 3/6/17 11:05 AM .” Southworth explains. and network attached storage engine support for Microsoft DirectX Mini PCI Express standard are also (NAS) devices. suitable given its rugged. avi. “This integrated GPU functional- specify these SFF systems to but was especially sensitive to ity helped to consolidate aircraft improve situational awareness and SWaP considerations. and ARINC 429. of the latest high-performance PCI onics and communications sys. Intel Core i7-based quad-core cantly help system integrators processor provided the level of to reduce. The subsystem was integrated using or stackable single-board computer integrator for the advanced intelli. would be required for various poten- for Aeronautics (RTCA) standard for sion management computer for an tial manned or unmanned system Environmental Conditions and Test optionally piloted airborne plat. low power. high-definition video interfaces to cific requirements. solution. Serial ATA (SATA). a robust processor subsystem to ules. application-spe. floating-point perfor- rier boards in these SFF systems to the installed sensors and automati. “These mez. configurations. opto-isolated digital input/outputs. network. and cost (SWaP-C). compact sumption. awareness video cameras/encod. simultaneous real-time data col. computer LRU needing to support multi-core processors. LRUs. 11 and 576 gigaflops of peak single- increasingly hosted on system car. Themis Computer NanoSWITCH network at the factory for a turnkey ingly are moving to industrial device features an embedded x86 PC. tra. and payloads and mission subsystems. Ethernet switches.” ability to perform general-purpose CANBus. TECHNOLOGY F CUS commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) to interface with vehicle and air. the system. video. I/O mod. like PCI Express/104. weight. craft sensors. “The unit’s rugged COTS solutions signifi. these lection from several ISR and com.” Procedures for Airborne Equipment. situational an AMD Radeon graphics process- and graphics standards. Ethernet. The system was also equipped with Express. It added three additional support add-on. video. interfaces. and based on them to take advantage intelligence (SIGINT) sensors. for a total of six. even eliminate. rugged off-the-shelf. which featured capabilities for mission computer system proved reduction in size. C4ISR upgrade efforts routinely mance computing requirements. load without human intervention. Unmanned aircraft modules the many payload. and the acy interfaces for MIL-STD-1553.” evant I/O. “This trans. ware to manage the [sensor] pay. and modular design. and network SFF embedded systems modules to be pre-integrated intended as LRUs increas. data links. processing capabilities together come pre-validated to a host of with a high number of interfaces to MIL-STD and DO-160 test condi. such as for leg. Curtiss-Wright’s Parvus DuraCOR “With a boost in performance yet a ture. tions. power con. “This device would interrogate precision. The platform graphics processing unit (GPGPU) Defense platforms involved in integrator specified high-perfor. mance.” Southworth adds.militaryaerospace. including: dual-redundant MIL- zanine/stackable modules are not interface with the various on-board STD-1553 and ARINC 429 data bus only cost effective. sought. they allow systems including electro-optic and signals network interface cards (NICs).

system level.” Southworth advises. rather than with the computer has been deployed in solid-state disk add-on segment. removable. “Using a modular cle. video.” The customer can deploy an sales@systelusa. SFF approach also has benefits that that require standardized and grated to support removable mis- sion data storage requirements. and rotary-wing applications solid-state media. Calif. director of global business development at www. “Engineers developing systems for military and aerospace programs should consider the technical. individual boards that make up the ground mobile. TECHNOLOGY F CUS pilot to view moving map informa. since this could now be done in Poway. more profitably. system. Southworth notes. serial. shock-and-vibration protection at a based Cobalt compact mission “A the advanced ISR aircraft’s mission system architecture.” Southworth says. Legacy upgrades High Performance Computing The embedded industry will move Flat Panel Displays and Computers High Density Storage toward SFF module-based solutions on a 3U/6U baseboard for legacy sys- tems. unmanned vehi- capable of hosting high-capacity. and cost advantages that Rack Mount Servers and Workstations Embedded Systems leveraging rugged COTS modular MIL-STD-810G subsystem technology from trusted MIL-S-901D MIL-STD-167 partners can provide to fulfill con- MIL-STD-461 tracts faster. The cus- tomer can realize the platform’s full potential. and MIL-STD-704 with the best technically acceptable DO-160 solution. Kontron America’s Defense division apply to scalability and obsolescence tion.” through the mission management systems provide added “rugged Kontron’s COM Express module- processor LRU. and other digital inputs/outputs tai- lored to support the various manned or unmanned ISR mission require- ments of the platform. with the baseboard providing the required backplane interface. schedule. the processor integrates a high number of 1703mae_BG_27 27 3/6/17 11:05 AM . “Thanks to the modularity of the subsystem architecture.systelusa. avionics. predicts Joe Eicher.5-inch. was also inte.militaryaerospace.” he integrated ISR mission processor 888-613-4291 subsystem tailored to the needs of www. interfacing with installed Proven Rugged Solutions for Mission Success sensors and auto-configuring mis- sion software to manage the pay- load sensors. SFF module-based management. 2.

oil a storage. fixed. reliable and rugged SFF system. real- solution for ISR operations that could ents a great challenge for develop. The HM200 rugge. keting and business development 28 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. zanine options. Eicher says. to be much larger than they could dized mobile modem is designed Cobalt’s scalable and modular be if defined by the size of the to deliver high data throughput for open-standard features. block architecture. voice. but widespread adoption of connectors. and in mobile and portable system that are forcing SFF physical sizes difficult terrain. allowing mil/ ded computer system offered Aerospace and defense vehicles and aero OEMs to streamline designs of Hughes engineers a wide selection systems are shrinking in size. Some industry veterans Building blocks performance. smaller. including: ISR.” says Doug beyond-line-of-sight (BLoS) comms.” Kontron officials say. sealed and validated IP67 embed. DuraCOR 80-41 Intel Core i7 mission computer. vice president of mar- on-the-move (COTM) applications tate upgrades. response. cellular and switch-stacked server profile. integrated electronics by 1703mae_BG_28 28 3/6/17 11:05 AM .” says Wayne constrained applications are Marhefka. into a small form factor. sophisticated sat. it’s the external. Slow SFF adoption ity at the board level. search and rescue. world 38999 I/O connectors and perform under a wide range of con. yet is frequently a requirement the human factors (MIL-STD-1472) ditions. border grated series of known and estab. and tainly. to match Hughes DISD’s SATCOM sonnel one step ahead. storage. “Customers see the As an open-architecture COTS value in application-ready SFF sys. and airborne tion providing a constant. Kontron’s budgets. Cobalt offers a pre-inte. bandwidth challenges.or rotary-wing the attributes of a carrier board platforms to deliver video. and specialized antenna connectors operations. ing become more integrated and ellite communications (SATCOM) ment into the same footprint pres. “Defense sys. set out to requirements. situational awareness. tions..militaryaerospace. senior director of busi- driving greater demand for multi. TECHNOLOGY F CUS cost-effective high-performance in a compact. core SFF embedded computing sys. low-power design for The HM200 is an integrated solu- computing coupled with a flexible use across land. harsh environments. “As the electronics and packag- develop a small. Eicher explains. Engineers opted to inte. into Kontron’s Cobalt SFF embedded patrol.” officials say. They also provide versatil. speculate that ancillary technolo- Engineers at Hughes Defense and and reduced SWaP — top priori. cer- custom layouts for components and of processor. rugged into a wide range of manned and options allowing them to leverage unmanned. feed of critical real-time information “Helping to cut costs and speed grate the Hughes HM200 subsystem to support a wide range of military designs. and airborne platforms. approach with the flexibility of mez. gies are slowing SFF progression in Intelligence Systems Division (DISD) ties for Hughes to meet end user mil/aero applications. and data capabilities. ers. wildfire monitoring. enabling them “Kontron’s Cobalt system ideally to remain competitive in this and cost-effectively met our needs tough market.” for a scalable integrated building A growing number of SWaP. facili. “Adding capabilities and equip. Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions offers its ness development at Hughes DISD.” interface options. officials say. Md. disaster lished system profiles that include computing platform. it can be readily installed tems that offer upgradable. as well as a small SFF embedded computers has yet to terminal footprint optimized for be realized. platform communications. Patterson. enabling them to meet tighter system requirements.” backhaul. solution. upgrades. sea. in Germantown. band technology is critical for real- tem developers see these platforms Kontron engineers customized time situational awareness and ISR as much more economical than the the company’s COTS Cobalt 901 capabilities that keep military per- traditional 3U and 6U system solu. platforms. “Implementing new mobile broad- tems. power.

stackable fashion boards and systems. www. Greater use of stan- dard-definition (SD) and high-defi. lanes in a modular. allows for highly customizable and Chatsworth. COM Express “The problem today is that no one will pay to upgrade a platform and replace all the connector har- nesses. powerful SFF solutions. and those are like hen’s teeth. equipment. The MIL-STD. “There is an imperative for ‘eyes on the target’ throughout the entire command ecosystem. which has led to increased demand for high-qual- ity.” Kothari Mil Rugged explains. Systel’s Kothari says. PC/104 systems have been replaced and development of military sys. “Utilizing high-speed PCI Express by newer COM Express form factor tems. Calif.” Patterson says. Video plays a more important role than ever in C4ISR applications. so SFF with other than the standard 38999 connectors is relegated to new program starts only. small package while still meeting military requirements for use in harsh 1703mae_BG_29 29 3/6/17 11:05 AM . low-latency.” says. Cabinets nition (HD) cameras has made High Speed video capture and encoding vital to missions conducted on numer- Image Processing • Field Proven • Mission Ready ous platforms in which space is at a premium and SWaP constraints are a vital consideration. shock and vibration. he adds. as real-time video and data have become critical for mission suc- cess. full motion video by military leadership. engineering criteria for the design video ISR systems and applications. and water ingress protection.” Kothari 1472F Department of Defense dust. TECHNOLOGY F CUS at Aitech Defense Systems in electromagnetic interference/electro. such as unmanned vehicles. Full Speed Ahead “SFF embedded systems can offer high-performance computing in a rugged. That’s unrealistic. Demand for SFF embedded sys- tems has increased exponentially among aerospace and defense cus- tomers across the board. includ- ing a wide spectrum of operating temperatures. he says. too. and facilities.militaryaerospace. magnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC). especially for ISR applications. “For extremely space-con- Design Criteria Standard: Human A modular approach to SFF strained platforms and applica- Engineering establishes human embedded computing also benefits tions.

Calif. how to increase in performance. TECHNOLOGY F CUS allows for greater I/O flexibility the Vehicular Integration for C4ISR/ these applications require increased and is more capable of handling EW Interoperability (VICTORY) processing clock speed. board-level architecture. such as pute power can prove detrimental in space and defense applications front-end support for hazard avoid. and graphics output. data stores. self-contained enclosures overall system-level design with. AI is being used to provide greater ward. ance. data being collected. a type of artificial intelli. The Joint Light some instances combat engagement. they combine well with more toward the edge. Interface Concept’s IC-OPT-FMCPa VITA 57. such limitations can cause Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) uses Themis Autonomous operation is being users to “dumb down” sensors and Computer’s NanoSwitch 10. Another advantage. is a key application area for into SFF systems. SIGINT.” Smith anticipates. the field. software-defined tors are adopting a hybrid approach. and in be able to keep pace with modern Smith describes.” will keep the market specialized Smith says. Sensor fusion. a wide variety of aero. We can customize car. limited com- In fact. Customers have expressed inter- Express allows system integrators cal generators in unmanned aerial est in using field-programmable such as Systel to buy off-the-shelf vehicle (UAV) ground stations. identify it. classifi- application-specific requirements capability but also localized storage. investigated for applications in both could slow the real-time response port tactical switch compliant with land and air-based vehicles. learning. tracking.” typically used System designers and integra. “Soldiers are requiring With so much high-resolution and fragmented. The company’s NanoPak utilize multi-core features and need graphics demands of the modern SFF computer is being used in smart higher core count. and more accurate mented and specialized.or 16. such as target deep learning to help users under- form factors to become smaller and identification. and threat assessment. increased intel- increasing. and soldier-level com. aided by machine mance levels that suit integration rier boards to suit the application. using GPGPUs in small-for- cation requirements are driving the mat.” Patterson describes. ISR. Smith says.” military. requiring ical information. analysis. “Deep Learning Neural Networks cations.” Kothari 1703mae_BG_30 30 3/6/17 11:05 AM .militaryaerospace.” Computing based on deep learning models the brain’s AI and FPGAs neural learning process to enable The demand for SFF systems is continuous learning. 30 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. It fills a munications will drive adoption in soldier-level decision support. and how to move for- sonal radar. “FPGAs come ucts without worrying about chipset. and faster results. while military requiring “not only high compute for object detection. Deep learning with GPGPUs flexible systems for specific appli. SFF embedded computers. in a variety of power and perfor- level design. observes FMC is equipped with two optical modules. robots to take on increased respon. per.1 ligence over time. image. vice president of visual. sensors. Computer hardware must employ Themis SFF systems.” insists out being hampered by rigid Aitech’s Patterson. “combining these types of standards gence (AI) in which software algo- to create highly customized and rithms iteratively learn from expo. Some of essential in battlefield scenarios. intelligence gathering. engineering at Themis Computer in sure to data and automate data using hundreds of cores to process Fremont. taneously. “The appli. from ever-increasing stand “what an image is. radio. GPGPUs excel at Dennis Smith. while others the ever-increasing computing and standard. sibilities in the battlefield. Machine for radar. is helping aerospace and several image data elements simul- “Defense computing is moving defense organizations glean crit. COM displays that control Army electri. tracking systems. gate arrays (FPGAs) for increasing CPU/chipset/memory technology while its NanoPak i7 is employed performance beyond a standard and embed it into embedded prod. are all the rage.” learning. yet continues to be frag. and AI. in personal radar and vehicle processor.” cation. “market need for image processing — increasing numbers. video processing.

high-end processors the VITA 57 small form factor for next-generation advanced processor. best approach that is used by many engineers. he says. remote chem. infancy given that there are no “There is certainly an evident tems to be able to extract the heat universally adopted. separate SFF “Customer interest will increase only vice president of sales at Interface fanless boxes will not be a good if the functionality contained within Concept in Paris. solution because a lot of space and the SFF meets the application space aerospace and defense customers weight will be lost. customers will cal systems on UAS programs led by predicts Southworth at Curtiss- still need high computing power defense primes. and pique the interest connectors. continue computing system uses unreliable be considered as a relatively small to advance. parallel processing components emit heat that must be signal acquisition and data trans- is the way to go.” Wastiaux compromise between reliability and SFF embedded computing tech- continues. tions and temperatures well and Interface Concept has won con. tor to reduce size and weight. tracts for 3U OpenVPX processor and functionality than ever before. 3U OpenVPX can nology will.Small embedded.” says. This can be a limiting fac. For instance. Wastiaux standards for SFF in the embedded minimize the size of the systems.” claim and overall functionality at a will not compromise the safety and A solution. graphics.” to fuel further reductions in SWaP. Company engineers extensively use he says “will continue to leverage In this case. ogies to solve customer problems of a new system with a competi.” throughput and very low latency. do not support vibra. safely extracted from the boards and fers that is plugged on a FPGA car- “Sensor platforms contained systems. electrical toring are only a small sam. lies in cost-effective price. the processing power of their sys.militaryaerospace. market yet. he explains. In fact. “Use GPGPUs to explains. rier board and allows high-data within medium to large UAS. C4ISR audio and FPGA firmware. and networking technol- reaching the high-level performance munication in systems. for instance. which especially in radar and EW systems.” Patterson says. “These high-performance mezzanine card format dedicated to avoid the pitfalls. mission display computer size. The Systel EB7001 is a rugged. “If you want several pro. open systems trend to save weight and to try to from the processors. Wastiaux says. Wastiaux explains. they will form factor appearing to be the of myriad aerospace and defense not accept it. COM Express connec.” Wastiaux says. homeland “This standard can also be used security. SFF embedded weight. senior cessors in parallel. “All that is required is swapping out ical detection and warning sen. A VITA 57 standard FPGA mez. while delivering more performance “they are not suited for harsh envi.” go for small form factors. many SFF fanless com. and cost on manned and video capture and encoding system.”  www. nonetheless. reliability of the systems.” In the case of Interface pling of potential applications Concept’s IC-OPT-FMCPa module.” “In many cases. The demand for SFF is still in its forms. “Innovation will continue tors. TECHNOLOGY F CUS Patterson cautions. If the SFF embedded size. and border moni. video processing. he adds. ronment applications. for data communication. and FPGAs have to be used to ensure signal acquisition and optical com. “That being MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 31 1703mae_BG_31 31 3/6/17 11:05 AM . and switch boards for safety-criti. The future of SFF unmanned helicopter and UAS plat. tacti. for high-performance GPGPU optical communication at rates up modules. defense applications. which backplane-based 3U subsystems are “They will not take high risks to “is exactly defined to reach a good still fitting the needs. cal ground vehicles. puter box designers have to limit the FMC module and adjusting the sor trailers. to 28 gigabits per second (Gb/s) are GPGPU-based SFF embedded achieved with Reflex Photonics computers can also cut remote transceivers. Aitech’s Patterson says. or optical. and enable new capabilities for the tive edge on the market. says Thierry Wastiaux. and at a lower acquisition cost. the OpenVPX VITA standard. Wright Defense Solutions.” Wastiaux zanine card (FMC) is a small warfighter.

disrupt. 30-millimeter cannon. The Commando II primar- activated in 2013.7 million order to the BAE missions are close air support. a $67. interdiction. escort. particularly Northrop Grumman Corp. degrade. Ghostrider carries a 105-millime- Radar system that sits atop prop aircraft. Air Force Life Officials of the U. defenses. iden. Air Force Life capability to protect them from enemy radar. The aircraft involved are the as well as smart munitions like the Raytheon will upgrade the AC-130J Ghostrider close-air-support GBU-39 Small-Diameter Bomb and Taiwan missile warning sys..H. Nashua. warfare (EW) experts at BAE rent radar system has been in Systems will provide RF counter- operation since early 2013 to measures systems to help U.. Cycle Management Center Cycle Management Center at Robins at Hanscom Air Force Base. ily flies missions at night to reduce engineers developed the AN/ tify. and infiltration. Air Force Base.militaryaerospace. announced a $26. Its secondary mission detect and track incoming In addition to BAE Systems. deny.2 mil. and test airborne and resupply of special operations sold to Taiwan in 2000 and EW systems to enable special-oper. or low-visibility ly-warning radar is a surplus eling. N.S. Md. build.  old technology in this radar the AC-130J and MC-130J aircraft.H. and armed reconnais- Integrated Defense Systems ment in Nashua. Ga.. Officials radar systems. special-operations C-130J turbo- try of attacks from neighbor. tem to address obsolescence II. RF& m i crowave  Raytheon to upgrade BAE Systems to build electronic Taiwan missile-defense warfare systems to protect surveillance radar Missile defense experts at the special-ops planes Raytheon Co. N. the includes the airdrop of leaflets. 32 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. include troops in contact. air lion contract to the Raytheon Systems Electronic Systems seg. The Taiwan ear. at night for Special Forces refu. forces. help warn the island coun. The Warning Radar Surveillance ations C-130J four-engine turbo.baesystems. is obsolescent and needs The two companies could split as FOR MORE INFORMATION visit BAE upgrading. locate. forms clandestine. prop aircraft evade and jam enemy Low-flying Special Operations aircraft ing mainland China. air refueling missions for special U.S. will upgrade a BY John Keller long-range surveillance radar ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE. to provide sance.S. and should be fin- missiles. infiltration. radio frequency (RF) countermea. at www. System (PAVE PAWS) radar to design. Much of the 40-year. will receive enhanced electronic warfare of the U. which is designed to fly covertly The MC-130J Commando II per- concerns. Le Shan Mountain.. — Electronic system in Taiwan. is developing EW systems for ished by August 2023. and point air defense. Raytheon AN/FPS-115 and resupply.. ter 1703mae_BG_32 32 3/6/17 11:05 AM .S. exfiltration. exfiltration. operations helicopters and tiltrotor PAVE Phased Array Warning This order calls for BAE Systems aircraft. Mission BAE Systems will do the work in submarine-launched ballistic Systems segment in missile threats. Raytheon ations C-130J aircraft to detect.. have announced The AC-130J Ghostrider’s primary Mass. Taiwan. Ga. probability of visual acquisition and FPS-115 PAVE PAWS radar and defeat enemy radar systems intercept by enemy aircraft and air originally in the 1970s to during special-operations missions.  much as $400 million over the life of Systems Electronic Systems online this program. The cur. Mass. plane and the MC-130J Commando the AGM-176 Griffin missile. Close air support missions segment in Woburn. convoy to upgrade the Taiwan Early sures systems for special oper.

militaryaerospace. 30. will be bright spots for design-ins of traditional VME applications will forms on-site target services in single-board computers. promising markets. small-form. in Medicine Hat. Ashford. England. boosting the company’s exper. The deal. manufacturers are going to a soft- “The Trump factor is a risk factor ware-centric approach.  well past Trump’s first term in office.000 unmanned sea vehicles will tary and industrial-control appli- Systems. growth in 6U and 3U VPX embed- The company provides targets and signals intelligence applications ded computing design-ins. England. and mission rehearsal. are unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). and per. in Ashford.3 million). see contraction. spending to remain flat at about $600 Arbuckle says.S.” Arbuckle explains. ers. to this forecast. particu.” Inc. mission endurance in hostile envi. UN M A N N ED vehicles QinetiQ targets Unmanned vehicles among most promising unmanned aerial opportunities for embedded computing targets with acquisition of Meggitt division BY John Keller Executives of defense elec- tronics specialist QinetiQ in NEW ORLEANS — Unmanned aircraft. Farnborough. ded computing market growth Target Systems will form part and other embedded computing over the next 10 years will occur in of QinetiQ’s new International technologies. Arbuckle expects applications training. Arbuckle. and estab. senior market analyst at England. worth 57. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) increase defense spending? I sus- prises Meggitt Defense Systems will be built for global military pect there will be. and unmanned sea vehicles will see tise in military unmanned substantial growth over the next aerial target systems with decade. com. and about pliers over the next decade.  www.S. Asia.000 new “Will there be policy changes to ling (about $71. ising market opportunities. Is NATO obso- Limited in Ashford. embedded computing involving phys- relationships in Europe. Alberta. “The xTCA market lishes design and manufacture billion annually from 2015 to 2021 — really is collapsing. defense ics applications over the next decade. and land-based targets For embedded computing suppli. gle-board computers. mili- ties make up Meggitt Target 2. adds several customer defense spending.5 IHS Markit in London. processing. forces. 63. cations will represent the most provider of unmanned aerial. questions remain computer-on-module (COM) archi- business unit within QinetiQ’s to be answered before suppliers can tectures. an international be provided to global militaries. Arbuckle says.” Arbuckle adds. as well as in standard sin- Global Products division in be assured of these kinds of MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 33 1703mae_BG_33 33 3/6/17 11:05 AM . and North America. naval. as equipment capabilities in Canada. Additional embed- 15 of those countries. Poor growth is expected in cials say the acquisition opens larly with a new U. For embedded computing form fac- and services for test. million British pounds ster. says Brian Target Systems Ltd. “The big question will be what Advanced Telecommunications erate QinetiQ’s international will the new administration do with Computing Architecture (ATCA) in growth. president. Meggitt factor embedded computing systems. England. Yet. QinetiQ offi. For embedded computing sup- Together these two enti. unmanned vehicle radar signal tors.000 military unmanned lete? What’s going to happen? I and Meggitt Holdings Canada ground vehicles with extended couldn’t even guess. From now until 2026.” he says. evaluation. Arbuckle says. Recent studies project U. electronic warfare (EW). and are prime candidates their acquisition of Meggitt for embedded computing. applications of the xTCA subset of new routes to market to accel. while to about 40 countries. ronments will be built.

focal planes. littoral zones. Of particular in January. ALMDS provides rapid light detection and ranging (LIDAR) interest is LIDAR technology mature wide-area reconnaissance and systems to perform tactical map. large military planes like the B-52 Directorate (NVESD) at Fort and imaging sensor command and bomber.militaryaerospace. Army is trying to find light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems small enough for on experimental demonstrator unmanned aircraft. sensor-processing algorithms. data bomber. including an imaging sensor.S. eral line-replaceable units (LRUs).S. offer resolution of 30 centimeters 34 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. — U. Development and storage and sensor processing por- sufficient onboard power. Engineering Center (CERDEC) − tion includes a computer. which will be considered deployable when Navy officials give it full oper- ational capability. and High Energy Laser Demonstrator Communications −Electronics supporting electronics. Navy’s AN/AES-1 Airborne Army searches industry for state-of-the-art Laser Mine Detection System imaging LIDAR for tactical mapping from UAVs (ALMDS). data stor- and high-energy lasers to defend Night Vision and Electronic Sensors age.. mission Corp. will continue perfecting the system. enough for an advanced technology assessment of mine threats in sea ping from unmanned aerial demonstrator prototype. currently undergoing a Belvoir. is taking another step toward FORT BELVOIR.S. ELECTRO ELECTRO O watch OPTICS watch c OPTICS Airborne Laser Mine Detection System takes next step to deployment The U. vehicles (UAVs). The data program is intended to create Research. control software. Army elec. that houses attacks. The ALMDS uses a sensor pod to sweep the water rapidly using laser technology. Scientists are working to A006) for the LIDAR Payload for storage. as the Navy announced tro-optics researchers are scouring multi-aspect foliage penetration initial operational capability (IOC) industry to find the most advanced (FOPEN) technology. such air-to-air or air-to-ground missile Command officials are issuing as a stabilized turret. laser weapons able to bolt-on to an aircraft like the B-52 long-range jet sought notice (W909MY-17-R. The sensor pod also can be installed rap- idly on a medium-lift helicopter and quickly removed after the mission. arm the B-52 with defensive laser Manned and Unmanned Airborne The imaging sensor must have a weapons able to destroy or disable Platforms project. The five-year Self-Protect this notice on behalf of the Army the sensor optics. Air Force considers laser weapons to defend B-52 jet bombers Researchers at the U. lanes. optics. Army Contracting pointing and stabilization unit.S. and target detection using deployment. and sensor processing. designed and manu- factured by Northrop Grumman BY John Keller tems for tactical mapping. Northrop Grumman Command have issued a 1703mae_BG_34 34 3/6/17 11:05 AM . series of high-tech upgrades. planning. Va.  This project seeks to determine The LIDAR imaging sensor should the state-of-the-art in LIDAR sys. confined straits. Va. Army researchers are looking for choke points and amphibious areas Officials of the Army Contracting LIDAR systems that consist of sev- of operations. Air Force Research Laboratory are working The U.

and allows some freedom of Air Force. BAE jet fighter.  low weight and aerodynamic drag other features to minimize analyst MORE INFORMATION IS online at are major considerations. megabits per second.” Systems officials say. which offers increased reliabil.html. Systems Electronic Systems online at duction contract from Lockheed ward-compatible with existing www. to 6.”  BAE Systems officials say they head movement. Martin Aeronautics segment in “The F-22 is a premier fighter Fort Worth. plane detection. military aircraft receive upgrades Martin Corp. ness for the military aviator. company officials say. dom-russell. times greater mean time between Officials of the Lockheed failure (MTBF). Martin to retrofit the current aircraft interface. It offers solution from the BAE Systems more than 20 percent life-cycle Electronic Systems segment in cost reduction and at least four Rochester. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics at www. target recognition algorithms for concerns to the Army’s Rosetta Because this sensor will be anomaly MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 35 1703mae_BG_35 35 3/6/17 11:05 AM . with Lockheed Martin to deliver implement a form. DLE HUD technology is back. direc- BAE Systems engineers will use ity.S. www. says Andy Humphries.civ@ or less to 1 kilometer or more.t. England. the head-up display (HUD) technology conventional cathode ray tube DLE HUD offers easy integration for the U. and offers min- com/us/aeronautics. eliminates high-maintenance tor of advanced displays at BAE the company’s advanced Digital and obsolete items. Hanh Dinh at hanh. experts say. with point rates between 200 and 300 pounds. Air Force. solution for the F-22 fleet that seamlessly into the F-22’s exist. have chosen aircraft of the U. of 500. and provides a Systems. E-mail questions or slant ranges of 25. void detection. BAE Systems to provide new head-up display for F-22 jet fighter avionics ROCHESTER. fit. Re. Systems officials say. and that measure 18 to 21 inches Companies interested should uct points per “We’ve worked closely Light Engine (DLE) technology to constant luminance performance. Air Force F-22 Raptor (CRT) image source and introduces into existing HUD with mated feature extraction and aided mail. They found their a more advanced digital display. England — Military The DLE package is compatible As an increasing number of avionics designers at Lockheed with any existing aircraft inter. or the Air HUDs in the Air Force F-22 fleet imal impact on display perfor.000 feet. FOR MORE INFORMATION visit BAE expect to receive a follow-on pro. The upgrade removes the to digital display solutions.wis- mounted to an unmanned aircraft. segmentation. e-mail responses to the Army’s a variable swath from 200 meters Software should include auto.5 million final-prod. It should have in diameter.militaryaerospace.civ@mail. Wisdom-Russell at rosetta. needed upgraded face. mance. Texas. meets the long-term needs of the ing HUD space.lockheedmartin. DLE technology provides a completely modernized HUD tion HUD solution that integrates enhanced situational aware. BAE Systems to modernize the and its pilots deserve the most F-22’s HUD by replacing it with a advanced situational aware- completely digital Force Life Cycle Management Center at with the modern DLE solution.S.baesystems.000 feet searchers want systems that weigh communications of less than two above ground level. BAE ness technology available and limited-bandwidth http://bit. from altitudes of at least 18. and func. www.

. 36 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www... furnished avionics and software. and standby instruments devices. Cryptographic Modernization pro- tion suite.1 million and consistency of data over its at Joint Base San Antonio. involves maintain. and util. tion and capability of the existing with an integrated. for data integrity of important data by malicious or tion of National Security Agency in the Avionics Obsolescence accidental means. VHF. and in Owego. pro. Officials of the U. ing and assuring the accuracy Life Cycle Management Center announced a $16. tographic capabilities for military se- cules cargo. will provide up-to-date cryp- U. variable slope delta modulation (CVSD) audio compression.. a subset of 1703mae_BG_36 36 3/6/17 11:05 AM . Md. autopilot.S. (NSA)-certified encryption for Upgrade (AOU) effort on the The C-130T AOU upgrade U. Air Force River Naval Air Station.S. Lockheed Martin Rotary and Type 1 encryption — specifically by adhering to the Future Mission Systems online at www. PRODUCT applic at ions AIRCRAFT SOFTWARE Lockheed Martin to provide cybersecurity CYBERSECURITY for Navy C-130T aircraft Raytheon to provide cyber Avionics software experts at security for military secure voice communications Lockheed Martin Corp. or retrieves data.S. are tak- ing measures to provide data in.militaryaerospace. pro. Cybersecurity experts at the Raythe- tegrity and cybersecurity for the on Co. upgrading. Texas. contract modification to the life cycle as a system stores. Since 2012. embedded global tems involved in this contract are and maintaining an avionics and positioning system (GPS) and the Advanced Narrowband Digital software integration solution to inertial navigation systems. Systems Command at Patuxent cybersecurity. Mission Systems segment in to prevent the loss or corruption Ind. Officials of the Naval Air Air Force contract. these two devices The effort includes modern. for use with Lockheed Martin. will do the work in Ottawa and The VACM End Cryptographic gation computers. Navy’s fleet of 20 C-130T Her. are part of the VINSON ANDVT izing the C-130T’s communica. Lockheed Martin color weather radar. to provide full-rate produc- Owego. and should be fin. Voice Terminal (ANDVT) and the upgrade Navy C-130T aircraft tected instrument landing system VINSON family of voice encryption under the AOU program. system. modular FOR MORE INFORMATION visit VINSON and ANDVT ECUs with NSA open systems approach (MOSA). otherwise known as VACM. as well as (FACE) flight management On this order Lockheed Martin gram. terms of a $459 million. Naval Air Systems Command at 16-kilobit-per-second continuously Data integrity. UHF. the NSA classified Suite A SAVILLE Airborne Capability Environment lockheedmartin.html. It seeks security experts in Fort Wayne. or encryption algorithm. includes government-furnished secure voice communications.navair. logistics. are asking Raytheon information Lockheed Martin Rotary and cesses. N. The secure communications sys- has been installing. cure voice communications under ity aircraft. five-year U. and HF radios. Together. Unit (ECU) is to maintain func- automatic flight control system ished by March (P-ILS).S. cockpit displays. Department of Defense (DOD) C-130T aircraft. N.

Devices in the could be as large as $31. Knowledge’s contract is worth at ern military radios like the Single.2 million and with options Martin as a multi-role trainer. $14. aircraft has several variants. Services LLC in Columbia. Navy cybersecurity experts 209 test set for Thai T-50TH jet trainer shop test set in a compact.S.1 million. Each three-year contract has The MTS-209 supports a range of FOR MORE INFORMATION visit two one-year options. opportunity areas MTS-209 common armament test set to provide tactical secure voice on from Pipeline 2. South Korea. marvintest. Navy portable test set for various arma- On this contract Raytheon will officials say. Md. able PXI architecture enables future Fort Meade. F-15. rugged. organizations that support Marine Suspension Unit Tester (SSUT). do the work in Fort Wayne. The VACM program seeks to intermediate-level courses. commercially available technical The Marvin Test Solutions gorithm communications security courses at the national level for the MTS-209. upgradeability to match evolving The four companies will provide craft trainer being sold to the Thai test requirements. opportu. least $21.1 million.2 million and with options could In addition to the ANDVT. L-39 Albatros trainers. T-50. and the KY-100 Airborne Group’s contract is worth at least Terminal (AIRTERM). is a ble with VINSON. Command. Calif. Ma. aircraft FOR MORE INFORMATION visit RavenTek online at http://raventek. alternate mission equipment (AME) Raytheon online at www. least $19. FOR MORE INFORMATION visit Marvin of the Marine Corps Forces Cyber tion from Marvin Test Solutions in Test Solutions online at www. force over the next two years. FA-50. and bomb racks. www. Corps cybersecurity missions. Md.6 million and with options could capable of supersonic such as missile launchers. which communications. They found their solu. including basic. pylons. The vide cyber and information tech.. Ind. Va.militaryaerospace.raytheon. Ariz. fied as well as unclassified military CSR Group in Crownsville. and other software from Marvin Test Solutions as part UHF and VHF line-of-sight radios applications.2. which is 43 Tactical Terminal (TACTERM). The Thai T-50TH aircraft. was terminal for low-bandwidth secure RavenTek’s contract is worth at developed by KAI and Lockheed voice communications through. also called the Stores modules also are backward-compati.. capabilities of an I-Level back- U. of the support package for a group and UHF satellite communications The four companies are RavenTek of T-50TH aircraft purchased by the (SATCOM) tactical phone systems.. Test and measurement experts at flightline-qualified enclosure. and should be finished by or task orders over the next three additional aircraft. The out the U.S. TA-50.. heed Martin T-50TH combat air.8 million. years. needed a fies logistics. $14.1 million. Hawk. Channel Ground and Airborne Radio These four companies will provide System (SINCGARS) MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 37 1703mae_BG_37 37 3/6/17 11:05 AM .S. Some multi-al. in should be delivered to the Thai air The ANDVT is a secure voice Scottsdale. be as large as $23. ment systems used on the F-16.. in Sacheon. and its includ- ANDVT family include the AN/USC. and Ultimate Knowledge Corp. Onyx Consulting Thai air force to replace aging Thai These terminals provide classi. officials say. Onyx’s contract is worth at least ing a light combat aircraft. CSR (MINTERM). December 2021. Marvin experts based the new system on the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY company’s MTS-207 rugged field test. Ultimate VINSON is embedded into mod. and Largo. Four companies to provide cyber and TEST AND MEASUREMENT The MTS-209 combines the test information education and training Korea Aerospace chooses Marvin MTS. in Chantilly. are asking four companies to pro. KAI officials are choosing the replace legacy cryptographic units nity-level courses. Md. Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) test set’s modular design simpli- nology (IT) training for the U.  cyber and IT training in support air force. Fla. and The four companies will compete F/A-18.and Irvine. military. scal- rine Corps Forces Cyber Command at portable test set for the KAI/Lock. the KY-99A Miniaturized Terminal be as large as $24.

security. environmental conditions require measures 1. Applications eral-purpose graphics processing include aircraft communications. (SWaP) applications like avionics batteries. and RTCA/DO-160G The outer shell design changed introduced by Curtiss-Wright environmental. The unit combines tion on location. MIL-STD-1275D.lemo. serial. A keying system ensures the TX1’s quad-core 64-bit ARM LEMO offers watertight correct connector alignment and Cortex-A57 (ARMv8) processor connectors for aircraft. the connector outer shell offers and 256 Maxwell/CUDA-core GPU wearable electronics EMI shielding. and power DMMs include internal rechargeable minated by soldering to the wire. N. and runs on 30 watts of power. fixed-wing air. and command-and-con- trol embedded computing appli. Solutions Division is introduc. and IP68 water protection. and medical applications. ment. Contacts can be ule. and EMI to LEMO’s standard look. electronic war- equipment. These figurations. and is introducing design changes to USA online at www. The T Saelig Co. wide-temperature. vessels. so the meters will func- crimping onto the wire. weight. for small size. surveillance. new products contact John Keller at jkeller@pennwell. dual-measurement series. meets MIL-STD-810G.. in Fairport. When precision 38 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. maritime To submit new products for consideration. with a set of base I/O that includes LEMO USA in Rohnert Park. chassis. The T series X1 (TX1) supercomputer-on-mod. and other industries wherever the The unit weighs about 1. Additional features sleeve and extra sealing to enable Based on the NVIDIA Jetson Tegra include frequency.curtisswrightds. or directly and vetronics.militaryaerospace. capacitance. RUGGED COMPUTERS connectors. the T series includes a spe. vehicles. simulation or personal battle reconnaissance. video ports.4 inches. Calif. extreme ing the Parvus DuraCOR 312 shock and vibration. for compute-intensive applications land vehicles. targeting.. Small-form-factor computer MIL-STD-461F.4 by 5. applications. and noisy ultra-small-form-factor mission electrical environments. Wright Defense Solutions online at craft and helicopters. CONNECTORS to a PCB. night-vision equip. USB. humid. interfaces introduced by Saelig connector now has three latches ded computing (HPEC) and gen- vs. which has military-grade tight (IP68) connectors for military. fare. DIO. the rugged DuraCOR 312 is as math and data logging. computer for civil and military FOR MORE INFORMATION visit Curtiss- ground vehicles. The Parvus DuraCOR 312 Digital multimeters with USB delivers high-performance embed. two latches. benchtop test and measurement cial construction with an inner.5 pounds. FOR MORE INFORMATION visit LEMO Ethernet.2 by 5. ment. and deep learning. Defense specifications for high-altitude. Based on the LEMO B test and measurement. is intro- series connectors are small sized ducing the 1908 and 1908P digi- watertight connectors using the tal multimeters (DMMs) with USB same original LEMO push-pull and other optional interfaces for technology. TEST AND MEASUREMENT cations. water. ruggedized equipment. temperature measurements. Its miniature rugged the company’s T series. as well is available in 2-to-9-contact 1703mae_BG_38 38 3/6/17 11:05 AM . for avionics and vetronics MIL-STD-704F. power. aircraft test and measure. and the The Curtiss-Wright Corp. such as intelligence.Y.

Because the flame-retardant table 1908 and 1908P DMMs have a TE Connectivity in Menlo Park. thin wall (X4) versions. Palladium. Iridium & Ruthinium From Aerospace & Industrial MFG 1703mae_BG_39 39 3/6/17 11:05 AM . Calif. Silver.. Both types of tubing Co. CABLES AND CONNECTORS rated for the UL VW-1 flammability held portable multimeters may not Flame retardant tubing for cabling test specified by the UL 224 stan- be sufficient for the task. online at www. GPIB. USB interface for remote control and is introducing the single wall. SWFR tubing products parameters simultaneously. Buyers of Gold. measurements are required. Quick. These single-wall ing halogen to burn and potentially two displays for showing different heat shrink tubing products are emit toxins. and connectors introduced by TE dard. come in either thin wall (X2) or very response auto-ranging for measure. products are very flexible and can Material Sampling Technologies Precious Metals Sampling p g & Reclamation Proven Technology • Personal Service 888-424-6781(MST1) www. Rhodium. The DMMs feature in confined spaces. full-recovery temperature of 90 FOR MORE INFORMATION visit Saelig degrees Celsius. The prod- ment parameters ensures the best ucts shrink at a 2:1 ratio and install possible resolution with optional quickly. The por. polyolefin jacket is non-halogenated. Platinum.mst-home. while the 1908P device retardant (SWFR) product line for fined-space applications where it is adds RS232. and LXI-compliant fire-proofing cabling and connectors unacceptable for materials contain- LAN interfaces. due to their relatively low manual ranging. flame SWFR tubing can be used in con- read-back.

and a USB port for status for rugged unmanned land. nology.dawnvme.te.. access menu control. and display. provides precision moni. Dawn’s PSC-6238 is a FOR MORE INFORMATION visit TE toring and control. is embedded with rugged real-time clock with switchable bat- tures ranging from minus 30 degrees system health monitor (RuSH) tech. The PSC-6238 Calif. sea. systems. new products be used across operating tempera.militaryaerospace. The PSC-6238 offers power FOR MORE INFORMATION visit Dawn to 800 watts for conduction-cooled VME online at www. is introducing the PSC-6238 front I/O panel includes a 3-color VITA 62-compliant 3U OpenVPX LED status indicator. in military environments over a module on a 1-inch pitch with an wide range of temperatures at high operating temperature of -400 to BOARD PRODUCTS power levels. computing power supply effects of shock and vibration per 6-channel supply is current/load introduced by Dawn VME MIL-STD-810F and has an onboard share compatible with as many as Dawn VME Products in Fremont. VBAT battery embedded computing power supply access. tleshort and nuclear event detect Celsius to 125 degrees 40 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS The 800-watt output. and can operate wedge lock. four PSC-6238 units. conduction-cooled Connectivity online at www.rgb. and airborne mission-critical applica. PRODUCT & LITERATURE SHOWCASE Video Processing For Mil/Aero Applications Videowalls Codecs Multiviewers R G B SPECTRUM S www. 850 degrees Celsius at the wedge 3U OpenVPX embedded ics device offers resistance to the lock firmware upgrade.  tions. 1703mae_BG_40 40 3/6/17 11:05 AM . The power electron.

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2017 BUYER’S GUIDE 46 BOARD PRODUCTS 52 Fiber optics 46 Communications/network controllers 52 Filters/gasketing 46 Data-acquisition boards 52 Flight instruments 46 DSP boards 53 Gyroscopes 46 FPGA boards 53 Hold-downs 47 Graphics/imaging boards 53 Human-machine interfaces 47 I/O boards 53 Latches and hinges 48 Memory boards 53 MEMS and nanotechnology 49 Mezzanine/daughter boards 53 Radiation-hardened components 49 Peripheral/device controllers 53 Relays 50 Single-board computers 54 Switches 54 Wire and cable 50 COMMUNICATIONS AND 54 Displays PERIPHERALS 54 Cathode ray tubes 50 Audio equipment 54 Cockpit displays 50 Communications equipment 54 Electroluminescent (EL) displays 50 Laser communications 54 Enhanced/synthetic vision systems 50 Microwave communications 54 Heads-up displays 50 Military telecommunications 54 Helmet-mounted displays (HMD) 50 Radio 54 In-flight entertainment system displays 51 Satellite equipment and telemetry 54 Liquid crystal displays 54 Organic light-emitting 51 Data buses and networking diode (OLED) displays 51 High-speed switched fabrics 54 Plasma displays 51 Network interface controllers 54 Integrated circuits. digital 52 Frequency management systems 56 A-D converters 56 ASICs 52 COMPONENTS/POWER 56 Communications/networking ICs ELECTRONICS/SENSORS 56 D-A converters 52 Adhesives. encapsulates 56 Digital signal processors and bondings 56 FPGAs 52 Components 56 General-purpose ICs 52 Altimeters 56 Graphics ICs 52 Backplanes 56 IP cores 52 Circuit breakers 56 Memory ICs 52 Connectors 56 Microprocessors/microcontrollers 52 Control heads 56 Mixed-signal ICs 52 Enclosures and chassis 57 Network interface ICs 52 Fasteners 57 Peripheral/support ICs 57 Solid-state memory 1703mae_BG_42 42 3/6/17 11:05 AM . analog 51 Tactical networks 54 Bipolar transistors 51 Wired networks 55 IGBTs 51 Wireless networks 55 MOSFETs 51 Data storage 55 Passive components 51 Data recorders 55 Power discrete devices 51 Optical memory 55 Power integrated circuits 51 RAID/computer farms 56 Rectifiers 51 Solid-state memory 56 Thyristors 52 Tape memory 56 Integrated circuits.

1703mae_BG_43 43 3/6/17 11:05 AM .

test.TEMPEST 64 Weather systems (RTOS) and kernels 60 Wearable computers 64 Weight and balance systems 69 Software code design. 2017 BUYER’S GUIDE 57 Power electronics 61 Night vision 66 SAFETY EQUIPMENT AND 57 Actuators 61 Optical amplifiers COMPONENTS 57 Auxiliary power units (APUs) 61 Optical coatings/treatments 66 Alarm systems 57 Batteries 62 Optical detectors 67 Altitude alerts 57 Circuit breakers 62 Optical fiber 67 Anti-icing equipment 57 Emergency power units 62 Optical filters 67 Anti-static equipment 58 Generators 62 Optical imaging 67 Collision avoidance systems 58 Inverters/converters 62 Optical switches 67 EMI/RFI 58 Motor controllers 62 Optical transceivers 67 Fire detection 58 Motors 62 Optics 67 Stall warning 58 Power distribution systems 62 Thermal imaging 67 Terrain awareness warning and equipment 62 Ultraviolet light sources systems (TAWS) 58 Power supplies 67 Windshear warning systems 58 Transducers 62 NAVIGATION 58 Transient voltage suppressors 62 Automatic dependent surveillance. 67 SERVICES broadcast (ADS-B) equipment 67 Assembly/subcontract services 59 Sensors 62 GPS systems 67 Calibration services 59 Chemical analyzers 63 Terrain 67 Consultants 59 Inertial 67 Design engineering 59 Infrared/ultraviolet 63 PLATFORM SYSTEMS/ 68 Distributors 59 Ladar/lidar SUBSYSTEMS 59 Radar 63 Autopilots 68 SOFTWARE 59 Sonar 63 Avionics 68 Applications 59 Tactile 63 Cabin management systems 68 Communications/networking 59 Visible-light cameras 63 Countermeasures 68 Database management 63 Electronic flight instrument 68 Databases 59 COMPUTERS systems (EFIS) 68 Data security 59 Air data computers 63 Landing systems 68 Design and development tools 59 Desktop computers 63 Lighting 68 Document management systems 59 Electronic flight bags (EFTs) 63 Light management systems 68 Electronic design automaton (EDA) 59 Embedded computers 63 Navigation equipment 68 Graphics and simulation 59 Flight directors 63 Satellite systems 68 Information security 59 Laptops/notebooks/ 63 Security systems 69 Moving maps handheld computers 63 Shipboard/maritime electronics 69 Operating systems 60 Multicomputer systems 63 Training and simulation 69 Product life cycle management (PLM) 60 Rack-mount computers 64 Unmanned vehicles 69 Programming languages 60 Servers 64 Vetronics 69 Real-time operating systems 60 Specialized computers . and verification 60 DIAGNOSTICS AND CONTROL 64 RF AND MICROWAVE 60 Avionics health management 64 Amplifiers 69 TEST AND MEASUREMENT 60 Clocks/timers 64 Antennas 69 Calibration equipment 60 Engine controls 64 Bonding and adhesives 69 COTS upscreening 60 Engine monitoring 64 Diplexers/multiplexers 69 EMC compliance 60 Fuel management systems 64 Discrete components 69 HALT/HASS 60 Health and usage monitoring (HUMS) 64 Filters 69 Meters 60 Ice detection 64 Frequency synthesizers 69 Network analyzers 60 Overheat detection 64 Hybrids 69 Network/data bus analyzers 66 Microwave subassemblies 69 Optical test and measurement 60 ELECTRO-OPTICS 70 Oscilloscopes 66 Mixed-signal devices 60 Bonding and adhesives 66 MMICs 70 Portable test systems 60 Cameras 66 Oscillators/synthesizers 70 Software-driven instrumentation 61 Electro-optic materials and substrates 66 RF attenuators 70 Spectrum analyzers 61 Equipment manufacturing 66 RF packaging 61 Forward-looking infrared systems 66 RF switches 70 THERMAL MANAGEMENT/ 61 Laser components 66 Signal generators COOLING SYSTEMS 61 Lasers 66 Transmit/receive modules 70 Conduction cooling 61 LEDs 66 Up/down converters 70 Convection cooling 61 Lighting 70 Liquid cooling 1703mae_BG_44 44 3/6/17 11:05 AM .

AZ 85040-9008     . continuous. Contact Sandi@Lansdale.lansdale. telecommunications. Farchild. As a global pioneer in IC products life cycle management. Lansdale manufactures over 3. exactly as they were created and produced by AMD.000 classic design ICs in the original today. National. Philips (formerly Signetics).com to review our up-to-date product listings and data sheets. Freescale Semiconductor. Motorola. cost effective. Our exclusive life cycle management program assures you of a dependable. and Raytheon. Harris. 5245 South 39th Street Phoenix. Log on to our Web site at www. and high quality source of classic designed ICs todayÖ and tomorrow! This means Lansdale eliminates the need to go to the time or expense of designing in a replacement part or even doing a complete product redesign ñ not when we still make ëemÖ exactly like they used to. military and aerospace integrated circuits (ICs) classic designs. 4 201 Classic Designs 1 964 Are TimelessÆ Just like the legendary Ford Built GT500 Mustang classic designÖ Lansdale Semiconductor still manufactures some of the most popularÖ and timeless commercial wireless. Intel.

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PRODUCT CATEGORIES BOARD PRODUCTS TXO Systems Ltd TASC Technical & Assembly United Electronic Industries Inc Services Corp COMMUNICATIONS/ ViaSat Inc TSC NETWORK CONTROLLERS United Electronic Industries Inc DATA-ACQUISITION BOARDS „ Abaco Systems Vision Components GmbH (See ad back cover) 4DSP LLC Red Rapids FPGA BOARDS „ Acromag Inc Saline Lectronics 4DSP LLC (See ad page 49) SENER „ Acromag Inc ADL Embedded Solutions Inc Streamline Circuits Corp (See ad page 49) Advantech Corp Sundance Multiprocessor Active Silicon Inc Aitech Defense Systems Inc ■ Abaco Systems Technology Ltd Active Silicon Ltd Alphi Technology (See ad back cover) TASC Technical & Assembly AdTech Ceramics American Portwell Technology Services Corp ACCES I/O Products Aitech Defense Systems Inc Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) Tektronix Component Solutions „ Acromag Inc Alphi Technology BEEcube Inc. 43) Interconnect Systems Inc „ Interface Concept Interconnect Systems Inc MilSource Foremay „ Interface Concept MPB srl GDCA Inc (See ad page 18) (See ad page 18) MPL AG General Micro Systems Inc „ Mercury Systems MRO Stock Hughes Circuits Inc (See ad page 25) Ironwood Electronics Nutaq „ Innovative Integration Kontron Midwest Printed Circuit Services Inc Orion Technologies LLC (See ad page 23) Marvin Test Solutions Inc North Atlantic Industries Inc Pleora Technologies Inc MAZeT GmbH Marvin Test Solutions Inc Orion Technologies LLC „ Mercury Systems Projects Unlimited „ Mercury Systems „ Pentek Inc (See ad page 25) „ R&D Interconnect Solutions (See ad page 25) (See ad page 21) (See ad page 17) Midwest Printed Circuit Services Inc MPB srl Projects Unlimited MPB srl Saline Lectronics North Atlantic Industries Inc „ R&D Interconnect Solutions Nallatech Spectracom „ Pentek Inc (See ad page 17) Streamline Circuits Corp North Atlantic Industries Inc (See ad page 21) Red Rapids Nutaq Pleora Technologies Inc Sensitron Semiconductor „ Pentek Inc Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd Projects Unlimited Streamline Circuits Corp (See ad page 21) TASC Technical & Assembly „ R&D Interconnect Solutions Sundance Multiprocessor Services Corp Technology Ltd Pleora Technologies Inc (See ad page 17) Projects Unlimited 46 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. a National Teradyne Instruments Co (See ad page 49) Annapolis Micro Systems Inc TSC BittWare Active Silicon Inc BEEcube 1703mae_BG_46 46 3/6/17 11:05 AM . 43) General Micro Systems Inc EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc GDCA Inc General Micro Systems Inc GDCA Inc Graphic Products „ Elma Electronic Inc Honeywell Aerospace General Micro Systems Inc Honeywell Aerospace (See ad page 29) Hughes Circuits Inc Hughes Circuits Inc Hughes Circuits Inc EURESYS Inc „ Innovative Integration Impulse Accelerated Technologies „ Interface Concept „ Extreme Engineering (See ad page 23) „ Innovative Integration (See ad page 18) Solutions Inc (X-ES) (See ad page 23) Kontron (See ad page 3. 43) „ ECRIN Systems eInfochips „ Extreme Engineering Solutions Inc (X-ES) GDCA Inc (See ad page 12) Eureka Dry Tech (See ad page 3. a National Ultraview Corp Instruments Co Carr Quality Assurance Consulting Active Silicon Ltd United Electronic Industries Inc BittWare CERTON Advantech Corp Vadatech Inc CERTON Cirexx International Inc AIM-USA Wavelength Electronics Inc Cirexx International Inc Clear-Com Aitech Defense Systems Inc DSP BOARDS Critical I/O Computer Conversions Corp Alphi Technology Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions „ Crystal Group Inc American Portwell Technology 4DSP LLC „ Data Device Corp (DDC) (See ad inside front cover) Annapolis Micro Systems Inc „ Acromag Inc (See ad page 15) Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) (See ad page 49) ADL Embedded Solutions Inc Diamond-MT Inc Diamond-MT Inc BittWare Alphi Technology Digicom Electronics Digicom Electronics Bustec Inc Annapolis Micro Systems Inc dSPACE Inc dSPACE Inc CAS DataLoggers Inc BittWare Dynamic Engineering Dynamic Engineering CERTON Cirexx International Inc e2v Eagle PLC Cirexx International Inc „ ECRIN Systems „ ECRIN Systems Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions (See ad page 12) (See ad page 12) „ Data Device Corp (DDC) Diamond-MT Inc Digicom Electronics EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc „ Elma Electronic Inc (See ad page 15) dSPACE Inc eInfochips (See ad page 29) Diamond-MT Inc Dynamic Engineering „ Elma Electronic Inc esd electronics Inc Digicom Electronics „ ECRIN Systems (See ad page 29) Eureka Dry Tech Dspnor AS Dynamic Engineering (See ad page 12) esd electronics Inc „ Extreme Engineering Solutions Inc (X-ES) e2v EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc Eureka Dry Tech (See ad page 3.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 3U rackmount (See ad page 12) EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc eInfochips Processing options EIZO Rugged Solutions GDCA Inc General Micro Systems Inc Hughes Circuits Inc Radar Impulse Accelerated Technologies „ Interface Concept (See ad page 18) Orion Technologies LLC Pleora Technologies Inc Sonar Projects Unlimited „ R&D Interconnect Solutions (See ad page 17) „ RGB Spectrum (See ad page 40) Deep learning SENER Stratign Streamline Circuits Corp Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd TASC Technical & Assembly Services Corp „ Themis Computer (See ad page 47) the mi s. MIL-STD 810G Active Silicon Inc Active Silicon Ltd Short Depth: 20’’. Themis and the Themis logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Themis Computer. 21’’ and 25’’ ADL Embedded Solutions Inc Aitech Defense Systems Inc Alphi Technology BittWare Carr Quality Assurance Consulting Cirexx International Inc Cornet Technology Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Diamond-MT Inc „ ECRIN Systems Double Precision 1U.militaryaerospace. PRODUCT CATEGORIES „ R&D Interconnect Solutions I/O BOARDS Aitech Defense Systems Inc Critical I/O (See ad page 17) 4DSP LLC Alphi Technology „ Crystal Group Inc Red Rapids „ Abaco Systems American Portwell Technology (See ad inside front cover) Streamline Circuits Corp (See ad back cover) Annapolis Micro Systems Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Sundance Multiprocessor ACCES I/O Products Astronics Ballard Technology Technology Ltd „ Acromag Inc Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) TASC Technical & Assembly (See ad page 49) BittWare Services Corp CERTON Active Silicon Inc Teradyne Cirexx International Inc ADL Embedded Solutions Inc TSC Computer Conversions Corp ■ Data Device Corp (DDC) AdTech Ceramics Ultraview Corp Control Techniques Unidrive (See ad page 15) AIM-USA Vadatech Inc ViaSat Inc Vision Components GmbH GRAPHICS/IMAGING BOARDS RES NT2 Accelerate Your Mission with GPGPU Computing ■ Abaco Systems Up to four NVIDIA® Tesla GPGPU / GRID Cards (See ad back cover) Extended temperature ©2017 Themis Computer. m /h pc Vadatech Inc Vision Components GmbH WOLF Advanced Technology www. All rights reserved. 1703mae_BG_47 47 3/6/17 11:06 AM . 1703mae_BG_48 48 3/6/17 11:06 AM . 43) (See ad page 25) „ ECRIN Systems GDCA Inc MoviTHERM (See ad page 12) General Micro Systems Inc ■ Pentek Inc MPB srl Honeywell Aerospace (See ad page 21) EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc MPL AG eInfochips Hughes Circuits Inc MRO Drives „ Phoenix International „ Elma Electronic Inc „ Innovative Integration MRO Electric (See ad page 41) (See ad page 29) (See ad page 23) MRO Stock Projects Unlimited Qualmark Corp „ R&D Interconnect Solutions (See ad page 17) Red Rapids Streamline Circuits Corp TASC Technical & Assembly Services Corp Teradyne Trenton Systems Inc United Electronic Industries Inc Vadatech Inc „ VersaLogic Corp (See ad page 48) WOLF Advanced Technology MEMORY BOARDS 4DSP LLC „ Abaco Systems (See ad back cover) „ Acromag Inc (See ad page 49) Aitech Defense Systems Inc American Portwell Technology Annapolis Micro Systems Inc Cirexx International Inc Computer Conversions Corp Comtech TCS SSD Diamond-MT Inc Digicom Electronics Dynamic Engineering „ ECRIN Systems (See ad page 12) eInfochips „ Elma Electronic Inc (See ad page 29) Eureka Dry Tech Foremay GDCA Inc General Micro Systems Inc Honeywell Aerospace Hughes Circuits Inc Interconnect Systems Inc „ Interface Concept (See ad page 18) PartMiner Industries „ Phoenix International (See ad page 41) Printed Circuits Inc Projects Unlimited „ R&D Interconnect Solutions (See ad page 17) Saline Lectronics Streamline Circuits Corp 48 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. PRODUCT CATEGORIES Diamond-MT Inc esd electronics Inc „ Interface Concept North Atlantic Industries Inc Digicom Electronics Eureka Dry Tech (See ad page 18) dSPACE Inc „ Extreme Engineering Marvin Test Solutions Inc Dynamic Engineering Solutions Inc (X-ES) „ Mercury Systems Eagle PLC (See ad page 3.

com | solutions@acromag. a National Instruments Co BittWare Cirexx International Inc Critical I/O Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions „ Data Device Corp (DDC) (See ad page 15) Diamond-MT Inc Digicom Electronics Dspnor AS Dynamic Engineering e2v „ ECRIN Systems (See ad page 12) EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc „ Elma Electronic Inc (See ad page 29) Great Things Do Come esd electronics Inc Eureka Dry Tech In Small Packages The ARCX rugged mission computer „ Extreme Engineering offers great flexibility to meet ever- Solutions Inc (X-ES) ▪ 4th Gen Intel® Core® i7 Haswell CPU changing requirements with unique (See ad page Red Rapids Embedded Computing & I/O Solutions TO LEARN MORE Spectracom Streamline Circuits Corp TASC Technical & Assembly Services Corp Trenton Systems Inc „ VersaLogic Corp FPGA Modules AcroPack® I/O Modules VME SBCs AcroExpress™ VPX SBCs (See ad page 48) www. 43) (See ad page 49) Kontron Diamond-MT Inc GDCA Inc Laser Physics UK Ltd Active Silicon Inc Aitech Defense Systems Inc Alphi Technology American Portwell Technology Annapolis Micro Systems Inc Astronics Ballard Technology BEEcube Inc. 43) expansion features.acromag. PRODUCT CATEGORIES TASC Technical & Assembly PERIPHERAL/DEVICE Digicom Electronics Services Corp CONTROLLERS Dynamic Engineering „ Acromag Inc Eagle PLC MEZZANINE/DAUGHTER BOARDS (See ad page 49) „ ECRIN Systems 4DSP LLC ADL Embedded Solutions Inc (See ad page 12) Alphi Technology Eureka Dry Tech ■ Holt Integrated Circuits „ Abaco Systems Cirexx International Inc „ Extreme Engineering (See ad page 57) (See ad back cover) Control Techniques Unidrive Solutions Inc (X-ES) „ Acromag Inc Hughes Circuits Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions (See ad page 3. Foremay ▪ Shock and vibration-tested GDCA Inc (MIL-STD-810G) We have the I/O to meet your General Micro Systems Inc application requirements: Hughes Circuits Inc ▪ MIL-STD-38999 high-density „ Innovative Integration connectors ▪ FPGA (See ad page 23) Interconnect Systems Inc ▪ Analog/Digital ▪ IP67 sealed against dirt and water „ Interface Concept ▪ Counter/Timer (See ad page 18) ▪ PMC/XMC expansion Kontron ▪ Serial Communication MPL AG Orion Technologies LLC ▪ SWaP-optimized ▪ Multifunction I/O „ Pentek Inc ▪ Advanced thermal management ▪ 10-Gigabit Ethernet (See ad page 21) Pleora Technologies Inc Printed Circuits Inc ▪ Optional removable solid state drives Projects Unlimited with RAID support „ R&D Interconnect Solutions (See ad page 17) Visit | 877-295-7087 1703mae_BG_49 49 3/6/17 11:06 AM .

a National „ ECRIN Systems (See ad page 15) „ Innovative Integration Instruments Co (See ad page 12) (See ad page 23) Diamond-MT Inc Cirexx International Inc EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc Lenthor Engineering Inc Dynamic Engineering Design Criteria Inc „ Evans Capacitor Co Lexycom Technologies Inc EIZO Rugged Solutions „ Elma Electronic Inc (See ad page 6) Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions „ Elma Electronic Inc (See ad page 29) Foremay Nutaq (See ad page 29) Excelitas Canada „ Holt Integrated Circuits „ Pentek Inc esd electronics Inc Fibersense & Signals Inc (See ad page 57) (See ad page 21) „ Extreme Engineering H&L Instruments LLC Hughes Circuits Inc PrismTech Solutions Inc (X-ES) LEA Photonics „ Innovative Integration Pryme (See ad page 3.militaryaerospace. a National Cirexx International Inc (See ad page 13) (See ad page 29) Instruments Co Clear-Com Comtech TCS SSD L-com Global Connectivity BittWare Cobham Antenna Systems „ Crystal Group Inc Liteway Inc Ciena Corp Cornet Technology Inc (See ad inside front cover) LRAD Corp Cirexx International Inc „ Crystal Group Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Clear-Com (See ad inside front cover) COMMUNICATIONS Cobham Antenna Systems EQUIPMENT CTT Inc Cornet Technology Inc Dawn VME Products Design Criteria Inc LASER COMMUNICATIONS Design Criteria Inc EARMARK Ball Aerospace and Digicom Electronics EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc Technologies Corp Dynamic Engineering ■ Data Device Corp (DDC) GPS Source Inc BEEcube Inc. a National COMMUNICATIONS Amphenol PCD ViaSat Inc Instruments Co Carr Quality Assurance Consulting AND PERIPHERALS Anritsu RADIO BEEcube Inc. 43) Lenthor Engineering Inc (See ad page 23) Quell Corp Foremay Liteway Inc „ Interface Concept „ R&D Interconnect Solutions GDCA Inc MegaWatt Lasers Inc (See ad page 18) (See ad page 17) General Dynamics C4 Systems Micro Laser Systems Inc 50 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. a National Chassis Plans Advanced Test Equipment Rentals AUDIO EQUIPMENT Instruments Co Anritsu Cirexx International Inc BittWare „ Cobham Semiconductor Clear-Com BearCom Century Electronics Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) „ Elma Electronic Inc BEEcube Inc. PRODUCT CATEGORIES MPL AG General Micro Systems Inc OSI Laser Diode Inc Ironwood Electronics MRO Electric Honeywell Aerospace OZ Optics Ltd Keopsys SA MRO Stock Hughes Circuits Inc TeraXion Inc Kontron Pleora Technologies Inc „ Innovative Integration KVH Industries Inc MICROWAVE COMMUNICATIONS Projects Unlimited (See ad page 23) L-com Global Connectivity „ R&D Interconnect Solutions „ Interface Concept Advanced Microwave Products Lenthor Engineering Inc (See ad page 17) (See ad page 18) Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Lexycom Technologies Inc Streamline Circuits Corp Anritsu The Light Brigade Inc KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente TASC Technical & Assembly Vertriebs GmbH Century Electronics MilSource Services Corp Kontron Cirexx International Inc Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions United Electronic Industries Inc Marvin Test Solutions Inc Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) North Atlantic Industries Inc „ VersaLogic Corp Maxwell Technologies Inc Cobham Antenna Systems Nutaq (See ad page 48) MAZeT GmbH Comtech PST OZ Optics Ltd Wavelength Electronics Inc „ Mercury Systems CTT Inc „ Pentek Inc (See ad page 25) Design Criteria Inc (See ad page 21) SINGLE-BOARD COMPUTERS „ Evans Capacitor Co MilSource Peregrine Semiconductor Corp (See ad page 6) MPL AG PIC Wire & Cable North Atlantic Industries Inc Ironwood Electronics PrismTech Orion Technologies LLC PIC Wire & Cable Quell Corp PartMiner Industries Quell Corp „ R&D Interconnect Solutions „ Pentek Inc Radiency Technologies (See ad page 17) ■ Abaco Systems „ R&D Interconnect Solutions (See ad back cover) (See ad page 21) Sealing Devices Inc (See ad page 17) Projects Unlimited Shoghi Communications ACCES I/O Products TASC Technical & Assembly Sealing Devices Inc Southwest Antennas „ Acromag Inc Services Corp Southwest Antennas Statek Corp (See ad page 49) TEN TECH LLC Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd Stratign Active Silicon Inc „ Themis Computer Tango Wave Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd ADL Embedded Solutions Inc (See ad page 47) TSC Tango Wave Advantech Corp Trenton Systems Inc ViaSat Inc Tech Products Inc Aegis Power Systems Inc „ VersaLogic Corp MILITARY Thermacore Inc AIM-USA (See ad page 48) TELECOMMUNICATIONS Trenton Systems Inc Alphi Technology Vision Components GmbH Advanced Microwave Products TSC American Portwell Technology Advanced Test Equipment Rentals TXO Systems Ltd Annapolis Micro Systems Inc American Portwell Technology United Electronic Industries Inc BEEcube 1703mae_BG_50 50 3/6/17 11:06 AM .

a National Astronics Ballard Technology ■ Holt Integrated Circuits Impulse Accelerated Technologies Instruments Co Belden (See ad page 57) Kontron Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Clear-Com „ Mercury Systems „ Innovative Integration Kubatz GmbH & Co Data Bus Products (See ad page 25) (See ad page 23) Century Electronics „ ECRIN Systems Cirexx International Inc Microway Inc PCE Instruments UK Ltd (See ad page 12) Cobham Antenna Systems MilSource EMCOR Government Services Crane Aerospace & Electronics „ R&D Interconnect Solutions esd electronics Inc Design Criteria Inc (See ad page 17) L-com Global Connectivity Dynamic Engineering Trenton Systems Inc Masterclock Inc Eureka Dry Tech NETWORK INTERFACE MPL AG ■ Pentek Inc Foremay CONTROLLERS Powell Electronics (See ad page 21) Interpoint „ Abaco Systems PrismTech KVH Industries Inc (See ad back cover) SurplusEQ. 43) ■ Abaco Systems (See ad back cover) Instruments Co (See ad back cover) www. a National (See ad page 47) Quell Corp Instruments Co Data Bus Products Ultraview Corp „ R&D Interconnect Solutions Belden „ Data Device Corp (DDC) United Electronic Industries Inc (See ad page 17) BittWare (See ad page 15) „ ZMicro Inc Clear-Com esd electronics Inc (See ad page 24) Cobham Antenna Systems „ Extreme Engineering Solutions Inc (X-ES) EMCOR Government Services OPTICAL MEMORY „ Innovative Integration Eureka Dry Tech (See ad page DATA STORAGE TSC SOLID-STATE MEMORY United Electronic Industries Inc ViaSat Inc DATA RECORDERS Aitech Defense Systems Inc TACTICAL NETWORKS DATA BUSES AND „ Acromag Inc Amphenol Aerospace NETWORKING (See ad page 49) Astronics Ballard Technology Aitech Defense Systems Inc CALCULEX Inc HIGH-SPEED SWITCHED Astronics Ballard Technology „ Extreme Engineering FABRICS Barco Federal Systems LLC Solutions Inc (X-ES) „ Abaco Systems BEEcube Inc. 43) (See ad page 23) Graham Magnetics Red Rapids L-com Global Connectivity Lexycom Technologies Inc RAID/COMPUTER FARMS Sealing Devices Inc SENER PALMARII Dynamics AB Chassis Plans Shoghi Communications Pelorus Naval Systems Inc „ Crystal Group Inc Signal Technology ■ Holt Integrated Circuits PrismTech (See ad inside front cover) Southwest Antennas (See ad page 57) Radio IP Software Inc Foremay Spectracom Sporian Microsystems Inc Microway Inc MPL AG Stratign „ Phoenix International Stock-Point Electronics Inc Pleora Technologies Inc TXO Systems Ltd (See ad page 41) Stratign „ R&D Interconnect Solutions ViaSat Inc Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd „ Themis Computer (See ad page 17) Tango Wave (See ad page 47) „ Phoenix International LEA Photonics American Portwell Technology TXO Systems Ltd (See ad page 41) Lenthor Engineering Inc BittWare „ RGB Spectrum Masterclock Inc WIRELESS NETWORKS Cleanroom Connection Inc (See ad page 40) Minco Clear-Com AIM-USA Speel Praha Ltd Peregrine Semiconductor Corp Cornet Technology Inc American Portwell Technology „ Themis Computer PrismTech Critical I/O BEEcube Inc. a National (See ad page 3. 43) Aitech Defense Systems Inc Amphenol PCD Fibersense & Signals Inc BEEcube Inc. PRODUCT CATEGORIES Aegis Power Systems Inc Alphi Technology CALCULEX Inc Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) Astronics Ballard Technology Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions BittWare MilSource „ Data Device Corp (DDC) Cornet Technology Inc PALMARII Dynamics AB (See ad page 15) „ Crystal Group Inc Pelorus Naval Systems Inc EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc Red Rapids (See ad inside front cover) PrismTech EIZO Rugged Solutions Sealing Devices Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Shoghi Communications „ Elma Electronic Inc Southwest Antennas „ Data Device Corp (DDC) „ Themis Computer (See ad page 29) Statek Corp (See ad page 15) (See ad page 47) Fischer Connectors Inc Stratign Dawn VME Products ViaSat Inc Foremay Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd „ Elma Electronic Inc Graham Magnetics WIRED NETWORKS TSC (See ad page 29) AIM-USA „ Extreme Engineering SATELLITE EQUIPMENT Solutions Inc (X-ES) Alphi Technology AND TELEMETRY American Portwell Technology (See ad page MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 51 1703mae_BG_51 51 3/6/17 11:06 AM .militaryaerospace.

com 1703mae_BG_52 52 3/6/17 11:06 AM . 43) Sealing Devices Inc Harwin Inc TTI Inc GDCA Inc COMPONENTS Icron Technologies Corp Vicor Corp General Micro Systems Inc IEH Corp Hughes Circuits Inc FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS ALTIMETERS Interconnect Systems Inc Kontron Ganzhou Great Magnet Aero Dynamix Inc L-com Global Connectivity „ Applied Avionics Inc Technology Co Ltd Pelican Products Inc (See ad page 55) SpaceAge Control Inc Pickering Interfaces Inc CERTON 52 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www.Optical Solutions Group „ ZMicro Inc Technology Co Ltd Multi-Contact USA FIBER OPTICS (See ad page 24) GDCA Inc ODU-USA Inc AirBorn Inc General Micro Systems Inc OFS Amphenol Aerospace TAPE MEMORY Hughes Circuits Inc Omnetics Connector Corp Excelitas Canada Eureka Dry Tech Kontron OZ Optics Ltd Fibersense & Signals Inc Graham Magnetics MERITEC Part Hunters LLC Fischer Connectors Inc „ Phoenix International Trenton Systems Inc PAVE Technology Co Inc H&L Instruments LLC (See ad page 41) Pickering Interfaces Inc II-VI Inc CIRCUIT BREAKERS Stock-Point Electronics Inc PIC Wire & Cable „ Data Device Corp (DDC) „ Positronic FREQUENCY MANAGEMENT (See ad page 15) (See ad page 53) SYSTEMS „ Interstate Connecting Powell Electronics Components Spectracom Quell Corp (See ad inside back cover) ■ Interstate Connecting Radiency Technologies Part Hunters LLC Southwest Microwave Components COMPONENTS/POWER CONNECTORS SV Microwave (See ad inside back cover) ELECTRONICS/SENSORS Advanced Interconnections Corp TE Connectivity L-com Global Connectivity AirBorn Inc TTI Inc Liteway Inc ADHESIVES. 43) MERITEC Tef Cap Industries Stock-Point Electronics Inc Ganzhou Great Magnet Molex . ENCAPSULATES Amphenol Aerospace WL Gore & Associates Molex . PRODUCT CATEGORIES BACKPLANES Projects Unlimited Acqu Technology Inc Sealing Devices Inc ADCO Circuits „ Themis Computer Aitech Defense Systems Inc (See ad page 47) Amphenol Aerospace United Electronic Industries Inc ■ Falcon Electronics ■ Interstate Connecting Atrenne Integrated Solutions FASTENERS (See ad page 14) Components „ Crystal Group Inc (See ad inside back cover) Boyd Corp Foremay (See ad inside front cover) Duraflex Inc Graham Magnetics Dawn VME Products Ironwood Electronics Excelitas Technologies Orion Technologies LLC Diamond-MT Inc ITT Interconnect Solutions Fastener Specialty Inc Part Hunters LLC „ Elma Electronic Inc Kensington Electronics Inc Nelco Products „ Phoenix International (See ad page 29) L-com Global Connectivity Nord-Lock Inc (See ad page 41) „ Extreme Engineering LEMO USA Inc Part Hunters LLC „ R&D Interconnect Solutions Solutions Inc (X-ES) March Electronics Inc PartMiner Industries (See ad page 17) (See ad page 3.militaryaerospace.Optical Solutions Group AND BONDINGS Amphenol Industrial Products Group CONTROL HEADS Noramco Wire & Cable AI Technology Inc Amphenol PCD Essex Industries Omega Engineering Inc Alpha Assembly Solutions „ Applied Avionics Inc OZ Optics Ltd MRO Stock Arkema Inc (See ad page 55) PAVE Technology Co Inc Boyd Corp Aries Electronics inc ENCLOSURES AND CHASSIS „ Positronic Diamond-MT Inc Arrow Electronics Inc AdTech Ceramics (See ad page 53) Dyne Technology Ltd Belden Advantech Corp Powell Electronics Electrolube BellowsTech LLC Alaska Structures Rennsteig Tools Inc First Sensor Inc Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) Analytic Systems TE Connectivity Ganzhou Great Magnet ConductRF Atrenne Integrated Solutions TeraXion Inc Technology Co Ltd Corning Optical Communications Chassis Plans TXO Systems Ltd Henniker Plasma CPC (Colder Products Co) „ Crystal Group Inc FILTERS/GASKETING Hexion Inc Data Bus Products (See ad inside front cover) Integrated Dispensing Solutions Inc Delphi Automotive LLP Dawn VME Products AI Technology Inc Master Bond Digi-Key Electronics EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc Amphenol Aerospace Eaton BellowsTech LLC Momentive Performance „ Elma Electronic Inc Materials Inc „ Falcon Electronics (See ad page 29) Boyd Corp Sealing Devices Inc (See ad page 14) Kensington Electronics Inc Eureka Dry Tech SHENMAO America Inc Fischer Connectors Inc PIC Wire & Cable „ Extreme Engineering Techsil Ltd Ganzhou Great Magnet Solutions Inc (X-ES) Quell Corp TenCate Advanced Composites Technology Co Ltd (See ad page 3.

An Infineon „ Data Device Corp (DDC) Analog Devices Inc Technologies Co ■ Interstate Connecting (See ad page 15) Jewell Instruments KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Components KVH Industries Inc Delphi Automotive LLP (See ad inside back cover) Vertriebs GmbH „ Falcon Electronics Systron Donner Inertial Signal Technology (See ad page 14) IR HiRel . systems failure is not an option. Essex Industries MRO Drives Part Hunters LLC LATCHES AND HINGES PartMiner Industries MEMS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY AdTech Ceramics Aerotech Inc Crane Aerospace & Electronics First Sensor Inc Henniker Plasma II-VI Inc Interconnect Systems Inc Interpoint Ironwood Electronics Jewell Instruments Kensington Electronics Inc Powell Electronics SHENMAO America Inc Sporian Microsystems Inc Systron Donner Inertial RADIATION-HARDENED COMPONENTS „ Cobham Semiconductor Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) (See ad page 13) Cobham RAD Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) Crane Aerospace & Electronics When you’re dangling 150 miles above the stratosphere. At Positronic. www. / www. Rock POSITRONIC. PRODUCT CATEGORIES Projects Unlimited e2v RELAYS Qualmark Corp Electro-Optical Products Corp „ Applied Avionics Inc SpaceAge Control Inc Interpoint (See ad page 55) Intersil Data Bus Products GYROSCOPES IR HiRel . we build high reliability power and signal connectors. family and fortune. We consider it an inviolable trust. (See ad page 55) Control Techniques Unidrive Eagle PLC Epec Engineered Technologies Zero Oxygen. We consider it an honor.An Infineon US Dynamics Corp „ VPT Inc Technologies Co (See ad page 8) HOLD-DOWNS Part Hunters LLC Tef Cap Industries HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACES Aero Dynamix Inc Allied International ■ Applied Avionics Inc Zero 1703mae_BG_53 53 3/6/17 11:06 AM . ■ Data Device Corp (DDC) But our true call is to provide certainty.militaryaerospace. mission-critical performance (See ad page 15) upon which you can bank life and limb.connectpositronic. Zero Margin of Error. THE SCIENCE OF CERTAINTY.

com Qualmark Corp Solitron Devices Inc Made in America STMicroelectronics Inc 54 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. IR Ganzhou Great Magnet (See ad page 12) and NVIS Technology Co Ltd INTEGRATED Threaded housing in various COCKPIT DISPLAYS CIRCUITS.militaryaerospace.An Infineon ELECTROLUMINESCENT Essex Industries (EL) DISPLAYS SWITCHES Technologies Co Fischer Connectors Inc „ Abaco Systems Kensington Electronics Inc Aero Dynamix Inc Harwin Inc (See ad back cover) MilSource AGDisplays American Opto Plus LED Corp MRO Drives Epec Engineered Technologies Analog Devices Inc PartMiner Industries ENHANCED/SYNTHETIC Pickering Interfaces Inc VISION SYSTEMS Powell Electronics „ ZMicro Inc „ Themis Computer ■ Interstate Connecting (See ad page 24) (See ad page 47) Components TXO Systems Ltd (See ad inside back cover) HEADS-UP DISPLAYS ■ Applied Avionics Inc Kensington Electronics Inc American Opto Plus LED Corp (See ad page 55) WIRE AND CABLE K-Sun Corp Century Electronics „ Abaco Systems Luna Optoelectronics Control Techniques Unidrive L-com Global Connectivity (See ad back cover) Rockwell Collins „ Data Device Corp (DDC) LEMO USA Inc (See ad page 15) AirBorn Inc SwissOptic AG Lenthor Engineering Inc Amphenol Industrial Products Group „ ECRIN Systems MERITEC HELMET-MOUNTED Amphenol PCD (See ad page 12) Minco DISPLAYS (HMD) AMWEI Thermistor Sensor Electrolube Nelco Products Century Electronics Belden „ Elma Electronic Inc Noramco Wire & Cable (See ad page 29) Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) Northwire Inc IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT ConductRF SYSTEM DISPLAYS Essex Industries Part Hunters LLC Data Bus Products AGDisplays First Sensor Inc PartMiner Industries Design Criteria Inc Boyd Corp Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc Pickering Interfaces Inc DeWAL Industries Qualmark Corp PIC Wire & Cable „ Positronic LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAYS (See ad page 53) AGDisplays Powell Electronics Barco Federal Systems LLC Projects Unlimited LED-Solutions Rennsteig Tools Inc Saelig Co Inc Chassis Plans „ Crystal Group Inc (See ad inside front cover) Robust and sealed to IP67 SV Microwave Epec Engineered Technologies Tech Products Inc Rockwell Collins TE Connectivity Customized to your application Tef Cap Industries ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING TXO Systems Ltd DIODE (OLED) DISPLAYS Front and rear mounting WL Gore & Associates Barco Federal Systems LLC connector options York Wire & Cable Inc Nightstick Rockwell Collins Wide array of LED for indoor DISPLAYS PLASMA DISPLAYS and outdoor. tricolor.An Infineon Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Technologies Co Wilbrecht LEDCO. 1703mae_BG_54 54 3/6/17 11:06 AM . Epec Engineered Technologies KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Toll free (888) 323-8751 General Atomics Aeronautical Vertriebs GmbH info@wilbrechtledco. ANALOG sizes Aero Dynamix Inc AGDisplays BIPOLAR TRANSISTORS Robust metal housing fully American Opto Plus LED Corp ACCES I/O Products potted for outdoor applications „ Applied Avionics Inc Central Semiconductor Corp (See ad page 55) „ Falcon Electronics New : large M14 format Barco Federal Systems LLC (See ad page 14) Blue Wolf Ganzhou Great Magnet Century Electronics Technology Co Ltd CERTON IR HiRel .wilbrechtledco. includes daylight CATHODE RAY TUBES „ ECRIN Systems readable. Systems Inc Sensitron Semiconductor www. PRODUCT CATEGORIES PartMiner Industries II-VI Inc Digi-Key Electronics TEN TECH LLC Pickering Interfaces Inc „ Interstate Connecting Eaton „ ZMicro Inc Powell Electronics Components Electro-Mech Components Inc (See ad page 24) TE Connectivity (See ad inside back cover) Epec Engineered Technologies IR HiRel .

PRODUCT CATEGORIES IGBTS Intersil Holt Integrated Circuits POWER INTEGRATED CIRCUITS „ Cornell Dubilier Electronics IR HiRel . All rights For applications that do not require a switch. edge-detecting pulse timers.An Infineon (See ad page 9) „ Falcon Electronics Technologies Co Corning Optical Communications (See ad page 14) Ironwood Electronics ■ Falcon Electronics Crane Aerospace & Electronics IR HiRel . electronic rotary switches. Components including ARINC 429 signal converter. solid-state relays.An Infineon (See ad page 57) Control Techniques Unidrive (See ad page 9) Technologies Co KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente „ Data Device Corp (DDC) „ Falcon Electronics KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH (See ad page 15) Vertriebs GmbH Kensington Electronics Inc (See ad page 14) e2v Microchip Technology Inc Lenthor Engineering Inc IR HiRel . (888) 848-4786 www. diodes and terminal blocks help avionics design engineers solve their everyday system integration challenges. 7) ■ Falcon Electronics Thermacore Inc STMicroelectronics Inc (See ad page 14) Amphenol Industrial Products Group TE Connectivity MOSFETS Barry Industries Inc General Dynamics C4 Systems TTI Inc BellowsTech LLC „ Holt Integrated Circuits Central Semiconductor Corp Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) POWER DISCRETE DEVICES (See ad page 57) ConductRF Central Semiconductor Corp Intersil „ Cornell Dubilier Electronics Control Techniques Unidrive IR HiRel .000.000 mix-and-match combinations of internal electronics. Boolean logic arrays. 1703mae_BG_55 55 3/6/17 11:06 AM . a NEXSYS® LOGIC Module offers the same LOGIC Component Technology functionality in a ruggedized. NEXSYS® LOGIC Component Technology in a VIVISUN® lighted pushbutton switch offers over 1.An Infineon Sensitron Semiconductor March Electronics Inc Technologies Co Solitron Devices Inc Merrimac PartMiner Industries STMicroelectronics Inc Part Hunters LLC Sensitron Semiconductor Thermacore Inc „ PICO Electronics Inc Solitron Devices Inc STMicroelectronics Inc PASSIVE COMPONENTS (See ad page 1.An Infineon KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente (See ad page 14) „ Data Device Corp (DDC) Technologies Co Vertriebs GmbH (See ad page 15) KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Modular Devices Inc Design Criteria Inc Vertriebs GmbH Part Hunters LLC Digi-Key Electronics Minco Peregrine Semiconductor Corp „ Evans Capacitor Co Sensitron Semiconductor Sensitron Semiconductor (See ad page 6) Solitron Devices Inc STMicroelectronics Inc „ Falcon Electronics STMicroelectronics Inc TallannQuest ■ Holt Integrated Circuits (See ad page 14) „ VPT Inc (See ad page 57) (See ad page 8) Visit Booth #433 at AEA 2017 — New Orleans. voltage sensors. © 2017 VIVISUN® and NEXSYS® are registered trademarks of Applied Avionics. Inc. behind the panel package.appliedavionics. LA — March 13-16 Internal ernal Mix-and-Match Electronic Compo Components Solved In The Switch We’ve taken our best-in-class sunlight readable pushbutton switch and made it even better. Call or visit us online today to learn how our innovations can help your next project take flight. electronic latching flip-flops.

DIGITAL (See ad page 13) (See ad page 14) (See ad page 14) Digicom Electronics Honeywell Aerospace GigOptix Inc A-D CONVERTERS „ Holt Integrated Circuits Digi-Key Electronics Interconnect Systems Inc Analog Devices Inc e2v KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente (See ad page 57) „ Elma Electronic Inc Vertriebs GmbH „ Cobham Semiconductor Honeywell Aerospace Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) (See ad page 29) „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Interconnect Systems Inc (See ad page 13) General Dynamics C4 Systems (See ad page 45) „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Cobham RAD Solutions Honeywell Aerospace LOGIC Devices Inc (See ad page 45) (formerly Aeroflex) Intersil Maxwell Technologies Inc Microchip Technology Inc Digicom Electronics Ironwood Electronics Microchip Technology Inc Silicon Radar GmbH Digi-Key Electronics Lattice Semiconductor Part Hunters LLC TallannQuest e2v MAZeT GmbH Trenton Systems Inc „ Themis Computer Microsemi Corp (See ad page 47) MICROPROCESSORS/ Part Hunters LLC MICROCONTROLLERS D-A CONVERTERS Quicklogic Corp Advanced Micro Devices Inc Analog Devices Inc Xilinx Altera Corp ■ Falcon Electronics GENERAL-PURPOSE ICS „ Cobham Semiconductor „ Cobham Semiconductor Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) (See ad page 14) Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) (See ad page 13) Forza Silicon (See ad page 13) e2v Ganzhou Great Magnet e2v General Dynamics C4 Systems Technology Co Ltd ■ Applied Avionics Inc „ Falcon Electronics GigOptix Inc General Micro Systems Inc (See ad page 55) (See ad page 14) Honeywell Aerospace GigOptix Inc Digi-Key Electronics Innovasic Inc General Dynamics C4 Systems Honeywell Aerospace e2v Ironwood Electronics Intersil Intersil „ Falcon Electronics „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Logitech Ltd KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente (See ad page 14) (See ad page 45) Microchip Technology Inc Vertriebs GmbH Maxwell Technologies Inc Forza Silicon Part Hunters LLC „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Microchip Technology Inc GigOptix Inc TallannQuest (See ad page 45) Omega Engineering Inc Honeywell Aerospace Maxwell Technologies Inc Intersil GRAPHICS ICS Part Hunters LLC Microchip Technology Inc „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Digi-Key Electronics TallannQuest North Atlantic Industries Inc (See ad page 45) General Dynamics C4 Systems Trenton Systems Inc TallannQuest Microchip Technology Inc Maxwell Technologies Inc MIXED-SIGNAL ICS Tektronix Component Solutions Trenton Systems Inc Microchip Technology Inc Trenton Systems Inc Analog Devices Inc United Electronic Industries Inc „ Cobham Semiconductor Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) (See ad page 13) 56 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. a National STMicroelectronics Inc Instruments Co (See ad page 13) Thermacore Inc Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) (See ad page 13) CERTON Digi-Key Electronics TTI Inc „ Cobham Semiconductor e2v Digi-Key Electronics Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) „ Falcon Electronics INTEGRATED „ Falcon Electronics CIRCUITS. PRODUCT CATEGORIES RECTIFIERS ASICS Microsemi Corp IP CORES Central Semiconductor Corp „ Cobham Semiconductor North Atlantic Industries Inc „ Cobham Semiconductor Crane Aerospace & Electronics Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) Silicon Radar GmbH Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) ELDEC (See ad page 13) TallannQuest (See ad page 13) „ Falcon Electronics „ Data Device Corp (DDC) Tektronix Component Solutions Digi-Key Electronics (See ad page 14) (See ad page 15) Trenton Systems Inc Honeywell Aerospace „ Gaia Converter Digi-Key Electronics United Electronic Industries Inc „ Innovative Integration (See ad page 19) Forza Silicon DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSORS (See ad page 23) IR HiRel .com 1703mae_BG_56 56 3/6/17 11:06 AM .An Infineon Ganzhou Great Magnet „ Cobham Semiconductor Technologies Co Technology Co Ltd Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente General Dynamics C4 Systems (See ad page 13) Vertriebs GmbH GigOptix Inc Digicom Electronics Sensitron Semiconductor Honeywell Aerospace Digi-Key Electronics ■ Pentek Inc Solitron Devices Inc MAZeT GmbH General Dynamics C4 Systems (See ad page 21) STMicroelectronics Inc Microsemi Corp Ironwood Electronics Thermacore Inc Part Hunters LLC Pleora Technologies Inc Microchip Technology Inc TallannQuest THYRISTORS Omega Engineering Inc TallannQuest Tektronix Component Solutions Central Semiconductor Corp FPGAS MEMORY ICS „ Falcon Electronics COMMUNICATIONS/ NETWORKING ICS Altera Corp „ Cobham Semiconductor (See ad page 14) Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) „ Cobham Semiconductor BEEcube Inc.militaryaerospace.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES e2v PERIPHERAL/SUPPORT ICS POWER ELECTRONICS Epec Engineered Technologies „ Falcon Electronics Ganzhou Great Magnet (See ad page 14) ACTUATORS Technology Co Ltd Forza Silicon Aerotech Inc Nova Electric GigOptix Inc Allied Motion Technologies Inc NOVA Power Solutions Inc „ Holt Integrated Circuits BellowsTech LLC Tadiran Batteries (See ad page 57) ■ Holt Integrated Circuits Delphi Automotive LLP CIRCUIT BREAKERS Intersil (See ad page 57) Duraflex Inc „ Data Device Corp (DDC) KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Ganzhou Great Magnet (See ad page 15) Vertriebs GmbH Technology Co Ltd (See ad page 45) Intersil „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc Logitech Ltd „ Interstate Connecting (See ad page 45) Omega Engineering Inc Maxwell Technologies Inc Components Microchip Technology Inc Powell Electronics Microchip Technology Inc (See ad inside back cover) Peregrine Semiconductor Corp Servometer TallannQuest Silicon Radar GmbH SurplusEQ.holtic. RT/MT and RT options n Concurrent multi-terminal operation n 8K x 17-bit words internal static RAM with parity n 40 MHz SPI Host Interface n Dedicated hardware pin enables MIL-STD-1760 option n DO-254 Certifiable For further information on these and other Holt products contact: Tel: (949) 859-8800 E-mail: Web: A STACK Certified Supplier AS9100C:2009 Registered 1703mae_BG_57 57 3/6/17 11:06 AM . MAMBA : most cost effective MIL-STD-1553 solution n QFN package measures just 6mm x 6mm n BC/RT/MT. BC/ EMERGENCY POWER UNITS TallannQuest SOLID-STATE MEMORY UTC Aerospace Systems Allied International Tektronix Component Solutions Comtech TCS SSD Velmex Inc Cell-Con Inc NETWORK INTERFACE ICS Digi-Key Electronics AUXILIARY POWER UNITS (APUS) Digital Power Corp „ Falcon Electronics EaglePicher Technologies LLC „ Data Device Corp (DDC) Digital Power Corp (See ad page 14) ELDEC (See ad page 15) Ganzhou Great Magnet Logitech Ltd Technology Co Ltd „ Gaia Converter „ Holt Integrated Circuits Microchip Technology Inc Nova Electric (See ad page 19) (See ad page 57) Part Hunters LLC Ganzhou Great Magnet Microchip Technology Inc BATTERIES Technology Co Ltd MRO Stock Cell-Con Inc Nova Electric EaglePicher Technologies LLC ª World’s smallest.

com 1703mae_BG_58 58 3/6/17 11:06 AM .An Infineon ■ Falcon Electronics ELDEC „ Evans Capacitor Co Technologies Co (See ad page 14) Excelitas Technologies (See ad page 6) Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd 58 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Analytic Systems Applied Power Systems TDK-Lambda Americas Vertriebs GmbH Arnold Magnetics Corp CNC Center Tech Products Inc L-com Global Connectivity Behlman Electronics Inc Control Techniques Unidrive TE Connectivity Liteway Inc Cell-Con Inc Diamond-MT Inc UTC Aerospace Systems Microsemi Corp Century Electronics Eagle PLC Versatile Power Modicon PLC Control Techniques Unidrive Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc Modular Devices Inc Modicon PLC POWER SUPPLIES Crane Aerospace & Electronics MRO Drives Custom Manufacturing & MRO Drives Acqu Technology Inc MRO Electric Engineering Inc MRO Electric North Atlantic Industries Inc Delphi Automotive LLP MRO Stock Nova Electric Design Criteria Inc Omega Engineering Inc NOVA Power Solutions Inc Digital Power Corp SENER PerkinElmer Eagle PLC Velmex Inc „ PICO Electronics Inc Advanced Conversion Excelitas Technologies POWER DISTRIBUTION Technology Inc (See ad page 1.An Infineon Allied International Allied Motion Technologies Inc Sensitron Semiconductor Technologies Co Allied Motion Technologies Inc American Industrial Repair SurplusEQ. 7) „ Gaia Converter SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT Qualmark Corp (See ad page 19) Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Rantec Power Systems Inc General Micro Systems Inc Aegis Power Systems Inc Sensitron Semiconductor Hughes Circuits Inc Allied International TDK-Lambda Americas Intersil American Industrial Repair TEN TECH LLC Kensington Electronics Inc American Portwell Technology United Electronic Industries Inc LEMO USA Inc Advanced Conversion Analytic Systems US Dynamics Corp Microsemi Corp Technology Inc Arnold Magnetics Corp Vadatech Inc MRO Electric Behlman Electronics Inc „ VersaLogic Corp Allied Industrial Marketing Nova Electric Cell-Con Inc (See ad page 48) Allied International NOVA Power Solutions Inc Century Electronics Versatile Power American Industrial Repair Clary Corp Vicor Corp MOTOR CONTROLLERS Analytic Systems CNC Center Arnold Magnetics Corp „ VPT Inc Aerotech Inc Comtech PST Behlman Electronics Inc (See ad page 8) Allied Motion Technologies Inc Control Techniques Unidrive CNC Center Wavelength Electronics Inc American Industrial Repair Crane Aerospace & Electronics Applied Power Systems Control Techniques Unidrive TRANSDUCERS CUI Inc BellowsTech LLC Crane Aerospace & Electronics Custom Manufacturing & Allied Motion Technologies Inc CNC Center Custom Manufacturing & Engineering Inc Engineering Inc Intersil Control Techniques Unidrive „ Data Device Corp (DDC) „ Interstate Connecting (See ad page 15) Components Dawn VME Products (See ad inside back cover) dB Control Kensington Electronics Inc Design Criteria Inc Omega Engineering Inc ■ Data Device Corp (DDC) Digi-Key Electronics Powell Electronics ■ Data Device Corp (DDC) (See ad page 15) Digital Power Corp (See ad page 15) Dynamic Engineering TRANSIENT VOLTAGE Delphi Automotive LLP SUPPRESSORS Eagle PLC EaglePicher Technologies LLC Design Criteria Inc Eagle PLC „ Gaia Converter DeWAL Industries ELDEC (See ad page 19) Diamond-MT Inc „ Elma Electronic Inc Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc Digital Power Corp (See ad page 29) Intersil Eagle PLC Epec Engineered Technologies IR HiRel . PRODUCT CATEGORIES GENERATORS Modicon PLC „ Gaia Converter Excelitas Technologies Allied Motion Technologies Inc MRO Drives (See ad page 19) „ Extreme Engineering Cell-Con Inc MRO Electric IntelliPower Inc Solutions Inc (X-ES) Duraflex Inc MRO Stock IR HiRel .com MRO Electric (See ad page 19) United Electronic Industries Inc MRO Stock HDL Research Lab Inc Velmex Inc Nova Electric IntelliPower Inc Advanced Conversion NOVA Power Solutions Inc Interpoint Technology Inc MOTORS Rantec Power Systems Inc Intersil Aegis Power Systems Inc Aerotech Inc SENER IR HiRel . 43) North Atlantic Industries Inc Technologies Co „ Falcon Electronics INVERTERS/CONVERTERS Omega Engineering Inc March Electronics Inc (See ad page 14) Sensitron Semiconductor Modicon PLC FSP Group USA STMicroelectronics Inc MRO Drives „ Gaia Converter SurplusEQ.An Infineon (See ad page 3.militaryaerospace.

43) Cleanroom Connection Inc Foremay RADAR Comtech TCS SSD „ Gaia Converter Century Electronics DAC International Inc (See ad page 19) Computer Conversions Corp Daisy Data Displays Inc GDCA Inc „ Systel Rugged Computers General Atomics Aeronautical General Dynamics C4 Systems ■ Interstate Connecting Systems Inc (See ad page 27) „ Innovative Integration Components „ Interstate Connecting „ ZMicro Inc (See ad page 23) (See ad inside back cover) Components (See ad page 24) Kontron (See ad inside back cover) Jewell Instruments DESKTOP COMPUTERS Matrox Imaging KVH Industries Inc Logitech Ltd „ Mercury Systems AIM-USA Silicon Designs Inc Sealing Devices Inc (See ad page 25) Clear-Com Systron Donner Inertial SENER MERITEC General Dynamics C4 Systems Statek Corp MilSource INFRARED/ULTRAVIOLET Graphic Products Thermacore Inc Modular Industrial Computer Inc American Opto Plus LED Corp MPL AG TSC MPL AG DRS Technologies Inc NextComputing SONAR Red Rapids Nallatech „ Falcon Electronics „ Interstate Connecting TEN TECH LLC NextComputing (See ad page 14) Components Orion Technologies LLC Fibersense & Signals Inc ELECTRONIC FLIGHT „ Pentek Inc (See ad inside back cover) BAGS (EFTS) FLIR Systems Inc (See ad page 21) Forza Silicon Thermacore Inc Astronics Ballard Technology Pixus Technologies „ Interstate Connecting TACTILE EMBEDDED COMPUTERS „ Systel Rugged Computers Components Computer Conversions Corp (See ad page 27) (See ad inside back cover) 4DSP LLC „ Interstate Connecting TEN TECH LLC IRCameras LLC „ Abaco Systems Components „ Themis Computer Iscan Inc (See ad back cover) (See ad inside back cover) (See ad page 47) Keo Scientific Ltd ACCES I/O Products Powell Electronics Trenton Systems Inc Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc „ Acromag Inc SpaceAge Control Inc United Electronic Industries Inc Laser Physics UK Ltd (See ad page 49) S-Products Inc Vadatech Inc Logitech Ltd Active Silicon Inc Video Scope International Ltd „ VersaLogic Corp Lumetrics Inc Active Silicon Ltd VISIBLE-LIGHT CAMERAS (See ad page 48) Luna Optoelectronics ADL Embedded Solutions Inc MoviTHERM Active Silicon Inc Advantech Corp Vision Components GmbH Aitech Defense Systems Inc „ ZMicro Inc Omega Engineering Inc Active Silicon Ltd Alphi Technology (See ad page 24) Opto Diode Corp Adimec Advanced Image Systems BV OptoTherm Inc First Sensor Inc American Portwell Technology FLIGHT DIRECTORS Photon Control Inc Forza Silicon Astronics Ballard Technology UTC Aerospace Systems Powell Electronics Ganzhou Great Magnet Atrenne Integrated Solutions Raytheon Vision Systems Technology Co Ltd Barco Federal Systems LLC LAPTOPS/NOTEBOOKS/ Safran Reosc GEViCAM Inc BEEcube Inc.militaryaerospace. a National HANDHELD COMPUTERS Sensors Unlimited Products Iscan Inc Instruments Co Advantech Corp Sierra-Olympic Technologies ISVI Corp BittWare AIM-USA Inc (SOTI) Keo Scientific Ltd Bustec Inc Comtech TCS SSD Kowa American Corp Chassis Plans www.CIDTEC (See ad page 12) CHEMICAL ANALYZERS Keopsys SA Toshiba Imaging Systems Div EIZO Rugged Solutions Ganzhou Great Magnet Luna Optoelectronics Video Scope International Ltd Technology Co Ltd MegaWatt Lasers Inc „ Elma Electronic Inc Vision Components GmbH (See ad page 29) Luna Optoelectronics Princeton Lightwave Inc Sporian Microsystems Inc RPMC Lasers Inc esd electronics Inc Eureka Dry Tech INERTIAL Sting Ray Optics LLC TeraXion Inc COMPUTERS „ Extreme Engineering Allied International Solutions Inc (X-ES) Video Scope International Ltd AIR DATA COMPUTERS First Sensor Inc Wavelength Electronics Inc (See ad page MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 59 1703mae_BG_59 59 3/6/17 11:06 AM . PRODUCT CATEGORIES „ Gaia Converter Specialised Imaging Ltd Laser Physics UK Ltd Clary Corp (See ad page 19) Sting Ray Optics LLC Lumetrics Inc Comtech TCS SSD Ganzhou Great Magnet SwissOptic AG MAZeT GmbH Cornet Technology Inc Technology Co Ltd Thermo Scientific .CIDTEC MoviTHERM „ Crystal Group Inc High Energy Devices LLC Thermoteknix Systems Ltd Omega Engineering Inc (See ad inside front cover) KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Photron USA Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Vertriebs GmbH LADAR/LIDAR Princeton Lightwave Inc Daisy Data Displays Inc MCG Surge Protection Excelitas Canada Radiant Vision Systems „ Data Device Corp (DDC) Quell Corp First Sensor Inc Sensors Unlimited Products (See ad page 15) Sensitron Semiconductor General Atomics Aeronautical Sierra-Olympic Technologies Dawn VME Products TDK-Lambda Americas Systems Inc Inc (SOTI) Dedicated Computing „ Interstate Connecting Specialised Imaging Inc Dspnor AS SENSORS Components Specialised Imaging Ltd (See ad inside back cover) „ ECRIN Systems Thermo Scientific .

militaryaerospace. PRODUCT CATEGORIES „ Crystal Group Inc GDCA Inc WEARABLE COMPUTERS ICE DETECTION (See ad inside front cover) IBI Systems Inc Comtech TCS SSD SpaceAge Control Inc Diamond-MT Inc Kontron „ Crystal Group Inc „ ECRIN Systems Microway Inc OVERHEAT DETECTION (See ad inside front cover) (See ad page 12) Modular Industrial Computer Inc Foremay Dawn VME Products GammaTech Computer Corp MPL AG General Dynamics C4 Systems MoviTHERM General Dynamics C4 Systems NextComputing Ironwood Electronics PCE Instruments UK Ltd Getac „ Pentek Inc Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions Sporian Microsystems Inc Graphic Products (See ad page 21) „ Themis Computer Tef Cap Industries IBI Systems Inc Radisys (See ad page 47) Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions „ Systel Rugged Computers „ VersaLogic Corp NextComputing (See ad page 27) (See ad page 48) ELECTRO-OPTICS Panasonic System TEN TECH LLC Communications Co BONDING AND ADHESIVES „ Themis Computer Alpha Assembly Solutions „ Systel Rugged Computers (See ad page 27) (See ad page 47) DIAGNOSTICS Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert TEN TECH LLC Trenton Systems Inc Vadatech Inc AND CONTROL Kubatz GmbH & Co Electrolube „ ZMicro Inc AVIONICS HEALTH MULTICOMPUTER SYSTEMS Finetech (See ad page 24) MANAGEMENT Aitech Defense Systems Inc First Sensor Inc Alphi Technology American Portwell Technology SERVERS Henniker Plasma „ Applied Avionics Inc Chassis Plans ACCES I/O Products Master Bond (See ad page 55) „ Crystal Group Inc American Portwell Technology „ R&D Interconnect Solutions (See ad inside front cover) Astronics Ballard Technology (See ad page 17) Atrenne Integrated Solutions Dawn VME Products „ Elma Electronic Inc Chassis Plans Sealing Devices Inc SpaceAge Control Inc SHENMAO America Inc (See ad page 29) CHI Cos Sporian Microsystems Inc Techsil Ltd esd electronics Inc Cleanroom Connection Inc Kontron Clear-Com CLOCKS/TIMERS CAMERAS March Electronics Inc Comtech TCS SSD „ Applied Avionics Inc Active Silicon Inc „ Mercury Systems Cornet Technology Inc (See ad page 55) Active Silicon Ltd (See ad page 25) „ Crystal Group Inc Masterclock Inc Carr Quality Assurance Consulting „ Pentek Inc (See ad inside front cover) RWC Testing & Lab Supplies eInfochips (See ad page 21) Dedicated Computing ENGINE CONTROLS EO Strategies „ Systel Rugged Computers „ ECRIN Systems First Sensor Inc (See ad page 27) (See ad page 12) American Industrial Repair „ Gaia Converter „ Themis Computer EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc CERTON (See ad page 19) (See ad page 47) Foremay dSPACE Inc „ Gaia Converter General Atomics Aeronautical Trenton Systems Inc General Micro Systems Inc Systems Inc Kontron (See ad page 19) RACK-MOUNT COMPUTERS GEViCAM Inc „ Mercury Systems Ironwood Electronics Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc ADL Embedded Solutions Inc (See ad page 25) PulseTech Products Corp IO Industries Inc Advantech Corp Microway Inc Sporian Microsystems Inc IRCameras LLC Aegis Power Systems Inc Red Rapids UTC Aerospace Systems ISVI Corp AIM-USA „ Systel Rugged Computers ENGINE MONITORING Kowa American Corp Aitech Defense Systems Inc (See ad page 27) Alphi Technology Laser Physics UK Ltd American Portwell Technology „ Themis Computer Crane Aerospace & Electronics Lenthor Engineering Inc Atrenne Integrated Solutions (See ad page 47) EMCOR Government Services Lockheed Martin Santa BEEcube Inc.TEMPEST Sporian Microsystems Inc Princeton Infrared Comtech TCS SSD Technologies Inc (PIRT) „ Crystal Group Inc Aitech Defense Systems Inc FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Sensors Unlimited Products (See ad inside front cover) Atrenne Integrated Solutions Crane Aerospace & Electronics Sierra-Olympic Technologies Daisy Data Displays Inc BEEcube 1703mae_BG_60 60 3/6/17 11:06 AM . a National Trenton Systems Inc Omega Engineering Inc Barbara Focal Plane Instruments Co „ ZMicro Inc PCE Instruments UK Ltd Matrox Imaging Century Electronics (See ad page 24) Photron USA Inc MoviTHERM Chassis Plans PulseTech Products Corp Phase 1 Technology Corp Clear-Com SPECIALIZED COMPUTERS . a National Inc (SOTI) First Sensor Inc Dawn VME Products Instruments Co Sierra Pacific Innovations Tef Cap Industries Dedicated Computing Chassis Plans TEN TECH LLC „ ECRIN Systems Comtech TCS SSD HEALTH AND USAGE TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd (See ad page 12) Foremay MONITORING (HUMS) Toshiba Imaging Systems Div EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions Dawn VME Products Video Scope International Ltd „ Elma Electronic Inc MPL AG EMCOR Government Services Vision Components GmbH (See ad page 29) Orion Technologies LLC Impact Technical Services Ltd West Coast Tech Ltd esd electronics Inc „ Systel Rugged Computers Sporian Microsystems Inc (See ad page 27) Versatile Power 60 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES ELECTRO-OPTIC MATERIALS MegaWatt Lasers Inc „ Falcon Electronics „ Gaia Converter AND SUBSTRATES Micro Laser Systems Inc (See ad page 14) (See ad page 19) AdTech Ceramics OSI Laser Diode Inc FoxFury Lighting Solutions G-S PLASTIC OPTICS Cleanroom Connection Inc OZ Optics Ltd Frankfurt Laser Co Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc DeWAL Industries Passat Ltd G-S PLASTIC OPTICS Infinite Optics Inc EO Strategies Qualmark Corp II-VI Inc IRCameras LLC GigOptix Inc Reynard Corp Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc II-VI Inc RPMC Lasers Inc Lambda Research Corp Kowa American Corp Infinite Optics Inc SENER Logitech Ltd Lasertel Logitech Ltd TeraXion Inc Luna Optoelectronics Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd Luna Optoelectronics TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd MAZeT GmbH Lenthor Engineering Inc PG&O .Optical Solutions Group Luna Optoelectronics Sierra-Olympic Technologies LPKF Laser & Electronics Opto Diode Corp MAZeT GmbH Inc (SOTI) MegaWatt Lasers Inc OSI OptoElectronics Inc Nightstick West Coast Tech Ltd Micro Laser Systems Inc OZ Optics Ltd Phase 1 Technology Corp Newport Corp Reynard Corp LASER COMPONENTS Qualmark Corp OFS RPMC Lasers Inc Reynard Corp AdTech Ceramics OSI Laser Diode Inc Specialised Imaging Inc Sealing Devices Inc Avo Photonics OZ Optics Ltd Specialised Imaging Ltd TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd Carr Quality Assurance Consulting Passat Ltd Cleanroom Connection Inc VCC OPTICAL COATINGS/ Princeton Lightwave Inc TREATMENTS Versatile Power Coherent Inc RPMC Lasers Inc DILAS Diode Laser Inc NIGHT VISION Archer OpTx SENER Electro-Optical Products Corp Deposition Sciences Inc (DSI) SPI Lasers UK Ltd Active Silicon Inc „ Evans Capacitor Co Electrolube MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 61 1703mae_BG_61 61 3/6/17 11:06 AM .militaryaerospace.Precision Glass & Optics Visotek Inc Microsemi Corp Luna Optoelectronics Reynard Corp Wavelength Electronics Inc Opto Diode Corp MoviTHERM SENER West Coast Tech Ltd OSI Laser Diode Inc Phase 1 Technology Corp SHENMAO America Inc OSI OptoElectronics Inc Princeton Infrared LASERS Vision Components GmbH RPMC Lasers Inc Technologies Inc (PIRT) West Coast Tech Ltd Avo Photonics SHENMAO America Inc Reynard Corp Carr Quality Assurance Consulting StacoSystems Sensors Unlimited Products EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING Cleanroom Connection Inc TTI Inc Sierra-Olympic Technologies Blue Wolf Coherent Inc VCC Inc (SOTI) Coherent Solutions Coherent Solutions „ Wilbrecht LEDCO Inc Sierra Pacific Innovations Computer Conversions Corp DILAS Diode Laser Inc (See ad page 54) SwissOptic AG Finetech DRS Technologies Inc Thermoteknix Systems Ltd Integrated Dispensing Solutions Inc EO Strategies LIGHTING TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd OptoTest Corp Excelitas Canada Aero Dynamix Inc Video Scope International Ltd Princeton Infrared Frankfurt Laser Co American Opto Plus LED Corp West Coast Tech Ltd Technologies Inc (PIRT) General Atomics Aeronautical „ Wilbrecht LEDCO Inc Sierra-Olympic Technologies Systems Inc (See ad page 54) Inc (SOTI) Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc II-VI Inc OPTICAL AMPLIFIERS FORWARD-LOOKING INFRARED SYSTEMS Keopsys SA Advanced Photonix Inc Krell Technologies Inc Blue Wolf Analog Devices Inc EO Strategies Lenthor Engineering Inc LAS-CAD GmbH II-VI Inc FoxFury Lighting Solutions Meggitt Defense Systems Laser Physics UK Ltd Keopsys SA Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc Princeton Infrared Lasertel LEA Photonics Infinite Optics Inc Technologies Inc (PIRT) LEA Photonics Luna Optoelectronics Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc Sensors Unlimited Products Logitech Ltd Molex .com Advanced Night Visions (See ad page 6) Eureka Dry Tech TeraXion Inc Systems Inc (ANVS) G-S PLASTIC OPTICS Excelitas Canada TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd Aero Dynamix Inc Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc „ Falcon Electronics West Coast Tech Ltd American Opto Plus LED Corp II-VI Inc (See ad page 14) „ Applied Avionics Inc LEDS Infinite Optics Inc Frankfurt Laser Co (See ad page 55) American Opto Plus LED Corp Kowa American Corp Go4Fiber Ltd Archer OpTx „ Applied Avionics Inc Logitech Ltd II-VI Inc BE Meyers & Co Inc (See ad page 55) Lumetrics Inc Infinite Optics Inc Blue Wolf Master Bond Krell Technologies Inc Carr Quality Assurance Consulting OSI OptoElectronics Inc Kugler of America Ltd Cleanroom Connection Inc OZ Optics Ltd Laser Physics UK Ltd Electrolube PG&O .Precision Glass & Optics Lasertel „ Elma Electronic Inc Blue Wolf Reynard Corp Lenox Laser (See ad page 29) Specialty Coating Systems Logitech Ltd Elbit Systems of America Excelitas Canada Sterling Precision Optics Inc LPKF Laser & Electronics EO Strategies SwissOptic AG Lumetrics Inc www.

Precision Glass & Optics „ R&D Interconnect Solutions DRS Technologies Inc THERMAL IMAGING Reynard Corp (See ad page 17) Excelitas Canada Sterling Precision Optics Inc StacoSystems Active Silicon Inc „ Falcon Electronics TeraXion Inc Advanced Test Equipment Rentals „ Interstate Connecting Toshiba Imaging Systems Div Lambda Research Corp Techsil Ltd Components Video Scope International Ltd LAS-CAD GmbH „ Wilbrecht LEDCO Inc (See ad inside back cover) West Coast Tech Ltd Laser Physics UK Ltd (See ad page 54) Krell Technologies Inc Westech Optical Corp Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd KVH Industries Inc Logitech Ltd L-com Global Connectivity OPTICAL SWITCHES Micro Laser Systems Inc NAVIGATION Logitech Ltd Newport Corp Micro Laser Systems Inc PG&O . PRODUCT CATEGORIES West Coast Tech Ltd Logitech Ltd OptoTest Corp Visotek Inc Westech Optical Corp MAZeT GmbH OSI OptoElectronics Inc West Coast Tech Ltd Newport Corp OZ Optics Ltd Westech Optical Corp OPTICAL DETECTORS OZ Optics Ltd Pickering Interfaces Inc WL Gore & Associates Advanced Photonix Inc PG&O .Optical Solutions Group Kowa American Corp Microsemi Corp EO Strategies „ R&D Interconnect Solutions Lenthor Engineering Inc Opto Diode Corp Fiberscope.Precision Glass & Optics AUTOMATIC DEPENDENT Noramco Wire & Cable SURVEILLANCE-BROADCAST Photon Control Inc (ADS-B) EQUIPMENT OFS Radiant Vision Systems „ Applied Avionics Inc Photon Control Inc Reynard Corp Rennsteig Tools Inc ■ Applied Avionics Inc (See ad page 55) Sensors Unlimited Products TE Connectivity (See ad page 55) Carr Quality Assurance Consulting Sierra-Olympic Technologies TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd Inc (SOTI) Sealing Devices Inc Coherent Solutions Sterling Precision Optics Inc Shoghi Communications OPTICAL FILTERS Cornet Technology Inc DiCon Fiberoptics Inc Sting Ray Optics LLC GPS SYSTEMS Archer OpTx „ Falcon Electronics „ Applied Avionics Inc Deposition Sciences Inc (DSI) SwissOptic AG (See ad page 14) (See ad page 55) DiCon Fiberoptics Inc TE Connectivity Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc Fibersense & Signals Inc Ball Aerospace and Liteway Inc TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd Technologies Corp II-VI Inc UTC Aerospace Systems Infinite Optics Inc Luna Optoelectronics CERTON 62 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www.CIDTEC Logitech Ltd Deposition Sciences Inc (DSI) Wavelength Electronics Inc TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd Photron USA Inc DRS Technologies Inc West Coast Tech Ltd Toshiba Imaging Systems Div Princeton Infrared EO Strategies ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT SOURCES Video Scope International Ltd Technologies Inc (PIRT) Eureka Dry Tech Frankfurt Laser Co American Opto Plus LED Corp Radiant Vision Systems OPTICAL FIBER G-S PLASTIC OPTICS Blue Wolf Reynard Corp Archer OpTx Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc Coherent Inc SENER Corning Optical Communications II-VI Inc FoxFury Lighting Solutions Sensors Unlimited Products Delphi Automotive LLP Infinite Optics Inc Frankfurt Laser Co Shoghi Communications Excelitas Canada InnovaQuartz LLC Micro Laser Systems Inc Sierra-Olympic Technologies Go4Fiber Ltd Inc (SOTI) IRCameras LLC Nightstick Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc Specialised Imaging Inc ISVI Corp Passat Ltd II-VI Inc Specialised Imaging Ltd Kowa American Corp Photon Control Inc Infinite Optics Inc Sting Ray Optics LLC Krell Technologies Inc Reynard Corp InnovaQuartz LLC TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd Kugler of America Ltd (See ad page 14) TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd Archer OpTx First Sensor Inc OPTICAL TRANSCEIVERS EO Strategies West Coast Tech Ltd G-S PLASTIC OPTICS Applied Optoelectronics Inc Excelitas Canada Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc OPTICAL IMAGING H&L Instruments LLC Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc Kowa American Corp Active Silicon Inc „ Interstate Connecting II-VI Inc Logitech Ltd Archer OpTx Components Infinite Optics Inc Luna Optoelectronics DRS Technologies Inc (See ad inside back cover) IRCameras LLC MAZeT GmbH Electro-Optical Products Corp Molex .net (See ad page 17) MoviTHERM OSI Laser Diode Inc Fibersense & Signals Inc Tektronix Component Solutions PCE Instruments UK Ltd OSI OptoElectronics Inc GEViCAM Inc Teledyne Microelectronics Phase 1 Technology Corp Photron USA Inc G-S PLASTIC OPTICS TeraXion Inc Princeton Infrared Princeton Infrared Guernsey Coating Laboratories Inc TXO Systems Ltd Technologies Inc (PIRT) Technologies Inc (PIRT) H&L Instruments LLC Raytheon Vision Systems Princeton Lightwave Inc Infinite Optics Inc OPTICS Reynard Corp Radiant Vision Systems Iscan Inc Archer OpTx Sensors Unlimited Products Sensors Unlimited Products ISVI Corp Avo Photonics Sierra-Olympic Technologies Sierra-Olympic Technologies Keo Scientific Ltd Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Inc (SOTI) Inc (SOTI) KEYENCE Corp of America Kubatz GmbH & Co Sierra Pacific Innovations Specialised Imaging Inc Kowa American Corp Carr Quality Assurance Consulting Sting Ray Optics LLC Specialised Imaging Ltd Lambda Research Corp Cleanroom Connection Inc Thermoteknix Systems Ltd Thermo Scientific .com 1703mae_BG_62 62 3/6/17 11:06 AM .

7) ■ Applied Avionics Inc PIC Wire & Cable US Dynamics Corp SATELLITE SYSTEMS (See ad page 55) QSDM Inc UTC Aerospace Systems ADL Embedded Solutions Inc „ RGB Spectrum Astronics Ballard Technology CABIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Annapolis Micro Systems Inc (See ad page 40) Atrenne Integrated Solutions Automated Motion Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert SENER Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) Kubatz GmbH & Co Blue Wolf Signal Technology AvionTEq Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) Conscious Systems Engineering LLC StacoSystems AWT-Global LLC Computer Conversions Corp eInfochips Thermacore Inc Barco Federal Systems LLC EaglePicher Technologies LLC Tef Cap Industries TSC UTC Aerospace Systems Lenthor Engineering Inc US Dynamics Corp Pearson Machine Co LLC COUNTERMEASURES „ VersaLogic Corp Qualmark Corp (See ad page 48) Advanced Conversion Technology Inc Shoghi Communications Blue Wolf Annapolis Micro Systems Inc Tango Wave TRAINING AND SIMULATION Century Electronics TEN TECH LLC Astronics Test Systems CERTON CTT Inc ViaSat Inc Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) Clear-Com dB Control AWT-Global LLC Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) Excelitas Technologies Barco Federal Systems LLC Computer Conversions Corp Shoghi Communications www. 43) Analytic Systems „ Holt Integrated Circuits Blue Wolf Annapolis Micro Systems Inc PLATFORM SYSTEMS/ (See ad page 57) „ Applied Avionics Inc SUBSYSTEMS Honeywell Aerospace FoxFury Lighting Solutions MAZeT GmbH (See ad page 55) „ Interface Concept Atrenne Integrated Solutions AUTOPILOTS (See ad page 18) Nightstick Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) Jewell Instruments Qualmark Corp Blue Wolf Interpoint UTC Aerospace Systems Century Electronics AVIONICS Ironwood Electronics Jewell Instruments LIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Chassis Plans Kontron Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) Blue Wolf Lenthor Engineering Inc Computer Conversions Corp Design Criteria Inc Meggitt Defense Systems Comtech TCS SSD MAZeT GmbH Merrimac Crane Aerospace & Electronics MoviTHERM North Atlantic Industries Inc Dawn VME Products ■ Abaco Systems Nightstick Orion Technologies LLC Dspnor AS (See ad back cover) Radiant Vision Systems PartMiner Industries Dynamic Engineering ADL Embedded Solutions Inc PIC Wire & Cable NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT EIZO Rugged Solutions QSDM Inc Advanced Conversion Technology Inc ELDEC Atrenne Integrated Solutions „ Elma Electronic Inc Rennsteig Tools Inc AWT-Global LLC (See ad page 29) Sandel Avionics SENER CERTON Interpoint Sensitron Semiconductor CTT Inc Kontron Advanced Conversion KVH Industries Inc Shoghi Communications Dawn VME Products Technology Inc Signal Technology KVH Industries Inc L-com Global Connectivity Amphenol PCD SpaceAge Control Inc Lenthor Engineering Inc Merrimac Annapolis Micro Systems Inc Speel Praha Ltd QSDM Inc Modular Devices Inc StacoSystems Qualmark Corp North Atlantic Industries Inc Statek Corp Rockwell Collins Orion Technologies LLC TenCate Advanced Composites Sandel Avionics Pearson Machine Co LLC TEN TECH LLC SENER „ PICO Electronics Inc Teradyne Statek Corp (See ad page 1. PRODUCT CATEGORIES General Micro Systems Inc Comtech TCS SSD ELECTRONIC FLIGHT SECURITY SYSTEMS GPS Source Inc Conscious Systems Engineering LLC INSTRUMENT SYSTEMS (EFIS) Active Silicon Inc Ironwood Electronics Crane Aerospace & Electronics „ Gaia Converter Active Silicon Ltd KVH Industries Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions (See ad page 19) ADL Embedded Solutions Inc Sealing Devices Inc Data Bus Products TEN TECH LLC Coaxial Components Corp (Coaxicom) SENER Design Criteria Inc Dspnor AS LANDING SYSTEMS Shoghi Communications Dynamic Engineering „ Innovative Integration Spectracom EaglePicher Technologies LLC PartMiner Industries (See ad page 23) Tango Wave eInfochips Qualmark Corp MoviTHERM US Dynamics Corp EIZO Rugged Solutions UTC Aerospace Systems Shoghi Communications ELDEC LIGHTING Southwest Microwave TERRAIN „ Elma Electronic Inc „ Applied Avionics Inc Aero Dynamix Inc SHIPBOARD/MARITIME (See ad page 29) (See ad page 55) ELECTRONICS Essex Industries KVH Industries Inc „ Extreme Engineering Advanced Conversion Technology Inc Sealing Devices Inc Solutions Inc (X-ES) Aero Dynamix Inc (See ad page MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 63 1703mae_BG_63 63 3/6/17 11:06 AM .

militaryaerospace. PRODUCT CATEGORIES Chassis Plans „ Applied Avionics Inc Tango Wave IR HiRel . 65) CalibreRF Ltd Agile Microwave Technology Inc Pickering Interfaces Inc Cobham Antenna Systems CalibreRF Ltd Sensitron Semiconductor Computer Conversions Corp Cleanroom Connection Inc Signal Technology Crane Aerospace & Electronics Computer Conversions Corp Silicon Radar GmbH „ Falcon Electronics Luna Optoelectronics Southwest Antennas (See ad page 14) Merrimac Advanced Conversion Technology Inc STMicroelectronics Inc GPS Source Inc NI Microwave Components Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd Signal Technology 64 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS 1703mae_BG_64 64 3/6/17 11:06 AM . 65) Orion Technologies LLC „ Elma Electronic Inc „ Positronic ANTENNAS PrismTech (See ad page 29) (See ad page 53) Advanced Test Equipment Rentals „ RGB Spectrum „ Holt Integrated Circuits Powell Electronics AWT-Global LLC (See ad page 40) (See ad page 57) SHENMAO America Inc CalibreRF Ltd Rockwell Collins Modular Devices Inc Space Electronics Ltd Cleanroom Connection Inc SENER North Atlantic Industries Inc TASC Technical & Assembly Clear-Com Services Corp Shoghi Communications Orion Technologies LLC Cobham Antenna Systems TE Connectivity Siemens PLM Software Pleora Technologies Inc Computer Conversions Corp TTI Inc UNMANNED VEHICLES Sensitron Semiconductor GPS Source Inc Thermacore Inc Wavelength Electronics Inc Active Silicon Inc „ Interstate Connecting Active Silicon Ltd WEATHER SYSTEMS Components FILTERS ADL Embedded Solutions Inc (See ad inside back cover) Amphenol Aerospace PCE Instruments UK Ltd Advanced Conversion Technology Inc L-com Global Connectivity Barry Industries Inc Allied Motion Technologies Inc WEIGHT AND BALANCE MPB srl CalibreRF Ltd SYSTEMS Mu-Del Electronics Analytic Systems Cobham Antenna Systems Annapolis Micro Systems Inc Impact Technical Services Ltd Radiency Technologies GPS Source Inc Atrenne Integrated Solutions Shakespeare Military „ Interstate Connecting Barco Federal Systems LLC Antenna Products Components BittWare RF AND MICROWAVE Southwest Antennas (See ad inside back cover) Blue Wolf Southwest Microwave Keysight Technology Inc AMPLIFIERS Streamline Circuits Corp Century Electronics L-com Global Connectivity Chassis Plans Advanced Microwave Products TE Connectivity March Electronics Inc Clear-Com Advanced Test Equipment Rentals TenCate Advanced Composites Merrimac Comtech TCS SSD Agile Microwave Technology Inc TSC Mouser Electronics Crane Aerospace & Electronics Analog Devices Inc ViaSat Inc MPB srl CTT Inc Arrow Electronics Inc Mu-Del Electronics BONDING AND ADHESIVES Design Criteria Inc Astronics Test Systems Quell Corp AWT-Global LLC Alpha Assembly Solutions EaglePicher Technologies LLC Sealing Devices Inc CalibreRF Ltd Boyd Corp ELDEC Signal Technology Carr Quality Assurance Consulting Electrolube „ Extreme Engineering Southwest Antennas Cleanroom Connection Inc Finetech Solutions Inc (X-ES) Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd Computer Conversions Corp Henniker Plasma (See ad page 3.An Infineon Clear-Com (See ad page 55) TASC Technical & Assembly Technologies Co Dspnor AS Astronics Ballard Technology Services Corp Microsemi Corp Lexycom Technologies Inc Atrenne Integrated Solutions TriQuint Semiconductor Mouser Electronics Meggitt Defense Systems Barco Federal Systems LLC TSC „ Pasternack North Atlantic Industries Inc Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions US Dynamics Corp (See ad page 5. 43) Tektronix Component Solutions Comtech PST Master Bond FLIR Systems Inc TriQuint Semiconductor Continental Resources „ R&D Interconnect Solutions Foremay TTI Inc CTT Inc (See ad page 17) „ Holt Integrated Circuits US Dynamics Corp dB Control SHENMAO America Inc (See ad page 57) „ Falcon Electronics Techsil Ltd FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZERS Lenthor Engineering Inc (See ad page 14) CalibreRF Ltd Lexycom Technologies Inc DIPLEXERS/MULTIPLEXERS GigOptix Inc Continental Resources North Atlantic Industries Inc CalibreRF Ltd GPS Source Inc Crane Aerospace & Electronics Orion Technologies LLC Carr Quality Assurance Consulting Intersil Merrimac PALMARII Dynamics AB GPS Source Inc L-com Global Connectivity NI Microwave Components Pearson Machine Co LLC NI Microwave Components „ Mercury Systems Signal Technology Pelorus Naval Systems Inc Pickering Interfaces Inc (See ad page 25) TallannQuest Phase 1 Technology Corp Southwest Antennas Merrimac Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd PrismTech Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd Microsemi Corp TASC Technical & Assembly Qualmark Corp Tango Wave Services Corp Sensitron Semiconductor Mouser Electronics US Dynamics Corp Mu-Del Electronics TSC Shoghi Communications US Dynamics Corp SpaceAge Control Inc NI Microwave Components DISCRETE COMPONENTS „ Pasternack Boyd Corp HYBRIDS VETRONICS (See ad page 5. 11. 11.

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www. Pinewood Mews. Engineering Inc jhalevy@rugged. (See ad back cover) sales@adtechceramics.alaskastructures. New York. Alaska Structures custom products and program life AdTech Ceramics 9024 Vanguard Dr. 16 Mitchell Rd. Georgetown. www. NY 10507. 609-799-9388. 2001 Fulling Mill Rd. Henderson. linear. MIL-STD-461. sales@agdisplays. 85282-5836. PO Box 4128. alec@alliedinter. info@acieta. and software. 150 W 30th „ Acromag Inc www.aerodynamix. AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies Solutions LLC inquiry@alliedmotion. Ann Arbor. San Diego.abaco. VENDOR DIRECTORY 4DSP LLC Active Silicon Ltd Advanced Microwave Products AIM-USA 3101 Bee Caves Offers a complete line of embedded Aitech Systems Ltd 12090 Memorial Pkwy SW. 13 Whatney. high-performance Aerospace Maintenance 14228. PA 19053. 78626. Suite 301. to www. Suite 101. computers. sales@adcocircuits. 775-345-9933. is also 4411 Morena Herzlia 46140. CA MA www.thermalspray. info@advanced. Sunnyvale. Picometrix Div. 10401 Roselle St. www. 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Cutchogue. IA Consultants Inc www. 01730-9137. NY CA (See ad page 13) Conscious Systems Network Connections Group USA Div. 919-650-2703. Stuart. Cell-Con Inc (div of Melville Industries Inc). www. UPS systems. 978-374-6840. NC 6800 Versar CALCULEX Inc Clark Testing Continental Resources 132 W Las Cruces Ave. 91016. 321-674-2155. Little Green. Santa Clara. tech. Cleanroom Connection Inc cms. San Jose. www. sales@coherent-solutions. indsales@genthermcsz. Redmond. Chanhassen. 1501 SE Decker Ave. Willingboro. 719-594-8035.cablelabelsusa. „ Cobham Semiconductor (sub of Comtech Telecommunications 95135. up screening and Cincinnati. 175 Middlesex 949-306-4354. 12011 Mosteller Rd. sales@conductrf. www. radiation 34994-3964. Comtech PST 3463 Meadowlands Ln.sales@coherent. Bedford.chicompanies. 88001.centralsemi. TN 407-321-7394. OH 45241. Unit A. VA 22151.sales@cobham. Unit 104.clary. 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Tualatin. TX 78729. www. York CUI Inc Digital Power Corp (sub of HEICO Corp Electronic EARMARK 20050 SW 112th Ave. 602-275-7172. (See ad inside front cover) motor control and motion feedback) www.curtisswrightds. 248-813-2000. Bergen 36 Executive Pk. 6702 McNeil Dr. solutions@depsci. (sub of Dalau Ltd). VA 20147.dbcontrol.makeitdaisy. 2850 Lewisberry Rd. Newton House. embedded. Ashburn. A301. (See ad page 15) 701 Brooks Ave S. 7799 Pardee 513-793-7774.service@eaton. Milpitas.ddc-web. solutions (data All products meet/exceed connectivity. 1703mae_BG_74 74 3/6/17 11:06 AM . shorn@diamond-mt. CA 95035. info@dynetechnology. NC DSP Development Corp (div of Crane Co). 401-789-9736. MI 48098. Laksevag. CA Diamond Systems Corp 95060. Suite Pinellas Park. OR 48430 Lakeview www. 510-620-5200. lifecycle planning of 11716. www. Santa Rosa. sales@earmark.dadisp. 1689 Regetta Blvd. www. Sunnyvale. www.corning. Cincinnati. 213 Chestnut Merrimack. power and control e2v IEEE. and MIL-S-901. Suite 200. 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Mountain View. & Engineering Inc N26 W23880 Commerce Cir. configuration 105 Wilbur Pl. ds@curtisswright. and MIL-STD-810. engineering. buck@dadisp. Bohemia.eaton. Daisy Data Displays Inc 3300 Coffey Ln. 765 Sycamore. Santa 93010. marksage@dalauinc.eaglepicher.ddci. CA sales@dyneng. IL 60013. 801-393-1414. info@dspaceinc. IEC. dSPACE Inc CPC (Colder Products Co) www. 319-378-1636. Fremont. St Paul. www. Staffordshire Unit F. Norway.digipwr.dewal. (sub of Lockheed Martin).com.digikey. Trail. Johnstown. 17370. VENDOR DIRECTORY Corning Optical Communications Custom Manufacturing Dedicated Computing DLS Electronic Systems Inc (div of Corning Inc).diamondsystems. MI www. WA 800-344-4539. NY 11030. Laksevagneset 12.dspnor. www.crystalrugged. MO 45241.dynetechnology.militaryaerospace. St Paul. DRS Technologies Inc 4119 White Bear Pkwy. Digi-Key Electronics C and Porter Sts. 520-232-3480.custom-mfg-eng. 84067. Redmond. Suite sales@digipwr. 828-901-5000. power@crane-eg. 1250 Peterson Dr. power@designcriteria.criticalio. control and conversion. www. NH 03054. Cary. 603-670-1031. 167-1. 765 Industrial Dr. CA WS13 dacinfo@dacint. 55110. CA Technologies Group (ETG)). Dyne Technology Ltd management. 800 17th St NW. Austin. 20130 9070 S Rita Rd. 750 W Ventura Blvd. Camarillo. 241 E Java 74 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. 44-1543-411-460. 10301 Willows Rd. info@cortecvci. Suite cicustomer. power 80 Chase Dynamic Engineering Is a leading rugged computer 150 Dubois 703-779-7800.dalau. www. 831-457-8891. 48-32-282-82-66. RI info@dspnor.dspaceinc. CA 94621. UK. Crane Aerospace & Electronics www. Is a world leader in the design and reliability in harsh environments. CSZ Testing defense industry as a trusted EaglePicher Technologies LLC 11901 Mosteller Rd. www.technologies@eaglepicher. Tucson. PA 707-573-6700. integration. www. 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(div of MRO Electric and Supply). sales@cttinc. MN 55114. Fremont. (Mil/aero Interconnect Products Div). CA 94089. Hiawatha. hardware manufacturer that 1255 Terra Bella Ave.databusproducts.dacint. CA DeWAL Industries 703-416-8000.dilas. MA 02458. jblack@dlsemc.interpoint. 1652 Old Apex Rd. 651-429-1100. Irvine. „ Data Device Corp (DDC) 94043. and data storage devices for high 94804. 1100 Vanguard Blvd. reliability. Epec Engineered Technologies Excelitas Technologies 11365. info@electromechcomp. www. info@exa. 774-217-1122. Suite 105. and support of standard and custom standard or custom EO Strategies Power Systems. www. Altamonte Springs. Mercury Systems. Burlington. QC J7V 8P7. www. 02745. Ahmedabad. VME. and defense applications. Suite 120. Lynchburg. RI ian@falconelec. sales@eopc.americas@euresys. India. www. I/O and OS support for (sub of Taiwan Dry Tech Corp). 571-403-8900. la Zouch. 626-442-7180. Suite 600. Boelwiese alia HIRF and impact of indirect and capacitors for demanding defense power supplies. www. 01301. and is able to design and deliver and rugged VPX. Technologies. St Louis. 43) sales.craneae. info@electrolube. backplanes. in power Technologies. the solutions for high-performance 7700 Gravois Rd. modules. www. Vishay 2800 Crystal Dr. NAS. 425-743-1313. MA 400 Godin Ave. VA and Xtreme Semiconductor.falconelec. Avenue du Pré Miamisburg. 47 Mall Dr. 32-4-367-72-88. (div of H K Wentworth Ltd). NY FL 32701. EDT | Engineering Design Team Inc (See ad page 29) of commercial and ruggedized www. Distributes military. NY ian@falconelec. storage. Is ISO Belgium. VA 24502. 781-564-0200.euresys. EngineerSupply EURESYS SA marketing@einfochips. Irvine.exfo. Xinyi Rd.excelitas. East Providence. WI 53562. 75050-1113. Excelitas Canada Fastener Specialty Inc 1826 Floradale Ave. CA 92606. Is Typical circuits. Middleton. Ashby Pk. PDI.epectec. VG and more. 72 Boyd Ave. 450-424-3300. Fremont. Arlington.engineersupply.ecrin. WA 98037. OH 45342. ers-info@eizo. power NY 14075. 1891 Alton Pkwy. 59 Sec 4. sales@xes-inc.eurekadrytech. (div of EURESYS SA).com 442 Northlake Blvd.emcorgovservices. 603-889-2500. sales. 714-933-4000. Quebec City. Unit 349. Olsen Pl. ATRs and board-level Essex Industries Solutions Inc (X-ES) the most demanding markets.electrolube. www. Semtech. space-grade semiconductors including 220 Daniel Webster customerservice@engineersupply. OR 97124. 7321 Lincoln Way. contractors as a key partner. MA 01746. aes.evanscap. 418-683-0211. Electronic Development Labs Inc (EDL) „ Extreme Engineering embedded market and in serving rugged chassis. www. Tempe. Suite 2. 3225 Deming Way. Canada.edl-inc. www. info@essexind. TX www.excelitas. info@emcc. Fresh (sub of HEICO Corp).elma. networking. 49-9194-7262-0. Ebermannstadt 91320. 434-799-0807.militaryaerospace.excelitas. 33-1-69-07-83-22. 886-2-2755-4545. Suite 144. Defense Sensors Div. eli@pccable.energywatch-inc. Accredited services are conducted at LIDAR) and hold up. www. 510-656-3400. eInfochips www. 5999 S Park Ave. www. embedded computing solutions. NY (sub of Frequency Electronics Inc). inquiries@embassyglobalpr. Off CG Rd. VENDOR DIRECTORY „ ECRIN Systems „ Elma Electronic Inc esd electronics Inc EXFO 143 Rue Louis Neel.einfochips. SSD storage. 14. Ellisbridge. rickm@eo-strategies. Hillsboro.elbitsystems-us.falconelec. Hamburg. Ashby de 21430 Timberlake Embassy Global EURESYS Inc I/O. 44-1530-419-600. (such as phased array radar. CA sales@elma. Vaudreuil-Dorion. CA 174 Duchaine Blvd. Grand Prairie. VA (See ad page 12) Taiwan. and weight. innovative. 27126-B Paseo www. to RTCA DO-160. Lynnwood. R&D to www. 1505 W University Dr. 1261 Broadway. Angleur Garden Grove. 949-743-0612. Suite 510. FEI-Zyfer Inc Electro-Optical Products Corp PO Box 650441. San Juan 212-616-5100. 91-79-26563705. Holt. FMJ. Taipei 106. TT electronics. cPCI and www. Electro-Mech Components Inc info@energywatch-inc.edt. EnergyWatch 55 Network Federal Custom Cable Excelitas Technologies 244 Oakland Dr. Covina. reliable and SFF processor 1330 E Cypress on-time. www. Crolles 38920. CA 91724. one-stop chasd@evanscap.fccable. Leicestershire LE65 1JR.eopc. solid-state data storage ELDEC to IEC 61000-4-25. Germany. Commack. dmc@fei-zyfer. www. 22202. hi-rel and Elbit Systems of America solutions from consulting. (See ad page 14) (See ad page 6) Coalfield Way. www. Suite Suite 704. supplies where quality.aspx MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 75 1703mae_BG_75 75 3/6/17 11:06 AM . MIL-STD up applications are high-current pulse and full MIL-SMD static LASER. 800-591-8907. www. Canada. CA 70 Federal St. 12 Prospect St. 949-851-3114. 22001 Dumberry 2435 109th St. New York. EIZO Rugged Solutions EMCCons Dr Rasek GmbH & Co KG „ Falcon Electronics www. and integrated the company’s test labs or on-site. Gujarat 380001. South El Monte. www. Unit 12. 800-444-4744. ISO 9001 and AS9100 data acquisition direct lightning effects) according and aerospace applications. G1M DPACI. (See ad page 3. 401-435-3555. 94538. www. 92841-1428. „ Evans Capacitor Co 11725. New Provides electromagnetic environmental effects (E3). company is accepted by major embedded computing for avionics sales@epectec. NH 03054. Eureka Dry Tech Is a leader in the design. Greenfield. MO 63123. seminars and testing services (inter Manufactures high-energy density ARINC 429/1553 databus products. 3423 NW John single-board computers (SBCs). are the factors of EMCOR Government Services component selection. AZ Datel. Provides an extensive portfolio sales@eurekadrytech. 480-829-1100. 508-995-5171. 626-967-9521. durable technical Falcon Electronics Exa Corp UK. (div of Crane Aerospace & Electronics). Supplies companies including API 16700 13th Ave W. Danville. Standard www. 44350 S Grimmer Blvd. 11 A/B Chandra aes.exa. QC France.xes-inc.esd-electronics. size. Electrolube AS9001 and ITAR MA Energetic Espada. CA 92675. With 40 years of experience in the Designs integrated us-sales@esd-electronics. SMART Modular www. MA 01803.eizorugged.

com info@gevicam. OR Epoxy. 858-312-2810. General Dynamics C4 Systems 805-965-6044. DO-160 or equivalent standards. robert@datatapes. www. Alpharetta. rlandman@hlinstruments. 49-721-9628-0. 48038. 503-498-3457. www. Suite 408705. Laval. 14200 Kirkham Henniker Plasma Graham Magnetics Unit B3. www.fspgroupusa.gdca. Suite www. sales@fibersensefirst. modules to help power supplies Waterbury. Irvine.gsoptics. Finetech 35– ON salesteam@meditinc. 1735 Founders Pkwy. www. Santa Barbara.ghs. Phenolic & Coating Resins Div. First Sensor Inc GammaTech Computer Corp GPS Source Inc mail@fischerconnectors. Graphic Products Hexion Inc www. www. CA 92618. (sub of Whiting Equipment Canada).com Green Hills Software Inc Forza Silicon 30 W Sola St. 717-266-2450.firstlevelinc. Hitex GmbH FoxFury Lighting Solutions General Micro Systems Inc 585-295-0200. 603-893-5376.grahamindustry. sales@gdca.frlaserco. ON M9L FSP Group USA Giga-tronics Inc Fiberscope. 800-995-8946. AZ 85297.fischerconnectors. 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Oriskany. 800-227-9764. 416-806-5777. Trident Business Clinton 719-561-9520. Laboratories Inc Getac 1788 Goodyear Ave. Designs and Pasadena. PO Box 603-964-1818. Suite 103. 27700A SW Parkway Ave. mikes@opsalacarte. San Jose. GigOptix Inc PO Box 2108.gevicam. OH CA 93003. www. info@plasmatreatment. 990 Richard Ave. info@fspgroupusa.gaia-converter. Santa Clara. Toronto.hlinstruments. Suite 100. York. NH Go4Fiber Ltd 03079. 61381. www. Technology Co Ltd 76450. 96 Sherbrook St. Suite 586-464-4400. Unit 11. CA 92821. 408-945-9900. TX 77834-2108. CA 95134. CO 81007. Suite 115.haydonkerk. OR Great River Technology Foremay 4910 Alameda Blvd 3528 Seagate Way. TX Warrington. www. Suite 101. Flowery www. HK Industrial Pk. 530-906-0056. Livermore. www. Ganzhou. 314-291-0030. 678-393-5400. salesus@gaia-converter. Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc www. Jiangxi 341000. Karlsruhe 94538. marketing@gammatechusa. Beaverton. Blk 3015A Ubi Rd getacsales_us@getac. www. Guernsey Coating www. GA 30542. CA 925-456-9900. NY 13424. 180 E Broad St. www. Offers DC converters from 4– (sub of AMETEK) AC/DC PFC converters from 7B Raymond Ave. www. PA 17406. CA 94551. 852-2174-1338. www. Pueblo West. 100 Commerce Way. PO Box 1380. 225 S Lake Ave. CA www. info@forzasilicon. 1715 4th St. 8358 Maple Kwun mis@harwin. General Atomics NM 87113. 704. www. Graham. www. 02048. Gilbert. PO Box 580. 26067. 1500 Meriden Rd. Manufacturing Ltd 76 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS „ Gaia Converter Global Training Solutions Inc North Hampton.gpssource. First Level Inc comply with MIL-STD-461. NY 14605. CA 92064. power architectures. 805-642-1508. www. Mississauga. CA Handling Specialty (sub of MEDIT).com info@gdc4s. Aeronautical Systems Inc Harwin Inc 43 Tesla. CA 64 Mission sales@fqsinc.gms4sbc. Greschbachstr 12. 1275.fiberscope.harwin.gigatronics.globaltrainingsolutions. VENDOR DIRECTORY Fiber Instrument Sales Inc Frankfurt Laser Co GEViCAM Inc HALT and HASS Labs 161 Clear www. 505-881-6262. www. Hirox-USA Inc 2947 Bradley St. 114. Canada. Wilsonville. 4038 le Corbusier Blvd. Oceanside. 07601. ON L5L 5W7. sales@frlaserco. Suite 100. 949-681-2900. 15399 Canal Rd. San Ramon. NH 03862-0580. An den 30 Morgen info@highenergydevices. 26 Hollenberg Ct.militaryaerospace. 1799 Portola Ave.gammatechusa. 3109 Espresso Way. 65-6280-1966. 8201 E McDowell Rd.haydonkerk@ametek. 800-239-9934. 909-980-4863. 86 Fenmar Dr. Albuquerque. (See ad page 19) info@godlan. 4information@hexion. www. Milpitas. QC 3163 Winston Churchill Blvd. Germany.fibertekfibershop. G-S PLASTIC OPTICS 408 St Paul St. 905 S Main Bridgeton. Friedrichsdorf 691 S Milpitas Blvd.jucikeji. 905-945-9661. CA 95050. FiberTek Pte Ltd H7L 5R2. www. 1703mae_BG_76 76 3/6/17 11:06 AM . sales@hitex. manufactures over 3500 power Chino. 888-326-9244. 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craneae. CA boards (CPU. AZ 85034. www. 82-31-427-3245. 514-849-8752. 603-669-6400. InnovaQuartz LLC Intersil sales@isvi-corp. 503-922-1058.dispensinglink. Leicester LE2 6DY. Portland. karasch@kamaka. As an AS9100C-certified and QPL’d JTime Inc (See ad page 23) value-added connector assembly 640 Larkfield Ctr. Gyeonggi-do CA 94560. 98052. info@icron. Kensington Electronics Inc Mission Viejo. data bus applications. 666 E Dyer Rd. Rue Felix Le www. Suite 150. 714-921-1580. design. FL nhenderson@innovative-dsp. NM 87109. 27442 Portola Pkwy. 33-2-98-57-30-30. 5635 Jefferson St NE. 6842 NW 20th 714-557-2299. Santa Ana. CA embedded COTS boards and systems 2969 Hwy 11. www. are specified by more than 400 info@infolytica. www. 29000. www. Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH II-VI Inc 91301. 215-368-7700. 33309. NH 741 Flynn Rd. sales@hughescircuits. operating from standard to 1335 Eagandale inTEST Thermal Solutions 16056. NJ Gosan-Ro. 544 S Pacific St. the company stocks 1000s 95403. ISVI Corp Honeywell Aerospace Newark. ON www. The company offers military and industrial connectors. info@ii-vi. info@holtic.iehcorp. 41 Hampden Rd. 23030 N 15th Ave. info@interfaceconcept.icron. analog switches and 300 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 77 1703mae_BG_77 77 3/6/17 11:06 AM . ieh@iehcorp.ibaset. WA 5600 Mowry School sales@connecticc. IBI Systems Inc 93012. FPGA and Ironwood Electronics MIL-STD-1553 BC/RT/MT protocol performance and I/O Mansfield. contact@itctrng. Products QC H2X 604-638-3920.ircameras.isipkg.holtic. NY Integrated Dispensing of components and can build mil-spec IO Industries Inc enquiries@impactts. San Marcos. TX 78758. Impact Technical Services Ltd 1746 N St Thomas Cir. ITT Interconnect Solutions Hughes Circuits Inc info@innovaquartz. 624-434-1895. Eagan. info@iscaninc. aerospacedefensesales@keiconn.impulseaccelerated. Agoura Is one of the world’s leading www. Supplies ICs for avionics and military Ethernet switches. for industrial and defense www. London. PO Box 2102-103. Technologies Co 92691-2730. 4664 Lougheed Hwy. (See ad page 18) Iscan Inc discrete-to-digital sensing. Austin. Suite F. Ft Lauderdale. Canada. Interpoint 781-932-1199. 512-339-3300.interfaceconcept. MA 02048. CA 120 Mount Holly Bypass. 425-882-3100. Suite RS-485/422. Baden 714-628-8277. www. 11220. Other IC offerings include www. Suite 300. 818-597-4300. CA 92078. Canada. AZ 1001 Murphy Ranch Rd. Suite (See ad page 57) INICORE Inc 10301 Willows Rd NE. (See ad inside back cover) Ulmer Str 130. France. CA IEH Corp distributor. Milpitas. 93012-8056. Camarillo. integration and support are ARINC 825 (CAN). AL 35124. 3 Kingsley St. PA Württemberg 73431. sales@innovasic. CA sales@intestthermal. 95035. 408-432-8888.intersil. 850 Perimeter 166 1944 E Sky Harbor www. CA 85027-1315. Bldg info@isipkg.ittcannon.An Infineon 23351 Madero. connector accessories. Offers a Infinite Optics Inc front-end/back-end processing wide range of ARINC 429 products. sales@jewellinstruments. Components Jewell Instruments 949-598-5200. MA ibisys@aol. Interconnect Systems Inc N5V 0A4. OR 97204. I/O). 805-482-2870. www. 375 Saxonburg Bvld. Jama Software Albuquerque. Manchester.impacttechnicalservices. 101 N Sepulveda Blvd. Gunpo-si. www. 759 Flynn Rd. Solutions Inc connectors in only two days or „ Interstate Connecting Foothill Ranch. 1712 Newport Cir. 952-229-8200. Custom 55121. Lumberton. 805-383-8994. 949-859-8800. South Korea. 425-605-9543 Burnaby. CA www. www. Santa Ana. 135 SW Taylor www.hughescircuits. (div of Crane Aerospace & Electronics). CA KAMAKA Electronic 5311 Derry Ave. sales@intellipower. Santa Rosa. Santa Barbara. www.keiconn. 140 58th IntelliPower Inc 781-688-2300.connecticc.innovaquartz. 724-352-4455. www. www. www. develops and manufactures Industrial Training Consultants Inc IR HiRel .com. BC V5C 5T5. 21 Cabot Rd. Bellevue. 718-492-4448. Quimper 30 S Calle Cesar Chavez. stan@infiniteoptics. www. Phoenix. CA Is a division of Heilind Mil-Aero. Suite A. Suite 15940 Robin’s Hill Rd. 3. IP „ Innovative Integration (div of Heilind Electronics) Infolytica Corp part of the company’s services. CA sales@ioindustries.kamaka.militaryaerospace. Lansdale. shields. avionics manufacturers worldwide. ARINC 717. 205-663-4960. www. info@impulseaccelerated. Provides a product portfolio of 90245. Suite D. PA Icron Technologies Corp suppliers of DSP and data acquisition Supplies a broad spectrum of 19446. Redmond. Canada. UK. CA 93103. info@ironwoodelectronics. 707-837-9570. WA 98006. El Segundo. a product portfolio unrivaled backshells. John Evans’ Sons 1 Spring Ave. 11801 Stonehollow Dr.infiniteoptics. CA 92705. MN www. conduction-cooled „ Holt Integrated Circuits in its depth and its range of and electromechanical products. www. Innovasic Inc www. www. www. 103-808 SK Ventium sales@springcompany. Saxonburg. transceivers and transformers.innovative-dsp. 49-7361-96620. Suite 221. iBASEt 505-883-5263. Brooklyn. Germany. www. www. VENDOR DIRECTORY Impulse Accelerated Technologies „ Interface Concept IRCameras LLC 4019 131st Pl

sbfp. 805-987-0146. 1703mae_BG_78 78 3/6/17 11:06 AM . Morganville. www.lpkfusa. www.luciol. enquiries@logitech. 800-804-6243. Pune. Munich 80639. 635 Park Ct. sales2@liteway. San Diego. sales@lightbrigade. 101 Williams Dr. PO Box 309. LynxOS-178 is LAS-CAD GmbH The Light Brigade Inc Brunhildenstr 9. 48 South Rd. LEA Photonics Luciol Instruments SA info@kuglerofamerica. Lattice Semiconductor (sub of Roper Technologies Inc).lexycominc. Irvine. 85743. www.lightbrigade.las-cad.l-com. info@ksun. 858-677-0877. VENDOR DIRECTORY Keopsys SA „ Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd 2 Rue Paul Lumetrics Inc www. most stringent security and safety info@kvh. 1770 Kettering. designed for safety critical systems Keysight Technology Inc 837 Industry Dr. 847-658-8130. Lockheed Martin Santa sales@krelltech. Mies 1295. Franklin. sales@lasitlaser. 401-847-3327. LCR Embedded Systems Materion Advanced www. MO 63301. Eagle’s Landing Business Pk. KVH Industries Inc mleseignoux@keopsys. WA 98188. 800-829-4444. 520-744-5700. 800-444-6056. info@laserphysics. Marvin Test Solutions Inc Kowa American Corp 623 Old W Central St. 9 S Forrest Ave. www. Logitech Ltd www. Algonquin. sales@lasertel. www. www.keoscientific. Rochester. 80501. sales@marvintest. LPKF Laser & Electronics 2484 W Clay St. Milton Green. type. St Charles. (div of Epson Group). info@lexycominc. (div of Materion). www. NY 11716. K-Sun Corp MA 01845. Germany. 33-2-96-05-08-00. sales@lenoxlaser. Suite highest level of avionics safety. Camarillo. CA 02038. leader in manufacturing of wireless inside@lynx. Lannion www. Lenthor Engineering Inc 95138. Cheshire 516-931-2800.kowa-usa. Phoenix. 1126 Campus Dr W. 01460-1434. info@luciol. NJ www. CA 92127. 1055 St Regis www. www.militaryaerospace. Is a semiconductor aftermarket pioneer www. Milpitas. San Diego. 585-214-2455. France. Torrance.lasitlaser. LRAD Corp Materials Group PA requirements. Suite A. Littleton. 166 Haverford 800-327-1355.digitalmicroscope.kuglerofamerica. Lambda Research Corp PO Box 2408. main@masterbond. Krell Technologies Inc 503-268-8000. Unit 1. 201-343-8983. 7B Rt sales@marchelectronics. sales@latticesemi.lynx. www. Luna Optoelectronics www. WI Tualatin.lemo.maxwell. LEMO USA Inc 1565 Jefferson Rd. Canada. (sub of Kugler GmbH/Germany). AZ 66/ 508-647-7000. 707-578-8811. Glen Arm. Poway. www. sales@l-com. CA in IC products life cycle management 190–221 19 St SE. info@logicdevices. RF/IF.kontron. CA 95403-1738. Barbara Focal Plane Marshall Wolf Automation Lasertel 346 Bollay Dr. CA 94089.mathworks. 508-528-2542. www. www. Unit 7. 410-592-3106. Manufactures Lexycom Technologies Inc standards. 85040-9008. MA marketing. MathWorks Inc www.krelltech. 14118 Stowe Dr. MIDC. Hillsboro.lunainc. 303-774-7822. info@las-cad. Erskine Ferry Rd. 408-979-3900. CA 92614. 33-6-77-02-35-00. Lannion 22300. 610-278-0840. CA 92064. Santa Rosa. Somers. www.logicdevices. CA sales@lumetrics. and today continues to be a global 311 Turquoise 20001 S Vermont Ave. industrial. NY 11801. CA 858-676-1112.laserphysics. CA 95035. www. 93012. 5245 S 39th St. 923 S Main (See ad page 45) LOGIC Devices Inc Lasit 1375 Geneva Dr. Calgary. over 3000 ICs in the original package 425 S Bowen St. CT www.latticesemi. Americas Inc Whitchurch Rd. aerospace. 201-236-4300. Glasgow 154 Hobart St. 858-503-3300. Microscope Div. 12555 SW Leveton Dr. #420. Itasca. and has been certified to the 1400 Fountaingrove OR 97124. Middletown. 50 Enterprise advancedmaterials@materion. Maharashtra 411019. Longmont. 602-438-0123. France. Master Bond 5555 Ne Moore Ct. 9244 Balboa 403-383-7192. 16990 Goldentop Rd. OR 636-724-3666. CH3 9DR. G60 5EU. D2.lea-photonics. 25 Porter sales@lambdares. exactly as they were designed. Kugler of America Ltd sales@lcrembedded. Kontron 7775 N Casa Grande Hwy. trondsen@keoscientific. milind@lenseloptics. 370 SMC Dr. info@us. San Jose. UK. Norristown. 503-454-4200. Lynx Software Technologies Inc Keo Scientific Ltd 855 Embedded 715-247-4440. (div of Keopsys Group).kvh. 25 Feldland St. IL 949-263-2222. CO hard RTOS with military-grade Suite 200. AB T2E 7M2. 732-617-7091. Hicksville. www. CA Maxwell Technologies Inc 12530 Manor Rd. info@lradx. www. Dorval. RI 02842. 3 Apple Hill AZ 805-571-2300. Provides RTOS and virtualization automotive and telecommunications solutions while embracing open KEYENCE Corp of America integrated circuits.lradx. Tucson. North Andover. 408-957-3487. LynxOS is a deterministic. NJ 07601. www. www. The LynxSecure Separation 888-539-3623. Somerset. lansdale@lansdale. www. Rohnert Park. Old 860-749-6400. 500 Park www. CA 93117. MA Lenox Laser 1240 Avenida Acaso. 41-22-755-5650. IL 78 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS 2 Rue Paul MA 07751. Laser Physics UK Ltd Liteway Inc March Electronics Inc Konica Minolta Sensing Golborne Lodge Technology Ctr. Kernel Hypervisor supports the microscopes@keyence. West Mill. NY Matrox Imaging (sub of LEMO SA). L-com Global Connectivity Masterclock Inc 50 High St. NJ 07446.konicaminolta. www. 2nd Fl. sbfp@sbfp. QC H9P 2T4. MD www. 2978 Main St. 90502. NY 14214.

com technologies provides affordable. 508-746-7341. VA Suite bmazzio@nelcoproducts. NH 97070. 19875 S Diamond Lake Rd. www. Irvine. 201 Riverneck Rd. Unit 281-449-0294. Camarillo. 8576 Wellington Rd. 920 N Nash St. VENDOR DIRECTORY MAZeT GmbH Microchip Technology Inc Momentive Performance Naprotek Inc Göschwitzer Str Nelco Products 12 Burt Dr.mpl. Minco www. Daettwil 5405. www. NJ 08053. QC H9P www. Marlton.minco. Cary. OH Modular Devices Inc Multi-Contact USA (sub of Nord-Lock International). 1000 N Main St. microwavecomponents@ni. 60073. sales@microway. sales@mdipower. Santa Clara. NC 27513.Optical Solutions Group Test and Measurement Div. (sub of Multi-Contact AG Basel). MN 55374. Round Lake Nashua. 21 Keyland Meggitt Defense Systems Midwest Printed Circuit Suite C100 & C110. 3501 W Moreland Rd. Canada. Minneapolis.naii. and SIGINT OH Willow Grove. 1652 Old Apex 631-586-5125. www. Windsor. IL Nallatech Tool Works). www. Chelmsford. 480-265-6831. Bldg 17. Garden Neuro Logic Systems Inc 29925-4190. www. www. 6634 Lee Irvine. Wilsonville. CA info@mpl. www.microsemi. 800-222-6440. Micro Laser Systems Inc 49 S Maple Ave.micomlab. NY webmaster@gruppompb. 41-56-483-34-34. OH 720-494-1000. www. 800-233-2155. www. TX 77039. Designs and builds open architecture sales@minco. Microsemi Corp Aliso Viejo.meggittdefense. 423-499-0700. sales@mroelectric. Nightstick 01824-2820. Irvine.smith@meggitt.mouser. 110 Wilbur Pl.mrostock. 9801 Muirlands Blvd. El Segundo. 41 Fairfield Pl. Jena 07745. 973-575-1300. 866-411-6729. MN Downers Grove. sales@newport. MRO Drives Merrimac mailbox@multi-contact-usa. sales@nallatech. Mobile Desk/Mobile BC V3K 5Y9. 763-463-5650. 1000 Gregg kevina@nexgenmach. (div of MOGAS Industries Inc).com/fiber 805-383-8997.megawattlasers. Waterford. Wylie. MRO Stock 95054. Bldg www. CO 80501. 1 Roned Rd. www. 759 Flynn Rd. Anaheim. TX www.microlaser. MA „ Mercury Systems www. 310-694-9930. judy. sales@nextcomputing.nallatech. AZ 85224. 847-740-4120. Cary. sales@mobiledesk. SC Server Systems Div. 12 Richards Rd.mentor. 49-3641-2809-0. 919-650-2703. CA 93012. MPL AG Mentor Graphics Corp Taefernstr 20. TN 37421. info@milsource. (sub of Illinois 556 Lepine Ave. PO Box 24190.nord-lock. Cary. www. www.wiremarkersplus. 12841 Western Ave. 604-472-6980. mw@crane-eg. CA 92606. www. Italy. Murrietta Circuits 631-567-1100. MegaWatt Lasers Inc Microway Inc 76063. NJ North Atlantic Industries Inc (sub of Crane Co). CA North Star Imaging Micom Laboratories Inc Molex .com sales@mu-del. 503-685-7000. (div of Crane Aerospace & Electronics) Modular Industrial Computer Inc www. insidesales@modularpfc.milaerosolutions. NY 19768 Progress Dr. Dorval. sales@modiconplc. 15540 Rockfield Blvd. 630-512-8787. Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd NI Microwave Components EW. Nelson Design Services Inc Yokneam 20692. www. 1652 Old Apex Houston. 707-838-0530. 2355 W Chandler Blvd. CA 92841. sales@mazet. 408-610-6810. Rogers. Noramco Wire & Cable Modicon PLC Mu-Del Electronics 70 Glacier St. IL www. 20109. Bohemia. OR MilSource Switzerland. 5224 Katrine 03063. SWaP-optimized solutions. NextComputing 8005 SW Boeckman ability to integrate analog and digital www. 440-268-2222. MPB srl Mentor Graphics via Giacomo Peroni 400. leslie_vangrove@mentor. CA 92807. Bldg 13 Industrial Pk.mynightstick. 805-389-5435 x218. 817-804-3800. www.craneae.militaryaerospace. Mil-Aero Solutions Inc 00131. The unique 877-663-3375.mroelectric. sales@4nsi.molex. 451 C-Constitution Ave. NY 95134. NY 11716.modiconplc. TX 75098. 12188.nlsdisplays. 440-354-2100. info@mega-fabs. San Jose. CA sales@megawattlasers. 1791 Deere Ave. www. (div of Bayco Products Inc). 640 S Sanden mktgmail@mrcy. MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 79 1703mae_BG_79 79 3/6/17 11:06 AM . 408-830-5000. MCG Surge Protection (RM) NexGen Machine Co 1811 Pike www. mpcs@midwestpcb. 11716. processing chain from RF/microwave West Chester. (sub of Interconnect Systems Inc).com 1652 Old Apex Rd. NC 27513. NC 27513. Aerospace & Defense Products Group Materials Inc 90 Rose Orchard Way. CA Germany. to mixed-signal to digital. sales@microlaser. NC 27513. CA Capabilities span the entire sensor 9319 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd. www. 14206 E Hardy St. bolting@nord-lock. norcorp@noramco. Coquitlam. 412-279-1149. 1741 Circuit Dr. PA MA 800-691-8511. 44149.nextcomputing. 5000 E Landon Dr. NY 11729. Deer Park. Office Solutions 4600 Patrick Henry Dr. 4 Townsend W.momentumsvcs. www. sales@milaerosolutions. www. 7300 Commerce Ln.murrietta. kelly.newport. sales@mrostock. Mouser Electronics sales@nelson-design.meritec.movitherm. www.microchip. www. 260 Hudson River 90245. 1 Enterprise. www. Cary.modularpfc. ww. Hilton Head electronic subsystems for radar. 763-571-3121. Rome. 100 Market St. 215-784-9600. Israel. CA MoviTHERM sales@nlsdisplays. Momentum Services www. PA 972-4-989-1050. 614-986-2495. Services Inc 949-699-6600 x111.microway.momentive. Painesville. PO Box 540. Newport Corp www. info@naii. CA 92618. MRO Electric webmaster@baycoproducts. MERITEC Nord-Lock Inc 1382 W Jackson 631-345-3100. Strongsville. (See ad page 25) 800-466-0649. CA 92618. West Caldwell. sales@murrietta. Carnegie. 1652 Old Apex Rd.

CA NC OTE International info@pgo. UK. FL Omnetics Connector Corp SE-235 91. PG&O . sales@oriontechnologies.oriontechnologies. sales@phasematrix. L4K 2M4.pelican. Opto Diode Corp Pelorus Naval Systems Inc (an ITW Co).com. 714-540-0126. VA SO31 an AS9100/ISO 9001 certified service. industrial@oxinst. Southampton. of urgently needed RF/microwave OZ Optics Ltd www. PO Box 2566. stephen@parthunters. NJ 07621-2915. to plug-in conduction 28079. Suite 4. PerkinElmer components and assemblies. 81 Tosca Dr.pasternack. 23215 Early Ave. 903-677-1662. MN mark. Irvine. cooled VPX SSD storage modules. Phase Matrix 8260 Estates Pkwy. 2751 Thunderhawk Ct. Patrick Henry Dr. Pointe-Claire. cPCI. 65) 91724. OH 978-369-9933. 937-890-1100. 714-283-4800. Minneapolis. www. PCE Instruments UK Ltd Ohio Laser LLC Suite 150. by a list international distributors (See ad page 21) louie. WI 54902. (div of OSI Systems Inc). Unit 5A. Photonchina Inc 34683. Stoughton. China. info@pce-americas.Precision Glass & Optics OEG GmbH Germany.ozoptics. Systems range sales@omnetics. 2307 Oregon and storage area network 1034-A Van Buren Ave. info@phase1tech. 781-341-9416. 1515 River Rd. Orlando. Concord. Orange. Ottawa. www. CA Wildbahn sales@optotherm. 100 School info@passatltd. FPGA and Bergenfield. info@novacam. 92704. 727-939-4824.leitao@novapower. ON Omega Engineering Inc K0A 1L0. 905-695-1088. sales@pelican. 805-484-0540. Canada. NH 03106. Santa Clara. www. 949-261-1920.part-miner. Riverton.novapower. www. Stamford. Camarillo. 4750 Calle www. www. 2150 Cyrille-Duquet. Canshan Dist.phase1vision. Hawthorne. 300 Baker CA 93012. 116D Viceroy Rd. PCIe. www.palmarii-dynamics. 1330 E Cypress St. Hooksett. 3600 W Moore 80 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. ON Panasonic System tim@part-miner. www. 92865. 613-831-0981.pce-instruments. 6695 CR 4628. Passat Ltd 1 Park Way. 949-459-2130. in applications from multi-terabyte www. www. Plain City. FL EMS Div. 12525 Chadron Ave. 805-987-1700.nutaq. 219 Westbrook Rd. Canada. 704-893-0399. GA www. Builds high-performance. Dayton. www. www. data acquisition commercial and PALMARII Dynamics AB pearsonmachine@verizon. CT 06907. CA PAVE Technology Co Inc www. 11.oeggmbh.osioptoelectronics. AMC and XMC. Rancho Santa Margarita. info@pedrick. CA 203-359-1660. software radio.ofsoptics. 4010 Adolfo Rd.photonchina. Deer Park. info@pelorusnavalsystems. pscarillo@osilaserdiode. Norcross. www.perkinelmer. Indian Trail. CA 1160 Hooksett www.ridgley@palmarii-dynamics. www.omnetics. www. 4600 43064. 23020 Eaglewood Ct. Suite 304.pearsonmachine. of the vision to be the world’s most 858-731-9400.odu-usa. Ensign Way. NY 2000 Northeast Expwy. Upper Saddle River. Quebec City. Jupiter.pentek. Fuzhou. Torrance.optodiode. MA 01742-2124. Pearson Machine Co LLC „ Phoenix International PO Box Novacam Technologies Inc OptoTherm Inc „ Pentek Inc 277 Lakeshore Communications Co fibre Sewickley. www. OH info@osioptoelectronics. (See ad page 41) Part Hunters LLC 30021 Tomas. dave.pavetechnologyco. CA ODU-USA Inc OSI OptoElectronics Inc (See ad page 5. 614-873-7030. VENDOR DIRECTORY Northwire Inc OptoTest Corp PartMiner Industries 110 Prospect Way. VPX. 201-818-5900.phasematrix. Nutaq 4 Olsen Ave.passatltd. 10GbE iSCSI and SAS Opto Alignment Technology 2 Riverfront Plaza. Covina. Oshkosh. 2100 N Alafaya Industrial Analysis Div. Pedrick Tool & Machine Co Inc storage systems all any host operating 55432. Fujian 350008. 763-572-0656. Unit 1-4. www. Manufactures rugged COTS mass data 7260 Commerce Cir San Diego. 02072. sales@ohiolaser. 603-218-3767. info@phenxint. systems/networks. 17802 Fitch. 407-476-2120. Is ISO 9001:2000 certified. www. sales@optodiode. QC 732-549-9001. www. 86-591-8370-1479. Suite Y. Nova Electric Designs COTS digital signal processing Technology Dynamics Div. Pelican Products Inc than 35 countries worldwide and Peregrine Semiconductor Corp OSI Laser Diode Inc partner with the company in pursuit 9380 Carroll Pk 856-829-8900. www.pce-instruments. 44 Jefryn Blvd. Suite 8. 888-732-6474. Sterling. who service customers in more www. CA 92614. conduction-cooled boards for PA 4141 Corporate Ct. 408-610-6810. Canada. 2591 Wexford-Bayne Rd. Is www. Defense. NJ QC H9S 4L2. Tofthogsvagen Skaane recognized and trusted provider G1N 2G3. CA 95054. CA 93012. sales@optotest. toughbook_sales_support@ CA 92121. Athens.laserdiode. Units 12/13 Southpoint Business disabled veteran-owned small www. 626-967-9521. Orion Technologies LLC „ Pasternack (DSP). FL CA 92688. info@pentek. WI 54020. Edison. Suite 100. howard@theallpower.novacam. www. 1260 Calle 15 Binzhou Rd. NJ (div of PCE Americas Inc). Camarillo. TX PCE Instruments 75752.phenxint. Jinshan Industrial Pk.optotest. NJ 07029. 805-499-0335. sales@pasternack. 711 Commerce Phase 1 Technology Corp OFS sales@oteinternational. help@pavetechnologyco. 30071. Sweden. 561-320-9162. NJ 08077. Hampshire (sub of National Instruments).com 90250. www. Palm Harbor. 418-914-7484. 770-798-5555.ohiolaser. MA 812 W Southern Ave. 1703mae_BG_80 80 3/6/17 11:06 AM . Frankfurt 15236. Is a global supplier of RF and rackmount and rugged recording NOVA Power Solutions Inc Oshkosh Corp microwave components supported systems. Oxford Instruments www. Santa Ana. www.

info@vtecpi. receivers are available from an ISO www. 53089-0330. 417-866-2322. and contact solutions. 704-559-9560. Radiant Vision Systems Offers a catalog of signal acquisition www. easy-to-use website 425-844-0152.poc. multiscreen Rapid Imaging Software Inc supported military electronics for 781-370-5000. Radiency Technologies converters. Suite 6. cable and wire harness systems for „ R&D Interconnect Solutions www. QC J4K 5G4. 200 Commodore Dr. 410-298-9663. Chelmsford. www. Radio IP Software Inc (sub of The Angelus Corp).com 423 N Campbell Ave. 1517 9520 Padgett St. Offers many 93402. transmitters. sales@princetonlightwave.pui. CA 797 N Grove rvsmarketing@raytheon. and custom specifications www. Pelham. 1111 St Charles Pleora Technologies Inc aerospace and defense companies (sub of R&D Altanova) high-voltage modules. www. and generation hardware products Redmond. 613-270-0625. OR Canada. Suite 555. San Diego.rti. www. www. 10390 E 48th Ave. Hillsboro. 7911 Dogwood Rd. E Tower. This includes MO 65806-1007.quicklogic. 400 TradeCenter. (EMS) for circuit-card www. 9 Deerpark Dr. ON 75 Coromar Dr. AC/DC power PrismTech that are targeted at communication. Canada. MD Polyimide & Hybrid Polymers Div. Jamnagar. L5T sales@reynardcorp. 330-315-3044. MA 02494. recording. Hackensack. and customer support. Suite 110.radiency. 08085. 411 Hackensack Manufactures high-reliability 714-257-0300. NC 97124.rennsteig. CA 92126-4446. info@rti.rgb. Sunnyvale. Quell Corp MA 01824. 972-671-9570. 949-366-8866. 21244-1205. info@picoelectronics. 1660 E Race St. 408-990-7400. ON N2V 2C5.photon-control. PA K2K 3A2. NY 1277 Orleans Dr. and transformers. marketing@radio-ip. Needham. Suite 55431-2699. Canada. www. Is a contract manufacturer of Resolved Analytics 5435 NE Dawson Creek Dr. Gujarat the products are built around open 361001. MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 81 1703mae_BG_81 81 3/6/17 11:06 AM .rapidimaging. sales@picwire. www. including PTC qciart@aol. NM 307 City Arcade. Canada.pixustechnologies. CA small business. Alameda. Canada. Suite 300. inductors. Minneapolis. ppc@pulsetech. and industrial DC/DC converters. CA 90501. offers customer support through 608-824-1131. 800-235-7880. 408-990-4000. sales@qualmark. DVI matrix PulseTech Products Corp Albuquerque. 503-615-1100. San Clemente. all aspects of design.radisys. bburns@printedcircuits. www. and scan converters. electronics manufacturing services 810 Vickers Ave. IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards. Hill Dayton. All of 9000:2000 approved www. 805-968-3511. Windsor Mill. (See ad page 17) 911 Mariner St. NJ 87109. 781-897-1710. Durham. 817-329-6099. Rantec Power Systems Inc Provides display processing. switches. Southlake. Printed Circuits Inc 94089-1138.militaryaerospace. WI Rennsteig Tools Inc Projects Unlimited Montreal. contact@pui. include multiviewers. sales@rapidimaging. more than 40 years. 1200 W 96th St. VENDOR DIRECTORY Photon Control Inc Powell Electronics QSDM Inc Raytheon Vision Systems 8363 Lougheed Hwy. www.photron. www.pleora. and circular connectors. MN sales@princetonirtech. Suite 422. 94089. Mississauga. WA 98053. www.radiantvisionsystems.raytheon. India. 610-443-2299. kimmy@powerinverter. and manufactures to Provides high-performance elastomer 22908 NE Alder Crest Dr. and local technical customer service. COTS. CA www. Albuquerque. www.picwire.pryme. The company codecs and recorders. „ PICO Electronics Inc www. 340 Terry Fox Dr.pulsetech. www.printedcircuits. 1173 Los Olivos Ave. info@radisys. NJ 08552. Los Osos. 609-495-2600.powerinverter. fabrication. www. www. CA 92821. Suite 101. 92673. Near DSP Bungalow. NJ 6470 Kestrel Rd.princetonirtech. CA 7) info@radiency. info@powell. 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N53 W24747 S Corporate Cir. image@photron. Suite 5F. 950 Marina Village Monmouth Denver. www. CO 80238. 510-814-7000. PA 19602. and 27701. Brea. 1100 S Kimball Ave.rdis. power connectors. info@radiantvs. 262-246-0500. BC V5A 1X3.ptc. Pixus Technologies Radisys 50 Bathurst Dr. 9001:2008. 2555 US Rt 130 S. TX 75081.powell. 781-569-5819. www. rectangular connectors. JPEG 2000 2201 Buena Vista Manufactures Junction. Suite 200. 310-642-1113. 610-236-1445. NADCAP-Electronics sales@rdis.picoelectronics. and FPGA DSP accelerators. radar and surveillance MIL-PRF units. performance options. www. 914-738-1400. 1020 Calle Sombra. J-STD-001 Class systems (XMC/VPX/cPCI) and PIC Wire & Cable server/desktop computers (PCIe).com display processors. ISO 18109. Goleta. 385 Moffett Pk Dr. NM info@pleora. „ RGB Spectrum info@connectpositronic. eeseal@quell. and signal distribution solutions. OH 45414. 505-243-1423. Suite 1.eeseal. 2nd Fl. Power Inverter Inc Quality Consultants 8221 W Sunset www. Torrance.

631-549-2300.plm. Spectracom 1821 N Zaragosa Rd. Tring. Lafayette. sales@spectracom. 10th Industrial Zone. Shakespeare Military info@safetyequipmentcorp. AZ Prague 19905. 9919 Valley View Rd. 44-1489-779-696. info@sporian. www. O’Fallon. 86-755-6683-9118. www. NY 11729-4681. 33-1-69-89-72-00. mw@crane-eg. www. Safran Reosc SHENMAO America Inc www. CA 6111 Shakespeare Rd. 1201 S Second St. RPMC Lasers Inc 74 Electronic Community. PMB 640. rpmc@rpmclasers.siemens. info@space-electronics. www. 29223. 9055 S Stars Lighting Inc Sandel Avionics 173219.sierraolympic. sales@scrsys. WI 716-684-7600. 420-286-923-619. Technologies Inc (SOTI) 41690 Enterprise Cir N. Suite 700. 800-836-0744. Sensors Unlimited Products Chandler. Shenzhen. www. Tres Cantos.specialised-imaging. Santa 1822 Deere Ave. info@servometer. 414-382-2000.saelig. 221 W sales@x20. SpaceAge Control Inc 512 N Main St. Stratford upon 541-716-0016. 952-426-0886. Industrial Area Southwest Microwave Shoghi. www. 7645 Woodland Dr. 13905 NE 128th Sagax Communications Shenzhen Refond sales@solitrondevices.sii@siemens. CA 92590. Rockwell Collins SENER 97031. Ave Servometer sales@silicondesigns. Herts HP23 5EF. NY 14450. Signal Technology Specialty Coating Systems 793 Rt 66. 915-852-3375. 7 Morgan. Indianapolis. SC www. India.southwestmicrowave. NY 38850 20th St 93550. Guangdong 518132. 2401 Dogwood www. CO 91280. NJ Specialised Imaging Ltd Spain.militaryaerospace. 585-321-5800. 1565 Jefferson Rd. Sealing Devices Inc www. El Paso. 330 Carter Rd. Temecula. NY 11747. Madrid 28760. Milwaukee. www. Silk Mill Industrial marketing@shoghicom. 609-333-8200.siemens. Safety Equipment Corp Antenna Products info@siliconradar. NY 14623. Saelig Co Inc (div of Safran Electronics & Defence). Suite (sub of Hood Technology Corp). sales@saelig. Kirkland. Suite 100. sales@stacosystems. scssales@scscoatings.www. 972-987-3000. 561-848-4311. Shoghi Communications www.scrsys. Czech www. Unit 32. 1141 Old County SME Southampton SO30 2QU.rtfmanufacturing. 301 501 Little Falls Rd. 951-296-6406. 2156 Ringwood Ave. MI 48128. www. 5800 Granite TX www. UK.qc. Plano. Irvine. 44-1442-827-728. 805-729-0422. www. IN 46278. S-Products Inc Vaci u 47. NV helpline.rockwellautomation. 44-1789-269-179. Silicon Designs Inc (div of Orolia Group). San deyoung@jardenmaterials. www.sme. Suite C. RTF Manufacturing LLC 631-586-7600. www. 702-369-3966. Tempe. 514-223-2540. Deer www. Rochester. Rockwell Automation Inc 4400 Walden Ave. 3301 Electronics Way. sales@spilasers. San Sierra Pacific Innovations Brook St. info. CA 92606. 91-177-2860630. 82-10-6430-5852.silicondesigns. Industries and Drives Unit CA 92868. Southwest Antennas 75024-6612. Speel Praha Ltd 71 Perinton Pkwy. sales@sensitron. Bldg 1. 3333 Old Milton 1703mae_BG_82 82 3/6/17 11:06 AM . AZ 85284. West Palm Beach. 949-221-5329. Hood www. steve. dmcdonnell@lectronics. 803-728-9517. CA 95008. 949-855-1751. FL 33407. NY 14086. Optoelectronics Co Ltd www. Himachal Pradesh Microwave Products Div. QC 1999 S Bascom Ave. Guangming New Dist. Suite Tollbar Way. 6 Wellington Pk. (div of UTC Aerospace Systems). Im Technologiepark 1. Vista.safran-reosc. MN (div of RSM Electron Power Inc). CA Saline Lectronics China. Industry Ct. TX CA 949-297-8700.servometer. Budapest Silicon Radar GmbH Beranovych 130. StacoSystems 710 N Maple Rd. www. (sub of Crane Co). Sierra-Olympic Specialised Imaging Inc 203 Joseph Suite Siemens PLM Software interconnect Santa Barbara Imaging 60 Broadhollow SPI Lasers UK Ltd 94002. 480-783-0201. MO www.shenmao. sales@santabarbaraimaging. 340 N Roosevelt Ave. Cedar Grove.solitrondevices. Seoul Suite Siemens PLM Software email@spaceagecontrol. 34-918-07-70-00. Brandenburg 15236. Fairport.automation. youngintrading@gmail. Campbell. 6620 S Tenaya CA 1 SME Dr. Lancaster.southwestantennas. Suite 200.spilasers. H3H 2M8.automation. South Korea. 8145 Ronson Rd. www.siemens. www. McKemy St.siliconradar. sales@southwestantennas. CA 93111. 760-727-4900. RWC Testing & Lab Supplies 08540. Hudson. St Pierre du Perray 95131. Saline. Dearborn. Suite 104. www. Eden Prairie. www.stacosystems. Tian Liao 55344. VENDOR DIRECTORY Robotics Design Inc Screening Systems Inc Siemens Process Space Electronics Ltd 2100 Guy St. larbi. NJ 82 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS c/ Severo Ochoa 4. 480-961-6269. info@cd-adapco. Frankfurt WA sales@sandel. 303-516-9075. OR frank@specialised-imaging.plm. Statek Corp 396 S San Marcos Rd. 636-272-7227. France. Hungary. GA Warwickshire CV37 0HT.utc. UK. CA Sporian Microsystems Inc Ave de la Tour Maury. Palmdale. 313-425-3000. de Madrid. MI 48176. UK. Montreal. www. CA Germany. service@sme.scscoatings. wai@specialised-imaging. 585-385-1750.sealingdevices. Parque Tecnologico (div of Crane Aerospace & Electronics) (div of KISCO). www. Sensitron Semiconductor Las Vegas. 92111. Belmont. 3100 Cascade Ave. Suite B.sandel. info@sener.speel. Hedge End. Solitron Devices Inc 515 Courtney Columbia. www.

com. Services Corp 1425 Higgs Rd. 95037. 810-357-5022. info@sysgo. WA 98103.systelusa. 95050. 845-425-2000. Bidford-on-Avon B50 www. CA West Chester. NY 11042. CA 847-864-6900. Morgan Hill. (sub of Teledyne Technolgoies Inc). (sub of TDK Corp). Rochester. COTS rugged computers.toshibacameras. and application Is an ISO Rd. info@toppssafetyapparel. PO Box info@totalcrane. Suite 300. Streamline Circuits Corp sjacobs@tadiranbat. www. info@tcac-usa. Switzerland. Kampong Ubi Industrial Estate.systron. UK.syntecoptics.tadiran. TenCate Advanced Composites Toshiba Imaging Systems Div SwissOptic AG 206-682-2967. MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS MARCH 2017 83 1703mae_BG_83 83 3/6/17 11:06 AM . frank@sterlingprecision. 97005. 503-627-4133.CIDTEC United Arab Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Div. Waterloo info@teraxion. (sub of TDK Corp).streamlinecircuits. info@themis. TEN TECH LLC www. 2 Pembroke Woodridge. 3-11-23 Kamitsuchidana. 2nd 515 Lee Rd. TX (div of Teledyne Technologies). eorders@techproducts.teraxion. 405 Essex 800-699-9405. UK. 418-658-9500. Total Crane Systems Inc Teknix House. components@tektronix. www. 700 Riverpark contact. Buffalo. Los Angeles. sales@systelusa. Cambridge CB25 9QR. Topps Safety Apparel Inc SV Microwave www. 2225 Kenmore Ave. eigyoubu@tmex. NY 10977. 97-14-2995886. Suite 104. 1401 Martin Ave.techsil. PA 17601. Systron Donner Inertial Tef Cap Industries Thermacore Inc CA www. Low Power tactical systems. Dallas.chapman@thermofisher. TallannQuest Teledyne LeCroy Thermoteknix Systems Ltd www. MS 258-23. Teledyne Microelectronics TNC Optics & Technologies Pte Ltd www. G1P 4S8. (div of Amphenol).stingrayoptics. and software STMicroelectronics Inc number of markets including defense solutions for mission-critical 30 Corporate 13140 Coit Rd. Evanston. www. 2222 N Pacific Stratign sales@systron. 41-71-727-3074. and oil and systems deployed worldwide for technical@techsil. Tech-Etch Inc TeraXion Inc swissoptic@swissoptic. 717-569-6551.stratign. Sundance Multiprocessor eric@tallannquest. MA TRAXPayroll SYSGO marcom@us. Santa Clara. www. TDK-Lambda Americas www. 2001 Marcus Ave.sysgo. Teledyne Storm Microwave 800-522-6752. Chesham. MA sales@thermoteknix. Neptune.tmele. tefcapind@tefcap. 561-840-1800. 700 Chestnut Ridge VENDOR DIRECTORY Sterling Precision Optics Inc „ Systel Rugged Computers Tech Products Inc „ Themis Computer 1916 Greenleaf St. military.te. Delivers andy. Keene. 77478. PO Box www. 18410 Butterfield Blvd. Irvine. Suite sales@tango-wave. Fremont. Suite www. PA 9740 Irvine 94547. 603-358-5577.teledynelecroy.teledynemicro. CA 90045-5664. Singapore. Sugar Land. sales@syntecoptics. San 623-581-9777. 1655 Industrial Blvd. Technology Ltd www. gary.pitre@toshiba. PA and commercial thermoteknix. environmentally Is the leading designer and resilient standards-based computing Sting Ray Optics LLC Techsil Ltd manufacturer of custom and solutions for OEMs. www. Suite 125E. Syntec Optics 10221 Werch Dr. www. microelectronics@teledyne. Quebec City. mhirst@tasc-wa. 408-776-0700. Canada. 516-621-4980. 9001:2015 certified company with 44-1789-773-232. Liverpool. 732-922-9300. 718-442-4900. AZ 85027. Germany. 13088-4507. www. Beaverton. Suite 14. FL 33409. TASC Technical & Assembly storm_microwave@teledyne. PO Box 3055 Del Sol Blvd. MA 02360. 877-264-0343.tncoptics. Tektronix Component Solutions Thermo Scientific . The products include rugged mission-critical applications in a Tamagawa Electronics Co Ltd sales@sundance. www. 101 Commerce Blvd. 45 Aldrin Rd. 5777 W Century Blvd. NY 47200 Bayside www. www. 281-313-3600. Systems (TAIS). Suite (CST)). www. Rochester. sales@traxpayroll. Klein-Winternheim www. 248-797-5907. 320 Soquel Way. www. TX 105 Willow Ave. Heerbrugg. sales@tncoptics. West Palm Beach. IN 46975. 2716 Einstein St. NJ 07753. 978-370-2700. 2516 E State Rd. Concord. www. Waterbeach. Kanton St Gallen CH CA 94085. (See ad page 27) www. Tango Wave Heinrich-Wild-Str.sterlingprecision. TDK-Lambda Americas www. 866-611-5410. North 2700 Systron Dr. info@tentechllc. Lewisburg. info@thermacore. Kanagawa NY (See ad page 47) Stock-Point Electronics Inc 9576 Topanga Canyon Chiltren House Waterside.thermofisher.tydeman@us. 94518. www. CA 92618-1697. 408705. 01864. 574-223-4311. NY 14606. www. 81-467-76-2293. leader in rugged computing. sales@tech-etch. embedded computers. www. www. 44-1494-793-167. www. QC 508-747-0300. (sub of Custom Sensors & Technologies 1155 Phoenixville tektronix.stock-point.swissoptic. 585-768-2513.traxpayroll. Teradyne CA 92154. 329 W Melinda Ln. 931-359-4531. 740 Alfred Nobel Dr. 780 Eden Rd. Dubai 124010. 2400 Centrepark W IL 60517. NH 34 Bidavon Industrial Staten Island. OR (div of Thermo Fisher Scientific) www. info@stingrayoptics. Is the market TE Connectivity applications in aerospace. Tadiran Batteries 2905 SW Hocken Ave. NY Lake Success. CA (div of Toshiba America Information (sub of Berliner Glas Group). SurplusEQ. CA www. 610-692-2576. CA Am Pfaffenstein 14. IL Bucks HP5 www. 17105-3608. 818-718-4100. systems 310 Marlboro St.svmicrowave.sundance. UK. TN Blk 3015A Ubi Rd 1 #04-08/10. 94538. 55270. Chestnut Ridge.

97062. „ VersaLogic Corp electronics. 49-721-89310-0. 10 Hedgerow Dr. US Dynamics Corp ViaSat Inc Designs and manufactures precision computers. www.vicorpower. Wavelength Electronics Inc L9P 1H6. York Wire & Cable Inc 44-1468-767-500. Newhouse Farm Industrial Verifysoft Technology GmbH vptsales@vptpower. 603-598-2588.westechoptical. Suite 200. power systems. lines include Suite 110.avionics-networking.zmicro. WA 98011.txo-systems. 858-831-7000. sales@versatilepower.wolfadvancedtechnology. Wind River Provides power conversion solutions 500 Wind River Way. Bothell. 385 Starr Rd. Products include 631-842-5600.teamwavelength. 1387 Fairport Rd. 503-615-9000. Provides applied innovative design 508-921-4600. Since MI 48150. Tianquan Rd. www. www. Versatile Power sales@zmicro. information@ttiinc. info@visotekinc. Fujian 350003. www. AL info@velmex.militaryaerospace. (sub of HEICO Corp). Bozeman. www. achromats. sales@ultraviewcorp. 49-711-80670-0. MA 02081. 905-852-1163. Custom 2300 NE Brookwood Pkwy. www. Walpole.versatilepower. 12100 SW Tualatin Unit 1. coupled with expert sales@teamwavelength. Andover. Stuttgart 70499. PA 17404. (See ad page 8) WOLF Advanced Technology Unit 3. 59715. Alameda. state-of-the-art COTS embedded www. 25 Frontage Rd. service through 5-year availability guarantee and 5-year sales@willrich. Amityville. San Jose. zzokman@aol. 6155 El Camino 260-637-4038. Lawrenceville. Unit 808 Gilman 760-476-2200. 1703mae_BG_84 84 3/6/17 11:06 AM . CA 95008. VCC www.westcoast-tech.visotekinc. technical support. EMI filters. Livonia. CMOS/CCD imaging. mass data storage 425 Bayview Ave. PC/104. 1400 Energy Pk Trion Technology 12780 Danielson Provides lens 1220 E Gump and 94501. Clearwater. sales@yorkwire. such as flat panel www. In der Spoeck www. PA 19350. Applications (See ad page 24) UTC Aerospace Systems Vicor Corp include security. CA 2441 Northeast Ultraview Corp Demonstrates a commitment to www. for the rapid development of critical Video Scope International Ltd 105 Executive Dr. 978-470-2900. off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment 84 MARCH 2017 MILITARY & AEROSPACE ELECTRONICS www. and sales@usdynamicscorp. 703-437-5534. www. OR Germany. www. for critical ON Chepstow NP16 6UP. www. 406-587-4910. Suite York. United Electronic Industries Inc Westech Optical Corp www. 51 Evergreen Dr. 651-659-0919. insidesales@viasat. Ft Worth. 585-377-2490. info@verocel. NY 11701. info@tuvam. MT sales@wolf-at. (See ad page 48) 9820 Summers Ridge Rd. Suite 20. OR proven 20-year program heritage. China.velmex. and custom engineering services Electronic Products Div. SPX and SUMIT single-board www. The products offer a www. capabilities to reinvent commercial www. TX www. 510-748-4100. NJ 07626. FL 858-386-5666. NC 28217-4578. MN TTI Inc Germany. CA St Paul. Caxton Pl. the panel mount packages. VENDOR DIRECTORY Trenton Systems Inc Vadatech Inc Vigil Antislip „ Wilbrecht LEDCO Inc 1725 MacLeod Dr.xilinx. windows. 817-740-9000. Henderson. info@triontech. GA 198 N Gibson www. aerospace industries. NH the US for PCB and panel mount info@wilbrechtledco. 2730 W Tyvola 743 Camden Ave. Karlsruhe 76131.zok. Carlsbad. Campbell.ueidaq. info@vadatech. Offers www. 704-423-7000. computing in harsh environments. 34 Discovery WL Gore & Associates (sub of TÜV SÜV AG).com www. high-reliability DC/DC converters. Product West Coast Tech Ltd 408-559-7778. Vision Components GmbH Manufactures LED assemblies in 2131 Sunnydale Blvd. Suite 104. laser scanning. 1124 Roosevelt Ave. attachments and sealing to IP67. systems to enable unprecedented lens assemblies for all types of www. 4 Coliseum Ctr. www. accessory power products. New Brighton. and video enhancement 92009-1602. 49-781-127-81180.tuv-sud-america. custom and NVIS LED are available in TriQuint Semiconductor Ingersheimer Str 408-341-4603.viasat. VA 20166-9558. Uxbridge. 11700 Belden Ct.wilbrechtledco. Visotek Inc options include avionics grade CA 92121. TXO Systems Ltd info@versalogic. for use in military. MIL-W-22759/33 wire. TSC Velmex Inc (See ad page 54) Systems Development and Production Div. CA optics for OEMs. 585-657-6151. 1775 Old Hwy Xilinx ULO Optics Ltd markets such as the defense and 2100 Logic Dr. WA Microprecision 19909 120th Ave NE.triquint.ultraviewcorp. www. www.yorkwire. Dulles. 80 Broadway. Ft Wayne. Bibra Lake.versalogic. connector info@tqs. sales@vector. surveillance.verocel. singlets. Verocel space applications globally.usdynamicscorp. „ ZMicro Inc info@ulooptics. www. 14469. www. Industry standard. 2 Campbell San Diego. non-contact measurement and Zokman Products Inc and opto-mechanical design. NY „ VPT Inc (div of Technology Service Corp). computers and etoth@vision-components. MN 55108. NY Stevenage SG1 2UG. UK. www.utc. 425-353-3010. CA www. 702-896-3337. 6166. 27 Renmar Ave. CA 92064.ulooptics. 302-292-5100.vigilantislip. jcarlino@westechoptical.utcaerospacesystems. Canada. Tualatin. Offenburg applications. 86-591-8730-3536. 7550 State Rts 5 and 20. Hudson. 727-461-1888. Emmy-Noether-St 11. NV 89014. Bloomfield. Vector Informatik GmbH www. EPIC. TÜV SÜD America Inc Germany. IN 46845. Bldg 900H. Willrich Precision Instrument Co 310 Voyager Way NW. Berkeley.videoscopeintl. 76106-1896. MA 01810. has delivered 44-129-162-3813. systems. svinding@vcclite. sales@trentonsystems. Caxton Way. info@videoscopeintl.trentonsystems. Fuzhou. Fairport.

1703mae_BG_C3 3 3/6/17 11:06 AM .

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