2010…what is expected of us as awakened human beings Taking action from the Heart

Dear people, April 2010 is gone and you have probably have felt that alot of changes are ready to occur shortly and that “the way of life” as we know it will end.Our capitalistic economic system is doomed to fail. The bankers who are trying to cun us in believing that everything will be OK, disregarding the tremendous debt every country is facing. Their effort to uphold their virtual money system. The power elite who are seemingly above the law and are even “making” laws in their best intrest in order to control everyone. Competing industries on the commercial battlefield, destroying each other in the process The production of chemical and toxic goods who are a great burden to humans and earth alike. The threat of nuclear energy. Air and water pollution with a devastating effect on our bodies. Not to mention the degrading quality of our food, EMF radiation from mobile phones, computers, wireless goods… Nature that has to give in, in order to build more homes, factories…The fact that we treat animals as products and not as living beings! Relentless waging of war and increased poverty worldwide. So much “life” is suffering and dies in a most unrespectful, egoistical way. And most of the time we are behaving in such a manner because we are unaware of this illusion in which we are stuck. Are we going to able to forgive ourselves or just say that we didn’t knew what was happening? WE, AS AWAKENED SOULS , FULLY AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON NEED TO ACT NOW!


Taking ACTION from the HEART

WE CANNOT ¨POSTPONE THIS ANY LONGER, STICK OUR HEAD IN THE SAND WE NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Every body should know what is due to come. What the power “elite” of this world is up to and how they slowly but surely poison the people of this world in order to be able to control us more and accept their so called new world order. I’m talking GMF (genetically maniupulated food) here, food from labs, chipping of people, the cloning and transhumanism agenda. They kept silent about Nikola TESLA free energy inventions and are deliberately holding back information about new lifesaving technology (cure for cancer and HIV…) They kept silent about their plans of geo-engineering the climate, the existence of extraterrestial life and their true motivations to wage war and economic destruction of foreign countries. The reason why famine still exists in our “modern” world. But there is a saying about The Truth: She PREVAILS, sooner or later. One thing is for sure: The Truth will surface in 2010 and beyond! Dearest ones, You know , as I do, that the game of the Power Elite is OVER. The destruction and the pain were needed in order to become aware of what is really going on. We are Awake! NOW is the time to take ACTION! Get ACCES to as much information as you possible can and share it with others and in doing so, spread the following message:    THAT WE AS INHABITANTS OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET CAN MAKE A CHANGE! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND CHOOSE PURENESS, RESPECT, SHARING AND HARMONY! TO REMEMBER ONCE AGAIN THAT WE ARE CONNECTED WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY

We are pure energy, not seperated. We were conditioned to listen solely to our mind, our thinking mind. In this way we have created the EGO, a personality and we have completely forgotten who we truly are. We have lost the connection to our heart, our intuition and as a result we’ve become blind and accepted this FAKE reality, this illusion. We have forgotten this Ultimate truth: that real TRUTH is found in our Heart, the only way to real happiness! Love, Power and Wisdom is within US. All we have to do is turn our attention within, to connect and feel with our body, our heart and follow our intuition. We ARE the Love of the Heart. It is calling us to be heard. This is WHO WE REALLY ARE. Our deeper Self, our Higher Self or whatever you want to call it. That which is connected with the Universal Source of love, wisdom and creation.
Taking ACTION from the HEART


WE ARE UNIVERSAL POWER, WISDOM, CREATION AND LOVE. We are not little people, we don’t have to stick our head in the sand while using this pretext of being to small, to powerless, to little to be able to change something. To stay in this lie and say: “I’m not the one who is responsible! Leave me alone, I want to suffer, I want to stay in this Illusion and Seperateness. I want to live in FEAR.” ? It is of outmost importance to be awake with as many as we possibly can during this upcoming SHIFT. We NEED to be conscious of who we REALLY are. Big, huge, powerful , wise and loving human beings! WE are the love that emanates from the eternal, infinite Source, infinite Energy, infinite Power and Infinite LOVE. Which we have called GOD. Since words are actually created by the MIND we gave a name to this Energy Source that cannot be described in words. WE NO LONGER WILL BE FOOLED BY FEAR. WE WILL SUFFER NO MORE. WE LISTEN TO THE ONLY SOLUTION: OUR LOVIN’ HEART, OUR INTUITION. WE WILL EVOLVE INTO A NEW HARMONIC, PURE, RESPECTFUL AND LOVING WORLD! Our mission is to live NOW in unity, AND STEP INTO THE WORLD with this new consciousness. To LIVE very consciously, to keep our energy and spirit HIGH and to be inspired by our HEART, by our SOUL… DO NOT be (mis)guided by the EGO or your Personality programmed by education and society. FEEL the shift within as you step out of the ego and into the energy of the Heart. Practising every day, knowing that society will not miss an opportunity to PULL you back in. To make you believe again that you live in separation and to cause pain, fear, frustration, sadness….In order to achieve this state of mind, society has a lot of triggers ready for you. But be aware that the energy of the Earth was never so high in the frequency of the HEART. NOW is the time to RE-ENTER the HEART. So , dear ONEs what is keeping you to accomplish this task, this MISSION? Much love,

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Taking ACTION from the HEART