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Target Culture
Using the internet

1 Number the activities 1-10 for how teenagers 2 In groups of four, list your groups ten most
use the internet in the USA. Compare answers popular internet activities.
with a partner.
Internet use in the USA 1
1-10 Activity 2
Check sports scores 3
Download music files 4
Play or download a game 5
Look for information on hobbies 6
Listen to music online 7
Surf the net for fun 8
Send or read email 9
Visit a chat room 10
Send an instant message
Get news

3 Compare your information with the class.

4 Look at this list of the top five websites in the USA.
1 Yahoo! free email, chat rooms, etc.
2 Google a web search site which provides email, chat and messaging services.
3 Facebook a social networking site.
4 Microsoft Network (MSN) web search and instant-messaging site, provides information and news, etc.
5 eBay an auction site.

What do you think the top five websites for your country are?
1 ___________________________________________________________________________________________
2 ___________________________________________________________________________________________
3 ___________________________________________________________________________________________
4 ___________________________________________________________________________________________
5 ___________________________________________________________________________________________

5 Work in groups. What are the top five websites in your group?

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