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14 TO 21 JULY 2017


 Can not I send my data by postal mail or messaging?

No. The current system replaces the traditional sending of a sealed envelope with personal
data. More comfortable, safe and efficient for everyone.

 What is that user?

It is a name or nickname. Either. The system only supported letters and numbers but not
characters: quotation marks, accents, asterisks, etc.

 How do choose the password?

Be easy to remember. Minimum of four letters/numbers but not special characters like accents
quotation marks, asterisks, etc.

 When you have chosen the username and password that I have to do?

Once complete all your registration information, we will send you an email at the address you
indicate as a measure of security, both for you and for the Organization and will have to follow
the instructions.

 How many times I have to register?

Only once. Saves your user data and password in a safe place.

 I don´t usually catch much computer, how I can find updates?

We also have channel in Telegram Messenger with which you will receive on your mobile
promptly the novelties of this edition of the surface.

 I have lost my data and I can not enter. What should I do?

Email us at we help you recover your data immediately.

 Can I change any of my contact details?

Directly you can not. Contact us through

 Is obligatory to register?

No. But if you want to vote, comment and participate will have to do it.

 Is compulsory to upload a photo in my profile?


 I am already registered. What I have to do to enter the website of the FICIE?

Fill in the data of user and password that is at the top of the main screen of this website.

 What happens with my data when it ends the Festival?

The Organization, according to provisions in the law, will erase the personal data and the short
films submitted, both in open and private, of the system and will not give them to third
parties. You can consult the "legal notices" of this edition of the Festival.

 Can I see a film without being registered?

Yes. You can see the submitted Shorts contest and link them on social networks that you have
presence and thus to discuss them with your contacts but you can compete, or discuss with
others on the web not support with your vote the shorts that you like.

 Can I download the movie to see it in my computer?

No. Only on the web via streaming. When you go to the movie, this is played automatically so
you only have to sit down and enjoy good cinema.

 Until when can I vote online on the FICIE website?

Until the day before the Closing Ceremony, that is, until 23:59:59 p.m. (spanish time) on

 Do not get me the option of voting

Check if you have registered on the website. If you haven't done so, check that you have
entered your username and password.

When you go to the movie, this is played automatically so you only have to sit down and enjoy
good cinema.

To vote, you have to wait for the playing time of the film.

In case of questions or problems contact us at

 How many times can I vote?

It can be voted all the shorts you want but only once for short. The Organization will remove
those votes that may arise from misuse of the system.

● Hay muchos cortos y no sé a cuales he votado

As a registered user, you can control the videos that you have sent in your profile. See "My
rated videos" in your profile.

 Who controls the comments?

The organization chaired by the comments. Please refer to the legal notices on this website.

 I liked a video and would like to comment on it

You have two ways:

a) On the same website. As a registered user, at the bottom of the tab of the movie you
will see a box called "Comment". After putting your impressions, you'll have to give the
"Send" button.

b) In the Social Networks in which you have presence. Whether or not you are a
registered user, under the short display screen you have the so-called "social buttons"
with which you can link and comment with your contacts.

 Can you see the short films presented on the associated online platforms?

No. The short films that are presented in open only can be seen in the official FICIE platform at

 Can I see shorts that are only for the Jury?

No. You can only see the short films presented in open. The FICIE Organization is responsible
for copyright and respects the wishes of the Author / Producer / Distributor.

APRIL 2017