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The role of laparoscopy in the management of acute abdomen.

M Al-sheikh, H Toghyan, S Smith, H Khout

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, UK
ALSGBI,Cork,Ireland Nov 2012

Background Results
Laparoscopic operations 239 239 (52.41%) patients underwent
have become more popular laparoscopic operation. This
in approaching general 235 represent more than a half of the
surgical emergencies. This 230 Laparoscopic total number of abdominal
has led to increased 225 Surgery emergency operations. In 121
demand on training junior 220 217 (50.6%) patients, the indication for
surgeons and nursing staff 215 Non- the surgery was diagnostic
to utilize laparoscopic Laparoscopic laparoscopy for right ileac fossa pain.
210 Surgery
instruments. 205 88 (36.8%) patients had Laparoscopic
Emergency operations carried appendicectomy. 30 (12.55%)
Aim out between August 2011 and patients had laparoscopic
August 2012 cholecystectomy for acute
The aim of this study is to
cholecystitis. Out of 239 laparoscopic
audit the prevalence and
operations, 6 (2.5%) patients had
indication of laparoscopic
Laparoscopic converted to open
intervention as an abdominal
emergency operation in our
district general hospital.
Methods and materials Laparoscopy has become an
456 patients underwent established method for approaching
abdominal emergency acute abdomen. Most of the cases
operation for the period in this study were for diagnostic
between August 2011 and laparoscopy, appendicectomy and
August 2012. Data collected cholecystectomy. This has an
using computer software and implication on surgical as well as
patients case notes. nursing training