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The Transgender Agenda - Hollywoods Greatest

Secret Revealed ('Hidden in Plain Sight')

QUESTION: Have you noticed that there seems to be an increasing numbers of people who identify as “transgender” in our world? On a daily
basis now, we are bombarded with messages through the media about the importance of considering the needs of transgendered people to stop
discrimination, in the interests of a fairer, more equal society. Whilst many would agree in theory with the principles of fairness and equality,
some people are being increasingly disturbed by what they perceive to be a blurring of gender lines in our society, becoming commonly known
as the “Transgender Agenda.” This agenda is gradually being exposed in full as you will see below.

Ask yourself right now, are YOU able to tell the difference between a real man and a real woman? You may think so, especially in real life. But
how confident are you in telling the difference between men and women on TV, in movies, in magazines, on perfume labels or on advertising
billboards? With the best make-up, photo-shop skills, advanced surgical procedures and implants, and hormone-altering techniques
(eg: testosterone to make women become men, and estrogen to make men become women), you will see that sometimes it's very difficult to
spot the difference.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because it's quite possible that every time you turn on the TV, watch the latest movie, or read your celebrity
gossip magazine, you are not looking at real men nor real women. Instead, you are looking at a bunch of TRANNYS. The definition of a
'TRANNY' is.... "a slang term used chiefly to describe people who are transgender, transsexual, wearing drag, transvestites, or cross-dressers".

I'm going to present some information below which may challenge your current perceptions of nearly everything and everyone you see in the
mainstream media, starting with a look at some OPENLY transgendered people.

Below are some obvious examples of well publicised individuals that have made headlines about their gender 'switch':

We all got to witness the debut of Caityln Jenner when she graced the
cover of Vanity Fair on June 1, 2015. She was formerly Bruce Jenner,
Olympian and gold medallist in the 1970s.

Best known for her starring role in the hit Netflix series Orange Is the
New Black, Laverne Cox is a transgender actress, author, artist, and
activist. She is the first transgender actress to be nominated for a Prime
Time Emmy Award.

Lilly Wachowski the sibling of Lana, and half of the film-making team
behind The Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta, and other sci-films. In March,
2016, facing a public outing by a UK tabloid, Lilly (formerly known as
Andy) released a statement to Chicago LGBT website Windy City Times
coming out as transgender, discussing her transition, and thanking her
family for their support.
The other half of the sibling creative team formerly known as the
Wachowski brothers, Lana Wachowski created the incredibly successful
Matrix franchise with her brother, Andy. They also worked together on
film adaptations of V for Vendetta, Speed Racer, and Cloud Atlas.

Ian Harvie is a transgender comedian and actor. He appeared in
Transparent and Road trip Nation.

Janet Mock is a former People Magazine staff editor. She is a writer and
transgender activist and author of the New York Times Bestselling
memoir Redefining Realness.

Chaz Bono, the son of Cher and Sonny Bono, has been a gay rights
activist since 2009 and became more involved when he revealed that he
is a transgender man.

After building a successful modelling career on her androgynous
appearance and ability to model both male and female fashion lines, the
formerly male-identified "Andrej Pejic" (an Australian) announced in
2014 that she was changing her first name to Andreja, and wished to be
identified as a woman. Prior to this, Pejic had stated she considered
herself neither male or female, and was "living between genders."

Carmen Carrera is a burlesque and drag performer, and subsequently
criticized RuPaul for his use of pejorative terms like "she-male" and
"tranny." Though she presented as male when she appeared on the
show, Carrera has since announced that she is in fact a transgender
woman. She has also appeared in several other reality series (Real
Housewives of New York City) and is petitioning to be accepted as the
first transgender model for Victoria's Secret.

Andreas Krieger is a former German shot putter who competed on the
Women's East German Athletics Team. He was involved in a scandal
when it was revealed he had been unwittingly dosed with anabolic
steroids. Krieger later completed a course of hormone therapy and
transitioned to male, indicating that he had felt a longing to be identified
as male long before the accidental hormone exposure, although he
resented not having more control in his own transition process.

o There are many other transgendered people if you do a search on the internet, such as:
o There are numerous movies and TV episodes that feature / revolve around transgendered people:

Okay, so you get the picture? These people above are all OPENLY transgendered. You get to see their before AND after pictures so you are
totally clear that they have undergone change of gender identity.

The subject of TRANSVESTIGATION - ie: the practical investigation of whether a famous person may be secretly transgendered by examining
publicly available online images of them - is rapidly become a whole new GENRE on YouTube. Many people around the world are questioning
the 'Transgender Agenda', educating themselves, and making some incredible discoveries.

Remember, YouTube is a diverse community just like our world, and different YouTube channels may come at this topic from different
perspectives. You don't need to identify with any religion or believe ANYTHING to look into this issue. All the links are presented here for you to
ask some simple questions, look at the evidence with your own eyes, and come to your own conclusions. If you want to know the truth, you will
need an open mind, because the TRUTH is stranger than fiction!

Check out the below videos to discover more on the topic of Transvestigations:


Brooke Shields Candice Swanepoel Chrissy Teigen

Cindy Crawford Elle McPherson Helena Christensen

Heidi Klum Jenna Talackova Lily Aldridge

Megan Fox Megyn Kelly Miss America Paget

Miss Universe Miss USA Victoria's Secret

Zendaya Coleman


Alessandra Ambrosio Angelina Jolie Bradley Cooper

Bruce Lee Carrie Fisher Christina Applegate

Charlie's Angels Charlie Chaplin Charlize Theron

Courtney Cox David Hasselhoff Diane Kruger

Drew Barrymore Elizabeth Hurley Glenn Close

Gwyneth Paltrow Halle Berry Haley Joel Osment

Happy Days Hugh Grant Hugh Jackman

Jack Nicholson Jennie Garth Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston 2 Jennifer Aniston 3 Jessica Alba

John Travolta John Travolta 2 Johnny Depp

Julia Roberts Keira Knightly Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kim Kardashian Kirsten Dunst Lara Spencer

Marilyn Monroe Martha Stewart Matt Damon

Matt Damon 2 Mr. T Nicole Kidman

Oprah Winfrey Owen Wilson Patricia Arquette

Robbie Coltrane Ryan Gosling Saffron Burrows

Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock 2 Scott Baio

Selena Gomez Scarlett Johansson Shannon Elizabeth

Steel Magnolias The Big Bang Theory The Mummy

The Olsen Twins Tori Spelling Trinity (The Matrix)


Adele Anthony Kiedis Beyonce

Beyonce 2 Beyonce 3 Billy Idol

Billy Joel Britney Spears Cameron Diaz

Celine Dion Chrissie Hynde Ciara

Debbie Harry Debbie Gibson Dionne Warwick

Dusty Springfield Duran Duran Frank Sinatra

Jamelia Jessica Simpson J Lo

Justin Bieber Justin Timberlake KE$HA

Kylie Minogue Kurt Cobain Lady Gaga

Lindsay Lohan Madonna Mariah Carey

Miley Cyrus Pat Benatar Paula Abdul

Pink Sinéad O'Connor Taylor Swift

The Beatles The Spice Girls Victoria Beckham


Barack Obama Barack Obama 2 Bill & Melinda Gates

Christine Lagarde Edward Snowden Italian Prime Minister and Wife

Melania Trump Michelle Obama Sam Cameron

The First Minister of Scotland


Kate Middleton Royal Family of Monaco Royal Family

President First Ladies Princess Diana


Lance Armstrong Pro Female Wrestlers Serena & Venus Williams

Steffi Graf Super Athletes


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Why Are They Transgendered? There are more and more transvestigation videos and channels appearing on YouTube all the time, as people gradually start seeing the deception of the Transgender Agenda.


Are you unsure of your favourite TV star or Hollywood actor/actress? Well here's how you can conduct your own transvestigation of
someone, anytime and anywhere! All you need is the checklist below and a search for Google Images of the person you wish to analyse...!

Below is a general checklist to assist you in seeing a Transgender man or women, as distinct from a REAL MAN or a REAL WOMAN. Read the
below and decide for yourself...!!

A. Look at their childhood pictures
usually it is obvious to see a little boy or girl

B. Look at pictures as they age
the older they get the more they "fall apart" and the truth is revealed - they cannot maintain the transgendered deceit the whole lifetime. See real
life actor Jane Russell and decide for yourself

Video Link -

C. Look for the arching of the back when bending
women's backs are naturally more curvy and flexible than men's. Look at Marilyn Monroe when compared to a male (not much difference, huh...)

Video Link -

D. Look for physical features / differences between an 'average man' and 'average women'

The Head / Skull

o men are generally 10% larger in proportion to women and have a bigger head size
o men have a bigger skull (head) than women
o women's front hairline generally has a widow's peak
o men have square jaw lines whereas women are more rounded / curved / oval looking, which meet at the front of the chin, as
illustrated above
o men's eyes are generally more spread apart than women
o look at the eyes and the overall energy - does it emanate masculine or feminine energy? This will come out in natural body postures
and the way they move their body when walking
o men have big ears when compared to women
o men have a more defined / sloping eye brow ridge when compared to women
o men have bigger eyebrows than women
o men have bigger lips / mouth than the average woman (more petitie)
o men have larger ears than women
o facial hair looking abnormal / scruffy, not consistent with a true male's growth of hair
o men have a more defined Adam's Apple, which can be clearly seen protruding from the neck (can be surgically altered to conceal)
o men have longer, wider and thicker necks

The Body
o men have bigger, more defined muscles than women, are more masculine in their body features
o men have bigger feet than women
o hands tell a lot about the person
o men's shoulders are in-line with their hips (if not wider), whereas the female hips are wider than their shoulders (nature's design for
child bearing)

The Torso / Body / Shoulders
o men's torso is more straight than women, whereas the women's torso is more curved (a waist indentation). More prominent when a
photo is taken of the person at the beach
o men are taller than women
o a men's pelvis is in-line with their waist, whereas the women's pelvis is wider than her waistline
o shoulder width for the average man is 3 times their head width (when looking straight ahead), whereas it is 2 to 2.5 times for women
o look at the male pelvis, especially the prominent pelvic bone
o men have more defined ribcages when compared to women
o women have natural modesty, whereas male-to-female transgender people are EXHIBITIONISTS and have a naturally aggressive
male sexual energy, despite their feminine appearance

The Hands

o in women, the ring finger and the index finger tend to be about the same length, but in men, the index finger is usually the shorter of
the two

The Legs / Feet

o men never show signs of having cellulite, which is more obvious in women
o men have longer legs (and arms) than women
o thigh (upper leg) for a women is more angled than a man's (child bearing), as illustrated above

A fantastic documentary on the physiological differences between men and women, is available to watch here:
o Elite Gender Inversion: The Documentary -

Other things to notice about trannys:

o transgendered celebrities often adopt children, or find other means of obtaining children (possibly through new reproductive
technologies or through IVF, surrogates, etc). Some people speculate whether cloning technologies are even being used as many
celebrities / stars look so alike that they may even be from the same gene pool, or at least are subject to the same plastic surgery
trends and procedures so they can look very alike.

o look closely at the children of transgendered celebrities to see if anything seems strange, as often you will find the sons look like very
feminine and the daughters very masculine at the very least.
Charlize Theron was exposed in the media not long ago for cross-dressing her adopted son:

o start noticing advertising posters and billboards around the place (even if they are enhanced with photo-shop) see if you can spot the
real men or women on them. Investigate them in detail.

o transgendered men are harder to spot than women, scruffy facial hair can be a give-away.

o These are used by a variety of people who wish to appear pregnant, but are not in reality. These can cater for both the entertainment
or advertising industry.

o There are websites that sell fake baby bumps, such as this one:

o For more information check out the below websites:

o eBay options to buy fake baby bumps:

o News articles on fake baby bumps:

With the advancement of surgery, face features can be altered, as shown in the below videos:

WATCH THIS if you don't believe in Transvestigation of Celebs! -

WATCH THIS if You DON'T Believe in the Transvestigation of Celebs! #2 -

WATCH THIS if you DON'T believe in the Transvestigation of Celebs #4: FTM -

"the above are actual individuals going through gender transition"

WARNING: The below links show Graphic Content About Transgender Surgery Procedures. They explain clearly what kinds of
surgical procedures are available today to become a transgendered person.

Wikipedia: Sex Reassignment Surgery: Gender Reassignment Surgery Wiki: Male Vaginas (Vaginoplasty):

Australian Story - Transgender Surgery A Medicare Funded, "Trans Medicine" Transgendered Person Wants To Perform
Regrets: Clinic in Australia: Surgery on Herself in Desperation:
reassignment-surgery/ reassignment-surgery/

Next time you see a movie advertising, a billboard or a poster in the chemist, ask yourself, "am I looking at a secretly transgendered person?"

o Watch this video for an overview on 'the why?' Hollywood and the Transsexual Agenda -"

Recommended YouTube Channels Exposing the Transgender Agenda - A Growing List!

o Jon Humanity -

o Jungle Surfer -

o MrE3000 -

o Rebooting Christianity -

o Apostle Laura Lee -

o Transvestigations by Hans -

o Mushroom Gods -

o Michelle X -

o Yahweh Rules -

o Kaye Cruz Exposing Transgenders -

o Transgender Pharmacy -

o Suspension of Belief -

o Plus many more...

Recommended websites





Hopefully this information has helped to alert you to the mass deception in the mainstream media about the Transgender Agenda. If this
information has been helpful, by now you should have more questions than answers.

For example:

o WHY is this agenda taking place?

o What effects is it having on humanity?

o What effects is it having on the self-esteem and self-respect of non-transgendered human beings who are being pressured to emulate
an impossible (transgendered) body image, that is not found in nature?

o What effects is it having on male / female relationships and the expectations each has of the other in terms of attractiveness,
appearance, behaviours, etc?

o What effects is it having on the sexual desires of men and women in being socially engineered to desire and idolise transgendered
people in the media who are being presented as the “Most Beautiful Man in the World,” or the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World,”

o What effects is it having on men and women in becoming attracted to the same sex? By implication, what will be the future of children
and reproduction?

o How can these transgendered individuals go against nature in this way and masquerade as something they are not?

o Will the next generation/s have any idea of what a real man and a real woman are supposed to look and be like?

o And so on...

PLEASE NOTE: This information is not designed to disparage or slander any transgendered people as individuals. Instead, it is aimed merely
at exposing a large-scale, well-funded, secret 'Transgender Agenda' being perpetrated through the mainstream media on non-transgendered
people, for the purposes of social engineering. The main method used to carry out the 'Transgender Agenda' is mass deception, hence the
reason that Hollywood is needed, and also the reason why we need to be armed with information and awareness if we are to combat it.

If you find this information helpful in comprehending what is being masqueraded to the public worldwide, in plain sight, then please share this
information, by forwarding this email on to others.



"Betrayal is common for men with no conscience."
- Toba Beta

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