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A Brief History of Tourism


The tourism is 2,000 years old. It started when rich people of
ancient Rome didnt want to stay in the city during hot summers.
They took trips to the countryside and the coast. People that lived Tourists lived also in Roman
in the countryside or the coast worked for the Roman tourists, Empire. T F DS
they cooked for them or built new houses for them. When Roman
Empire collapsed, Roman tourism stopped. Rich Romans travelled
During the medieval era, pilgrims appeared. Pilgrims were people T F DS
who wanted to visit holy places. People built simple inns near the
roads to these holy places. The pilgrims slept and ate in these Pilgrims travelled in winter.
inns. Many of these people had a good time during their travel, or T F DS
Pilgrims wanted to enjoy
But it was in the eighteenth century when tourism became fresh air and study
popular. Rich people in Europe started to travel because of health paintings. T F DS
and culture. They visited spas and seaside towns and they
In the 18th century people
enjoyed fresh air. Rich English people liked to travel to Italy. They
wanted to be healthy.
studied Italian paintings, sculpture, and architecture. They wished
to be cultural.
Italy was a country popular
In the twentieth century a lot of Europeans got richer and wanted
with rich English people. T
to travel. Soon there were hotels almost everywhere. In the
1960s, tourists started to travel by plane because it was cheap,
fast, and comfortable. People discovered countries like Spain and It wasnt expensive to travel
France. by plane in the 1960s. T
Today Spain, Italy, and France are still popular with tourists. USA
and exotic destinations attract a lot of people, too. In these
countries, travelers can find fashionable resorts, comfortable
hotels, and exciting theme parks. No wonder, tourists spend a lot
of money.
hundred years - __________________________
a place where a traveler can eat and sleep - ___________________
a place between sea and land - ______________________
a larger area near the sea - _________________________
a traveler who walks a long way to visit a holy place - ___________________
something a lot of people like is - ________________________
different word for to travel - ___________________________
a place where you feel very well - ______________________________
very interesting - __________________________