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Stage 3 Learning Plan

What teaching and learning experiences will you use to:

achieve the desired results identified in Stage 1?
equip students to complete the assessment tasks identified in Stage 2?
Where are, your students headed? Where have they been? How will you make sure the students know where they are
What experiences do the learners bring to the unit? How have the interests of the learners been ascertained? Have the
learners been part of the pre-planning in any way? What individual needs do you anticipate will need to be addressed?
Learning environment: Where can this learning best occur? How can the physical environment be arranged to enhance
So far, the students have been doing math that is not really seen to have a good connection to ever day life. Foundations 30 changes
that by introducing basic and complicated finance that students are going to have to use in there every day lives. The students will start
with little to no knowledge of how to manage money and through-out the unit they will learn how to correctly investment money in the
most optimal way possible. Since the unit connects so well to the future of the students it is easy to bring in personal experiences from
the students to use in the lessons to make it interesting. This allows for adaptions mid lesson to interest the students and allow them to
guide their own learning with guidance from the teacher. This learning is manly going to be done in the class but within the class group
work will be focused on.

How will you engage students at the beginning of the unit? (motivational set)

To engage the students at the beginning of the unit you must connect it to their lives. Talk about buying cars, video game
consoles, house, amazing luxuries as well as personal experiences. By connecting the unit of finance to real life scenarios
the students will feel more connected with the learning and have a greater strive to guide their own learning progress.
This will create a good and interesting unit that dives away from lecture4 based assignments. The main goal of this unit
will be trying to incorporate stories of the students into the math so they are learning from their own experiences. This is
the best way in my opinion to engage the students. Another aspect to engage the students is incorporating technology in
the inquiry parts of the unit. Using phones/laptops to ask questions, multiple technology programs to present ideas and
calculators to aid in the completion of the math will create interest as well as make the class easier to complete for the

What events will help students experience and explore the enduring understandings and essential questions in the unit?
How will you equip them with needed skills and knowledge?
# Lesson Title Lesson Activities CCCs Resource
1 In this lesson, the students will be asked what is interest and investments. This will Developing FoM 12 pg.
What is be applied to the calculations of the formula of A=P + Prt. The values of P, r and t will Thinking 15-17
interest also be represented and the ability to use this formula will be assessed (Teacher
Based) To start the unit, manly Lead Questions will be used. Another aspect will be
inquiring into technology using technology, this can be done with phones/laptops.
This will create a better structure for the rest o the unit
2 IN the lesson the difference between compound and simple interest will be identified Developing Handout
Compound as well as example of using compound interest with be assessed with the formula I = Thinking
Interest Prt. Once again, the values of P, r and t will be restated and inquiry based questions Exit Slip
on simple vs. compound interest will be assessed. (Inquiry Based) A hook question
will be used to get the inquire thinking going
3 In this lesson, the students will apply their knowledge of interest and be asked to Developing FoM 12 pg.
Interest over calculate values Annually, semi-annually, mouthy, weekly, and daily instead of the Literacies 30-32
period of calculations in the previous two lessons where it was assumed the interest only
time applied annually. They will be asked to play with similar questions as before but this
time create interest rates that apply at different intervals Since we are using prior
knowledge a guiding question can easily be used to get the students thinking in the
right direction
4 In this interest, the students will use their inquiry base skills to calculate money Developing FoM 12 pg.
Future and needed to achieve future goals. They will take use of the A=P(1+i) n formula to solve Thinking 40-42
Present for future and present value questions (1/2 Inquiry based, Teacher based) This is a
Interest great opportunity to use a mix of the three questions as it is a multi-based lesson. A Exit Slip
refresher of calculator skills will be talk about during this lesson as there are no new
aspects that should need to be taught (should have learned in grade 11)
5 In this lesson, the students will be asked how the interest questions would change if Developing FoM pg.
Continuous someone continuously put money into the investment account. Within the inquiry of Literacies 55-57
Investments continuous investment, the application of future value will be found to calculate
totally interest earned. They will then use the knowledge of the already known
formulas to calculate all the values (Inquiry Based)
6 This lesson is the combination of all the skills from the first 5 lessons into Developing FoM pg.
Investment complicated questions. They must use all their knowledge to calculate the questions Literacies 65-67
Portfolios that will be provided. This will also set them up for an investment portfolio
assignment that is the next lesson. (Teacher based) Exit Slip
7 This project is in place of a midterm test and it will involve the creation of an Developing Midterm
Midterm Unit investment portfolio by the students. Each group of students will start will a random Social Project
Project value of money and a random set of accounts. The students must use these values Responsibility Handout
and guidelines to try and get all the items on the list of objectives in the shortest
amount of time. It will also allow them to see how the gained knowledge applies to
the real world. (Project Based) As this is a midterm project the essential question of
the unit will be addressed. They will then need to present their project in a creative
way to the class (PowerPoint, video, poster, etc.) This will increase their ability to
communicate the knowledge learned in the unit to strengthen the final produce
located in the final project.
8 The Unit will now shift to loans and what to do with them, this lesson will explain the Developing FoM pg.
Loans and basics of loans and how we calculate them. The students will also be asked the Thinking 92-96
what they are connection between loans and investments and be shown how to do calculations
with loans manly Lead Questions will be used. They will also learn in this lesson how
to use a graphing calculator to represent financial problems in this unit as that is new
knowledge for the students. It will also allow an opportunity to see if calculator
knowledge has been retained from lesson 4
9 This lesson is very short, it will explain what credit is and credit cards, they will also Developing FoM pg.
Exploring figure out how to solve questions with the use of credit cards using already know Thinking 100, 115-
Credit formulas and modifications of formulas Since we are using prior knowledge a guiding 118
question can easily be used to get the students thinking in the right direction. We will
then use are new found calculator knowledge to calculate credit questions Exit Slip
10 This lesson will ask the students to compare Buying, Renting and leasing to see that Developing FoM pg.
Buy, Rent, all three could be useful depending on the situation. It will also show students how to Thinking 130-133
Lease? calculate each and how to compare the three. Finally, it will tell you the difference
between the three manly Lead Questions will be used Exit Slip
11 This final unit project will once again ask the students to make a portfolio, this Developing Final
Final Unit portfolio will ask for more, asking for more timespan, credit, loans, renting leasing, Social Project
Project using all the values that. Another key aspect of the final project will be to show a Responsibility Handout
personal connection between the students and finance. This will not only allow for
new knowledge of life of students (there cultural background, hobbies, religion etc.) Developing
to be examined but also give the teacher the ability to respond in a constructive way identity and
to encourage positive cultural responsive thinking in school, as well as life in general. interdependen
Another aspect will be a self-assessment the students will give on their midterm and ce
final projects which will state how they think they did and provide evidence
supporting this. They will then need to present their project in a creative way to the
class (PowerPoint, video, poster, etc.)
12 Here I will assign 3 chapters from the book for students to do to refresh their Developing FoM pg.
Unit Review knowledge and ask any questions. There will be a lot of 1 on 1 teaching getting Literacies 43-45,69-
ready for the unit test. If anything is an issue for the whole class then it will be 72,134,14
addressed (concepts, technology integration Developing 0-141

13 The Students will complete the Foundations 30 Unit 1 Test Developing Foundation
Unit Exam Thinking s 30 Unit 1