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How to Make a Simple Outdoor

Art Table

with Marghanita Hughes

A short excerpt from Chapter 6 (Creating Outdoor Spaces)

Simple Outdoor Art Table

We Are All Connected
Through exploration and discovery, our nature-based activities awaken childrens senses, minds and hearts and help them to
express their feelings, ideas, thoughts and urges. Enabling children to better understand their deep-rooted connection
with nature and one another in ways that are fun and encourage them to explore and celebrate their unique sense of creativity.
Creativity belongs to the artist in each of us. To create means to relate.
The root meaning of the word art is to fit together and we all do this
every day. Not all of us are painters but we are all artists. Each time we
fit things together we are creating whether it is to make a loaf of
bread, a child, a day. -Corita Kent
Creating a simple outdoor Art
Table is a beautiful way to ensure
the children in your life have a
space to be creative in nature.

Once you have assembled your Art

Table simply add a selection of
paint brushes and paint and a few
water jars.

Go on a Nature Hunt

Our Mother Earth will provide all

the other items needed to create
nature art (loose parts such as
pebbles,sticks, leaves, cones, etc).

Love and Respect

Always be mindful when hunting

and gathering in nature, take only
what you need and give thanks for
each leaf, stick and feather you are
Children know instinctively how to be with nature

Young children are always present in the moment. Not thinking about yesterday or what might happen tomorrow -
they are fully present - observing, aware of all that is around them.
The creative process is magical,
enchanting and ancient and I
cannot think of a more
inspiring place to nurture a
childs creativity than outdoors
in nature.
We are all unique and each
painting, clay work, stick
person, drawing, or poem is our
unique creation.

STICK PEOPLE (grades 3 and 4)

Workshop: Who am I?

Storytelling with Nature: Watch the

Painting in nature with nature

Being an artist is being an investigator and in nature,

the clues are all around us - texture, shape, form,
colour, pattern.
How to Make a Simple Art Table
What you will need:

Two old recycled tires

Three planks of wood: 8ft X 1ft
(2.4m X 30 cm) You can use longer or
shorter planks and they can be treated
if you prefer)
3 pieces of wood: 3-4ins X 20 -24ins
(8-10cm X 21-25cm)
6 long screws and a screw-driver

How to make your table:

1. Place the three planks of wood, side

by side on the ground.
2. Place one small piece of wood
at either end of the planks crossing over
all 3 planks vertically and secure with
screws. Take your last small piece of
wood and place in the centre of table,
covering all 3 planks vertically and
screw in place.
4. Now flip over and place on top of
tires, one at either end.

Students of all ages will love painting the
art table. This is a magical way to allow
the students ownership of their
art table by expressing themselves
creatively directly onto the table they will
be using in their classes. You can varnish
the painted table if you so wish.
The table height can be adjusted to fit any age group. One tire is low enough for the preschoolers. For the older students we
add an extra tire at each end. You can scatter mats or tiny wooden stump stools around the table for more comfortable
seating, although most students prefer to sit on the grass on dry days.
The students in this class are experimenting with their own Earth Paint and making Animal Masks
A tarpaulin sheet should be made available to tie to the trees for extra protection when creating paper items etc. on wet days.
Whats great about this table is that you can move it
anywhere. During the summer in the enchanted
garden we prefer to have the tables under the shade
and protection of the apricot trees, offering shelter
from the sun,
Having an art table outdoors allows for messy
art. Students LOVE the freedom of creating
art outdoors.

Creativity now is as important in

education as literacy, and we should treat it
with the same status. Sir Ken Robinson

Love hearts feature a lot in our nature art creations

Connecting with Nature Boosts
Creativity and Health

Watch the video:

Why Children Need Nature and Art
Outdoors, the children develop a beautiful relationship with Mother Earth

They get to feel who they are, happy and free

You can assemble this wonderful art table anywhere!
The table can be decorated simply with handmade rocking bird place cards and fresh flowers in jam jars
These outdoor play spaces are for big kids too! I do hope this little leaflet has inspired you to make an art table.
Please do share your outdoor creative spaces with me -

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative week ahead, know you are deeply loved, peace Marghanita x

If you wish to learn more about my NATURE ART PROGRAM please watch this short video:: NATURE ART PROGRAM
This excerpt is from Educating the Heart
with Nature Art Online Program - Chapter 6
(Creating Outdoor Spaces) You can find out
more about the program here:

All text and photographs Copyright

Marghanita Hughes 2016
Here is a simple party table layout:

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