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Air and Aerodynamics Name:

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Read all questions carefully and answer questions as completely as
Out of a total of marks 25 marks

1. List the 5 main components of air (5 Marks)

Pierre flies at the annual airshow at the

International airport. At each show he
makes his plane do some incredible feats.
Spins, dives, stalls, and steep climbs are
just part of the show.

2. Pierre moves the elevators up. In response, the plane? (1 mark)

A) stays level and straight

B) noses up
C) noses down
D) spins

3. Pierre moves the ailerons so that the left one is up and the right one is down. In
response, the plane? (1 mark)

A) rolls to the left

B) rolls to the right
C) turns to the right
D) turns to the left

4. Pierre moves the rudder to the right. In response, the plane? (1 mark)

A) rolls to the left

B) rolls to the right
C) turns to the right
D) turns to the left

5. While Mrs. Peters' class watched planes take off at the airport, Wayne recalled
that in order for a plane to fly: (1 mark)

A) lift must be equal to thrust

B) thrust must be less than drag
C) gravity must equal drag
D) lift must be greater than gravity

6. Which of the following factors are important to the aerodynamic form of a paper
airplane, helping it to reach its target? (1 mark)

i. The two wings must be symmetrical.

ii. The plane must be thrown correctly.
iii. The teacher must be distracted.
iv. The color of the airplane must be white.

A) ii, iii
B) iv, i
C) iii, iv
D) i, ii

7. On the trip, the class start to talk about space shuttles. Maria
asks Fred, Which of the following parts of a spacecraft are least
useful when the spacecraft is in outer space? Fred correctly
replies (1 mark)

A. The wings
B. The engines
C. The hatches
D. The controls
8. The part of the airplane that causes it to descend is labeled (1

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

9. For each of the following explain what happens. (4 marks)

A) If lift becomes greater than weight?

B) If the weight becomes greater than lift?

C) If thrust becomes greater than drag?

D) If drag becomes greater than thrust?

Fill in the blank (9 marks)

A. The flaps on the wings of an airplane are called ___________________.

B. _______________________________ is the biggest component of air.

C. ______________________ is the force exerted by a rocket or jet engine

that moves an object forward.

D. The side-to-side movement of the nose of a plane is called


E. The _______________________________ holds the rudder

F. _______________ is the up-and-down movement of the nose of a


G. The _____________________________ holds the elevators

H. The _____________________ is the body of an aircraft that holds

passengers or cargo.

I. Bernoullis Principle helps to create ____________________.