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English based on new pattern capsule

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English capsule based on new pattern

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Students are confusing about the new pattern of English asked in the recent exams like
ibps, sbi and insurance; and how to prepare English. New students dont know the new
pattern of English which type of questions asked in the exams so our team provides a
capsule on new pattern of English for your upcoming exams.

Happy Reading.

English based on new pattern capsule


Topic page no.

Set-1 select the correct phrase. -6

Set-2 out of context sentence. -13

Set-3 sentences fill with one word -17

Set-4 odd one out.. -21

Set-5 appropriate word or phrase -26

Set-6 cloze test on new pattern -30

English based on new pattern capsule

Set - 1

Directions (1-15): Select the correct phrase from among the choices that completes the given
sentence. Please note that more than one choice may fit in to make a syntactically correct
sentence, but select the choice that is logical in the context of the sentence.

Q1. When something works well for us, we often __________.

(a) keep it to ourselves
(b) try to make it impossible
(c) sound that we are Godly
(d) want to share it with others
(e) try to make it difficult.

Q2. When science goes berserk, society loses its moorings; sanity begins to play truant and
(a) result in neglect of basic human values
(b) moral decline sets in
(c) further plays havoc with nature
(d) the significant elements take shape
(e) positive results begin to show

Q3. Talks and negotiations to resolve the dispute have taken place from time to time, but any
attempt __________.
(a) to forge an agreement was based on a report by the fact finding committee
(b) to reject the agreement was not formulated
(c) at reaching a solution has proved abortive
(d) to acquire dark shades has been inconsequential
(e) to solve the problem requires further investigation

Q4. Action is the glorious principle of life and the only one that saves man from __________.
(a) the use of faculties, physical or mental
(b) stagnation and unhappiness
(c) the sorrow of fellow-beings
(d) the prerequisites of happiness
(e) the use of his intellectual capacity

Q5. Some of the banned substances for which Indian sports persons have been tested positive
are so highly priced that __________.
(a) no ordinary sportsperson would be able to buy them on his own
(b) any ordinary sportsperson would have bought them on his own
(c) many sportspersons were made the guinea pigs
(d) the coaches encouraged their students to take them in the hope of a Dronacharya Award
English based on new pattern capsule

(e) sportsperson and the coaches unhesitatingly use them in search of glory

Q6. If the IT revolution is expected to generate incomes at a very high rate, __________.
(a) the progress should be steady, though slow
(b) the willingness to do so will influence it
(c) the demand should increase considerably
(d) expensive and arduous IT education packages must be introduced
(e) the initial investment requirements would be substantial

Q7. __________ is one way of ensuring that the public knows you are there.
(a) Advocating for the blissfulness of ignorance
(b) Stirring up controversies and making news
(c) Flooding the people with too much of inaccurate information
(d) Taking maximum benefit from a deal
(e) giving up you wealth

Q8. Through poetry, __________ can be drawn towards the imperishable beauties of the
universe, with no cost and consternation.
(a) the attention of the lethargic and the inert
(b) the entire gamut of human passions and pathos
(c) all types of real or imaginative literature
(d) the latent talent of writing
(e) that section of society which thinks in a negative way

Q9. When trying times come, __________ from those who have struggled and subdued the
defiant destiny.
(a) one should learn a lesson
(b) one should take an example
(c) one should get the inspiration
(d) one should persevere and plod
(e) one should be grateful

Q10. The greater our knowledge increases, the more __________.

(a) affluence we acquire
(b) our wisdom grows
(c) opportunities we seek
(d) we became aware of our ignorance
(e) crafty we become.

Q11. The death of the eminent leader __________ to all the citizens of the country.
(a) stands out in the memories
(b) caused enormous sadness and grief
ho put the ou t s i te ests fi st
(d) made the people admire his popularity
English based on new pattern capsule

(e) made the people recall his sacrifice

Q12. The tendency to avoid problems and the emotional suffering inherent in them is the
(a) outstanding agony in life
(b) major reason for calamity
(c) only solution left with humanity
(d) primary basis of failures in life
(e) best way of leading a life

Q13. __________ comes from our inability to own up the mess created by ourselves.
(a) Double talk
(b) Exasperation
(c) Bafflement
(d) Vacillation
(e) Failure

Q14. The benefits of the technology will be limited by the fact that any technology used in a
business will give returns __________.
(a) only when applied to an inefficient organisation
(b) only when applied to an efficient organisation
(c) when connected to humanity
(d) only when it is laborious and intricate
(e) when pursued selflessly

Q15. One of the serious consequences of unethical politics is the __________ in our leaders and
the system.
(a) convergence of the people
(b) dominating power of the people
(c) flagging faith of the people
(d) maintenance of the stability
(e) elevation of expectations


S1. Ans.(d)
Sol. a t to sha e it ith othe s . Option D S3. Ans.(c)
is the most appropriate and Logical Sol. at reaching a solution has proved
answer. abortive.

S2. Ans.(b) S4. Ans.(b)

Sol. o al de li e sets i . the last pa t is Sol. stagnation and unhappiness. Actions
the effe t of the ause e plai ed i the can save ourselves from being outdated and
first part of the sentence. they can avoid our sadness.
English based on new pattern capsule

Sol. we became aware of our ignorance.

S5. Ans.(a) Knowledge makes us aware of our
Sol. no ordinary sportsperson would be able ignorance.
to buy them on his own. This option aptly
completes the idea. S11. Ans.(b)
Sol. caused enormous sadness and grief.
S6. Ans.(e) Death of a person leaves others sad and
Sol. the initial investment requirements shattered.
would be substantial
S12. Ans.(e)
Sol. best way of leading a life. To lead a
S7. Ans.(b) good life, one should learn how to avoid
Sol. Stirring up controversies and making problems and emotional sufferings.
news. To be in the news and public
imagination , being controversial is one S13. Ans.(a)
way. Sol. Double talk- those who are not careful
and responsible for their actions and
S8. Ans.(a) thoughts a e the o es ho do dou le
Sol. the attention of the lethargic and the talk .
inert. Poetry can energize anyone, this is
the idea that is expressed. S14. Ans.(b)
Sol. only when applied to an efficient
S9. Ans.(c)
Sol. one should get the inspiration. It is S15. Ans.(c)
about the getting inspiration from the life of Sol. flagging faith of the people. Unethical
all those who have faced bad times. politics make people lose faith in the
S10. Ans.(d)

Set - 2

Directions (1-15): Mark the out-of-context sentence for your answer.

Q1. A. Where government resolve and action can really make a difference is in the area of
B. The go e e t s id-year review of the economy pares growth estimates for this fiscal
down to less than 6%, from the upbeat 7.6% projected six months earlier.
C. So far, the government has focused on inclusion, which is not a bad thing.
D. The prediction may have dismayed markets, but this new show of realism should shake the
government out of its cocoon of complacence.

English based on new pattern capsule

(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q2. A. Young adult literature assures teens that the world is capable of understanding and
sympathizing, and that it can provide a safe space to explore the unknown, including the
unknown parts of oneself.
B. But stories have always held the power to guide and influence their listeners and, moreover,
teens often lack the tools or the cultural context to view works in a critical light.
C. As evidenced by studies as well as our own memories, teen girls are particularly vulnerable to
self-doubt and self-esteem problems.
D. In this context, young adult novels can play a special role, with stories crafted specifically to
alidate thei e otio s a d speak to ou g o e s o e s.
(a) only A
(b) only B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q3. A. In 1991 labourers were brought in from the villages of Tamil Nadu to work on the runway
and once construction was completed, instead of returning to their villages they decided to
sti k a ou d i the it of d ea s a d thus the slu A a adi a e to e.
B. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Katherine Boo spent three years in a Mumbai slum called
A a adi situated o the f i ges of the it s i te atio al ai po t.
C. Wh a o e ould a t to li e i a sodde , s ake-filled bit of brushland across the street
f o the i te atio al te i al is a affli g uestio to a , ut e ause u al po e t is
bleaker than urban destitution, many rural migrants choose the latter.
D. Through the lives of several protagonists, the reader is able to get a glimpse into what life
may be like in a Mumbai slum.
(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q4. A. According to a 2010 study, fields of insect- esista t GM o ha e a a ea-wide

supp essio effe t o i se ts, e efiti g neighbouring fields containing conventional corn
B. For example, modern techniques of genetic engineering-also known as biotechnology,
recombinant DNA technology, or genetic modification (GM) provide the tools to make old
plants do spectacular new things.
English based on new pattern capsule

C. It is a specialty of self-styled public-interest groups, whose agenda is often not to protect

public health or the environment, but rather to oppose the research, products, or technology
that they happen to dislike.
D. People everywhere are increasingly vulnerable to the use of what Nobel Prize-winning
he ist I i g La g ui du ed pathologi al s ie e the s ie e of thi gs that a e t so
to justify government regulation or other policies.
(a) only A
(b) only B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q5. A. In general, it is fair to say that these activities are performed more efficiently as a result.
B. Ma a ti ities that e e p e iousl pe fo ed fo f ee su h as ho e ai te a e, a d
care for the sick and elderly, are now frequently outsourced and counted as economic output.
C. People whose skills are worth, say, $50 per hour spend more of their time earning $50,
athe tha pe fo i g ho es o th $ o $ pe hou .
D. But many individuals, most of the time, go online without any interest in buying something.
(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q6. A. Developed countries, however, devote most of their research funds to the diseases from
which their citizens suffer, and that seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future.
B. On which problems should we focus research in medicine and the biological sciences?
C. People in rich countries already can expect to live about 30 years longer that people in the
poorest countries.
D. There is a strong argument for tackling the diseases that kill the most people diseases like
malaria, measles, and diarrhea, which kill malaria in developing countries, but very few in the
developed world.
(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q7. A. Drugs with serious adverse safety profiles are used to treat potentially fatal conditions
including various forms of cancer, inflammatory arthritis, and HIV because they ultimately
help more than they hurt.
B. Moreover, drug safety is a leading factor in determining how medicines are regulated.
C. Rathe tha assess a edi i e s safet i isolatio , its ad e se effe ts ust e o side ed i
relation to its efficacy.
English based on new pattern capsule

D. In other words, a benefit-risk balance must be struck.

(a) only A
(b) only B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q8. A. And one of the things that struck me as I learned more and more about HIV was how
strange epidemics were.
B. The o d Tippi g Poi t, fo e a ple, o es f o the o ld of epide iolog .
C. If you talk to the people who study epidemics epidemiologists you realize that they have
a strikingly different way of looking at the world.
D. Before I went to work for The New Yorker, I was a reporter for the Washington Post and I
covered the AIDS epidemic.
(a) only A
(b) only B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q . A. I guess hat I sa i g is that I ot su e that this ook fits i to a o e atego .

B. I profile three people who I think embody those types, and then I use the example of Paul
Revere and his midnight ride to point out the subtle characteristics of this kind of social
C. I think that word of mouth is something created by three very rare and special psychological
types, whom I call Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen.
D. The e s a hole section of the book devoted to explaining the phenomenon of word of
mouth, for example.
(a) only A
(b) only B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q10. A. Much of the African surface is covered by savannas, or open grasslands, and by arid
plains and deserts.
B. Africa is a continent of great size, almost 12 million square miles or about three times the
size of the United States.
C. We have already noted the origins of humankind in East Africa where some of the earliest
fossil remains of protohominids have been found.
D. Most of it lies in the tropics and, although we often think of Africa in terms of its rain forests,
less than 10% of the continent is covered by tropical forests, and those are mostly in West
English based on new pattern capsule

(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q11. A. In these centuries, there were important advances in the aesthetics of nature, including
the emergence of the concepts of disinterestedness and the picturesque, as well as the
introduction of the idea of positive aesthetics.
B. Although environmental aesthetics has developed as a sub-field of philosophical aesthetics
only in the last 40 years, it has historical roots in eighteenth and nineteenth-century aesthetics.
C. Thus, by the end of the eighteenth century, there were three clearly distinct ideas each
fo usi g o diffe e t aspe ts of atu e s di e se a d ofte o t asti g oods.
D. These notions continue to play a role in contemporary work in environmental aesthetics,
especially in the context of its relationship to environmentalism.
(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q12. A. But the loss is not only theirs.

B. Unless disadvantaged racial groups are integrated into mainstream social institutions, they
will continue to suffer from segregation and discrimination.
C. Current affirmative action debates have lost sight of the ideal of integration as a compelling
moral and political goal.
D. It is high time that institutions of higher education forthrightly defend this ideal in its own
(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q . A. Not lo g ago the o ld s ai o as that people had too little to eat.

B. In an age of plenty, individuals have the luxury of eating what they like.
C. Persuading children to eat vegetables is hardly a new struggle, nor would it seem to rank
high on the list of global priorities.
D. Yet America, for all its libertarian ethos, is now worrying about how its citizens eat and how
much exercise they take.
(a) only A
(b) only B
(c) only C
10 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q14. A. Moreover, for most nations, government debt is projected to grow relative to income
for years to come.
B. The popularity of austerity policies has waned over the past several years thanks to evidence
that it may have been counterproductive.
C. It is important to remember that there is an absence of evidence that government with their
own currencies are too indebted.
D. But many are still worried by the fact that, relative to national income, government debt is
now larger in many countries than at any point since WWII.
(a) only A
(b) A and B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Q15. A. A thorough understanding of what civilization and culture are requires knowledge of all
the qualities that make up human nature and a full understanding of world history.
B. To be truly world history, an account of the past must not only retell what happened but
must also relate events and people to each other.
C. It must inquire into causes and effects.
D. It must try to discern false hood in the old records, such as attempts of kings to make
themselves look better than they really were.
(a) only A
(b) only B
(c) only C
(d) only D
(e) None of the above

Solutions S2. Ans.(b)

Sol. The paragraph highlights the
S1. Ans.(c) importance of young adult literature for
Sol. Notice the theme followed in B, D, and teens. CDA in that order follow this theme.
A, in that order if you prefer. They all follow However, statement B goes off on a tangent
the idea paring of growth estimates, the a d states that tee s la k iti al light. It
dismay of the markets to this, and what does not go along well with the other
government can do. D suggests that sentences.
government should boost investment to
accelerate growth. Sentence C talks about S3. Ans.(d)
i lusio hi h is ot ad. It is u elated Sol. li es of se e al p otago ists, the
to the theme followed in the other three eade et ., i D are not related to the
sentences. story narrated here that Katherine Boo
spent three years in a slum that came into
11 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

being when Sol. D, C and B in that order is the writer

construction labourers continued to stay on commenting about a whole section of his
rather than return to their villages. book. That it does not fit into any category
sentence A has hardly any relation to
S4. Ans.(a) the other three sentences. In D the
Sol. D, C and B in that order are about the beginning of the paragraph is rather abrupt
same theme which is, the unnecessary but there is no other sentence that can
regulation of GM crops by governments and begin this paragraph.
criticism by self-styled public-interest
groups to research like modern techniques S10. Ans.(c)
of genetic engineering. From this point of Sol. The other three sentences follow the
view sentence A is not related to the theme of the geography of Africa the
theme. origin of humankind cannot be linked to this
theme. If you try to arrange the other
S5. Ans.(d) sentences in a sequence it could be BDA.
Sol. B, A and C makes sense in that order.
However, sentence D talks abruptly about S11. Ans.(c)
going online without any interest in buying. Sol. B, A and D in that order talks about the
It is disconnected from the other three development of environmental aesthetics
sentences. its roots in the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries the emergence of the concepts
S6. Ans.(c) of disinterestedness and the picturesque in
Sol. O hi h p o le s should e fo us these centuries and how these concepts still
There is a strong argument for tackling the i flue e C does ot fit i to this the e i
diseases that kill the ost people any way the e is o pla e fo thus.
Developed countries, however, devote
ost of thei esea h fu ds else he e. S12. Ans.(d)
Hence C does not fit into this scheme of Sol. C, B and A is about the theme of
things. integration with reference to affirmative
a tio . the ill o ti ue to suffe
S7. Ans.(b) logi all follo s i to ut the loss is ot
Sol. A, C and D in that order make perfect o l thei s. There is no need to bring in
sense on the theme that is concluded in institutions of higher education into all this.
sentence D. From this point of view, though this ideal is also a iguous. E e if e
B makes sense, it talks about regulation. fo e this ideal to e i teg atio the e
seems to no place for respect to the other
S8. Ans.(b) sentences.
Sol. D, A and C, in that order talks about the
ite s e pe ie e a d lea i g. Whe B S13. Ans.(a)
states fo e a ple it has o o e tio Sol. Read the sentence in the order of
with the others. Example for what? C, B and A. The theme is the eating habits of
Americans hild e do t eat egeta le
S9. Ans.(a) individuals eat what they like their eating
habit has become a national concern.
12 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

Sentence A does not fit well in this scheme grow. C is a misfit and does not relate to
of things. any of the sentences.

S14. Ans.(c) S15. Ans.(a)

Sol. B, D and A in that order talk about how Sol. What is t ul o ld histo is
in spite of the waning of the popularity of explained in B, C and D in that order itself. It
austerity measures government is now becomes impossible to relate A to this
larger than ever and how it is projected to theme.

Set - 3
Directions (1-15): Four sentences are given with a blank in each. Five words are also given.
The blank in each sentence can be filled by one or more of the four words given. Similarly,
each word given in the choices can go into any number of sentences. Identify the number of
sentences each word can go into and mark as your answer the maximum number of
sentences any word can go into.

Q1. A. India and Russia __________ an excellent bilateral relationship.

B. Due to a crash in the overseas market, __________ market in India was also badly affected.
C. According to the law, women are also entitled to a __________ in the ancestral property.
D. Every job has its own __________ of problems.
(a) stock
(b) portion
(c) posses
(d) share
(e) claim

Q2. A. The Government has introduced several __________ recovery schemes to make sick
industrial units pay.
B. The Indian cricket team has organized an __________ match for earthquake victims.
C. Being located in a backward area the college receives a/an __________ from the Education
D. The Research Scholars received a/an __________ from the University to develop their
(a) benefit
(b) aid
(c) grant
(d) loan
(e) help

Q3. A. The little girl has a __________ face.

B. It is __________ obvious that he was lying.
13 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

C. He was sitting __________ on his illegal earnings, while his colleagues were struggling to
make both ends meet.
D. He did not have a __________ idea about the matter.
(a) lovely
(b) clear
(c) fair
(d) faint
(e) pretty

Q4. A. He does not __________ any ill feelings against anyone.

B. A __________ was appointed to take care of his ailing mother.
C. The foster mother tried to __________ the infant with great care.
D. A lot of patience is required to __________ an aged person.
(a) nature
(b) maid
(c) bear
(d) nurse
(e) feed

Q5. A. The policeman on __________ nabbed the thieves.

B. I cannot argue with you any more, I am dead __________.
C. The mother had to __________ the stubborn child.
D. He is so invincible that none can __________ him.
(a) convinced
(b) beat
(c) duty
(d) knock
(e) console

Q6. A. In the scuffle, the innocent man received a hard __________.

B. It is immodest for a man to __________ his own trumped.
C. His sudden death came as a hard __________ to his family.
D. The garden was in full __________ during spring
(a) bloom
(b) shock
(c) blow
(d) jolt
(e) time

Q7. A. The weather being unconducive, we had to __________ the journey.

B. He decided to __________ from his partner and set up his own establishment.
C. Being an early riser, he wakes up at the __________ of dawn.
D. There is a __________ on the bottle.
(a) break
14 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(b) crack
(c) half
(d) separate
(e) stop

Q8. A. The innocent lady could not see through his evil __________.
B. The intricate __________ on this fabric, makes it more attractive.
C. He employed a famous architect to __________ his house.
D. The ps hologist o se ed a ha ge i the hild s behaviour __________.
(a) intention
(b) pattern
(c) design
(d) model
(e) build

Q9. A. If the company has made a project, it is entirely __________ to the sincere efforts of the
recovery team.
B. The train is __________ to arrive early in the morning.
C. Based on his appraisal, he is __________ for a promotion shortly.
D. The advance, which was __________ to me, was paid well on time.
(a) expected
(b) due
(c) credited
(d) scheduled
(e) offered

Q10. A. The __________ of interest on Public Provident Fund has been lowered in the recent
B. We can __________ him as a good orator.
C. The __________ of every commodity at the Super Market, is fixed.
D. He had to pay a heavy __________ for his mistake.
(a) price
(b) rate
(c) rank
(d) sum
(e) fine

Q11. A. The rich miser had never any money to __________ for the poor.
B. I like to play badminton during my __________ time.
C. The government has decided to __________ the physically handicapped people from paying
D. You should __________ no effort, in order to achieve your target.
(a) free
(b) offer
15 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(c) exempt
(d) spare
(e) leave

Q12. A. He built a palatial house with his __________ gotten wealth.

B. Many children were taken __________ after consuming adulterated sweets.
C. The __________ feeling, which developed over the years, between the couple, culminated in
a divorce.
D. The superstitious villagers considered the poor widow as a/an __________ omen.
(a) bad
(b) sick
(c) ill
(d) evil
(e) negative

Q13. A. Hunting of __________ animals is prohibited by the forest department.

B. The participating teams were asked to abide by the rules of the __________.
C. The trickster felt snubbed when he was beaten at his own __________.
D. All the actors who enacted the __________ were felicitated by the chief guest.
(a) game
(b) play
(c) wild
(d) performance
(e) trick

Q14. A. The mango tree did not __________ any fruit this year.
B. The students were asked to __________ in mind the instructions given by the examiner.
C. The two sisters, do not __________ any resemblance to each other.
D. Unable to __________ the stress and strain involved in his profession, he decided to take a
long holiday.
(a) endure
(b) keep
(c) yield
(d) bear
(e) withstand

Q15. A. West Indies is one of the few cricketing nations which was able to __________ genuine
fast bowlers.
B. The farmer made a lot of profit by selling his __________ at the market.
C. Apart from all his other talents, he could also __________ a few documentaries pertaining to
Indian Culture.
D. The traffic Police asked him to __________ his driving license.
(a) yield
(b) produce
16 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(c) make
(d) procure
(e) show

Solutions S8. Ans.(c)

Sol. desig fits i the all the se te es
S1. Ans.(d) correctly and explain the idea completely.
Sol. sha e fits i the all the se te es
correctly and explain the idea completely. S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. due fits in the all the sentences
S2. Ans.(b) correctly and explain the idea completely.
Sol. Aid - fits in the all the sentences
correctly and explain the idea S10. Ans.(b)
completely., aid-help or support (someone Sol. ate fits i the all the se te es
or something) in the achievement of correctly and explain the idea completely.
S11. Ans.(d)
S3. Ans.(e) Sol. spa e fits i the all the se te es
Sol. p ett fits i the all the se te es correctly and explain the idea completely.
correctly and explain the idea completely.
S12. Ans.(c)
S4. Ans.(d) Sol. ill fits i the all the se te es
Sol. nurse- a person trained to care for the correctly and explain the idea completely.
sick or infirm, especially in a hospital.,
S13. Ans.(a)
S5. Ans.(b) Sol. ga e fits i the all the se te es
Sol. eat fits i the all the se te es correctly and explain the idea completely.
correctly and explain the idea completely.
S14. Ans.(d)
S6. Ans.(c) Sol. ea fits i the all the se te es
Sol. blow -fits in the all the sentences correctly and explain the idea completely.
correctly and explain the idea completely.
S15. Ans.(b)
S7. Ans.(a)
Sol. eak fits i the all the se te es Sol. p odu e fits i the all the se te es
correctly and explain the idea completely. correctly and explain the idea completely.

Set - 4
Directions (1-15): In each of the following questions, five statements are given. Four of them
are related i so e way. Ide tify the odd o e a d ark its u ber as your a swer.

17 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(a) Soft drink concentrates are always preferred by children.
(b) Apart from quenching thirst, coconut water is also good for health.
(c) Some people say that Limca is an ideal thirst quencher.
(d) Coke and Pepsi are carbonated drinks.
(e) Thums-up is banned in some parts of India.

(a) Dushera is celebrated with a lot of fervor particularly in Bengal.
(b) People, irrespective of their age rejoice on Diwali.
Vale ti e s Da is ele ated outh.
(d) Sankranthi is considered to be a harvest festival.
(e) Holi is a festival of colours.

(a) Mars is a planet on which scientists say life is possible.
(b) Earth derives its natural light from the sun.
(c) Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system.
(d) The planet nearest to earth is Venus.
(e) A rainbow is one of the beautiful sights.

(a) Astronomy is one of the ancient sciences known to man.
(b) Paleontology is the study of life in the geological past.
(c) Archeology and History are allied subjects.
(d) Moon is a satellite of the earth.
(e) Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour.

(a) Shakespeare was a famous exponent of the sonnet.
(b) Paradise lost is one of the most famous epics in English literature.
(c) An ode is written in an elevated style.
(d) Practical criticism is sometimes distinguished into impressionistic criticism.
(e) William Wordsworth is a nature poet.

(a) Goddess Saraswati loves playing on the Veena.
(b) Lord Krishna enchanted Gopikas with his Flute.
(c) Bill Gates loves to be with Computer.
(d) Sage Narada always carries Tanpura.
(e) Ravana is known to be an expert player of Rudhraveena.

18 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

a Ga dhiji s auto iog aph is M e pe i e ts ith T uth .

Ja aha lal Neh u s pat iotis is see i Dis o e of I dia .
Lala Lajpat Rai s u happi ess o e o ditio s i p e-independent India is seen in his book
U happ I dia .
d Hitle s Mei -Ka ph as looked upo as a bible by the Nazis.
(e) Shakespeare is the most famous playwright of English literature.

(a) Ujjain, a holy place has the Mahakaleshwar Temple.
(b) The Kanha National Park is the biggest one in the state.
(c) The Buddhist stupa of Sanchi reveals the spread of Buddhism.
(d) Cave temples and Kailashnath temple at Ellora are famous for their caves and paintings.
(e) To many, Tirupathi, is not only a holy place but also a tourist place of attraction.

(a) I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and tears, said Winston Churchill.
(b) I know nothing but the fact of my ignorance, said Socrates.
(c) A single step for man, a giant leap for mankind opined Neil Armstrong.
(d) Just as I would not like to be a slave, so I would not like to be a master said Abraham Lincoln.
(e) Martin Luther King Jr. said that Americans will overcome oppression and will establish the
rule of justice.

(a) Vande Mataram was the source of inspiration to the people in their struggle for freedom.
(b) The Sarnath Lion of Asoka is preserved in the Sarnath Museum.
Ra i d a ath Tago e s Ja a gana a a as adopted the Co stitue t Asse l as the
National Anthem of India.
(d) The Indian calendar is based on Saka era with Chaitra as the first month and a normal year
of 365 days.
(e) Like the tower of Pisa even Kutub-Minar is leaning say experts.

(a) Paddy and coconut are the food and cash crops of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
(b) Dadra and Nagar Haveli has no major or medium irrigation power projects.
(c) In UP sugar cane is a major cash crop.
(d) Coconut is the only major crop of Lakshadweep.
(e) Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are the principal languages of Delhi.

(a) Washington D.C is the capital of United States of America.
Zi a e s ai centre of business is in Harare.
(c) Lusaka is the capital of Zambia.
(d) Zaire has Kinshasa as its capital.
(e) Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is a main business centre.
19 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(a) My daughter wants to travel by flight.
(b) My son wants to drive a car.
(c) My niece enjoys riding her tricycle.
(d) I went to Vijayawada by train.
(e) I hate to travel by a bus.

(a) My aunt prefers to have a plate of fried rice.
(b) My father brought a bag of Basmati rice.
(c) My cook prepared pepper rice for breakfast.
(d) Small children are generally given rice and curds.
(e) We ate sticky rice in the Thailand restaurant and relished it.

(a) Some people enjoy watching cricket.
(b) Others take pride in playing chess.
(c) I love to play football.
(d) My friend struggled hard to get selected in the hockey team.
(e) Children love to play outdoor games.

S1. Ans.(b) S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. Coconut water is a natural drink while Sol. A computer is a machine while
the others are artificial soft drinks. Veena, Flute and Tanpura are musical
S2. Ans.(c)
Sol. Valentine day is not native to India S7. Ans.(e)
while the others are native Indian festivals. Sol. While the first four are about authors
and their books, (E) is only about
S3. Ans.(e) an author not his book.
Sol. A rainbow is an occurrence in nature.
Earth, Jupiter and Venus and moon are S8. Ans.(b)
planets. Sol. The Kanha National Park is natural
while the others are man made.
S4. Ans.(d)
Sol. Moon is a satellite while the others are S9. Ans.(c)
different branches of study. Sol. Neil Armstrong is contemporary while
the others belong to the past.
S5. Ans.(d)
Sol. (D) is about criticism while the other S10. Ans.(b)
four are about creative writings in Sol. The Sarnath Lion of Asoka is a
literature. material thing unlike the others.
20 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

Sol. All other choices are preferences.

S11. Ans.(e)
Sol. While the others are related to S14. Ans.(b)
agriculture, (E) alone is about languages. Sol. While all are about rice (B) alone is
about raw rice, the others are about cooked
S12. Ans.(a) rice.
Sol. Option A is about America while the
others are places in Africa. S15. Ans.(a)
Sol. Choice (A) is about watching a game
S13. Ans.(d) while the others are about playing games.

Set - 5

Directions (1-15): In the following Questions, there are four sentences. Each sentence has
pairs of words/phrases that are italicized and highlighted. From the italicized and highlighted
word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences.
Then choose the best option.

Q1. (i) Several pages of the book have come loose [A]/lose [B].
(ii) I am totally uninterested [A]/disinterested [B] in grammar. It s o i g.
(iii) Almost every decade someone or the other comes out with the prophecy [A]/prophesy
[B] that the world is going to end.
(iv) I loath [A]/loathe [B] to admit that I was totally jealous.
(a) AAAB
(b) ABAB
(c) BABA
(d) BBAB
(e) BBBB

Q2. (i) The film was boring except for the special effects [A]/affects [B].
(ii) She must realize that she is eighteen and past [A]/passed [B] playing with dolls.
(iii) She is not anymore financially dependent [A]/dependant [B] on her husband.
(iv) She raised an intent for more stationary [A]/stationery [B] for the office.
(a) BBAB
(b) ABAB
(c) AABB
(d) AAAB
(e) BBBB

Q3. (i) The storm wreaked [A]/wrecked [B] havoc along the coast.
21 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(ii) Though humorous his repartees are often mordent [A]/mordant [B].
(iii) Accessory [A]/Excess [B] minerals are disregarded by petrologists while classifying rocks.
(iv) I hope we have good whether [A]/weather [B] during our trip
(a) ABAB
(b) ABBA
(c) BABA
(d) BAAB
(e) BBBB

Q4. (i) She did not look overly [A]/overtly [B] at the customer till she had established herself
comfortably on the chair.
(ii) By persisting in his efforts against failure he has shown his ability [A]/capacity [B] to
(iii) The closure of the company effected [A]/affected [B] the workers adversely.
(iv) I am not sure if [A]/whether [B] I should take the CAT this year or the next.
(a) ABAB
(b) ABBA
(c) BABB
(d) BAAB
(e) BBBB

Q5. (i) It is important to cite [A]/site [B] as many examples as possible in your answer.
(ii) Each batch in our classes is comprised [A]/composed [B] of 25 students and not more.
(iii) Persistent questioning by the lawyer failed to elicit [A]/illicit [B] a clear answer from the
(iv) The professor could imply [A]/infer [B] that the students had not understood his
(a) ABAB
(b) ABAA
(c) BAAB
(d) BABA
(e) BBBB

Q6. (i) Though the story was centered on some historic [A]/historical [B] figures, it was mainly
(ii) The accused made a passionate effort before the judge to ensure [A]/assert [B] his
(iii) The authorities complemented [A]/complimented [B] her for completing the project well in
(iv) The invasion was preceded [A]/proceeded [B] by a massive mobilization of forces along the
(a) ABBB
(b) BBBA
(c) BABB
22 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(d) BBAA
(e) AAAA

Q7. (i) I do t thi k I a p o eed ith the atte ithout ou e pe t advise [A]/advice [B].
(ii) The venue for the event was decided after taking into account the climatic [A]/climactic
[B] conditions.
(iii) Did he ever prophesy [A]/prophecy [B] anything but bad news for me?
(iv) The poor countries are finding it difficult to reconcile concerns about the environment
with economic [A]/economical [B] growth.
(a) ABBA
(b) BBAA
(c) BABA
(d) BAAA
(e) AAAA

Q8. (i) He had unsuccessfully explored every road [A]/avenue [B] that he hoped might lead to
him to success.
(ii) The manufacturing units along the river were required to check the effluent [A]/affluent
[B] material for harmful chemicals.
(iii) The unhygienic conditions in the guest houses were a cause of discomfit [A]/discomfort
[B] for the organizers of the event.
(iv) People generally distrust [A]/mistrust [B] politi ia s as politi ia s ai o e is ote
(a) ABAB
(b) ABBA
(c) BAAA
(d) BAAB
(e) BBBB

Q9. (i) The farmers pay continuous [A]/ constant [B] attention to the weather.
ii This ea s ai s that pe sisted continuously [A]/continually [B] in winter are attributed to
climate change.
(iii) He has a habit of talking on his own to his imaginative [A]/ imaginary [B] friend.
(iv) The General declared that the victory came with the minimum [A]/ minimal [B] loss of
(a) ABAB
(b) ABBB
(c) BBBB
(d) BBBA
(e) AAAA

Q10. (i) He hired several aids [A]/aides [B] to help him in his work.
(ii) Her masterful [A]/masterly [B] personality soon dominated the movement.

23 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(iii) The chartered accountant went through the maize [A]/maze [B] of papers to calculate her
tax liability.
(iv) During the high tide [A]/tied [B] the fishermen tied their boats to the pier.
(a) ABAB
(b) ABBA
(c) BABA
(d) BAAB
(e) AAAA

Q11. (i) Having to work unsociable [A]/antisocial [B] hours in the call center has had an
effect on his health.
(ii) Most cosmetics claim to be hypoallergenic [A]/nonallergenic [B].
(iii) The finger that was caught in the door became turbid [A]/turgid [B] and discoloured.
(iv) The qualification, e.g., [A]/i.e., [B] Master of Business Administration, is essential for the
(a) AABB
(b) ABAB
(c) BABA
(d) BAAB
(e) BBBB

Q12. (i) Dumping waste into rivers and streams is flagrant [A]/blatant [B] abuse of
environmental norms.
(ii) I will introduce you to her, but you are on your own from their [A]/there [B] on.
(iii) When her turn came, she lay [A]/laid [B] her papers on the table.
(iv) When his controversial paintings were banned, the artist emigrated [A]/immigrated [B] as
a result.
(a) ABBA
(b) BBBA
(c) ABAB
(d) BBAB
(e) AAAA

Q . i A a to s pe fo a e depe ds o his a ilit to e o ize the li es a d cues [A]/

queues [B].
(ii) The project failed because of the shortcomings innate [A]/inherent [B] in our approach.
(iii) No wonder he is a doctor, his entire linear [A]/lineage [B] has been associated with medical
(iv) Evolutionary science established between human beings and simians, especially monkeys
[A]/apes [B].
(a) AABB
(b) ABAB
(c) BABA
(d) ABBB
24 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(e) AAAA

Q14. (i) The school affected [A]/effected [B] a new policy on extracurricular activities.
(ii) The rationale [A]/rational [B] behind current curricula is that students need to learn
language and thinking skills, not specific information.
(iii) All the bickering and noise we witness in the legislature over petty politics is pure bathos
[A]/pathos [B].
(iv) He has been recumbent [A]/incumbent [B] on the job; he must be fired.
(a) BAAA
(b) BBAA
(c) ABAB
(d) AAAB
(e) BBBB

Q15. (i) First, it is too expensi e; se o d, it does t fit ell a d thirdly [A]/third, [B] I do t like
(ii) The festival offers a truly eclectic [A]/esoteric [B] program of events, including the
opportunity to dance your socks off every evening.
(iii) In a monotonous [A]/monotonic [B] arrangement each set is contained completely within
the other.
(iv) After the accident the victim went into comma [A]/coma [B] for several days.
(a) AABB
(b) BBAB
(c) BABB
(d) BBBB
(e) AAAA


S1. Ans.(a) Sol. overtly-without concealment or
Sol. loathe-feel intense dislike or disgust for. secrecy; openly.

S2. Ans.(d) S5. Ans.(a)

Sol. stationery -writing and other office Sol. elicit -evoke or draw out (a reaction,
materials. answer, or fact) from someone.
stationary-not moving or not intended to be illicit-forbidden by law, rules, or custom.
S6. Ans.(b)
Sol. compliment-politely congratulate or
S3. Ans.(a) praise (someone) for something.
Sol. wreaked-cause (a large amount of precede- come before (something) in time.
damage or harm).
mordant-(especially of humour) having or S7. Ans.(d)
showing a sharp or critical quality; biting. Sol. prophesy-Verb ,say that (a specified
thing) will happen in the future.
25 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

prophecy-noun , a prediction of what will S12. Ans.(a)

happen in the future. Sol. flagrant-(of an action considered wrong
or immoral) conspicuously or obviously
S8. Ans.(c) offensive.
Sol. effluent-liquid waste or sewage emigrate-leave one's own country in order
discharged into a river or the sea. to settle permanently in another.
avenue-a way of approaching a problem or
making progress towards something. S13. Ans.(d)
Sol. cue- a thing said or done that serves as
S9. Ans.(c) a signal to an actor or other performer to
Sol. minimal-of a minimum amount, enter or to begin their speech or
quantity, or degree; negligible. performance.
continually-repeated frequently in the same lineage- direct descent from an ancestor;
way; regularly. ancestry or pedigree.

S10. Ans.(c) S14. Ans.(a)

Sol. aide-an assistant to an important Sol. rationale -a set of reasons or a logical
person, especially a political leader. basis for a course of action or belief.
maze-a network of paths and hedges bathos -(especially in a literary work) an
designed as a puzzle through which one has effect of anticlimax created by an
to find a way. unintentional lapse in mood from the
sublime to the trivial or ridiculous.
S11. Ans.(a)
Sol. turgid -swollen and distended or S15. Ans.(c)
congested. Sol. eclectic-deriving ideas, style, or taste
hypoallergenic-(especially of cosmetics and from a broad and diverse range of sources.
textiles) relatively unlikely to cause an monotonic-(of a function or quantity)
allergic reaction. varying in such a way that it either never
decreases or never increases.

Set - 6
Directions (1-15): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of
which is indicated by a number and a word is given for each blank. If the given word is correct
then choose appropriate option (E) as correct answer, otherwise find the suitable word from
the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make
the paragraph meaningfully complete.

WHAT is the su of (physical) science? Compared with the

(commercial) u i e se a d ith (conceivable) time, not to speak of infinity
and eternity, it is the observatio of a e e (pointless), the experience of an
(instant). A e e (quarantine) in founding anything upon such data, except
26 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

that which we are obliged to found upon them the daily rules and processes
(unnecessary) for the natural life of man? We call the discoveries of science
;(sublime) and truly. But the sublimity belongs not to that which they
(conceal) but to that which they suggest. And that which they suggest is, that through
this material glory and beauty, of which we see a little and imagine more, there speaks to us a
being whose nature is akin to ours, and who has made our hearts capable of such converse.
Ast o o has its p a ti al uses, ithout hi h a s (intend) would scarcely rouse
itself of those speculatio s; ut its g eatest esult is a (revelation) of immensity
pervaded by one informing mind; and this revelation is made by astronomy only in the same
se se i hi h the (stethoscope) reveals the stars to the eye of the astronomer.
Science finds no law for the thoughts which, with her aid, are ministered to man by the starry
skies. S ie e a (disapprove) the hues of sunset, but she cannot tell from what urns
of pai a d (pleasure) its pensiveness is poured. These things are felt by all men, felt
the more in proportion as the mind is higher. They are a part of human nature; and why should
the ot e as sou d a asis fo (philology) as any other part? But if they are, the solid
wall of material law melts away, and through the whole order of the material world pours the
influence, the personal influence, of a spirit corresponding to our own.

(a) spiritual Q4.
(b) materialistic (a) point
(c) corporal (b) conjecture
(d) disbursal (c) context
(e) The given word is correct. (d) coincidence
(e) The given word is correct.
(a) transient Q5.
(b) sumptuous (a) intact
(c) incomplete (b) constant
(d) comprehensible (c) contest
(e) The given word is correct. (d) command
(e) The given word is correct.
(a) innuendo Q6.
(b) insurmountable (a) challan
(c) achievable (b) warranted
(d) approachable (c) guaranty
(e) The given word is correct. (d) plausible

27 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

(e) The given word is correct. (a) sphygmomanometer

(b) seismograph
Q7. (c) barometer
(a) necessary (d) telescope
(b) obligatory (e) The given word is correct.
(c) unrequited
(d) dormant Q13.
(e) The given word is correct. (a) disdain
(b) explain
Q8. (c) certify
(a) unfound (d) dominate
(b) profound (e) The given word is correct.
(c) supreme
(d) soliloquy Q14.
(e) The given word is correct. (a) displeasure
(b) wonder
Q9. (c) disastrous
(a) subjective (d) supplement
(b) ill-gotten (e) The given word is correct.
(c) reveal
(d) illustration Q15.
(e) The given word is correct. (a) dermatology
(b) biology
Q10. (c) sociology
(a) intellect (d) philosophy
(b) intrepid (e) The given word is correct.
(c) insolent
(d) interpretation
(e) The given word is correct.
(a) uninterested
(b) reflection S1. Ans.(e)
(c) remorse Sol. The gi e o d ph si al is o e t.
(d) replete
(e) The given word is correct. S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. Comprehensible is correct word that
Q12. defines the nature of universe.

28 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

sublime-of very great excellence or beauty.

S3. Ans.(e)
Sol. The given word conceivable is correct. S9. Ans.(c)
conceivable-capable of being imagined or Sol. Reveal -fits in the context correctly.
grasped mentally.
S10. Ans.(a)
S4. Ans.(a) Sol. Intellect- fits in the context correctly.
Sol. poi t is o e t o d that fits i the
context of the paragraph correctly. S11. Ans.(e)
Sol. Revelation is correct word.
S5. Ans.(e)
Sol. The given word Instant- is correct. S12. Ans.(d)
Sol. Telescope- is correct word in the given
S6. Ans.(b) context.
Sol. Warranted- justify or necessitate (a
ou se of a tio . Wa a ted is o e t S13. Ans.(b)
word. Sol. Explain- is correct word.

S7. Ans.(a) S14. Ans.(e)

Sol. Ne essa is o e t o d a o di g Sol. Pleasure- the given word is correct.
the conveyed meaning in the sentence.
S15. Ans.(d)
S8. Ans.(e) Sol. Philosophy is correct word.
Sol. The o d su li e is o e t, it ea s-

29 | P a g e
English based on new pattern capsule

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