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Practice Reflection worksheet

Jithesh vk
Use this worksheet to reflect on your practice; you can use more than one if you need

You do not have to submit this worksheet to College if you are selected for Practice

Describe an experience, event or change in your practice or practice

setting that was significant to you.
I started giving medications from the third day of my clinical practice in
North York General Hospital. I was taking care of one client and his morning What happened?
medications were due at 0900. That was my second day of medication
administration in the hospital, and I was stressed. My nurse was very busy What was your
and was not giving attention to my questions. The patient was about getting role?
five oral medications. I found four of them in his medication tray in the
trolley and asked the nurse for the fifth one. He searched for it and gave me
a tablet saying that this is his fifth tablet. I took all the medications and went
to the clinical teacher to double check before I administer it. While I am
scanning the medications, the teacher found out that it was a wrong
medication. Even the care mobile could not rectify the mistake because it
was in the PRN list of medications. It was a near miss of medication error.
Based on what you described above, what were your strengths and what
were your areas for improvement?
It was my mistake of not following the six rights of medication
Areas for
administration. This happened because I trusted my nurse and he is taking improvement will
care of the same client for many weeks, and he is a very experienced nurse.
It was not his fault because he might have interrupted or distracted. inform your
Secondly, I rely on care mobile because of my trust in technology. My
learning needs
strength is my organizational skills and areas I need improvement are time
management, and I have to follow the rules, regulations, and procedures
What input have you received from your peers about your practice?
Consider asking:
My peers are thinking that I am doing a good job. They are happy with my Can you give me
punctuality, I submit my paperwork on time, my documentations are an example of
improving, and they feel that I look more confident than before. They think what learning
that I can do more research on common medications, their side effects, why
needs might be?
they are prescribed for certain patients. They feel I need to improve time
management skills to take care of more clients in the pregrad. Consider any
feedback you have
received from the
Based on your own reflection and the input you received, what are your
learning needs?


Practice Reflection worksheet
Jithesh vk
I need to improve in many aspects of Nursing. I need more hands on What do you
experience in every nursing procedure. I need to concentrate on time
management skills, organizing, therapeutic communication skills and need to learn to
documentation. improve your
I need to review the nursing theory taught in previous semesters to update
myself. practice?

What elements relate to your learning



Advances in technology
Change in practice environment
Entry-to-practice competencies
Interprofessional care