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Conformity Cripples Creativity

I am here today to discuss the importance of creativity in

our modern society. This subject matter has been subject to
worldwide controversy as many artists and creative leaders
in various fields are unconventional, independent minds
whom embrace unique thinking and inovation.

However, in schools across the country we are educated

through a system only allowing formulaic questions and
answers minimizing opportunities to express superfluous or
additional thoughts contributed to a particular topic.

Of course, this conformity and structured thinking pattern

doesnt only take place in the classroom. Students are
encouraged by society, the media and their friends to be
more mainstream and think alike others in their

In schooling environments, groups only rarely forment great

ideas because people in them are powerfully shaped by
group norms: the unwritten rules which describe how
individuals in a group are and how they ought to behave
leaving no capacity for independent thinking. Tell me ladies
and gentlemen, when was the last time you felt pressured
into liking something everyone else did despite your original
impression? Or pressured into buying something everyone
else had despite your personal preference?

The purpose of normality is to provide a stable and

predictable social world. However, normality is of huge
benefit to our society as without unspoken rules of social
standards our society would spiral into rude, intimidating
Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you today; what is a world
where kids tend to hide their intelligence, talents or inner
endeavours and grow up to be the same person as their
neighbour with the same job as 200 other people in the
town? Conforming to social regulations as they fear isolation
for being different or outspoken? I ask you today, is this the
world you want to live in?
It is the herd instinct inside of us to just go with the flow and
accept what has been established without further question.
Were you ever too nervous for fear of looking foolish to ask a
question over a subject you were curious about? Conformity
has existed since the start of history:
Do you remember learning about Galileo in school? Or
perhaps just the lyrics of a queen song? In the 1600s, Galileo
was arrested by the Catholic Church for blasphemy after
spreading his at the time, outlandish and heretic theory of
the earth orbiting around the sun all year as suppose to the
Church's ideology that the earth was the centre of the
universe and the sun orbited around the earth.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have brought Galileo as an example
to reveal to you that since the start of time, we have refused
to acknowledge that the most "outlandish" and "heretic"
ideas or theories have sculpted our world and opened our
eyes to a whole other way of life through just thinking.
Don't be the person rejecting the crazy, unknown new ideas
and don't excuse yourself for being silly or knowing better
for raising queries to various subject matters. Because the
truth is, no one knows better, society is sticking to one way
until convinced of something better. Don't feel bullied by
your environment to believe what everyone else believes or
else your stupid.
Ladies and gentlemen, today I invite you to endlessly
question before you accept and forever believe what you
think is true. Our society has discovered only one hundred
grains of sand in a desert we call life. There is always room
for new ideas, remember that.
Today I ask you, let your creativity flow.