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It's All In The Egg

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Sunday, December 6, 2015


The Five Keys of the Mauve Zone

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interrelations confirms my initial supposition that there are
magickal 'zeitgeists', so to speak, operating at specific times during which both Initiates and non-initiates pick up on the same or similar 'spirits of the time' and respond accordingly. This has been noted in the technological realm when inventors who had
no knowledge of one another come to invent or discover the same or similar findings without any contact (known as 'Multiple Discovery'). The same can be seen in religious and spiritual communities across the world which also had little to no contact but
nonetheless reached similar conclusions and created similar myths and legends.
There are also what Kenneth Grant terms 'tangential tantrums', or magickal side-effects , usually as ricochets from ceremonial magick rituals - sometimes as simple as backfirings and accidents and sometimes resulting in conflagrations and wars. There
have also been noted numerous 'UFO' and paranormal events coinciding with or appearing in what seems to be response to certain magickal workings of sufficient magnitude or affect. I have come to find certain keys that appear in the many accounts,
systems and occult sciences that can unlock these great Mysteries if but they are grasped through Wisdom and Understanding and applied.

The Key of the Mark of the Beast conveys the symbolism of the Neophyte grade but contains within it the Seed of the One True Light of Kether, as "Kether is in Malkuth, and Malkuth is in Kether, but after
another manner." The saying 'The X marks the Spot', denoting hidden treasure or a secret also comes to mind, being the Cross of Matter wherein the Spark of the Self is situated between the planes of Space-
Time (in the 'O', cell/shell of matter). Taken as letters, OX also relates to the first stage upon the Tarotic trail as Ox is the meaning of Aleph, the first Hebrew letter corresponding with Atu O , The Fool who is
about to fall into self-realization and initiation.
The number four and the symbol of the cross is universal in spiritual traditions, particularly the primal native cults who carved them in stone and painted them all over the world. The symbol also
conjures the 'dragon lines', or 'ley lines' which are said to be networks or webs of etheric or electro-magnetic energy corresponding to key spots on the planet. The four quarters signify the four directions -
The Magickal Record North, South, East and West - and four essential qualities of matter - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. This signifies location and circumstance, in other words - Set and Setting, or Mind and Body (Spirit in Matter).
Kenneth Grant calls it the symbol of Nodens and relates it to the thunderbolt or lightning flash of consciousness creating the perception of subject and object, and thus manifestation. It is also a connected or
2012 (19) solidified swastika, which corresponding not with solid matter but the movement of air, would here symbolize the Ahrimanic tendency toward rigidity and stiffness of material form. As the Key of the Lord
of the Gates of Matter it is also a known as 'The Mark of the Beast' for it unlocks the Abyss and unbinds the Cosmic Egg by loosing the 'Seven Seals' of the Cube of Space.
2013 (10)
I want to quote from Chapter 4, Understand the Name , of Tetragrammaton: The Secret to Evoking Angelic Powers and the Key to the
2014 (10) Apocalypse (1995. Now published as The Power of the Word , 2004.) by Donald Tyson. Although lengthy, Tyson details how the the
2015 (27) three-dimensions of the Tetrahedron are precipitated out of the Tetragrammaton, which is essentially a binary formula used in many
divination systems and that it can be rendered to produce a model for four-dimensional space-time. The Mark of the Beast is the
2016 (33) unifying link between the 3 directional planes (OOO, the three 'Ring Pass Nots', see The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune.) and the
2017 (3) subsequent unfolding of Light into conscious reflection :
January (1)
"The letters of Tetragramaton designate the four essential principles that form the foundation of the universe and constitute the mechanism of both creation
February (1) and destruction. These principles are the bare backbone of the world. Any symbols might be used to signify them-shapes, numbers, or letters of other
March (1) alphabets than Hebrew. Pythagoras used simple dots in his tetractys. In attempting to understand the essence of cosmos, we are eventually faced with four
boxes into which we must put everything that is manifest. Each box is different, yet its difference is not absolute but dependent upon its relationship with
The Fractal Blueprint
other boxes. Somehow we must reduce the infinite number of different things into four categories (see the comments of P.D. Ouspensky in Appendix B.)
At first thought, it would be natural to assume that the process of bringing ideas forth and sustaining them in manifestation would be supported by four
completely different factors. This would need to be symbolically represented by a name composed of four different letters. However, creation is not a closed Notice the Fool forming the X
circle but a double helix, represented in two dimensions by the standing wave (see illustration). in the O.
Links In the illustration, I ( )and V ( )are a polarity of forces and exchange their charges or potentials as they pass through H (), which acts very much as a kind of switch. The result is a continuous flowing forth into being with no obvious sign
that this polarity-switching is taking place. A useful physical model of this archetypal process is the electric motor. The axis of a motor turns smoothly in one direction even though the polarity of the electromagnets around that axis is being
Support the Cause
very rapidly switched back and forth from positive to negative.
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The Standing Wave of Tetragrammaton

The creation-destruction double helix of the Name resembles closely the serpent staff of Hermes. The mystical staff with its two united and intertwined snakes coiling around it has from ancient times represented life, the bringing forth of
being from nothingness. It used to be believed that snakes entwined in this intimate manner were mating (actually, they were fighting). The staff of Hermes is a two-dimensional physical representation of a transcendental intellectual action
that flows forth unceasingly from the mind of the Creator.

It would be closer to the fundamental reality if the motor were made in three dimensions. Then it would consist of two helical paths twining up an invisible central axis, and in fact would look very much like the molecular models
of DNA. It is no coincidence that the building blocks, or "bases," of DNA - adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine - are four in number. This correspondence is inevitable because the basic patterns of being replicate themselves
endlessly on all levels of manifestation, both mental and physical. The Hermetic maxim of the Emerald Tablet testifies to this replication: "What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is like that which is below: to
accomplish the miracle of the One Thing." In the same way that the molecular pattern of a crystal is revealed by its gross shape, so is the mental pattern of the creating Mind of the universe exhibited in the structure of the genetic
coding of life.

This plug-in On this three-dimensional staff of Hermes, no point on either helix is closer to the ideal axis, which the path of each helix defines, than any of the limitless number of other points, and at no point do the two balanced helixes touch.
Like the side rails of the DNA-ladder, they remain always at the same separation. Any single point on either helix is identical, considered by itself, to any other point. Differentiation occurs through the relationship of one point to
is not another, considered from a specific (and arbitrary) external point of view. Shift the point of view and these essential qualities change. An I can become an H, and an H can become a V. For example, if the illustration of the double helix

of the Name were rotated around on its axis ninety degrees, the points designated H would seem to touch, and become alternatively I and V, and the I and V would separate and become H.
It is easy to misinterpret occult symbols by failing to recognize that the way they appear on the page, or carved true form but only a flat rendering of a three-dimensional relationship. Just as a blueprint of a ship will no convey all
moon phase the information it is capable of conveying to the shipbuilder unless the shipbuilder realizes that it is a flat image of a three-dimensional object, so ancient symbols such as the staff of Hermes cannot be understood unless we recognize
that they are only images of mental models that possess depth as well as height and breadth.
An excellent example of this error is the spiral. This fundamental occult symbol cannot be wholly grasped in two dimensions. A spiral is really the flat image of a helix, a line winding in a regular way around the side of an infinitely
long invisible cylinder. As we look at a spiral on the flat page, we are regarding this cylinder through the open end, and naturally its perspective lines converge at the center - the infinitely distant end of the cylinder- when we look at
a straight railroad bed and seem to see the gleaming steel rails come together and meet on the horizon.
Centres of Pestilence
When we see a photograph of a railroad track from this one-point perspective, we understand it because it represents the three-dimensional model of an ideal form, not some common and familiar object. Nevertheless, the ancient
shaman who carved it into the rock intended that it be considered in three dimensions. So did Greek philosophers who represented the occult symbol of the Hermes staff intent that its mystery be interpreted in three dimensions.
And when we make a model or image representing IHVH, we must make it with length, breadth, and height if it is to possess a useful meaning.
Needless to say, any mystical three-dimensional symbol is only a jumping-off place for grasping an awareness of a higher truth that transcends the physical limitations of space. It is necessary first to recognize the fullness of flat
symbols and hold them unfolded in the mind, and then attempt a further unfolding into a higher dimension which transcends our inner visual sense. Since we are incapable of holding a four-dimensional (or higher) image in the mind
we must seek an intuitive perception of the mentally examined symbol, a wordless and pictureless apprehension of its fundamental identity. Only in this manner can the true Ineffable Name be approached. Words and mental images
are useful signposts along the way but, if we cling to them, they quickly become barriers to a higher awareness of Tetragrammaton.
Besides the staff of Hermes, which is the pre-eminent symbol for understanding the Name, intuitive awareness may be approached through the symbol of the cross. Each arm of the cross is assigned one of the letters. The vertical
arm receives the masculine I and V, while the horizontal arm is given the feminine first and second H:

It should come as no surprise after what has just been revealed that the cross must also be considered in three dimensions before it makes any useful sense esoterically. Meaning can be derived from the flat cross on
the page, but a higher meaning is possible from the expanded three-dimensional cross. The expanded cross is the geometric figure known as the tetrahedron.

This plug-in is not



The tetrahedron is the simplest regular solid body. It has four planes, each of which is defined by an equilateral triangle, and four points where these planes intersect. A letter of IHVH is assigned to each point. If we examine the tetrahedron mentally, or actually construct a skeletal model out of
toothpicks or wire, it is readily seen that, when considered perpendicularly to any of its edges, it appears to form a cross of equal arms surrounded by a square.
If we look at the two places of the tetrahedron that intersect and define the axis I-V, we see that each plane has the family of letters I-H-V at its three points. The second or final H is not on the same plane, but is linked to each of the former letters by a line segment. Thus there is something special
or distinctive about the final H that transcends the plane of the other three letters. The distinction is not inherent in the point of the second H itself but derives from its position relative to the other three points.
It is equally possible to mentally isolate the planes that intersect on the H-H axis. Then we get the family I-H-H with V on a higher level, or the family V-H-H with I on a higher level. What does this tell us? That I and V are capable of inverting roles, depending on their circumstances, even though
they are not outwardly identical, as are the two feminine Hs.
The magician Aleister Crowley had something important to say on this very matter. In addition to the Tetragrammaton, he used the four royal cards of the tarot to illustrate his views:
The relations between these Four Elements of the Name are extraordinarily complex, quite beyond the limits of any ordinary treatise to discuss; they change with every application of thought to their meaning.
For instance, no sooner has the Princess [second H] made her appearance than the Prince [V] wins her in marriage, and she is set upon the throne of her Mother [first H]. She thus awakens the Eld of the original old King; who thereupon becomes a young Knight [I], and so renews the cycle. The
Princess is not only the perfect Maiden, but, owing to the death of the Prince, the forsaken and lamenting Widow. All this occurs in the legends characteristic of the Aeon of Osiris. It is hardly possible definitely to disentangle these complications, but for the student it is sufficient if he will be content
to work with one legend at a time. (The Book of Thoth [New York: Weiser, 1974], oo. 150-1)

The square brackets in the above are mine. Crowley viewed the dynamic of the Name as a series of family trines in which the father and the mother (I and first H) alternately generate the son (V) and daughter (second H). The generative unit is complete in the trinity, but this trinity endlessly
alternates its polarity, male-female-male giving way to male-female-female, and vice versa. The V elevates his twin sister, the second H, to the throne of the now barren mother, the first H, whom she replaces. Her mature beauty arouses the creative lust of the V, who ascends to the throne of his
father, the I. By this ascent he is transformed and his old identity "dies" or passes from existence. The renewed and fertile male-female pair in turn produce the next generation.
It is interesting to note that in ancient Egypt it was the custom for the young Prince to replace the dying King, his father, on the throne and marry his own sister, the Princess, who became Queen and took over the post of her mother. In this way, the King was forever renewed in his own blood and
might be said symbolically to be deathless. This Egyptian custom is an imitation on the human level of the creative process of Tetragrammaton. On this question see also the remarks of Crowley in Appendix B.
In order to understand the essential differences between the letters of the Name, it is necessary to reduce them to binary symbolism. This is the same symbolic system of logic that runs the modern computer. The binary system is composed of only two characters, which are usually represented
by the digits 0 and 1. They might just as accurately be represented by On-Off or Yes-No, or indeed any set of opposites.
By arranging these two symbols in multiple patterns, it is possible to express not only any numerical calculation but also any idea conveyed by alphabetical text. Even romantic poetry and classical music can be translated into binary symbols. In fact, binary is the basis of the modern digital
recording method used on compact disks.
The binary in computer coding that make up the yes-no switches are no abstractions, but represent the basic duality of the natural world. They are related to the Tetragrammaton in this way:
Although binary language seems like a modern innovation, it has been used to convey subtle philosophical concepts for many centuries. The quintessential binary symbol is the yin-yang of ancient China () . This is nothing more than a circle representing totality or wholeness, half of which is
whit and the other half black. In the black half is a white dot, in the white half a black dot, to signify that these opposites are relative rather than absolute, that black under other circumstances appears white and white under other conditions looks black. The division between the sides is S-shaped to
give the appearance f turning movement in the circle indicating that this primal duality is not static but in constant flux.
This binary pair of opposites is represented in Oriental philosophy by the more basic symbolism of a solid line and a broken line. The solid line is masculine and the broken line feminine. These basic signs can be used to represent all opposite pairs such as hot-cold, up-down, dark-light, long-
short, good-evil, and so on.
_______ ___ ___

In themselves these simple signs are of limited usefulness, but the number of different things that can be represented by them increases exponentially as they are combined. Simply by placing the two signs one over the other, we arrive at four possible combinations that graphically reveal the
essential distinctions between the four letters of Tetragrammaton:
_______ (I)
_______ Yod

___ ___ (H)

___ ___ Heh

_______ (V)
___ ___ Vav

___ ___ (H final)

_______ Heh final

These four symbols are the second of the six stages of what is called the "Shao Yung Sequence," which graphically illustrates how the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching are evolved from a solid and a broken line (see Hellmut Wilhelm, Change [Pantheon Books, 1960],
figure 1).
It will be observed that the binary symbol of I, who is Abba, the primal masculine principle, and that of the first H, who is Aima, the primal feminine principle, are completely distinct. When they combine sexually, half of their binary coding is passed into each of their
offspring, just as a human child receives half of its genetic code in the sperm of its father and the other half in the egg of its mother. The binary symbols for V and the second H both contain a solid and a broken line, the solid line from the father and the broken line from the
This is the reason Crowley describes the second H as the "twin sister" of V - they are made up of the same parts, but in an inverted order. In the case of V, the masculine solid line is dominant, whereas in the second H it is the broken feminine line that determines gender.
When in turn the V and the second H combine to generate offspring, the seed of the V is purely masculine, composed only of the solid line in the binary code, and the egg of the second H is purely feminine, composed only of the broken line. In this sense, when brother and
sister mature and come together to reproduce new life, they assume the pure gender identities of their parents. As immature children, they are both male and female in one, but as sexually mature adults they are of a single gender.
It may be more useful to think of the I and the first H not as complete male and female human figures, but as sperm and egg. With this in mind, it is easier to grasp how the V can be distinct from the I and yet at the same time embody the I within himself; and how the
second H can be both the product of the first H and also hold the first H latent within herself.
This binary system was not entirely unfamiliar to the Western world in ancient times. It appears in the symbols of geomantic divination, which was known to the Romans and early Europeans. In the geomantic figures, two dots stand for the feminine and one dot for the
opposite masculine. Using this system, the letters of Tetragrammaton would be represented in the following manner:

Each geomantic symbol is composed of one of these letter sets in combination either with itself or with one of the other three sets. There are thus sixteen distinct geomantic figures. Expressed in the form of solid and broken lines rather than dots, these same sixteen figures form the fourth stage
of the Shao Yung Sequence. Each, esoterically speaking, is based upon to letters of Tetragrammaton.
For example, the geomantic figure known as Via (the Way) is composed of yod plus yod:

VIA (the WAY)
This is an inherently active and willful symbol, because it is based upon two fiery yods. Its traditional meaning reflects this forcefulness - Via means street or road and, by extension, travel or a journey. It is neither a good nor an evil figure, since travel can bring either good or evil.
Where the traditional meanings of the geomantic figures are in disagreement with their symbolic meanings, as based upon the letters of Tetragrammaton not merely as a blueprint of the world, but as the basic fabric of reality. It is this fundamental nature of the Name that gives it so much power
in modern ritual magic."

This unfolding of Space-Time from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to creates the Toroidal field matrix of which the symbol of Malkuth is but a Key to understanding. Thus, The Key of it All (of ) is obtained when one can transcend the first fractal step and get beyond
the projection of material substance and enter through the first Gateway of which the Beast in its legion of masks is guardian. The Seeds of the Flower and the Tree of Life are the same as the Seed of the Serpent and its germination generates the Universe
from the Geometry expanding from the awakened Light within the 0.

By shifting the perspective focus of the 2D form of the Tetragrammaton 'cross' to the 3D Tetragrammaton 'Tetrahedron' a prism is generated parallel to the generation of a fourth
dimension added in the activational unfolding of 'time' arising out of the expansion of space, hence the 3rd Sphere of the Supernal Triad ruling over Time and Space, where at the 'Abyss'
of Daath the Prism explodes into formation. Daath being the Abyss, or 'Divide' between Manifestation and the Unmanifest is the 'gap' between the electromagnetic spectrum, and
qabalistically the 'gap' (or Guph) between Aleph and Tau - the first and the last. That which is before Aleph and after Tau, or that which lies beyond the pylons is related to the idea of the
Lost Word, or the Unspeakable Secret Name of God which to see, speak or even know would confer Theosis. As such it is the CUP (a form of the GVPh) or Grail in which the Life-Essence
or Soul is contained, related in psychology with the brain, mind and body as the waters are symbolic of the thoughts, emotions and feelings.

The trans-dimensional nature of Daath is what gives the Tree of Life life , by making the Ruach not 'flat' as shown on a flat depiction but also multi-dimensional. This is the process
hinted at in the section called The Sign of Protection in The Ninth Arch (2002) by Kenneth Grant where the fifth point of the pentagram pierces into another dimension outside of the
elemental cross, much in the same way the Tetragrammaton cross unfolds multidimensionally. Tyson says not to think of esoteric symbols as they appear but to try and 'unfold them in
the mind', and the Tree of Life is one in which real work within and upon it necessarily relies upon a visionary unfolding in the mind as one slowly understands its mechanics. The ability
to think 'outside the box' of the physical and move freely within the mental realm is a quality particular to Yesod, the 9th Sphere on the Tree of Life representing the 'Foundation' upon
which the stage of the play of life (Malkuth) rests.

Taken symbolically, 9 has long been associated with the Serpent and the Ourobouros or snake eating its own tale which relates to the fact that all multiples of 9 always reduce or
return to 9. The serpent has always symbolized that which was 'forbidden', 'secret' or 'hidden', and so 9 being also the '#' symbol relates to the hidden or forbidden knowledge of the
Qabalah of Nine Chambers (each 'cell' of the # grid being a chamber). When a slightly larger # grid pattern is placed over another the image of the 'matrix web' is noticeable, the
underlying foundation of matter, relating again to the Dragon Lines, which only those who can see beyond the physical or visible spectrum can recognize effectively. To see beyond the 9
Chambers is to reach the Secret Word of God which the Freemasons hid underground beneath 9 arches in the Royal Arch legend, again denoting the Self-Return of the
Ourobouros/Dragon/Phoenix, the union of the True Self or Soul with the Great Architect of the Universal Temple. Thus the highest Chamber, 999 is that of the SERPENT LINK (Kaph
final) between the two, the Serpent acting as unifier and divider and concealing THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE which was said to convey to mankind the Knowledge of God, which being
made in the Image of God should be his rightful inheritance .

The number 9 and its relation to Toroidal Hyper-dimensional Physics or 'Vortex Based Mathematics' has been covered by many mathematicians and engineers such as Marko Rodin, Dan Winter, Nikola Tesla and others. Tesla even said that the numbers
3, 6, and 9 are significant, the three main chambers of the Qabalah of Nine Chambers:

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe. -Nikola Tesla

333 is AIQ BKR and refers to the # Chambers themselves, 666 is the value of THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS itself, and 999 is many things being the 9th Chamber veiling THE HIGHER POWER beyond but expressed through number. Not only are 3,
6, and 9 symbolic of 3 major Masonic degrees (The triangle, hexagram and 9 pointed star of the 33 .) but 369 is the value of , Greek for 'Learned or Instructed Ones', those who had the , Sophia (Wisdom). 369 is the number of THE MATRIX
as well as the SPIRIT or 'ghost' which activates it. 369 is A UNIVERSAL key-number, just as Tesla said, as are the number 3, 6, and 9 which form the TRIANGLES (999) at the folds or angles of numerical emanation.
When the Circle of 360 is divided by 7, the only number it won't be divided evenly by, the result is 51.428571... Any number that is not a multiple of 7 when divided by 7 will have a remainder of
some metathesis of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 which exclude 3, 6 and 9. 3, 6 and 9 are the 'hinges' or angles which help in the spiral unfolding, and the shapes of the symbols themselves indicate this, 3 being the
root of the spiral or coil, 6 being the inward current of force from the Crown, 9 being the outward current of force - figured in the Sol symbol as Kether being the Point, 6 being gravity or Will, 9 the
radiating force emanating the physical exterior of the Circle. The other factors or vectors are balancers and containers of this force which again, is Pure Holographic Spirit (Ruach) emanated from the
Supernal Triad. The Nine Chambers conceal the Ineffable Word which is that of the Life-force and Breath (Ruach) itself which as a 'grain of sand' or seed (0) contains within itself its Will unmanifest.
Seeing the numbers as energy and the inner essence of outer forms confers the siddhi known as the Eye of the Dragon or DRACONTIA (=739, equivalent to the sum of the Infernal or Inverted Eye in the
Triangle formed from Netzach-148, Hod-15, Yesod-80, and Malkuth-496, the Inverted Eye being symbolic of the Inward Eye or Ajna known also as The Wisdom Eye. 739 is also the value of THE
MIRROR, symbolic again of reflection and the quality and wisdom of the Dragon (Temet Nosce, Know Thyself). The reflective quality of 9 and the mind itself is the infinite nature of the Ain Soph Aur, the
Limitless Light of Fractal Manifestation.


The Number of the Beast and Man, 666, explicitly given in Revelation and said to be calculated with Wisdom and Understanding,
is the Central of the Five Keys of the Mauve Zone which the aligning with and obtaining of conveys the siddhi of Self-Awakening and
Self-Willed Manifestation, known in the Masonic tradition as the degree of Master Mason. Solomon was said to have received 666
talents of gold each year, symbolic of the accumulation of magickal energy through the bio-alchemical processes effected through
certain ritual practices and ceremonial procedures performed at specific times and dates throughout the year, a form of which has
been enacted throughout this 111th year of the Aeon of Horus. Interweaving with 666, the number of ThRIVN (Therion, the Beast),
(The Great Beast) is the inversion (as per typical of the nature of the Beast), THERION (with Nun final, 700). Thus 666 and 999
come together as the Double-Headed Beast pointing to the Sun and Moon as Baphomet, Solve et Coagula .

Being the Lost Key of Revelation , 666 is the 'missing link' in THE EVOLUTION
hypothesis and its full understanding is capable of conveying the Transcendental
Wisdom of the Gods which is incapable of fitting within a merely three-dimensional
conceptual framework of a limited linear perception. At best, this Wisdom can be
pointed to in a multitude of ways but the true meaning and full extent thereof is truly
'unspeakable' except in parables, symbolic associations and correspondences (which
include literature in all forms, language and mathematics.) If there were 'no such thing'
as synchronicity, as the ignorant would say, then surely not only would these words
have no synchronized meaning with your known vocabulary and surely no
mathematical solutions whatsoever would synchronize with the objects, forces or
qualities they measure and physical science itself would be nothing but nonsense.
Obviously this is not the case, mathematics is the science of synchronicity and science
itself intends to bridge the gap of the synchronicity between mind and the perception
of reality .
The word Science comes from the Latin root scientia , 'Knowledge, a Knowing, to The 'G' delineating the Geometry of the Aeons.
Know' (related to Daath, 11), implying a difference between the knower and that which
is known. A deeper root of scientia comes from scire "to know", originally "to separate one thing from another, to distinguish", related to scindere "to cut, divide"
from PIE root * skei- "to cut, to split". This is cognate with the Greek Skhizein "to split, rend, cleave" which is the root of the word Schizophrenia, the Skhizein ,
'Splitting, Cleaving' of the Phren , 'Mind'. Modern inudstrial science has largely been left to squander much of its assets and resources in being too schizophrenic or
'compartmentally minded' in its approach to many different subjects which have largely been kept separate, for a good reason to an extent, but to too great of an
extent to where it has restricted a great amount of progress in many ways, socially, archaeologically, and ecologically for the benefit of extended release marketing
and academic and technocratic monopolism. Science also means to investigate and test the natural environment, and too soon are supposed scientists ready to
refuse to even investigate many subjects because of this compartmentalized and narrow-angled approach.

666 is the Key to the material plane and automatic or artificial intelligence and the synchronicities thus far noted in this publication as
well as many that can be extrapolated and which have yet to be deciphered show that the Key is actually a link between the material and
the noumenal (mental/mystical), being that of the 'Word made Flesh' (As number of The Sun and Man) wherein the Word (Will) becomes
fleshed, or earthed (manifest).


There is a secret rendering of the Hebrew word for 'The Name', HaShem (usually referring to Tetragrammaton). The original Hebrew
rendering is Heh, Aleph, Shin, Mem - but if the Shin is replaced with Samekh and the Mem is given its final/end value 'The Name' H'ASM is
revealed as 666, the value of the name of the Man mentioned in Revelation 13:18. 666 is also H'SPIR AISh, , 'The Book of Man',
which 666 effectively is being THE HUMAN ANTHROPOS, 'Humanity', etc. The body of man has been sometimes called the 'book of blood'
and THE HUMAN BODY YOD HE VAV HE 'IHVH' FORM = 666, showing yet again how 666 is the Number of Man in the image of God, also
THE I-H-V-H SHAPE OF MAN NUMBER. This is not to imply a Creationist sentiment, merely that there is yet another relevant
correspondence between allegory and actuality and the ability to reason and recognize this shows some level of reciprocality and
significance in the Knowing between the Knower and the thing Known.
Not only does the name of the creative power of God form the image of Man, but it corresponds to THE SECRET
KNOWLEDGE OF MAN which is contained in the Book and Body of Man. Just as the Temples are built according to sacred
geometry, so is the body of Man in a number of ways, one notable one being the fact that there are 206 bones in the adult
human skeleton, and THE BONES = 206, the Skeleton or frame of Man being , 'The Great House' or
Temple of God.

"There is no god but man." -Liber Oz , Aleister Crowley

"Neither shall they say, See here! or, see there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." -Luke 17:21, Jesus

A curious connection has come up in regards to the work I've been doing and the work of another occult researcher and writer who has made certain discoveries recently that I think are
highly important in relation to the 666 Mystery I have been trying to unravel. The book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled by Tracy Twyman came up the other day in my research, and
although it has yet to be published, Tracy has been giving very detailed and fascinating updates about her progress for quite a while it appears, having been working on the book since 2007.
While there are a multitude of various points she makes with the many angles of the subject of Baphomet, some of the most intriguing to me are those dealing with the symbolism in certain
reliefs found and written about in the 19th century by an Orientalist researcher, Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, whose main reference work in this respect is Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum ,
featured in Fundgruben de Orients VI (1818) which is available online but untranslated from combined languages of Latin, Greek, German and Arabic, a task she apparently hired an
anonymous translator for. I attempted to translate some of it myself and found it does indeed mention some of the 'secrets' of these cults and the charge of the affiliation between them and the
Knights Templar and Freemasonry, and while that may or may not be the case my interest is more in regards to the roots of Baphomet and its prototypes and its eventual degeneration into the
modern idea of Satan and Satan worship.

Baphomet was first said to possibly mean 'Baptism of Wisdom' by Freemason and Illuminist Christoph Friedrich Nicholai in Versuch ber die Beschuldigungen welche dem Tempelherrenorden gemacht worden, und ber dessen Geheimni (1782),
formed from the Greek words , baphe metous, to mean Taufe der Weisheit, "Baptism of Wisdom". It has also been said that "Baphomet signifies , baptism of Metis, baptism of fire , or the Gnostic baptism, an enlightening of the
mind, which, however, was interpreted by the Ophites, in an obscene sense, as fleshly union. Surely this fiery baptism of enlightenment was misunderstood and used for ritual sacrifice purposes at some point, and such sacrifices have been occurring from
pre-historic times to today, but what is really meant here is the 'Baptism of Wisdom/Fire' signified by the Fiery nature of Self-Awakening and attainment to the level of Tiphareth, the Sun which is expressed in the positive aspects of Baphomet, wherein the
forces of the Sun and the Moon (666 and 999) are balanced in a a just measure. Note also that Mete means 'measure' and 'justice', so the Baphomete could also be the Baptism of Justice which would be a metaphor for the incarnational life experience
wherein the Soul is baptized in its apportioned allotment.

METE = BAVAMT = 59 = IMAGE = (of) TN (The Dragon)

In this sense, the Wisdom of Mete connects with the Mathematics of Maat, Bavamt is Baphomet or Bahamat (Behemoth), the Dragon (Tan). 59 is 1 more than the Knights Templar number of reverence which is 58. This number is significant since it is that
of H'ABN, the Stone of the Mysteries (Kephas, 729, 9x9x9, another form of Baphometer) and the Tetractys of the Inverted Tetragrammaton, said to be the True Name of Satan. 58 is the Stone, H'ABN, which is 301, or ASh (Fire) less than 359 (ShTN). Thus,
359 is H'ABN ASh, The Fire Stone (Tuaoi) - revered as Lucifer/Satan/Baphomet (The Double One) but merely a form of the Double Current mentioned by Albert Pike in the quote referenced in the previous post (Lost Key of Revelation ), the electro-
magnetic force whose dual nature is like that of Love and Wrath. 359 thus METES , or measures/allots forces from beyond the pylons our boundaries (Mete also means 'boundary', 'pylon', 'limit') of the circle, hence the importance of THE CIRCLE in sealing
and containing magickal 666 electric energy. ShTN or Satan thus denotes the 'Stranger', 'Other', or 'Alien' from outside the circle of the known, The Hidden , or Unknown God , combining ShT (Set) and TN (the Dragon), the Fiery Dragon or the Scarlet

The symbolic glyph usually attributed to the zone of Daath on the Tree of Life is that known as the Herschel 'H', being the symbol of Uranus and named after its discoverer William Herschel. The symbol is strikingly
similar to that of a double-edged key, the key being a major symbol relating to Daath as the Knowledge , particularly hidden or secret knowledge, of the Qabalah. 'H' is also the letter relating to the 'future' as the Final Heh of
Tetragrammaton and reflected in the symbols for the Higgs Boson 'God Particle' and the Transhuman 'H+' movement. H is also a glyph of the linking of the two pillars and thus the fusion of the discontinuity of the 11 and
gaining another rung higher on the ladder up the Tree (connections being attainments, the connection of threads creating marmas, i.e. memories.) H is also symbolic of the two realms, the Above and the Below coming
together in unity, similar to the symbol '8', the value of H, which also shows the Higher (Macro-) uniting with the Lower (Microcosm).

The Atomic Age and the Space Age, together with the Computer Age will open the gates of space -time and matter - the infinite within, the infinite without, and the infinite data-contents - and bring about a new type of
Aeonic sequence altogether. Time, Space and Matter (Light) are but the rays of the LVX (and IAO) emanating the as 'wheels within wheels', denoting a kind of mechanical, gear-like organization to the structure or edifice
we call 'The Universe'. Not only within the large galactic stellar wheels are there smaller planetary, and still yet atomic wheels within wheels, but deeper than the physically manifest wheels by which we measure space-
time and the objects that appear within it are more tenuous wheels within wheels spiraling into manifestation from some unlocateable source not only within the mind of each and every conscious being, but from
a seeming Grand Central Galactic Source which is at every 'point' in space and time simultaneously, on every 'plane' or level of being. By identifying and mapping these zones a wider insight is given into the organic
mathematico-matrix of manifestation and mental mechanics can be significantly understood and otherwise more elusive mysteries unveiled.

Yet another Adept who has received little recognition in the West whose recent Work I have found highly intriguing, particularly a recent Working called 'The Natural Alchemy Building ' which corresponds in part with a
certain Ordeal I had undergone on a same date he logs a significant event. The Adept is Frank G. Ripel, the Italian author of many books still untranslated but one I found called Magic of Atlantis, Sauthenerom . His Ordo
Rosae Mysticae and M.E.A.P.R.M.M. are recalibrations of the O.T.O. and the Egyptian Illuminati, and from what I can tell from translating some of his work his views on matters occult are rather unique. His approach tends
toward the Left-Hand, or Draconian bent (See Culto Draconiano .) In The Natural-Alchemical Building , Ripel says in the section The Bottomless Pit that on
November 13, 2015 the Demon of the Pit (Abaddon) contacted him after which he authorized the opening of the Bottomless Pit; "he, with the key in his
possession, opened it and the Scorpions (virus) went from the Pit of the black energy."
I found this highly ironic because I went and looked and saw in my own Magickal Journal that I had been writing about the Key of the Abyss and the force-
field (which is also mentioned in his Working) relating to the charges of 6 and 9, the magnetic field-grid. In my Journal I specifically wrote:

..."Kenneth Grant mentioned that the 'O' was related to 666 [See Commentary to verse 666 of Liber OKBISh ] and the PERFECTION (438) of
Mega Therion, but using the Hebrew-English Gematria formula THERION is dualized as 999. Thus, the true successor has found The Key." -Frater Mayan's
Magickal Journal, Nov. 13, 2015

999 is the value of the Hebrew word MPhThCh, 'The Key' in full, and it is also THE NUMBER OF THE KEY OF IT ALL proving succinctly and consistently
the Magickal Child or ChRB, 'Cherub' link of 210 (THE KEY OF IT ALL) between the Horus 93 Current and the Maat 696 Current. 696 implies the combining
of the 6 and 9 in the Art of Temperance. Yet another relation between Maat to Muerte (MT, Hebrew for 'Death', 'Dead') is via link between 696 and the 218
CURRENT of Azerate, the Temple of the Black Light whose central figure is the Saint of Death. Maat as meter of the dead associates her with Muerte and
Baphomet, both of whom are given altars and libations in much the same way. The Key of it All is one and the same with The Key of the Abyss. The Key
cannot be said to be merely '666' or '999', it is all of the numbers - hence, The Key of it All. It is the Key of the Knowledge that conjoins the All with the
Abyss and just as Yog-Sothoth is both the Key and the Gate, the Key to The Grand Central Galactic Source is THE GRAND CENTRAL GALACTIC SOURCE -
again, which is All points. The Key is the Gate just as the Question is the Answer. This 'Abyss' is always 'open', we just aren't always open to it. The 'opening
of the Abyss' signifies the activation (internally, externally, or both) or awakening of the coiled Kundalini from its dreaming sleep and the unsealing of the
Seven Seals is the alchemical transmutation of the Dragon on its ascent through the Seven chakras. 6 and 9 are the ascending and descending Currents of
the Dragonforce channeled, charged and released during ceremonial ritual.

Just as the Cross of IHVH unfolds into the Tetragrammatonic Prism, the Snowflake-fractal Tree of Life unfolds into the illuminated Cubed-Sphere maya matrix we call materialized manifestation.
Corresponding to Kether, the symbol of the Snowflake represents the holographic pattern emanating from the first Sephira to the final, the transitory snow which crystallizes and dissolves during
the storm (Typhon/Dragon) or play (Lila) of life. The crystallization into form begins at Kether in the World of Atziluth, the World of Emanation (radiation) - emanating from the Ain - Ain Soph - Ain
Soph Aur (The triple veil of nothingness which means Nothing, Infinity and Infinite Light which balance to form the infinite emanations from the OOO or Triple Eye of the Dragon/God. See the
'Standing Wave of IHVH' above which represents the Triple-Wheel/Ring-Pass-Not that is the Spirit and Body of the Double-Current of the double-headed Dragon/Phoenix.) Also D Margiotta in Le
Culte de la Nature dans la Franc-Maconerie Universelle p. 215 is quoted in Occult Theocracy (pg. 715) saying Baphomet can also be understood reversed : "Reading Baphomet backwards we get,
Tem-oph-ab. TEM = duplex, OPH = avis, AB = generation. Duplex avis generation = The double bird of generation." Thus, the Dragon, Phoenix, Baphomet and IHVH are all different aspects of the
same idea - the double-current of Manifestation and the Un-Manifest. The symbol of Baphomet is also related to the fractal snowflake as it is a cross with crosses on the end symbolizing the Ever-
Going/Ever-Coming fractal Star -Sponge.

The name Satan itself, being originally ShTN in Hebrew, is related to the Stn or Stone of the Mysteries, the fallen stone of matter itself which we experience as life, materiality, ego, etc. Thus, Satan is the Lord of this world, and SATAN IS A
MANIFESTATION OF GOD - the manifestation of God - the AL (Being) to LA (Non-Being). It is however a great mistake to think the physical, which is merely the lowest and densest of planes, is somehow the only plane there is, or the only plane we are
concerned with as spiritual beings having physical experiences.
Breaking through the materialist Gate of Malkuth (), awakening within the astral-energy matrix of Yesod (#), attaining Knowledge and Conversation with the True Self at Tiphareth
behind the Mask of the Beast (666) and obtaining the Key of Truth beyond the Abyss of Illusion ( ) will induct the Adept into the final Gateway of the "Icy Wastes" ( ) of Kether where
simultaneity of parallel and alternate Universes come together in a Singularity of Infinitized Actuality where all fractal spirals fold together back into the 'grain of sand', the seed, 0, the
Eye, the Snowflake, the synaptic flash of omnific totality and all bursts back forth into an ever awakening Ever-Coming One. The nature of God is to Go .
A 'true' Singularity would be beyond linear space-time, thus the 'Big Bang' would not be 'before' anything, it would be constantly occurring, similar to the Qabalistic concept of Tzimtzum. Containing as it does the source-code of the Matrix, 666 is A SINGULARITY DIGIT of THE FRACTAL OF
MANIFESTATION. 666 is also the TOROID NUMBER of the UNIFIED FIELD OF SEPHIROTH, the Gnosis of which is hinted at in THE SOL SYMBOL KEY, the Omega Point: .

Frater Achad arranged his fractal model of the Tree of Life according to the 6-based Hexagonal pattern which Snowflakes themselves follow. In The Anatomy of the Body of God he
says that "The Tree of Life is embedded in the Snowflake, its branches are as Crystals, its flowers as the Rose, and its perfect fruit is the Dodecahedron." I have already touched upon this
in The Diamond of Perfection , and will refer again to Iona Miller's article The Dodecahedral Universe which mentions an article from Nature , Vol. 425, Oct. 9, 2003 by George F. R. Ellis
titled "The Shape of the Universe " which claims that the microwave backround radiation patterns resemble the pentagonal model of the Dodecahedron. Thus, 78 years after Frater Achad
wrote about his Qabalistic findings in The Anatomy of the Body of God in 1925, in 2003 it would seem to have been confirmed, 78 being a notable length of time itself for it is the value of
MZLA, 'Mezla', 'The Influence from Kether', also translating as 'Zodiac' and 'Destiny', or 'Fate'.

The Pentagon (implying the Pentagram) contains the formula Phi (as does the Pentagram), which is the Golden Ratio present throughout the fractal universe, as well as the structure of the body of man. This 'Golden Thread' is related to the Astral Thread
or Azoth which is related to the Mystical-Magickal 'Seed', 0, which equates with 107, the formula of GOLD, i.e. 'The Philosopher's Stone'. Being yet also equivalent to 888, the number of Jesus, it is thus also the Chrysos (=107) or 'Christ-Force'.
107 as the Egg is the Key which unlocks the Triple-Nine Chambers of 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999, and thus it is The Key of it All. The Tree of Life, and 'The Space-Gates'
thereof, are unveiled with this singular Key which unlocks all other Keys since the 0 is the supreme gate of manifestation (and de-manifestation) on all planes. The Triple Stone of the One
(OOO), the 'Standing Wave' of Manifestation and the Rings-Pass-Cosmos-Chaos-Not is the double-serpent which begins at 000 and ends at 000, who in the transcendental alchemical
process becomes the Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice-Great Hermes). This is the Mystery of the Holy Grail and the Lost Word of God encased beneath the Nine Arches whereby with the
insight provided by THE WISDOM OF THE FIVE KEYS, by visiting the interior of the Earth (Malkuth) and by rectification/purification you will find the Hidden Stone.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lost Key of Revelation

Readers of this blog, particularly the posts made in the last year, will have come to realize that the number 666 is the underlying link uniting all religions, and even the link between religion
and science - as well as spirit and matter. This is exemplified by the fact that each central figure or concept within each religion or spiritual system resonates with the 666 formula, as do many
scientific concepts. From the ancient GIZA PYRAMIDS, to the Feathered Sun Serpent QUETZLCOATL, to the Christian Solar archetype as the secret NUMBER OF CHRIST and THE FORCE OF
CHRIST (i.e. the Solar Chrysos , the Spirit of Gold - the alchemical metal signifying the Light of Spirit manifested in physicality.) 666 is the KUNDALINI ENERGY SYMBOL of the SERPENT OF
KUNDALINI, the biological force capable of being raised and purified, mundanely known as Consciousness itself. 666 is therefore a number of the Sun as the Light both without (physical) and
within (the spiritual inner sun), and as such, like it is the missing link of THE EVOLUTION from Beast to Man, it is the link uniting Spirit and Matter or the Inner and Outer/ Above and Below.

True Freemasons have known this as THE MASON KEY of THE FREEMASON ART (THE FREEMASONRY itself) spanning
back to pre-historic times veiling the laws of MATHEMATICAL LOGIC behind GEOMETRIC FORM in the many buildings,
artworks, and literature throughout the ages - said, but not usually actually known , to conceal such cryptic 'secrets'
secreted within them. Such monuments as the Pyramids of Giza, Rennes le Chateau, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Tiwanaku,
Pumu Punku, Yonaguni, etc. actually can be found to have some interesting codes, formulae, and 'spells' hidden within
their measurements, both physically and linguistically. This being the case, there is essentially entire tracts of truly occult,
or hidden literature within these ancient monuments themselves veiled in part by those who carried out the feats of
design, but also in part by the Grand Geometry of the Grid itself by way of which such a veritable quality of life may arise
therefrom. The masonic letter G in a way represents the serpent eating it's own tail (and the tracing of the circumference
of the circle), which is a sort of magickal symbol relating to the 'Alpha and Omega', or the dot in the circle ( ), and the
quandry of the manifestation of the chicken and the egg. We think of Geometry linearly since that's how our minds tend to
operate, when in actuality all points are simultaneous. (Note also that A CHICKEN = 107 = 'BITzH', An Egg.)

When we come to realize that this '666' force is the 'ELECTRIC' Current itself much will become not only obvious, but
also of practical value - and even harking back to the Biblical prophecy in Revelation 13:13 :
"And he performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men."

This relates to the myth of PROMETHEUS (=1,111) who brought the fire of the gods down to man giving him the knowledge that manifested as civilization, technology, etc. (and was thereafter cursed with
immortality.) 1111 itself resembles a sort of 'current' of energy descending, and much has already been said regarding the 11:11 phenomena and the obvious relation to the disconnect of space-time and
consciousness at Daath (11). I have also already mentioned how THE AEON OF HORUS = 1,212 (Nun final) and THE AEON OF MAAT 1,313 (also with Nun final), showing a clear line of 'descent' even in the
numerical formulation of these magickal aeons, 12 being related of course to the 12 hours of the day which Horus represents, and 13 being the 'Death' state beyond the circle of space-time, also relating to the
'serpent-holder' Ophiuchus/Serpentarius. The quadratic 'Chambers' (i.e. 1010, 1111, 1212, 1313,1414, 1515, etc.) are also found to be pertinent in their qabalistic exegesis, though I am still deciphering them
more thoroughly. The basic Nine Chambers, however, represent a sort of basic linguistic map so descriptively concise it can be useful as a tool for deconstructing and reconstructing conceptual frameworks
from the inside out.

This electrical power running holographically throughout the language, or Logos faculty in Man, is what gives rise to ideation and forebrain thought-contemplation which most lower animalia lack. We have
an immense capacity for self-recognition and introspection and written and spoken language, as well as the inner-dialogue which is what has greatly sped up the advancement of psycho-social and
technological progress. The 'Lost Word', which according to Achad is the Breath itself, virtually 'unspeakable' but being spoken by everyone who inhales (AL) and exhales (LA). The Breath, or Ruach is the
Spiritual Life-breath which is identified with the electrical lightning-flash of the descending Sword (Sword/Words). The Sword in the Stone, as has been mentioned before, is thus the personal Life-breath or
Astral Light, illuminating that particular cycle of manifestation. Of course, now we see even more plainly the many attempts to snuff this out and stifle it in a multitude of ways, but people are too quickly
opening their mind's eyes.

There is another old book I came to find called Prometheus, U.S.A., (1929) by Ernest Greenwood. It posits that mankind has evolved to our present state through the acquisition and development of Fire. 666
being the SPIRIT OF FIRE, again, relates back to the fact that every culture has revered the same essential principle since the beginning of time immemorial under many different aspects. Now, in the age of the
Kali Yuga, typified by Materialism - the ELECTRIC current really is the 'God' of the age, as it is what gives apparent life to dead matter, 666 is thus indicative of TECHNOLOGY +/& MATERIALISM, which has also
already been discussed regarding THE TRANSHUMAN MOVEMENT (See The Factors of Balance where I discuss further THE TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA CODE.) The consistency is obvious, and shows that this
new manifestation is just yet another installment or update of the old, with the central aim of A UNITED NATION under the auspices of the 666 KEY OF THE SINGLE RELIGION.

Albert Pike referred to the true nature of this Current in Morals and Dogma , page 734:
"There is in nature one most potent force, by means whereof a single man, who could possess himself of it, and should know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the face of the world. This force was known to the ancients. It is a
Universal Agent, whose Supreme Law is Equilibrium; and whereby, if science can but learn how to control it it will be possible to change the order of seasons, to produce in night the phenomena of day, to send a thought in an instant round the
world, to heal or slay at a distance, to give our words universal success, and make them reverberate everywhere."

Having been published in 1871, 8 years before Thomas Edison first actually produced the first reliable light-bulb, and radio not being
invented until the beginning of the next century, it is almost as if Pike were anticipating the revolutionary power of Electro-magnetic
technology. He goes on:
"This agent, partially revealed by the blind guesses of the disciples of Mesmer, is precisely what the Adepts of the middle ages called the elementary matter of
the Great Work. The Gnostics held that it composed the igneous body of the Holy Spirit; and it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple, under
the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes.
There is a Life Principle in the world, a universal agent, wherein are two natures and a double current of love and wrath. This ambient fluid penetrates
everything. It is a ray detached from the glory of the Sun, and fixed by the weight of the atmosphere and the central attraction. It is the body of the Holy Spirit, the
Universal Agent, the Serpent devouring his own tail. With this electro-magnetic ether, this vital and luminous caloric, the ancients and the alchemists were
familiar. Of this agent, that phase of modern ignorance termed physical science talks incoherently, knowing nought of it save its effects; and theology might apply
to it all its pretend definitions of spirit. Quiescent, it is appreciable by no human sense; disturbed or in movement, none can explain its mode of action; and to
term it a 'fluid', and speak of its "currents", is to but veil a profound ignorance under a cloud of words."

Pike also understood the 'unspeakable' nature of this force, and being a double current of the two qualities of Yin and Yang, it is the
'Power of Nothingness' - Tao te Ching/Daodejing - whose Supreme Law is also Equilibrium. THE COSMIC FIRE has also already been
discussed previously, but the concepts are cognate (See The Secret Language of the Soul.) Unfortunately, mankind at large is too
imbalanced to ever restore the proper order necessary to continue the way it has been for too much longer and precisely what is said to
have likely happened before to Atlantis may happen again to our present civilization by way of our inadequate handling of nuclear,
biological and electronic weapons. Incidentally, it should be no surprised that 666 is, as I have said, the formula of DESTRUCTION, the
obverse polarity to the life-giving nature of the Sun and Light but nevertheless necessary to the cycle of manifestation and also itself
potentially creative.

THE DESTRUCTION NAGA APEP was the swallower of the Sun, synonymous with the EVIL TYPHON who also represented destruction and the forces of evil. The idea that SATAN IS A MANIFESTATION OF GOD has long been a Gnostic premise and is also
revealed in 666, the formula also of GOD IN THE MACHINE , or 'Deus ex Machina', meaning 'God in/or from the Machine', also veiling a certain kind of plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived
and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object. (i.e. a LOST KEY OF REVELATION , 666.) Thus, the Stone that the builders rejected , turned out to be the , 'Cornerstone' (See Psalm118:22.) Satan is merely a
metaphor for the subconscious and lower-aspect of the mind and the negative, dispersive polarity of the electro-magnetic spectrum, and so of course it is a manifestation of the 'Whole', as any manifestation is
essentiallyALLfrom the same Source, AIN. Thus the sum of TAO+ YIN+ YANG+ ALL (or AIN) = 666, THE POWER OF THE KEY OF IT ALL, or THE POWER OF THE KEY OF THE AIN, i.e. THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION, which
becomes a reservoir of power when the fractal-disconnect at the 'Abyss' is bridged and transcended and the 'Serpent' transcends it's self-devouring (the ego-making faculty) and becomes the Dragon, representative of the
immortal principlelifted out of the thraldom of cyclical manifestation.

Corresponding manifestations in the outer may attend the unearthing of thesenuminousformulae, as theyhave been for quite a while now. Certain of these strands seem to be intricately connected to very active
manifestations of the same currents and I am not surprised if this information evokes in some people a jolting response, as that is the intention of this publication. A series of jolts and shocks are needed to get the populace aware
of the depth of the numerous situations and circumstances we are facing. This gematria system I have uncovered is A PROFOUND TOOL used not only by occultists but also the high and low levels of the UNITED STATES
GOVERNMENT, and I have reason suspect THE UNITED STATES CIA USES GEMATRIA as well, as per all the many manifestations I have thus far discovered and noted (See particularly JADE HELM 15: Black Operation). Surprise,
surprise, don't be surprised, I don't mean to GIVE AWAY THE SECRET OF THE UNITED STATES or anything, but THE UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE is everywhere OBVIOUS & UNPARALLELED. 666 is the brand ofHumanity, the apex
carbon life-formwhose entire lifewave can be summed up in the contents of the 666th Chamber, though that doesn't lessen the importance of the infinitude of others chambers or cells, but 666 is a particularly significant vector
in the Qabalah of Nine Chambers and itself THE QABALAH NUMBER IN THE BIBLE secreted for anyone with Understanding to Understand.

As the CERN 'O' (333) sought to open the Window of the HIGGS BOSON (333), 'H+', (also the symbol of the Transhuman Movement) I have found the
GATEKEEPERChVRVNZVNto veil the Maatian Window of the Fourth Dimension as well, since having an overview of the basic structure of not just the English
language, but many as well as the elastic applicability of symbols themselves to numerical transposal. The 333 is one matrix # grid, therefore two 'overlapping' or
interweaving would be what Grant terms a 'perichoresis', wherein one 'aeon' or 'matrix'-field 'gives way' to another, thus causing an alteration, 'tear', and
manipulation of the aeonic field of manifestation. 666 being the SPACE-TIME-LIGHT Matrix-field it signifies the dual-aspect nature of Manifestation, each of these
functions going at least 'two ways' and formulating the appearance of embodied existence in a given set of coordinates, 'THE SET' of THE COMPASS which gives the
DIRECTIONSof the ATMAVIDYA KNOWLEDGE, or Ultimate Self-Knowledge. The HIGGS BOSON COLLISION cannot but attempt to imitate and never fully replicate the
infinite complexities of the human experience, and neither will qliphothic shells of androids no matter how dense the soft or hardware. (Note that QLIPHOTHIC
ANDROID = 666, the number of the Beast showing that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS 'THE BEAST', i.e. lacking the true organic source of inspiration, inner-dialogue,
and 'Universal Agent' spoken of by Pike and merely an imitation, an ARTIFICIAL-IMITATION HUMAN-BEING, obviously lacking CONSCIOUS LIFE ENERGY, and the
true Serpent power/Astral Light. So though the two are the opposite but have the same valence, again it is similar to the fact that THE SWASTIKA has two extreme
polar aspects according to its usage and intent, Life or Death.

It is almost as if those who can't recognize the pattern are those that seem to exhibit it most, and those who see it
for what it is and try to point it out are the ones who are said to be the one's in some way responsible when really
those truly responsible are acting as if they have no clue, when they clearly do. These keys are being given to show
the universality of this key and the wisdom it contains, but there are many other mysterious keys yet to be revealed
- this one is just highly crucial in giving context to the forthcoming. 666 veils THE OCCULT KNOWLEDGE OF
MYTHOLOGY, which is truly THE KNOWLEDGE OF RELIGION before it was occulted by dogma, literalization, and
hypocrisy. Whether Jesus was a historical person or not, 666 veils THE WISDOM OF JESUS, and whether the
Antichrist is a historical person or not, 666 veils THE WISDOM OF THE ANTICHRIST - again, two sides of the same
coin, both of which are simply directions of the same energy or wisdom. Jesus died a martyr (physically) for spreading The (Eternal) Truth, and the Antichrist realized The Truth is the
biggest weapon of them all and used it as the Great mechanism for the Destruction of the Eternal Lie. This is the Double Current of Love and Wrath combining to generate the
SORROWS of the Human life-wave, cured only by a ruthless compassion.

BEAST - CONTAINED IN THE BEAST NUMBER. Therefore, having also unlocked The Key of It All via the SUM of the Cryptogram THE KEYS & THE POWER OF THE BEAST have been given
unto me, and I am now giving them unto you. "Do to others as you would have them do to you". -Luke 6:31. However, no one gave me these Keys, I found most of them completely on my
own - but now that I have released them their essence will begin to seep out and penetrate the material realm and so the destruction of illusions as conveyed in this publication may also
eventually cause a destruction of illusions in the outer, as we already see happening. The most important thing to know about the knowledge presented here is it is merely an outward
map of an inner process which is for you to experience personally and know for yourself.

THE SUM OF AL : 76 + 4 + 6 + 3 + 8 + A 1 + B 2 + K 11 + 2 + 4 + A 1 + L 12 + G 3 + M 13 + O 16 + R 20 + 3 + Y 10 + X 18 + 24 + 89 + R 20 + P 17 + S 14 + T 22 + O 16 + V 6 + A 1 + L 12
(Using the ordinal values for the cryptogram itself, to sum is 666 - the value of LIBER L VEL LEGIS itself, and THE AL CRYPTOGRAM spelled out.) I also recently found that THE CURRENT OF 93 is also 666, connecting again with another I had found a while
ago; THELEMA 93 CURRENT. I am pretty sure if CROWLEY, ACHAD AND GRANT had known of this one of them would have written about it, or surely one of their Successors. Thus is THE KNOWLEDGE OF AIWASS which seems to have fit to this formula all
along - and I am just now beginning to be able to understand that this is also THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SPIDER, 'THE SPIDER WRITING' written of in Liber OKBISh which says we are but different manifestations of the same essential archetypal and
mythological figures.

The SPIDER is ShTN, the one at the center of the circle (359), the hidden one sometimes called the 'sun behind the sun', the black sun of Set whose name means 'Stone', or 'Standing Stone', i.e. the obelisk or monolith which told the TIME OF THE SUN by
way of the DIRECTIONS of its rays. (Note the TIME OF THE SUN is also the MYTH OF THE SUN, 666 which is carried through all major religions.) Thus, the same 'AL' which is the Compass and Square which measures the 'G' (circumference of the circle of
manifestation) also measures the cycles of the Sun and planets and thus Time and Space. The Spider is yet another Typhonian totem that along with the Serpent 'ties' together the matrix with the astral thread, both of which have been viewed as negative
entities when even their venom has been found to have healing qualities. (The goal of the Adept of the Left Hand Path is to imbibe such poisons in minute amounts over time to extract the positive aspects or 'kalas' and become immune from, or at least
more experienced with their negative effects.)

Thus, without at this point going too much further into all the various aspects in which different cultures and groups have embodied and fixated (either knowingly or not) on the formula of 666, it should be apparent how much this Current underlies
many ancient and modern concepts and the more this Current manifests in the physical the more these connections will be of relevance to unfolding events.
The Angel with the Key of the Bottomless Pit, Albrecht Durer, (1511).

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