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Friability Tester

Function : Tablet friability test apparatus are used for determination of durability of tablets at
the time of production. The apparatus is designed to provide the precise value of rate of
abrasion and impact hardness of the tablets.

Friability is important since it affects in particle size distribution of granules affecting

compressibility into tablet, tablet weight variation, granule flowability. Friability is
determined carrying out Tumbler Test or using Friability Tester ( Roche Friabilator ) and %
loss is determined.

Output : -

Syarat : The Friability of the sample is given in terms of % weight loss (loss in weight
expressed as a percentage of the original sample weight). A maximum weight loss of not
more than 1% is considered acceptable for most tablets.

Process : The sample (normally 10 tablets) to be tested is first weighed and then placed into
the drum. The drum is then rotated 100 times, any loose dust from the sample removed and
the sample re-weighed. The friability drum features apertures behind the baffle, such that the
tablets can be added and removed from the drum automatically at the beginning and end of
the test. (Chris, 2009 )
Vernier Callipers

Function : To determine thickness of the tablet

Output : -

Condition : Accuracy refers to the maximum error encountered when a particular observation
is made.Error in measurement is normally one-half the magnitude of the smallest scale
reading.Because one has to align one end of the rule or device to the starting point of the
measurement, the appropriate error is thus twice that of the smallest scale reading.

Process : To obtain the main scale reading.To obtain the vernier scale reading, look at the
image above and look closely for an alignment of the scale lines of the main scale and vernier
scaleIn order to obtain the final measurement reading, we will add the main scale reading and
vernier scale reading together. (Steven, 2007)

Tablet disintegration testers

Function : Disintegration testing determines whether tablets or capsules disintegrate within a

defined period of time when placed in a liquid medium. Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron
disintegration testers as required by current Pharmacopeia provide a reproducible and
standardized method of ensuring that disintegration has taken place. In automatic tablet
disintegration testing, the disintegration time including disintegration characteristics is
recorded automatically.

Output : To monitor quality of different dosage forms and their performance through
evaluating the time a formulation (tablet or capsule) takes to completely disintegrate. If
disintegration time is found too high, it is considered that the tablet is highly compressed or
the capsule shell gelatin is not adhering to pharmacopoeial quality. This test is also done to
check consistency and uniformity of batches; if any kind of inconsistency is found and the
samples fail to provide adequate results, appropriate actions can be taken on the basis of these

Condition :The disintegration test for each dosage form is given in the pharmacopoeia. There
are some general tests for typical types of dosage forms. However, the disintegration test
prescribed in the individual monograph of a product is to be followed. If the monograph does
not specify any specific test, the general test for the specific dosage form may be employed.

Process : A single tablet is placed in a small wire mesh basket attached to the bottom of the
shaft connected to a variable speed motor. The basket is immersed in a dissolution medium
(as specified in monograph) contained in a 1000 ml flask. The flask is cylindrical with a
hemispherical bottom. The flask is maintained at 37 0.50C by a constant temperature bath.
The motor is adjusted to turn at the specified speed and sample of the fluid are withdrawn at
intervals to determine the amount of drug in solutions (Albert, 2002)

Daftar Pustaka

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