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21/2/2017 "Mrs.


ORT Argentina Almagro Ingls 2013 -Students' Productions 2do - Susan Zilberstein

"Mrs. Bixby and the Colonels coat" exercises

Abigail L.

Read the story and do the exercises


1) Find words in the story to show that these statements are false.

(Red is false, green is true)

(a) Mrs Bixby goes to see the Colonel twice a month.

(b) Mrs Bixby is disappointed by the Colonels letter.

She is disappointed because she didnt know how to justify having a new mink coat.

(c) Aunt Maude is very rich.

She is not very rich because when the Colonel suggests telling her husband that her
aunt Maude gave it to her as a Christmas present she didnt do that because she knew
that her Aunt wasnt rich enough.

(d) Pawnbrokers never give people the full value of the goods they exchange.

(e) Mrs Bixby likes the way her husband dresses.

(f) Mr Bixby does not think his wife will be pleased with the present from the

He thinks that Mrs. Bixby will be totally pleased with the present because it costs 50
dollars, and its a better gift that the one he was going to give to her wife.

2) Write questions for these answers.

Why did she travel to Baltimore?

(a) To visit a gentleman known as the Colonel. 1/4
21/2/2017 "Mrs.BixbyandtheColonelscoat"exercisesInglsCampusVirtualORT

What did the Colonel give to her?

(b) A mink coat.

How much did the pawnshop pay for the coat?

(c) Fifty dollars.

Where did she decide to sell the coat to a pawnshop?

(d) On the seat of her taxi.

Why did she sell the coat to a pawnshop?

(e) Because she doesnt want him to recognise her.

What did Mr. Bixby give to her wife?

(f) A mink neckpiece.

Who did he give the coat?

(g) To Miss Pulteney.

3) Do you think that Mr Bixby knew about his wifes affair with the Colonel?

No, he didnt. Because he thought that her wife visited her old Aunt Maude in
Baltimore, and not the Colonel.

4) What do you think is the relationship between Mr Bixby and Miss Pulteney?

Mr. Bixby was cheating her wife with her assistant, Miss Pulteney. They were having
an affair.

5) With another student, act out a conversation between Mr and Mrs Bixby the
evening the story ends.

This story is about a woman who is having an affair. But one day, the man gave her a
mink coat, and she didnt know how to justify having it. So she made up a story: she
found a ticket from a pawnshop and she didnt know what the article was. So her
husband went to the pawnshop and searches for the article. Then, he claims it and
give it to her wife as a present.

But her husband gave her a mink neckpiece, instead of a mink coat because he was also
cheating her wife with his assistant and he gave it to her as a present. 2/4
21/2/2017 "Mrs.BixbyandtheColonelscoat"exercisesInglsCampusVirtualORT

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21/2/2017 "Mrs.BixbyandtheColonelscoat"exercisesInglsCampusVirtualORT

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