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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Message from the Director 4
Message from Professor & Head, CTP 5
Message from Faculty In charge 6
Our Vision and Mission 7
Vital Statistics 8
Our Alumni 12
Why Recruit from NITJ? 13
Facilities for Recruiters 15
Placement Procedure 16
Past Recruiters 17
Placement Team 19

About NIT Jalandhar

Leaders of Free India after 1947 had a vision to develop

India as a World leader in the Science and Technology. To
achieve this, several IITs and NITs (Erstwhile RECs) were
established in different parts of countries. Dr. B R Ambedkar
National Institute of Technology Jalandhar was established
in 1987 as Regional Engineering College and on 17 October
2002, it was given the status of National Institute of
Technology (Deemed University) by Government of India
under the control of Ministry of Human Resource and
Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, in a bid to provide
increased autonomy in decision making.

NIT Act 2007

National Institute of Technology (NITs) are Technical Institutes in India, funded by MHRD , Govt. of India. An Act
of Parliament declared NITs as Institution of National Importance.

National Rankings Declared by MHRD, Govt. of India 2016
(National Institute Ranking Framework NIRF)
The detailed analysis of different parameters pertaining to our Institute ranking is as follows:

3rd Rank amongst all NITs for Graduate Outcomes (GO), related to Performance of Students in
UPSC, Competitive Examinations, Placement Percentages, Salary Offered etc.

5th Rank amongst all NITs for Research, Professional Practice and Collaborative Performance
(RPC), having components of Research Publications, Citations, Patents etc.

NIT Jalandhar was placed with an overall rank of 42 amongst all IITs, NITs, & Other Leading
Institutes in India .

Journey so Far

Since 1987, NIT Jalandhar has tirelessly worked for

becoming one of the top technical institutions in the
country. Since its inception, the institute has been
associated with many of the brightest minds in India.
Located between the rivers of Sutlej and Beas, Jalandhar
is one of the important towns of Punjab and is known for
rich educational, cultural and literary activities. Today the
institution is recognized as an institute of National
Importance along with the IITs and IIMs by the NIT Act.
Widespread accomplishments by its esteemed Alumni,
Faculty and Students has fetched NIT Jalandhar a
respectable position in the National Rankings declared by
NIRF, MHRD Govt. of India for 2016.
The institute offers B Tech, M Tech, MBA, MSc & PhD
Programs in the several disciplines of Engineering,
Technology and Sciences.

Words of Wisdom
Message from Director

On the behalf of Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, its my

pleasure inviting your organization for campus recruitment. Our institute imparts education
which provides a hands on experience to students with a strong emphasis on application of
the knowledge for a meaningful solution to societal problems. At NIT Jalandhar students are
encouraged to gain interdisciplinary knowledge so as to make them ready for working in
across the domain in the industries. A Lively Campus of NIT Jalandhar provide students a
platform for continuous learning and develop them into holistic individuals who dares to go
beyond conventions.
We extend to your esteemed organisation all physical facilities to carry out your own
recruitment process on our campus. I am sure you will find our students highly competent
and you will visit NIT Jalandhar again, year after year. We look forward to a warm and
enduring relationship with your organization.
With Best Wishes

Prof. (Dr.) I K Bhat

Director, NIT Jalandhar.

A Warm Welcome to the Recruiting Organisation From
Professor & Head, Centre of Training & Placement
It gives me immense pleasure to take this opportunity to invite you to the Placement
Programme for the passing out Batch of 2017 at Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of
Technology Jalandhar. The time has come again for us to expose the best minds we have to
the outer world that waits to test, appreciate and absorb the radiating talent. I am sure that
your expectations will not just be met but will be surpassed substantially.

The student mix in the batches for different streams is handpicked from different parts across
the nation and from diverse cultures and tastes. The curriculum at NITJ is dynamically
aligned with the latest needs of the industry so that students not just acquire theoretical
concepts but develop the requisite hands on technical, analytical and managerial skills to be
the leaders in the ever-changing world of business. We look forward to forge the stronger
bonds of collaboration to traverse unchartered territories of excellence. Welcome home to

Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Bhardwaj

Head, Center of Training and Placement.

Message from Faculty-in-Charge
Its my privilege to welcome you to NIT Jalandhar. The graduation and Post-
graduation programs aims at making perfection a habit, the transforming
bright minds into leaders of tomorrow who uncompromisingly pursue
excellence in all spheres of activity. The engineering programs aim to develop
engineers who will make a difference to domestic and global organizations.
The flagship course at NIT Jalandhar is a single access point to over 3000
brightest minds of India. Although program is intellectually demanding,
students are provides opportunities to express and develop their innate talent
and abilities. The rigor of the academic program prepares our students for not
just survival but excellence in the most difficult circumstances. It is with great
pride that I present you the students of NIT Jalandhar who will prove to be an
asset to your organization.

Dr. Rajeev Trehan

Assistant Professor,
Center of Training and Placement.

To build a rich intellectual potential embedded with interdisciplinary knowledge, human value
and professional ethics among the youth aspirant of becoming an Engineer and a Technologist,
so that they contribute to society and create a niche for a successful career

To become a leading and unique institution of higher learning offering state of the art
education, research and training in engineering and technology to students who are able to
eager to become change agents for the industrial and economic progress of the nation. To
nurture and sustain an academic ambience conducive to the development and growth of
committed professionals for sustainable development of the nation and to accomplish its
integration into the global economy

B.Tech M.Tech M.Sc MBA

31 24
24 20
10 19

93 93 87 89
72 69 74 0
55 0 0 61
34 28 27 24
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
B.Tech 93 93 72 69 87 74 89 34 55 28 27 24
M.Tech 31 24 10 19 24 24 20 0 21 - - -

MSc. 61
MBA 12

Placement Statistics 2015-2016
Discipline Eligible Job offers Double job Actually placed
students offers
ECE 75 81 17 64
CSE 74 81 7 74
CHE 72 48 3 45
ICE 64 51 5 46
CIVIL 75 54 11 43
IPE 65 36 2 34
ME 69 51 9 42
BT 26 17 1 16
TT 48 18 1 17
TOTAL 568 437 56 381

Discipline Eligible Job offers Double job Actually placed
students offers

ECE 76 103 27 76
CSE 81 101 24 77
CHE 69 76 20 56
ICE 69 85 20 65
CIVIL 72 53 08 53
IPE 82 100 35 65
ME 74 94 28 66
BT 31 34 06 28
TT 49 54 07 47
TOTAL 603 700 175 525

Discipline Eligible students Job offers Double Job offers Actually
CSE 76 104 28 76
ECE 62 77 15 62
ICE 60 69 11 58
ME 58 56 8 48
IPE 44 36 4 32
CHE 51 46 5 41
CE 67 59 5 54
TT 26 17 2 15
BE 20 12 1 11
TOTAL 464 476 79 397

Our Alumni
Upasana Taku Amit Boni
Co-Founder & Director, General Manager India,
Mobikwik Motorola Mobility

Anupam Varghese Manav Garg

VP, New Products at Eko
CEO & Founder, eka
India Financial Services
Private Limited

Gagandeep Wadhawan Anindya Ghose

Professor, NYU Stern & Director;
Co-Founder &CEO, Chief Data Scientist, 3TI World;
Analytics Expert, Cornerstone
Dikki Institute
Research; Keynote Speaker

Why Recruit from NIT Jalandhar?
National Institute of Technology (NITs) are Technical Institutes in India, funded
by MHRD , Govt. of India. NIT Jalandhar has tirelessly worked for becoming one
National Importance of the top technical institutions in the country. Today the institution is
recognized as an institute of National Importance along with the IITs and IIMs
by the NIT Act.

Of the 16 lac students who take the National Level Entrance Examination (JEE
Stringent Student Mains, GATE, C-MAT) only about 8000 make it to NITs of which only about 800
Selection make it to NIT Jalandhar. This highly rigorous admission procedure ensures that
only the bright students enter our institute.

The centre of Training and Placement ensures that every student has spent 6/8
Students with weeks working in industry even before graduation. The training exposes them to
real life applications related to their area and the students learn to work in teams.
experience in industry

Why Recruit from NIT Jalandhar?
Students at NIT Jalandhar develop their full potential in every field of their interest.
Soft skills development is made part of the class-room experience through
Balanced personalities presentation and open ended learning environments. Extra and Co-Curricular
activities, student managed clubs and events give them further avenues to
express themselves and develop skills beyond academics.

According to rankings declared by MHRD, Govt. of India, NIT Jalandhar got overall
42nd Rank amongst all IITs, NITs, & Other Leading Institutes in India. NIT Jalandhar has
Rankings 5th Rank amongst all NITs for Research, Professional Practice and Collaborative
Performance and 3rd Rank amongst all NITs for Graduate Outcomes (GOs)

Entering into As NIT Jalandhar is amongst the few NITs to complete 25 years its existence. Its
alumni have added immense value to their organizations and occupied positions
Big League and responsibilities in the Corporate World.

Facilities for Recruiters
The Center of Training & Placement headed by a Senior Professor works in close coordination with a Student
Placement Representatives across different branches, manage placement activities and develops Relation with
Industrial Groups and Research Organizations. Following facilities are available in CTP.

Auditorium with capacity more than 700 students for conducting pre placement talks.

Separate group discussions and interview rooms.

Video conferencing facility available for conducting one on one interview.

Student volunteers for all possible arrangements on day of visit.

Building a campus presence: An opportunity to connect with the students and make your presence felt.

Cabs and excellent guest rooms facilities

Placement Procedure


TPO CVs of the studentsare

made available to the
concerned company for
Suitable date for the Pre
- shortlisting . The company
placement talk is decided visits the campus on the
and students are notified. allotted dateand conducts
Interested students who the final selection
show their interest to procedure .
appear for the recruitment
Interested companies process of a company,
contact the TPO cell at forwardtheirnamesto the
. training and placement
The Placement Office Representatives
sends invitations to the
companies/ organizations .
along with relevant


Placement Representatives
Name Department Contact No Email
Janit Bidhan ECE 8872405054
Yashu Mittal Civil Engineering 7837787830
Keshav Farmaha Computer Science 7508978699
Kashish Jain IT 9501809964
Ankita Negi Bio Tech Engineering 7837696007
Kamaldeep Sharma Chemical Engineering 9915148288
Pankaj Kumar Industrial & Production 8567809188
Instrumentation &
Rachit Aggarwal 9646193427
Control Engg.
Vikram Electrical Engg. 9781303999
Ravi Shankar Azad Mining Engg. 9781505192
Mohammad Adnan
Mechanical Engg. 8283858110

Name Department Contact No Email
Dinesh 7508907997
Vikalp Ravi Jain 9872670451
Chetan Chaturvedi ECE 9675942290
Shubham Tripathi IPE 8054415367
Hardik Valera 9876473703
Shivangi Shringi ECE(vlsi) 9417287376
Ditendra Kumar ICE 9855273060


Name Department Contact No Email
Manish Sharma MBA 9465233090
Manu singh
M.Sc(Physics) 9897002746
Ankit Rana M.Sc (Mathematics) 7895476687

Shreya Mahajan M.Sc (Chemistry) 8558969498