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EVALUATION 5. How did you attract/address your audience?

Consider: - audience, demographic, tribes, representation, aesthetics

Issues: Impressive:
Class targets:
Detailed knowledge of audience: I think that my magazine cover
Identifying the audience for your
magazine. Be really specific when
attracts my audience on the basis that it has a moderately minimal 1. Check the basic accuracy of
layout, with a quirky, colourful image, which connotes the aura that my
identifying your target audience; look at UK target audience has. My artist (Pria Downing) is located in the centre of your work; things that cost you
Tribes for details. the page, acting as the centre of visual interest, dressed in a very
Explain clearly what you did to attract simple way (with very minimal clothing and makeup) however the filter marks: spelling
that i applied over the image, makes it appear colourful and cool,
your target audience. Does your which connotes the features that other pop magazines feature, such as
magazine appeal to your target audience in Clash. I believe that colour is a vital component used to attract my
terms of style and cultural expectations? audience on the basis that it is something new and quirky, so their
eyes will instantly be drawn to it. My target audience, as mentioned
2. Be precise when explaining
Beware over generalising
Be specific about what your audience likes
previously, is a younger creative, stylish demographic that love modern
things, which is why it is so vital that i add i spin to my cover, so that it
your points; avoid waffle. Identify
(shops, social media, music etc.) attracts this audience. Daisy the precise elements of your
Be specific about how your magazine How you attracted/ addressed your audience: I did a variety of
addresses your audience. things on my double contents page, which attracted my target magazine package that are
audience. The first being the detailed descriptions of what features in
How did you hook your audience? my magazine, by being concise the audience was able to personalise applicable.
Refer to your research into your target their reading as they can pick what interests them, as all of the
audience information needed is located on the page. Also with the synchronicity
of featuring the masthead NEON at the bottom of both of the 3. Ensure you use the key words
Dont make generalisations! contents pages, the reader had the ability to because more familiar
Write more. This is an A-Level subject. A with the new magazine, meaning that they become attracted to it at a from the question.
few hundred words on 2 months work is quicker rate, increasing and guaranteeing success through word of
mouth. Not only this but the initial bright colour palette is repeated on
clearly insufficient. both the cover and the contents Daisy 4. Evaluate why this audience is
Meet deadlines. You are continually Firstly to attract my reader I looked at magazines like Oh Comely and attracted to your product.
assessed. A missed deadline costs you Loud and quiet in order to decide on how I could incorporate my image
into the double so it looked as realistic and visually pleasuring as
marks for research and planning. possible much like how my target audience preferred for their 5. Evaluate how your magazine
Next Steps: addressed this audience.

Go through your submitted work and highlight where the following vocabulary 6. Identify how you attracted/
has been included: addressed the audience.
Audience demographic target audience representation attract/ address
Select two paragraphs of your essay. Re write these paragraphs to address the targets
Improve accuracy of terminology use -> starting points: Caitlins response
Improve links to how you identified your audience-> starting points: Daisys response
Include links to existing publications