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Lipretto Vocat Book Based on the DreamWorks Animation Motion Picture ‘and the Book by William Steg Book and Lyrics by Music by David Lindsay-Abaire Jeanine Tesori Originally produced on Broadway by DreamWorks Theatricals and Neal Street Productions NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! ‘Should you find necessary to mark cue orcs, we @ sot block lead pani nly. NOT FOR SALE This bck is ented forthe period specifi in your contact. remain the property of PLEASE RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: | MIT MUSIC UBRARY 31A INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD ‘mete Tare breanaronas, NEW HARTFORD, CT 06057 221 Wo Sth Stet aia 540 LUpres by David Lindsay- Able and Misi by Janine i yu tne Dia Senge (ASCAP) sn Tha uo My Eas (ASCATY CHARACTERS suREK PRINCESS FIONA DONKEY LORD FARQUAAD, DRAGON EAIRYTALE CREATURES: GINGY, PINOCCHIO, BIG BAD WOLF, ‘THREE LIVTLE PIGS, WHITE RABBIT, FAIRY GODMOTHER, PETER PAN, WICKED WITCH, SUGAR PLUM FAIRY, UGLY DUCKLING, THREE BEARS, MAD HATTER, HUMPTY DUMPTY, ELE, DWARE, et ENSEMBLE LITTLE SHREK, MAMA AND PAPA OGRE, KING HAROLD AND QUEEN LILLIAN, [ANGRY MOB, HAPPY PEOPLE, ‘YOUNG SHREK, YOUNG FIONA, TEEN FIONA, CAPTAIN AND HIS GUARDS, KNIGHTS, PIED PIPER AND RATS, ‘THREE BLIND MICE, BLUEBIRD, BISHOF, MUSICAL NUMBERS 1 2 2a, After Big Bright Beautifl World 3, Story Of My Life : ; Sa. Story Of My Life="Tag. 2b. % ‘ ‘The Goodye Song, shrek Grostover Don't Let Me Go. be, Regiment #1 4b. Farquaad’s Chamber, se, Regiment Reprise 4a, Holiday For Duloc 5, What's Up Disloe? Sa, The Raffle Sb. What's Up Duloc? Reprise se, Fiona Tower Moves ns = 6 Know It's Today. fa, 1 Know It's Today Playoff. 7, Travel Song. 7a, Defore “Forever” 8, Porevr. fa, Forever Payot 9, This Is How a Dream Comes Tie a, Acti Sunset 10, Who 4 Be 4 4 6 2