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Case Study: Mixing System eliminates water stagnation

in finished water storage facilities

Antioch, California, USA

Tideflex® Technologies has developed a way to improve

water quality in distribution-system reservoirs by putting its
patented Tideflex® Check Valve technology to an innovative
new use.

The Tideflex® Mixing System (TMS) is a combination of

Tideflex® Check Valves and a simple piping manifold that,
when installed inside a water storage tank, improves overall
circulation and mixing, eliminating stagnation and hydraulic

“The TMS is a great idea for any tank that has a

single protrusion. It solves the problems associated
with a common inlet/outlet without doing
any excavation. It’s a really great way to go.” outlet, thereby eliminating short-circuiting and
Jon Billeci, plant superintendent, City of Antioch improving mixing. The TMS is a lower cost solution
for achieving a separate inlet/outlet than a dual-
The City of Antioch, Calif., was one of the first to put the TMS pipe system, which requires two tank protrusions
to the test when it launched a 350,000 USD upgrade to its and additional excavation, pipe, valves and fittings.
33-year-old finished water storage reservoir. Like many older
tanks, this circular 11,300m3 reservoir was designed with a Because Tideflex® Check Valves are constructed
single protrusion that acted as a common inlet and outlet. of durable elastomer, the TMS offers reliable,
repeatable performance. The valves are passive,
While this type of design adequately supplies the required have no mechanical parts and require only
hydraulics of the distribution system, it will not necessarily differential head to operate - no outside energy
maintain water quality within the reservoir. Many finished source is required, so operational costs are kept to a
water storage reservoirs have problems with deteriorating minimum.
water quality as a result of short-circuiting, where water
outside the inlet/outlet area of influence becomes stagnant, City of Antioch Plant Superintendent Jon Billeci
causing the disinfectant residual to decrease. The loss of decided that if the tank were going to be
disinfectant residual and long detention times can result in rehabilitated, it would have to be done right; he
the development of bacteria, formation of disinfection by wanted all new, reliable equipment for a reservoir
products and nitrification in chloraminated systems. that would operate efficiently while maintaining
prime drinking water quality.
The TMS was designed to be a simple, reliable and cost-
effective system to eliminate stagnation through enhanced Consulting engineering firm Brown and Caldwell,
mixing in finished water storage tanks. Pleasant Hill, Calif., presented Tideflex® Mixing
System to Billeci as a virtually maintenance-free way
The system makes use of two sets of Tideflex® Check Valves to improve water quality by eliminating stagnation
and a simple piping manifold. The first set of Tideflex® through enhanced mixing in the reservoir without
discharge during filling, and the second set discharge during performing costly tank alterations. The TMS could
draining. The two sets of Tideflex® are positioned on the be easily installed using the single protrusion that
manifold to maximize the distance between the inlet and already existed at the bottom of the tank.

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ValvesSensorsSystems measurIT technologies
Furthermore, Tideflex® Check Valves will never freeze
open or become stuck open due to entrapped debris,
a maintenance problem that Billeci had experienced
with some types of metal check valves.

Because he wanted to eliminate the potential for

stagnation in the tank and because he was pleased
with the reliable construction of the Tideflex® Check
Valves, Billeci opted to install the TMS.

“I was a little skeptical at first,” Billeci admitted. He

decided to see for himself whether the valves would
truly close drop-tight around entrapped debris. He
entered the tank and tried to lodge one of the valves
open with a heavy-duty flashlight and was amazed
at the valve’s ability to seal around such a large Billeci has also been content with the continual
obstruction. and reliable operation of the TMS. “We have had no
maintenance problems of any kind,” he said. “Everyone
Another point of skepticism for Billeci was the rubber- is quite pleased.”
like construction of the Tideflex® Check Valve. The
City of Antioch uses chloramines, which contain a Antioch’s experience is just one success story. The
small amount of ammonia, as the primary disinfectant Tideflex® Mixing System can be easily installed in
in its water storage tanks. Certain types of rubber, reservoirs, standpipes and elevated tanks of all shapes
Billeci knew, would deteriorate upon contact with the and capacities, whether they are newly constructed or
ammonia. He took curtains made of Hypalon®, the several decades old. “Stagnation in single-protrusion
elastomer that would comprise the Tideflex® Check reservoirs is an age-old problem that can have a
Valves proposed for installation in the Antioch tank, severely negative affect on finished drinking water,”
and soaked them in pure ammonia to simulate the said Tideflex® Technologies President George Raftis.
effect that the diluted ammonia would have on the “The Tideflex® Mixing System is an efficient and reliable
valve over a long period of operation. “They looked the solution for improving tank mixing and circulation
same when I pulled them out as they did when I put without the expense associated with modifying
them in,” he said. “I was very satisfied with the material.” a structure.”

Billeci’s satisfaction has continued ever since the TMS read more at
has been installed and operating in Antioch’s water
storage reservoir. “The TMS is a great idea for any
tank that has a single protrusion,” he said. “It solves Figure 1 — Problem
the problems associated with a common inlet/outlet When a common inlet/outlet
without doing any excavation. It’s a really great way to is used, water outside its area
go.” of influence becomes stagnant.

Jet Velocity vs. Flow

Figure 2 — Solution
The TMS promotes optimum
mixing in all areas of the tank.
Jet Velocity

Flow Rate
Tideflex significantly enhances jet velocity
Engineered rubber check sleeves have memory: forward
at all fill rates, optimizing mixing. hydraulic pressure opens the valve, and reverse pressure
seals the bill, preventing backflow.

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