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Cursos de verano 2017

En la temporada Enero/Febrero 2017, se dictarn cursos intensivos para adultos (Levels) en el Liceo, Casa Central, Av. Callao
362, y en Barrio Norte Av. Pueyrredn 1388. Estos cursos tendrn distinta carga horaria de acuerdo al nivel y la duracin y se
dictarn de lunes a viernes por la maana o la tarde. (En las dems sucursales, slo se armarn por pedido de los alumnos en el
mes de febrero. Mnimo requerido: 5 alumnos pagos.). Los alumnos se podrn inscribir desde cualquiera de nuestras sedes.

Los niveles 1 al 4 comprenden 48 hs de ingls a cubrirse en un mes: 16 clases de 3 horas por clase.
Enero (del mircoles 4/1 al mircoles 25/1) Lunes a Viernes 3 horas por da
Febrero (del mircoles 2/02 al viernes 23/02) Lunes a Viernes 3 horas por da.

Los niveles 5 al 8 comprenden 64 hs de ingls a cubrirse en un mes: 18 clases

Enero (del mircoles 4/1 al viernes 27/01) Lunes a Viernes 3,5 horas por da. (lt. 2 clases 4 horas)
Febrero (del martes 1/02 al lunes 24/02) Lunes a Viernes 3,5 horas por da. (lt. 2 clases 4 horas)


Aranceles VALOR NORMAL Enero Febrero *

Cursos de 48 h $4960 (Level 1) (4 cuotas)
$6200 (Level 2 a 4) (4 cuotas y matrcula) SLO EN CALLAO CALLAO Y BARRIO NORTE
Cursos de 64h $7540 (Level 5 a 8 y Superior) (4 cuotas y matrcula)
Level 1 (L a V 8 a 11) Level 1 (L a V 8 a 11)
Sobre este valor se efectuarn las siguientes bonificaciones: Level 1 (L a V de 19 a 22) Level 1 (L a V de 19 a 22)
Noviembre: 20% (efectivo o tarjeta) Level 2 (L a V 8 a 11) Level 2 (L a V 8 a 11)
Diciembre: 15% (efectivo o tarjeta) Level 2 (L a V 19 a 22)
Level 2 (L a V 19 a 22)
Level 3 (L a V 19 a 22) Level 3 (L a V 19 a 22)
Efectivo o Dbito/ Valor Normal Level 4 (L a V 19 a 22) EP1 (M y J de 19 a 21)
Crdito Level 5 (L a V de 18:30 a 22) Level 4 (L a V de 19 a 22)
NIVEL 1 Level 6 (L a V de 18:30 a 22) Level 5 (L a V de 18:30 a 22)
NOVIEMBRE 3968 Level 7 (L a V de 18:30 a 22) Level 6 (L a V de 18:30 a 22)
DICIEMBRE 4216 Level 7 (L a V de 18:30 a 22)
Level 8 (L a V de 18:30 a 22)
NIVELES 2 al 4 EP1 (M y J de 19 a 21) Level 8 (L a V de 18:30 a 22)
NOVIEMBRE 4960 6200
Superior (L a V de 18:30 a 22)

NIVELES 5 al 8
6032 7540

FCE prctica 1400

(MyJ 19-21) 1750

El alumno que curse en verano los niveles de 48 o 64 horas ya tiene su matrcula paga para 2017.
Excepto los alumnos que se inscriban en level 2-3 que deben abonarla (No abonaron matrcula 2017).

* Los cursos de Callao y Barrio Norte en Febrero podrn ser dictados en una u otra sede de acuerdo
con el N de inscriptos y disponibilidad de aulas.
El curso de F
CE es de prctica para el examen. Se dicta en enero (3/1 al 26/1) y en febrero (del
2/2 al 23/2) los martes y jueves de 19 a 21 h. Se utiliza distinto material en los dos meses. Arancel:
$1750 por mes (con los mismos descuentos que los otros cursos).
Mnimo de alumnos : 5.
Por ser perodo vacacional, los cursos de verano podrn ser dictados por ms de un docente
: un profesor 3 das y otro 2 das; o bien en las distintas quincenas. Las dems sucursales slo
ofrecern cursos de verano en febrero, de nivel inicial o por pedido de los alumnos. Estos se
abrirn con un mnimo de 5 alumnos pagos.
When I was a child, I lived in a big house
in a neighbourhood near the river with
my mom and my sister.
The people were very strange, and
I was scared because at night the
people cried.
At night I was studying french in my
bedroom when I heard screams. They
were screaming women so I woke my wanted to go near the mysterious lake. picnic on the banks of the lake.
sister up and we went to the river. We a kid from my neighbourhood told me One day when she went to the capital
saw a woman, she was in the water. My once an old myth about a young man of the country she saw a beautiful doll.
sister asked her Are you ok? but the that was walking around the lake and Lucy was a really nice girl so her
woman didnt answer, just cried. suddenly someone, we dont know parents decided to buy her the doll for
My sister told me that the woman who, pulled him into the lake and her birthday.
needs help. I got in the water and nobody helped him. Since that day the They put the pretty doll out of Lucys
touched her back. When I touched her people who lived around this place bedroom, but when she went down the
back the woman disappeared in the could hear the screams of this young stairs
river. My sister and I ran to our house man asking for help. she didnt say anything, so her parents
screaming. The most scary part of this myth us asked her if she had seen the present,
The next day in the morning we told that we dont know who or what pulled but she
our mother, and she told us that was a him into that lake. said No. They thought she was lying.
ghost of a woman that she had died at CAMILA TOMMASI. They went to Lucys bedroom but they
river a long time before. didnt see the doll. With the passing of
JUANA DVALOS. No one wanted to go near the days
mysterious lake because of a weird they realized that Lucy really had never
THE HAUNTED LAKE man that lived in the middle seen the doll.
A few days ago someone told me the of the lake. He rarely left his home to Two months later when they went to
story of the demonic lake. All started get food and never talked to people. He a picnic Lucy saw a doll floating in the
in the 18 th always walked lake and
century when a rich man tried to down the street with his head down. she wanted to recover it. In an
build his own mansion in front of this Children followed him out of curiosity. unguarded moment she fell to the lake,
particular place. Unfortunately, they started to but she has
Her name was Rick and he had a big disappear and their parents blamed never swum so she died.
family. He had a wife called Mary and the weird man, who was When her parents found their daughter
3 children, really innocent. But as they did not she was on the banks of the lake with
Lucy, Tom, and his favourite daughter, know that and sought for revenge, the doll
Annie. those parents decided in her hands.
This family was very happy all was to set fire his home with him inside. END.
OK, but when the mansion was ready After that children kept disappearing. EVA ROLN.
and the family moved into their new Their parents thought that the strange
home, the family became very strange. guy had become
Suddenly, Annie became in a ghost. One morning, all the No one wanted to go near the
very ill. Her father contacted the best children appeared into the lake. Their mysterious lake because, when I was a
doctors to save her life but it was not bodies formed the next little girl, I went there with my friends
enough. sentence: you are the next. every day because we loved it, it was
After Annie died, Rick thought it NICOLS ROMN. very beautiful. There, we drank tea and
was his fault and he became a very ate cookies.
depressive man. One day, we were dancing around the
Some day Rick started to rave and THE DEVIL DOLL lake when we hear a strange noise. This
when her wife tried to help him, he No one wanted to go near the noise came from the lake. After this,
killed her and then mysterious lake, and I know why. an horrible monster appeared behind
he escaped. I remember that lake was connected us, but we could run away, except for
Gossip says that the lake is haunted with a strange story I heard when I was Emily. Nobody knew anything else
and it is recommended not to stay a boy. about her.
much time in that Lucy was a baby girl when she moved Some people say that, at night, they
place. to the house near the lake. Everything can hear Emilys voice.
and sometimes, she went to have a
I remembered that the lake was
connected with a strange story. I
heard it when I was a boy and no one Intermediate 1 / Mon -Wed 18.30/ Teacher: Cynthia Echanagorra

cinema blockbusters
... assessed by Flores experts

the intouchables
The film Intouchables is based on a true story. The film was directed by Olivier
Nakache and ric Toledano. It stars Franois Cluzet as Philippe and Omar Sy
as Driss. The film won in 2012 the Goya Prize for Best European Movie and
the Csar Prize for Best Actor (Omar Sy).
The film is set in France. It was filmed on location.
The film is about the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, who is quadriplegic, and
Driss, his personal assistant. They are totally different and they also come
from different cultures. Philippe is a rich and inteligent man and Driss is a
funny, carefree person from Senegal. He is hired by Philippe because he
doesnt feel sorry about Philippes health problems. They are trying to get to
know each other and to help themselves. My favourite scene is when both are
running free on the street when Driss carries Philippe on a wheelchair.
I strongly recommend Intouchables. It has drama, comedy and unforgettable
piano songs in its soundtrack. The film also has an important message: that
we can help each other to make our world a better place to be in.
PS. On these days there is an argentinian remake of this film. Would you like
to see it too?
Nicols Nicotera
made in argentina
The film Made in Argentina was based on the theaters play Made in Lans by
Nelly Fernndez Tiscornia. It was set in 1987, when the democratic government
had come back in Argentina. Luis Bandroni, Patricio Contreras, Leonor Manso y
Marta Biachi were part of the cast. Made in Argentina was directed by Juan Jos
Jusid and it was shot in Buenos Aires and New York.
El Negro y Mabel were sibling and they have lived in Lans since they were
children. El Negro was a mechanic and he was married to Yolly and they had an
adolescent daughter. Mabel was married to Osvaldo, he grew up in Lans too.
Osvaldo was a doctor. Mabel and Osvaldo had left Argentina in the 70 under the
military dictatorship and lived in New York. Because of that Mabels daughters
didnt know Argentina and the Argentineans customs.
Mabel and Osvaldo decided to came back to Argentina because they had the
wedding of Osvaldos cousin. Osvaldo missed his friends, his family, the city,
he really wanted to came back to Argentina. Mabel only missed her family.
When Mabel met her brother, El Negro, she invited him and his family to live in
USA, because there they could have a better life, but it would be a very difficult
In the film you can see different points of view about the same situation and it
is very difficult to choose the correct one. All of them might be correct. Finally,
when a I saw the film a I thought how many times through our history the
Ivana Garay Argentineans had to leave their families, friends, houses and go to other country
for an opportunity.

the secret life of pets

What do our pets do when we arent at home?
The Secret Life of Pets is a 3D computer animated buddy adventure comedy
film that has been released on July 8th in The United States. The movie was
directed by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney and produced by Illumination
Entertainment Company.
The main character is a Jack Russell terrier called Max that lives in
Manhattan with his owner Katie. He has a quiet life sharing adventures with other
pets in the building: a tabby cat Chloe, a pug Mel, a dachshund Buddy and a
budgeriar Sweetpea. One day Katie adopts Duke, a big dog, Max becomes
jealous because he always wantsto be alone with his beloved Katie. Problems
begin when a walks day in the park, Duke tries to abandon Max but they runaway
far from the park, get into trouble with gangster cats that remove theirs collars
and are caught by Animal Control.
Its a funny movie in which you can find comedy, action and suspense. I
hope you can enjoy it with all your family!!

Gisela Incretolli

the witch
The film The Witch is based in the New England of the 17th century. A devote
matrimony of five children are banished by the church and forced to leave
their farm. The father relocates his family on a peaceful place that is practically
isolated near big mysterious forest. There he pretends to start a new life.
But everything turns to became strange, when the crops failed, the animals of
the farm turned evil and the baby of the family disappeared under the watch of
Thomasin, the older daughter.
The members of the family, start to blame her for the bad luck, and accuse her of
witchcraft, which she completely denies.
The devote and loving family turns to a suspicious, paranoid and an unfaithful as
things gets worse and worse.
This film is directed by the debutant Robert Eggers. The premiere of the movie
had a great acclaim at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and he won the Best
Director Prize in the U.S.
A very unique type of scary movie that is quite hard to come by in horror films.
You will feel very uncomfortable and very disturbed so if you are a horror movies
fan, I highly recommend this film.
Florencia Magallan
cafe society
The last film that a I saw was Cafe Society. It was directed by Woody Allen. It was
set in the 1930s.
Bobby Dormann was a young man who lived in New York. He was boring about
his life, he didnt like the idea of working in his fathers jeweler, so he decided to
go to Hollywood because there lived his uncle, who was a famous agent. Bobby
thought there he could find a better life in Hollywood.
When Bobby was in Hollywood, he went to his uncles office. Bobby started
to work in the office of his uncle. There, he met Vonnie, who was his uncles
secretary. She told him that she had gone to Hollywood because she had dreamt
to be a famous actress.
Vonnie and Bobby became friends. Bobby loved her but she told him she had
been in couple. But there was a problem because her partner was Bobbys uncle.
Bobby uncles was married and had children, so their situation was very difficult,
so finally he decided to finish de relationship. After that, Vonnie and Bobby
started a relation.
Finally, they decided to get married and come back to New York. But at the same
time, Bobbys uncle broke up with his wife, he looked Vonnie and proposed her
You have to see the film because the plot was great, but the best thing was the
soundtrack of the film. Ivana Garay

taxi driver
This is a film from 1976, that it was directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie is
about the story of the main character Travis who was interpreted by Robert
De Niro. He is a young man who starts working as a driver in a taxi company of
New York city.
All the movie turns around the fascinating personality of Travis. He can be
described as a loser. A lonely man without education, who suffers from insomnia.
For that reason, he decides to work at night. In New York he doesnt have any
friends or relatives, and he feels absolutely disgusted and tired of all the crime
and dirt that he sees in the streets every night.
But one day he meets Betsy. Shes a very beautiful woman that works as a
voluntary in a politic campaign of a candidate to the presidency of the U.S.A.
After a failed date with Betsy, she rejectes him. To take revenge on her, and to
do something important with his life, he decided to kill the candidate. Obviously
he failed.
After that, he feels full of hate and frustration. Until he meets a very young
prostitute called Iris, he decides to help and rescue her from the man who
prostituded her. Finally, in a great shooting, he killed this guy, his partner and a
corrupt police officer.
At the end, he saved Iris and became briefly famous. But the most important, he Rubn Sabareso
finds inner peace for having done something good and important.

the fundamentals of caring (

The Fundamentals of Caring is based on the Jonathan Evisonsbook. The film was
directed and written by Rob Burnett. It stars Paul Rudd as Ben, Craig Roberts as
Trevor and Selena Gomez as Dot.
It was filmed on location in Atlanta and Cartersville, USA.
The film is about Ben, a retired writer. Needing a job, he takes a course to become
a caregiver. He gets a job as Trevors caregiver. Trevor is a teenager who suffers
fromDuchenne muscular dystrophy.One day, Ben suggests Trevor a road trip
plan to visit the deepest pit in USA. They meet a young lady, called Dot. Ben
offers to give her a ride and they start a journey together.
When they arrive, they go to the deepest pits bottom. A few weeks later, he quits
as Trevors caregiver but they keep being friends and Ben starts to write a book
about Trevor.
I liked this movie. It has drama, comedy, and a little of romanticism. The actors
are good, especially Paul Rudd. Its a good movie to see on a rainy day.
Maite Hoet
We also used
Supermarket in
the classroom!
to play
Prep - Fri. Thank
you, Natalia Preguntados
in the

Foods Trade
Children 3 - Mon/
Wed. Thank you,
Silvana Pinedo!

Book Market
Junior 2 - Mon/
Wed. Thank you,
Natalia Valln!

Clothes Sale
Junior 1. Thank
you, Gisela Diz!

The Great,
Big, Enormous
Prep - Mon/Wed.
Thank you, Clarisa

A Great Market!
Children & Juniors
- Mon/ Fri

Intermediate 1

Celebrate Spring





Childrens Day

Tamara Uates,Lucila Ramos, Valentina Porras,Shifra Monticoff, Ruben Falak, Julieta
Diaz, Abraham Chamen,Abigail Bazan,Valentina Aguero

Children 1/ Barrio Norte / Thank you, Antonella Cetera!!!

These are some of my students writing about their memorable nights.
Level 2 - Martinez Branch - Tue /Thurs 8.30 / 10.00 am
Teacher: Ceci Burgos

It was last Friday. I was in the kitchen. My daughter was with me. We wore red
aprons. We made a chocolate cake for my husbands birthday
It was a warm, nice night, the sky was full of stars and a beautiful white full
moon. We got home at six oclock in the evening to have enough time to
prepare it
It was a memorable night because it was a surprise party for my husband.

It was in august 2015 when i lived my memorable
night. I was in Pars and I was with my husband. I
wore a dress and beautiful shoes. We went to see
the Eiffel tower and we took lots of photographs.It
was summer and It was hot ! We went back to the
hotel at 12:00, It was a nice night! A memorable
night! It was amazing! I was with my husband in
Pars and we saw the Eiffel tower s lights turning
on. It was an incredible view!

It was in December six years ago. I was in Argentina Red
Cross in San Fernando City, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I was with my classmates waiting for the last exam. We were
very nervous because we graduated with that exam.
After many hours, we left the building and saw all our relatives.
They congratulated us with eggs and flour! I wore a white
uniform, but I didnt mind, because I was very happy!
I had lunch with my family at home and then we went to receive
our diplomas in the evening.
Then I went with my sisters, friends and classmates to dance
and drink at a nightclub.I got home really late, at 7.00 in the
It was a memorable day because I graduated from Surgical

It was in October last year, I was in a hotel in Orlando, Florida.
I was with my girlfriend, I wore blue shorts and a white t-shirt.
We went to the Magic Kingdom Park, we walked all day and we
went to all the games.
It was a warm day.
We got back to the hotel at about two in the morning.
Its a memorable night, first, because we were happy and
second, because she told me thanks for the best birthday of
my life
Her dream was to know Disney and I was there with her.

Ziffer mateo
Sielecki santiago
Malec agustin
Opitz bruno
Feldman joan
Gabilondo augusto patricio
Frontelli valentino
Lozzio esteban adriel

Junior 3 - Villa Crespo

Thanks, Mara Eugenia Aboso!!

Our holidays are the time when we are at leisure, and thus, get a notion of the etymology being widespread in the
recreating. The word leisure poses a dilemma: How Romance languages. The third dilemma is then, how do
should we pronounce it? The ei diphthong is actually the we relate the original meaning of the word to the one it
sound /e/, and the s becomes a very soft sh. Why so? expresses in English? When we are on holiday we have a
Simply because the word is originally French. The French permission- a social, a working permission- to enjoy, to
language softened many of the harsh Anglo-Saxon recreate, to have fun, not to follow orders, not to follow
phonemes, and this particular lexical item is no exception. a routine, not to restrict ourselves to a specific task.
The second dilemma is related to its semantic content: Holidaying is therefore being permitted to be ourselves,
What on earth does leisure originally mean? Well, if we to be free; our leisure time is the time we are then allowed
relate it to our linguistic Latin baggage, we notice that to have for our own willingness to emerge.
license is somewhat concealed within the word. The Let us extend the meaning of leisure and allow ourselves
actual meaning is to allow, to permit and if you think to also choose to make of our working time a time to
of licenciain Spanish or licena in Portuguese, you permit ourselves to feel happy.

1) It is green and it hates Christmas. What being is it?

2) They all go to Hawaii to swim with dolphins. Only, the boy cant

swim. What film is it?

3) This holiday is creepy and he is its king. Whats the nightmare?

QUIZ 4) They all fall in love at Christmas time and all she wants for

Christmas is you. It is actually what?

5) For their honey moon they go to Mexico but he ends up knowing too

much about his new wife. Who is the actor?

6) Is he dead or alive? These guys are on a long weekend at his house,

but nobody realizes he is dead. Where are they spending the weekend?

7) Julia Roberts performs three actions. Which are they?

8) His parents forgot to take him with them on their trip, and now he

is home and how?

9) She starred in The Mask he starred in The School of Rock. What

film brings them together?

10) Di Caprio travels to Thailand and remains on a strange place. What

place is it?

Stiller, 6. At Bernies, 7. Eat pray love, 8. Alone, 9. The Holiday, 10. The Beach.

Key: 1. The Grinch, 2. Just Go with It, 3. (the one) Before Christmas, 4. Love, 5. Ben
Photo author: Thomas Tivoli