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Mis You shouldn’t do that! 0) Grammar should/shouldn’t @ Match the pictures withthe Sentences in the text, Write the numbers 14 In the boxes ‘Then complete the sentences with should or shouldn't. © couplets rene Use the phrases in the box with should or shoul ‘have music lessons catetorotaneets talk to his teacher about it buy expensive clothes Look after yourself! eure ish 1 You ___......g0 to bed early before an exam, | 2 You eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, 1 Gérard has got bad teeth. He = 3 Yeu stand undera tree in a storm, shouldn't eat a lot of sweets, 4 You look left and right before crossing the road. 2. Wendy doesnt have mary 2) pus the words in order to complete the questions. friends. She ‘Then write answers about the customs in your country. 1 you What say should What should you say when you meet someone for the 3 Franco doesn't have much first time? money. He You should say. eth 2. bow students Should when a teacher comes 4 Adriana wants to be a singer. Eonar she 3. present bring Should you a 5 Julia is always tired when she If someone invites you gets up. She to their home? 4. you use should When 6 Phil doesn't understand his someone's first name? Maths work. He 5 take Should off people their shoes when they go into your house? folie.