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Vogue is the most iconic fashion
magazine. Commitment to visual
genius, investment in storytelling
that puts women at the centre of
the culture, and a selective,
optimistic editorial eye. Vogue
gives readers an insight into the
latest fashion and beauty trends,
featuring A-list celebrities, iconic
magazine covers, and photographs
from professional fashion
photographers. Vogue wants the
viewer to be able embrace current
affairs, fashion, catwalk images,
beauty, people and parties as well
as videos in their online magazine.
With magazines being published
quarterly, viewers are kept up to
date with seasonal trends. Vogue
works with the worlds most iconic
celebrities, brands and
photographers in order to create
this unique magazine for the
publics enjoyment. As possibly the
worlds biggest fashion magazine
they continue to publish their
products online and in a physical
magazine copy.
Vogues target audience, is upper class women.
87% of readers of Vogue Magazine are
Females, who are an average age of 33. has a 95% of their readers being
female, with an average age of 28. Looking
further into the socio-demographics of this
audience group, it is clear that majority belong
to the status A, lawyers, doctors, scientists and
other well paid professionals. This is due to the
high end nature of the magazine, the products
advertised are generally items that people from
this socio status would be able to afford and
would want. People from this socioeconomic
group tend to use social media platforms such
as Facebook and Twitter due to their young
age. Additionally, the company tends to have
pages and accounts on these social media
websites so they are likely to follow them.
Geodemographic identifies where the audience
is located. People from group A, may be
located in wealthier areas, for example
London. People in this group tend to be males
and females who have full time, well paid jobs.
Meaning that they generally are aged between
26-45. There is no specific sexual orientation
that people in group E belong to, neither race
or ethnicity. They also are more of a large,
mainstream audience. 83% of Vogue readers
are frequent users of 60% of
online readers believe that Vogue has the most
influential fashion website.

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