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Scout Safe Risk Assessment:

EVENT ... Activity Name: by

Assessed by: Description: .
Reviewed by:
Note: Parent/Guardian - written consent is obtained prior to event, when members less than 18 years.


Activity/ Risk Treatment Action Plan
Current / Existing Impact
Description List of Risks Likelihood Consequence
Rating Control Means Residual Persons for
(Task/Location) (Incl. MSDS; PPE) Rating Control

Definitions Control Measures - (Hierarchy of Control)

Hazard - Something that has POTENTIAL to cause harm e.g. electricity, height, water, etc. ELIMINATION - First Option: Can the hazard be removed altogether?
Risk - The harm that will occur from exposure to the hazard e.g. electrocution, fall, drown. SUBSTITUTION: Involves replacing hazard with one that presents a lower risk.
Risk Analysis - Refer to tables - Likelihood; Consequence; Risk Priority ISOLATION: Separates the hazard from the person.
Risk Controls - Represents the status IF the control measures are followed Admin. CONTROL: Reduce or eliminate through procedures, instructions or training.
Residual Rating - Revised score after new controls. Conforms acceptance (Yes-No) PPE- Last Option: Provide barrier between hazard and person - gloves, glasses etc.
Likelihood Consequence Risk Priority Rating Consequence
1 2 3
Minor Moderate Major
A = Likely: The event is expected to occur 1 = Minor: Low level impact - First Aid treatment H = High A = Likely Medium High High
B = Possible: The event is not expected to occur 2 = Moderate: Medical attention &/or incapacity M = Medium B = Possible Low Medium High
C = Unlikely: The event is conceivable but unlikely 3 = Major: Long term illness or serious injury L = Low C = Unlikely Low Low Medium