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M. A.

Syllabi in various English Departments in India

A select list of MA syllabi in various English departments has been compiled here from several
universities in India, with the purpose of indicating how the discipline has gradually been opened
up to new areas like Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Translation Studies, Regional Literatures in
Translation, Literary and Cultural Theory and the analysis of concepts like Race, Caste, Gender,
Sexuality, etc.

The highlighted entries exemplify this trend.

1. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

The M. A. Course includes the following areas: English Language, Language and Literature,
British Literature: Genres and Forms, British Literature: Periods and Movements, English in
India: Language and Literature, English Literature from other non-British parts of the world,
Translation studies and Comparative Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism, Semiotics,
Literature and other Arts. A detailed description of M. A, M. Phil and Ph. D courses as follows:

ES 413 E A Literary Form
ES 414 E Reading the Romance
ES417 E Study of an Author – II

ES 436 E English in India
ES 437 E English in India: Socio-Historical & Cultural Setting
ES 438 E Indian English
ES 439 E Structure and Varieties of Indian English
ES 440 E Literature in Indian English
ES 441 E Indian Writings in English
ES 442 E Indian Writings in English and or Translation

ES 446 E Lit in English Other than British: American
ES 447 E American Literature
ES 448 E Afro-American Writings
ES 449 E Jewish-American Literature
ES 450 E Native-American Literature
ES 451 E Lit in English Other than British: African
ES 452 E African Literature in English
ES 453 E South African Writings in English
ES 454 E Lit in English Other than British: Australian
ES 455 E Australian Literature
ES 456 E Irish Literature
ES 457 E Canadian Fiction: An Introduction


TRANSLATION STUDIES AND COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AND POETICS ES 461 E Translation: Theory and Practice ES 462 E Comparative Literature ES 463 E Comparative Poetics ES 464 E Indian Grammatical Tradition ES 465 E History & Development of Linguistic Thought in India ES 466 E Phil of Lang & Lit – I: Bharata’s Natyashastra ES 467 E Phil of Lang & Lit – II: Astadhyayi of Panini ES 468 E Phil of Lang & Lit – III: Bhartrhari’s Vakyapadiya ES 469 E Phil of Lang & Lit – IV: Patanjali’s Yogasutras ES 471 E Modern European Drama LITERARY THEORY AND CRITICISM ES 474 E Texts in Literary Criticism ES 475 E Critical Approaches to Literature ES 476 E Texts of Criticism & Literary Discourse Theories ES 477 E Readings in Literary Theory &Criticism ES 478 E Narrative Structures in English ES 479 E Language and Gender ES 480 E Colonial Discourse & Postcolonial Studies – I ES 481 E Colonial Discourse & Postcolonial Studies – II SEMIOTICS ES 486 E Semiotics & Philosophy of Structures – I ES 487 E Semiotics & Philosophy of Structures – II ES 488 E Semiotics & Philosophy of Structures – III ES 489 E Semiotics of Conceptual Structures & Discourse Analysis LITERATURE & OTHER ARTS ES 490 E Literature and Allied Arts: Cinema ES 491 E Film & Literature LITERATURE IN OTHER ENGLISHES ES 621 E English Writings in the Third World ES 622 E Indian English in Its Socio-Cultural & Historical Setting ES 623 E Teaching of English in India ES 631 E African Literature in English ES 632 E Contemporary Australian Literature ES 636 E Readings in American Literature ES 637 E African-American Literature TRANSLATION STUDIES AND COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AND POETICS ES 641 E Translation of Literary Texts ES 642 E Comparative Literature ES 646 E Literature in India ES 647 E Indian Poetics .

Art & Culture . STRUCTURALISM.ES 648 E Indian Philosophical Tradition ES 649 E Indian Linguistic Tradition ES 650 E Vakyapadiya: Philosophy of Language & Linguistics LITERARY THEORY AND CRITICISM ES 656 E Critical Approaches to Literature ES 657 E Readings in English Literary Criticism ES 658 E New Criticism ES 661 E Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory ES 662 E Twentieth Century Literary Theory ES 666 E Novel and Society ES 667 E Women and Literature ES 668 E Literature of Colonialism & Decolonization SEMIOTICS. ES 676 E Semiotics of Creative Process in Language & Literature ES 677 E Saussure and Semiology ES 678 E Structuralism and Literary Critique ES 679 E Post-Structuralism CULTURE STUDIES ES 681 E Interpretation of Texts ES 682 E Conceptual Structures in Language. ETC. Literature.

Modernity and Indigenous Discourse EGO-110 Latin American Literature EGO-111 Cultural Studies in the Postcolonial World EGO-112 Readings in Contemporary Theory EGO-113 A Reading in Postcolonial Theory and Literature EGO-114 Cultural Studies : Theory and Practice EGO-115 Goa : Cultural Persectives EGO-116 Contemporary Indian English Fiction EGO-117 Regional Sensibilities in Indian Writing EGO-118 Cross-Currents in Modern European Drama EGO-119 Canadian Cultural Studies EGO-120 Translation Studies: Theory and Praxis EGO-121 Approaches to Journalism Through Language and Literature EGO-122 D. H. Goa University. Goa Compulsory Courses: EGC 101: Linguistics EGC 102 : English Poetry: from Chaucer onwards EGC 103 : English Novel EGC 104 English Drama EGC 105 :Indian Writing in English EGC 106 :Novel as a Major Form EGC 107 :Literary Criticism EGC 108 :Shakespeare Plays EGC 109 :American Literature EGC 110 : World Classics EGC 111 :Comedy EGC 112 :Epic EGC 113 :Tragedy Optional Courses: EGO-101 Stylistics EGO-102 Study of a Major Poet EGO-103 Study of a Major Novelist EGO-104 Study of a Major Playwright EGO-105 Indian Writing in Translation EGO-106 Readings in Literary Criticism EGO-107 Creative Writing EGO-108 Commonwealth Literature EGO-109 Studies in Colonialism. 2. Lawrence EGO-123 Multimedia in Cultural Literacies: A Study of Australia .

Renaissance Art e. English Literature 1760-1830 SEMESTER III 5. Poetry. English Literature 1630-1760 4. Milton: Prose and Poetry c. Postcolonial English Literature MA English Optional Courses: A. Renaissance and Political Thought B. The Beginning of the Novel e. Romantic Geographies D. ENGLISH LITERATURE 1760-1830 a. The Pilgrimage in Medieval Literature c. Victorian Literature and Empire . ENGLISH LITERATURE 1630-1760 a. Shelley d. Keats e. Medieval and Renaissance English Literature 2. Romanticism and the Culture of Dissent c. Enlightenment and the Culture of Reason d. Literature and the French Revolution b. Humanism d. MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE ENGLISH LITERATURE a. English Literature 1830-1900 SEMESTER II 3. Jadavpur University. Renaissance Drama 8. Literary Theory and Cultural Studies SEMESTER IV 7. ENGLISH LITERATURE 1830-1900 a. Kolkata. English Literature 1900-2000 6. West Bengal MA English Core Courses: SEMESTER I 1. 3. Old English Poetry and Prose b. Society and Literature During the English Civil War b. Politics and Society 1660-1760 C.

Modern European Fiction d. Modern Theatre c. Children’s Literature j. Queer Studies e. Thomas Hardy d. SPECIAL AREAS a. POSTCOLONIAL AND AMERICAN LITERATURE a. The Theban Plays of Sophocles i. Ethnic-American Writing d. Literature and Psychoanalysis e. Science and Victorian Poetry e. Foucault d. African Writing in English e. American Literature in the Nineteenth Century c. Image and Text H. Indian Writing in English b. History of the Book b. Textual Criticism b. Writing Leisure f. Graham Greene b. Modernism and Poetry e. Structure Sign and Play h. b. New Woman Novels c. Many Feminisms c. Performative Play: Literature and Culture of Sport h. Realism g. Postmodern Fictions F. Literature and Visual Arts c. Popular Literature d. Death in Western Civilization . Romantic Critical Thought f. George Eliot E. Literature and Medicine g. LITERATURE IN THE 20TH CENTURY a. Diaspora Studies G. LITERARY THEORY AND CULTURAL STUDIES a.

Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh MA SEMESTER I HE401 The English Language HE402 Introduction to Literature HE403 Shakespeare and 17th Century British Literature and Thought HE404 Indian Writing in English MA SEMESTER II HE451 18th Century British Literature & Thought HE452 Romantic Literature & Thought HE453 British Literature & Thought of the Victorian Age HE454 American Literature HE454 Modern British Literature & Thought MA SEMESTER III HE501 Literary Criticism and Theory HE502 American Literature and Thought HE521 ‘Modernities’ in Indian Literature HE522 Other Romanticisms: The Politics of the Lake School Poets HE523 Staging the ‘Feminine Consciousness’: American Women Playwrights during the 80s. HE524 South Asian Diasporic Women’s Writing discrepancy MA SEMESTER IV HE551 New Literature in English HE571 Gay Indian Literature HE572 “Tell Sad Stories”: Shakespeare’s Tragedies HE573 Introduction to Gender Studies HE574 Indian Cities in Cultural Imagination HE575 “Reading Film. 4. Watching Texts”: Indian English Literature & Film HE576 Defining and Re-Defining Indian Dalit Literature . University of Hyderabad.

5. Calicut.Post 1940 SEMESTER III (TWO CORE PAPERS AND TWO OPTIONAL PAPERS) Core Papers Twentieth Century British Literature: Post 1940 English Language: History and Structure Optionals Advanced Literary Theory Post structuralism and Postmodernism . Kerala MA SEMESTER I (TWO CORE PAPERS AND TWO OPTIONAL PAPERS) Core Papers British Literature From the Age of Chaucer to the Eighteenth Century British Literature: The Nineteenth Century Optional Papers Shakespeare British and Continental Drama World Drama Advanced Communication Writing for the Media SEMESTER II (TWO CORE PAPERS AND TWO OPTIONAL PAPERS) Core Papers Twentieth Century Literature up to World War II Criticism and Theory Optional Papers American Literature European Poetry in Translation Queer Studies European Fiction in Translation Canadian Literature American Poetry . University of Calicut.

Postcolonial Fiction and Drama Film Studies Malayalam Literature in Translation Regional Indian Literature in Translation Women’s Writing SEMESTER IV (TWO CORE PAPERS AND THREE OPTIONAL PAPERS) Core papers Indian English Literature Dissertation Optionals Postcolonial Poetry Indian English Fiction Introduction to Children’s Literature Indian Aesthetics Linguistics Introduction to Cultural Studies Translation Theory and Practice Teaching of English American Ethnic Writing Dalit Studies .

6. Bangalore. Karnataka SEMESTER I MEL131 British Literature: Genres & Ideas MEL 132 Research Methods and Writing MEL133 Literary Criticism and Theory MEL 134 Linguistics MEL 135 Professional Communication SEMESTER II MEL 231 Gender Studies MEL232 Contemporary Critical Theory MEL 233 Elective (a) 20th Century American Literature (b) Creative Writing MEL234 English Language Teaching MEL 235 Mass Communication SEMESTER III MEL 331 Indian Literatures (In Translation) MEL 332 World Literatures MEL 333 Critical Aesthetics MEL334 Postcolonial National Notes MEL 335 Theatre Studies MEL336 Internship SEMESTER IV MEL 431 Dissertation MEL 432 Contemporary Indian Writing (In English) MEL 433 Cultural Debates MEL 434 Film Studies MEL 435 Elective (a) Translation Studies (b) Script Writing (c) Popular Culture (d) Culture and Discipline . Christ University.

New Delhi SEMESTER I English Poetry from Chaucer to Milton Eighteenth Century English Literature Literary Criticism 1 Optional Paper (One of the following): (i) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Drama (ii) European Comedy SEMESTER II Shakespeare Language and Linguistics Optional Paper (One of the following): (i) Literature and Gender (ii) New Literatures in English (iii) Romantic Poetry A course in another discipline. SEMESTER III Nineteenth Century Novel Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama Indian Literature 1 Optional Paper (One of the following): (i) American Literature (ii) Literature and the Visual Arts in Europe SEMESTER IV Twentieth Century Novel Literary Criticism 2 Optional Paper (One o the following): (i) Ancient Greek and Latin Literature (ii) Indian Literature 2 (iii) The Novel in India A course in another discipline. 7. University of Delhi. .

University of Pune. New Zealand Literatures in English Group-E : Paper-VII: World Classics in English Translation Paper-VIII: Indian Literature in English Translation .A. Maharashtra Core Papers: M. ENGLISH PART-II Paper-V: English Languages and Literature Teaching. 8. Paper-III : English Language Today.A. Optional Papers (One of the following groups to be offered) Group-A : Paper-VII: Form of Literature Paper-VIII: Special Author Group-B : Paper-VII: Linguistics and Stylists Paper-VIII: Semantics and Pragmatics Group-C : Paper-VII: Afro-Asian Literature Paper-VIII: Popular Fiction Group-D : Paper-VII: Modern American Literature Paper VIII: Canadian. Paper-II: English Literature from 1832 to 1980. Australian. ENGLISH PART-I Paper-I: English Literature from 1550 to 1832. M. Paper-VI: Indian Writing in English. Paper-IV: Contemporary Critical Theory. Pune.

Literature and Caste Project 3 MA SEMESTER IV Core 16. Latin American Literature IDE 2 .Literature and Race Project 2 MA SEMESTER III Core 11. 9.Introduction to Translation Studies IDE 3 . American Literature B. Vadodara.Fiction I Core 3. Canadian Literature Core 10.Drama II Core 17.Modern Literary Theory and Criticism II Core 14.Literature and Gender Project 1 MA SEMESTER II Core 6. Practical Criticism B.English Language Teaching Core 19-A. Gujarat MA SEMESTER I Core 1.A.Fiction II Core 8. Introduction to Practical Translation IDE 4 . Indian Literature in Translation B.Special Author: Shakespeare Core 15.Modern Literary Theory and Criticism I Core 4.English Studies in India II Core 18.English Poetry II Core 7.English Poetry I Core 2.Varieties of Non-Fictional Prose Core 9.English Studies in India I Core 13. Maharaha Sayajirao University of Baroda.Introduction to Comparative Literary Studies IDE 1 . Diaspora Writings of the Indian Subcontinent Core 20-A.A.Literature and Film Project 4 .Indian Literature in English Core 5.Drama I Core 12. European Literature B.

10. Gujarat SEMESTER I Core papers: 101 From the Renaissance to the Restoration 102 From the Restoration to the Romantics Electives: 1A Tragic Drama 1B Appreciation of Theatre 1C Indian Literature in English Translation SEMESTER II Core papers: 201 Literature of the Romantic Period 202 Literature of the Victorian Period Electives: 2A The Novel as a Form 2B Narrative Theory 2C Indian Writing in English SEMESTER III Core papers: 301 Modernism and Beyond 302 Literary Criticism and Theory 1 Electives: 3A Modern European Literature 3B American Literature 3C Postcolonial Literature SEMESTER IV Core papers: 401 Trends in Contemporary Literature 402 Literary Criticism and Theory II Electives: 4A Introduction to Translation Studies 4B Introduction to Culture Studies 4C Introduction to Structure of Language . Central University of Gujarat. Gandhinagar.