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Authors: Chris Handley
Editing : Sam Kapral, Bryce Perry
Cover Art: Malacar

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Table of Contents
Prologue: Acqua Alta


Chapter One: The Fairy City

Chapter Two: Behind the Mask

Chapter Three: The Carnival

Chapter Four: The Red Priest

Broken Masks, Splintered Dreams
Venice, La Serenissima, a city of lust, greedy, mystery, magic and dreams. It is the fairy
city of man sat up ever rising waters. Venice sits at the gateway of the classical and medieval
world, ancient nexus now nothing more than a city sized, water logged, museum of the
However, Venice may no longer be a centre of the mortal world, but it has remained the
centre of the world for those that live behind the shadows. Venice has a dynamic, colourful and
sordid history since the fall of the Roman Empire and has always been influenced by those other
beings that take an interest in human affairs. One particular group is the Lost. Just as the original
founders of the city fled the invading Huns, so did the Lost flee from the captivity of Keepers.
And Venice is the place to which they flee.

Theme: The Carnival

The Carnival is integral to Venice. In the Christian calendar it marked the lead up to
Lent. Because the six weeks of Lent would be spent fasting and being pious, and no wine or rich
food was to consume in honor of Jesus 40 days in the desert, all of this food and wine had to be
used up. For this reason there was a long party to do just that. The Carnival.
Carnival, like many Christian rites and festivals, has many traditions that predate the
church. In many ways Carnival is similar to the festivals of Saturnalia and Bacchanalia held by
the Romans. There are also a number of pagan rites involving masked figures. Due to the pagan
rites traditionally related to Carnival the clergy adopted the celebration rather than prevent it, but
introduced more Christian elements. Though the tradition of Carnival took place all around the
Christian world, the Carnival of Venice was one of the most grand and extravagant.
Typically the Carnival would start soon after Christmas and end the week before Lent on
Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). The term Carnival has a disputed origin but possibly has its origin in
the Greek for meat, carn, or the Latin carne levare, or to remove meat. It may also mean
farewell to meat, carne vale. This of course is a double meaning. Not only do they say
goodbye to meat, but also they let go of their everyday self and succumb to the celebrations.
The Carnival of Venice was first recorded in 1268, and masks have always been a central
feature of the Carnival. Carnival begins the 26th of December on St Stephens Day. However
masks were also a part of the celebrations during Ascension and from October the 5th. For this
people were able to spend a lengthy period of time in masks. For there were many attempts to
ban the wearing of masks in Italy for the subversive nature they allowed. The mask makers, or
mascareri, were able to take advantage of this and formed guilds and their own laws and had an
important position in Venetian society.
The Carnival has always had a sordid history, with tales of men dressing as women and
entering convents, other wearing masks so to hide from their creditors, or others wearing them to
commit acts of murder. The people of Venice loved masks, but the rulers and the church came to
loath them, with laws being created to ban the wearing of masks, cloaks and indecent attire.
For the Changelings of Venice the Carnival is life, it is death, is revelry, it is survival. The
Carnival is all seasons and none, a Court of its own. For the setting of Venice this is the theme of
Carnival. Changelings wear masks in many ways; to hide from their Keepers, to hide from
other things that would hunt them, to hide their motives in Court, to hide in the shadows and
strike out at others. The mask allows a dual life for the Changelings. On the one hand they may
cavort in their Grand Balls, weaving their Glamour, indulging in the emotions of others. But also
masks allow for Changelings to hide, to conspire, lurking in the dark. The Carnival really does
mean farewell to the flesh, for it represents their freedom from the Gentry. But the Carnival
also represents that last celebration before giving it all up in order to brave the desert. It is the
last deadly dance and at the end all have a price to pay when the masks have to come off.

Mood: The Fairy City of the Heart

The Fairy City of the Heart, so Lord Byron named Venice. But was does that mean?
Venice is both beauty and decay, a dying flower. The modern Venice is not very different to how
it was at the height of its power. However, the average tourist misses the breath taking vistas on
offer that can simply be seen if they took the time to look up from the windows of gaudy Murano
glass jewelry, or took a route off the beaten path. Behind each corner, above each shop, down
each canal, Venice, the Fairy City, awaits to capture the love of another traveler. The city is
bittersweet to its roots and is not unlike many of the Gentry. Palazzos and apartments twists and
lean over the small waterways, and during the acqua alta the city meets its dark reflection in the
high waters. The mood of Venice is simple that, a city that is a true embodiment of all that is
Fae. And so for all its beauty creeping dark thinks are not far away. For every precious thing that
lies in Venice, it sits nestled with its darker twin, the price of sin that must be paid. Venice is
thus a city that does not forget consequences. For every great work there is a fall, a sin. This is
Fortuna, the life blood of Venice.

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Chapter One
The Fairy City
This was Venice, the flattering and suspect beauty - this city, half
fairy tale and half tourist trap, in whose insalubrious air the arts
once rankly and voluptuously blossomed, where composers have been
inspired to lulling tones of somniferous eroticism.
- Lord Byron


From the Ashes of an Empire

Venice has stood for since the end of rulers of Ravenna, were then ousted by the
the Roman Empire, and was founded by Franks, led by Charlemagne, who assumed the
refugees who fled the invading Huns. The title of emperor of the Western Holy Roman
people of the north east of Italy fled their lands Empire. Venetians were caught in the middle.
and took boats out into the lagoon and settled On the one hand they had their loyalty to
in on the marshy islands. These survivors of Byzantium, and on the other they had a new
the Western Roman Empire were ruled over Emperor on the border to their duchy.
by the Byzantine Emperor of the Eastern The current Doge, Obelario, courted
Empire, and in the 8th century the first Doge both parties, and together with the Duke of
of the lagoon was elected, Orso, who was Dalmatia they travelled to the Frankish capital
recognized by the Byzantine Empire. Orso and claimed to ignore Byzantine authority
successor and son, Diodato, moved the seat of while asking for their lands to be seen as
power of the region to the isle of Malamocco. independent. However, this was seen as an
This move to Malamocco was a sign of affront to Byzantium and in return a fleet was
Venetians wanting to become unimpeded sent from Constantinople to the Venetian
traders while be able to defend themselves lagoon. The Doge surrendered claiming it was
from pirates and invaders. Venetians were all the fault of the patriarch of Grado. With
looking for autonomy. Not too much but Venice between two rival powers the isles and
enough so that they were masters of their own their people were split by internal bickering
trade. and conspiracy. In an attempt to once more
Venetian control of the lagoon and the dominate the region Charlemagne sent his son,
Adriatic continued easily for the next few Pepin, King of Italy, to the Adriatic at the head
decades, undisturbed by the fall of Ravenna, of a large fleet. Ravenna and Dalmatia fell, but
the seat of Byzantine rule over the ports of the the march of Pepins forces was halted at
Adriatic. However, the Lombards, the new Malamocco where the Venetian forces were
focused. The refugees of the conflict fled to until the church was built that was grand
the centre of the lagoon to Castle Olivolo enough.
which stood in the Rivoalto high ground Venice grew and soon was more than a
(later contracted to Rialto) islands. From these simple province. It was now an imperial
isles the city of Venice would be born. duchy. It still acknowledged the power of the
Of course the Frankish fleet was intent Western Empire but retained its autonomy.
on finding and destroying the Venetians, but With the growing population of the isles the
legend has it that when the fleet asked for lagoon became properly settled on the largest
directions from a woman the fleet was pointed islands. Simple single storey wooden houses
in the wrong direction, running aground in the were the standard and they lined the
shallow water. It was here the Venetian fleet embankments. Over time the marshes were
destroyed the Franks. The network of shallows drained, and crops were grown on the islands.
would be the natural Venetian defenses for The city continued to grow and soon all the
centuries. homes and streets formed continuous
The next Doge to be elected, Agnello settlement. Each part of the city was centered
Partecipazio, was the first Doge to have on the local churches, and the foundations of
Venetian coinage minted. The Doges family the city were strengthened and reinforced. Of
was affluent and owned much land. Under the course the main feature of the growing city
rule of Agnello the Venetians enjoyed the was the Grand Canal, the main waterway that
privileges of both the Eastern and the Western divides Venice in half.
empires. Under the command of Doge Orso
Parteciapzio the power of Venice increased
then and it started to increase the amount of
The Arrival of the Lion military action that the duchy was involved in.
It was in the mid-ninth century that the The primary aim of Venice was to remove the
first Doges Palace was erected. As the pirates from the Adriatic in order to ensure the
influence, power, and wealth of the Venetians safe passage of trade to Venice. The other
grew, so did their territory. They aided the enemy of the duchy was the Saracens of the
Byzantine Greeks in their war against the south who held domain in southern Italy.
Muslims. But the most important event was in Venice itself also grew, with more of the
828 when the body of St Mark arrived in marshy islands being settled and built upon.
Venice. Venice even maintained its ban on slavery as
Legend has it that St Mark had first trade grew. Trade between Byzantium and
preached in the lands of Veneti, and that by Venice flourished, and gifts were exchanged
right his body should rest there. But at the time between the Doge and the Emperor of the
the body of St Mark lay in Alexandria. Two Eastern Empire.
Venetian merchants convinced the priest who Trade was the lifeblood of Venice, the
cared for the body to hand the body over so reason for its existence. One item key to their
that it may be taken to Venice. In order to trade was salt, a substance that was their
move the body in secret it was stowed with currency for it could be traded for all the
pork. Pork being a vile meat to the Muslim, things that could not be grown or reared on the
they who controlled Alexandria, it was islands of Venice. However, trade came at a
believed that they would not check the cargo. price. There were Narentine pirates, against
Along the journey back to Venice one miracle whom expeditions were sent, and even a Doge
said to have happened was the vision of St died at the hands of. To the North there were
Mark before a monk, asking for the man to the Hungarian Tartars, against who the
warn the merchants that they must lower their Venetians raised a wall to defend their city.
sails in order to survive a coming storm. Once In the mid-tenth century Venice
in Venice the body was placed in the chapel extended their trade to Istria, but in doing so
next to the Doges Palace, where it would rest brought upon themselves the resentment of the

marquis of Istria. Venetians were jailed, cargo
confiscated, merchants killed and ships
destroyed. In response the Venetians
blockaded the Istria ports leading to the
marquis begging for trade to be reopened.
Following on from this success the Venetian
military crushed Croatians, Slavs and
Narentine pirates.
Of course power breeds greed and
Venice was rife with internal struggles.
Families fought one another, and father and
son were even at each others throats. This was
the case of the doges Pietro III and his son
Pietro IV, who after a long struggle and the
exile of the younger finally ended with the son
returning and taking the mantle of Doge.
As time went on and the power and
influence of Venice grew the Doge saw no
reason why his people should submit to the
will of the emperors of either the east or west.
Sons were made patriarchs of neighboring
cities, wives were sent away so new marriages
of politics could be made. Such was the way of
the Doges of Venice as they made more and
more advances for power in the lands of Italy
and beyond.
Venice of course stood at the gateway
between the two great empires. And so in 967
when the Doge renewed their allegiance with
the Western Holy Roman Emperor, he made
the Emperor of the Eastern Empire angry,
threatening them, though under the pretext that
the Venetians had been trading with the
But life was not good for all Venetians.
And so Pietro IV paid the price for his despot
nature and warmongering at the hands of his
own people. The palace of the Doge was burnt
down, and with it St Marks Basilica and
numerous more homes. The broken body of
the Doge was then taken for display in the
The next Doge, of the Orseolo family,
rebuilt the palace, built a hospital and had the
golden screen, the Pala dOro made for the
Basilica. This new Doge then abdicated and
another of the Orseolo family took his place.
The new Orseolo Doge had high
aspirations than just his own wealth. Under his The Mask by ~zerogenius
guidance Venice survived battles with the

Holy Roman Emperor Otto II, and followed a the Lido where he stands at the mouth of the
political plan of Venetian prosperity. harbor.
Standing at the edge of the harbor with
Union with the Sea the patriarch, the Doge throws a wedding ring
Now Venice claimed lands to the north into the sea and says: We marry you, O sea, in
east of Italy and with the pirates and the Slavs a sign of true perpetual dominion, asking God
removed, the Adriatic was Venices alone. The to protect those who travel by sea. Rather
Doge laid claim to the lands of Dalmatia, he than throwing the ring into the ocean, in later
was the Duke of the Dalmatians, and Venice times the Doge would simply pour holy water
was now in a mystic union with the sea, a into the sea.
ceremony which was begun back then. It was said that Pope Alexander
donated the ring for use in the ritual, while
others say that the ring was given to the Doge
by a fisherman who was given the ring by St
Sposalizio del Mare Mark.
The Marriage with the Sea is a sign
of Venetian dominance over the seas of the
Adriatic, the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Venetians had an elected Doge for a
Begun by Doge Peitro Orseolo II after reason. They disliked the idea of dynasties
to conquering of the Dalmatian coast the ruling over the city, remembering the previous
ceremony is a grand affair where the Adriatic tyrants of the Candiano family. And so Otto,
is even referred to as the Gulf of Venice. The son of the previous Doge Pietro was ousted
Doge dresses in gold and ermine, and sails in and exiled from the city.
an elaborate gilded galley called the Bucintoro In order to control the power of the
Doge two councils, representing factions from

either side of the Grand Canal, the Castellani be punished executed.
and the Nicolotti. The Castellani wore red caps It was around this time that the
to show their allegiance, while the Nicolotti Arsenale, the place where warships were built,
wore black caps. The rivalry was seen as a stored, equipped and repaired, was founded. It
benefit to the city, ensuring that the people was the lynchpin in Venetian domination of
were always well trained for combat against the seas. This domination of the Mediterranean
each other, and so war against enemies outside by Venice and other naval republics caused the
of Venice. Byzantine Empire much anger and in envy the
In 1081, 15 years after the invasion of Emperor of Byzantium had many quarters held
Britain by William the Conqueror, the by foreign republic destroyed or confiscated.
Normans continued to increase their lands, Soon after the failed excursion in 1171
seizing land in the Mediterranean, Italy, and by Doge Vitale Michiel II, the electoral system
even go as far as invading the holdings of the for the selection of the Doge was reformed and
Byzantine Empire. Venice came to the rescue, the Great Council was formed. This group of
after all the Normans were now imposing over four hundred nobles would elect the Doge
themselves upon the region of the Adriatic, an in one of the most complicated systems ever
area of Venetian domination. In return Venice devised.
was rewarded with tax exemptions when It was the alliance of cities with the
trading and was even given its own quarter in pope that prevented the then Holy Roman
the city of Constantinople. Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa, from invading
Venice of course was not the only the lands of Italy. In return Venice, through
republic to rule the waves. There was Pisa, politicking and diplomacy, achieved peace
Amalfi and Genoa. During the First Crusade with the pope and true independence from
the Venetian ships captured a rival fleet from Rome.
Pisa, setting it free on the guarantee that
Venice alone would sail Byzantine waters.
Slowly the Venetians took a more The fall of Constantinople
active role in the Crusades in order to take In 1203 Venice was contracted to
advantage of the situation so that their rival transport and protect the troops of the Fourth
naval republics would not gain the upper hand. Crusade. However, the leaders of the Crusade
In return for aiding the King of Jerusalem did not have enough money and so the Doge
Venice was rewarded with land and tax Enrico Dandolo diverted the crusade from its
exemptions in the city. Even on the journey course to Egypt. Instead they first landed on
back from the Holy Lands the Venetians took the Dalmatian coast and sacked Zara. Then the
many ports, such as Rhodes. fleet moved on to Constantinople, seeking
It was in 1126 the emperor of Eastern revenge for the treatment of Venetians in
Empire, John II, called for peace with Venice recent times.
once more, and again Venice was given a seal At first the siege on land failed and the
to show their right to tax exemptions, so long Crusade forces were repelled. But then they
as Venice aided in the fight against the changed tactics and assaulted the walls of the
Saracens and Normans that plagued the waters city from the sea. Lashing together ships they
of Byzantium. were able to construct siege towers and so
It was during this time of near constant were able to scale the sea walls.
warfare in the seas that Venice acquired the Constantinople was sacked, its riches
pink granite columns that stand in St Marks taken away by the crusading forces. One
Square. On top, once they were erected, treasure of importance was the four bronze
symbols of Venice were placed. These horses that stand atop of St Marks Basilica.
symbols were St Theodore, the original patron The lands of the Eastern Empire were
of Venice, and the winged lion of St Mark. It then divided up and a new puppet emperor was
was at these columns that the criminals would put in place to rule over the empire. In total the

lands now under the rule of Venice accounted further, enforcing their dominion over others,
for three quarters of the Roman Empire. securing their trading rights and even minting
Venice was now indeed mighty and its a coin that would be used beyond the
influence was over the entire Mediterranean. boundaries of their empire, such was the
Of course this colonial empire of prestige that came with the name Venice.
Venice was not left unopposed. The forces of It was also in this century that the
Genoa and the revenge thirsty Byzantines explorer Marco Polo returned to his homeland.
formed an alliance against the Venetians. He brought with him tales of the distant lands
In Syria the Venetians broke the chains of China and India, and spoke of the great
barring the port and destroyed the Genoese wealth and opportunity that such a trading
ships. But soon after the Genoese-Byzantine route could give.
alliance retook Constantinople from the The end of the 13th century was not
Western Empire. However the Venetians were easy as enemies at home and abroad moved
not prevented from trading in Constantinople against the Republic. Doge and Saracen,
by the Byzantines. Aggression between the Byzantine and Genoese. All had their eyes set
Genoese and the Venetians came to an end on Venice.
with a peace treaty that was overseen by the The early 14th century saw more
king of France. changes to the way Venice was administered,
with the Great Council being locked. This
meant that eventually only those houses that
Election Day were members would be members for life, and
The complex election system of the so membership to the Council became
Doge was introduced in 1268 by the Doge hereditary. The Doge was now elected by the
Lorenzo Tiepolo. elite and not by the masses. Though such a
The system was designed to ensure that change led to stability, the removal of the
it could not be influenced by just one family or publics right to vote on the Doge meant that
subject to fraud. they would become disenfranchised and
The Great Council, over four hundred rebellious.
nobles, would select 30. Those thirty chose Conspiracies against the Doge were not
nine of themselves. Those nine selected a40 uncommon, but the Doge had his own allies.
from the Great Council, who in turn selected The punishments meted out to those insurgents
12 of their own. These 12 chose another 25 were not light. Exile was a light sentence, the
from the council who reduced themselves to 9. worst being torture and execution in front of
Those nine chose another 45 from the council, the pillars in St Marks Square.
who reduced themselves to 11. These 11 chose
41 councilors who then elected the doge.
Easy, neh? A ship in every port
The influence of Venice extended far
and wide. Ships laden with cargo would set
sail to Constantinople, the Black Sea, Spain
and London. Venice even began to make
The 13th century saw Venice undergo
inroads into land based trade routes to the
much social reform. There was the new
north, much to the annoyance of the merchants
electron system already, but also many public
of Padua and Verona.
works, including state funded doctors and
The mid 1300s were not the easiest for
management of the lagoon itself. But of course
Venetians as the city was hit by an earthquake
all these are nothing compared to the might of
and the Plague finally arrived in Venice. No
an earthquake, and one such major tectonic
surprise in hindsight as Venice had ships
event caused much suffering to Venice. This
travelling to all ports in the Mediterranean.
century also saw Venice extend its hand ever
Over a half of Venetians died.

War once more hit the Venetian celebration, with jousting contests held in
traders. Again it was from Genoa. However, honor of the new Doge. But soon enough war
for once the Byzantine forces were the came to Venice again. And once more it was
Venetian allies. With a shortage of troops, Hungarians, Turks and the leader of Aquileia.
Venetian forces depleted by the Plague, the But the lands of the Venetian Empire grew.
Venetian galleys were also manned by troops But with this came rivals. The Visconti of
from Dalmatia and Byzantium. But as the war Milan, the Carraras of Padua and the Scaligeri
came to an end between the two republics a of Verona.
new Doge came to power. A great traitor. Doge Francesco Foscari came to power
Doge Marin Falier. in 1423, but was the first Doge whom was
Falier was the model citizen and elected without the blessing of the people. The
statesman. He was a Count, a Lord, a knight Council of Ten now was fully in command of
and a merchant of high renown. Brought to the the selection of the Doge. But the previous
palace on the Doges galley, he passed Doge, Tommaso Mocenigo had warned the
between the two pillars in the square. This was Council against Foscari, calling him a
considered as a bad omen. Falier had plans to warmonger and a liar. He was not wrong.
take Venice and appoint himself as dictator. There was war against Milan, and it cost
Whether it was out of revenge for a previous Venice dearly, with Foscari eventually forced
slight against his family or just political out of office by the Council of Ten.
ambition Falier formed a conspiracy to take The fifteenth century was also an age
the throne for his family. But the conspiracy of exploration, with Venetian merchants
was uncovered, Falier executed and his co- travelling the world and bringing back new
conspirators were either hanged or exiled. goods, and new ideas, making Venice the
Falier was executed on the 17th of unique city that it is. Merchants travelled as far
April 1355, a day considered unlucky in Italy. as the Atlantic African coastline and beyond.
He was decapitated on the grand stair case of This century also saw the end of Venices old
the palace, his head displayed to the public and rival, Constantinople, at the hands of the
his body buried in an unmarked grave. In Turks.
thanks to God for stopping this plot against
Venice the event was honored by the holding a
public Mass in St Marks. By decree of the Renaissance of Venice
Council of Ten the traces of Falier was In Venice the new trade was the
removed from the palace, his portrait painted printed word. A new export that made up for
black and inscribed upon with the following: the lack of trade due to the fall of
This would have been the place of Marin Constantinople to the Turks. Trade routes had
Falier, beheaded for the crime of treason. to be shifted for safety of the merchant fleet
War with Genoa was followed by and the loss of trade would have hit the purses
battles against the Padua, Austria, and of the Venetian merchant I not for new forms
Hungarians, any who laid their sights on the of trade. Venice was the growing centre of the
lands of Dalmatia. The new Doge of Venice printed word, publishing hundreds of books
was the captain Lorenzo Celsi. He was brought and had hundreds of printing presses. It
back to the city as he had been elected while cemented Venice as the intellectual capital of
he was out at sea. However, peace with the the world, publishing books on art, war,
Genoese was never permanent. Plagues swept religion, history, science.
the city at the end of the fourteenth century Meanwhile the war against the Turks
and the lagoon of Venice even came under was escalating. Venetian ports in Greece were
attack. overrun; the cost of Dalmatia was attacked.
The start of the fifteenth century and But peace was eventually made, and Venices
Venice was a growing power on land and in new sign of prestige, their new export was art.
the seas. The start of the century was a time of So as a sign of peace Venice sent the painter

Gentile Bellini to paint the Sultans portrait. In
the Renaissance Venetian artists were more
than artists, they were celebrities and
ambassadors. One prominent artist was Titian A Maze of Water
who studied under Gentile and Giovanni Venice as it looks today has barely
Bellini. He studied the classical forms and changed since the end of the 15th century.
painted some of the most erotic nudes ever to Venice consists of the canals, streets called
be seen. Other paintings depicted scenes from calli, and squares called campi.
the Bible, but the painters pushed the Venetian architecture is unlike any in
boundaries of accepted art. In particular Europe, fusing Western Gothic with Eastern
Veronese was deemed a heretic for including Byzantine styles. Palaces (palazzo) were the
images of fools, drunks and dwarves in his merchant homes, but also place of trade and
painting of the Last Supper. The artists of warehouses. They consisted of a central
Venice were incurring the wrath of the Church courtyard that let light in, a main entrance that
as they pursued art. opened onto the canals, and the upper stories
The Renaissance was not all good for were given over to living space, with further
the Venetians. With the Americas discovered levels added in later years to some of the
and new trade routes to the Indies the Venetian palaces. In fact the palaces were only able to
markets for their goods plummeted. To be be so boastful due to the protection given by
rivals of these new markets it meant that the Venetian fleet and the lagoon defenses.
Venice had to face the might of powers such Venice is also the origin of the
as France and Spain, and at the start of the 15th Classical style, first seen in the construction of
century these countries looked to Italy for new the land entrance to the Arsenale. The
territory. Old Italian enemies of Venice were Classical style was large and grand, echoing
now new allies against the powers of Europe. the Empire of Rome and the times of the
Worse still was that rivalries with Milan led to Greek philosophers. It features clean lines and
the Turks renewing their attacks against imposing scales compared the more modest
Venetian lands in Dalmatia. Venice was being and intricate Venetian Gothic. So while St
attacked from all sides, Christian and Muslim Marks Basilica is clearly of an eastern style,
alike. Venice had to make a choice, and for the the Doges palace boasts a merger of styles,
time being they had to hand over their with a Venetian Gothic front, but also the
dominance of the seas of the Mediterranean. magnificent Giants Staircase, a Classical
In 1508 war was declared against staircase on which statues of Neptune and
Venice once more. This time from the League Mars stand.
of Cambrai. The League was formed of all the
great powers of Europe. The Pope, the Holy
Roman Emperor, the Spanish, French and
Hungarians. All wanted a piece of the
Serenissima. Though they lost land to the
Spanish, the Pope, Julius II was convinced that End of Empire
the end of Venice would be worse for At the turn of the 16th century Venice
Christendom that if it remained. But soon burned. 24 hours of fire ravaged the Rialto.
enough the League fell apart and allies turned Venice was rebuilt, but not as it was. It was
upon each other, this time against Spain. These now Classical, and what had begun with the
wars had a lasting effect, leaving Italy a Arsenale now was to adorn the Doges Palace
fractured land and weak, with Venice and the Basilica. But this was all a show of
retreating to its old borders. Venice had held power while the Venetian Empire was slowly
out against all odds and was revered for its being consumed by the growing powers of
resolve. Spain and France. One possibility to regain
their might was that Venice was to undergo an

overhaul, start the construction of ocean going living. In fact the dead were now filling up the
ships and engage in the dangers of travelling canals with those unburied bodies and those
through Spanish and Portuguese waters, so who fell sick and sank into the water. Venice
that they might journey to the New World. But was at a loss as to what to do or why they were
Venice was no longer the naval power it once suffering. Of course Venice was hard hit with
was. trading, with ports fearing the Plague being
In an alliance with Spain, Genoa, and brought to their lands. Bet Venice was not
the Pope, Venice once more went to war with ruled by fools. Ships coming to Venice were
the Turks and in finally the march of the Turks subject to health inspections and quarantined.
was halted and the powers of Christendom and The Lazzaretti islands were where the ships
Islam began a long standing rivalry. But at last would be taken. One island, Lazzaretto Nuovo,
the tide of the Turks had been ended. It was was used to observe the ships and fumigate
this victory in the waters of Lepanto that them. Lazzaretto Vecchio was where the ill
spread around Europe, news that the Sultan were taken and watched for 22 days. If they
had been killed by the might of the Christian stayed healthy they were free to leave. But all
fleet. the Venetian precautions had failed. All the
Venice not only felt the pressure of best investigations could not find the cause of
enemies beyond their borders, there were the outbreak. Most saw that it was a
traitors ready to see the Republic fall. But punishment from God. In order to maintain
amongst all the backstabbing and fear of the order it was decreed that every house in the
Inquisitors of the Supreme Tribunal worse was Great Council present at least one person.
to come. But it not arrive in the form of not Venices population was reduced by a
Venetian or foreigner, but disease. quarter. But the skills and lessons learnt during
The Plague hit Venice, while often the the epidemic would save the city in the future,
lagoon would prevent the spread of illness it and taught other countries how to survive
was not the case in 1575. The city was diseases.
suffering under the unbearable heat of the Even after the death of some fifty
summer, and the canals were swarming. Boats thousand people, Venice once more rose from
were now filled with the dead rather than the the ashes. In 1587 the first public bank was

formed, and soon followed by a second. These their priests and nuns who engaged in
banks were critical to the future of Venice as dangerous activities. Monks would attend
they would help fund future wars. These banks parties, and nuns would engage in sexual
were revolutionary, allowing for credit, where activities. The lifestyle of the nobility of
paper replaced coins and gold, and loans were Venice was no less extravagant.
available. These public government run banks
were different to the previous private banks as
they allowed direct transfer of funds from the The Life of a Young Nobleman
books under one name to another name. It was The young nobles of the time wore the
also about this time that the Rialto Bridge was latest fashions of France, though hid
built. This bridge was Classical and signified themselves under dark cloaks and a dark cap.
mans defiance against the elements. But as But these simple cloaks were embellished with
always there were enemies at the gates. The gold thread, silk and lace and many wore wigs.
Turks and the Hapsburgs were expanding into On special occasions red robes would be worn,
Venetian territory, while the Pope but more outrageous were the rituals of
excommunicated the Doge for imprisoning greeting each other. This obsession with
priests for common crimes. Venice of course position and titles was not limited to the
did not care. nobles, as all Venetians expected to be referred
At the turn of the 17th century Venice to by the correct term.
had to act as diplomat to the array of countries However, this was just the surface. The
around it. But this unenviable position led to nobles of Venice were far more involved in the
confrontations with the Austrians and their day to day affairs of the city and their
new allies the Uskoks. The Spaniards also businesses, fighting on the front lines against
tried to lay claim to the Adriatic but met a Turks. They were also admired for their
defeat at the hands of Venices superior naval intellect, good nature and undaunted by bad
might. Within Venice things were not easy as turns of luck. The nobles were also well
traitors sought to take advantage of the instructed on matters of the state.
situation. One group, known as the Bravi, were
rounded up and hanged for their conspiracy.
Another traitor was Senator Foscarini, hanged
for giving secrets to the Spanish. But after his
death it was found that Foscarini was the The nobility of Venice considered
victim of a plot, and those that had perpetrated themselves the equal to princes as technically
the lie were executed. they all had a right to be elected as Doge.
Plague once more hit Venice in 1630, However there were ranks within the nobility.
following a famine. The end of the epidemic The highest rank consisted of the oldest
was marked by another church, Santa Maria families, who could trace their titles as far
della Salute, was constructed in thanks for the back as 800. Then there were the new
ending of the disease, joining the church from families who were given titles after this year.
the last epidemic, Il Redentore. Very new families, the third rank, gained
their titles after they helped support the war
An Age of Decadence with Chioggia in 1380. The final ranks of
families were added to the ranks of the nobles
Even after another plague and the
during the war of Candia in the 17th century
famine Venice was still considered a grand
and the later war with Morea in the 18th
and beautiful city. But this beauty masked the
century. These later nobles did not get their
darker side of Venetian life. Venetians were
positions for free; instead they had to pay
always Catholics went it counted, otherwise
100,000 ducats.
they were open happy to act in ways that
Nobles were well fed on fish and
contradicted their faith and the words of the
meats, but laws prohibited both being served
Pope. This was true of all Venetians, even

during the same meal. The same laws also Royals and nobles from all of Europe
prohibited what people could wear. Of course visited Venice, but their presence was not
those below the nobles could only be as well enough to halt the decline of the city. New
fed on the mainland. ideas from revolutionaries were creeping in
Below the nobles were the middle and the Republic was in danger. The nobles of
class, made up of the trained skilled craftsmen, Venice were lost in debt and the wealth of
doctors and city officials, merchants and ages past was now gone.
bankers. Below them were the commoners, the In 1786 Venices fleet took to the seas
gondoliers, dock workers and fishermen. for the last time, responding to the piracy of
In 1638 war with the Turks continued the Barbary Coast Pirates. They were able to
as the Venetian fleet destroyed pirates from get a truce, but the piece of paper meant
Africa, with battles escalating in 1644. The nothing as the pirates continued their attacks in
Turks used the capture of the Sultans harem the Bey of Tunisia. But worse to come. In
as an excuse to invade Crete. Further battles France the Revolution had struck, King Louis
took place along the southern coastline of XVI deposed. Venice stood neutral to the
Greece, and at the head of the Venetian force growing wars with France as the greater
was the dishonored Francesco Morosini, who powers of Europe turned upon the rebel state.
took Athens and returned to Venice a hero. He In 1796 Napoleon marched on the
was elected Doge and continued the fight lands of Italy, sweeping through the north of
against the Turks until his death in 1693. Italy, his sights set of the treasures of Venice.
The start of the 18th century saw the On the 16th of May 1796 French troops entered
Turks take back island south of Greece, but Venice. The Republic was over, and Venice
Venice was now taking the stance of was handed over to Austria. In 1802 the last
neutrality, and let these islands fall to the Doge, Lodovico Manin died.
Sultan. Venices naval power was in decline, A few years later Napoleon returned.
the Arsenale now silent. However, Venices This time Venice was taken back and became
shops still had a booming trade. The Rialto part of the new Kingdom of Italy, which he
Bridge was lined with shops, and in the area of himself had established. However, soon after
the Rialto there were stalls selling fish, silk, the Austrians returned, taking Venice and
fruit and vegetables, cloth and gold. Milan. But the delights of Venice were not
But Venice had lost all of its trading gone. Venice attracted the eccentric and
might, and instead was known for its depravity debauched, such as the incestuous Lord Byron,
due to the antics of Giacomo Casanova. who indulged in the women of Venice and the
The end of the 18th century brought the Carnival. Poets and artists like Byron still
end of mysticism as science changed the face found romance within the city, the decaying
of the world. Steam power and electricity islands being at their height of beauty.
would pushback the boundaries of the world, In the mid 19th century the bridge from
and as the nations of the world expanded, the mainland to Venice was finished and it
Venice looked inward, remembering times carried modern steam trains. Gas light now
long lost. illuminated the squares of Venice, and for
Venice slipped into ever more into its some this progress was too much, ruining the
grave while enjoying the feasts and balls of all romantic beauty of the city. Rebellion soon
the festivities that the city followed. Gambling followed and Venice once more had the
was rife, and the nobles walked the streets chance of being a free republic. But the
under the cover of a mask. Theaters showed Austrians retook the area of the Veneto, and
opera and the improvised shows of the were only halted by the destruction of parts of
commedie dellarte. Music entertained the the lagoon bridge. But starved and bombarded
people in these dwindling nights of the the Venetians allowed the Austrians in once
Republic, such as the work of Vivaldi, more.
Galuppi, and the plays of Goldoni. Over the course of the mid 1800s wars

of independence were fought, and through the chemicals made on the mainland of the lagoon.
a series of uprising against their oppressors the But progress had come at a cost, an unseen
Italian states were unified after Venice was one. The very nature of the lagoon, its
handed to the French by the Austrians, who in chemistry and dynamics, had been ruined by
turn handed the territory over to the new industry.
Kingdom of Italy. In 1966 rain and wind caused Venice
Within this new state Venice continued to be flooded in a way unseen before.
to crumble as its coffers were empty and it Underground oil reserves were flooded and
great treasures were handed over. But efforts burst, electricity was shorted out. But the flood
were made to revive the port, with hotels built, brought another type of flood. Tourists. With
expansion of the lagoon bridge and the use of Venice now in the spotlight, the sinking city
modern boats along the canals. Electricity and was the place to go. Now major project funded
gas now powered the city and slowly the city by the world were in begun to save the city.
awoke to the 20th century. But now the population of the city dwindled
and homes became hotels. Venice was maybe
not dying on the outside, but the people itself
From the Ashes were leaving.
Venice was becoming home to the arts,
with opera premiered in the Teatro La Fenice,
and the first moving picture films were shown Venice in Modern Nights
in the city. Art was Venices new life blood. The Venice of today is a centre of the
The regeneration of Venice was arts, films, fashion and a tourist location that
brought to a standstill with the start of the First attracts thousands every year. Venice plays
World War. At first neutral Italy joined the host a number of events all year round.
allies, hoping to settle old scores and regain The city is part of the northern region
territories lost years before. Italy set its sights of the Veneto, along with the cities of Padua,
on the old rulers, Austria, who in retaliation Verona, Vicenza, Treviso, Rovigo and the
bombed Venice. towns of Mestre and Chioggia. To the north
After the war Venice continued to the Veneto is bordered by Austria.
modernize. A new industrial region was Venice itself has changed little since
formed and the port became the center of the end of the 17th century. Venice consists of
commerce and production. Fascism swept the a number of islands interconnected by bridges
nation and but the regeneration of the country and canals. The natural defenses of the city are
came at the price of freedom. Italy pushed into the shallow waters within the lagoon, and the
Africa, the League of Nations declaring barriers of the lagoon itself. Rivers were even
sanctions against the country. As an ally of diverted to prevent silt building up in the
Germany Italy entered World War II and lagoon and thus allowing for attacks from the
Italian troops fought French, Greek, Russian mainland. However the islands of Venice are
and in North Africa. But Venice was lucky, as low lying and subject to flooding. The aqua
the enemies of Italy spared it the destruction in alta, or high waters are due to a number of
favor of hitting the industrial towns of Mestre causes. Firstly there is dredging of the lagoon
and Marghera. to allow large ships into the very heart of
In 1943 Italy overthrew Mussolini and Venice. These underwater trenches helped the
the Allies surged into southern Italy as surging water in the winter months to flow into
German forces came from the north to turn Venice. Secondly there is the issue of
them back, with Italian guerillas aiding the subsidence. The industries along the coast line
Allies against the Germans. Eventually British began to suck water from wells, drawing it out
forces liberated the city. from beneath the lagoon itself. This has caused
After the war Venice continued to the islands to slowly sink. Of course the final
grow, influencing the trade of refined contribution to the aqua alta is global warming

and the rising sea levels as the ice caps melt. Scalzi is another arched stone bridge made by
To tackle this threat a series of barriers have the Austrians and joins Cannaregio to Santa
been planned to that will inflate and prevent Croce near the train station, where the fourth
the incoming tides from the Adriatic. But bridge Ponte della Costituzione.
future plans see the city being raised higher by
pumping material into the earth beneath the The Rialto and the Devil
city. Numerous plans for were made for the
Venice consists of 6 main districts, new Rialto Bridge. The previous bridge had
called sestieri. Three lie to the western side of collapsed under the weight of a crowd
the Grand Canal. These are San Polo, Santa watching foreign ambassadors and nobles. The
Croce and Dorsoduro. On the other side are new bridge was designed as part of a
Castello, San Marco and Cannaregio. The competition. The winning design was single
largest island is Castello, originally called grand arch that spanned the canal. This
Olivolo where the Roman fought was winning design by Contino was subject to a
standing. number of problems over the course of its
Getting to Venice is of course easier construction. Legend has it the problems were
now than it ever was. Venice is connected to the work of the Devil, who would tear chunks
the mainland by a bridge along which trains of stone from the bridge in the night. A
are carried to the station in Cannaregio, and foreman did see the being, and heard its vow:
the main transport hub for cars and buses in No man will ever succeed in building this
San Marco in Piazzale Rome. The Piazzale is stone bridge, but for a price I can help you.
only a short walk from the fourth and newest The devil didnt want the soul of the foreman.
bridge over the Grand Canal that takes people Just the soul of the first man to cross the
to the train station. bridge.
Most tourists arrive in the Veneto at When the bridge was finished the first
the airport of Marco Polo, located on the person to cross the bridge would be a priest,
mainland to the north of Mestre. Of course the except a dog was seen to rush ahead. The act
area can also be reached by air by arriving at saved the priest and trapped the devils soul.
the Treviso Airport, which lies further in land
from Mestre. Arrivals at Marco Polo can either
take a private car or bus to Venice, a journey
that is only 20 minutes long. But those who
wish to arrive in style may hire a water taxi The fastest way to travel between
and travel to the city. From the train station it places in Venice is by foot, but for those who
is easy for travelers to reach other cities and wish to travel from one end of the Grand
towns in the Veneto, with Verona only an hour Canal to another, and then onwards to the
or so away. outer edges of the city and to the other islands
Travel about the city is primarily by of the lagoon, is there are the water buses
foot, with four bridges crossing the Grand called vaporetto. Travel by motorized boats up
Canal. These four bridges are the Rialto bridge and down the canals is limited in speed to
that crosses the canal at the very heart of the prevent damage to the canals. Only the
city. The Accademia bridge crosses from the emergency services can break this limit. Of
Peggy Guggenheim museum of modern art in course most produce and waste is transported
Dorsoduro, and leads into San Marco. The from the islands by boat, with goods being
bridge is wooden, and replaced a dreadful iron taken to the morning markets.
bridge made in the 19th century. The Ponte dei

The Six Sestieri
San Polo
San Polo lies at the heart of Venice and
starts at the western end of the Rialto and
extends as far as the Piazzale Roma. To its
north is the the sestieri of Santa Croce, and to
the south is the region of Dorsoduro. The main
focus of the San Polo district is the market
area of the Rialto, with two main routes
winding through San Polo leading to the Rialto
bridge, Campo di San Polo, and the church of
The Rialto is a garish and cluttered
collection of shops and stalls. The tables and
windows are filled with Murano glass, lace,
models of gondola, paper and writing journals,
masks and hats. The shops are pressed together
in the narrow streets, and even line the bridge
Near to the Grand Canal, just off the
Rialto bridge, is the more traditional market of
fresh produce that is brought into Venice daily.
Here there is fish brought in from the lagoon
and the Adriatic that morning, vegetables and
fruit from the mainland, meats and spices. By
midday the stalls close down bar a few of their
number, but about the area are a number of
cafes and bars, these osetria staying open late
into the evening.
Over looking the Rialto is the church
of San Giacomo di Rialto, apparently the
oldest church in Venice. The church was
rebuilt in 1071, and now as an under used
church it is often the location for music

The Gobbo di Rialto

Opposite the church of San Giacomo is
a stone figure of a hunchback. Carved in the
16th century the figure supports a platform
from which messages of the state were read
In the past criminals would be forced
to run the gauntlet from St Marks square to
the Gobbo, naked.
Other rumors and legends abound as to
the nature of the statue. Some claim that the

statue is an Ogre that broke a pledge to a lover,
others say that the changeling was turned to Santa Croce
stone so that the Rialto islands would forever Starting at the Rialto and the markets
stand above the seas, and some say that the Santa Croce sits to the north of San Polo,
statue is the remains of one of the Gentry. following the curve of the Grand Canal. The
Either way it has been ritual for the area was apparently settled by people fleeing
changelings of Venice to touch the statue on the Lombard invasion, or was land taken from
its nose when passing by. Benedictine monks.
The area just adjacent to the fish
market is a winding pack of workshops. The
Moving south from the Rialto we push nearby Campo San Cassiano was where the
deeper into San Polo and to Campo di San first public opera house stood. Packed in
Polo. The square is the second largest in amongst the streets is the Ca Psaro. Given to
Venice. The square is overlooked by the the city by Felicit Bevilacqua La Masa. She
church of San Polo, Palazzo Soranzo, Palazzo was a patron of the arts and left her home to be
Corner Mocenigo and Palazzo Bernardo. San a studio for artists. But instead the palazzo
Polo church is a stark church that houses a became the home of the Galleria
painting by Tintoretto of the Last Supper. Internazionale dArte Moderna. This museum
More unusual is the campanile which has at its of modern art houses many pieces by Klimt,
base two lions, one toying with a snake, the Kandinsky, Matisse and Ernst. On the top
other with a severed human head. floors of the Ca Psaro is the Museo
Continuing west is the Frari, a Orientale. Now refurbished the museum boasts
collection of buildings holding the great many many cases of ceremonial samurai armour,
paintings. The Frari is dominated by the clothing, paintings, silks, swords and many
church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. weapons.
Constructed by the Franciscan monks, they Heading further west from the Ca
had first built one church and then planned an Psaro is the 17th century Palazzo Mocenigo, a
even grander one to replace it. Over a hundred museum to period clothing and furnishings,
years of work the church is visible from the where the delicate fabrics are protected by the
Campanile in St Marks square. Within the curtains being closed at all times. Nearby to
church are a number of works of art by Titian, the Palazzo is the deconsecrated church of San
and even the tomb of the artist, one of the few Giovanni Descollato. The church is closed at
people to ever be entombed within a church all times and the name means St John the
during a plague. Beheaded. This church dates back to the 11th
Next to the Frari is the Archivio di century and claims some of the of the oldest
Stato, the state archive that houses all of the examples of Venetian frescoes.
documents of the Republic of Venice, packed Further along towards the Piazzale
into just 300 rooms. The church of San Rocco, Roma is the Museo di Storia Naturale. The
and the adjacent Sucola Grande di San Rocco museum contains examples of local marine life
contain many more of Tintorettos work, and and many dinosaurs, including a huge example
the Scuola acted as a mission which was an ancient crocodile.
concerned with the treatment of the sick, just Continuing west from the museum
as its patron, Saint Roch, was concerned with. there is the church of San Giacomo dellOrio,
At the far western end of the sestieri is and then the church of San Simeone Profeta.
the public gardens of Papadopoli and finally Nearby to the last of these churches is the Riva
the church of Santa Maria Maggiore which di Biasio. Between the columns that lead from
forms part of the city prison. the stretch of street to the Piazzeatte a butcher
by the name of Biasio was decapitated for
selling human flesh as pork.

Following the Grand Canal west leads
Dorsoduro to the church of San Gregorio where the skin
Dorsoduro lies to the south of San Polo of one of Venices heroes was kept. The hero,
and follows the curve of the southern section Marcantonio Bragadin, was skinned by the
of the Grand Canal. Dorsoduro stretches from Turks in 1571 and first laid to rest here.
Piazzale Roma in the west to Santa Maria della Next along is the Ca Dario, or the
Salute. Cursed Palace. The story of the palace is that
The church of Salute, meaning the Giovanni Dario had an illegitimate
salvation, was built in 1630 in thanks to the daughter. She married into the Barbaro family.
Virgin Mary who the Venetians think saved The Barbaro then inherited the house.
them from the Plague. The Salute is huge Giovanni Dario was then was expelled from
structure of white stone, the central chamber the grand council. Darios son-in-law lost all
illuminated by a circle of windows high in the their money, and Darios daughter died of a
dome. This circle of eight windows, a Marian broken heart. In the 17th century Giacomo
star, signifies the crown of the Virgin Mary. Barbaro was assassinated in Candia and the
Meanwhile the mosaic floor has a coded house was bought by an Armenian merchant.
reference to Marys feast day coinciding with The Armenian lost all his money and died.
the date of Venices foundation. The enormous Over an over owners died. Even the manager
structure of the Salute required 100,000 of The Who died. The house is cursed and
wooden piles to support it and over 50 years to haunted by the ghosts of the dead owners.
complete it. Still celebrated to this day is the
feast of the Presentation of the Virgin. On the
21 of November the salvation of the city is Casanova and Cagliostro
remembered. Legend has is that the lover and fiend,
Next to the Salute are the museum of Casanova was cured at the age of eight of a
Seminario Patriarcale and the old customs strange disease by a sorceress who closed him
house Dogana di Mare. On top of the Dogana a trunk and he emerged cured, a form of
di Mare is the figure of Fortune, standing upon magical rebirth.
a gold ball and acts as a weather vane. Another story says that he met the
magician, the Count of Cagliostro, in the
Squero of San Trovaso in order to exchange
The Beast of Dogana secrets. Apparently the Count knew the secret
In the water right beneath the Punta of the philosophers stone and the elixir of
della Dogana. Is a hole from which a sea beast youth. Cagliostro was also a founder of a
is said to emerge on moonless nights. The group under the title of Egyptian Freemasons.
beast is said to have a head of a horse, and It was said the members were taught how to be
eight meters long, and almost a meter thick. returned to the state of being before the loss of
Last seen in 1933 by fishermen who said that their original sin, and live for 5557 years.
the beast rose up out of the water and Casanova, armed with this knowledge
swallowed a seagull. may have succeeded in making the formula.
As for the nature of the beast none are He officially died the 4th of June 1798, but his
sure. Some may think it is similar to Loch tomb disappeared, and now lives in Venice.
Ness monster, or the Kraken. However a
number of changeling who have seen it think it
is one of a number of beasts, a water-based Nearby to the Ca Dario is the Peggy
hobgoblin, that works for the True Fae Guggenheim Collection of modern art held in
Commodore Fathom. the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. Then there is the
Gallerie dellAccademia, located in an old
school of art, one of Venices most renowned.

It is outside the gallery that one of the bridges Santa Margherita to Rio di Crmini we come
that crosses over the Grand Canal. to the Palazzo Zenobio.
Further west is the church of San
Trovaso, and the Squero di San Trovaso. The
squero is named after the people that The Shrieking Skull
manufactured the gondola. On the other side of the canal is the
Heading north from the Squero and Fondamenta Gheradini, behind the Carmini
across the Fondamenta di Borgio is the church a 18th century merchant called Grimano
Ognissanti, a former Benedictine convent that Grimani called the area home. He had spent
is now a hospital. some time in Cyprus and returned with a
Following the Fondementa north and servant from the island.
crossing back over towards the Grand Canal Both fell ill and the servant was
the Palazzo Loredan which overlooks the promised to be buried in his home land by the
canal. Together with the Palazzo Farsetti they his master. But of course this never happened.
now house the town hall. The servant was buried in next to the Carmini
Across the Rio Malpaga is the Ca church, and on that night there was screams
Rezzonico and the church of San Barnaba. The from the servants grave. The skull was
parish about the church was where the noble quickly dug up and the skull was placed in the
families would live if they had lost their Grimani house. The removal of the skull
wealth. As they were prevented by law to run causes it to scream and no one has ever
shops the nobles would sell their votes to the removed it since, with it still hidden in the
other families. The Ca Rezzonico is a house.
museum of the work from the 18th century.
Just of the square outside the church of San
Barnaba is the Ponte dei Pugni, a location
where the rival factions of the Nicolotti and The Palazzo Zenobio was built by the
Castellani would fight. Zenobio family who were one of the
Following the Grand Canal from the wealthiest. Now it is the Armenian college,
Ca Rezzonico is the Ca Fscari. It was here and boasts a ballroom which is a hall of
that Henry the III stayed once, and now is mirrors. The hall is often used as a venue for
home to the university. Across the Rio Fscari showcasing modern art. Next door to the
is the Palazzo Balbi. West from the Palazzo is Palazzo is the chapel of Santa Maria del
the church of San Panteleone, a placed Soccorso. This is where the courtesan
renowned for its healing abilities. The area Veronica Franco founded a house to help
about it is filled with cafes and bars due to the prostitutes who wanted to end their life as a
presence of the university nearby. whore.
Crossing back over the canal and south
is the large square of Campo di Santa
Margherita. A true centre of Venetian life this A Personal Note
square is also filled with bars and cafes due to Venice to me is not just an amazing
the number of students that study nearby. The city to visit, with some of the most gorgeous
church in the square is adorned with dragons architecture and absorbing history. No, Venice
which relate to the story that the churchs is also a place of romance for me as I have had
patron, Saint Margaret, was swallowed by a the joy of visiting twice. The first time was
dragon but emerged unscathed when the with my girlfriend and we got engaged there (a
dragon exploded. mutual engagement, I didnt get on one knee,
Off the south west corner of the square but instead a ritual of engagement to each
is the Scuola dei Carmini and the church of other). The second time was for my wedding
Santa Maria del Carmelo, also known simply the following year, which myself and my wife
as the Carmini church. Following the Rio di dressed in period clothing for and had

performed in the Palazzo Zenobio hall of fear and headed to the church. The woman
mirrors. from the days before was in the same place as
So if reading this book you want to before on the street and told Dorina to be
visit then please do so. If you want to be all quiet, but Dorina saw that the woman had the
romantic when you go then go for it! feet of a goat. Dorina exclaimed and called out
to the Virgin, and the fairy faded away. The
statue is in thanks for this act.
Following the canal of Rio di San
Nicolo from Zenobio is the Palazza Arian, the
church of Angelo Raffaele and the nearby Located to the north of the city on the
church of San Sebastiano and finally the other side of the Grand Canal from Santa
church of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli. Croce and stretches from the train station in
Dating from the 7th century the church the west to church of San Giovanni
is one of the oldest. The church is well known Crisostomo and the Rialto bridge.
as being a location used in the film Dont Look Cannaregio is one of the quietest
Now. Near to the church is a statue of the districts of Venice, and remains more like a
Virgin that is crushing a serpent under foot. collection of parishes. It is here that most
The statue also has an inscription that people will find something like authentic
translates to you are very beautiful, my Venetian life.
friend). The story linked to this inscription is Starting at the train station there is the
that a young 16 year old woman called Dorina church known as the Scalzi. The outside is
Lotti, having only just had her birthday the adorned with angles and white stone, while the
other day, was met by a woman dressed in interior is dark and brooding. Within the
white while returning home. The woman just chapel there lie the tomb of the last Doge of
stood and stared at Dorina. The same thing Venice, Lodovico Manin.
happened for three days. The fourth day was The main street from the Scalzi is the
different. The woman spoke and said, Little Lista di Spagna, a street overrun with tourist
Dorina, wouldnt you like to be as beautiful as shops, sweet shops and stalls selling cheap
I am?. The girl was shocked that the woman goods. Pressing onwards away from the station
knew her name. She asked if she was a witch is the church of San Geremia and the Palazzo
but the woman said no. She said her name was Labia. The Palazzo gets its name from the
Laura, and was impressed by the young girls Lasbias family who lived there and had bought
faith and wanted to reward her with the secret their way into nobility, a family that was
of beauty. To do this the girl was told that she notorious for its expenditure of wealth.
had to cover all the furniture in white sheets. Crossing over the canal from the
Then she had to undress and anoint herself Palazzo we enter an area that is dominated by
with the contents of a vial that the woman the Ghetto. The Ghetto, getting its name from
gave her, and then light some candles. The the word for forge, was where all the Jews
woman went on to tell her that she was to were to live in Venice. Jews fled to Venice in
leave the window open and three women fear during the war against the League of
would appear dressed in white. Most Cambrai. In return for being given a place to
importantly the woman told Dorina not to live, the Jews helped fund Venices defenses.
invoke the Virgin Mary or God, nor leave At night the Jews were forced to stay in the
mirrors in sight or knives. Ghetto, but were protected by soldiers they
That night Dornia did as she was told had paid for.
but left a mirror uncovered. The women The Jews of the city were not allowed
arrived and asked her what she wanted. But as to have professions such as being an architect,
Dorina answered Dorina looked at the mirror and so this led to the Jews having to employ
and saw the backs of the women, covered in Christian architects to design and build their
hair and like that of an animal. Dorina fled in homes and synagogues. For this reason the

scole, their synagogues, have a Christian church after she had a vision of the saint.
flavor, free of marble as this as not allowed, The church of Madonna dellOrto was
and decorated inside with stucco and gold. originally a church dedicated Saint
Christopher as the area was once the main port
for ferrymen who traveled to the northern
Plague Children isles. The name was changed after a statue of
In 1575 the plague struck Venice, and the Madonna was found in a garden of
while it ravage the city in the Ghetto it killed vegetables nearby, a statue that began to
only the children. Confused by this selective perform miracles. The church, redecorated by
nature of the disease the rabbis gathered to Tintoretto after insulting the doge, holds the
conduct fasting and prayers in ore to ask for ashes of the painter and also those of his son
Gods forgiveness. However this was in vain. and one of his daughters.
While the leader of the rabbis, Rabbi The outside of the Madonna dellOrto
Sterchel, searched the books and tomes for a is a series of twelve niches that contain statues
solution he was visited by the prophet Elijah. of the Apostles. Legend has it that the statues
The prophet led the rabbi to the Jewish were cursed. The statues were sculpted by the
cemetery where they watched the ghostly Delle Masegne. The youngest, Paolo was
children playing. devoted to the Devil, and had been given one
The next day, Sterchel ordered a of the silver coins of Judas which was to be
disciple to go to the cemetery at night, and inserted into the statue of the Apostle which
while there to take the death shroud from the had been carved to look like Judas. The statue
ghost of one of the children. Obeying the only needed to be consecrated, but on the day
disciple did as he as told and returned to the it was do be blessed the young woman leading
rabbi. Later that night the ghost of the child the procession on Holy Week pointed out
came to the rabbi, asking for his death shroud Paolo and declared him a Satanist. The boy
to be returned. But the rabbi refused, and was doused in holy water and the Devil left his
demanded to know why the children were body. As for the statue is said that on the night
dying. The ghostly boy told Sterchel that the of Good Friday it moves and flies to Jerusalem
reason why the children were dying of the and goes to Akeldam, the field that Judas
plague was that a mother had killed her bought with the silver.
newborn son. Across from the church is the Campo
The next day the rabbi ordered the dei Mori, a place that possibly is named after
woman and her husband to come before the the Greek brothers who lived there that came
rabbis to be judged for their crime. And so from Morea. Nearby is the Palazzo Mastelli,
with justice served the children no longer died which in 1757 was the centre of mysterious
of the plague. spiritual events.
On Campo dei Mori there are four
statues, one of which sits just around the
corner from the others. The statues are said to
be of the Mastelli brothers, while legends say
North of the Ghetto is one of the most that they are in fact the actual borthers
modern parts of the city and the district, where themselves, turned to stone as punishment for
continual land reclamation has led to the their dishonesty and greed.
canals of the area being very angular and less
natural. To the Northwest is the more
attractive area near the church of the Madonna Tintoretto and the Witch
dellOrto and the church of SantAlvise. The
Tintoretto lived at 3399 on fondamenta
church of Sant Alvise was founded by
dei Mori. It was here as a young father he and
Antonia Venier, the daughter of the Doge
his daughter came into contact with a witch.
Antonio Venier. She was moved to create this
His eldest daughter was to have her

first communion and for ten days she and other it was here that in 1947 a smuggler, a woman
girls of her age would receive the eucharist called Linda Cimetta, was stuffed in a trunk
each morning. However, on the first day the and drowned. It is said that the squid here now
girl met an old woman who convinced the girl have the eyes of a woman.
that if she kept the wafer at communion and It is from the Fondamenta Nuova
hid it, and did so for ten days, she would be Theatre is the Venetian island of the dead, the
shown how to be like the Madonna. island of San Michele, the cemetery of the
Tintorettos daughter did so, and kept city. The island, once a monastery and a prison
the wafers in a metal box hidden in the manger is surrounded by high red brick walls. In times
in the barn where Tintoretto kept pigs and a past the island acted as shelter to those boats
donkey. But after 6 days the animals would that where making their way out to the
not move from the barn, kneeling in front of northern islands. The island is the location of
the manger. His daughter confessed what had the church of San Michele in Isola, a
been happening. Tintoretto was no fool. revolutionary example of Renaissance
Through his work and studies he had come architecture. The island was made a cemetery
into contact with the occult and knew of the by Napoleon after it was forbidden for burials
methods employed to recruit followers. on the main Venetian islands. Bodies lie there
Tintoretto took the wafers and returned for ten years, after which their bones are
them to the church and then awaited the witch moved to the ossuary. However Jewish burials
on the tenth day, a stick of the linden tree take place on the Lido and so San Michele is
ready to beat the crone. He asked his daughter where all others are buried.
to invite the witch in if she appeared. The One denizen of the island was fra
witch did, and when she was in the house Mauro, the most renowned cartographer of the
Tintoretto struck her with the stick, but she Medieval age. If legend is correct the
soon fled, changing into a cat and then into cartographer was able to draw such maps by
smoke before leaving the house through a hole capturing the dreams of the Devil, seeing them
in a wall. in the clouds over Venice.
In order to stop the witch returning by The island is also filled with ghosts and
the same means Tintoretto placed a statue of spirits, and the waters about San Michele are
Hercules on the outside of the wall, the hero no different. At night in the November it is
standing with club in hand. said that the candle light from a casket floating
on the water can be seen. This is the ghost
light of a young girl who was never buried.
South of the Ghetto is the church of
Past the Palazzo Mastelli are the
San Leonardo and the Rio Terr San
Palazzo Minelli Spada and the Palazzo
Leonardo, a former canal that was filled in by
Contarini dal Zaffo. Further east is the Scuole
the Austrians in 1870s. This street is filled
della Misericordia and the Casino degli Spiriti.
with more shops that cater for the visiting
The Scuola Vecchia della Misericordia
tourists and day trippers. Nearby is the church
is known for the story of the old money lender
of San Marcuola, where once a priest while at
who if seen and offered help turns into a
the pulpit claimed to not believe in ghosts. In
burning skeleton. This ghost of Bartolomio
response that night the dead rose from their
Zenni is cursed to exist this way as punishment
graves and dragged the priest out to beat him.
for not helping children flee a fire, instead
Continuing east is the Maddalena
choosing to save his own belongings. The
district, and here is the Palazzo Vendramin-
nearby Casino degli Spiriti gains its name as it
Calgeri, the place where Richard Wagner died
is a rumoured gathering place for restless
in 1883 and is now home to the city casino.
Further along is the Palazzo Diedo where in
Across the waters of the Sacca de la
1606 an astrologer claimed to have seen a
Misericordia is the Fondamenta Nuove
vision of gun-powder under the Sala del
Theatre. This area is avoided by fishermen as

Maggior Consiglio. The Council of Ten found world to be with her family.
this but suspected the astrologer, having him
shaved and tortured to death, even as the man
claimed the stars had shown him everything.
North of Santi Apostoli is the Gesuit
Past the Palazzo Doria Giovanelli is the
region of the city, and the church of Santa
the Strada Nova, a street that cuts through
Maria Assunta. The outside of the church is
towards the Rialto, and along the way the most
enormous, disproportionate, while the interior
famous of palazzos, the Ca dOro.
is more beautiful and extravagant, the entire
Meaning House of Gold, the Ca dOro
interior decked in green and white marble. For
is a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic
this reason the building is a huge weight and is
architecture and now is home to a gallery and
slowly sinking.
once boasted a faade that was covered in gold
leaf. These days the Ca dOro is now home to Castello
the Galleria Giogrio Franchetti.
Across the Strada Nova is the church We will first discuss the section of the
of Santa Sofia, and further down the street is city known as Central Castello. It is denoted
the church of Santi Apostoli. It is over the by the church of San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti
campo from Santi Apostoli that the Ca da to the north, Campo di Santa Maria Formosa
Mosto sits on the Grand Canal. Heading south in the centre, and San Zaccaria to the south.
towards the Rialto bridge is the church of San The church of San Lazzaro now sits
Giovanni Crisostomo and the nearby the within the city hospital. Attached to the
Teatro Malibran. Between these two buildings hospital is the Scuola Grande di San Marco
are two squares named after Marco Polo, well which acts as the faade and foyer to the
at least his nickname, Milione, for Marco Polo hospital, a grand display and the hospital itself
would always talk about the millions of men is home to a number of pieces of art by
and ships and forts held by the Emperor of Tintoretto and Veronese. To the east of the
China, Kubli Khan. The Teatro Malibran Scuola is the church of the Ospedaletto which
contains the remains of the Polo house. features giants heads looking down and
decoration that English art critic, Ruskin, took
a great dislike to.
The Princess of Marco Polo Next to the Scuola is the church of
Santi Giovanni e Paolo. This gothic brick
Marco Polo returned from China with a church is known in Venetian dialect as the
wife, Hao Dong, once of the daughters of church of San Zanipolo. The church was home
Kublai Khan. Though beautiful and an to a mendicant order of Dominican priests that
enchanting singer she was despised by Marco aquired wealth through begging, working to
Polos family, and as a foreigner and non- help the poor of the city.
Chritian, watched intensely by the Church. For The church it self is was first built in
these reasons she remained in the family home 1246, the Doge Giacomo Tiepolo handing the
so that she did not draw attention. land to the priests after having a vision of
When Marco was captured by the white doves marked on the head with the
Genoanese she was informed by her sister-in- cross, the flock flying over the area where the
law that Marco had died. Distraught with grief church was to stand. Later in 1333 the church
the Chinese princess set herself on fire and was replaced and consecrated much later in
flung herself to her death from the windows of 1430. The church itself is huge inside, and
the Polo palace. filled with many tombs, many of the Tiepolo
Now, at sunset on summer evenings family and the Mocenigo family.
the princess can be heard singing, or even seen
floating from the windows of the Polo house,
her hands holding a blue flame, as she begins
her nightly journey to the other end of the

to wards the Rialto is the church San Lio and
Santa Maria dell Fava. Heading towards these
The Three Doges churches are many sweet shops, selling typical
On calle della Cavallerizza, behind San Venetian sweets and pastries.
Zanipolo, every night a ghost of a doge is South of campo Santa Maria Formosa
seen. Here in 1355 the doge Marin Falier are a number of the most opulent houses in
gathered his men to plot the takeover of the Venice. The massive palazzo Grimani, the
State, throwing down democracy. However, palazzo Trevisan-Cappello, the crumbling
the plot had been discovered and the doge was deconsecrated church of San Giovanni in
executed, beheaded on the scala dei Giganti at Oleo, the gothic palazzo Zorzi-Bon and the
the Ducal Palace. Now a ghost of a headless palazzo Zorzi, and the palazzo Querini-
corpse wanders the streets about San Zanipolo Stampalia which houses a eclectic collection
in search of its head. of art.
Another ghostly doge, the blind Enrico To the south west corner of Central
Dandolo, the same doge who led the Fourth Castello are the churches of San Zaccaria and
Crusade to Constantinople, also walks the San Giorgio dei Greci. The convent attached to
streets here. His eyes are burning coals, a San Zaccaria was infamous for the sexual
sword held by the blade in his hands so that he relations of the nuns, many of whom had been
may atone for the brutal sacking of sent there for being troublesome or their
Constantinople. He is said to wail as he fathers were unable to pay the dowry. In fact
searches for the ghost of Falier, his task to the convent became one of the most important
punish the ghost for his attempt at usurping salons of the city.
power. Over time they have not met, but they From the Ducal Palace, running along
get closer and who knows what will happen the lagoon edge to the entrance to the canal
when they meet? before the Arsenale is the Riva degli
Some distance away another doges Schiavoni. A promenade that is heaving with
spirit walks the streets. The prophetic doge, tourists and souvanier merchants the Riva
Tommaso Mocenigo, so-called because on his gives a view of the southern lagoon. Along
death-bed he foretold the ruin that the next this route is the Hotel Danieli, a favourite
doge Francesco Foscari would bring to the city place to stay for the movie actors that arrive in
if elected. The ghostly Tommaso walks the Venice for the film festival. Along the Riva,
streets, silent, with a roll of paper pouring marking the end of Central Castello is the
from his mouth, every word printed upon it Piet. It is here at the orphanage that Vivaldi
saying Veritas. He chokes as this happens, worked on many pieces and worked as
stumbling as his feet are caught up in the ever choirmaster. Many parents of the time
growing length of paper. Tommaso is a kind attempted to get their children into the
ghost to those who take the time to free his orphanage, such was their need for their
legs. children to be trained in this prestigious
Eastern Castello is dominated by the
ship yards called the Arsenale. Between
South of San Zanipolo is campo Santa central Castello and the Arsenale is the church
Maria Formosa. The square hosts a food of San Francesco della Vigna. Though the area
market, and is overlooked by the churchs about it is rather run down this is the spot, if
grand campanile which at the base has an ugly, legend is to believed, that Saint Mark was
grotesque mask, a face that grimly leers down visited by an angel who told him that these
on pedestrians. The critic, Ruskin, found it islands would be his final resting place. The
disgusting, while the historian, Molmenti, area remained a vine yard until 1253 until the
stated that the head is a talisman against evil. Franciscans were given the land to build a new
From the campo Santa Maria Formosa church upon.

South of San Francesco della Vigna is The Arsenale was created in the early
the Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni. 12th century as the area of the city was turned
This sculoa was built for the Slavic population to the task of ship fabrication and repair. The
of Venice. By the mid-fifteenth century the Arsenale grew over the years and was the one
Slavs were no longer slaves of the city but location in all the state where ships were
citizens so the scuola was to represent their made. At its height the Arsenale employed
people. 16,000 men. After the rounding of the Cape of
Further south is the church of San Good Hope the number of ships registered at
Giovanni in Brgora. The church is renowned the Arsenale was halved. The arrival of
for being the location of the baptism of Napoleon marked the end of the Arsenale, the
Vivaldi. Dating from 1475 the building is docks were burned to the ground the
gothic and shows no sign of the Renaissance remainder of the Venetian fleet was
architecture that had begun at about the same confiscated. The Arsenale was reconstructed
time. by Napoleon and was used up to the end of
Near to the campo where San Giovanni WWI when it was finally closed.
in Brgora sits is the infamous dark alley, the In modern times the Arsenale is open
calle della Morte, the Street of Death. It is here during the Biennale only. It also now acts as a
that the Council of Ten had their unofficial marine research centre funded by the EU, with
executions carried out. The typically recipient further plans to modernize the buildings and
of their judgment were those who were docks.
considered dangerous to the state.
A Heart of Stone
After 2 nights of bad weather in
A Lovers Good Luck Charm November 1719, mangled bodies began
Behind the church of San Giovanni in turning up. There were the bodies of two
Brgora is the street called sotoportego dei sailors, one Greek and a Maltese, their bodies
Pretti. Here as you walk along look up and you found outside the entrance of the Arsenale.
will find a arch with a brick heart at the top. If There was no apparent reason for their deaths
touched by two lovers they are destined to be or connection between the men. Even stranger
together forever. was that the sailors appeared to have been
If alone, the person can make a wish killed by wild animals. After much speculation
and if made with a true heart they will find blame was laid upon the lions of the Arsenale,
love within the year. the four statues that sat proud outside the
entrance to the docks. It had to be magic.
Another bad spell of weather happened
six nights later and another body was found in
East from the San Giovanni in Brgora
a crumpled mess. This sailor shared a home
is the church of San Martino. Founded by
nearby with his young wife, both local
Paduan refugees in 593 the church is one of
Venetians. A young captain was assigned to
the oldest in Venice. Of course one the of the
the case. A couple of days later the young
grandest sights from the church are the walls
widow of the recently deceased sailor, a
of the Arsenale.
known prostitute, stood outside a tall house
The Arsenale was one of the first
yelling Murderer! to a man, an old
factories of the world, producing numerous
merchant, called Fosco. The widow was livid,
ships a week. The Arsenale dominates Eastern
and was soon dragged away. Fosco came to
Castello, the huge red brick walls looming
the window and replied to her cries. Well
over the houses of the islands. The Arsenal is
see, woman, where your boldness will take
most famously seen in paintings and is the
you, just wait till the next stormy night!. The
inspiration for a passage of the Inferno by the
captain took note of this. The captain knew
poet Dante.
that the old man never left his home so he

instead followed the widow. The woman, now rarely used.
hard up having lost her husband, now took to Past the Arsenale is the main street of
the streets more often with a friend, selling her Eastern Castello, Via Garibaldi, a former
body. Another storm hit 10 days later and the canal. This street is lined with shops, bars,
young captain hid in a boat near the Arsenale cafes and restaurants. Following the street to
entrance. In the dead of night under torrential the end and keeping right takes you the island
rain a stream of fire rose from the houses of San Pietro.
nearby and from it the old man appeared The church, formerly known as
before the lions. First he cast a spell, freezing Castello after the castle that once stood in the
the guards in place, and then Fosco read the same spot, the island is the least densely
inscriptions on the lion, running his bony occupied. The church was the home of the first
finger over their forms. At the apex of the gate patriarch of Venice and the church remained
to the Arsenale a globe of energy formed and as the cathedral of the city until 1807.
from it lighting sprung out and touched the The island is the site of the Festival of
first lion. The statue was transmogrified into a Marys. Slave pirates interrupted a multiple
bloodthirsty animal and attacked the widow marriage and stole away the brides. Venetian
and her friend. men succeeded in bringing back the brides and
The captain, overcoming his fear, the festival celebrates this with weddings of
attacked the merchant, this wizard, but now two women from each district of Venice.
the second lion was alive and moving to attack A strange relic of the church is the
the widow. The captain struck Fosco, his Throne of St Peter. This marble seat is 13th
sword plunged into the old mans chest. With century and inscribed with in Arabic with text
a flash the lions were immobile and the from the Koran.
captains sword was blackened. The wizard Along the Via Garibaldi is are the
was gone, but there was a stone heart on the public gardens, in particular the Giardini
ground. The guards awoke and rushed to the Pubblici and the adjoining gardens that are
aid of the women and the captain, while the used for the Biennale arts festival.
third lion was half alive, the captain taking it
upon himself to decapitate the beast. The head San Marco
did not simply fall away, but rose into the air On the eastern side of the Grand Canal,
and exploded. sitting to the south of Cannaregio and the east
The reason for this death was put down of Castello is sestiere of San Marco. The
to the widows dead husband swindling the region is the centre of Venice. The district is
merchant. The other men were just decoys. dominated by the Piazza San Marco where the
The head of the third lion was replaced, of Palazzo Ducale and the Basilica di San Marco
course it is easy to check which of the lions is stand.
the third one. To this day the inscription on the The Piazza lies to the south east corner
lions is still visible, if not worn, and is of the district. It is bordered by the Palazzo,
supposedly the runic graffiti of a Norse the Basilica, the Procuratie Vecchie,
mercenary. Procuratie Nuove and the Libreria
The first Palazzo Ducale was built in
Nearby to the Arsenale are the Museo the 9 century, and in the 12th century the rest

Storico Navale and the church of San Biagio. of the land was made available as a public
The museum is located in an old granary and space, with canals redirected and removed.
houses the numerous documents that detail the The piazza in general hasnt changed since the
history of the Venetian navy. One curious item 12th century save for the buildings that now
here is a manned torpedo. stand on square. The piazza is a nexus for the
The church of San Biagio served the tourist trade of Venice. In the past the area was
local Greeks, and serves as a naval chapel and used for markets, moneylenders, the slave

trade, and a variety of stalls. These days things Syrian monograms. Deciphered, two read A
are not much different. The large open space is God supreme, ultimate, maximum,
often filled with tourist groups taking photos, benefactor, To God advocate and saviour.
purchasing gifts from the shops that look out Another is still legible while another is lost to
onto the square, coffee shops, and feeding the time.
thousands of pigeons whose presence is seen Within the Basilica there are a
as more of a problem as their droppings numerous points of interest, including a
damage the fine buildings that make up the number of tombs of dead doges, the many
piazza. Notable places to drink while in the mosaics that decorate the interior of the domes
piazza are the Florian, a 18th century tea house and ceilings, and the collection of artefacts
that once used to be a salon, the art in the taken from around the world. The inside of
house still reflecting this past trade, the Quadri this cathedral is unlike any Catholic church,
and the Lavena. Thus even in modern times and is more like an eastern mosque. The
the Piazza San Marco is a focal point of remains of Saint Mark are more than likely
Venetian trade, life and festivities. destroyed, immolated during the fire of 976,
The Basilica di San Marco looms over but there is the golden altar screen, the Pala
the piazza, the domes of the Basilica dOro, a dramatic piece that has grown and
dominating skyline. The Basilica is been added to over the years, especially to
representative of the Venetian goal of having include the jewels taken during the 4th crusade.
their city blessed by God. Their actions to If the altar screen is a mass of jewels
bring about an ancient prophecy, to make the then the treasury is just as eclectic, hosting a
words of an angel come to pass. large collection of chalices, icons, works of
The Basilica was consecrated in 832 silver and gold. Most was taken from
and reflects a mixture of western and Constantinople during the 4th crusade, but then
Byzantine design. However the current a lot has been lost when the French invaded
Basilica is the third to have been built on this during the 18th century.
spot. These reconstructions have allowed for
numerous different styles and pieces of art to
be incorporated into the building, items that Too Much to List
have been stolen from across the world. If you really want to know the Basilica
Initially the Basilica was just the Doges and the Palazzo inside out it is suggested that
personal chapel, but now it serves as the you go online or pick up a reference book or
cathedral of Venice. guide book. There is just far too much to list
The outside of the Basilica is here, but every piece of art, every item, every
characterized by the Byzantine domes and sculpture could be a story hook just waiting to
arches. However, these eastern features are happen.
accompanied with 17th-19th mosaics, gothic
arches, and the Tetrarchs, the four giant bronze
horses of San Marco. Legend has it that these
horses once had rubies for eyes, but these were The Palazzo Ducale, just like the
lost when the horses were taken to France. As Basilica, is not the first building to stand in its
a result these horses now are said to move, spot. The first was built in the 9th century and
searching the piazza for their lost eyes, and destroyed by fire in 976. The second was also
now, with electric lighting, the horses no ruined by a fire in 1106. The third was finished
longer move. But, the original horses now sit in 10 years and underwent further extensions
within Museo Marciano, while those on top of and alteration over the following centuries.
the Basilica are fakes. The Palazzo Ducale is a mixture of eastern and
Other notable items that adorn the gothic styles, bearing striking geometrically
Basilica are the two square columns from Acri. pattern stonework on the exterior, with a more
These columns are covered in Egyptian and Classical styled central courtyard. The central

courtyard is dominated by the Scala dei 14th the Campanile collapsed. The collapse
Giganti. This enormous staircase is watched was expected and so only a cat died. More
over by the Classical figures of Neptune and miraculous was that the Campanile fell in a
Mars. controlled manner and the nearby buildings
The Palazzo itself is was the centre of escaped with only minor damage. Ten years
the Venetian Empire. It served as palace, later the Campanile was reopened, rebuilt
administration centre and prison. Like the exactly as it was. To the north end of the
Basilica the Palazzo is filled with art and Piazza, next to the Basilica is the Torre
artefacts and today is open to the public as a dellOrologio, a clock tower built at the end of
museum displaying the art and weapons of the the 15th century. Legend has it that the
Venetian Empire. The most notable room designers had their eyes taken out to prevent
within the entire palace is the Sala del Senato, them from making another such clock.
where the painting on the ceiling by Tintoretto The Procuratie Vecchie sits to the left
show Venice, depicted by a woman, sat as an of the west of the clock tower. This building
equal amongst the gods and angels. Within the was once home to part of the Venice
armory are curious items like a pronged administration, with the upper levels being
chastity belt, a guns that were also swords or given over as apartments to the nobles of the
maces, armor and swords taken from around city. New buildings were established for the
the world, and even a twenty-barrelled gun. administration, the Procuratie Nuove, now
The prisons lie across from the palace home to the Museo Correr. These new offices,
on the other side of a canal. Going through the first built by Scamozzi, but then under the
appeal court the prisons are reached crossing leadership of Longhena. The two buildings
the Ponte dei Sospiri, the Bridge of Sighs. were then connected when Napoleons stepson
The name comes from the sighs made by the demolished the church that sat in the west
prisoners as they cross the bridge from the wing of the square, just so that a ballroom
palace to the prison. could be built to connect the two.
The Piazzetta lies between the Palazzo The Museuo Correr has existed since
and the Libreria Sansoviniana. It runs from the 1923 and is not the most popular of museums,
Basilica and the Campanile and leads down but contains numerous paintings and examples
onto the water front overlooking the lagoon. It of Venetian life. Maybe one of the more curios
was here that councilors of the Republic would items on display is a key that was capable of
meet, and it was also where public executions firing poison darts.
took place. The typical location was between The attached Museo Archeologico
the two granite pillars on the stretch of water collection is predominantly made up of statues
front called the Molo. There were supposed to of Greek and Roman origin. The collection
be two of these columns but the first fell from also consists of coins, gems, statue fragments
the boat that carried them. Atop one of the and pieces from other ancient civilizations.
columns is a statue of St Theodore, the patron The rest of the Correr consists of more
saint of Venice during Byzantine rule, and the paintings of Venetian life, ceramics, and the
other column carries a statue of a winged lion. Museo del Risorgimento, a collection detailing
The Campanile bell tower was the fall of Venice to Napoleon and the
originally a lighthouse and bell tower occupation by the Austrians.
combined, constructed in the 10th century. It is Adjacent to the Molo, looking out onto
the tallest building in Venice and from it the the lagoon, is the Zecca and the Giardinetti
Dolomite mountains can be seen. The bells of Reali. The Zecca once served as the mint for
the tower each had a specific function, rung to the Venetian Republic. This building was
denote the start of a particular part of the day. constructed in the mid 16th century and was
The Campanile also played a part in the penal designed to be fireproof. The funds for the
system, with prisoners hung from the south construction were gathered by selling the
face in a crate. However, in 1902 on July the Cypriot slaves their freedom. It is from the

word Zecca, that the other name for the Benedetto is the Museo Fortuny, another
Venetian coin, the ducat, was derived, the former palazzo. The Palazzo Mocenigo is the
zecchino. The gardens next door, the location where Byron stayed and indulged in a
Giardinetti Reali, which was once the site of number of affairs, and it is also rumored to be
the state granaries and now is one of the most haunted by the alchemist Giordano Bruno.
popular spots during the height of summer. From the Piazza San Marco and
Heading north under the Torre heading west to the canal to the Pazzo
dellOrologio is the area known as the Mocenigo we pass another large shopping
Mercerie, a section of the city that is crammed district and a number of exclusive bars and
with shops and in essence the shopping mall of hotels. There are also the churches of San
Venice, and is also the most busy part of the Moise and Santa Maria del Giglio. San Moise
city, and also the part that is so commercial is known as the most ugly church in Venice. In
that the very essence of Venice is missing. comparison the church of Santa Maria del
But, if you follow your way north to the Rialto Giglio is far more beautiful and features a
bridge past the shops and busy stalls square of number of pieces of art and religious artifacts.
Campo San Bartolomeo can be found, a North of Santa Maria Giglio is campo
popular spot for the locals of the city to spent San Fantin, the church of San Fantin, and the
the evening after work. Nearby, past the theatre La Fenice, and the eclectic museum the
church of San Salvador, is Campo San Luca Ateneo Veneto. The main site of importance is
and the bar, Al Volto. The Al Volto is one of the theatre, which lives up to its name of
the most popular and well stocked bars in Phoenix. Over the centuries it has been
Venice and hosts some 1300 wines from all rebuilt after being consumed by fires, the most
over Italy. recent taking place in 1996. These days the
Heading north and right from the theatre is the location of major musical events.
church of San Salvador is the Campo San Further westward is the large campo
Bartolomeo. The church has been recently Santo Stefano. The church sits at the north end
renovated, and now the church plays host to of the square. As a large space it often plays
musicians for their recitals. host to festivals and events, and often held bull
Rather than heading north from the fights until 1802. Also facing onto this large
Rialto bridge, heading south, following the space is the Palazzo Loredan. At the other side
Grand Canal, there is the Teatro Goldoni, and of campo is the campiello Pisani which is
further on the Palazzo Loredan, the Palazzo encompassed by the Palazzo Pisani, which is
Farsetti, both of which now are home to the one of the largest houses and now acts as the
town hall of the city. Behind these buildings is city Conservatory of Music.
the church of San Luca and the Campo San Finally if we follow the Grand Canal
Luca. The square is a frequent open air spot from the Palazzo Mocenigo are the Palazzo
for locals, as well as market traders. Grassi, the Cadel Duca, the Palazzo
Heading back towards San Marco is Franchetti and the Palazzo della CaGrande.
Campo Manin and the Frezzeria. The Campo The Grassi is host to a large collection of
Manin is modern and was where a printing modern art, owned by the French collector
press once stood, and has a monument to Pinault. Possibly one of the most impressive
Daniele Manin, a lawyer who in 1848 led a sights is the Ponte dell Accademia. This
revolt against the Austrians. A notable piece of wooden bridge was to be just a temporary
architecture is the Scala del Bovolo. This replacement for the grim iron bridge that was
spiral staircase, named after the Italian for built by the Austrians.
snail shell.
Continuing south down the Grand The Northern Isles
Canal from the town hall are the Palazzos
Grimani, Corner Spinelli, Mocengio and the Venice is predominantly known for the
church of San Benedetto. Near to San main island and its network of canals.
However, about Venice are a number of

smaller islands that are also important sites of larger open spaces. It was also home to a
historical interest, and also play a major part in renowned accademie, and here the sciences,
modern Venetian society. arts, philosophy, religion, the occult and
literature were discussed.
San Michele The glass from Murano was famous all
San Michele lies a short distance from over the world, and even today tourist flock to
Venice to the north, and is the city cemetery. the islands to watch the manufacturing
Originally just the island of San Christoforo process. In 1291 all glass blowing was moved
della Pace the island was chosen as the from central Venice to the island in order to
location of the city cemetery by Napoleonic prevent fires from consuming the city. Such
edict. The reason was sanitation, in order to was the importance of Murano glass the
prevent the spread of disease which can occur Venetian government attempted to prevent the
if bodies are kept on the main island. The secrets of the art from leaving the island, with
island is in fact two islands that have been those glass blowers that left being called
connected together, the other being the island traitors.
of San Michele, which was formerly known as The island is home to a number of
Cavana de Muran, the name referencing the attractions; churches and palazzos which boast
fact that the island offered shelter to those their own pieces of art and historical
boatmen who were travelling to and from collections.
The island is a surrounded on all sides Burano
by high walls, and within is the church of San Burano sits next the quite island of
Michele in Isola. The cemetery itself is home Mazzorbo. Once Mazzorbo was the location
to the Catholic dead of Venice, packed where disgraced nobles would be sent.
together. After ten years the graves are dug up Mazzorbo can be reached from Burano by a
and the bones moved to the ossuary and the long foot bridge.
plot is then available to more recent dead. Burano on the other hand has a small
settlement of brightly coloured houses. The
colours, if it is to be believed, allowed sailors
The Cosmographer to spot his home from the sea.
One of the residents of the island was Burano is also well known for its lace.
Fra Mauro. The priest was a skilled map Lace is what the sailors wives made while
maker, and people did not know how it was their husbands were at sea.
possible for him to draw maps of lands that he
had not visited himself. Legend has it that the Torcello
priest was able to read the dreams of the Devil. Torcello was one of the first islands to
His skill, if legend is to believed, was to be be settled, and as a result boasts some of the
able to project the Devils dreams onto the oldest buildings and the oldest church in the
skies above the island, the maps forming in the lagoon. Now, compared to the other islands, it
clouds. is practically deserted save for the tourists that
come in the summer months. One strange
feature in Torcello is the chair of Attila, a seat
which the town judges sat in and that legend
says that if you sit in it you will be wed within
the year.
Murano, further north of Venice, just
beyond San Michele, is well known for the Lazzaretto Nuovo
fine glass that is blown there. In the past the
This island served the purpose of
noble elite of Venice would retreat to the
controlling those travelers arriving in Venice,
island in the summer, taking advantage of the
in particular to route out the plague infected.

While the sick and their belonging were sent hotels line the Lido.
south of Venice to Lazzaretto Vecchi, the One important site and event that takes
healthy crew of a ship were held in quarantine place on the Lido in modern times is the
on Nuovo. These days the island is quiet, Venice Film Festival which takes place at the
empty save for a warehouse which lies Palazzo del Cinema. The Lido is also the
abandoned, and the island still is surrounded location of the Jewish cemetery, and nearby
by the fortifications erected during the the Lido airstrip.
Napoleonic period.
Onwards to Chioggia
The Southern Isles Poveglia, a small island south of
Venice once was where plague victims were
San Giorgio Maggiore taken by the Romans, and was routinely used
This small island just a few hundred by the Venetians as hospital island and plague
meters south from the Piazza San Marco is the pit. It is estimated that 160,000 people died on
site of the church of San Giogio Maggiore. the island. More disturbing is that in 1922 the
The church is enormous, taking 45 years to island was a mental hospital and rumor states
build, and has its own towering campanile that a doctor there began to kill patients and
which gives a grander view of the city died after being thrown from the bell tower.
compared to the San Marco Campanile. The But the same legend states that he survived the
church boasts a number of paintings, a few fall and only to be strangled by a mist that
examples by Titian, and the island also is came up from the ground. Today the island is a
home to a monastry, with the area also being vineyard, and of course is said to be haunted.
used as an open air theatre. Chioggia, sitting to the south of the
Venetian Lagoon. A Roman port and a salt
La Giudecca producing town, the town was of strategic
importance, and today is the second largest
Running from San Giorgio Maggiore settlement in the lagoon and an important
and sweeping west, just south Dorsoduro, the fishing port. Chioggia claims as good beaches
collection of islands, La Giudecca, once was and food as the Lido, but only at a fraction of
home to the Jewish population until their the cost, making it an ideal choice for those
removal to the Ghetto. The islands were once a that want the feel of the Lido without being
place were the nobles of the city spent their moviestars.
summer. For this reason La Giudecca has a Another curious island is San Lazzaro
number of fine gardens. The islands also were degli Armeni, which lies just to the north of
once a industrial centre of the city, but in the Lido, and near to Lazzaretto Vecchio. This
modern times these workshops and factories island was used as a leper colony in th late 12th
lie abandoned. However, the area is being century, and so is named Lazzaro after
slowly regenerated as old mills and warhouses Lazarus, the patron saint of lepers. The island
are turned into modern homes. has a library which has a collection of strange
items, such as a mummy from Egypt, a throne
The Lido
of ivory an teak from Dehli, a Sanskrit
The lido is a long stretch of land that is Buddhist manuscript and many more items
one of the barriers between the Adriatic and from around the world.
the Venetian Lagoon. It is here that the Doge
would have performed his ritual marriage to
the sea (see page XXX). The Lido was
The Veneto
undeveloped until the 19th century, with the Venice sits in the region of Italy known
land becoming a bathing resort, and now is as the Veneto. This area is bordered to the
one of the most luxurious and expensive north by Austria and the Dolomite mountain
resorts in the world. Now numerous flashy range. It is here that many wealthy Italians go

skiing during the winter month. To the south Padua
lies the city of Ferrara, and to the west is Padua is a medieval university city that
Mantova and Milan. The other key towns and lies south-west of Venice, just near the river
cities of the Veneto are the industrial Brenta, a river along which many Venetians in
nightmare of Mestre, the university town of centuries past would have had villas as their
Padua, the modern and wealthy city of summer retreats.
Vicenza, the historic and Shakespearian Padua was restored after WWII and is
Verona, and the medieval city of Treviso. one of the key focal points of culture in
northern Italy. The city dates back to 1185 BC,
Marghera and Mestre and is said to have been founded by Antenor
Mestre sits at the other end of the of Troy. It survived the invasion of the
bridge connecting Venice to the mainland. barbarians after the fall of Rome. The
Because of cost of living in Venice is so university was founded in 1221, and in 1405
expensive, Mestre, and its neighbouring town the city was taken over by the Venetian
of Marghera, boast far larger populations. Republic, and was in turn given to the
After WWI both towns became important Austrians after Napoleons invasion.
industrial centres, these towns growing in Padua renown for culture can be
importance under the command of Mussolinis attributed to such artists and scholars such as
government. Of course this meant that during Dante, Petrarch, Donatello and Galileo.
WWII both towns were of strategic importance There are many points of interest in
and targets for the Allied forces. Padua. The university itself, situated in the
The presence of these two industrial Palazzo del B. The university also boasts the
centres meant that the younger population of first permanent anatomy theatre, and that it
the Venice lagoon moved to the towns and the once enjoyed the prestige of having Galileo
average age of the islands increased, further lecturing physics. There are many fine town
propagating Venices slow decline and houses and villas centered around the two
decrease in numbers of native Venetians. But main squares, the Piazza della Frutta and the
more drastic has been the pollution and Piazza della Erbe. Both of these market
ecological problems that these towns have squares are busy and are lined with cafes,
created in the lagoon. The large chemical shops and bars. Of course Padua also has
refineries, that create the labyrinthine maze of many historic churches and museum filled
pipes and lights seen from above when flying with art, in particular the Basilica del Santo.
to Marco Polo airport, have pumped out Just south of Padua are two other
untreated waste into the lagoon, damaging the medieval sites. The first is Monslice, a
ecosystem and thus the livelihoods of the local fortress which only retains its towers, the five
fishermen. This pollution came to the attention concentric walls having been demolished in
of the world when people in gondolers were the 19th century for their stone. The second is
forced to wear face masks. Since 1988 the Montagnana, another medieval fortress and
Italian government has implemented a number was once the first line of defense for the Da
of initiatives to undo the damage done. Carra family against the Scaligeri family.
Another consequence of the intense Between these two medieval forts is
industrialization of the two towns has been the town of Este, which is well known for its
subsidence. Water was drawn from beneath ceramics and claims to be the oldest town in
the lagoon causing subsidence, and the the Veneto. This claim of age is backed up by
catastrophe was averted when in 1973 water large numbers of pre-Roman artefacts.
was pumped back in beneath the lagoon.
What cannot be stressed is that these Vicenza
two towns are modern and urban nightmares, West of Padua is Vicenza, a very
crisscrossed with piplines, motorways, rail modern city, the centre of Italian textile
lines, and are bleak and depressing. production and is also the Italian Silicon

Valley. encircled by medieval walls, of which the
Vicenza has many buildings that mirror grand Portoni dell Br. Beyond these arches is
the design of those found in Venice. Before it the main city square and the Roman arena. The
was taken by the Venetian Republic Vicenzas Arena dates to the first century AD and has
main rival was Verona. Vicenza is surrounded survived even earthquakes. These days the
by industrial estates, but at the heart is the arena is used for open air concerts and shows.
remains of a ancient town, still partly circled West of the arena is Castelvecchio, a
by Gothic medieval walls. fortress that was built during the 14th century
Vicenza is one of the wealthiest cities before the rule of Venice. The fort now is the
in Italy, and this is reflected in the culture and city museum and holds a collection of art,
the people themselves, the population being weapons and sculptures.
some of the most stylish outside of Milan. The cultural centre of Verona is the
In the heart of Vicenza is one of the Piazza delle Erbe, a square filled with shops
oldest clock towers in Italy, the Torre di and bars, bordered by medieval and
Piazza. Nearby to this tower, over looking the Renaissance palazzo. The Casa Mazzanti looks
Piazza dellErbe is the Torre del Tormento, upon the square, and to this day still bears the
which was what is was named, a prison. What 16th century murals. Nearby to the square are
is most striking is the style of many of the the towers of Torre del Gardello and the Torre
cities buildings, most of which were designed dei Lamberti. Leading from the Piazza delle
by Pallido, who followed classical designs Erbe is the Arco della Costa. The arch of the
instead of following Venetians trends. Notable rib, from which a whales rib hangs, has a
works are the Basilica, the Teatro Olimpico, superstition attached which says that if an
and the Palazzo dei Signori. adult virgin walks beneath the arch the rib will
Verona Beyond the arch is the Piazza dei
Verona is ancient, and obviously. At Signori, also known as Piazza Dante for the
its centre is the massive Roman arena, the statue of the poet that stands in the square. The
amphitheatre and the large number of square was the location where city decrees
medieval buildings that still stand. Verona is were read out but these days now stands quiet.
obviously famous in its own right, in Verona has impressive churches and
particular it is the location where cathedrals. The largest are the church of
Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet takes place. SantAnastasia, a tall and imposing Gothic
But Verona can also be seen as an example of building, and the Duomo. The Duomo,
how Venice could have looked if the city was destroyed by the Nazis in 1945, was rebuilt
not left to rot. from the original stones. The building has been
Verona sits further west of Vicenza and in a state of constant construction and so
was an important Roman site as it sat between changes in style as you move up the building.
the west and east of northern Italy and Europe. The northern end of the city centre is
After the fall of Rome Verona was controlled marked by the curve of the River Adige.
by Ostrogoths, then Franks, and it grew into a Across the river to the north of SantAnastasia
powerful independent state before it became is the Teatro Romano, a Roman amphiteatre
part of the Venetian Republic in 1405. Before which is still used today for concerts. Up the
then Verona had taken control of Vicenza, steep steps to the side of the amphitheatre is
Padua and Treviso, dominating the mainland. the Castel San Pietro. The castle is an Austrian
Following the invasion of Napoleon Verona addition. The building is grim and a
was given over to the Austrians and Verona replacement for the old Visconti castle, the
eclipsed Venice in importance. castle offers a panoramic view of the city.
Unlike many of the other cities, Verona Of course we have to mention Romeo
is far calmer and the centre of the city is and Juliet. Near to the Piazza delle Erbe is the
pedestrianized. The centre of the city is Casa di Giulietta, a courtyard where it is

claimed that the story took place. Of course Other important towns to the north of
this is all unfounded and the walls of the Venice are Bassano del Grappa, renowned for
courtyard are covered in graffiti from lovers. it grappa distilleries and mushrooms, and the
The courtyard is also host to a bronze statue of grand Monte Grappa, and the curious town of
Juliet. The right breast of the statue is highly Marstica where the central town square is a
polished, smoothed by the constant grip of giant chess board where every other
hands upon it, holding the breast giving the September the Partita a Scacchi, a chess game
person good luck in seeking love. using human pieces, is played.

Treviso and the North Venetian Life and

North of Mestre is the city of Treviso,
and onwards the mountains of the Dolomites.
The northern Veneto is also dotted with
impressive forts and villas. Before Treviso was A Day in the Life of a
taken over the Venetian Republic, the city was Venetian
already important, minting its own coins and Venice is the fifth most expensive city
attracting poets and artists. But in 1389 to rent an apartment in Italy. Compared to
Treviso fell under Venetian control. other cities in the region Venice is far busier
The centre of Treviso is characterized and this causes more stress on those who live
by the network of canals that cut through the in Venice. 12 million tourists visit the city
city, and the fresco adorned buildings, with each year, and so the economy of the city is
long porticoes that cover the sidewalks. The focused upon taking advantage of this tourism.
city centre is then surrounded by canals and Of course is not surprising why those that live
the city walls, and the River Sile. The city in the city feel oppressed and invaded. This
centre is also a compromise of modern and has an influence on the cost of living, making
Gothic architecture, the city having suffered Venice the fourth most expensive city to live
terrible bombardment during WWII. Many of in. The cost of living makes life difficult for
the impressive buildings about the city social the youth of Venice. It is almost impossible to
centre, the Piazza dei Signori, had to be buy a first home in Venice. Most housing is
reconstructed. Many of the frescos and occupied in Venice, but almost a third is used
paintings in the churches and palazzi of the by short term residents who are seeking to stay
city are the work of Tomaso da Modena who in the city for a less than a month. This has
lived during the 14th century. The fish market pushed the price of housing up to prices far out
of the city, the Pescheria, is located on a island of reach of natives to the city. In an effort to
in the middle of the widest canal, it being the curb this trend the government has introduced
law to have the market near to a waterway. housing zone where rent is capped and
The Castelfranco Veneto lies to the residents are provided tax breaks so long as
west of Treviso. Five towers of the moated certain regulations are followed. The job
fortress still stand, with one tower, known as market is not much better. Most young
the Torrione, housing a clock. The fortress Venetians leave the city and seek better
houses the work of the artist Giorgione, the opportunities elsewhere. It is due to this that
piece being the Castelfranco Madonna. The Venice has an aging population.
painting is curious, using unusual techniques. A typical Venetian family is a large
Another historical site is Cittadella, group, where the grandparents are looked after
which lies next to Castelfranco Veneto. by their children who have moved back to live
Cittadella remains untouched, a fortified town in the traditional family home. Children
with four gates at the cardinal points. The one remain with their parents until they are
gate, the Porta Padova, sits next to the married, and so a Venetian home can be very
ominous tower the Torre di Malta, a former tightly packed.
prison and dungeon. The main focus of family life is the

Sunday meal, where the family and relatives being a positive influence on their health.
gather together. It is also very common for a Those elderly Venetians that require more
family to remain in the same district of intensive care are looked after by Batandi.
Venice, and so the local communities are These individuals are nurses who are often of
tightly knit. Eastern European descent.
One of the defining features of Venice
is the need to walk to get to somewhere. The Venice Social Life
lack of transport, especially cars, creates a Venice is geared towards offering
unique Venetian lifestyle. Walking around everything it can to the tourist that pour into
means that you are more than likely to bump the city. But this means that true Venetian life
into someone you know. It is this lifestyle of must be located off the main street.
random encounters that makes Venice so The Venetian social life is
relaxed for the residents. If you meet someone distinguished by the bcaro. These bars open
along the way you can pause for a few out onto the streets, allowing patrons to stand
moments and have a chat before continuing and chat on the streets while they drink wine
on. This also means that you are more than and Campari, and serving a selection of
likely to meet new people as you chance upon snacks. Osterie are larger establishments
you friends and their own friends. This makes which have a dining area of a few tables. Of
Venice a very social city. It also means that the course larger places are restaurants, which in
entire lack of cars makes Venice laid back. No Venice have two menus. Typically there is a
one is rushing about, stuck in a car and getting menu that is focused on serving the tourists,
frustrated in a traffic jam. Your pace is and so lacks quality. Most of the best
determined on how quick you want to walk. restaurants of course lie far from the main
Venice is a quiet city, and has no real attractions of the city. Of course pizza is a
night life to speak of. If seeking such readily available meal, while seafood caught in
distractions it is typical for young Venetians to the Adriatic is the specialty of Venice.
go to Mestre and the mainland. This lack of If sweet snacks are in order Venice is
night life makes Venice ideal for young in no short supply of such vendors. Numerous
families who seek to raise their children in a cafs and pasticcerie line the streets, and often
pleasant and calm city. In fact Venice is a city these vendors also serve alcohol. These pastry
of opposites for its youth. It has the excellent shops are filled in the early mornings as
university, but no jobs for those who leave. It Venetians stop of for a quick bite and coffee
has a unique and exciting environment that before continuing on to work. Of course the
nurtures a social community, but of course not other main feature Venice is the large number
the exciting night life that young professionals of places to buy ice cream.
and students enjoy. Venice is a place to learn The Venetian nightlife has died out as
and then leave. A sign of this disharmony is the city has become more overrun with
the amount of graffiti that covers the back tourists. But even though it is quiet there are a
alley walls of Venice. number of places to go beyond the theatres and
The community life is a strong feature concert halls.
of the lifestyle of the older Venetians. Most One of the busiest locations is the
older Venetians have lived in Venice all their Fondamenta della Misericordia in Cannaregio,
life while some have returned after following a and Dorsoduro. Here bars are busy affairs with
career elsewhere in Italy or the world. Of plenty of music playing. There are just two
course one of the major challenges for the nightclubs in Venice, the best being a
elderly of Venice is mobility. Venice is all members only venue called Club Malvasia
about walking, bridges and boats, all of which Vecchia which is near to the Fenice. The other
become difficult for the elderly and infirm. club is a student favourite called Round
However, a good proportion of the elderly Midnight. Otherwise for a decent night out
population is attribute this need to walk as there are just the clubs in Mestre, Marghera,

and Jesolo. Jesolo sits north of Venice on the
edge of the lagoon, and it a difficult place to
get back from in the early hours. The route
from Jesolo to Venice is a stretch of road that
has the highest death toll in Italy, mainly due
to the intoxicated youth that drive back from
Jesolo to Venice.
One other option is the casino. Situated
in Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi on the Grand
Canal. Those who go there to gamble must
dress accordingly and must be over the age of
18. Most of the gamblers are those affluent
youth from the mainland.

Venetian Festivals
Venice is of course famous for its
carnival, something that we have explained in
detail in the introduction of this book. But
there are other important festivals in Venice
that take place over the course of the year.
The Biennale is an arts festival, taking
place every two years (on odd numbered
years). The focus of the event is contemporary
art, but is also tied to architecture, dance and
film. The festival takes place in the Giardini
where a number of pavilions are set up for a
number of countries. There is also a larger hall
which is managed by the curator of the event.
Making up part of the Biennale, but
also running every year, is the Venice Film
Festival. The festival is the oldest of its kind
and plays host to famous directors and screen
icons. Held in late August to early September
the festival is located on the Lido, with
screenings of upcoming films being held in the
Palazzo del Cinema.
Other key festivals are All Saints Day,
and the Feast of Santa Maria della Salute. The
latter festival celebrates the end of the plague
and the salvation of Venice, for which the
church was built. On the 21st of November a
floating bridge is laid out that connects the
church to the main islands of Venice.

Chapter Two
Behind the Mask
All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in
order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity. -
Friedrich Nietzsche

The Changelings and Denizens of Venice

tall, tearing vines, and were interconnected by

The City of a Thousand a next work of trods that wound their way
Faces through the Hedge, only accessible by water.
Venice since the beginning has been a For whatever reason changelings were
refuge for people of all cultures, beginning drawn to Venice due to protection the city
with Veneti who fled the invasion of the Huns. offered. A true freehold defended against the
Venice, the collection of marshy islands Fae by the Hedge itself. But as the reputation
defended by sand banks and the lagoon of the city grew the defences in the Hedge
barriers themselves offered the perfect were worn away and soon the largest trod ever
protection from the invaders, and would do for known was formed. The Lions Tail Trod as it
the next sixteen centuries. Even in the early came to be known, was formed in 828. With
days of Venice changelings have coexisted the arrival of the body of St Mark to the city
with the ragtag collection of colonists and an influx of escaping changelings arrived in
fishermen. The earliest legends that the the city. The large number of changelings
changelings keep recall that a changeling of marched out of the Hedge and into the city.
the Elemental Seeming, simply known as For some reason Venice was a beacon to the
Mother of Pearl. She called out to the sea and Lost and attracted fleeing changelings
made a pact with it. In return for her soul and regardless of where they had been stolen from.
herself the sea would provide the changelings The initial changeling court of Venice
of the island all the protection they needed. was ruled by the Court of Water, in honour of
Mother of Pearl then walked out into the sea the pact made by Mother of Pearl. Water was
and vanished, and the changelings of the city both the element that gave Venice life and also
were safe from the True Fae. The Hedge about allowed it to kill. Water was sustaining and
Venice took on a new form. The marshy vines unforgiving, and in these early days the
and stagnant pools shifted and were reshaped changelings of the city engaged in ceremonies
by the sea into a maze of tall arching vines, and Pledges with the sea to ensure that the
almost as if the Hedge itself had hidden the Hedge was maintained. However, as
islands from the Gentry. The marshy islands in changelings arrived from other places within
the Hedge were surrounded on all sides by the Europe the Court of Water was replaced with

the seasonal courts. No matter which court climate many were taking the chance to settle
ruled the position of King or Queen of the old scores. It was only when a number of
seasonal court was referred to as Doge, and changelings of the allied to the seas made a
was elected by members of their own court. gruesome discovering did the true
But even these elected Doges were not foolish ramifications of the Pledge hit home.
enough to forget the Pledge made by Mother The rebels, through disguise or magic
of Pearl. had sought out and kidnapped 37 children, all
As the population of changelings in the of whom who had been born at sea. These
city grew the courts became more elaborate, treasured ones that the sea loved most were
their rites and practices becoming long and then ritually slain, their throats cut and bled at
dependent upon the acknowledgement of each points about the islands of Venice, forming a
others rank. The changelings were nobles in large fairy circle. These children would act as
their own right, merchants of dreams, traders candles to direct the Gentry to the city. When
of wishes, curses and enchantments were their the courts learnt of this it was too late. On the
coin. But as the wealth and security of the last day of Carnival the following year a great
changelings became greater, so did their number of True Fae invaded the city, dragging
apathy and complacency. Unknown to the off changeling and mortal to their citadels in
courts the changelings had traitors amongst Arcadia.
themselves and they had been hard at work Over the course of 40 nights the
now for some time. changeling population of Venice was halved
The Pledge made by Mother of Pearl to and the Hedge defences were torn to shreds,
the sea was powerful indeed, and its catch was now the trods led out of Venice and allowed
shrouded in mystery. A group of rebels, the Fae in. One particular Gentry who struck
seeking to bring down the city and its court fear and awe in the hearts of the courts was
searched the city for the catch, the loophole, Commodore Fathom, Master of the Leviathan,
and after much searching found it. It was well His Eyes of Blackest Pearl. Arriving in a bank
known that when a person dies in the sea their of fog Commodore Fathom unleashed a horde
soul must float along the waters, holding a of hobgolins, his crew of his baroque ship, the
candle hoping that the Ferryman will pluck Fathom. The hobgoblins, a Wyrd shaping of
them from the waves and take them onto the crustaceans and sharks and cephalopods
other side. But the Pledge of Mother of Pearl stalked the streets of Venice and captured
with the sea relied on the sea being treated numerous humans and changelings who would
with respect by the changelings of Venice. be forced to man the Leviathan for the crab
That it should not be soiled or else the sea like Commodore.
would be angry at the changelings and their With the hunt over and the remaining
vices. Through careful observation the rebels changelings of the city now living in fear of
noted that the trods through the Hedge became further attacks, many went into hiding. Others
more open when a child died in the waters of took on a more martial stance, rooting out the
the lagoon. But worse was when men had privateers and rebels who had led the True Fae
killed them and thrown them into the waters to to the city that they had thought was safe. For
remove the evidence. the next few years the Seasonal Courts took
Over the course of a year at the end of hold in Venice and the changelings, looking
the 13 century the traitors stole away children for someone to blame turned upon each other
from every district and from every level of with the Courts constantly bickering. Some
society. Rumours of that the True Fae had could see that this could not last forever and
somehow found a way to the city started to be there was a need for stability and a leader that
spread, and the control of the city by the courts transcended the Courts and the old pledges and
was crumbling. Venice was bursting at the contracts with the sea.
seams with changelings and now in this bitter

The Pact of the Broken
In 1427 the changelings of Venice
were once more under siege from the
predatory Gentry. Children were stolen,
women went missing, and some people were
found murdered, victims of the foul tastes of
the Keepers. Once more the Leviathan was
docked in the Venetian lagoon, its hold filled
with fresh slaves. For one changeling enough
was enough. Though his name is lost to time
and the pledge that he forged his legacy still
lives on. It was early February and the festival
of Carnival had been in full swing since the
end of Christmas. The people of the city were
decorated in masks and gaudy attire, and none
could tell the difference between servant and
master. The revelry and disguises and
costumes would be the very tool to protect the
changelings of the city. The ancient ritual of
the Carnival embodied the needs of the
changelings of Venice. It allowed for the
indulgence of the Spring Court, the displays of
martial prowess of the Summer Court, the
mystic rites of the Autumn Court, and the
ability to hide in the open of the Winter Court.
On the night of the full moon, on the last day
of Carnival the changeling, using a knife of
glass cut his own face from his skull. He
collected the blood that fell from his ragged
visage, an offering to Bacchus, and incinerated
the tattered remains of his face in honour of
Saturn. In the final act the changeling, their
gender is even a mystery now as it was then,
donned an all concealing mask of many
colours, reciting a Latin verse to the god Janus.
The new Doge of the changelings was born,
and so was the Pact of the Carnival and the
new Court of the Carnival.
His first act as Doge was dramatic and
terrifying to the other Lost of the city. During
a gathering of the changelings before the
Winter Queen, Francesca Blue Lips, the
Frozen Tears of a Hundred Lovers, the Doge
marched in, adorned in gold and silver and red.
His mask shifted with each step and a smile
would become a frown with every whisper in
his presence. All of the freehold looked on in
awe and fear as he stepped forward
brandishing in one hand a mighty sword made

of a narwhals horn, and in the other he held could operate so easily and the Lost were now
high the head of a twisted serpent like being. open to express their opinions before the Doge
Blood dripped from its severed neck and the without fear of repercussions. The masks
tongue dangled slack from the cruel smile. ensured that the members of the Freehold had
One of the Lost present immediately to work together. But there were also other
recognised the harrowing visage upon the head benefits. Balls and parties increased as the
as her Keeper and wept knowing at last she no Lost found that the Gentry were now
longer had to fear being taken back to their hampered by power of the Doge, and no
bestial realm in Arcadia. longer could they identify their old slaves.
The Winter Queen was rightly shocked
by this interruption and demanded to know The Court of Carnival
who this new arrival was. In response the The Court of Carnival, also known as
changeling strode forward, threw the head of the Court of a Thousand Masks, the Harlequin
the Keeper to the base of her throne and Court, the Court of Ecstasy, the Violet Court.
proclaim aloud, I am Doge, if you like it! I The Court of the Carnival grew and prospered.
come to you now to claim Venice as the Every year new Lost poured in from the Lions
domain of the Court of the Carnival. You, my Tail trod, and in Venice they found refuge and
subjects, can now live without fear, in plain security. The Gentry themselves also came
sight, free to enjoy life as you once did, and into Venice, but masked by the power of
protected from those who would otherwise Carnival the changelings of the city were able
take freedom from you! to drag the True Fae into a world of madness
All about the Lost bowed in respect, and ecstasy from which that they could not
seeing that the very aspect of Winter was even escape. It is in these parties of wine and
banished from the court, the Winter Queen meat and music that the unfortunate True Fae
herself shrinking in stature and finding that lost all sense of themselves, finding human
upon their faces were now masks of all emotions and worst of all, human weakness.
varieties and their mien now banished. Music Prone and drunk on the human condition the
could be heard in the wake of the new Doge, Lost would strike upon their Guests dragging
wine and sweets could be tasted on the air. The them before the Doge before either
Winter Queen, acknowledging her new ruler incarceration or execution.
asked what was to become of herself and her For a time peace and tranquillity
cousins within the other courts. The Doge said, reigned in Venice. That was until the Doge
that if they liked, they would become his was assassinated.
advisors and leaders of the Seasonal Houses The identity of the Doge is always an
that would comprise the court of the Carnival, unknown. The power of Carnival means that
and that so long as the Carnival was respected whenever someone assumes the mantle of
then so would the seasons. The Queen bowed Doge all history and knowledge of that person
and looked for similar gestures from members becomes masked by the Wyrd. Others may
of the other courts and at once their masks remember the person but assume they left for
shifted and their regalia of power evaporated some other city, or that they died or were taken
away, for only the Doge would be allowed to back by the True Fae. Either way all memory
see past all masks within his Court. of the identity of the Doge is clouded, while
Over the coming year the nature of this the old Doge reassumes their old life as if they
new Court was fully understood. The presence had always been there, whilst forgetting of
of masks and the shrouding of the mien within their time as Doge. It is for this reason that the
the presence of the Doge ensured that all first ever assassination of the Doge came as
appeared equal before the Doge. But it also quite a surprise to the Lost of Venice.
meant that no changeling could be certain of One of the Gentry, a self made master
the identity of who they were talking to within of mirrors and masks found their entire notion
court, meaning that conspiracies no longer of Venice to his dislike. He was insulted that

these wayward slaves, even some of his own, skull as his new face. Carnival had been
acted as if they were lords and ladies because appeased, and a new Doge had risen from the
they had the immunity granted them by the ashes.
Pact of Carnival. This True Fae, a jealous
fiend, Her Body of Cackling Wine, sort to Charnel House, Ebon
show the Lost of Venice the error of their Palace
ways. She would find the Doge and pluck out The mid 16th century saw Venice hit
his eyes to show all of the fouls creatures that with plague and the city dwindled in power.
nothing comes without some sort of price. The Lost, once the dominant force of Venice,
Through intrigue and dark pacts Cackling now had to tackle the strange vampires and
Wine duped and seduced a number of the Lost ghosts snuck into the city, taking advantage of
of Venice, bending them to her will so that the the chaos. Fingers were pointed at these
Pat of Carnival could be uncovered. This cat entities for bringing disease to the city, but
and mouse game continued for many nights these were only suspicions. With Venice
and years as Cackling Wine discovered more reduced by death and destruction the House of
about the Carnival, more about this ancient Winter, the Ca dGhiaccio, flourished. The
festival. And it was by understanding it that swell of mourners and feelings of loss brought
this True Fae discovered the secret to the much power to the House of Ice, and many
Doge. more changelings joined their House, seeking
During the great fire of the early 16th to find shelter and safety. Winter cast a long
century Her Body of Cackling Wine destroyed shadow over Carnival and so the balls and
a number of her entitlements, banishing her revelry was replaced by secret decadence and
Arcadian powers given by these names. Her hidden orgies. It was also at this time that the
hair fell to the ground and pooled like oil, her House of Winter, the Ca dCrani, the House
eyes wept smoke and she found herself of Skulls, organized a new group of dedicated
diminished. But with the ritual came the Doge, changelings who could deal with the threat of
summoned by her sacrifice, by the very Pact of the restless dead. The isles of Lazaretto are
Carnival. The Doge, their mask now shattered cursed places where things that should remain
and their true self now open to all that looked dead lurk in the dark and only those
upon him, confronted the True Fae, his rage changelings that seek goblin fruits tainted by
visible as his elemental mien of fire ignited death dare to tread these shores.
and burned bright. All over the city the Hedge As the years past and more and more
opened into the city and the Hobgoblins and foreigners arrived in the city, and so the
Gentry that had lain in waiting poured into the changelings of the city feasted on their
city to take back their wayward slaves. emotions. The Carnival still took place and
Meanwhile the Doge fell upon Cackling Wine, prince and lords from all around came to
flame and fire setting the surroundings and oil indulge. This decadence was all the Lost of
a blaze. And then together, burning and Venice had to stave off the effects of the
fighting, the Doge and Cackling Wine fell into decline of the city and its Empire. The House
the waters and were lost forever. of Spring, the Ca dConsacrazione, fed off the
After the city had burned and ash now dark desires of the visiting nobles. The Ca di
fell from the skies, the Lost gathered together Sun, the House of Summer, feasted off the
for safety, their grand ball over. They had paid anger and rage that seethed within the
the price of their decadence. Carnival had Venetian sailors and lords as their lands were
come to take the flesh it was owed. But one of stolen from them. Those changelings of the
the Lost went out looking for the missing Ca dCrani sipped at the fear of all Venetians,
Doge, and discovered floating in the water the the fear that Venice would fall, the fear of
skull of the dead duke. Compelled to repay plague, of death, of the end of the Empire. And
Carnival, this changeling used the teeth of the the Ca dGhiaccio just hid themselves away,
skull to pluck out his eyes and then donned the storing away what things they could while

gnawing on the constant feeling of sorrow that waters that flooded the city, and into these
had fallen on the city. Venice was falling and waters the Gentry dragged mortals to Arcadia.
the changelings carried on their Great Flooding became a frequent event and
Carnival, ignoring the inevitable end. people were lost to the waters as the mirror-
Debauchery and revelry hit its height in like flood allow the Gentry to hunt far and
the 18th century , and as the city found new wide within the city. The very defenses of the
depths of sin the magic of the city was seas had been turned against them, another
banished as science and industry altered the cost of their debauchery.
face of the city. Imagination, the savage However, Carnival returned. A new
garden of emotion, was gone, and the city was pact was made with the great festival, and this
devoid of feeling. Glamour of all kinds ran time the price was even higher. In return for
thin within the city, the harvest was over and Carnivals protection, for returning the city to
now was the cities winter of discontent. The its former glory, the Doge and his court
Court of Carnival withered and the Houses would have to pay the ultimate price, their
warred with one another for the little glamour souls, when Carnival comes looking from its
that flowed into the city. payment of flesh.
The came Napoleon, and with him
corrupt mortal sorcerers and vampires. The The Last Dance
city, sick and empty of any form of emotion or Ever since the re-emergence of the
passion, fell to the warlord and the Court of Carnival in the early 80s the Lost of Venice
Carnival was broken. But not before the price have grown in strength. The freehold is once
of flesh was paid. The last Doge of the old more stable and the dream of Venice now
Court hung himself from the Campanile in St draws tourists in from all over the world and
Marks Piazza, the pact with Carnival with them they bring their passions, their
maintained. Their years of revelry were over emotions, their imaginations, and their hope.
and now their sins were to be weighed and Venice was once more a place where people
counted. could indulge in their desires, sorrow, fear,
During the darker years of Napoleonic rage.
rule, and under the rule of Austria and Of course there were those who still
Mussolini the Lost dwindled, hunted down by opposed the Court of the Carnival and the
mystics and Fae hunters. The magic of the city Doge, but they could not deny that Carnival
was gone, but those who remained, the had caused a resurgence of emotion and
remains of the Houses and the Court, kept the energy with the city. Vampires were driven
embers of Carnival alive. Secret balls, private from their havens and terrible wizards were
parties, all these things helped keep the dream banished from their sanctums. Dreams of
alive. In this desert of emotion the mask of the Venices salvation were planted in the minds
Doge was protected. But then there were those of those mortals that could save the city and
of the Houses who sought to destroy the mask, the trods of the city were once more patrolled.
the crown of the Doge, and so replace the But despite these things Venice was still
Court with the Seasonal rule. Changeling terribly damaged. Floods still ravaged the city
killed changeling and a shadow war ground in Winter and the waters still threatened to rise
the Houses down, and all the while mages and and consume the city forever. And of course
vampires stole their ancient artifacts and the Gentry still came into the city, now more
magical devices. aware than ever of the high price of Carnival.
But worse was to come. Magical war,
the loss of the great dream of Venice, the end
of the Serenissima, had damaged the very The Freehold of Venice
essence of Venice. Like Atlantis and the The Freehold of Venice has been held
Minoans, Venice was to be consumed by by the Court of Carnival for many centuries.
water. The city reflected darkly in the oil All that time countless Doges have held office.

Some were granted the position by the of which mask that they each wear. For others
departing Doge, others were simply bestowed that arrive at the court changelings must ask
the seat upon the death of the last Doge. The for their identity. Thus it is completely
identity of the Doge has always been one of possible for changelings to remain anonymous
the greatest mysteries of the city. Every time a in court, free to speak their mind to all others.
new Doge is appointed he is bound to keep Such a state of affairs means that concerns can
that identity secret or he will die and the title is be openly expressed without fear of
then past on. Meanwhile the old Doge slips repercussions. But it also means that rumour
back into his old life as if he was never gone. and conspiracy is rife, and paranoia reigns as
Gaps in details are filled in, and all memory of changelings try to ensure that they are not
his time as Doge is removed. The only tie identified and singled out for their views and
between the Doges of the Court of Carnival is actions. But this maddening court of intrigue,
the Book of the Long Masquerade, a journal backstabbing and whispers is the price paid for
detailing the history and lore of the Freehold. their freedom. The Pact of Carnival gives the
The role of the Doge is that of arbiter Lost of the city shelter from the Gentry.
and chairman. He is the head of the freehold Carnival works its Glamour upon all members
but not a despot, his rule must first pass the of the freehold, hiding their mien from the
approval of the Dukes of the Seasonal Houses. Gentry so that they appear as just mortals. This
Only in times of great need can the Doge rule does not stop the True Fae however, it is just
without question, but even that must be agreed another mask and like all masks they can be
upon by the heads of the Seasonal Houses of looked past.
Venice. The Doge authorizes new laws for the The most notable Hollow of the Court
Freehold, acts as the final judge of tribunals, of Carnival is associated with the Ca Psaro,
and acts as the commander of arms when war the museum for oriental and modern arts. This
is declared. stone-clad gothic building is covered in
The Doge also plays a major role in the gruesome heads. The
social aspect of the freehold, holding court and
listening to the needs of his subjects. Thus the
Doge performs an important part in the The Mantle of Carnival
freehold, acting as counsellor and master of The Court of Carnival, the Thousand
rites. Masks, the Quicksilver Court, the court of
The Glamour that acts upon the Doge revelry and laughter.
ensures that in the identity of the Doge is a Some wish to hide, some wish to loses
secret and his human face is concealed when themselves to their desires, others give into
in court. Outside of his duties as Doge, the their rage, and others wish to cause fear. But
Doge is cannot reveal his title and the magic the court of Carnival is something else. It is
associated with the title is not revealed. For all farewell to the flesh, to let go of themselves
intents and purposes the Doge is just like any and be lost within the festival of Carnival. If
other changeling. they are willing to make the sacrifice the
The Glamour associated with the title Carnival offers safety, pleasure, mystery,
of Doge is not just limited to the Doge magic, secrecy and power. The ultimate
themselves, but extends to all of those within message of Carnival is one of festival, and
court. When entering the official court of the showing that the Lost can turn the tables on
Doge all other changelings have their mien the Gentry. Of course the question is when
banished and their image is concealed by a Carnival will come seeking to collect their
mask. The Pact of Carnival allows for all debts.
changelings to associate with each others as For the above reasons the Court of
equals at the price of not knowing whom they Carnival is eclectic, maddening, and colourful,
are with. This curious effect means that only attracting changeling from all walks of life.
changelings that enter court together are aware But typically the court attracts those

changelings that have a taste for politics, contract laughter may be heard or a cold wind
intrigue, revelry and magic, all at once. They blows. At Mantle + the mien of a
are all self styled princes of Faerie. But of Carnival courtier is even more intense as
course this intense mix is difficult for many dimensions are confused, directions twisted,
changeling to accommodate, and often spices can be smelled in the air and laughter
courtiers can be driven to insanity but the assaults the ears of the observer. Even more
pressures of Carnival. But this is the cost of important is that this mantle only manifests in
the power that comes from the court. locations where the Doge is holding court, or
Of course the most important rituals of if the Carnival courtier wishes.
the court focus on the period of Carnival. At Mantle + a Carnival courtier
Starting on the 26th of December the Doge, become harder to spot and so those actively
along with a representative of the House of seeking the changeling have a -1 die penalty to
Winter, lead the celebration of the start of their appropriate search skill (Wits +
Carnival. Masks are ritually burnt, signifying Composure or Wits + Skill) roll. At Mantle
the start of the period of renewal. But first they + the changeling becomes even more
must give up their past year and confide to masked by Carnival, their mien is diminished
Carnival their sins. The real celebrations do and they gain a +1 dice bonus to all
not begin until two weeks before Fat Tuesday, ssubterfuge. At Mantle the previous
and on the Sunday at the start of this period the penalties and bonus at previous levels increase
Doge elects the Carnival Prince and Princess. by one. Thus their stealth/subterfuge rolls are
These two lead the balls and parties and act as increased by +2, and a -2 penalty to those
a focus for the Freeholds celebrations, seeking the changeling.
culminating in their ceremonial marriage on The emotion tied to the Court of
Fat Tuesday. This marriage sees a grand ball Carnival is Carnival itself. Changeling harvest
and Lost from other Freeholds beyond Venice the Glamour associated with festivity,
are invited to join in the celebration. celebrations, grand balls, drunken parties. This
The following day, Ash Wednesday, emotion is brought to the fore in others as a
marks the start of Lent, and so the changelings way of once more feeling what was stolen
of the Court of Carnival focus intently on their from them by the Gentry. Only by seeking out
purpose and duties for the following year. Carnival can the Court feel as though it has
For the remainder of the year the Court turned the tables on their debauched Keepers,
is devoted to secrecy and study, defending, the stealing back their old lives and the magic of
Freehold and rooting out dangers within the Faerie. But also Carnival means
city. acknowledging that all great things come at a
The heraldry of the Court is a strange great price, that their freedom and powers
mix. It is the clear blue skies over the Adriatic come with strings attached. It is only when this
in February, the bracing sea breeze, the smell is acknowledged, that a changeling is free to
of mulled wine, the sparkle of light of the celebrate his freedom, knowing what it cost to
crests of waves, the taste of hot chocolate, the regain it.
sound laughter, the ringing of church bells, The Court holds certain stereotypical
masks, tricorn hats, cats, lions, violins, views of the other courts.
gondola, mercury, salt, a sense of Spring Court: The may indulge in
disorientation and loss of direction. their passions, but they lose themselves to
The mantle of Carnival is somewhat a easily to their desire and forget to celebrate all
mix of all others. The Mantle gives a sense of other aspects of life.
Carnival as an overload of the sense as a Summer Court: They may win the
means to hide the changeling. At Mantle to war but they never take the time to rejoice in
the mien of the changeling is confusing the achievements. No instead they just seek
and sensual as the observer is assaulted by the out more war, more bloodshed.
smells and tastes of Carnival. When invoking a Autumn Court: They may try to steal

the magic of Faerie, and use such things for This changeling is keeping track of the details
their own war, to make the Gentry fear their of the city, the funds that are kept by the Doge,
own tools, but they do not take the time to files on the threats to the Freehold, working
enjoy the pleasures that it can bring. Celebrate with the Dukes of the Seasonal Houses to
the world that it reveals. But always know that distribute titles and duties, maintaining the
all gifts come with a price. location of Freehold commons, safe houses
Winter Court: You can hide but and hollows.
Carnival will always come, always seeking to Of all the members of the Court of
take what is owed, that debt. But also, no Carnival the seneschal is possibly the most
matter how the Winter Court act, they cannot important role but also one of the most
deny that they have succeeded in escaping the disrespected positions within the Freehold.
Gentry, and not celebrating such an Many of the House of Autumn feel that the
achievement is a terrible thing as then you seneschal is intruding on their responsibilities,
have no drive to achieve greater things. while the House of Summer and Spring see the
seneschal as a puppet of the Doge.
The Bauta appears in court in robes
almost opulent as the Doge, and his mask is
The current Doge is theorized to have
the Bauta mask. The Bauta mask is a full face
been in power for the last decade at least. His
mask but with an angular pronounced jaw that
rule has been characterized by his balance
disguises the mouth. The mask is covered in
between tough justice and light handed rule.
gilding and ornate.
Balls and parties are allowed at all times but in
The role of Volto is the official
the shadows his agents are constantly on the
peacekeeper of the city. Dressed in the Volto
look out for loyalist, privateers, Gentry and
mask, similar to the Bauta but in pure black,
militia. Within court the Doge has been
but worn with a tricorn and a cloak. The Volto
attacked openly for not being more proactive,
acts as both investigator and executioner, and
and has gained the hatred and distrust of those
works in unison with those defenders of the
within the Summer and Spring house. This
Freehold from the Seasonal Houses. Thus the
revulsion has been born out of the disgust at
Volto acts as leader and commander of these
the Court of the Carnival preventing seasonal
militant changelings, but this an uneasy
rule, but also the Doge clamping down on
alliance that leads to conflicts of interest. Of
those parties and gatherings that have gotten
all the positions with the city the identity of
out of hand, or the more militant Summer
the Volto is well known to all changelings in
courtiers who think the Doge is not doing
the Freehold.
enough to actively hunt those who would bring
The Larva appears similar to the Volto,
down the freehold.
however with a mask of pure white. The Larva
The Doge appears in court as dressed
is the official ghost hunter of the Freehold.
much like a prince or lord would during the
Such a position is required when the city has
18th century. His attire is white and gold, with
such a deep and troubled history. Thus the
an opulent coat, buckled shoes and powdered
Larva is normally associated with the Autumn
wig. His mask fully conceals his face and is a
and Winter Seasonal Houses. The other main
shifting mask of emotions.
duty of the Larva is that of assassin. Whenever
The Doge does not work in a vacuum,
things must be done quietly then the Larva is
and has a number of aides that are known
the one that is called upon by the Doge. This
within Court. The Pact of Carnival allows for
means, unlike the Volto, the Larva operates in
the changeling of the city to come to court and
complete secrecy.
act anonymously, but there are those
Servetta Muta is always a female
changelings of the court who are identifiable,
changeling and dressed in opulent robes and a
at least within court. Outside of court their it is
black oval mask that has only slits for eyes.
up to these changelings to reveal their title.
The wearer must bite down onto a bit so that
The seneschal of the Doge is the Bauta.

the mask is held against the face. Thus the role punishments and complex Byzantine politics.
of the Servetta Muta is that of a confessor, the No surprise when the within the court of the
Lost of the Freehold can reveal their sins and Doge all changelings are disguised by
troubles to her without the fear that she will Glamour. This chaotic court extends to the
reveal these secrets to others, such is the Pact Seasonal Courts. Because there is no rotation
with Carnival that is made by the Servetta of the Seasonal Courts in Venice, something
Muta. Over the centuries others have tried to not require with Carnivals inherent concept of
pervert this position, but before long there is a revelry and sacrifice, the Seasonal Courts have
new Servetta Muta, a changeling is missing formed Houses. These houses function in
and the Larva is cleaning his blades. much the same way as they would normally,
The Columbine and Columbina are two except that instead of the rotation of leadership
changelings who are considered the most the heads of each House, the Councillors.
beautiful within the Freehold. The Columbino These four, along with the Doge form a ruling
masks are the classic half masks, concealing elite. The Doge has final say in matters, in
just the eyes and nose leaving the lower laws and pledges and oaths, but not without
portion of the face exposed. The masks are the support and advice of the Councillors.
very ornate and so are the costumes that the
courtiers wear. These two changelings are in The Ca dConsacrazione -
charge of organizing the balls and parties of The House of Spring
the Freehold, gifted in the performing arts, and The House of Spring shares much in
also are notorious for their numerous and common with the Court of Carnival. Both
frequent sexual encounters at these parties. promote parties, following desire and revelry
The final official position within the and indulgence. But the House of Spring takes
Court of Carnival is the Medico della Peste, or these things a step further without a thought
Plague Doctor. This changeling is dressed in for the cost of such indulgence. Their house,
the traditional black robes and wide brimmed, sitting on the edge of the Grand Canal, is the
with a mask that covers the entire face. The dilapidated Ca da Mosto. The Mosto family
mask features small eye slits covered in clear was an influential family in Venice but then
stones, and is completely white. The main with the fall of the Venetian Empire the house
feature is the grim looking curved wide beak. was sold on. The name Mosto comes from the
This beak, during the Venetian plagues, was word for grapes or the name for the priest of
designed so that it could be stuffed with herbs Bacchus, the Mustes. This house appears to be
and spices that would prevent the doctor from empty, but within the upper stories the House
breathing in the plague. of Spring often holds their decadent parties.
The Medico della Peste is the Freehold The real House of Spring lies within the
physician, but also acts as intermediatory Hedge, where the Ca da Mosto has been
between the Freehold and the Vampire and extended and replicated. The building is
sorcerers that live within the bounds of Venice opulent, decorated in frescoes and mirrors,
and the Venetian mainland. Other than the murals and statues, curtains of plum and lime.
Larva and Volto, the Medico della Peste is one This building is both the party house, with
of the most feared and respected changelings many rooms containing large beds, and seat of
in the Freehold, and on rare occasions power of the head of the House of Spring.
changelings that have been brought in for The head of the House of Spring is the
minor aliments have disappeared without Vernal Duke. The selection of the Duke is a
trace. simple popularity contest. Of course popularity
is a fickle thing. You can be popular for being
The Savage Garden fun and promoting the desires of the House, or
What is obvious from above is that the for being scathing, or for causing fear in those
Court of Carnival is a court of extremes. It you dislike. Thus the Duke gains the title
allows for excessive revelry, but also harsh through their strength of will.

The Duke sits at the centre of a spider business of others when they are unwanted.
web of intrigue, listening to every piece of
gossip and news that is brought to his court. A The Ca dSun - The House
well placed observation or insult by the Duke of Summer
could make or break a changeling in the city, Carnival means farewell to the flesh.
and these views can be spread about the The Carnival is about sacrifice, and what
Freehold quickly by the Dukes agents. greater sacrifice is there but giving yourself in
The Duke is served by a number of his defense of others. This is how the House of
own household. The first of these is the Summer, the House of the Sun, relates to the
Claviger. This Spring courtier is the official Court of Carnival. Carnival also promotes
body guard of the Duke, but is also in charge saying farewell to the Losts former life as
of organising security for the House of Spring, mortals and accept what they are. But also to
which often brings his into competition with recognise that they are no longer slaves but
the Doges Volto. Typically the Claviger has a free. But this freedom comes at a price; blood
passion for weaponary and the martial arts, and flesh, and the House of Summer pays this
and in the history of the Venetian Freehold, is price everyday.
one of the most skilled sword masters of the The House of Summer operates out of
city, equal to even the most skilled Summer the Arsenale. The changelings make use of the
courtier. In fact the Claviger is often most dilapidated sections of the former war
recognised for bearing the Flowering Steel, a factory, appearing to either work for the
symbol of his office and also a powerful token museum or local homeless people. The
in the hands of a skilled warrior. On rare Arsenale extends into the Hedge, and this
occasions the Claviger has also been called Hollow of the House of Summer is a store
upon to fight in a duel for the honor of the house of weaponry and tokens that can be used
House of Spring. against the Gentry. It is a grim fortress within
If the Columbino of the Court of the Hedge, similar to the Arsenale at its
Carnival are the club kids of Venice then the height of production, or the Ducal Palace
House of Springs Sage Escort is the cities prison. The Arsenale Hollow consists of
matron of whores. She is one of the most barracks, a war room, numerous training
passionate of the house and is renowned for rooms and armouries, and a jail.
having harems that consist of lost from all The House of Summer is modelled on
Houses and genders. In fact the Sage Escort, or the Venetian Empires military, in particular
simply Veronica (a title based upon the name their navy. So like the sailors of old the House
of the famous courtesan of Venice), is the best of Summer is ready to take the fight to foreign
intelligence officer for the House. Pillow talk lands, regardless if it is the territory of rival
being the source of some of the best secrets Freeholds or the Hedge. This structuring
and damming information. Her position is seen means that almost all members of the House
as competition by the Columbino, and the hold titles derived from the navy.
Servetta Muta has a distaste for the Veronicas The head of the House is the Admiral.
actions, often hearing confessions from those The Admiral expects discipline within his
Lost who have disclosed their deepest sins to house and punishes those who not give him his
this Spring courtier. due respect. The position of Admiral must be
The other prominent role with the earned, it is not bestowed, and typically this
House of Spring is the Joyeux. This muse of occurs when the previous Admiral dies or
joy is holds a position of respect, helping other steps down and the Doge formally promotes
courtiers, not just those of Spring, in the the Summer courtier to the rank of Admiral.
pursuit of their work so that they may achieve This can at times mean that the next highest
hapiness. Of course the Joyeux is a skilled ranked Summer courtier isnt promoted to
listener and counselor, but can at times been Doge. Such a thing is rare but as expected can
seen as a meddler, sticking their nose into the cause political strife within the House as the

Doge snubs those who may think they have the there is fear, paranoia, horror. But also magic.
right to the position of Admiral. Carnival is a festival of revelry, but also a
Below the Admiral are the Crimson chance to indulge in the magic of illusion, to
Captains. Serving in the same role as Iron enjoy the quick frights that it brings. Carnival
Adjutant, thus they act as the Admiral within allows for the reversal of roles, the begger
the field when he himself is otherwise in becomes the lord, the nun becomes the whore.
engaged in other matters of the Freehold. For the Lost of Venice Carnival allows for the
There are always at least Their number is at reversal of power, and turning the tools of
most half a dozen and these are the most their enslavement on their Keepers. For these
obvious agents of Summer in the Freehold, reasons Autumn and Carnival can be allied in
executing the orders of the Admiral. They are their fight against the Gentry.
not expected to be mindless servants, and so The House of Autumn operates in the
captains are often skilled soldiers and quick Teatro Fenice. Here the courtiers of Autumn
witted. These captains are never just the leader masquerade as actors and theatre hands.
of motleys that consist purely of Summer Within the Hedge the theatre is a dark and
changelings. Some captains are the only brooding and it is here that they perform their
member of the House of Summer within other commedie dellarte. These improvised plays
motleys. At times these captains are called are designed for amusement, to invoke the
upon to lead gatherings of soldiers of the magic of Venice, but also to teach. Often these
Summer court, these soldiers being drawn plays are tales of morality, humility and
from all motleys within the Freehold. mystery. For their changeling audience these
The soldiers of the Summer House are a means to teach. For the mortals that see
come in two ranks, lieutenants and corporal. these plays they allow the Autumn House to
The difference is simple. The more skilled harvest fear. This gothic theatre is also a store
lieutenants are better armed and command house for all of the Autumn House artifacts,
more respect from their commanders, while tomes and tokens.
corporals are expected to follow orders The leader of the House of Autumn is
without question. often never seen by his subjects, instead
Some captains have other duties than cultivating a society of fear and mystery
just commanding the grunts of the House of within his own House. His existence is only
Summer. The House of Summer has taken it confirmed by their meeting with the Doge, but
upon itself to police the Freehold, and in again this figure may well just be a puppet.
charge of these operations is the Constable of The leader of the House of Autumn is known
Calefaction, and so this has often led to the as the Silent Skull. This name is suggestive of
House to being at odds with the Volto of the the role of Lord of Autumn, a being that may
Court of Carnival. However at most times well be watching the dark and cause events
these two positions act together. The other that terrorise the unwary so that they will be
position held by a captain of Summer is the ready for when the Gentry come a calling. It is
Jager. This captain is a skilled hunter, also in reference to the means of
especially within the Hedge, and is often communication that the Lord of Autumn uses;
called upon by the Admiral to lead hunting messages magical sealed with a snarling skull.
parties into the Hedge. The Jager and the The hierarchy of the House is often just
Larva share similar expertise, but also know as secretive, with changelings only knowing
their respective specialities, the Jager often which changelings are their direct superiors or
differing to the Larva when matters concern their students, with changelings referring to
vampires, the dead and magi. each other as mentor and ward. This means
that the House of Autumn is like a university
The Ca dCrani - The House of fear and secrets, and only a few know all
of Autumn the connections between all members of the
Behind every mask is a mystery, and so House. This means that it is possible for

members of the House to pass each other in The location of where the House of
the halls of the theatre but not speak or Winter meets is not well known to the other
acknowledge each other as neither is aware of Seasons, and in fact the House is only a House
each others respective rank. in name, the House tends not to hold frequent
Some Autumn courtiers are bestowed large gatherings. One location where the
titles, but again these are secret titles that are House of Winter does gather, and is only
only revealed when there is a requirement to known to the members of the House of Ice and
do so. their allies, is the Hotel Danieli. Once the most
The Ranger of the Thorns is entrusted expensive hotel in Venice, the Danieli is a
with the duties of harvesting goblin fruits from gothic palazzo which is favoured by
the Hedge, hunting Hedge beasts and celebrities. The members of the House fo
hobgoblins, mapping the trods and Hollows, Winter masquerade as hotel staff and make use
and also acting as guides to others. Such a role of the store rooms for their meetings. Within
is easy to conceal but does lead to competition the Hedge the Hollow located here is a dark
with other hunters and those harvesting. brooding building that is a maze of hotel
Locating Hollows already taken by rooms, all surprisingly empty. This is because
changelings of other Houses. the Hollow is a decoy. No one really knows
Venice Carnival would not be the same where the head of the House of Winter rests
without fools and jesters, and the Fool of First his head, or where else the House keeps their
Frost is a very visible role within the House of safe houses.
Autumn, but also within the Court of Carnival. The head of the House of Winter is the
The dark comedy of the Fool nestles neatly known as the Nameless One. This Lord is a
with the philosophy of Carnival, the jester master of Winter and sits at the heart of a web
poking fun, making satirical jokes, creating of mystery and is only seen in person in the
distractions and promoting the House of presence of the Doge if he is called upon.
Autumns commedie dellarte. The fools tales Otherwise the Nameless one is exactly that,
also act as warnings, designed to terrify and and unknown. His word and orders are only
amuse. heard through his Onyx Thanes, who in turn
The other most prominent role for issue orders to the Iceclad Amigers, who in
Autumn courtiers is the Ashen Notary. It is turn speak to the Squires of Frost, who then
known that one exists in the Freehold, but no use the Flowing Pages as their messengers.
one knows the identity of this changeling, only This web of intrigue and minions is held
that there is an Autumn courtier who together by the code and seals of Winter and
investigates all Pledges and records their the Morning Cant.
nature and their participants. Such information Other than these titles that are
is used by the Silent Skull to root out those determined by the Mantle of a changeling of
Pledges that have been used to orchestrate the House, there are more specific titles that
conspiracies. are not specifically tied to their Mantle.
The Sun Banisher is a well known
The Ca dGhiaccio - The position within the Freehold, even if the
House of Winter changeling is not known directly. Word simply
Winter is the season of sorrow. It is must reach the Banisher that evidence of some
also the time of quiet, punishment, hibernation form must be removed and that his services are
and hiding. Winter seeks the shadows, the required and then in return the Banisher sets
darkness and camouflage. Winter is also about his price. This communication then continues
sacrificing comforts. Winter is also about self facilitated by the Flowing Pages.
sacrifice, that a changeling can only rely on The Lord of Inhospitable Chamber is
their own skills when the chips are down. The another title that is rumoured to exist and the
Pact of Carnival meshes well with the concept identity of the Winter Courtier is unknown.
of Winter. What is known comes from the whispers of the

victims of this changeling. He is an amongst the population of the city. The second
interrogator, jailer, torturer and master of has been the disappearance of a few members
information extraction, setting up situations of the Freehold. Apparently this has been the
where the subject divulges secrets when is work of those Loyalists hidden within the city
unaware that such actions are being taken limits, or worst the Gentry. It has been these
against him. In many cases the subject has no issues that have led to the loss of confidence in
idea that he has been watched or that events the Court of Carnival, especially from the
have been orchestrated to reveal these details Spring and Summer Houses who expect more
until they are used against him and the foot direct action.
soldiers of Summer come calling. The most prominent opponents of the
Doge have been the Spring Courtier Malvolio,
Maggior Consiglio - The and the Summer Courtier Captain Tomaas
Great Council Tusk. Within court Malvolio, a Flowering
The Maggior Consiglio is what the Fairest who holds as much respect as the
Freehold of Venice would like outsiders to Verdant Duke, is known to speak out against
think of them; a group of Lost who together the Doge within the halls of the House of
think of themselves as nobles and lords and Spring, his words and gossip directing others
ladies. The pretend that their court operates to stand against the Doge and his puppets. Of
with the Doge overseeing their great balls and course this is seen as distasteful by the Verdant
grand parties, and that the Doge listens to the Duke who only wishes for the status quo to
issue of the Freehold presented to him in court remain due to the privilege that House has
that his rule is fair and just. But this is far from with the organization of balls and
the truth. In recent years the Freehold has masquerades. But of course there are those
become more and more unstable as members who want to rise above their station and see
of the House of Spring have come to resent the Court of Carnival brought down so that
Carnivals continuing reign which they are no longer lorded over by those
overshadows the commencement of Spring. Carnival courtiers.
What follows is an overview of the current The Captain Tomas Tusk, a boar like
political climate of the Freehold of Venice. Beast, has always been known to be something
The current Doge of the city, unknown of a trouble maker and outspoken against the
to their subjects, is the air touched elemental moderate, festive, Court of Carnival. Of course
Aura. This Lost, stolen as a child to blow this warmongering Summer soldier has always
cooling breezes for her Keeper, returned to the been under the leash of the his Admiral, the
sea town of Chioggia, finding that for herself 7 Earthbones Elemental, Capricornus. Of course
years had past while for her family 27 years this does not stop the Captain from voicing his
had gone by. Blessed with the ability to sing concerns as the Admiral becomes increasingly
enchanting songs Aura made her way within seen as blundering and obsessed with orders
the Freehold of Venice, and after 37 years of and red tape. In comparison the second
acting as a court entertainer within the House Captain, the Cinder Bella, a Fireheart
of Spring, and also a well respected Elemental, accepts her commanders habits and
manipulator of Glamour. It was then 12 years tries to take up the slack instead of trying to
ago she was given the title of Doge, the former bring down the regime. Of course this means
Doge in secret bestowed the mask upon her the soldiers of the House are caught between
and with that act the roles were reversed and their own opinions and following orders.
the former Doge left the city, their memory of The Silent Skull, the Duke of Autumn,
their time as Doge struck from their mind. is the least vocal on issues pertaining to the
The Doge for the last 4 years has rule of Carnival. Some suggest that Autumn
battled with a number of problems. The first fears the Court, since only they would truly
has been the slow increase in sightings of respect the climate of fear that the Doge has
hobgoblins and reports of disturbing dreams created. In truth the Duke of Autumn is more

aware of the intrigue rife within the Freehold bring him all the information he needs so that
but does not divulge all the details to the Doge. when the time comes Winter will be able to
Instead what little bits of information are waiting out the storm and not be harmed by
revealed are said at times when they would the Pact of Carnival.
have the most impact on the Court, to create It is then clear that the Freehold is torn
the most amount of fear so that the Court is between secrecy and revelry, magic and
driven to achieving greater things. The real muscles, survival and sacrifice, and there those
problem for the Doge and the Silent Skull not ready or willing to make a choice.
comes from the inevitable shadow war The main focus of Freehold life is the
between their respective spies, and the ever unending Carnival. At least one or twice a
heightening atmosphere of paranoia within the week a masquerade party of some form is held
Freehold. Both know that if these fears are not in the name of Carnival. The location is
conquered then they will drive the Lost of the marked on the doors by the symbol of the Pact
Freehold to committing terrible actions. But of Carnival, the lions of St Mark and the book.
worst is that within this quagmire of rumours Within this marked location, the Pact of
and secrets the real truth will be overlooked. It Carnival weaves the Glamour to form the
would be easy for this to be solved by masks upon the faces of all changelings within
removing the Court of Carnival from power, the building, while dispelling the mien of the
but the Silent Skull is more aware than any changelings. The effect is identical to that
other that Carnival is integral to the Freehold which occurs in the court of the Doge. The
and the city, and that on the horizon the city difference is that this power is an extension of
will have pay its dues to Carnival. Within the the Doges, invoked by his officers only who
House of Autumn there are those who see too simply mask draw the symbol in gold or red
many secrets, and these individuals now pass paint.
secrets to other Houses as they seek to These parties are the perfect
reinstate the cycle of Seasons, but they must opportunity for the Lost of the city to indulge
work quietly and discreetly as it has been in Carnival and to socialize without the worry
known for traitorous Autumn courtiers to of people using their actions and words against
vanish without trace. Then there are those who them. However, these parties have the added
just feast on the fear within the Freehold and problem of paranoia as people hear rumours
just seek to see this blossom into terror and involving themselves but not knowing who
harvest it. has said what. It is for this reason that these
If the Autumn House is a court of ash, parties often remain focused on more trivial
where those in power are unseen, then the matters and enjoyment. Those Lost who can
House of Winter is just as well hidden. The perform take the opportunity to do so,
Nameless One is even more quiet on matters otherwise entertainment can be provided using
concerning the cycle of Seasons. There are ensorcelled mortals.
those who can only see the coming sorrow that The larger gatherings of the Freehold
will fall upon the Freehold, and those that see take place once a month on a Saturday night.
the ensuing chaos as the perfect theatre within These gatherings begin as more sombre affairs
which to hide from the Gentry. And so the where Freehold issues are brought up and
Nameless One allows the Freehold to continue decrees are made. News such as upcoming
as it does. But then that is because Winter tribunals and other Seasonal House events are
wishes to remain unseen so that those traitors announced, along with the formal
can be caught in the act. The Nameless One is announcement of titles being bestowed. After
fully aware that there are traitors within the the more serious business is over the real party
Houses of Spring and Summer. But it is also can begin. These larger gatherings are often
the rule of the Icelaw to not interfere with the held in the Hollow maintained by the
practices of the Houses. Thus the Nameless Columbino for the Doge. This Ducal Palace is
One is biding his time, letting his messengers a building shaped by the Wyrd and stands in

the Hedge where the Rialto would be. Access infused, mystic, narcotics.
is only granted by the two Carnival
changelings, and those with the appropriate Malvolio
tokens simply must pass under the arch facing Quote: May I have this dance my
south on the Rialto bridge. The Ducal Palace, lady?, These decorations are all
known as the Rialto Palazzo, stands on a WRONG!, I dont think they were invited?
bridge that spans the river like trod of the Could you see to them please.
Lions Tail. The palazzo is a gleaming Background: Malvolio is from Milan
construction of white marble and gold, Doric and grew up during the 60s and was heavily
columns and pink stone. involved in the social revolution that was
Other meeting do take place within the taking place. His family were suit and shirt
Freehold. One a month the House of Autumn makers but he had no desire to go into the
holds its commedia dellearte while the family trade. Instead Malvolio hung out with
House of Spring holds more decadent parties his friends from school, riding his motorcycle
at its Hollow on a twice monthly basis. The and taking drugs.
House of Summer holds monthly tournaments It was while out riding his motorcycle
while the House of Winter remains indifferent that he pulled off the main road and stopped to
and tends to stay quiet and only engage in smoke a joint. It was while there he walked
more open meeting during the Winter months through an unseen gateway into the Hedge.
when they hold their markets. The Hedge reacted to Malvolios intoxicated
state of mind, the Hedged blossomed with
Mascherari - The Motleys flowers in impossible colours, fireflies darted
of Venice about in the thorns. Malvolio was soon good
The term Mascherari was the name and lost.
used by the mask making guilds of Venice. In Lost in the Hedge Malvolio was
modern times this term is now used by the discovered by Mandrake. Mandrake, a strange
Lost when referring to the motleys of the city. figure dress in a white suit but with a mesh
However this term has also been adopted by face mask, almost like a bee keeper, lunged at
the groups of the Bound that haunt the city. Malvolio and gassed him.
Malvolio awoke in a glorified green
house that was hot and humid, that stretched
on for miles. There were others there, but they
The Hundred Masks stood motionless, their arms up stretched to the
The Hundred Masks is a group of sky as flowers sprouted from their fingertips,
Spring courtiers. They are devoted to the task eyes and mouth. Every plant, vegetable,
of organizing the decadent balls that the Lost funghus and shrub was a person. And he was
attend. The success of the balls is a sign of now slowly succumbing to the heat.
their own prestige and dominance within the Years past and Malvolio awoke,
politics of the Freehold. Their parties are startled by something. The greenhouse had
extravagant affairs and a chance to upstage all been untended for sometime and become
the other Houses and the Court of Carinval. overgrown, and with great effort Malvolio was
For this reason they are often at odds with the able to shake himself free. He noted that vines
Columbine and Columbina. and flower petals fell from him. The petals
In order to hold their parties the were a dark purple and from his lips fell
Hundred Masks have a hold over club and bar sickly, white berries. He picked his way
owners (though there are not many clubs in through the overgrown garden and out of the
Venice itself) and the owners of some of the greenhouse, into the cool air of the barren
palaces in Venice. The Hundred Masks also landscape that was the realm of his keeper.
have contacts with drug dealers, buying Malvolio returned to mortal world after
mundane drugs and selling their glamour almost 20 years had gone by, while he was

only 6 years older. He arrived back in Milan, Frost.
but not where he had left his motorcycle all Apparent Age: Early 30s
those years ago. Instead he returned through a Court: Spring
door in an alleyway in downtown Milan. Seeming: Fairest
Malvolio discovered that he had been deemed Kith: Flowering
dead by the authorities, and his family had Keeper: Mandrake
since moved city. Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
Malvolio was picked up by the local Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3,
Freehold, but after some problems in Milan he Stamina 3
moved on to Venice where he joined the Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 4,
House of Spring, fitting in perfectly with the Composure 2
House and their ideals and aspirations. Mental Skills: Academics 2, Investigation 2,
Once in Venice Malvolio gained a Medicine 2, Occult (Hedge Fruit) 2, Politics
reputation for being a bit of a player and (Freehold) 2
nihilistic. His parties were some of the most Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 1, Drive
decadent, his balls the most grand. His links (Motorcycles) 2, Larceny 3, Stealth 1, Weaponry 2
with the drug trade made him influential in the Social Skills: Empathy (Emotions, Lies) 2
harvesting of glamour for the House of Spring. Intimidation (Veiled Threats) 2, Persuasion
His investment in narcotics has brought him (Seduction) 3, Socialize (Dress Balls, Bars) 3,
Streetwise (Drug Dealers) 2, Subterfuge (Lying,
into conflict with the Silk Road Pirates as he
Misdirection) 2
attempts to provide even stronger potions that
Merits: Allies (Drug Dealer), Contacts (Night
have been harvested from the Hedge, with Clubs Owner, Drug Dealers, Bent Police Officer) 3,
little regard for the effect that such drugs have Harvest (Emotions) 3, New Identity 4, Mantle
on the mental state of the mortal population. (Spring) 3, Resources 3, Toxin Resistance 2,
He is also in competition with Count Retainers 2, Token 3.
Carnelian, and Silver Heart, the Columbine Willpower: 6
and Columbina respectively. Both see Clarity: 5
Malvolio as having overstep his status and Virtue: Prudence
putting the security of the Freehold as risk. Vice: Gluttony
Description: Malvolio is a handsome Health: 8
man, with dark messy hair and a well trimmed Initiative: 5
goatee. He dresses in designer suits and wears Defense: 3
a flower depending upon the emotions he
Speed: 10
wishes to broadcast. His mien shows that his
Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
eyes are violet, with pale, ivory skin and Pledges)
purple hair. His ears are pointed and his lips
Contracts: Elements (Plants) 3, Fleeting Spring 3,
are as inviting as a flower. His mantle is heavy Eternal Spring 3, Mirror 2, Dream 2, Vain Glory 3
with the smell of flowers, almost sickly. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Persuasion),
Flowers near him bloom and give off a Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Retainers)
nauseating fragrance. Token: Hedge Spun Rainments 2, Ace in the Hole
Storytelling Hints: Malvolio is a 1
womanizer and is lecherous. He indulges his
vices readily and will publicly destroy the
reputation of others, with little regard for their Tybalt
own feelings. No form of indulgence is too
depraved for him. He hates the rule of the
Quote: The cat shall have his
Court of Carnival, and actively seeks to see
cream., You dear are a whore, and worse, a
its downfall of the Vernal Duke. He also hates
syphilitic one!
the fear mongering of the House of Autumn
Background: Tybalt was born in
and has a vendetta against the Fool of First
Venice in 1746. The Venetian Empire was

now nothing but a rotting city where princes Description: Tybalt is lithe, with a
and nobles of Europe came to gamble and go small nose and with scruffy hair. He has
whoring. Here Tybalt was a young boy of 7, almond shaped eyes and a streak of grey
running through the streets. An urchin, thief through his mousy brown hair. He tends to
and a trouble-maker. It was one night, when wear a frock coat and ruffled shirts, the
the moon was high over in the sky over the pockets of which are slightly torn. He has the
city that Tybalt was once more fleeing the look of a gypsy to him. His mien shows his cat
night watchmen once more, his pockets filled like form. His ears are pointed, his eyes
with ducats. He rounded the corner an did not almond shaped and double lidded. He has a
realise a coin fell to the pavement, rolling tail and fur sprouts out from under his clothes.
through an archway marked with the sign of His teeth are more pointed and he has a
two crossed keys. Looking for an escape moustash of fine whiskers. The mantle of
Tybalt fled down this path. Spring manifests as a cool, fresh, breeze, the
Tybalt was lost and the Hedge grew smell after the rain and the blue light of the
tall and enveloping over the young boys head, skies above Venice.
growing darker and darker. Behind him keys Storytelling Hints: Tybalt is a
rustled and jangled and before him was the trickster, a rebel, a thief and untrustworthy. He
Zookeeper. The strange figure was thin and his is aloof, and theft to him is a game. He mocks
face was like that of a magpie. Those dark those who are foolish enough not to watch
beady eyes regarded the young man and he their possessions, and mocks those who fall
produced a whip, made of a long piece of into his traps. He enjoys the spoils of life and
rawhide. He lashed out at the boy and directed sneers at those who at constantly at work.
him deeper into the Hedge. Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Tybalt worked for many years in the Court: Spring
menagerie of the Zookeeper, cleaning the Seeming: Beasts
cages of the strange creatures that the Keeper Kith: Hunterheart
maintained. Tybalt, along with others, were in Keeper: The Zookeeper
turned kept caged together, like the animals Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2
that they looked after for the Zookeeper. Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4,
But one day Tybalt, now more feline Stamina 2
than man, and some of his other fellow Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3,
captives, made a break for it, the Keeper Composure 2
chasing them with whip and nets. But Tybalt Mental Skills: Crafts (Forgery) 2, Investigation 2,
was free at last, his feline speed and agility Occult 2, Politics 1
lending him the skills needed to escape the Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Run, Climb), Brawl
Hedge and the pursuit of his Keeper. (Dirty Fighting) 3, Larceny 3, Stealth (Move
Tybalt arrived in Venice, 1994. For Quietly) 3, Weaponry 2
him only 10 years had passed and Venice was Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 2,
now a modern tourist city. He survived on the Intimidation 2, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 2,
streets, suffering from future shock, making Subterfuge 1
money as a street performer and from Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of
Foot 2, Contacts (Fence, Antiques Dealer) 2,
employing his skills as a thief.
Harvest (Pledge) 2, Mantle (Spring) 2, Resources 2,
Tybalt was picked up by the Freehold, Token 2.
the Vernal Duke gave him a home, taught him
Willpower: 4
how to live in these modern times. Over the
Clarity: 5
years Tybalt became less like the scared young
Virtue: Hope
boy he once was, and is now a confident,
Vice: Greed
trickster, aloof and alluring. He is considered
one of the best thieves in the city and one of Health: 7
the best performers of simple magic tricks. Initiative: 6
Defense: 4

Speed: 12 (14) Jack Frost, her heart became just as hard and
Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges) cold as the domain she had been taken too.
Contracts: Fang and Talon (Cats) 3, Fleeting Spring Her escape, back to Moscow, was
2, Mirror 1, Smoke 3, Dream 2, Goblin Contracts: enabled by tricking the Fae to drink a warming
Fair Entrance 2 elixir. With her master paralyzed she was able
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Persuasion), to escape. She returned to the mortal realm and
Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Retainers) found 10 years had gone by. Her other self, her
Token: Trifles: 3 Bilefruit, 3 Thimbleblack fetch, was now head of the house hold, having
killed her parents. Worse her fetch noticed her
Blue Monday return and chased her from Moscow, but not
before Blue had stolen back some of her
Quote: What delights can I perform inheritance.
for you tonight?, Delicious! Blue journeyed to Venice, having
Background: Blue Monday was born passed through the Balkans looking for a
in Russia in the 1980s. She was born to a permanent home. Arriving in Venice she
family of gangsters, and her father treated her established herself with the local mob and the
like a princess. She was protected by his men Spring court. Her contacts and influence with
and at the age of 16 was sought after by those the Russian and Eastern European Mafia was
young men in the gang. However none were of use to the House of Spring and the
good enough for her. At least that is what her Freehold, and so Blue Monday, as she came to
father said. be known, grew in influence over the years
Her life was a lonely existence, kept until she was bestowed the position of Sage
from the family business, treated to whatever Escort. She had established a strong foothold
she wanted, driven about in expensive cars and in the sex trade in Venice and Mestre, and
dressed in high fashion. Her mother was the through it was able to indulge the needs of the
perfect example of vanity and her father an House of Spring.
example of wrath. However, through those Blue Monday joined Malvolios motley
young men in the business she gained an idea out of having a similar outlook on life and
of what the family business was, and after similar goals. However Blue Monday is not as
leaving school she began to take more of an politically motivated, and she is focused on
active role, acting as her father PA and simply maintaining her position within the
advisor. city, and the power it gives her. She is
It was at the age of 19 she killed her unaware of Malvolios real goal of bringing
first person. She was at home when an assassin down the Court of Carnival.
from a rival mob broke into the family home. Description: Blue Monday is 5 4,
By sheer fortune she came upon the trespasser, and obviously Eastern European, with wide
and with the assailant confused she was able to hips and is voluptuous. She is apparently
take the shot. The assassin fell back, bleeding emotionless, or at least does not display her
from the chest, and in his death throes he emotions. She is always well dressed in the
smeared a bloody hand print on a painting of a Milan designs. Her mien shows her skins as
winter scene. That following January Blue was being tinged blue, her hair even darker, her
on a night out and met a handsome man, he eyes completely white, and her nails like
called himself Jakob. In fact he was one of the icicles. Her mantle of spring manifests as melt
Gentry, Jack Frost. By some means Blue had water, a touch of frost, bluebells and the taste
broken a pledge of some form, or caused a key of the smell of vineyard blossom, and takes the
to be turned. Either way she was stolen away appearance of this blossom.
by this Fae, and fetch, made from ice and Storytelling Hints: Blue Monday is
snow, was left to lead her life. focused almost entirely on her role as Sage
Blue suffered a durance of servitude. Escort, and actively seeks to bring the desires
Raped and forced to look after the kitchens of of the House and the Freehold to the fore. For

this reason she is fun loving and is something small favours on those in need of a little
of a match maker and swinger, enjoying cheering up. He is kind hearted but not a push
numerous sexual partners. She does not like over. He dislikes those who moan far too
being labelled a slut or whore, and competes much. Some consider him to be nosey,
against the Columbine and Columbina, and the boisterous and simply annoying.
rival motleys to the Hundred Masks, a she Paulo Vino Vino is also of the House
hopes to hold the most extravagant orgies. of Spring and an Ogre Farwalker. He acts as
Apparent Age: Mid 30s the muscle and security for the motley. His
Court: Spring size is massive and he is a furry beast of the
Seeming: Elemental mountains. He is a drunkard and brutish,
Kith: Snowskin though some just say he is enjoying himself.
Keeper: Jack Frost However, in his drunken rage he exhibits his
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 3 sexist views and enjoyment of just smashing
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, things up.
Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 5, Manipulation 4,
Composure 3 The Harlequins of
Mental Skills: Academics rafts (Glass Blowing) 2, Carnelian
Invesitgation 2, Medicine 3, Occult (Hedge, Hedge The Hundred Masks is not the only
Fruits) 3, Science 3
motley devoted to pleasure. There are others,
Physical Skills: Brawl 2, Drive (Boats) 1, Larceny
and in the Court of Carnival they are
3, Stealth 2
collectively known as Stocking Groups, after
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Persuasion (Fast-
the term used for those groups of men that
Talking) 3, Socialize (Bars) 3, Streetwise 2,
Subterfuge 3 would compete in the organization of the
Merits: Barfly 1, Contacts (Bartender, Market Stall
festivities for Carnival.
Spice Seller) 2, Court Goodwill (Autumn) 1, The Harlequins of Carnelian is led by
Harvest (Hedge Bounty) 3, Hollow: Size 2, the self titled Count Carnelian, the city
Amenities 2, Doors 1, Iron Stomach 2, Language Columbine, and one of those officially tasked
(Italian) 1, Mantle (Spring) 2, Resources 2. with organising the balls and parties of the
Willpower: 4 Freehold. His motley are equally devoted to
Clarity: 5 the task and takes the role seriously and does
Virtue: Temperance not appreciate the interference by those of the
Vice: Wrath House of Spring who have not been appointed
Health: 8 to the task by the Doge.
Initiative: 6 Where the parties or the Hundred
Defense: 3 Masks are decadent affairs, those of Carnelian
Speed: 11 are more formal, and follow the etiquette of
Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
the Venetian courts of old.
Contracts: Artifice 3, Eternal Spring 3, Dream 3
Pledges: Good Neighbours Pact (Jager), Motley
Pledge (Adroitness Survival), Commendation
Count Carnelian
(Vernal Duke), Commendation (Doge) Quote: We would be honoured by
your appearance in Court, When one is in
Other members of the Hundred Masks Venice, one must feel it in their blood
are, Mercutio and Paulo Vino Vino. Background: Carnelian would have
Mercutio, a member of the House of some think he is from Spain, or Naples or even
Spring and a Fairest Dancer, and also the London. He pretends to be a lord, an earl or
House of Spring Joyeux. He dances for the some duke. In reality Carnelians history is
pleasure of the Freehold as well as bestowing more mundane.
Carnelian was born to a poor family in

the slums of Rome during the end of the 19th Carnival was bestowed the position of
century. While his family slaved away as Columbine, and has held the position for over
bakers and maids he was unique. He could 30 years. Along with the Columbina, he
sing. And for this he gained the education and organises many of the balls and court events
freedom his family have always wanted for for the Doge, his primary concern being the
their children. He joined the local church well being of the guests, the choice of location,
choir, took lessons and by the age of 12 was a and the entertainment. For this reason he often
local celebrity as people would come to hear performs at court, choosing to sing songs that
him and the choir sign to the heavens. are most relevant to the concerns of the court.
His singing would be a gift and a curse. Carnelian, even at his late age, is still a
It raised his family out of poverty, but also notorious womanizer, though is considered
gained him the unwanted attentions one of the dashing and gentlemanly.
Gentry, Vzaldizak, Boyar of the 31 Crystal Carnelian, though easy going and
Mountains. Stolen away by the Fae, chased welcoming, he dislikes those who break with
down by the Boyar, who rode upon a stallion court etiquette. For this reason he cannot stand
made of onyx, Carnelian was taken away to the interference of Malvolio in court business,
one of the crystal castles. The realms of the or worse, Malvolio acting above his station.
Boyar sparkled with such intensity, a mind Though both Carnelian and Malvolio are both
fracturing spectrum. But the Boyar needed of the House of Spring, Carnelian is seen as
something to fill one of his castles with sound, the superior and the true representative of
with music, and Carnelian was fashioned into Spring interests with the Court of Carnival.
a canary, with wings of yellow ruby shards. Carnelians motley, predominantly
For over 300 years Carnelian sang endlessly drawn from the House of Spring, and were
for the Boyar and his guests. He sang the chosen for their ability to perform. Carnelian
Boyar to sleep. He sang for their grand balls. chooses not to make his home at the House of
He sang and sang and sang. His lungs bled and Spring, instead renting an apartment just above
still he sang. But that was his gift. And with it a music school where he may listen to new
his means of escape as he sang the Boyar to talent.
sleep, other changelings helped Carnelian Description: Count Carnelian is an
escape. anarchonism. He dresses like a dandy of the
Carnelian took flight, free from the 19th century, wearing fine brocade coats, his
cage of malachite that the Boyar has kept him hair a mop of curls. He adorns his cravat with
in, his song keeping the Boyar asleep long fancy gem encrusted pins, and he wears many
enough for him to leave the confines of the rings. Of course the most predominant colour
castle. in his attire is the canary yellow.
Escaping to the Hedge, and through it His mien shows his skin to be a sallow
back to the real world, Carnelian found grey, with his hair a blazing yellow, and his
himself in Venice. His song had been heard by eyes framed by glowing feathers. His fingers
the Doge and he had drawn Carnelian to the are tipped with fine talon like nails.
Lions Tail trod and to the Fairy City. His mantle manifests as bird song and
Carnelian return to the mortal realm in the smell of freshly cut grass, with a
1963. He had only aged a few years during his shimmering of golden light.
captivity, and so he needed help getting to Storytelling Hints: Carnelian is a
know the current age. One thing that did gentleman, following etiquette and attending
capture his interest was modern media, and to the needs of his guests. He is discerning in
with the help of a new identity Carnelian has his choice of food, wine and clothes, and the
become a locally known singer and radio host, decorations for the parties he hosts. He is
most well known for his opera performances. considered something of a food lover, and will
Carnelian, due to influence in mortal often eat all course presented to him during a
affairs, and his love of performance and the meal while others would have finished eating

or skipped courses during the same meal. Contracts: Mirror 4, Dream 3, Fang and Talon
Carnelian is not known for loud out bursts, but (Birds) 4, Fleeting Spring 3, Eternal Spring 3, Vain
he is a clever and witty discussions and put Glory 2, Carnival 3
downs. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Expression),
Carnelian hopes one day to be elevated Commendation (The Doge), The Knights Oath
(The Doge)
to the position of Doge, knowing that with it
will come total freedom from his Keeper. He
fears that each night he performs his Keeper is
in the audience, but Carnelian knows that he
must sing, for if he didnt then his Keeper will Lady Murano
have stolen more than his life, but his song as
well. Quote: 7 years bad luck is the least of
Carnelian is also actively researching your worries!, Beauty is in the eye of the
the mysteries surrounding the Red Priest, beholder., I only show what your soul
Vivaldi, hoping that within the music of reflects., My art is just a reflection of the
Vivaldi there are more clues to Venice and the truth that is all about us. I just make it clearer
nature of the Gentry. for you to see.
Apparent Age: Early 30s Background: Lady Murano is one of
Court: Spring the oldest of the Lost of Venice, and also
Seeming: Beasts comes from one of the oldest time periods of
Kith: Windwing history. She remembers little of her true life,
Keeper: The Boyar such is the effect of future shock, but what is
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 4 known is that she was from medieval Italy,
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, and was the daughter of a priest who angered
Stamina 3 one of the Fae known as Queen Bathory, The
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 5, Drinker of 99 Hearts. Lady Murano was to be
Composure 3 tormented by acting as a mirror for the Queen.
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Investigation 2, Every act she committed, Murano would
Occult (Pledges) 3, Politics (Freehold) 3 reflect and repeat as entertainment for the
Physical Skills: Athletics (Leaping) 3, Brawl 2, Bloody Queen.
Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Weaponry 2 Muranos escape came when she was
Social Skills: Empathy 3, Expression (Singing) 4, able to show Bathory her weakness, her own
Persuasion (Seduction, Fast talk) 3, Socialize (Dress stain of humanity. Disgusted in what she saw
Balls, Bars) 4, Subterfuge (Lying, Misdirection) 2 Bathory threw the mirror, and thus Murano,
Merits: Allies (Radio Station chief), Contacts from her tower in Arcadia, smashing the object
(Theatre owner, Bar owner) 2, Harvest (Emotions) and freeing Murano. The young woman, now
4, Hollow (size 3, amenities 4, doors 2, wards 3) with skin of reflective gossamer, fled, before
New Identity 4, Mantle (Spring) 3, Mantle the Queen changed her mind.
(Carnival) 3, Resources 3, Retainers 2, Token 4,
Returning to the mortal world, Lady
Fame 2.
Murano was picked up by a group of
Willpower: 7
privateers in the Hedge before being rescued
Clarity: 6
by a motley. She was taken back to the
Virtue: Charity
Freehold of Florence and it was here that she
Vice: Pride was taken in by the Spring Court. She could
Health: 8 see into the hearts of those about her. She
Initiative: 7 could see their pain, and she now wanted to
Defense: 4 bring out their dreams.
Speed: 12 Fleeing Florence after a ware between
Wyrd: 5 (Glamour 14/5, 15 Goblin Fruits, 8 the Courts of Summer and Autumn, Lady
Pledges) Murano, taking the name only on her arrival,

came to Venice, hearing much about the Court Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4,
of Decadence, the Court of Carnival. She Stamina 2
brought her reputation as a form of Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 3,
psychopomp. Composure 3
As her reputation increased, and so her Mental Skills: Crafts (Glass, Jewelry) 3,
ability to guide others in their pursuit of their Investigation 3, Occult 4
desires, made Murano an important informant Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Larceny 3,
and director for parties that revolved around Stealth (Hide in crowd) 2, Weaponry 1
particular individuals. She became adept at Social Skills: Empathy 4, Expression (Violin) 3,
Persuasion 3, Socialize 3, Subterfuge 3
working out who to invite and who not to
invite to balls and gatherings. She also always Merits: Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of Foot 2, Contacts
(Art dealer, Book collector) 2, Harvest (Pledge) 2,
knew what gifts to give to guests and what
Mantle (Spring) 3, Resources 3, Striking Looks 2,
music would entertain them. For all these Token 2.
skills Carnelian invited Murano to join his Willpower: 6
motley and she has been a member for 15 Clarity: 5
years now.
Virtue: Faith
Muranos main rival is the Sage Escort,
Vice: Greed
Blue Monday, and the two often try to out do
Health: 7
each other with gifts for a particular member
Initiative: 6
of the Freehold. Murano is also in competition
with member of the House of Autumn, for Defense: 4
amongst the House of Spring she is one of the Speed: 11
most knowledgeable in occult lore. Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 5 Goblin Fruits, 7 Pledges)
Lady Murano works in one of the Contracts: Mirror 4, Fleeting Spring 4, Artifice 4,
many shops that sells glass objects made in Vain Glory 3, Elements (Glass) 3, Carnival 1
Murano. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Expression),
Description: Lady Murano is tall, Commendation (The Doge)
blond, and with plain features. For this reason
she tends to wear a lot of makeup and Other members of the Harlequins of
extravagant clothes. She of course wears a lot Carnelian are Aurora, a Fairest Shining One,
of gems, with the colour choice depending on another courtier and is the eyes of Carnelian,
her mood. Her mien shows her as being made no matter how obvious she may be. Amaretto
of shimmering glass, her facial features now is a Winter Courtier, and Carnelians most
gone and just formed from the reflections trusted spy. Another Elemental, a Woodblood,
about her. Her mantle manifests as droplets of Amaretto is suspicious and speaks and writes
dew on her mirror skin, and the light shining in riddles.
through her in shades of blues and yellows.
Storytelling Hints: Lady Murano is
charismatic, helpful and attentive. She is a The Keepers of the
good listener and is observant. However, she is Imaginarium
also superstitious and quick to chastise those The Imaginarium, as they are known
who would foolishly commit acts that would are a fellow Stocking gang of the Harlequins.
bring the ire of the Gentry or other beings. They have a friendly rivalry and follow the
Apparent Age: Mid 40s laws of Carnival closely. The Imaginarium, led
Court: Spring by the Columbina, Silver Heart, are devoted to
Seeming: Elemental their art of entertainment, and claim one of the
Kith: Manikin smaller theaters as their territory. However,
Keeper: The Bloody Queen Bathory they are also known for travelling to other
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 3 Freeholds in the region to spread the word of

The majority of their entertainment while learning the ways of the Lost in the local
takes the form of morality plays, designed to Freehold. She would find joy once more in her
let the audience realise their own fears and life, in her lifes passion, and in turn make her
desires, and embrace their lost humanity. fetchs life a living hell.
The Imaginarium takes their work For the next two years she followed her
seriously and takes great offence to those that fetchs every move, seeing the creature
playgerize their work or use their shows as indulge in an affair and steal from her parents.
opportunities for other actions that the She finally struck when her fetch was finally
Imaginarium has no interest in. alone, waling along the river bank near Notre
Dame. She moved like the wind and dragged
the mockery of life into the waters, drowning
Silver Heart the thing and making it nothing more than the
Quote: We are tonight scraps that it had been fashioned from.
entertainment!, I have a story to tell you Knowing that her family were
all. distraught with the loss of their daughter and
Background: Silver Heart was born in the prodigy that she once was, Silver Heart
Paris, in the 1980s. She was raised in a family invited them to the theatre where she once
of musicians, and taught to sing and dance. more performed. She appeared to them as if
However, she did not adhere to the rules of the she was a ghost, one lasting memory of what
theatre where she trained, and gained the they knew and loved her for.
attention of the fiend, the Creeping Silence. Following the death of her fetch, Silver
This foul creature was jealous of the beauty it Heart travelled from Paris to Vienna, and then
saw, desired the words that were sung. onto Venice where she performed for the lords
Silver Heart was stolen away and taken and ladies of the modern nights, forming her
to a realm of darkness and pain. She was own motley of performers, knowing now that
forced to dance to entertain the entity of her calling in life if to remind mortals and Lost
darkness. In the caves of the Silences realm alike that life is to be enjoyed, and that through
she danced in the deep underground hall where her art she can do this.
little light shone. She danced until her feet Silver Heart as Columbina is in charge
bled, and her legs caved in to tiredness. And of organising balls, parties and court with the
when she could dance no more the Silence Columbine, Count Carnelian. She is even
would take her to his bed to enjoy her body, rumoured to be romantically involved with the
indulging in the weak flesh. Autumn Courtier, the Fool of the First Frost.
Her escape from the realm of tunnels Description: Silver Heart has fine
and darkness was by chance, as other pets of austier features. Her eyes are deep in shadow
the Silence, filthy goblins and Lost of the and her hair is an ash blond. Her legs are long
darkness, made their escape having finally and slender and her feet are equally small and
mapped the tunnels. And though she had pointed. She tends to wear loose gowns
trouble navigating the pitch black caves, her allowing for the greatest amount of freedom of
grace was what allowed her to escape, for the movement.
Silence was blind. Her mien shows her true elven
Her escape back to Paris showed that features. Her eyes completely black and
10 years had gone by. Her life had been taken almond shaped, and her figure is even more
by a fetch, made from discarded ticket stubs slender and sensuous. Her hair is more like
and crushed glass. Her fetch had fallen out of fine spider webs.
ballet and now was living a shadow of her life, Her mien manifests as light music,
married in a loveless marriage, her family violins and harps, layered with hushed,
disappointed in her abandoning her future in sensuous moans of pleasure.
dance. Disgusted in what had become of her Storytelling Hints: Silver Heart is a
life Silver Heart found work at the theatre performer and so is the centre of attention, but

not because of her words but because of her Quote: Not a sound as he pretends to
grace. She is polite and eloquent. However, on be trapped in a box.
stage her calm grace become fiery, passionate, Background: Oriel Paris was born in
striking movements and gestures, commanding Verona and was a quiet young man. He kept to
the attention of her audience. himself, cared for his studies at school, and
Her main goal is to empower the Lost was generally considered a quiet but stern
of the Freehold with passion so that they may individual. What was not known was that he
strive against the hardships present to them. was abused at home by his step father.
She aims to inspire hope and resolution of the Everyday saw another beating and more scars
challenges facing the Freehold. on his back from the cane that cracked his
Apparent Age: Early 30s back.
Court: Spring This all changed when he looked at the
Seeming: Fairest ancient Roman statues that still stand in some
Kith: Dancer places in the city, and wished to not feel pain
Keeper: The Creeping Silence like these everlasting figures.
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 4 His wish that night was granted and the
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Fae lord, Rosariosso of the Red Lion on the
Stamina 3 Seas, came to him and offered him what he
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2, desired most. All he wanted in return for his
Composure 4 gift was that Oriel would never speak a word.
Mental Skills: Academics 3, Crafts 2, Investigation Oriel excepted, and Rosariosso fashioned from
2, Medicine 3, Occult (Illusions) 3 a lump of clay Oriels fetch.
Physical Skills: Athletics (Dance) 5, Brawl 3, Oriel and Rosariosso made their way to
Larceny 1, Stealth 2 Arcadia and to the manor kept by Rosariosso.
Social Skills: Empathy 3, Expresssion (Dance) 3, It was here the Oriel was given his gift, and he
Intimidation (Alien) 2, Persuasion (Seduction) 4, was transformed into a statue to adorn the
Socialize 2, Subterfuge (Lying) 3 landscaped gardens kept by the Fae lord.
Merits: Ambidextrous, Contacts (Dance Instructor, Oriel stood there for centuries,
Choreographer) 2, Fleet of Foot 3, Harvest watching the Fae lord dine with guests,
(Emotions) 2, New Identity 4, Mantle (Spring) 3,
attended to by Fairest changeling servants,
Mantle (Carnival) 3, Resources 2, Hollow (size 3,
amenities 2, wards 2, doors 2)
hunting his Beast creatures, and having his
Wizened slaves work on the expansive palace.
Willpower: 8
But Oriel did escape, remembering his
Clarity: 7
lost life and finding the will to remember that
Virtue: Temperance
his body can move and is alive.
Vice: Envy
Returning to Verona, Oriel discovered
Health: 8 that he was a wanted man. His fetched had
Initiative: 9 murdered his father and gone on the run,
Defense: 3 leaving his mother alone and brutally scarred
Speed: 12 from the ordeal.
Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7 Knowing that he could not stay in
Pledges) Verona, Oriel fled to Venice, taking the name
Contracts: Dream 3, Mirror 4, Vainglory 3, Fleeting of Oriel Paris, and joining the House of Spring
Spring 3, Carnival 3 after initially being protected by the House of
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Atheltics) Summer.
Oriel used his memories as means to
find work, becoming a mime artist. Before he
Oriel Paris was taken by the Fae he had wanted to become
a physicist, but now that would never be

Oriel now tries to express himself as Contracts: Elements (Earth) 4, Stone 3, Eternal
much as possible, since it was his very Spring 3, Mirror 2, Carnival 1
expressions that were denied him for centuries Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Atheltics)
in Arcadia. He also has a dislike for those who
try to deny their own emotions, and so looks Other members of the Keepers of the
down on all members of the House of Winter. Imaginarium are San Serif, Samson Greyback
Description: Oriel Paris is a tall, and Madam Canvas.
atheletic young man, with a physique like a San Serif is a Antiquarian Darkling of
Roman gladiator, reflecting that he once was the House of Spring. He is well read and
in fact a living statue. His eyes are cold and snobbish about literature. He also acts as the
grey, and his features are classical. narrator for the many plays and shows that the
His mien betrays his true form. His motley performs.
skin is as white as alabaster, his eyes are Samson is a House of Summer Beast of
nothing but white stone, and his skin is as skin the Broadback seeming. He is a large gorilla of
and smooth. a man, and is the motleys strongman and
His mantle manifests as small vines bouncer. He is good humoured, boastful and
that grow across his body. also serves as a Crimson Knight for the House
Storytelling Hints: Oriel Paris, though of Spring, meaning in times of conflict he
a mime, is not a quiet person, and will indulge leads the motley rather than Silver Heart.
in drink and food. He hates those that do not Madam Canvas is another of the House
express themselves properly, and is not for his of Spring, and is an Artist of the Wizened
abrupt insults. seeming. She is in charge of designing and
Apparent Age: Mid 40s painting the backgrounds for their plays. She is
Court: Spring also skilled in painting and drawing. She is
Seeming: Elemental diligent and dislikes loud noises, something
Kith: Earthbones that is related to her durance with the Fae.
Keeper: Rossariosso the Red Lion
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, The Lords of Love
Stamina 4 The Lords of Love are possibly without
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, doubt the most decadent of the entire House of
Composure 4 Spring. They expect to be properly respect by
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Computer 2, Crafts those of other Seemings and Houses, and they
(Art) 2, Investigation 3, Occult 3 are simply wish to indulge their senses and
Physical Skills: Athletics 5 (Weights, Dance), desires. The entire motley is made of
Brawl (Boxing) 3, Stealth (Move Quietly) 2 changelings from the Fairest Seeming.
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Expression (Mime) 3, The Lords of Love present themselves
Intimidation 3, Persuasion 2, Subterfuge 1 as being the most influencial in the desires and
Merits: Fighting Finess: Boxing 3, Iron Stamina 2, emotions of the mortals of Venice, and they go
Harvest (Pledge) 2, Mantle (Spring) 2, Resources 2,
from party to party as if they are celebrities.
Strong Back, Token 2.
They even have and entourage of mortals who
Willpower: 6
hope that being in their presence will allow
Clarity: 8
some of their magic to rub off on them. They
Virtue: Justice dress in fine clothes, eat at expensive
Vice: Wrath restaurants and associate with the celebrities
Health: 9 and entrepreneurs who come to make money
Initiative: 6 in the city.
Defense: 2 The Lords of Love are not that well
Speed: 10 loved in the Freehold. They are seen as
Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges) prejudiced, aloof and patronising. They see

those of other Seemings as nothing but continued to Europe, having already gained
pathetic creatures and ugly. contacts and allies within the film and media
Led by the charismatic Madam Rose business. Her need to go to Europe was
Blood, the motley operates from rooms rented prompted by her fetch, who had been snapped
in a hotel on the Lido, where they may wine up by a TV show and now was filming in New
and dine guests. They are also known to have York. People would comment on their
at least one large yacht where they host similarity which frustrated Rose Blood.
parties. In Venice, which Rose chose as it
Because of their prominence within the allowed her to maintain her links to the media,
Freehold, and within mortal society, they have she started up a small promotional company
a number of mortal retainers. They are also that also acted as an agency for those who
well known for keeping contacts with the wished to film in the city. She also began to
Vampires of Mestre, and the so called Prince form a small motely of changeling who were
of the Veneto. also similarly involved with the media and
public. Her past experiences with the Freehold
of New York led her picking only Fairest
changelings, and even then those of the House
Madam Rose Blood of Spring. In New York she had suffered from
Quote: Show some respect you filty being betrayed and used by Lost of other
dog!, So I was talking with Angelina... yes seemings and Courts. This was something she
as in Bragelina... was not keen to have repeated. It also did not
Background: Rose Blood, or simply help that she viewed all other seemings as less
Rosaline when she was mortal, was taken than human, something she now desires to be
when she was 23. She was out on the lush more than ever since her abduction.
green hillsides of California when she was Description: Madam Rose Blood is
taken by the Fae, leaving behind her friends very tall and slender with a perfect figure. She
who accepted the fetch that was left behind. has the palest of skin and her eyes are a shade
Rosaline was taken by Mandrake who of violet. She tends to wear quite fashionable
planted her and let her grow into a beautiful clothing, usually the latest trends from Milan.
flower. His scissors would cut her flesh and Her mien shows that her lips and nails
prune her stems to make her the most beautiful are a vibrant red and thorny vines creep from
flower possible. And for all the pain she her clothing to wrap about her arms and legs.
experienced in the endless greenhouse of She has the heady scent of roses and jasmine.
Mandrake, she could not scream or cry as she Her mantle is expressed as a further
became one of the docile flowers. enhancement of her mien, leading to all those
Her escape came as she remembered about her feeling overwhelmed by the scents
what it was like to run on the green hills of the and colours.
Orange County. With the memories came the Storytelling Hints: Madam Rose
strength of her legs and she was able to shake Blood is aloof, patronising, predjudgedised
free from the soil and find her escape from the and spiteful. She desperately wants to maintain
greenhouse. her beauty and return to being fully mortal like
Returning to the mortal world she the very celebrities she works with. She hate
found that for her family little time had passed. being reminded of her Arcadian nature by the
Her fetch had given up on all hope of a more inhuman Lost of the city.
modelling career while her boyfriend was now Madam Rose is not beyond using
mentally abused by the charlatan. seduction and blackmail to get what she
Rosaline wept. She could not deal with desires. She is also knowledgeable in the
her life having been stolen from her, and so occult and the nature of Vampires, or Kindred
she fled East. It was her new gifts that gained as they prefer to call themselves. She secretly
her popularity in New York and from there she has a vampire lover whom enjoys her glamour

infused blood. remnants of the Qing dynasty.
He was brought up to help on the farm,
Apparent Age: Early 30s and when his chores were finished he would
Court: Spring practise Kung Fu, hoping that he would be
Seeming: Fairest accepted into the local school.
Kith: Flowering It was this desire to rise up out of
Keeper: Madrake poverty, his natural skill as a fighter, and his
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 3 noble blood that led to him being taken by one
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, of the Gentry, The Emperor of the 12
Stamina 2 Kingdoms of Fire.
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 4, In the palace ground of the dragon-like
Composure 2 Fae, Ao Run trained with over a hundred other
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Computer 3, students in the ways of dragon kung-fu. The
Investigation 2, Medicine 2, Politics (Freehold, training was strict has painful. Hand thrust into
Spring Court) 3 flaming cauldrons of sand, backs lacerated by
Physical Skills: Brawl 1, Larceny 3, Stealth 2, whips, forced to eat almost rock like food and
Weaponry 2 drink blood.
Social Skills: Empathy (Lies) 4, Intimidation Years of training continued until Ao
(Public Humiliation) 3, Persuasion (Seduction) 4, Run was ready to be taken outside of the
Socialize (Dress Balls, Bars, Celebrities) 3, palace, to act as a guard for his master as they
Streetwise (Drug Dealers, Prostitutes) 4,
travelled the Hedge. It was in conflict between
Subterfuge 3
his Keeper and his Keepers rival, the two
Merits: Allies (Pimps) 2, Contacts (Hotel Owner,
Paparazzi) 2, Harvest (Emotions) 4, New Identity
meeting along a trod in the Hedge, that Ao
4, Mantle (Spring) 3, Resources 5, Toxin Resistance Run took his chance to escape, feeling through
2, Retainers 2, Striking Looks 4 the Hedge, pursued by the Chinese Hounds
Willpower: 5 kept by his Keeper.
Clarity: 4 But Ao Run never made it back to
Virtue: Hope China, and instead found himself in Venice,
Vice: Envy
emerging from a door near Marco Polos
Health: 7
It took some time for Ao Run to get
Initiative: 5
used to living in Venice. He stills stuggles
Defense: 3
with the language and so chooses to speak in
Speed: 10
English. Ao Run originally fell in with the
Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
House of Summer. His martial arts skills were
spotted and so he was used as a minor soldier
Contracts: Elements (Plants) 3, Fleeting Spring 4,
for the House. However, he fell out of love
Mirror 2, Vain Glory 3
with the House. He was tired of fighting nd
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Persuasion),
Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Retainers),
instead wanted to focus on just enjoying life.
Commendation (Verdant Duke), Commendation For too long he had been in training, hardening
(Doge) his body. So Ao Run left the House of
Summer, and through temptation put in place
by Madam Rose, joined the Lords of Love. Ao
Ao Run Run represented to Madam Rose the beauty of
the human figure through diligent training, and
Madam Rose brought out Ao Runs own love
Quote: A wise man once said...
of his body and the pleasure it could bring.
Background: Ao Run was born in the
Ao Run now acts as a master of arms
heartland of China. He was brought up
for the House of Spring, but is primarily a
amongst the peasants, but this betrayed his true
practitioner of martial arts and other arts that
history, that his bloodline was in fact the last

give health and pleasure benefits. He is skilled Health: 9
in Tai Chi, Yoga, Tantric Sex methods and Initiative: 6
more. To promote this he works at a spa hotel Defense: 3
on the Lido. Celebrities and the rich come to Speed: 12
his lessons and Ao Run uses it as an Wyrd: 2 (Glamour 11/2, 5 Goblin Fruits, 5 Pledges)
opportunity to indulge himself, have one night Contracts: Stone 3, Fleeting Spring 2, Mirror 1,
stands with those women and men that desire Smoke 3, Elements (Fire) 2
his body. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Persuasion),
Description: Ao Run has the perfect Commendation (Verdant Duke)
physic. His body is athletic and taught with
muscles. He has short cropped black hair and Other members of the Lords of Love
an olive complexion. He face is fierce and his are Aurora, a Bright One Fairest and escort,
eyes are a vivid green. Lily Black, another Flowering Fairest, Madam
Ao Runs mien displays his skin to be Rose Bloods protg and a radio news
the same colour, but covered in scales. His reporter, and Balthazar, a Dancer Fairest and
nails are dark claws and his eyes are more performer at one of the theatres.
His mantle manifests as the smell of
incense, opium and strong tea. The Emerald Horn
Storytelling Hints: Ao Run is focused, The Emerald Horn is the name of the
both on perfection and physical pleasure. He motley that the Vernal Duke is a member of,
feels the needs to maintain Ying and Yang and is in fact the leader of.
balance. However, that is not to say that he is The Emerald Horn, like the other
always calm, and he can explode into stocking gangs, are committed to pushing the
passionate rages. He has a rivalry with (QQ) of aims of the House of Spring. They represent
the House of Summer. the entire season in the Court of Carnival, and
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
try to ensure that the rulings of the Doge do
Court: Spring
not impact upon those members of the House
Seeming: Fairest of Spring.
Kith: Draconic The Emeral Horn is made of of the
Keeper: The Emperor of the 12 Kingdoms of Fire closest allies of the Vernal Duke, and they act
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 4 as his council, protection and officers with
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, regard to the action and laws of the House of
Stamina 4 Spring.
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 3, In order to maintain their position, the
Composure 2 Emerald Horn do not rule with an iron fist and
Mental Skills: Crafts 2, Investigation 2, Medicine are instead involved in a sort of ongoing PR
3, Occult 2 action where they try to appease all members
Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Yoga), Brawl (Kung of the House of Spring.
Fu) 4, Stealth 2, Weaponry (Staff) 3
The primary concern of the House of
Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 2, Spring is the harvesting and nurturing of the
Intimidation 4, Persuasion 2, Socalize 2, Streetwise
emotion of desire and using this to safe guard
2, Subterfuge 1
the House against the other seasons and the
Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of
Foot 2, Contacts (Celebrity therapist) 2, Mantle
Gentry. It is only through forgetting the past
(Spring) 2, Resources 3, New Identity 4, Fighting and rediscovering the pleasure of the life they
Finess: Martial Arts 3. were denied that the Lost can be free, and this
Willpower: 6 freedom is the goal of the Vernal Duke and his
Clarity: 5 Emerald Horn.
Virtue: Faith In order to perform their task the
Vice: Wrath
Emerald Horn cares for the Ca da Mosto, the

home of the House of Spring, and it is also doppelganger, Ayther realized that his life had
here that the House of Spring and the Emerald been stolen and an entire year had passed by.
Horn hold a number of parties for the rich and His fetch had assumed his life, but clearly at
famous, harvesting glamour from the revellers. the expense of the well being of his family.
The House provides its courtiers with the tools Ayther was distraught and fled. He
to pursue their desire. lived on the street before being picked up by a
motley. Ayther joined the Autumn Court,
seeking to find out all he could about the Fae
and how to take his revenge upon them and
The Vernal Duke, Ayther reclaim his life.
Quote: It is my desire to make your Ayther eventually took revenge upon
desires real., Carnival may rule but this is the fetch, but it was savage as he murdered the
the season of Spring and so I will let passions creature before his family. Disgusted with
run true regardless of what the Doge himself he fled from Austria and made his way
dictates. to the Veneto. He joined the Freehold of
Background: The Vernal Duke, Venice and the House of Autumn. He hoped to
Ayther, was an extreme sportsman. He grew find some way of turning back time and
up amongst the mountains of Austria and it undoing all that had happened. But his
was here that by the age of 25 he was already research was thwarted at each turn. Vengence
an accomplished skydiver, base jumper and became depression and Ayther lost himself to
flight suit diver. He had a young girlfriend and drugs and alcohol until he was guided back by
they he already had a daughter who was just a members of the House of Spring. Ayther
few months old. realized that even now his life was still being
It was while scaling the cliff face ready effected by his time in Arcadia, and that he
for another jump Ayther was taken. From out had to embrace the one thing he had denied
of the mountain came the Fae lord, Kaligostro. himself, his own happiness.
Kaligostro rode upon a great lizard of bronze, Ayther came out of his depression and
and appeared much like a Roman god. He learnt to enjoy the things that he pursues in
chased Ayther over the mountainside, his beast life, and once more he took up his old hobby
grabbing Ayther in its jaws, and taking him of extreme sports. Ayther sought out ever
back within the mountain. more extreme, physical, activities, ranging
In Arcadia Ayther was fashioned into from death defying sports to sadomasochistic
the wind. Kaligostro was a raging warrior. His acts. Ayther forced the pain from his heart, but
realm was reminiscent of ancient Roman still he could not forget how Arcadia had
cities, and Ayther was set the task to watch stolen his soul.
over the city, looking out for those invading Over time Ayther grew in prominence
Gentry. amongst the House of Spring. He helped other
Ayther soon forgot himself, becoming deal with their pain and their fetches. He
nothing more than a thunderous storm. guided others to their desires through various
However, it was as Ayther watched Kaligostro forms of meditation and dreams. After 8 years
throw from his tower another of his used up in Venice, Ayther had become so popular
lovers the Ayther remembered what it was like amongst the House of Spring that he assumed
to glide from the mountainside. Aythers the position of Vernal Duke, the previous
humanity awoke and the winds gathered and Duke stepping down for the younger
took shape, reforming his lost body. changeling.
Ayther fled from Arcadia and found his As Vernal Duke, Ayther has strived to
way back to mountainside in time to witness ensure that the desires of his courtiers and
his fetch glide down the mountain. Ayther those of other Houses are met. He watches
couldnt understand what had happened. from a far the House of Autumn and Winter,
Upon returning home and watching his pitying their attempts to understand and hide

from the Fae. Ayther knows that this can never He likes to be relaxed and calm, but he is
happen, that the Fae are truly too strange to prone to sudden outbursts and thunderous
comprehend. This has led to bitter arguments rants.
between Ayther and those of the Houses of Apparent Age: Early 30s
Winter and Autumn. Court: Spring
Ayther maintains good ties with the Seeming: Elemental
House of Summer, and tries to ensure that he Kith: Airtouched
can at least reward this house of warriors with Keeper: Kaligostro
pleasure. However, Ayther will not just let the Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
House of Summer take charge of situations Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3,
unchecked and blow situations out of Stamina 3
proportions. Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 4,
With regard to the Court of Carnival Composure 2
and the Doge, Ayther enjoys the balls and Mental Skills: Academics 3, Investigation 2,
masquerades held in honour of Carnival. He Occult (Hedge, Pledges, Venice) 4, Politics
attempts to work with the Court and its (Freehold, Spring) 4
officers, many of whom are members of his Physical Skills: Athletics (Base Jumping) 4, Brawl
House. This closeness allows Ayther to 2, Stealth 3, Weaponry 3
promote his own Houses agenda, but he is Social Skills: Empathy (Body Language) 2
careful to ensure that this appears to be Intimidation 3, Persuasion (Reassuring) 3, Socialize
beneficial to the Court of Carnival. For this (Dress Balls, Bars) 4, Subterfuge (Poker Face) 2
reason Ayther is keen to ensure the status quo Merits: Allies (Power Boat drivers), Contacts (Tour
Guides, Club DJ) 2, Harvest (Pledges) 4, New
with the Doge maintained, and that his House
Identity 2, Mantle (Spring) 5, Resources 3, Hollow
may grow in prominence. His main enemy (size 4, amenities 3, doors 4, wards 3)
within the Court is the House of Winter.
Willpower: 6
Description: Ayther has an athletic
Clarity: 4
build, with blond wind swept hair. His features
Virtue: Faith
are grizzled, and he has stubble. He tends to
Vice: Sloth
wear billowing coats and loose shirts that
show off his figure. Health: 8
His mien shows that his hair is Initiative: 5
composed of a storm of clouds, his eyes are Defense: 3
misty and skin is like gossamer. Speed: 11
His mantle manifests the sound of Wyrd: 6 (Glamour 15/6, 25 Goblin Fruits, 9
Spring rain, light breezes and the odd blossom Pledges)
petal blown on the wind. Contracts: Dream 3, Elements (Air) 4, Fleeting
As Vernal Duke her mantle manifests Spring 5, Eternal Spring 4, Mirror 2, Eternal
Summer 1
the Mask of the Green King. During the Court
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Socialize),
of Carnival gathering the Vernal Duke wears
Commendation (The Doge)
the a full face mask that is in the form of the
Frailty: Minor Taboo - Cannot cross a line of
Horned God, Cernunnos, with large antlers
sprouting from the forehead.
Storytelling Hints: Ayther is a
pleasant man, who greets all his guests and
attempts to see to their every need. Some think
Johnny Vermeil
that Ayther is not that wise, nor aware of the
politics that are taking place within his House. Quote: I really dont think you were
The fact is Ayther plays dumb, using this view invited.
others have of him to his advantage. Ayther is Background: Johnny Vermeil grew up
like a thundercloud with regard to his temper. in New York during the height of the 80s. He
was into the club kid scene, and too plenty of

drugs while parting into the late night. He was like a mass of colourful rags, giving him the
meant to be studying law at university, but the appearance of a gypsy.
partying lifestyle had pulled him away from His mien betrays his formless features,
his studies. his skin nothing but flowing glass.
In a LSD induced haze, Johnny opened His mantle is the light of a Spring
a gateway into the Hedge. He tapped five dawn refracting through his glass skin.
times on a spray painted four leaf clover. On Storytelling Hints: Johnny is
the fifth tap the wall fell away and he stumbled mercurial, his moods shifting with each day.
into the Hedge. He takes pleasure in the Byzantine politics of
Johnny awoke to find himself curled up the Court of Carnival, and he uses his abilities
in the dark of the Hedge. Looking about he to gain leverage on his enemies while also
made his way deep into a cave where he was using them to pre-empt any attempts on the
taken away by a mob of goblins. Johnny was Vernal Dukes life.
taken deep into the caves of Arcadia and Apparent Age: Mid 20s
brought to the Well of Tears. Here he met the Court: Spring
Old Man, his eyes staring deep into his soul. Seeming: Darkling
Rather than be used as a simple miner or Kith: Mirrorskin
keeper of the Old Mans treasure, Johnny was Keeper: The Old Man
gifted with the skin of mirrors and sent to find Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 4
away past the Old Mans enemies within the Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4,
twisting caves. Stamina 4
Johnnys escape came when he found Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3,
another tunnel back out into the Hedge. Composure 4
Johnny returned to the world finding Mental Skills: Crafts (Forgery) 2, Investigation 2,
many years had passed. He had return via the Medicine 3
Hall of Mirrors in the Palazzo Zenobio. Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl (Dirty Fighting)
His return to the mortal world was 3, Firearms 3, Larceny (Stolen Goods) 3, Stealth
fraught with fear and paranoia. He desperately (Move Quietly) 3, Weaponry 3
did not want to be taken and so he disappeared Social Skills: Empathy 2, Intimidation 3,
into the population of Venice, assuming the Persuasion (Bribe) 2, Socialize 3, Streetwise (Drug
life of a simple beggar, but one with many Dealers) 2, Subterfuge 3
faces. He was initially picked up by the House Merits: Contacts (Fence, Weapons Dealer) 2,
Harvest (Emotions) 4, Mantle (Spring) 3, Resources
of Winter, and he was trained to hide from the
2, Iron Stomach 2, Toxin Resitance 2
Fae who he saw stalk the Fairy City. He
Willpower: 8
eventually was assigned the title of Archer,
Clarity: 4
one of the Archers of the Lonely March, the
scouts of the House of Winter. However, the Virtue: Fortitude
structure of the House and the atmosphere was Vice: Gluttony
too much for Johnny, who missed his life Health: 9
before he was taken, and so he left the House Initiative: 8
of Winter and joined the ranks of Spring. Defense: 4
As a member of the House of Spring, Speed: 12
Johnny was able to express his old desires and Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
passions, however his abilities and training Pledges)
with the House of Winter made Johnny a Contracts: Darkness 4, Fleeting Spring 4, Mirror 3,
perfect Claviger, a bodyguard. Smoke 3
Description: Johnny is tall and Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Socialize),
slender, his face no longer the young youthful Commendation (The Doge)
man he once knew. Instead he looks tired and
simply grey. He tends to wear clothes that look Other members of the Emerald Horn

are the Spring Courtiers. The Draconic Fairest, was beautiful and terrible, indulging in lust,
Sulphurous Sofia, and the Gristlegrinder Ogre, punishing her slaves, hunting her menagerie of
Luca Limbchew are the more martial members humans, admiring those she kept as pieces of
of the motley. The Darkling Antiquarian, art.
Quillian, acts as Aythers Searce, picking and Etiene lived amongst her court, one of
choosing those of the House of Spring who are her own guards and infrequent lovers. She
in need of recognition. admired him for his prowess with the sword,
his fine figure and skill in bed, but she would
The Triumphal Quadriga quickly turn on him. One day she would kiss
The Triumphal Quadriga are a motley him, the other kick him and whip him. He was
of four Changelings, named after the four expected to keep her safe from her rivals
horses on the roof of St Marks Basilica, these amongst the Gentry.
four form one of the newest motleys of Etiene hated his lady for turning him
Venice. Led by the Crimson Knight, Etiene into a lapdog, and so he sought to escape.
Epee, the Triumphal Quadriga are foot soldiers Taking the advantage he fought through the
of the House of Summer. halls of the palace, his sword cutting through
Etiene trains his men at the House of those who knew no better, and he made his
Summer, the Arsenale. In the belly of the escape. He fled through the burning fields of
unrestored sections Etiene works his men blue, and then through the Hedge, hacking his
tirelessly, practising swordsmanship each day, way through until he return to the mortal
and keeping watch over the city and those that realm.
attempt to harm the Lost of the city. When Etiene exited from the Hedge via secret
called upon by the Admiral to fight the motely street in Venice. He was still clad in the
is often the first to fight, seeking whatever tattered rags of his livery and his sword was
honour they can in order to find a promotion now just a simple stick. He did know where he
within the House of Summer. was, but the House of Summer would explain
all as that night their patrol picked him up.
Etiene has now been in Venice for
Etiene Epee almost 5 years and already gained the title of
Captain of the Crimson Knights. Amongst the
Quote: Wrong! Again. Thrust, thrust,
warriors of the House of Summer Etiene is one
parry, parry, riposte!, Men, to arms! For
of the most skilled in the sword, but is also
the House of the Sun!
considered nave when it comes to matters
Background: Etiene Epee was taken at
concerning the modern world and women.
the age of 32 from his life in France, long
Etiene has a number of friends within the
before the revolution. He was born in the
House of Spring, in particular Count
countryside and joined the army when he
could, before returning to Paris and becoming
Description: Etiene has a grim dark
a Muskerteer, one of the Kings of Frances
face. A scar runs from his left eyebrow to his
own guards. His swordsmanship was
nose. He dresses well in functional clothing,
excellent, though not the best in the court, and
and has long locks of brown hair and a well
he was favoured by many noble women,
kept moustache.
despite the scar that extended across his left
His mien shows his true form, his blue
scales, his rasping forked tongue and his
His abduction by the Fae occurred
whipping tale.
when he was introduced to the beautiful and
His mantle manifests as the fires of the
alluring Lady Astrid of Aumont. That night
sun, a scorching heat that pulses from him and
they made love together, and in the morning
his eyes, smoke whisping up from his nostrils.
he awoke to find himself in another bed, far
Storytelling Hints: Etiene is relaxed
from Paris, in the heart of Arcadia. His lady,
unless training. He is confident in his skills
Princess of the Court of Sapphire Fires. She

and is boastful about is exploits. In combat is her mothers footsteps, she longed for
unleashes his fury, and he is quick and deadly, something more. She looked out from the
striking like a cobra. During training he hates shore to the city of Venice and it was there that
any form of interruption from his students. she wished to be. And she wished hard, on one
Apparent Age: Early 30s moonlit night, promising her soul to the dark.
Court: Summer She turned about once, twice, and then a third
Seeming: Fairest time, confused by her feelings. And then there,
Kith: Draconic before her walking across the surface of the
Keeper: The Princess of the Court of Sapphire water was a being made of spiderwebs. It
Fires strode forward, yellow eyes peering from
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2 beneath a hood, and it beckoned her forward.
Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, It responded, rasping, promising her the
Stamina 3 pleasures she sought. Lia was captivated by
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 2, this dark being, part of her wanted to embrace
Composure 3 the dark being since anything would be better
Mental Skills: Crafts 2, Investigation 2, Medicine 2 than her life of mediocrity.
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 4, Firearms 2, Lia was taken beneath the waters into
Larceny 3, Stealth 2, Weaponry (Fencing) 4 the Hedge and onwards to a shadowy realm.
Social Skills: Intimidation (Physical Threats) 3, The moon always hung in the air, and ghost
Persuasion 1, Socialize 2, Streetwise (Weapon moaned in the groves of vines. The being,
Dealers) 2, Subterfuge 3 simply known as Aracna, took Lia through the
Merits: Contacts (Police Officer, Police Detective) gothic graves and into the dilapidated church.
2, Harvest (Pledge) 2, Mantle (Summer) 3, It was there that it turned on her and caged her,
Resources 2, Fighting Finess: Two Weapons 3
retorting that it had promised her nothing but
Willpower: 5 to take her away from her home, exactly as she
Clarity: 6 asked.
Virtue: Justice Lia was caged for years on end, kept
Vice: Wrath with others, and together they were twisted by
Health: 8 their master. Fed raw meat, dirty water or cold
Initiative: 7 blood, the captives were changed, and Lia
Defense: 4 came to live just upon the blood that was
Speed: 13 brought to her. At times they would be
Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges) released from the cages, used as servants,
Contracts: Elements (Fire) 2, Fleeting Summer 2, guards or explorers. They would be rewarded
Eternal Summer 3, Vain Glory 3 for returning with the herbs and goblin fruit
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Weaponary), that Aracna desired. Other times they would be
Knights Oath (Summer Duke) asked to go and hunt for mortals who had
stumbled into the Hedge.
Lias hunger for blood grew as she
Fuligin tasted the fresh blood of a mortal. But it was in
that one taste that Lia remembered her lost
Quote: When I strike you wont even mortality and humanity, of her life that she
feel a thing. once had in Mestre. She had been so twisted
Background: Fuligin was born in by the blood she had become more flexible,
Mestre. Her family were poor and worked at better to hunt her prey, and she wriggled free
the local chemical factory, and as a result were of her cage and fled from the church and the
heavily involved with the local unions and in graveyard.
turn the mob. Fuligin, or Lia, was admired by Fuligin returned to Venice, through the
most of the young workers in the town. And gateway in St Marks Square, and into the
while she knew she would simply follow in throng of gathered tourists. Her tattered

clothes marked her out as some gypsy or Her mien shows her spider like nature,
beggar, and they shunned her. Fuligins hunger with the set of six dark orbs that look out onto
was barely in check and so she ran and hid in the world, and the spider leg like spindle
the fish market. There she fed on the bloody fingers she has. Her mouth is a foul set of
casts offs of fish that had been brought to mandibles.
Venice. Her mantle is the heat of the sticky
That night, she stalked the streets and summer at night, and the warmth retained by
canals of Venice, looking for prey. As she the streets.
struck from the shadows at some poor, hapless Storytelling Hints: Compare to other
woman she was stopped from feeding by the Summer courtiers, Fuligin prefers not to voice
intervention of the night watchmen of the her opinions and show her aggression. Instead
House of Summer. They pinned her down, and she prefers to let her anger simmer, and
in the water of the canal Fuligin noticed her usually unleash it upon her target when they
true face, her mien, and that her Keeper had least expect it. She is not beyond brutally
made her a monster. Where once she was a beating a person in an alleyway after stalking
faily good looking young woman, now she them. With regard to her everyday life Fuligin
was gaunt and pallid, her mouth a set of mantis keeps to herself, not liking attention. She
like mandibles, and her eyes dark and insect thinks those who do not seek out revenge are
like. She wept, and asked to be killed. But the cowards, while she hates what she has been
head of the watchmen did not. He saw that she turned into.
was a changeling and the House of Summer Apparent Age: Mid 20s
took her in. Court: Summer
Over the following year Fuligin learnt Seeming: Darkling
of the ways of the House of Summer, and she Kith: Leechfinger
felt a new strength that sated her hunger, Keeper: Aracna
namely the desire for revenge on all Fae. Her Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 4
nature as a Darkling, and a Leechfinger, made Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4,
her an expert assassin, and she was often used Stamina 2
against both the Fae enemies of the Freehold Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3,
and mortal threats. Composure 2
Over the years Fuligin has become a Mental Skills: Crafts (Forgery) 2, Investigation 3,
renowned hunter, and as a result has acquired Medicine 2
the title of Constable of Calefaction. Her skills Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Climb), Brawl 3,
as an assassin have now been turned to the Larceny 3, Stealth (Move Quietly, Move in
task of keeping the peace and acting as an Shadows) 3, Survival 2, Weaponry 2
investigator, tracking down those law breakers Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Intimidation 3,
and threats to the Freehold of Venice. Persuasion 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2
As Calefactor, Fuligin is keen to ensure Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of
that the House of Summer follows the laws Foot 2, Contacts (Police Officer, Beggar) 2, Harvest
(Emotions) 2, Mantle (Summer) 2, Resources 1,
laid out by their commander, and those of the
Token 2.
Doge. She must work with the Volto, the
Willpower: 6
Doges own peace keeper, and so the two must
Clarity: 4
work together, with the Volto ensuring that
Fuligin does not overstep her position, Virtue: Justice
policing the House of Summer. Vice: Wrath
Description: Fuligin has pale skin, and Health: 5
could be considered an alien beauty. Her eyes Initiative: 6
seem set too far apart, and her hair is thin and Defense: 4
dark and limp. She moves with an inhuman Speed: 12
grace, and dresses like a beggar. Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)

Contracts: Fang and Talon (Spiders) 3, Fleeting them there will be nothing left but ash!
Summer 3, Mirror 1, Smoke 3, Dream 3, Goblin Background: Cinder Bella was born in
Contracts: Fair Entrance 2 the South of Italy, on the outskirts of Rome.
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Weaponary), She was considered something of a tomboy,
Knights Oath (Summer Duke) desired by the other young men who sought to
Token: Lantern of Ill Omen 3 tame her. She was well known in the town for
her passion, something that not even her father
Other members of the Triumphal could stop. It would be this passion that would
Quadriga are Canon, a brutish Ogre be her undoing, as one night, again out past
Stonebones who rushes headlong into combat curfew, she was enticed and abducted by one
and has no love for the other Courts, Squall, a of the Gentry. She was carried away by her
Levenquick Elemental who loud, brash and Keeper, the monsterous and gargantuan
crafty, and finally Kurt Grimtongue, a Spring Trussock Stoneskin. This brute of a Fae took
courtier, Wizend Soldier, and Claviger to the Cinder back to his realm, and to his hunting
Vernal Duke who is bitter and seeks to take lodge. There he bound her to warm his home,
great delight in every victory he can find. to cook his food and to bring light at night.
There were other Changelings there also.
The Watchmen Some had been bound to bring fresh water.
The Watchmen take it upon themselves Others acted as his hunting dogs, while others
to shine when it is darkest, keeping watch over tended to his weapons and clothes.
Venice even while it sleeps. They are skilled Cinder spent an untold number of years
not just in hunting the creatures of the Fae but in the service of the Fae master. But she did
also the other creatures that stalk the night, be learn of her means of escape. There were some
they vampires, ghosts, strange spirits and times when she would be taken on the hunt,
shambling bodies. providing light for her master, and she would
The Watchmen, a long lasting motley notice how small embers from her skin would
that has had a high turnover of members due to be left behind. She discovered that she could
death, injury or burn out. They are currently use these embers to move about her master's
led by Cinder Bella, an Elemental of Smoke, realm. This would be her escape, and as she
and a renowned warrior and a Captain of the did she burnt her way through the Hedge and
Crimson Knights. Where Etiene and his back to her home on edges of Rome.
motley struggle to follow orders to the letter, Returning to the family restaurant she
Cinder expects creativity, and more than just discovered, to her horror, that 5 years had
physical prowess. Her motley is not just passed by, and that another who looked and
comprised of Summer courtiers, and claims a acted like her had taken up her life and had
number of Winter courtiers as members since married to a man she had hated as a child. This
she values their skills in stealth, and also a fetch had no fire in her heart and worked a
member of the House of Autumn who she dreary life in the local factory.
turns to when more specialist knowledge of Filled with hatred for what had become
the occult is required. of her life Cinder killed her fetch and her
The Watchmen claim a small church fetch's husband, set a blaze the home that they
tower as their home from which they are able lived in.
to better survey the city. From here they have a Cinder fled North, first to Florence,
number of doors into the Hedge that lead to where she joined the ranks of the Summer
places about the city so that they can more Court, before moving further North to the city
quickly move in times of urgency. of Venice. By the time she had reached
Venice, Cinder was already a capable fighter
and hunter, known for her talent in hunting the
Cinder Bella creatures of the Hedge and also the vampires
Quote: Trust me, once I am done with that would occasionally interfere with the

Courts. hunting at night, and can go into week long
Cinder has risen through the ranks of periods of seclusion.
the House of Summer, and is a renowned Apparent Age: Early 30s
hunter and tracker. She has gained the rank of Court: Summer
Captain amongst the Crimson Knights. Seeming: Elemental
However, even unknown to her motley and Kith: Fireheart
those of the House of Summer, she is also the Keeper: Trussock Stoneskin
Doge's Volto. As Volto she is the official Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 3
peacekeeper of the city, allocating to Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4,
changelings the tasks of patrolling the city, Stamina 3
seeking out Loyalists and other dangerous Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2,
changelings, and enforcing the laws of the Composure 2
Doge. This means that only occasionally does Mental Skills: Investigation 3, Medicine 2, Occult
her role as Volto, and that as a Crimson Knight (Venice) 3, Politics (Freehold) 3
come into conflict. But there are some Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Firearms 2,
amongst the House of Summer that are wary Larceny 1, Stealth 3, Survival (Tracking) 2,
of her desire to follow the commands of the Weaponry (Spear) 4
Doge. Social Skills: Empathy (Lies) 2 Intimidation
Description: Cinder Bella is a (Interrogation) 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 2,
voluptuous and athletic. She is pretty, but Subterfuge (Lying) 2
more like a farm maiden rather than a lady. Merits: Contacts (Gang thugs) 2, Harvest
(Emotions) 3, Hollow (size 2, wards 4, doors 3,
She wears loose fitting, functional clothing,
amenities 2), New Identity 4, Mantle (Spring) 3,
that allows for her to move easily across the Mantle (Carnival) 3, Resources 2, Weaponry
rooftops of Venice, while also concealing her Dodge 1.
knives and handgun. Her hair, is cropped short Willpower: 5
and is a deep red-brown, and her skin is olive Clarity: 5
and warm.
Virtue: Temperance
Her mien shows that she burns from
Vice: Sloth
within, flames escaping her eyes and mouth,
Health: 8
waves of heat distorting the air around her.
Initiative: 6
Her hair is more alive, and whips about,
Defense: 4
energized by the inner fire within her.
Her mantle manifests as the sweltering Speed: 12
heat of the South of Italy. There is the buzzing Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
of thunderflies, the smell of melting tar and the
crackle of burning coals. Contracts: Elements (Fire) 4, Fleeting Sumer 3,
Etenal Summer 3, Mirror 3, Carnival 3, Dream 3
Storytelling Hints: Cinder is a focused
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Weaponry),
individual. She is entirely devoted to
Knights Oath (Duke of Summer), Knights Oath
protecting others from the Gentry, and when (The Doge)
faced with the horrors of Arcadia she will
allow her anger to be channelled into her
martial skill and not lose her head to the
bloodlust, unlike some others of her House.
Guido Webb
She is secretive when she goes hunting on her
own, and this often a cover for her meetings Quote: Don't try to hide for none can
with the Doge, and so she is careful to cover hide where my web extends little fly.
her tracks to ensure that no one can suspect Background: Guido was born in
her. Milan but raised in Verona, the son of tailor. It
Her only weakness is that at times she was his lot in life to follow this path, and he
can burn out from her constant fighting and did. By his 40s Guido had a wife, two children
and had taken over tha family business. He

was well known locally for his skill in His mien displays his spider nature.
fashioning fine suits for his clients. Bristles protrude from the backs of his hands.
One day he was offered a challenge, His fingers end in thin needle like nails. His
that if he could make a suit in 2 days that he eyes are more like dark orbs, and now has 4
would be paid 10 times over for it. However, more smaller ones set into his forehead.
as he began to craft the suit for the customer, Guidos mantle manifests as a cold,
at each turn he found that the suit did not fit. damp breeze, shadows stretching and
At one moment the customer was suddenly too twitching, and the smell of slowly
small, then too large, then too tall. In the end decomposing corpses.
he failed to make the suit and he was then Storytelling Hints: Guido is a spider,
taken away. The Gentry left behind a feetch, and so tries to sit where he can survey his web
fashioned from the cloth offcuts. of lies and truths. He watches those
The Fae lord, Julis Luminor, was a changelings go about their business, and looks
vain and cruel creature, and set Guido to work into the possession or dangerous items and
immediately. He was tasked with making potential threats to the city, so that the House
clothes for every day, to reclothe the Gentry's of Winter can hide while the other Houses
royal guard, and to make dresses for his mobilize against the threat.
numerous whores. To others Guido can seem distant,
Over time Guido, locked away with his aloof and heartless. However, Guido still
spinning wheel in the basement of the castle, misses his family but knows he can never, and
became more spider-like, all the better to must never see them again.
weave and stitch. Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Then it was Guido's turn to trick his Court: Winter
master. He offered the same challenge again. Seeming: Beasts
But this time it was not just any form of suit he Kith: Skitterskulk.
fashioned, but a suit of gold, but also a straight Keeper: Luminor
jacket. Noting the Fae lord has shrunk again Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 2
on purpose Guido tightened the jacket again, Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4,
then again, and once more. Luminor was Stamina 2
trapped and Guido made his escape. Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 4,
Returning to the mortal world, Guido Composure 2
found his life had been taken by his fetch, and Mental Skills: Crafts (Fabric) 3, Investigation
his children now in the care of the soulless (Enigmas) 4, Occult 2, Politics 3
being. Instead Guido found others of his kind Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Climb), Brawl (Dirty
and relocated to Venice, seeking to forget his Fighting) 3, Larceny 3, Stealth (Move Quietly) 3
life and not draw the attentions of the Fae to Social Skills: Animal Ken (Spiders) 2, Empathy 2,
his wife or children. Intimidation 2, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 2,
Guido joined the Watchmen as part of Subterfuge 3
his role as a watcher amongst the Squires of Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of
Frost, and his position amongst the Watchmen Foot 2, Contacts (Fence) 1, Harvest (Pledge) 2,
Mantle (Winter) 1, Resources 1
facilitates this role, using his knowledge to
direct the actions of the motley so that threats Willpower: 4
are eliminated before they surface. Clarity: 5
Description: Guido is tall and gaunt. Virtue: Prudence
His eyes are deeply set into his skull, with dark Vice: Greed
shadows about them. His lips are thin and his Health: 7
skin is pallid. He has thin, scruffy dark hair Initiative: 6
that is cut short, and long fingers. However, Defense: 4
his attire is almost immaculate, consisting of Speed: 11
well fitting suits in pinstripe. Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)

Contracts: Fang and Talon (Spiders) 3, Fleeting back through the Hedge, while a fetch
Winter 2, Mirror 2, Smoke 2, Dream 1 assumed his life.
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Weaponary), In the kingdom maintained by the Earl
Commendation (Duke of Winter) Thomas was tasked with pulling carts filled
with stones for the Earls castle. Over time,
Other members of the Watchmen are pulling these large loads and being caged away
the bellowing and destructive Gargantuan at night, fed on offal and left overs, Thomas
Ogre, Benjamin Watchtower, the dutiful changed. Thomas became more and more like
Soldier Wizened, Tommy Gun, and the a boar. His skin bristled with tough hair. His
whistling and rusting mechanical warrior, the feet became like hooves and his nose more
Manikin Elemental Sister Metropolis. piggish.
Almost 200 years passed by like this.
The Swords of the Lion And over time his clothes were nothing but
The Swords of the Lion are a collection tatters, and so was his human form. He could
of hunters. Composed of changelings of the only communicate with grunts and growls.
Beast seeming, they are furious warriors, and Escape came by chance, as in his cage,
dislike many of the other motleys, especially under the hay and dirt Tomas found a reminder
those rivals within the House of Summer, and of his old life. A photo of himself and his wife.
those of House of Winter. Overcome with memories thought lost, Tomas
Led by Tomas Tusk, the Swords broke free from his cage and ran back through
engage in any battle they can find, even going the Hedge. With each step he found more of
as far as to test their might against those things his humanity, and his human form.
in the Hedge, Vampires and even Werewolves Tomas eventually found his way onto
on the mainland. the Lions Tail trod, and it was here he was
Tomas Tusk trains his men in a private picked up by travelling goblins, who took him
location on one of the outlying islands where in on the chance they could sell him at the
they can better maintain their arsenal of market. But it was the actions of a motley of
weapons. His troupe contains many appointed changelings that he was saved this fate and
Mud grunts, with Tomas being another brought back to Venice.
Captain of the Crimson Knights. A number of Tomas realised that only 2 years had
his motley are wanted criminals and have not gone by, and that his wife was already
been taken in as evidence against them is slim remarried and his fetch now was in prison
and ever decreasing due to the actions of the back in the USA. Tomas knew he could not
Freehold against the mortal police force. return and this pain and anger brought him to
the doors of the House of Summer.
Tomas Tusk Since his return to the mortal world,
Quote: This is your end, goblin! Tomas has taken it upon himself to take the
<dull sound of flesh beaten beaten to a pulp> battle to the Fae. He will lead his motley into
Background: Tomas Tusk was fights against Hedge monsters, Hobgoblins,
construction contractor in California. He had a Gentry and rival motleys whenever he could.
new wife and was also now the proud owner His motley is viewed with suspicion and hate
of a new house that he had built for himself. by other Houses, in particular those of Autumn
However, his current job on a site brought the and Winter.
ire of his Keeper to be. One evening the Earl Tomas has obtained the position of
of Glorious Bones came knocking. He wanted Captain of the Crimson Knights, with many of
an answer for why his fairy circle had been his motley being Crimson Knights and Mud
damaged. It went against the terms of his Grunts. He commands them with no interest
pledge with the owner of the land. Without an for their safety, sending his men into battle for
answer for the Earl, Thomas was snatched the glory they can obtain.
away, and brought to heel. He was dragged Description: Tomas is large, heavy set

and ugly. His teeth are disordered and his Wyrd: 5 (Glamour 14/5, 15 Goblin Fruits, 8
clothes are ragged and stained. His beard is Pledges)
thick and dark. Some may think he is fat but in Contracts: Fang and Talon (Boars) 3, Fleeting
fact that is all muscle. Summer 3, Eternal Summer 2, Mirror 2, Dream 2,
His mien shows that he has a snout and Stone 3
protruding tusks, with drool dripping from his Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Brawl),
Knights Oath (Summer Duke)
His mantle manifests as the smell of a
sweating and the heat of the Summer sun.
Storytelling Hints: Tomas is out for Cold Rosaline
blood and glory. Any chance to act out his hate
for the Fae he will take, and bystanders be Quote: Sssshhh. I will ssstop the
damned. The Admiral accepts that Tomas is a poisssson if you tell me where the otherssss
valuable fighter, but also a dangerous loose are
cannon. Background: Rosaline was born in
Tomas is also a glutton. He is prideful Sicily, and the daughter of a wealthy family of
and spiteful to those more beautiful bankers. She was married off to a young CEO
Changelings. of a pharmaceutical company. She was a vain
and jealous person, who had everything she
Apparent Age: Early 30s needed in life.
Court: Summer Her abduction by the Fae was during a
Seeming: Beasts gala dinner, where her husband received an
Kith: Broadback award. She was met by one of the Gentry, the
Keeper: The Earl of Glorious Bones sly trickster, Dario Scales. She did not note his
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 4 reptilian tendancies; the way of his tongue
Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, flicking out, his eyes never blinking, the
Stamina 5 coldness of his skin. He tricked her with the
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 3, promise of jewels and love. But the catch was
Composure 2 that she had to go back to his room. The
Mental Skills: Crafts 3, Computer 3, Investigation question was where the room was.
3, Medicine 3, Occult (Werewolves, Vampires, In Arcadia, in the labyrinthine temple,
Hedge Creatures) 3 Rosa acted as one of many consorts to Dario.
Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 3, Drive 2, Over time she took on more snake like aspects,
Firearms 3, Larceny 3, Stealth 3, Survival Tracking) the better to tend to his sexual desires.
2, Weaponry 2 Her escape from these never ending
Social Skills: Intimidation (Physical Threats) 2, orgies, and abuse, was not of her own
Persuasion (Bribe) 3, Socialize 2, Streetwise 1, devising. She was instead left in the Hedge,
Subterfuge 2 discarded by her master who had grown tired
Merits: Allies (Fisherman) 1, Contacts (PI, Mortal of using her.
Hunter) 2, Harvest (Emotions) 2, Mantle (Summer) Rosa found her way back to the mortal
2, Iron Stomach 2, Fighting Style: Boxing 3, Toxin
world and discovered that her life had been
Resistance 2, Hollow (size 2, wards 4, amenities 1,
doors 3)
taken over by the soulless bitch of a fetch. She
Willpower: 6
watched her sleep with her husband, use his
money and commit adultery. She was sickened
Clarity: 4
by the creature, and seeing reflected the life
Virtue: Justice
she once led.
Vice: Pride
One night Rosa set upon her fetch.
Health: 10
Within her home she murdered the creature,
Initiative: 5 ripping her throat out and slaking her thirst on
Defense: 2 its glamour. But from a distant she could hear
Speed: 12

her Keepers laughter. Sickened that she had Clarity: 4
committed the act which her old master Virtue: Prudence
wanted to have happen, she fled, and sought Vice: Envy
out somewhere to start her life once more. Health: 7
In Venice Rosa has taken her anger and Initiative: 7
need for vengeance and become a hateful Defense: 4
person who will dispatch all creatures of the Speed: 12
Fae. She is Tomass second in command, Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
valued for her agility and capablility as an Contracts: Fang and Talon (Snakes) 4, Mirror 2,
assassin. But they are also on off lovers. Their Smoke 1, Dream 2
anger boiling over and becoming uncontrolled Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Brawl)
Description: Rosaline has an Other members of the Swords of the
animalistic beauty, with piercing eyes, slender Lion are, the menacing, Eagle like Windwing,
features, and long blond hair. Her lips and thin Hawk Eye; the self assured and dare devil,
and her teeth are fine. She tends to wear slinky Cheetah Runnerswift, Swiftpaw Sara; the
dresses that can attract the attentions of others. noble brute, the bull like Broadback, Mikael
Her mien displays her skin to be a pale Minos; and the feral dog Hunterheart, Andros
green with fine scales. Her eyes are viper like, Anubis.
and her hair is more like a cobras hood.
Rosas mantle manifests as a scorching The Armoury
desert heat, and the smell of hot sand.
The Armoury consists of a group of
Storytelling Hints: Rosaline is
changelings that can be considered weapon
alluring and venomous. She will fight on and
masters. They are led by the Wizened Smith,
off the field of battle. She will poison the
Blackhand. He is a diligent worker, capable
waters in the social domain, often as a prelude
swordsman, and trained in the forging of
to attacking the person physically.
swords and other blades. He acts as another of
She is alluring and has a constant
the Captains of the Crimson Knights and is
temper that simmers below the surface and is
also in charge of ensuring the House of
prone to snapping.
Apparent Age: Mid 20s Summer is properly equipped. His motley
Court: Winter
consists of some of the best equipped Crimson
Knights and Mud Grunts.
Seeming: Beasts
Kith: Venombite
Keeper: Dario Scales
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 3 Quote: <banging of a hammer on
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, steel> Yes, this blade will be perfect just
Stamina 2 like the rest
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 4, Background: Blackhand was once a
Composure 3 young boy in Germany near the woods of the
Mental Skills: Academics 3, Crafts 1, Politics 1, Rhine. He and his father were out on a
Science 2 camping trip when he was taken. The Fae lord
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Larceny 3, took Blackhand and caged him within his dark
Stealth 3, Weaponry 1 and imposing fortress. He endured years of
Social Skills: Animal Ken (Snakes) 2, Empathy 3, torture. Scorching brands used to sear his flesh
Intimidation 2, Persuasion (Seduction) 3, off. His body was cut and scarred.
Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 3 However, Blackhand was eventually
Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Contacts released and put to work having endured the
(Pimp, Banker) 2, Harvest (Emotions) 2, Mantle pain of heat. He was given the task of making
(Summer) 1, Resources 2 items from metal for his master. New armour
Willpower: 6

that glowed in the sun, baroque chandeliers, Merits: Allies (Scrap Metal Dealer) 1, Contacts
chains for the other prisoners of the castle. (Antiques Dealer, Merchant) 2, Harvest (Pledges) 3
His escape was by his own making, as Mantle (Summer) 3, Resources 3, Iron Stamina 3,
Strong Back 1, Token 5
he fashioned a mace capable of shattering
stone and carving a way through the Hedge. Willpower: 6
His return to the dark woods of the Clarity: 5
Rhineland led to Blackhand finding his family Virtue: Temperance
had moved on since his disappearance. Vice: Greed
Blackhand could see that his parents had since Health: 10
had a daughter and forgotten about him. Initiative: 5
Blackhand travelled about Europe, Defense: 2
before settling in Venice. This was a Speed: 12
consequence of Blackhand being Wyrd: 6 (Glamour 15/6, 25 Goblin Fruits, 9
commissioned by the Doge to fashion a new Pledges)
suit of armour. Since then Blackhand has been Contracts: Elements (Fire) 4, Eternal Summer 4,
an important part of the House of Summer, Artifice 4, Mirror 1, Dream 2, Hearth 3
maintaining the weapons cache and tokens of Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Crafts),
the House. Commendation (Duke of Summer)
Description: Blackhand is squat, bald Token: Hedge Spun Weapon 2, Trifles: A selection
and has coal stained nails and clothes. His skin Bane: He must fix broken shoes
is tanned from the heat of the forges. He has
heavily set and his arms are well muscled.
His mien shows that he has greyish Gabriel Ishmael Joe
skin, pointed ears and beady black eyes. His
beard is grey and gold like straw. Quote: I am like a well oiled rifle
His mantle manifests as the burning <winks>
heat of a forge and the smell of burning coal Background: Gabriel was born in
and steam. Tuscany. He grew up in the country side
Storytelling Hints: Blackhand is working on the vineyards kept by his
single minded in his work. He dislikes grandfather, and he too was to work there and
distractions and works tirelessly to make the eventually inherit the land. However Gabriel
next new weapon against the Fae. He hates wanted more than a life in the country. He
what was done to him, and has no issue with raced about the countryside on his Vespa,
inflicting harm to others just for the sake of it. eager to have a life in the city of Rome.
Apparent Age: Early 30s It was while out driving one night that
Court: Summer his bike stalled and from the shadows came an
Seeming: Wizened old woman dressed in rags. Her teeth gleamed
Kith: Smith in the starlight as she asked the young man if
Keeper: The Emperor of Darkened Stars he needed help. In return she asked that she
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 4 could have a kiss. Gabriel allowed for the
Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, woman o fix his bike, but backed out of the
Stamina 5 deal when it was his turn to give her a kiss.
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 1, She revealed her self to be the terrible, furious,
Composure 2 Duchess of the Waning Hours.
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Crafts (Smith) 5, She took Gabriel off to Arcadia and his
Investigation 2, Occult (Artefacts) 2 family assumed that he had died at the hands
Physical Skills: Athletics (Lifting) 4, Brawl 3, of some thief.
Drive (Boat) 2, Weaponry (Hammers) 3 In Arcadia Gabriel was victimized. The
Social Skills: Intimidation (Threats) 3, Persuasion Duchess watched as her goblins beat and
(Bribe) 1, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1 bludgeoned Gabriel. She only had them stop

when Gabriel finally mustered the last of his Mental Skills: Crafts (Smith) 3, Investigation 2,
courage to fight back. After that the beatings Medicine 3, Occult 1
ended and was drafted into her endless army Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Stealth 2,
and its endless war. He fought against the Survival 2, Weaponry (Spear) 3
troops of her enemy. Dying over and over Social Skills: Empathy 2, Expression 2,
again, only to rise at dawn to fight once more. Intimidation 2, Subterfuge 1
Escape came from playing dead on the Merits: Weaponry Dodge 1, Harvest (Pledge) 2,
field of battle and fleeing before the Duchesss Mantle (Summer) 2, Resources 2
men could drag his corpse away once more. Willpower: 6
Returning to Tuscany Gabriel found Clarity: 5
that everything had changed. 40 years had Virtue: Fortitude
passed and now his father had sold on the Vice: Sloth
vineyards. Now was a rundown farm and his Health: 8
family were gone. Initiative: 6
For some time Gabriel was nomadic, Defense: 3
looking for his family, while acting as a Speed: 12
mercenary. But Venice gave him a cause to Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
stay. The promise of finding his family in Contracts: Artifice 3, Fleeting Summer 2, Eternal
return for his service. Summer 3, Dream 2
Description: Gabriel is thin and his Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Crafts)
body is taught and athletic. He is almost like
an old Shaolin monk, and so deceptively Other members of the Armoury are
strong. He tends to wear clothes that allow him Infernus, a Fairest Draconic who is an expert
to blend into the crowds of Venice. His hair is in explosives, and Titania, an Elemental
pale like straw, closely cropped and scruffy. Manikin made of an amalgam of metals.
Her mien displays his skin to be
scarred with cuts and bullet wounds. He is pale The Helm of Ares
but with bruising about the edges of these The Helm of Ares is a motley led by
wounds. the Admiral of the House of Summer. The
His mantle is the smell of gunpowder, motley acts as the Admirals own personal
the staccato of gun fire, and the light of muzzle body guard and consists of Crimson Knights,
flashes. Mud Grunts and the Jager. The Jager is the
Storytelling Hints: Gabriel has seen Admirals assassin and hunter and expert on
much war and is a grim, lonely figure. He still all matters of the Hedge.
wishes to find his family, but equally wants to The Helm, when not led by the
bring the Fae to a war of his creation, Admiral is instead directly commanded by the
following his rules. Jager, who leaves behind those who shall
He hates others touching him, and if guard the Admiral while the Jager and the
others ask him too many questions of his past others go about their business.
life, he will snap into a rage. The Helm operates out of the Arsenale,
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
under the guise of workers involved in the
Court: Summer
restoration of the old ship yards.
Seeming: Wizened
Because of the Helms role in House
Kith: Soldier affairs, members of their group are often
Keeper: The Duchess of the Waning Hours assigned to other motleys as advisors or
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3 commanders. Of course this does not sit well
Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, with those motleys with members from other
Stamina 3 Houses.
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 2,
Composure 3 Admiral Capricornus
Quote: We have our heading. Let us of Commadore Fathom.
sink this Fae Lord for good and cast them to Vittorio, at this time known as Amun,
the bottom of the Adriatic!, Hold it, hold eventually obtained the rank of Jager before
it Fire! becoming the Admiral of the House of
Background: The Admiral, known as Summer, following the descent into madness
Vittorio before his durance, was a part of the of the previous Admiral.
Italian army during the WWII. He fought As Admiral, Capricornus has led a
against the Russians and the British armies. He constant war against the force of the Fae lord
was young and a trained boxer. But he had no Commodore Fathom, and has been a firm ally
family of his own except his mother after his of the Doge. There have been times where the
father had died during the previous war. It was Doge and Admiral have clashed over issues,
during the war in Egypt against British forces where the Doge has favoured the option of
that Vittorio was taken in the night. He awoke keeping to the shadows and hiding form the
in the lands of the Vizier of the City of Brass. threats to the Freehold.
All about the gleaming palace were the endless The Admiral maintains and active war
deserts, and it was here the Vizier buried room within the House of Summer, calling
Vittorio in the sands. upon his Captains and Jager to keep him
Choking, having spent days beneath informed of the movements of the Fae and
the scorching earth. His skin was now like Hobgoblins, along with the location of the
flaking stone, baked and sandy. His mouth Goblin Markets, openings of verges, and the
tasted of nothing but iron and dust. And as he actions of the other Houses. He has ordered
clawed his way out of the sand he collapsed pre-emptive strikes against other members of
back into it. the Fae, regardless of the evidence.
As time passed he took out his spite Description: The Admiral has a wide
and malice on those who trespassed on his jaw and a prominent brow. His hair is straw
sands. But freedom did come. He watched as blond and his body is heavily tanned. He
another man stumbled through his desert, wears clothing that is suggestive of his time in
dressed in the fatigues of the Italian army. the military.
Remembering his lost life he reformed his His mien shows that he has skin like
body and marched back to the mortal realm sand stone, lined with strata and dusty.
through the Hedge. His mantle manifests as the shining sun
Returning to Egypt, Vittorio found that at its zenith. There is the stain of blood and
11 years had passed and that the war was over. the smell of cooking flesh on the heat of the
His comrades had died in battle and now he sand.
was far from home and out of synch with time. Storytelling Hints: The Admiral is
In Italy things were no better as he found that stoic and calm on the exterior. However he is
his mother had passed away and no one physical in expressing his rage and desire for
remembered who he was. revenge on the Fae. He will fling tables and
Vittorio could not hold in his anger and smash down walls.
turned upon all those who helped the Fae. He He is a capable strategist but tends for
would smother them in sand, clogging their the most direct and bloody solution, having
lungs, or simply pound them into paste. He become jaded over time with following the
was an unstoppable soldier and feared among law of the Court of Carnival.
the local Freehold. Apparent Age: Early 30s
His move to Venice was prompted by a Court: Summer
search for a weapon that would be able to end Seeming: Elemental
the existence of the Vizier, but instead of Kith: Earthbones
finding the weapon he joined the Freehold. In Keeper: The Vizier
time he rose through the ranks, leading the Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 6
Crimson Knights against the goblins and crew

Physical Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Fae.
Stamina 5 The Maw, a name he acquired from the
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 3, amount he ate, fought in the gladiatorial arenas
Composure 4 of his Keeper. He fought endlessly. He was fed
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Investigation 3, the flesh of his victims. He was stitched back
Medicine 2, Occult (True Fae, Weapons) 5, Politics together after his battles. And on he fought.
(Freehold) 2
One night, was his other cell mates,
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl (Boxing) 6, they hatched their plan to escape. They fought
Firearms 4, Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Weaponry
past the guards and slaughtered the vile
(Swords) 6
goblins that had taken pleasure in watching the
Social Skills: Expression (Oration) 3, Intimidation
(Stare downs, Threats) 4, Socialize (Formal
games. Together they fled through the Hedge.
Meetings) 3 But one by one they were picked off by the
Merits: Contacts (Police Officer, Police Detective, Keeper and her minions.
Weapons Dealer) 3, Harvest (Pledge) 5, New The Maw returned to Paris, and found
Identity 4, Mantle (Summer) 5, Resources 3, that almost a hundred years had passed and
Retainers 3 that Paris was now a thriving and modern city,
Willpower: 10 following the ideals of the Revolution.
Clarity: 4 However, he was sickened by the decadence
Virtue: Justice that the French had fallen into. Something that
Vice: Wrath was a stark reminder of his time in Fairy.
Health: 10 He travelled East, and to Venice,
Initiative: 7 having heard word of a city that was out of
Defense: 3
step with time, and hear he found many
Speed: 13
changelings who were also suffering from
future shock. The Maw joined the House of
Wyrd: 7 (Glamour 16/7, 50 Goblin Fruits, 10
Pledges) Summer, and became one of the motley of
Contracts: Elements (Earth) 5, Elements (Fire) 3,
Capricornus before he became the Admiral.
Fleeting Summer 3, Eternal Summer 5, Mirror 3, The Maw, upon the promotion of
Dream 4, Stone 3, Carnival 1 Capricornus to Admiral, was made his Jager,
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Weaponry) the Hunter of the Longest Day. In this role the
Frailty: Minor Bane Pain by the sight of a raven. Maw became the Admirals personal tracker,
Minor Taboo Must clean a dirty sword hunter and assassin, a role that has brought the
immediately. Maw into conflict many of the changelings in
the Freehold who have similar roles.
Description: The Maw is stocky and
The Maw not very tall. He looks fat to some, but that just
disguises his own strength. He looks brutish,
Quote: I will hunt you down and with a heavy brow, wide jaw, and equally wide
chew your guts and slurp out your marrow nose. His clothes tend to be functional, and he
from your bones. would not look out of place as a dock worker.
Background: The changeling known His mien displays his skin to be almost
as the Maw is a terrible creature, just barely red, and covered in cuts. His teeth protrude
human. During his life he was a respected and drip saliva, and his belly is even more
soldier in the armies of Napoleon. As the engorged and distended.
French forces waged war in the North of Italy, His mantle is the smell of rotting flesh,
the Maw, then known as Jean-Sebastian, was a port, the heat of coals and the glint of light of a
portly soldier. He was a dead shot with the sword.
musket, and had survived encounter with the Storytelling Hints: The Maw is
other armies of Europe. However, this was not terrifying to behold, a glutton and single
enough for him to prevent his abduction by the minded. He is a capable tracker, though some

say that is because he is able to sniff out food Autumn courtiers who make it their business
from a mile away. to collate, decipher and understand the secrets
The Maw hates the Fae and he will of the city and of Fairy. It is of no surprise that
descend into cannibalistic rages when facing they are mainly changelings with an affinity to
the Loyalists and the Privateers. magic and the discovery of secrets.
Apparent Age: Mid 40s Led by Codexial, the motley maintains
Court: Summer that library kept in the Teatro Fenice, within
Seeming: Ogre the Hedge. They are the gatekeepers of this
Kith: Gristlegrinder knowledge and they are the ones who many
Keeper: Tekrof, Eater of the Hearts of Children changelings will turn to when they are in need
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 3 of elusive information on matters of the occult
Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, and the workings of the Wyrd.
Stamina 6
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 1, Codexial
Composure 3 Quote: Now this is a particular
Mental Skills: Crafts 3, Investigation 3, Medicine version of Sanskrit. One not seen for
3, Occult 2, Politics 1 thousands of years., Touch that book
Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Firearms without my permission and you will know how
(Rifle) 3, Larceny 2, Survival 3, Weaponry 4
painful a quill pen can be!
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Intimidation (Ugly) 3, Background: Codexial, was always a
Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 1
bookish young woman. She grew up in
Merits: Gunslinger 3, Iron Stomach 2, Contacts
London, and would read anything she could
(Butcher, Brewer) 2, Harvest (Goblin Fruit) 4,
Mantle (Summer) 4, Resources 2, Token 2.
get her hands on. Her mother frown upon it,
wishing she would mature and find a husband,
Willpower: 6
while her father would just give her another
Clarity: 4
interesting book he would find on his business
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed
Codexials abduction to Arcadia was a
Health: 11
ill thought wish, as she read about the history
Initiative: 7 of fairies. She wished that she could be
Defense: 4 spirited away to a distant land and have all the
Speed: 13 books she could ever desire to read. Her
Wyrd: 6 (Glamour 15/6, 25 Goblin Fruits, 9 Keeper, lazy prince called the Count of Divine
Pledges) Lust, used her to keep a track of all of his
Contracts: Smoke 3, Artifice 4, Stone 4, Dream 4 affairs in the mortal realm. He had no desire to
Fleeting Summer 3, Eternal Summer 3 bother himself with all this knowledge, and so
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Weaponry), used her to manage his library. It was a dull
Commendation (Duke of Summer)
task, but one that had to be done.
Token: Ribbon of Nevermiss 2 Years of neglected and abuse led to her
becoming more and more wretched. She
Other members of the Helm of Ares treasured the library, not because it was of
are the bodyguard of the Admiral. They are the worth, but because it was the only thing she
Gargantuan Ogre, Fort, the Gravewight knew. Her escape came from the most unlikely
Darkling, Pox, and Steepscrambler Beast, of places. A book. This book was one she had
Gormaul. not yet placed upon the shelves, and within it
she found the story of her life. Remembering
this she followed the story in the book, and
behind one of the shelves found her way out,
The Library of the Lion from out of the dark library to the Hedge.
The Library of the Lion is a group of Her return to the mortal realm brought

her to Venice. She was struck by the amount Virtue: Faith
of knowledge locked in the city, gathered here Vice: Sloth
over the ages. She discovered that for her only Health: 8
a year had past while 17 had gone by. Initiative: 5
In Venice Codexial joined the Autumn Defense: 2
court. She hated how her Keeper had tricked Speed: 10
her into becoming his slave, and sought to Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
understand the workings of the Wyrd, and Contracts: Artifice 3, Smoke 2, Dreams 2, Hearth 2,
through it have her revenge on the Fae. Fleeting Autumn 3, Eternal Autumn 2, Carnival 1
Description: Codexial is small and Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult),
thin. She wears concealing clothes and her hair Commendation (Duke of Autumn),
is tied back revealing her taught face. She is Commendation (The Doge)
pretty, but she makes no advantage of it. Her
ages seem wise beyond their years.
Her mien shows that she has skin like Tristan Titian
parchment, and she is dusty and shrinks away
from others. Quote: Sit still. Just another hour
Her mantle manifests as the rustle of and this painting will be done!
books pages and the musty smell of an old Background: Tristan was born in
library. She appears as if illuminated by Mestre, and had a typical and fairly uneventful
shrinking candles. childhood. His father worked at the airport
Storytelling Hints: Codexial is quiet, while his mother worked in Venice as a tour
keeps to herself, and will sit for hours pouring guide. He however was expected to do better,
over books and scrolls. Her motley is much the and he hoped to work in the banking sector
same, and she only turns to them to work as a and move to Rome or Milan.
team when researching a specific issue. She One night, while out with his friends,
misses her life as a mortal and is not beyond Tristan saw strange lights in the sky. They
using some of the magic she has learnt to came close and he bathed in the eerie Fae
improve things for herself. light, and taken from the streets to Arcadia.
Apparent Age: Late 50s His Keepers, a collection of imps,
Court: Autumn maintained a perverted form of school. In the
Seeming: Darkling citadel hundreds of changelings were whipped
Kith: Antiquarian and abused, forced to create every piece of art
Keeper: The Count of Divine Lust imaginable. The imps were looking for
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 4 something, something only humans could
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, create, but with each piece of art came the pain
Stamina 3 of torture and the threats of worse if the next
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, piece was not better than the last.
Composure 2 Tristan spent hundreds of hours,
Mental Skills: Academics (History, Venice) 4, painting everything he could imagine. Sleep
Crafts 2, Investigation (Enigmas) 3, Occult (Fae) 5, blurred with painting, and his bones ached
Politics (Freehold) 3 from the beating he took. He poured out his
Physical Skills: Larceny 2, Stealth 3 soul and in time became as small and
Social Skills: Expression (Oration) 3, Intimidation powerless and his other wretched captive
2, Socialize (Lectures) 2, Subterfuge 2 fellows.
Merits: Contacts (Museum Curator, Antique Book Escape was not a real escape. Instead
Dealer) 2, Harvest (Pledge) 3, Mantle (Autumn) 2,
he was discarded. Tristan was burnt out. He
Resources 3
had created every piece of art that he could
Willpower: 6
ever imagine and more. Enough work for ten
Clarity: 5
lifetimes. Returning to his parents Tristan

found that only one night had past, and he Virtue: Hope
could no longer understand his family. Vice: Envy
In Venice, Tristan discovered the Health: 7
Freehold and those changelings who directed Initiative: 6
him to the Autumn court. Knowledge rested in Defense: 4
the works he had created, and through this he Speed: 11 (13)
could command the very power his Fae Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
Keepers had been trying to find. Contracts: Artifice 3, Vainglory 3, Smoke 2, Hearth
Description: Tristan is a young man 2, Dream 2, Fleeting Autumn 3
with long dark hair and dark eyes. His hands Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult),
are long and nimble and he wears fashionable Commendation (Duke of Autumn),
clothes like another student of the city. To Commendation (The Doge)
some he is considered handsome, if a little
weird. Other members of the Library of the
His mien displays his skin to be pale Lion are the owl like Windwing Beast called
and splashed with bits of paint. His eyes are Athena, and the well read and poetic
murky like water from washing brushes, and is Cyclopean Ogre, Byron.
hair is equally stained. His back is covered in
bruises from his durance. The Silk Road Pirates
His mantle is the diffraction of light The Silk Road Pirates are less pirates
from a looking glass and the feathers of a but more like explorers. The Hedge is indeed
crow. strange and difficult to navigate, but is even
Storytelling Hints: Tristan is a little more confusing when the Hedge is accessed
mad, seeking to recreate the work he had made when upon water. The clear and crisp waters
in Arcadia. His artwork is abstract and to some of the Venetian Lagoon give way to the
he seems to suffer from autism. He loves stinking marshes and bogs of the Hedge. A
looking at the work of other artists, hoping to twisting, winding maze of waterways and
discover something that he may of painted in sodden islands where strange beasts lurk in the
Arcadia. shadows amongst the thorny undergrowth.
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
This landscape can be constantly shifting, but
Court: Autumn some trods exist having been cut through the
Seeming: Wizened water to form canals that have walls of cruel
Kith: Artist vines.
Keeper: The Three of Three The Silk Road Pirates make it their job
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 3 to map these watery parts of the Hedge, to
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, discover the lost islands of Venice that have
Stamina 2 been consumed by Faerie, to uncover treasure
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 4, that has been lost within the misty networks of
Composure 2 canals and shallows.
Mental Skills: Academics (Art) 3, Crafts (Forgery, This task is not easy and requires
Painting) 4, Investigation 2, Occult 3 changelings of great Clarity so that they are
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 1, Larceny (Pick capable of perceiving the boundaries between
Pocket) 3, Stealth (Move Quietly) 2, Weaponry 1
our world and the Hedge, and to spot the signs
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Persuasion 2, Streetwise of Hobgoblins, Gentry and potential Hollows
2, Subterfuge 1
and trods.
Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of
Foot 2, Contacts (Fence, Antiques Dealer) 2,
Harvest (Pledge) 2, Mantle (Spring) 2, Resources 2
Willpower: 5 Quote: Look lively scallywags!,
Clarity: 5 Finocchio! (fag!), Tua mamma
bocchinara! (Yours mothers a fluffer!)

Background: Polo originally was from danger to the Freehold. To the other Houses he
a coastal town on in Sicily, stolen from his is a literal pirate, stealing what is not his for
family in the early fifties when he was just 15. the House of Autumn. That is not to say that
Polo, then just Guido, worked with his father he doesnt abuse his position as a form of
as brothers as a fisherman. It was happy life customs and excise officer, but in general the
and he, like his brothers, grew up strong, items that are taken have been a real concern
though considered simple by his school to the Freehold and the Doge. In order to
friends. perform this duty better Polo has gathered
It was on a stormy night, when Guido together a motley.
was sent out by his father to check that the Due to his experience with traversing
boats had been tied up properly, that Guido the Hedge Polo has been given the title of
was stolen away by the Hobgoblin pirates of Briar Ranger within the House of Autumn,
Commodore Fathom. There on the deck of however this title is known to those within the
Leviathan, the twisted ship made from the House.
carcass of a blue whale, Guido was whipped Description: Polo is well built and
into shape, forced to work on board the ship tanned Italian, with a broad brow and dark
amongst the other Lost who had been taken curly hair that has grown into dreadlocks. He
from around the world. The Leviathan was a is almost six and a half feet tall and muscled,
hard place to live as strange Hobgoblins with the hands of a man who works tirelessly
barked orders and the Leviathan engaged in with rope and at sea. His beard is thick and
tremendous battles against other ships in the matted and he is almost always smoking a
rolling waters of Arcadia. cigarette he has just rolled. As an Ogre of the
13 years past on the Leviathan while in Water-Dweller kith Polo has scaly skin like
the real world 24 had gone by. Guido, taking a that of a turtle, while his neck is lined with
knife, broke free from the bonds that held him gills and his body is covered with coral and
to the ship and he grabbed a barrel and lept shell fish in places. His mantle manifests as
over board, and soon found himself on the the twinkling of light of the seas, the sea life
shores of the Lido in Venice. on his body moving ever so slowly, and a chill
Polo spent his early time in Venice sea wind.
amongst the House of Autumn. He discovered Storytelling Hints: Polo, though an
that his fetch, a vile duplicate of himself, had Ogre, is still very quick witted. Though he
left the family home, and in doing so had would rather others didnt know, he does have
abandoned his father and mother. His brothers the best in mind for his crew and the Freehold,
also had trouble understanding how their but he oftens plays up to expectations of either
brother Guido had apparently changed. being a rebel or a pirate. But then this better
Within the Autumn court Polo tried to serves the needs of the House of Autumn to
learn more about his Keeper and where these cause fear in those who travel the Hedge.
creatures come from. He was angry, but like Apparent Age: Mid 40s
his father, he wanted to understand the Fae just Court: Autumn
as he understood the seas. He began to venture Seeming: Ogre
into the Hedge more frequently so that he Kith: Water-Dweller
could map the trods and help those escapees. Keeper: Commodore Fathom
Overtime this skill of navigating the Hedge, Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
and also the other supernatural realms that Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 3,
bleed into the Venetian lagoon. Stamina 3
To the other Houses Polo is something Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2,
of a madman, venturing into danger on a Composure 2
whim. But he also troublemaker. On behalf of Mental Skills: Academics 2, Crafts (wood
the House of Autumn Polo has taken it upon working) 3, Investigation 2, Occult (Hedge) 3
himself to confiscate items that present a

Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Drive (Boats) the dry safety of their homes. All except his
3, Larceny 2, Stealth 2, Survival (Sea) 2, Weaponry father who stood on the edge of the dock,
2 weeping and screaming. Don't take him! My
Social Skills: Intimidation (Physical) 3, Persuasion only son. Please don't take him! Barbosa
2, Socialize (Barfly) 1 (back then just Tomas) went searching for him
Merits: Contacts (Fishermen, Divers) 2, Direction and found him at the dock, looking on as the
Sense 1, Fighting Style (Boxing) 4, Harvest (Hedge
hulking form of the Leviathan approached, it's
Bounty) 2, Mantle (Autumn) 3, Resources 2, Strong
Back 1, Token 3.
twisted captain, the crustacean like
Commodore Fathom, stood at the prow with a
Willpower: 6
statisfied grin on his face. Hobgoblins jumped
Clarity: 5
to shore and made ready for their captain.
Virtue: Fortitude
Fathom stomped to shore and approached the
Vice: Greed
weeping man. You truly are a wretched man.
Health: 8
No use amongst my crew. But your son has
Initiative: 5 grown to be a fine boy. Our deal still stands.
Defense: 3 Your freedom must be repaid by your
Speed: 12 bloodline spending 100 years on the Fathom.
Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 14/3, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7 Barbosa's father weapt and begged the
Pledges) captain to not take his son, but Fathom had no
Contracts: Elements (Water 2), Fleeting Autumn 2, sense of compassion. You pathetic dog. This
Stone 3, Dream 4, Carnival 1 is a price for the life you have enjoyed at my
Pledges: Good Neighbours Pact (Jager), Motley expense. I demand his soul! With that the
Pledge (Adroitness Survival), Commendation
Hobgoblin crew dragged Barbosa away, onto
(The Silent Skull), Commendation (Doge)
to the Leviathan.
Token: The Hungry Arrow (3, Rites of Spring page
Barbosa spent just 11 years in service
to Fathom and the Leviathan. He learnt the
ways of the ship, naval warfare and the pain of
failure. His back was often turned into ragged
Barbosa flesh by a whip. But Barbosa was no fool and
was slowly coming up with a way to escape
Quote: Worse things stalk these the watery gloom of the Leviathan. He found a
waters. ME! loop hole. The term 'bloodline' could be meant
Background: Barbosa originates from literally. He drew his blood on the deck of the
the longest suviving principalities still in Leviathan and found he was no longer bound
existence, San Marino. He, like his father, was to the service of Fathom, the ship or the vast
very much into any form of racing, and it was oceanic hell realm that Fathom ruled.
hoped that he might make his way into Returning to San Marino Barbosa had
professional motor sports. He spent much of not aged one day, while his family had carried
the warm summers either driving one of his on with out him. He looked on as he watched
fathers sports cars (his family being well off his father play with his new son, a small boy
and own numerous car show rooms) or of 5. It stung Barbosa who easily it seemed his
powering about the bay on a jet ski. Barbosa father and family had forgotten about him, and
was something of a hot head, often getting into he did eventually face his father to demand
ludicrous bets with his friends, and became why any of this had happened in the first
something of a womaniser by the age of 17. place.
Everything changed on the night of his Since his return Barbosa has made his
18th birthday when fate caught up with his peace with his family but has chosen to stay
family. A storm rolled into from the sea and away so that they may be safe from any form
the bay with a thrashing nigthmare. Lighting of retribution by Fathom. He journey to
split the sky and thunder boomed. Boats and Venice, hearing of the great court that existed
ships were all tied up and everyone stayed in

there and it did not take long for Barbosa to Apparent Age: Mid 20s
meet Polo and his motley of pirate Court: Summer
changelings. Polo and Barbosa shared a Seeming: Beasts
common history, that they had both served on Kith: Swimmerskin
the Leviathan and so both shared a bitter Keeper: Commodore Fathom
hatred of the Commodore. Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Amongst Polo's crew Barbosa has Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 4,
gained a reputation as a mean spirited, tough Stamina 3
and hardy man, not adverse to using force to Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 2,
get his way and finishing a job. For this reason Composure 1
he also has the honour of being one of the Mental Skills: Crafts (Wood Working) 2, Occult
Crimson Knights of the city, acting as an elite (Hedge) 2
soldier when called upon by the Summer Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Swim), Brawl 3 (4),
Duke. However, the orders of both his peers Drive (Boats) 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Survival (Sea)
amongst the Knights, and the Duke, have 2, Weaponry 2
brought him into disrepute within the Court of Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Intimidation
Carnival and is watched to ensure he doesn't (Physical) 4, Streetwise 2
start causing chaos and leading a personal Merits: Contacts (Smuggler) 1, Court Goodwill
vendetta against one of the Gentry. Amongst (Autumn) 1, Fighting Style (Boxing) 2, Giant 4,
Harvest (Hedge Bounty) 2, Mantle (Summer) 2,
Polo's crew his role of Crimson Knight is just
Resources 1, Strong Lungs 3, Token 1.
the leverage the Captain needs in order to
Willpower: 4
pursue their role of explorers and customs and
Clarity: 6
excise. Dangerous items identified by the
Captain have often been difficult to acquire by Virtue: Faith
civil means. With Barbosa's might these items Vice: Wrath
have been ruthlessly removed. Health: 9
Description: Barbosa is a tower man Initiative: 5
of muscle, his head clean shaven and his face Defense: 3
round and crossed with a wide grin. He is Speed: 14
certainly a match for his Captain, but where Wyrd: 2 (Glamour 11/2, 5 Goblin Fruits, 5 Pledges)
his captain lacks grace Barbosa hides an Contracts: Fang and Talon (Sharks) 3 (Cephalpods)
agility behind his brutish exterior. Being of the 1 , Fleeting Summer 2, Dream 3
Beast seeming, and a Swimmerskin, Barbosa's Pledges: Good Neighbours Pact (Jager), Motley
seeming gives him the appearance of a shark. Pledge (Adroitness Survival), The Knights Oath
His mouth is lined with rows upon rows of (Admiral Galleon), Commendation (Doge)
razor sharp teeth, his eyes a beady and black, Token: Ace in the Hole (1)
and his nose is a pointed snout. His mantle,
being of summer, gives the appearance of Mosto
warm, tropical seas.
Storytelling Hints: Barbosa is not the Quote: More wine? No? How about
most calm of people, and quickly reacts a Campari? Rum maybe hey where has all
violently. That is not to say that he his not the rum gone?
smart, as he plans out attacks with the mind of Background: Mosto was originally
a cold hearted killer. He has no worries that from France. It was just after WWII and he
others in the Freehold regard his with dread, a and his family were struggling through the
reputation that has gotten him far in the House reconstruction of the country. It was while he
of Summer. He will often challenge the rule of was out in the ruins of his home town that he
the city, and will come to blows with the saw strange flickering lights in the night sky.
agents of the Volto or other Houses, but pays While his fetch returned to wife and child, he
respect to both his Duke and his Captain. was being experimented on. His body was

mutilated, his blood replaced with various Brewer and returned to their yacht.
different alchemical fluids. Altered Mosto was Since his arrival in Venice, Mosto has
tasked with aiding his Keeper in the creation joined the House of Spring, and is a well
of more mystical fluids in their machine realm. respected Brewer, his skills often being sought
What the Keeper didnt count on was Mosto out before a party or gathering is held. But
learning enough to create a fluid that would be Mosto has maintained his friendship with the
able to cut through the walls of his cell and Silk Road Pirates. Within their number Mosto
allow him to escape. has become their surgeon, cook and brewer.
Mosto returned, through the Hedge, to Though he may not be strong, or the best of
France, to find that while he had only aged a fighters, he is certainly capable of tending to
few years, 50 years had passed. His children the injuries of his fellow pirates.
had grown old and had families of their own. Mosto is typically a jolly fellow,
His wife had passed away and his fetch now though he is careful to never become too
was rotting away in a jail for the murder of intoxicated for fear that his indulgence would
two men. Mostos life had been taken from put him at the mercy of the Gentry.
him and twisted. He had now life there any Description: Mosto is around 5 11
more, and so instead he travelled south, into but so thin he appears almost anorexic. He has
the French wilderness where for many years a clean shaven look, pronounced cheekbones
he worked at a vineyard, preparing wine and and pale skin. His hands are equally long and
helping in the maintenance of vines. It was slender and his voice is a hushed whisper,
here that he perfected his art. punctuated by his cackling. He tends to wear
Though the French countryside was functional clothes, the sleeves rolled up and
thinly populated, Mosto did come into contact with an apron over the top to prevent the
with other changelings who were passing spillage of liquids from staining his clothes.
through. Some had just escaped Arcadia while His mien shows that his skin is more green, his
others were moving from one city Freehold to eyes are black almonds, his ears are not even
another. But it was one group of visitors that present. His mantle of spring manifests as the
changed Mostos life of seclusion. Loyalists. smell of vineyard blossom, and takes the
Mosto was chased through the fields and appearance of this blossom.
vineyards by this band of fiends. On his heels Storytelling Hints: Mosto is jovial,
he could hear the growls of his Keepers regardless what task he is given. He takes
hounds, and all Mosto could do was keep great delight in seeing the reaction that others
running. Hiding in a town, his pursuers have to his latest concoction and he is known
became bored and he heard the screams of a to make an impressive cocktail. At a party
young girl as she was taken away back to Mosto is usually the last to be drunk, but will
Arcadia. Mosto was distraught. His fear of his encourage others to drink.
Keeper had led to another being dragged away Apparent Age: Mid 40s
into hellish realm of the Gentry. Court: Spring
Mosto was now driven by a new goal, Seeming: Wizened
to never live in the fear True Fae. It was time Kith: Brewer
to live the life he had denied himself for so Keeper: The Sleepless Hundred
many years. Mosto eventually reached the Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 2
south coast of France and from there travelled Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4,
to Italy, and onwards to Venice. Stamina 3
Mostos arrival in Venice was not the Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 4,
most welcome, as he was picked up by a band Composure 2
of Summer Courtiers, eager to find some sort Mental Skills: Crafts (Glass Blowing) 2,
of sport or potential Loyalist to beat up. Mosto Invesitgation 2, Medicine 3, Occult (Hedge, Hedge
was lucky as Polo and his motley of Silk Road Fruits) 3, Science 3
Pirates waded into the fight. They rescued the

Physical Skills: Brawl 2, Drive (Boats) 1, Larceny needed. I want to be free of this world. You
3, Stealth 2 know, like a bird. Free from people just as an
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Persuasion (Fast- eagle is free of the earth he replied.
Talking) 3, Socialize (Bars) 3, Streetwise 2, With that the Fae, Mistress of the
Subterfuge 3 Twelve Pelts of Fenris, led Drake down the
Merits: Barfly 1, Contacts (Bartender, Market Stall street. She spoke sweet nothings into his ear
Spice Seller) 2, Court Goodwill (Autumn) 1,
about how he is better than these other people
Harvest (Hedge Bounty) 3, Hollow: Size 2,
Amenities 2, Doors 1, Iron Stomach 2, Language
in the city, that his sight is his gift, and that
(Italian) 1, Mantle (Spring) 2, Resources 2. others a jealous of him. The streets of Bristol
Willpower: 4 gave way to the Hedge. For Drake the skies
Clarity: 5
seemed to become clear, the Hedge shrinking
away as he found himself lost in his ability to
Virtue: Temperance
fly. He could fly! But at a price, his foot was
Vice: Wrath
bound to the Mistress. He had been seduced
Health: 8
and slowly forgot what his previous life.
Initiative: 6
Years past, and Drake served his
Defense: 3
mistress as a bird of prey, scouring her domain
Speed: 11 for their quarry. But it was after the last hunt
Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges) where they chased a poor human child, that
Contracts: Artifice 3, Eternal Spring 3, Dream 3 Drake remembered his past life. Seeing his
Pledges: Good Neighbours Pact (Jager), Motley chance to escape from his cage Drake flew
Pledge (Adroitness Survival), Commendation high and fast, his feathers and beak receeding
(Vernal Duke), Commendation (Doge)
as he pushed back through the Hedge.
Drake found himself on the Lions Tail
Drake Trod, the wide expanse in the Hedge with
putrid water flowing through it. Spotting
Quote: I spy on the horizon, profit! others on the banks of the trod Drake fled from
Captain I hope I cut a good cut this time? them, fearing they were his Keepers agents.
Bloody Italians Looking for an escape route Drake fell through
Background: Drake was born in the Hedge and back into Venice.
England, just outside of city of Bristol. He had Here in Venice, Drake was taken into
a fairly normal life in the suburbs. His parents the care of the local Freehold, and he soon
argued, his sister got married and divorced in found a place amongst the House of Autumn,
the space of 3 years, and when he was 18 he as Drake, having a good eye for items, became
stayed in the city and trained in graphic design their man for finding relics and tokens. It was
at the college. He had a skill for the fine arts, this skill in appraising goods that caught
but his obsession with his work made him Polos attention, and Drake was invited to join
something of a recluse. He would be sat in his his crew, needing a good look out and
room in the flat he shared, smoking weed and someone with the gift of the gab.
drinking gin while he worked on his latest Amongst the Freehold Drake is
piece. When he did work up the energy to go something of a haughty womanizer. He often
out socially he would go to the local metal gets into verbal fights, exchanging witty
night, sat in the corner smoking and drinking. remarks and socially wrecking other
He enjoyed the company of a number of changelings reputations. He is also considered
women but nothing became permanent. a show off and pretentious, and amongst
It was one night on the way back from Polos crew he is the best dressed and also the
a club in the cold winter he was approached by one who gets the crew into the most fights.
a woman dressed in red, her hair had an almost As far as his family is concerned he is
wet sheen to it. She spoke with a husky voice, now a failed designer living in London, his
asking Drake What is it you wish for most in fetch living a mundane and heartless life,
life. His answer was everything the Fae

something that Drake has no desire to return Wyrd: 2 (Glamour 11/2, 5 Goblin Fruits, 5 Pledges)
to. Contracts: Fang and Talon (Birds) 3, Fleeting
Description: Drake is around 5 8 Autumn 2, Mirror 2, Dream 2
and thin. His hair is wild and shoulder length. Pledges: Good Neighbours Pact (Jager), Motley
He has a pointed nose and yellow eyes. He is Pledge (Adroitness Survival)
slender and well dressed. A sort of fop. He has Tokens: Hedgespun Raiment 2, Trifles: 2
well manicured hands and nail vanish. His Sweetblood, 1 Glimmerbraid
mien shows that his hair is filled with balck
and green feathers, his nails are fine talons, There are a few other members of
and from beneath the cuffs and collars of his Polos crew. Gondalino is an Autumn
jacket more feathers protrude. His mantle Courtier, a Wizened Woodworker who is in
manifests as the twinkling of light off his charge of maintaining the boats they use. Hes
feathers, the dying sounds of a kestrels an irritable carpenter but a diligent designer.
screech, the smell of apples. Maria Cutlass is a young ship hand, and a
Storytelling Hints: Drake is a trickster member of the House of Spring. A Draconic
and a fop. A pretentious womanizer and has a Fairest, she is hot tempered but free spirited,
curious collection of tokens, trifles, artifacts enjoying the company of her crew mates and a
and pieces of art. He is discerning and dislikes good fight.
people who have no sense of magic or
Apparent Age: Mid 20s The Skulls of Arlecchino
Court: Autumn The Skulls are one of the motleys that
Seeming: Beasts run the House of Autumns commedia della
Kith: Windwing arte. These improvised plays of morality,
Keeper: Mistress of the Twelve Pelts of Fenris humility and mystery. Through these plays,
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 2 and their involvement in the Teatro Fenice, the
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Skulls, and their fellow motleys can influence
Stamina 2 the rich and intellectuals that come to see the
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 4, plays. Furthermore, the Skulls and the House
Composure 2 of Autumn use these plays to teach mortals
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Crafts (Drawing) 2, and Changelings alike to fear the unknown.
Investigation 2, Occult (Tokens) 3 The majority of these plays will show the ways
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive (Boats) to notice the Fae, the dangers of interacting
1, Larceny 3, Stealth 2, Survival 2, Weaponry with them, and how to fend them off. But also,
(Rapier) 2 amongst these tales, the House of Autumn will
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Persuasion (Fast- also warn humans about vampire, mages and
Talking) 3, Socialize (Bars) 3, Streetwise (Black other strange beings that lurk in the night.
Market) 2, Subterfuge 3
The Skulls major focus is the depiction
Merits: Barfly 1, Contacts (Black Market Dealer) 2,
of horror, tragedy and cultivating fear in the
Harvest (Emotions) 2, Hollow: Size 2, Amenities 4,
Doors 1, Language (Italian) 1, Mantle (Autumn) 1,
audience. The Skulls are lead by Eric Red
Resources 3, Token 3 Mask, a self styled phantom of the opera. He
Willpower: 4
is considered an expert on the subject of the
Clarity: 6
Grand Guignol, and enjoys the use of illusion
and stage magic for his bloody plays.
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy
Eric Red
Health: 7
Initiative: 8 Quote: <Quoting The Phantom of the
Defense: 4 Opera> Why so silent, good monsieurs? Did
Speed: 11
you think that I had left you for good? Have
you missed me, good monsieurs? I have

written you an opera!, Welcome Ladies and himself from the Fae.
Gentlemen. You shall witness untold horrors, Since joining the House of Autumn,
hear tales of maddening mystery, and feel fear Eric has worked with many motleys, before
pulse through your veins! creating his own. He has become a master of
Background: Eric was born in Spain, illusion and slight of hand, and has taken it
in Barcelona and a promising student of the upon himself to ensure that others do not
sciences. He was not into sports, and suffer as he has. So his aim is to educate with
considered a weakling by his fellow students fear, and so to others he comes across as a
at high school. He suffered from bullying for dark, gothic, individual with a grim sense of
years, and it was when out on a school humour. Within the Teatro Fenice, his motley
excursion that he fled from his bullies and into has one main rival within the House of
a cave. While the rest of his class were on the Autumn, and also conflicts with the Lords of
beach for the field trip, he went further into the Love, The Hundred Masks and the Keepers of
cave, and deeper, loosing sense of where he the Imagnarium. Often the conflict comes
was. When he looked back he saw that the real from Eric causing disruption by sowing the
world had faded away, the cave entrance was seeds of distrust and fear. In particular he is
gone and instead there was the darkness of the hated by Silver Heart and Malvolio.
Hedge. Unknown to his motley, and known
Stumbling through the Hedge Eric only to the lord of the House of Autumn, Eric
came upon the Circus of the Black Flame. The is the Ashen Notary, using his control over his
Ring Master of 7 Smiles captured the form and the darkness to watch other
trespasser and so Eric was slung into a cage changelings to discern the nature of the
with other poor changelings who were kept by pledges they have committed to. It is also for
the Fae for his shows. this role that he is the Bauta to the Court of
Over time Eric performed for his Carnival, as the role also requires the same
master, trained to perform tricks and to look sorts of skills.
out for other Fae who might steal from the Description: Eric is dressed like a
Ring Masters collection. But Eric was gentleman of the 19th century, in a tail coat and
brutally beaten and shaped to the whims of the top hat. However, his face is now is almost
Ring Master, and his mortal self was flayed forgettable and his skin in unnaturally smooth,
away to leave the ghastly amorphous face of like melted wax.
clay. Eric was a Mirrorskin. His mien shows that his face is like
His escape came as the cage were wax, constantly shifting and dripping onto his
opened one night by others who had escaped clothes.
their prisons. The Ring Master pursued his His mantle manifests as the sound of
escaping pets, riding atop a twisted, violins playing, dust falling away from his
gargantuan elephant like creature. But Eric clothes, the smell of burning candles, the stain
was clever, and shaped his face to that of one of red berries where he walks.
of the goblins that had attended the Circus. Storytelling Hints: Eric is a showman,
Returning to the mortal realm Eric a womanizer and a creep. He cannot help but
found himself emerge from the Venetian take opportunities to be the centre of attention
canal. Shivering from the cold he was taken in and to spook others. He plays at being the
by the Freehold and eventually he joined the brooding poet, when in fact he is twisted and
House of Autumn. Initially he was a member decadent. He is not above victimizing others to
of the House of Winter, but he could not make a point.
console himself to a life without a connection Apparent Age: Early 30s
to others. However, he was interested in the Court: Autumn
magic that had shaped him. No longer did he Seeming: Darkling
want to fear his life being taken away, so Kith: Mirrorskin
instead he sought to find the means to protect Keeper: The Ring Master

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 4 the deal went sour and Sidney realised the
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, error she had made. The woman did not state
Stamina 3 that she could stop dancing, and so by the rules
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 4, of the pledge Sidney was taken back to the old
Composure 3 crones castle in Arcadia. Sidney was caged
Mental Skills: Academics 3, Crafts 3, Investigation and hung from the rafters and made to dance
4, Occult (Magic) 4, Politics (Freehold) 4 all day, until her feet bled.
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Larceny 3, After some time Sidney forgot her self
Stealth (Disguise) 4, Weaponry 3 and knew only the dance. She had become the
Social Skills: Empathy (Emotions, Lies) 2, Swan, and her prison had twisted her into the
Expression (Acting, Opera) 5, Intimidation (Veiled embodiment of the Black Swan, the sensual
Threats) 2, Persuasion (Seduction) 3, Socialize 3,
and dark personification of dance.
Subterfuge 2
The crone eventually became tired of
Merits: Allies (Theatre, Hotel Owner) 2, Contacts
(Conductor, Music Composer) 2, Harvest
the creature she had captured, and let Sidney
(Emotions) 3, Mantle (Autumn) 4, Mantle free, releasing her back into the real world, and
(Carnival) 4, Resources 4, Retainers 2 to Venice.
Willpower: 7 In Venice, Sidney found herself
Clarity: 5 initially with the House of Spring. She would
Virtue: Prudence dance for them and act as entertainment.
Vice: Gluttony
However, she became tired of the shallow
Health: 8
nature of those of the House, and sought to
discover how to find her humanity once more,
Initiative: 7
just like the princess of Swan Lake, and so
Defense: 4
joined the House of Autumn, using her skills
Speed: 12
to teach others the dangers of the Fae and what
Wyrd: 6 (Glamour 15/6, 25 Goblin Fruits, 9
you wish for.
Description: Sidney is in her mid
Contracts: Dream 4, Mirror 4, Darkness 3, Fleeting
twenties, thin and light, with taught and
Autumn 4, Eternal Autumn 3, Carnival 4
angular features. She moves with grace and
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Expression),
Commendation (Duke of Autumn), Knights Oath
wears either flowing clothes or gym clothes
(The Doge) when training. Her hair is tied back into a bun.
Frailty: Minor Bane Pain by touch of Mercury. Her mien displays her eyes to be black
and beady, with feathers lining her eyes. She
has white skin and black feathers sprouting
Sidney Cygnus from her hair and hands.
Her mantle is long shadows, the sound
of violins and the sickly smell of cooked
Quote: You are born with beauty and apples.
grace, or it is torn out from within you. Storytelling Hints: Sidney is aloof,
Background: Sidney was a renowned graceful, but filled with spite. She is set upon
dancer in New York, performing in musicals learning how to undo what has been done to
and ballet with world class production teams. her by the Fae. She is not above using her
She led a strict lifestyle and punished her body knowledge of the Fae against other
which meant she had no time for others. changelings to obtain what she needs.
It was this dedication to her art that led She follows Eric and his goals for the
to her making a bargain with an old woman. motley, and finds his attacks on the House of
The woman, who she met on the streets of Spring amusing, for she finds that the Spring
SoHo promised that Sidney would have courtiers are all style over substance.
endless grace, like that of a swan, if she would Apparent Age: Mid 20s
dance for her. Sidney, bemused, performed a Court: Autumn
little for the old crone. But when she stopped

Seeming: Beasts Smile of Moon Beams and Opals, came into
Kith: Windwing her room and dragged her into the Hedge
Keeper: The Crone of the Citadel of Fingers through the wardrobe.
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 4 Scaramuccia was made to perform the
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, most mundane of jobs. She was hit and beaten
Stamina 4 as she scurried about after her master, picking
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2, up books, trinkets and clothes. But it was out
Composure 3 of curiosity that Scaramuccia looked into the
Mental Skills: Academics 3, Investigation 2, crystal ball of her master, and her mind was
Occult 2 overwhelmed. She could see how she was to
Physical Skills: Athletics 4 (Gymnastics), Brawl 3, escape, and escape she did, able to pick her
Stealth (Move Quietly) 3, Weaponry 2 way back to the mortal realm, and to Venice.
Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 2, As a seer Scaramuccia is bombarded
Expression (Dance) 5, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 4, with visions, and her dreams of the future are
Socialize 3, Subterfuge 2 vivid. Troubled by these visions, she was
Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of taken in by the House of Autumn, and by Eric,
Foot 2, Contacts (Dance Teacher, Harpist, Caf
who helped her channel this power.
Owner) 3, Harvest (Pledge) 4, Mantle (Autumn) 3,
Resources 2
Considered mad by many, she is an important
seer in the Freehold, and is Erics mad jester,
Willpower: 7
and thus she is the House of Autumns Fool of
Clarity: 6
the First Frost. With her insight she is able to
Virtue: Temperance
lend important points of view on political
Vice: Envy
issues within the Freehold. In addition, her
Health: 9 madness and vision are the perfect distraction,
Initiative: 8 allowing Eric and others of the House of
Defense: 3 Autumn to take action unopposed.
Speed: 12 (14) To the general population Scaramuccia
Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7 is a streetside fortune teller and street artist.
Pledges) She often will cause children fright so that she
Contracts: Fang and Talon (Birds) 3, Mirror 3, can protect them from the Fae, and in some
Vainglory 3, Fleeting Spring 2, Eternal Spring 3, rare instances even stalk a family just to
Carnival 1
prevent another child from being taken by the
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Expression),
Fae, and so stopping the vision she has seen.
Commendation (Duke of Autumn)
Description: Scaramuccia is a messy
young woman. She looks like a gypsy, with
her tied up into many small knots, and her eyes
Scaramuccia a daubed with lots of eye shadow. Some passer
bys may think she was a goth, or simply
Quote: I see the dance of the homeless.
Carnival. I see through the eyes of the mask of Her mien shows that her skin is deathly
fate. And I can see that the Wyrd has pale, and she is small and thin. Her eyes are
something in store for you., Three crows pupil-less and a deep blue.
circle, and the clocks strikes 10. The child Her mantle is composed of the smell of
cries out and the lion will roar! fermenting grain, a chill breeze and the smell
Background: Scaramuccia was a of opium.
young girl growing up in the city of Padua. Storytelling Hints: Scaramuccia is
Her mother was a successful doctor and her delusional and has moments where her grip on
father an engineer. She had all the toys she reality fades away. She has little memory of
needed, but it would be greed that would be her time before her durance in Faerie, and
her undoing when she stole a doll from a lives as one of the homeless in Venice.
antique shop. That night, the Fae lord, Her

She is polite to those her give her collection of local fish farmers and live on the
charity, but curses those that do not heed her island of Burano in the North of the lagoon.
warnings. Amongst the Fae this is no different. Much like the Silk Road Pirates, the
Apparent Age: Mid 20s Green Caps are skilled navigators of the
Court: Autumn Hedge, and know the local Goblin Market
Seeming: Wizened well. But their real skill comes in the creation
Kith: Oracle of hedgespun items.
Keeper: Her Smile of Moon Beams and Opals
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 4 Captain Saor
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Quote: Just a little bit more
Stamina 2 seasoning and this soup will perk you right
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 3, up.
Composure 4 Background: Saor grew up on the
Mental Skills: Academics (Venice), Crafts coastline of the Adriatic, in Montenegro. He
(Carving) 2, Investigation (Enigmas) 3, Occult worked for his father, a grocer. It was when
(Astrology, Fae, Pyromancy) 4
out with friends at the beach the Saor was
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Larceny 2, Stealth 2,
taken. He was swimming, having dived of a
Weaponry 2
cliff face, and after swimming for sometime
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Expression 3,
found that he could no longer find his way
Intimidation 2, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 3,
Subterfuge 3
back. In fact the only bits of land he could find
Merits: Meditative Mind 1, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of
were small outcrops that were covered in
Foot 2, Contacts (Beggars) 2, Harvest (Pledge) 5, thickets and thorny brambles.
Mantle (Autumn) 4 Standing there on the shore, with a
Willpower: 8 blanket of mist rolling in off the water, Saor
Clarity: 4 watched as a ship approached. Strange fish
Virtue: Faith men lurked on deck, and the Leviathan stop
Vice: Greed
before the small island. Saor was dragged on
board and brought before Commodore
Health: 7
Initiative: 6
Saor was made to work below deck for
Defense: 2
decades. He was lashed a number of times, and
Speed: 9 (11)
the time spent at sea shaped Saor into an
Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
embodiment of the sea. His body was covered
in barnacles and seaweed, and he worked
Contracts: Artifice 3, Dream 4, Hearth 4, Eternal
tirelessly on deck.
Autumn 4, Smoke 3, Goblin Contracts: Diviners
Madness 2
Saor eventually escaped, finding a
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Expression),
chance to escape when the Leviathan docked
Commendation (Duke of Autumn) to once more allow its crew to go ashore to
capture more people. Saor dived into the water
and slipped away, his body now in tune with
Other members of the Skulls are the
the element of water.
Darkling Gravewight mime, Master White,
Arriving in Venice, Saor initially
and the Fairest Muse narrator, Melpomene.
joined Polos Silk Road Pirates, before
forming his own motley. During his time on
The Green Caps the Leviathan Saor had become a capable
fisher and now, like Polo and his crew,
The Green Caps are a motley devoted navigates the local Hedge, mapping trods and
to growing plants, keeping animals and harvesting the strange bounty of the Hedge.
harvesting items and curiosities from the Saor is a capable sailor, but is equally
Hedge. The motley masquerades as a skilled in navigation of the Hedge, but is a

better alchemist. He knows all the right places Contracts: Elements (Water) 3, Elements (Plants) 3,
to find goblin fruits, where to catch the Elements (Wind) 3, Eternal Autumn 4, Dream 4
whispering fish, or the slime crabs. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult)
Description: Saor is large and bulky.
His hair is slick and lank, and he has a large Dr Morphine
beard. He looks like he has been at sea for
years. He looks like a typical fisherman of the Quote: Take this twice a day. Yes it is
islands, dressed in waterproof clothing and made of leeches., Now which arm do you
warm woollen jumpers. prefer?
His mien shows that he has blue tinged Background: Dr Morphine was a
skin, and is covered in barnacles and seaweed. respected doctor of medicine in San Francisco
His eyes are black and his beard is filled with when he was taken. It was walking back one
sea creatures. night that he was chased through the streets by
His mantle manifests as a cold breeze a strange creeping figure, made of shifting
and the light from a lighthouse blinking. flesh and metal. He ran, watching it
Storytelling Hints: Saor is grim and effortlessly throwing obstacles out of the way,
hardworking. He enjoys his food and drink and tearing down chain link fences.
preparing meals for others. He expects his Morphine passed out and awoke in a
crew to work just as hard. cage filled with straw and smelt of excrement
Apparent Age: Early 30s and blood. Outside he watched as the twisted
Court: Autumn creature auctioned him off to a large, thuggish
Seeming: Elemental looking creature. The man, if it was one, was
Kith: Waterborn so large that it stood almost 20 feet tall and
Keeper: Commodore Fathom had a mouth of tusks.
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 4 Morphine was taken back to the beasts
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, mountain home, nothing more than a large
Stamina 3 cave filled with the bones of its prey. Other
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, changelings scuttled about. They were hulking
Composure 2 monsters having feasted off the leftovers of
Mental Skills: Academics (Horticulture) 3, Crafts their master. Morphine was thrown in with this
2, Investigation 3, Medicine 3, Occult (Hedge Fruit, group and made to gather food for his new
Alchemy) 4, Science 2 master.
Physical Skills: Athletics (Swim) 3, Brawl 3, Drive Over time, and with constant
(Boat) 2, Larceny 1, Weaponry 2 punishment and feeding on raw flesh and bone
Social Skills: Intimidation 2, Persuasion 1, marrow, Morphine evolved into an equally
Socialize 2, Streetwise (Fishermen, Black Market) 2, lumbering creature. His flesh was thick and his
Subterfuge 1 teeth were now strong and sharp.
Merits: Allies (Fisherman, Herbalist) 2, Contacts Morphines escape came as he
(Fisherman, Bar Owner) 2, Harvest (Hedge Fruit) remembered his life as a mortal, and he
4, Mantle (Autumn) 3, Resources 2
concocted for his master a potion to make him
Willpower: 6
sleep. The giant did sleep, and so the ogre
Clarity: 6 slaves made their escape.
Virtue: Fortitude Morphine made his way back through
Vice: Gluttony the Hedge, and found his way to Venice. He
Health: 8 was picked up on the Lions Tail trod and
Initiative: 5 taken back to the city. He was initially given
Defense: 3 over to the House of Summer, however,
Speed: 11 Morphine, being a doctor, wanted to
Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7 understand more about what he had become
Pledges) and how he may reclaim his life. And so he

joined the House of Autumn. His knowledge Virtue: Charity
of medicine, coupled with his growing Vice: Gluttony
knowledge of the Fae has made him a skilled Health: 10
doctor for the Lost of the city, and so he holds Initiative: 4
the title of Medico della Pesta, having to deal Defense: 2
with the Vampires of the city. His large bulk is Speed: 10
an impressive deterrent to those Vampires that Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
would try and attack him. Contracts: Stone 4, Mirror 4, Eternal Autumn 4,
Description: Morphine is large and Dream 3
bloated. He wears a suit that barely conceals Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult)
his large belly. He has ruddy cheeks and jowls,
with a double chin. He appears sweaty and has Other members of the Green Caps are
chubby hands. the Fairest Flowering gardener, Horatio
His mien displays that he is somewhat Hawthorn, and the fox like Hunterheart Beast,
larger, and his mouth is filled with terrible Montgomery Redcoat.
teeth. He has filth from his food down his
front, and his stomach is even larger and
distended. The Wordless
His mantle is the smell of various
The Wordless are a motley involved in
cooked meats, pumpkin and the smell of sickly
crime. Many mortals think they are the Mafia,
or drug dealers, or immigrant criminals. There
Storytelling Hints: Dr Morphine is
is some truth in this, as they make use of their
sadistic and a glutton. He has no time for
contacts in these circles to promote fear.
wimps when he knows that the best cures are
However, they cultivate this fear, and their
often the most painful, scarring, or simply
links with these nefarious groups and
taste bad.
organisations, so that they may get better
Morphine hates the Fae with a passion,
access to tools and allies that they can use
and actively tries to experiment on others to
against the Fae and their servants.
find a way to be mortal once again.
Apparent Age: Mid 50s
More importantly the Wordless motley
is in fact the motley who claims the Silent
Court: Autumn
Skull as a member, something which is not
Seeming: Ogre
known to any of the Freehold or the House,
Kith: Gristlegrinder
such is the secrecy the Silent Skull maintains.
Keeper: The King of Blood and Fat
Instead, using the Wordless, and other trusted
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 3
motleys, the Silent Skull can promote their
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, goals and commands without ever having to
Stamina 5
appear before their subjects. Fear is the tool of
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 1,
power, paranoia drives all motleys to perform
Composure 2
their best, and terror is the tool they wish to
Mental Skills: Academics 3, Investigation 3,
claim from the Silent Skull so they may strike
Medicine (Operation) 4, Occult 3, Science 3
at their enemies.
Physical Skills: Brawl (Biting) 3, Larceny 3,
Weaponry 2
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Intimidation 4,
Persuasion 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 1
Mad Dog
Merits: Iron Stomach 2, Natural Immunity 1, Quote: <GROWLS> Hey punk! What
Contacts (Doctor, Gangster) 2, Harvest (Pledge) 2, you looking at?!, You better have the money
Mantle (Autumn) 2, Resources 2 or tomorrow I am going break your legs and
Willpower: 5 set my dog on you!
Clarity: 4 Background: Mad Dog grew up in

Florence, and was a grade A student. His devoid of that spark of humanity that he
family were typical small towns folk, while he himself has also lost when he became a beast.
had won a scholarship to attend university at With this understanding he joined the local
Florence. He studied the arts and history, and Freehold and the House of Autumn, before
he built up a number of friends and even had a journeying North to Venice where he might
girlfriend. He had a straight run to a PhD but learn even more from the far old Freehold of
fate had other things in store for him. Carnival.
It was one evening in the library where In Venice Mad Dog, as he came to be
he was pouring over a book of Renaissance known, had a fearsome reputation, but this was
art. He was busy working on his thesis and so more a cover for his aptitude in the occult. He
he went looking for another book he required. became both a physical and magical tool of
In the depths of the library, in the quiet of the fear, and over time his motley grew and
late hours, Dog found a book on fairy tales. He adopted his approach, that to fight the Fae you
briefly looked at the book and then simply must embody fear wholly.
placed the book haphazardly on the shelf. As Mad Dog has since become a fearsome
the book fell to the fall the pages flipped rival to the motleys of the House of Summer,
opened and from the pages emerged the and his motley is respected for its command of
Hunter of the Endless Woods of Screaming many strange tokens and contracts. However,
Tears. He was tall and elven like. At his side the motley is also considered to be too far
dire wolves snarled and they stalked through gone to the cause of fear. Mad Dog and his
the library looking for Dog. Dog ran for his gang are feared gangsters in and around
life, his mind racing he tried to make sense of Venice, and dabble in drug trafficking,
what was happening. Every door he got to prostitution rackets, and worse.
denied him entrance, and he ran from the Unknown to most of the motley, Mad
being that chased after him. His blood went Dog is in fact the Silent Skull of the House of
cold as he heard it blown its horn once more, Autumn. Through a network of drop boxes and
and backed into a dead end in the university. secret meetings, Mad Dog issues his orders to
The wolves were upon him and the Hunter the House. These orders are instructions on the
dragged him off into Arcadia. acquisition of magical artefacts, tomes,
In the Hunters realm Dog was treated missions into the Hedge to scout out areas,
as such. He had to eat from a bowl. He was delving into the dreams of mortals, and the
kicked and beaten and expected to protect the research of new contracts. Other orders are
Hunters tower. Over time Dog thought more militant, focusing on the cultivation of
himself as nothing more than a dog and slept fear in mortal society so that areas of the city
in the remains of his clothes, curled up on the are designated off limits in order to prevent
stone floor. His reawakening to his human self mortals getting involved with the Fae or their
came as he witnessed his Keeper looking at the lackeys.
tattered remains of a painting by Monet. Dog Description: Mad Dog is tall and has a
recognized it and remembered his life before strong physique. He wears clothes that
the tower. With this small spark of humanity enhance his gangster appearance, and lend him
he fled from the tower, working his way back an air of superiority and danger. His hair is
to his home. slicked back and his is always chomping on a
Returning to Florence he found 30 cigar.
years had gone by, his girlfriend was married His mien shows that he has yellow
with children, and his life had been taken over eyes, point ears and dark skin. To others he
by something that looked like him but had looks like a Doberman, with his teeth visible at
become spiteful and full of hate. Dog chose to all times.
watch this imposter and learn what he could His mantle manifests as the growth of
from it. He began to understand the manner in cobwebs, the smell of candle wax and long
which these fetches operated, that they were shadows.

Storytelling Hints: Mad Dog is not Frailty: Minor Taboo Must count the grains of
above playing the fool. He is a good actor and salt that have been spilt. Minor Taboo Cant enter
allows others to make assumptions of him. In a room that is entirely red.
fact, behind closed doors, he is calculating and
cold, issuing orders to cause harm and distress
to others so that a lesson is learned. Little John
However, Dog does have time for
those that are willing to learn, and if they can Quote: I hates all this being nice.
withstand his bullying then they gain his Can we not make them scared and run away
respect. like the little girls, boss?
Apparent Age: Early 50s Background: Little John was always
Court: Autumn bullied at school. He was shorter and not as
Seeming: Beasts strong as the others, and so he kept to himself
Kith: Hunterheart reading his books. He loved the fantasy novels
Keeper: Hunter of the Endless Woods of Tolkein, and spooky stories he found by
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4 other writers. John, in his own time at home
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, would read up on magic, and hoped that he
Stamina 3 would learn how to curse his tormentors, or
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 4, leave this world altogether.
Composure 3 One night, the Doctor of Misty Eyes
Mental Skills: Academics 3, Investigation came to Johns home and snatched the young
(Enigmas) 4, Medicine 2, Occult (The Fae, Tokens) man away. He took him back through the
5, Politics (Freehold) 3 Hedge to work in the dark and labyrinthine
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 4, Drive 2, hospital of the Doctor. The wards wailed with
Larceny 3, Stealth 3, Weaponry 2 the pain of his patients, and John was kicked
Social Skills: Animal Ken (Dogs) 4, Empathy about and ordered to come and go, fetching
(Lies, Fear) 2, Intimidation (Terror, Physical blades, and vials, and salves. Over time, all
Threats) 3, Persuasion 1, Socialize 2, Streetwise this running about made John a little
(Gangs, Corrupt Police) 3, Subterfuge (Lying,
diminuitive worker. Goblin like he scuttled
Misdirection) 2
Merits: Allies (Gangs, Vice Police) 2, Contacts
His escape came as one day, when he
(Gangster, Fence, Black Market) 3, Harvest
(Emotions) 3, New Identity 4, Mantle (Autumn) 5,
was cleaning out one of the many morgues in
Resources 4, Retainers 2, Token 5+, Hollow: Size 3, the Doctors realm, John came upon a small
Wards 3, Doors 2, Amenities 3 chute. It was covered in filth and blood and
Willpower: 7 gore, but with a little squeeze John was soon
Clarity: 4 crawling down it and to his freedom.
Virtue: Prudence John escaped back to the mortal realm
Vice: Pride and arrived in Venice, picked up by Polo and
Health: 8
his crew on the edges of the Lions Tail trod.
John was brought into the fold of the House of
Initiative: 7
Autumn, with Dog eventually asking the little
Defense: 4
man to join him. Dog could see that such a
Speed: 12
small goblin would be an asset to his motley.
Wyrd: 7 (Glamour 16/7, 50 Goblin Fruits, 10
Someone small and capable of stealing things
that Dog wanted.
Contracts: Fang and Talon (Dogs) 5, Mirror 3,
Fleeting Autumn 5, Eternal Autumn 5, Artifice 5,
Johns time in Venice has made him an
Thorn 4 Dream 4, Hearth 3, Goblin Contract: expert on the secret waterways of Venice,
Diviners Madness those small tunnels that wind their way under
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult), the streets. He has also taken an interest in the
Knights Oath (The Doge) dead, and is now a respected authority on the

ghosts of Venice, and is the Doges Larva, Defense: 4
official ghost hunter of the city. This role has Speed: 11 (13)
brought the goblin into contact with some of Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
the stranger creatures that lurk in Venice, such Pledges)
as Vampires, Sin-Eaters, Mages and stranger Contracts: Darkness 4, Fleeting Autumn 4, Mirror
things still. 4, Smoke 3, Dream 3, Carnival 3, Goblin Contracts:
Fair Entrance
Description: Little John is exactly that. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult),
He stands only 5 2 and is bald and scrawny. Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Beggars), Knights
Oath (Duke of Autumn)
His clothes are not much better and to most
others he appears as a mad homeless man who
speaks to people that are not there. Other members of the Wordless are
His mien displays that he is small, with Fairest Draconic, Vesuvian, and the bat like
toady skin, white eyes, and elongated limbs. Beast Windwing, Chira.
His teeth are yellow and foul, and he walks
with a stood.
His mantle is the smell of salt, the The Cleaners
flicker of candles, the smell of soot, and the The Cleaners are exactly that. They are
faint sound of ghostly whispers. the motley that is turned to when information,
Storytelling Hints: Little John is a or more importantly criminal information, is
spiteful little man who takes pleasure in need to be found and destroyed. You have a
causing frights for others. He prefers to talk body on your hands? The Cleaners are called
with the dead and other Darklings and hates in. Not only do they clean up scenes, but they
the Fairest with a passion. also try and make places clean on any magic
Apparent Age: N/A or signs of changelings. Led by the Sun
Court: Autumn Banisher of the House of Winter, Dr Z, the
Seeming: Darkling Cleaners will mop up blood, make fake IDs,
Kith: Tunnelgrub sort out alibis, and even balance your cheque
Keeper: The Doctor of Misty Eyes books for you.
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4,
Stamina 2 Dr Z
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 4, Quote: Oh, it looks like redecorating
Composure 2 went out of control. An arterial spray. My, my,
Mental Skills: Crafts 2, Investigation 2, Occult what did they do here?
(Ghosts, Vampires, True Fae) 4, Politics 1 Background: Dr Z was a student in
Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Run), Brawl (Dirty criminal investigations at the university of
Fighting) 3, Larceny 4, Stealth (Move Quietly) 3 Rome when she was taken. She was working a
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Intimidation (Creepy) 3, case for her thesis when she got involved too
Persuasion 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2
deep. The killer turned out to be a changeling,
Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of and worse, the entire string of murders was a
Foot 2, Contacts (Beggars) 2, Harvest (Dreams) 2,
setup just to trap her. The changeling, a
Mantle (Autumn) 3, Mantle (Carnival) 3, Hollow:
Size 1, Doors 2, Wards 4
Loyalist, had planned it all out so that its
Willpower: 6
master could have a new play thing.
In Arcadia Dr Z was subjugated to s
Clarity: 4
string of vile and painful experiments. Each
Virtue: Charity
day a new test. First her eyes were removed
Vice: Envy
and replaced. Then her skin was flayed off and
Health: 7
replaced. Then her ribs each removed and put
Initiative: 6 back. But her Keeper grew tired of slicing her

apart and putting her back together, and so and will do everything that is possible to
instead made her an assistant, making her ensure her own secrecy. In extreme cases there
perform the operations for him. are jobs that even she will turn down, only
Years went by, and Dr Z had gotten consider if she is commanded by the Nameless
used to the regime, preferring it to the years of One.
torture she had already endured. She had even Apparent Age: Early 50s
begun to enjoy the pain she was inflicting. It Court: Winter
was only when she recognised the next patient Seeming: Wizened
as a fellow university student that she snapped Kith: Churigeon
awake from her madness and realized what she Keeper: The Prince of Cracked Bones
had become. Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 4
Dr Z escaped that night, using a Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3,
cadaver as a decoy, placing it in her bunk as Stamina 3
she prised open the door to her Keepers Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 4,
citadel. Composure 2
Dr Z returned to Rome, and fearing the Mental Skills: Academics 3, Investigation (Crime
repercussions of her escape, and the minions scene) 4, Medicine (Autopsy) 3, Occult 2, Politics 2
of her Fae Keeper that had trapped her in the Physical Skills: Brawl 2, Drive 3, Larceny 3,
first place, Dr Z went about removing every Stealth 3, Weaponry 2
trace of her former self and tried to live off the Social Skills: Intimidation 3, Persuasion 2,
radar. In doing so she joined the Winter Court. Socialize 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge (Lying,
Her arrival in Venice was after Fae Misdirection) 3
hunt in the city of Rome. Dr Z had heard about Merits: Contacts (Forger, Police, Fire Officer) 3,
the magic of the Court of Carnival, and so Harvest (Emotions) 3, New Identity 4, Mantle
(Winter) 3, Resources 4
journeyed North to witness it herself.
Since being in Venice, Dr Z has helped Willpower: 6
many other changelings operate off the radar, Clarity: 5
establishing new identities and destroying Virtue: Justice
incriminating evidence. Her motley, which she Vice: Greed
was not the leader of to begin with, has Health: 8
become masters of this. Originally simple Initiative: 5
messengers for the House of Winter, the Defense: 3
motley have risen above that and now Speed: 10
command a healthy status. But with renown Wyrd: 4 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
comes attention, and so Dr Z has taken to only Pledges)
being contacted through particular, carefully Contracts: Artifice 4, Mirror 3, Smoke 3, Dream 3,
managed and secret methods. Fleeting Winter 3, Eternal Winter 3
Description: Dr Z is a wirey young Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness
woman dressed in a suit dress and when Investigation), Commendation (Duke of Winter),
working, wears a lab coat and face mask. Her Knights Oath (Doge)
hair is cut short and she wears only a little
makeup to help blend in.
Her mien shows that she has red eyes, Triton
greenish skin, and many scars across her body.
Her hands are nimble and her mouth is lipless. Quote: Time to wash all this away
Her mantle manifests as an icy chill Background: Triton was taken while
and a stillness in the air like after the snow has his mother pushed him along in his pram near
fallen. to the canal edge in Venice. The Fae, desiring
Storytelling Hints: Dr Z is cold, a new gift for his lover, snatched the babe and
clinical and methodical. She suffers no fools replaced him with a collection of crabs and

fish bones, fashioned to look like the baby. His clever and quick witted, but has bouts of being
mother was none the wiser. emotionless when confronted with failure.
Triton grew up in the underwater Apparent Age: late teens
realm, playing with the other fish like slaves of Court: Winter
his Keepers. He was their way of trying to feel Seeming: Elemental
what it must be like to have a child. Over time Kith: Waterborn
he grew to reflect his would be parents, Keeper: The Lady of the Darktouched Water
growing fins and scales over his body. Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2
But this magical life would nto last Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4,
forever, and upon the death of his real mother Stamina 2
he felt her mortal pain through the Wyrd. He Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3,
realized that the twisted beings he called Composure 2
mother and father were not his own. He sae Mental Skills: Crafts 2, Investigation 3, Occult
their true nature, and that he too was a slave (The Fae) 3, Politics 1
was their own game. Physical Skills: Athletics 5 (Swim), Brawl
Triton was able to escape, finding his (Underwater) 4, Larceny 2, Stealth (Move Quietly)
way back to the canal where he was taken, and 3, Survival 4, Weaponry (Spear) 3
he was now in his teens. He found his way Social Skills: Animal Ken (Fish) 4, Empathy 2,
home and discovered that his real mother was Intimidation 3, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 2,
dead. The death was a mystery, but Triton Subterfuge 2
would find out. He lived as a street urchin, and Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of
Foot 2, Strong Lungs 3, Harvest (Pledge) 2, Mantle
became used to the modern world that he had
(Winter) 2, Resources 2
been denied. He watched his fetch live out the
Willpower: 4
hollow version of his life, and he came to
Clarity: 4
realise the truth. His fetch had murdered his
mother. But Triton was to be denied this Virtue: Faith
revenge, as those of the House of Winter, with Vice: Envy
whom he had joined, forbade him from Health: 7
following this route. He knew he must stay in Initiative: 6
the shadows, and that if he was to get his Defense: 4
revenge, it must be swift and unseen. Speed: 12 (14)
Triton is a member of Dr Zs motley, Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
using his affinity with water to remove traces Contracts: Elements (Water) 4, Fang and Talon
of evidence, cleansing areas of the touch of (Fish) 3, Fleeting Winter 2, Eternal Winter 3, Mirror
changelings. To this day still watches his 2, Smoke 3
fetch, planning his revenge. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness
Description: Triton is young and Investigation)
dressed like one of the many homeless young
men that wander the streets of Venice. He Other members of the Cleaners are the
looks dirty and has scruffy hair and looks Darkling Mirrorskin, Mr Sand, the Elemental
malnourished. Airtouched Autumn courtier, Nimbus, and the
His mien displays that he is instead rat like Beast, Hamlin.
composed of water. His skin is translucent and
his eyes are dark pools.
His mantle is the feeling of icy water The Confessors of Ice
droplets on the skin, and the glow of sunlight The Confessors are masters of secrets
through snow. and also the watchers of the sanity of the
Storytelling Hints: Triton is young Freehold. They welcome those who are
and impulsive, and needs guidance from his troubled and listen to them, helping them make
older friends and motley members. He is sense of their life as a changeling. They

promise they will not trade the secrets that One. She discovered that hundreds of years
they learn. However, this trust is sometimes had gone by and that her world was replaced
broken when they learn of things that endanger by new technology that meant no one could
the House of Winter and the Freehold itself. stay hidden.
Not simply just confessors or Lady Midnight joined the House of
psychologists, the Confessors are spies, Winter, trying to reclaim the privacy that was
watching those trouble makers, Loyalists, denied her during her durance. She acted as a
Privateers and Bridgeburners. They gather all spiritual counsellor to the others of her House,
the clues and information that is required so and gain the title of Servetta Muta after the
that allies within the House of Summer can previous holder was killed for the secrets she
strike, or so that the agents of the House of knew.
Winter can act quickly and quietly. Description: Lady Midnight is pale
The Confessors are led by Lady and has golden hair. She is beautiful and
Midnight, the Servetta Muta of the city. She is dresses in mourning garb and a veil. People on
the Doges confessor and so her role coincides the street dismiss her as either aloof or as a
with that of the House of Winter. Lady vain celebrity.
Midnight tries to be welcoming and honest Her mien shows that she has golden
with her guests, and has the hard time of eyes, with pointed ears, fine hair, and alabaster
ensuring that knowledge of the House of skin.
Winter is kept secret from the Court of Her mantle manifests as an the sun
Carnival. For this reason she knows that others light reflecting off snow, the taste of ice cold
of the House of Winter watch her intently to water from the mountains, and the odd snow
see if she steps out of line. flake.
Storytelling Hints: Lady Midnight is
passionate and has many lovers so that she
Lady Midnight may hear many secrets through pillow talk.
Quote: <nothing, she simply directs She believes that the best way to hide is to
guests to sit and speak> hide in the open. However, she still enjoys her
Background: Lady Midnight was a privacy and keeps a clean and tidy home that
nun during the 17th century. She was involved can be packed up in a moments notice and
with a man, breaking the codes of her church moved through the Hedge to a new safe haven.
Apparent Age: Early 30s
and her promise to God. She knew of the
importance of secrets and she kept the secrets Court: Winter
of others. However, this would be her undoing Seeming: Fairest
as one of the Gentry tricked her in to revealing Kith: Bright One
a secret. The previous day it had told her it at Keeper: The Count of Stolen Tears
confession. However, it made her promise. Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
Through cunning and deception the Fae made Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2,
her break this promise, and the ground that the Stamina 2
pledge was broken, the Fae took her away to Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 4,
Arcadia. Composure 2
There in the Faerie realm, in a tall spire Mental Skills: Academics (Bible) 3, Investigation
made of glass, she was used and raped. She 2, Medicine 2, Occult 2, Politics (Freehold) 4
was kept like a princess yet she could not hide Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Larceny 1,
Stealth 4, Weaponry 2
from her captor as every wall was as clear as
water. Social Skills: Empathy (Emotions, Lies) 4
Intimidation 2, Persuasion 3, Socialize (Dress Balls,
Her escape came as she discovered the
Bars) 4, Subterfuge (Lying, Misdirection) 4
secret of her prison, and she tricked her
Merits: Allies (Church Priest), Contacts (PIs) 3,
Keeper into keeping his eyes shut. She fled the Harvest (Emotions) 3, New Identity 4, Mantle
tower and return to Venice, now as a Bright

(Winter) 3, Mantle (Carnival) 2, Resources 3, the forest. But escape did come as Hanuman
Retainers 3 found a cave. He crawled his way out and into
Willpower: 6 the harsh daylight of the mountainside.
Clarity: 5 Hanuman journey to Venice, hearing
Virtue: Prudence about the Freehold, and finding that he was
Vice: Lust safer here than anywhere else. He initially
Health: 7 joined the House of Summer, but after a failed
Initiative: 4 attack on one of the Fae, he left the House,
Defense: 2 thinking that outright war with the Fae was
Speed: 9 futile. Instead he simply wished to live his life
Wyrd: 6 (Glamour 15/6, 25 Goblin Fruits, 9 away from the magic of the Fae and the
Pledges) attentions of others.
Contracts: Dreams 4, Mirror 4, Smoke 3, Vainglory The House of Winter has found a use
4, Fleeting Winter 4, Eternal Winter 3, Carnival 2 for him, as messenger and spy. He is able to
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Empathy), navigate from one end of the city to the other
Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Retainers), Knights by climbing over the rooftops of Venice. This
Oath (Doge) has earned him the respect of the Nameless
Frailty: Minor Bane Pain by the sight of her one, and gained him the friendship of Lady
reflection reflected in another mirror. Midnight, who he loves.
Description: Hanuman is tall and has
Hanuman scruffy hair and a beard. He wears clothes that
allow him to move easily, and by day acts as a
Quote: Up here <he then leaps messenger. Others have commented on his
down, taking out his victim> large eyes.
Background: Hanuman was always a His mien displays that he has a
climber, having grown up in the North of the prehensile tail, larger eyes, long fingers and
Veneto with his family, and trained in rock fur.
climbing. This was his life, scaling the sheer His mantle is the feeling of snow under
cliff faces with little support. barefoot, the cold wind and the smell of spices.
It was while scaling one of these Storytelling Hints: Hanuman is a
treacherous walls of rock that he was shocked trickster and is playful. He makes a game out
as a face of stone leered at him. He lost his of his tasks but fears he will be taken away.
grip and plummeted to his death, only to be This is compounded by the fact that he loves
snatched away and replaced by a fetch made of Lady Midnight but know he cannot tell her.
stones and goat bones. Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Hanuman was taken away to the forest Court: Winter
realm of Wukong, Lord of Trees. Here he was Seeming: Beasts
made to climb and scale the twisting vines and Kith: Steepscrambler
palm trees as snarling beasts roamed below. Keeper: The King of Blood and Fat
For many nights he did this, surviving on the Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2
fruit of the trees. He grew a tail that aided in Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4,
his navigation of the forest, and his hands Stamina 2
became more dextrous. Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3,
One day Wukong came to him, and sat Composure 2
on the branch petted his new monkey. Wukong Mental Skills: Crafts (Forgery) 2, Investigation 2,
was also ape like, but larger and more Occult 2, Politics 1
colourful. He was a trickster and a joker, and Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Run, Climb), Brawl
played tricks upon Hanuman. (Dirty Fighting) 3, Larceny 3, Stealth (Move
Years passed like this, as Hanuman Quietly) 3, Weaponry 2
was treated as pet and prey by the master of

Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 2, the Freehold look upon the Sigh as a
Intimidation 2, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 3, Socialize disgusting, if required, group of changelings.
3, Subterfuge 1 That is if they could look upon them, such is
Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of the secrecy of the Sigh.
Foot 2, Contacts (Fence, Thief, Homeless) 3, The Sigh publish their findings through
Harvest (Pledge) 2, Mantle (Winter) 2, Resources 2,
the Icelaw, allowing the information to filter
Token 2.
through the lines of Lores until it reaches those
Willpower: 4
that the truth is destined for.
Clarity: 6
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Envy Mammoth
Health: 7
Initiative: 6
Quote: <Loud foot steps in the dark>
So you were about to tell us everything you
Defense: 4
know <The crunch of bone and the screams
Speed: 12 (14)
of the prisoner>
Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
Background: Mammoth was a farm
Contracts: Fang and Talon (Apes) 3, Fleeting
labourer just before WWII. He toiled on the
Winter 3, Mirror 2, Smoke 3, Dream 2, Goblin
Contracts: Fair Entrance 2
land, lugging about sacks of grain and bales of
hay. He was never the most intelligent of men,
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Empathy),
Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Retainers), Knights but he was no fool. He could not stand to see
Oath (Doge) the abuse of others by the foremen, and once
intervened before such men had their wicked
Other members of the Cleaners are the way with one of the maids that worked on the
Darkling Mirrorskin, Mr Sand, the Elemental farm.
Airtouched Autumn courtier, Nimbus, and the His exile to Arcadia was through now
rat like Beast, Hamlin. fault of his own, just bad luck and a forgotten
promise of many generations ago to leave out
a small offering of corn for the Fae. In an act
The Endless Sigh of spite the Fae lord, the Duke of Redwoods,
stole Mammoth away and twisted him to slave
If the Confessors are the holders of away in his kingdom.
secrets given freely then the Lost of the Thousands of harvests past, and
Endless Sigh are those who gain information Mammoth laboured, pulling the carts, lifting
through force. Led by the terrible Mammoth, a huge boulders, carrying cattle and ploughing
Farwalker and a gangster, the motley watches the fields. Over time Mammoth forgot about
from a far the comings and goings of the his freedom and knew only the sting of the
Freehold. When there is suspicion, the Endless lash. But it was his memories of lost love that
Sigh strike, snatching those Lost they distrust brought him back to the world and allowed
and putting them under arrest. Under the care him to find his mortal self again.
of the Sigh, so named for the Bridge of Sighs Mammoth found that he was once
that led from the Doges Palazzo to the Doges more home, in the fields of Tuscany. He feared
prisons, the captives are interrogated and being found once more by the King of
tortured, as they attempt to draw out a Redwoods, and fled. He spent some time in
confession or truth. Naples, and through the Winter Court he was
The Sigh are careful not to overstep offered safe passage north, further from the
their position, and only take those when it is lands of his Keeper.
clear they must or that there is no doubt in Mammoth joined the Winter Court in
their suspicions. However, this does not stop Venice in the 80s. He feared his Keeper, and
the Sigh from pulling off the streets others at a wanted the simple life that was stolen from
whim. This of course means that the many in him. He knew he could never return to such a

life and that safety now resided in hiding. Willpower: 7
However, the sting of the whip also spurred Clarity: 4
him on, and that only through pain, Virtue: Fortitude
emotionless, truthful pain, could the Lost be Vice: Pride
safe by finding the truth by all means possible. Health: 9
Mammoth moved through the ranks of the Initiative: 5
House of Winter, using his own form of Defense: 2
intelligence gathering, ensuring that his Speed: 12
victims could never point to him as their Wyrd: 5 (Glamour 14/5, 15 Goblin Fruits, 8
captor. It is for this work that Mammoth is the Pledges)
Lord of the Inhospitable Chamber. Contracts: Stone 4, Smoke 4, Mirror 4, Fleeting
Description: Mammoth is large and Winter 3, Eternal Winter 3, Carnival 1, Dream 3
heavy set. He ripples with strength and has a Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness
short buzz cut and tanned skin. His clothes, Intimidation), Commendation (Duke of Winter),
that of a dock worker, can hardly conceal his Knights Oath (Doge)
His mien shows that he has a thick fur
of grey and auburn all over his skin. His mouth Lilith
is filled with jagged teeth and his body is even
taller by another 2 feet. Quote: Just a kiss <she begins to
His mantle manifests as the first chill drain them of blood >
wind after harvest, the smell of rotting apples Background: Lilith was born in Israel,
and the cold rain and hail. and grew up in poverty. Her father was a farm
Storytelling Hints: Mammoth is labourer and her mother had died in an attack
devoted to his purpose. He has shut his heart by terrorists. Her life was difficult, living in
tight, so tight that he at times cannot see past the slums as her brother joined the local gangs.
his own crusade. He is frightful to behold, but It was while out on the hills, playing
more fearsome is his complete lack of around the ruins of some old church, that she
empathy. angered one of the Fae. She was throwing
Apparent Age: Early 30s stones at a pillar. It was in fact the remains of
Court: Winter an old Fairy circle. The Fae seized her and
Seeming: Ogre dragged her away, into a place so different to
Kith: Farwalker her home. It was the Dark Marshes.
Keeper: King of Redwoods There in the strange Arcadian realm
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 2, Resolve 4 she toiled away, trying to find safety from the
Physical Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 2, foul creatures that stalked the swampland.
Stamina 4 Over time her diet of grubs and vermin
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 2, changed her. She had no need to eat the flesh
Composure 3 cooked, for it brought the attention of the her
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Investigation 4, Fae lord who simply found amusement in
Medicine 2 (Truth Serum), Occult 1, Politics hunting her. Instead she developed the taste for
(Freehold) 4 blood.
Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Larceny 3, Escape came as she saw her reflection
Stealth 3, Survival 3, Weaponry 3
in the moonlight for the first time in months.
Social Skills: Empathy (Lies) 3, Intimidation She shrieked in horror as she saw the spine-
(Torture, Blackmail) 5, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 2,
teeth maw that now was her mouth. She had
Subterfuge (Lying, Misdirection) 2
lost her beauty and now had skin that was
Merits: Allies (Gangsters) 2, Contacts (PI,
Vampire) 2, Harvest (Emotions) 4, New Identity 4,
pallid and vulgar.
Mantle (Winter) 4, Resources 3, Strong Back 1, Iron Her race through the swamps brought
Stamina 3 her to the swamps that made up the Hedge

about the city of Venice, and it was here on the Initiative: 6
islands that she was captured by Polo and Defense: 4
brought to the city to be reintroduced to the Speed: 11
world. Lilith was fearful and wanted little to Wyrd: 2 (Glamour 11/2, 5 Goblin Fruits, 5 Pledges)
do with the world or with the Fae, however, Contracts: Fang and Talon (Leeches) 2, Darkness 4,
Mammoth knew that she was a capable hunter, Fleeting Winter 2, Mirror 2, Smoke 3
and she also had skills that made her a capable Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness
interrogator. Intimidation)
Description: Lilith is voluptuous and
pale with full red lips and raven black hair. Other members of the Endless Sigh are
She tends to wear revealing but functional Opiuos, a Wizened Brewer and expert in the
clothing. art of narcotics and in particular truth serums,
Her mien displays she has a mouth and the Spring Courtier, the dream
filled with spindle like teeth, dark eyes and her manipulator and Muse, the Fairest, Epiales.
fingers are tip with leech like suckers. Her skin
is more than pale but white and almost
translucent. The White Guard
Her mantle is the feeling of cold fog There is always the need for those who
and the taste of red berries. defend those who wish to disappear. They are
Storytelling Hints: Lilith is slef the White Guard. They are not only excellent
hating, but must hide this from her enemies fighters, defenders and also master of dealing
and those who would take advantage of it. She with ghosts.
hates the likes of the House of Spring, and is The skill of the White Guard is that
repulsed by Malvolio. they guard things such that you would not
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
realise what they are keeping safe. And so they
Court: Winter rely on misdirection and entrapment as a
Seeming: Darkiling method to protecting things. Better to remove
Kith: Leechfinger a problem than let it get too close.
Keeper: The Knight of the Black Waters
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Charon
Stamina 4
Quote: Are you certain of what we
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 3,
protect is even here. We are like ghosts, and
Composure 2
soon you shall also be one.
Mental Skills: Crafts 3, Investigation 3, Medicine
4, Occult 2, Politics 2
Background: Charon was born in
Victorian England. He was a son of wealthy
Physical Skills: Athletics (Climb) 4, Brawl
(Grapples) 3, Larceny 3, Stealth (Move Quietly) 3, family, he was taken at his grandfathers
Weaponry 2 funeral as payment for his grandfathers long
Social Skills: Empathy (Motives) 2, Intimidation 4, life. He was spirited away through a portal
Persuasion (Seduction) 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge within the tombs, and taken to a strange land
2 within Arcadia.
Merits: Fast Reflexes 2, Contacts (Vampire, Pimp) As part of the payment, Charon was to
2, Harvest (Emotions) 3, Mantle (Winter) 2, the Fae ladys master of ghosts. Many passed
Resources 2 on during their time in Arcadia, but the Fae
Willpower: 5 would not let their souls pass on. She required
Clarity: 5 one to manage and keep them, their bodies
Virtue: Faith hanging from her trees in the orchard of tears.
Vice: Lust Many passed into the orchard, and he
Health: 9 hung more up within the branches. He listened
to the singing of the shades that hung their,

their cries to pass on to the next life. And then Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 3,
one day he heard one more. His sister. He then Composure 4
realised how long he had been in that orchard Mental Skills: Academics 4 (Venice History),
and he fled. Through the orchard he ran and Investigation 3, Occult (Ghosts) 4, Politics
then through dark tunnels before coming out (Freehold) 2
of into the light on the island of San Michele Physical Skills: Brawl 3, Drive (Boat) 2, Larceny 2,
Stealth 3, Weaponry 2
in Venice.
Upon coming to the city Charon was Social Skills: Empathy (Emotions) 2, Intimidation
2, Persuasion 1, Socialize 2, Subterfuge (Lying,
inducted into the House of Autumn, however
Misdirection) 3
he had seen far too much of both the
Merits: Allies (Historian, Priest) 2, Contacts
Underworld and Arcadia to want to learn (Historian, PI) 2, Harvest (Pledges) 4, New Identity
more. He wanted to forget. But his eyes were 4, Mantle (Winter) 5, Mantle (Carnival) 2,
cursed and he could now see all the shades of Resources 3
Venice. He had been tainted and knew that he Willpower: 8
would never be free of it. Clarity: 4
Charon has found his place within the Virtue: Temperance
long lived motley called the White Guard. He Vice: Greed
has come to accept his curse and over the Health: 8
years has assumed the position of leader of the
Initiative: 7
motley and defending the secrecy of those
Defense: 3
Lost who wish for a normal life of some form
Speed: 10
away from the threat of the Fae.
Wyrd: 7 (Glamour 13/4, 10 Goblin Fruits, 7
Behind it all Charon is in fact the Lord
of Unbidden Mourning, the secret Duke of
Contracts: Darkness 3, Smoke 4, Fleeting Winter 4,
Winter and none know of this role.
Eternal Winter 5, Mirror 2, Dream 2
Description: Charon dresses in a
Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult)
simple suit of black, almost as if it was
Frailty: Minor Bane Pain by the touch black
recovered from a recently buried person. He
roses. Minor Taboo Must try and catch a spider if
has dark eyes and is unshaven with dark spotted, and then eat it.
stubble. He looks tired and obviously
distracted, haunted. Mara
His mien shows that he has thinning
hair, his eyes are even more deep set and
Quote: There is always an escape
surrounded by dark rings, and that he has route
skeletal hands. Background: Mara was born in the
His mantle manifests as the cold of a
Veneto. Her family were wealthy land owners,
tomb, and the smell of preserving ointments.
and it was while playing that she happened
Storytelling Hints: Charon is cold,
upon a fairy circle. Entering she found herself
calculating and emotionless. He knows that his
in the Shrieking Woods, and here she was
life is over and that all he can do is help others.
pursued and tortured by the Fae, The Red
He is jealous but has to shut it away.
Witch of Ragged Prayers.
Apparent Age: 40s
Mara eventually did escape using
Court: Winter
stolen lore from the Fae, and returned to the
Seeming: Darkling
mortal world to find only a few minutes had
Kith: Gravewight
passed. But for her she had aged from 10 to
Keeper: The Dead Woods 17. She tried to convince her parents of her
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4 identity, but there was a fetch in her place.
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, For a time Mara lived alone in the
Stamina 3 wilderness. But the ever constant threat of her
keeper forced her to leave for nearby Venice.

Since joining the House of Winter, Virtue: Prudence
Mara is now an expert spy and scout. She still Vice: Pride
has trouble forgetting her old life, and is often Health: 8
reminded that she must break all links with her Initiative: 9
family. But that does not stop her planning the Defense: 3
death of her fetch. Speed: 13 (15)
Her primary role in the House of Wyrd: 3 (Glamour 12/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
Winter is that of Archer of the Lonely March. Contracts: Artifice 4, Fang and Talon (Owls) 3,
Description: Mara is short and stocky. Fleeting Winter 2, Eternal Winter 4, Mirror 2,
She looks like he has had a hard life out on a Smoke 3, Dream 2
farm, and many just mistake her for a labourer. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult),
She has dark hair and wears functional Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Retainers), Knights
clothing. Oath (Doge)
Her mien displays she is scrawny, with
deep set eyes that are wide and black. Her skin
is blotchy and green tinted. And in her hair Aura
twigs and leaves can be found
Her mantle is the feeling of cold mist Quote: Secrets are carried on the
amongst pine trees, and the silence brought by chill win of the Icelaw
fresh snow. Background: The current Doge of the
Storytelling Hints: Mara is quiet and city, unknown to their subjects, is the air
cunning. She always has an escape plannd and touched elemental Aura. This Lost, stolen as a
trust no one. She will sniff the air and taste the child to blow cooling breezes for her Keeper,
dirt to get a better measure of where she is. returned to the sea town of Chioggia, finding
She is loyal to the course and distrusts those of that for herself 7 years had past while for her
other Seasons. family 27 years had gone by. Blessed with the
Apparent Age: Late 40s ability to sing enchanting songs Aura made her
Court: Winter way within the Freehold of Venice, and after
Seeming: Wizened 37 years of acting as a court entertainer within
Kith: Woodwalker the House of Spring, and also a well respected
Keeper: The Lord of the Bleeding Oaks and manipulator of Glamour. It was then 12 years
Screaming Willows ago she was given the title of Doge, the former
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 3 Doge in secret bestowed the mask upon her
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, and with that act the roles were reversed and
Stamina 3 the former Doge left the city, their memory of
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, their time as Doge struck from their mind.
Composure 2 The Doge for the last 4 years has
Mental Skills: Crafts (Wood working, leather battled with a number of problems. The first
working) 4, Investigation 4, Occult (The Hedge) 4, has been the slow increase in sightings of
Politics 2 hobgoblins and reports of disturbing dreams
Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Run, Climb), Brawl amongst the population of the city. The second
(Traps) 3, Stealth 4, Survival (Tracking, Hunting) 3,
has been the disappearance of a few members
Weaponry (Spear) 2
of the Freehold. Apparently this has been the
Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Intimidation 2,
work of those Loyalists hidden within the city
Persuasion 2, Streetwise (Homeless) 2, Subterfuge
3 limits, or worst the Gentry. It has been these
Merits: Fleet of Foot 2, Contacts (Other Archers in
issues that have led to the loss of confidence in
other Freeholds, Homeless) 3, Harvest (Hedge the Court of Carnival, especially from the
Fruit) 3, Mantle (Winter) 3, Resources 2, Token 2. Spring and Summer Houses who expect more
Willpower: 5 direct action.
Clarity: 4 As a member of the White Guard, Aura

is able to perform her duties in such a way that Seeming: Elemental
it compliments her role as Doge of the Court Kith: Airtouched
of Carnival. For the White Guard she acts as a Keeper: The Queen of the Blasted Desert of Bitter
spy and uses her contracts to watch over the Tongues
House of Winter and their gatherings. Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 6, Resolve 4
Through the House of Winter, Aura is Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5,
able to see her commands as Doge filter down Stamina 4
through the House from the Duke of Winter, Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 7,
and also is keen to see how they also flow Composure 5
through the other Houses. She is keenly aware Mental Skills: Academics (Venice) 4, Investigation
where decrees are bent, altered or simply 4, Occult (Venice, Fae, Ghosts) 6, Politics
ignored. It is with this information that Aura, (Freehold) 4
as Doge is able to ensure her rule and the Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Stealth
(Crowds, Stalking) 5, Survival 3, Weaponry 2
safety of the Freehold.
Description: Aura is small, slight, and Social Skills: Empathy 3, Expression 5,
Intimidation 4, Persuasion 3, Socialize (Parties) 4,
quiet. She has blond hair and wears loose
Subterfuge 3
clothing. When on duty as part of the White
Merits: Contacts (Mages, Politician, Police) 3,
Guard she wears more functional clothing in Harvest (Hedge Fruit, Pledge) 6, Mantle (Winter)
greys. As the Doge her gender is obscured and 3, Mantle (Carnival) 5, Resources 3, Hollow: Size 2,
she is dressed in fine golden robes and wears a Wards 5, Doors 3, Amenities 5
mask that is off shifting expressions that Willpower: 9
completely conceals her own face. Clarity: 4
Her mien displays she composed or Virtue: Prudence
mist. She is almost translucent, and has cool Vice: Gluttony
white skin and hair blown by an unseen
Health: 9
Initiative: 10
Her mantle shows only that of Winter,
Defense: 5
as her mantle of Carnival is concealed. is the
Speed: 13
feeling of cold mist amongst pine trees, and
Wyrd: 8 (Glamour 17/3, 7 Goblin Fruits, 6 Pledges)
the silence brought by fresh snow.
Storytelling Hints: Aura is obviously
Contracts: Elements (Air) 5, Elements (Water) 5,
very secretive, but maintains this secrecy as
Fleeting Winter 4, Eternal Winter 4, Dream 5,
part of being a Winter courtier, and uses Smoke 3, Mirror 4, Carnival 5
misdirection to hide her true identity as Doge. Pledges: Motley Pledge (Adroitness Occult),
She is aware of much of the intrigue of the Oath of the Rose and Thorn (Retainers
city, and tries to keep up with it. She also uses
this information to learn about the threats to
Other members of the Wight Guard are
the Freehold. However, she is not above
Blank, a Stonebones bouncer, and Mundi, a
sacrificing members of the Freehold to save
Wizened Chatelaine who keeps track of all the
the city, even if that were to include herself.
Winter Cottages.
She is calculating and creates plans within
To others she appears as a Winter
Also add in derangements for some
courtier who is more concerned with herself
characters and check wyrd rating and things
and staying safe and hidden. However, she
like banes and bans.
makes it known that she is struggling with
leaving behind her family from her previous
Apparent Age: Late 40s
Court: Winter