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Sample #1
This sample includes the Official Abstract and PowerPoint presentation excerpts for my student
who competed in the Alamo Regional Junior Academy of Science & Engineering Fair. This
student benefitted from the experience by winning Best in Fair, 1st Place in Chemistry.


Materials Methods/Procedures
Two rectangles of cardboard 1) Place yard stick flat on the cardboard and mark out four yards with
in increments of one inch. Do this for both pieces.
5 types of two-liter soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Root 2) Place cardboard vertically against a wall.
Beer, Sprite, Big Red, 10 bottles for each type) 3) Place bottle of soda three feet away from the cardboard (lowers the
risk of the cardboard getting wet).
4) Open bottle of soda and drop five Mentos into it and step back as
Paper Towels soda erupts out of the bottle.
Camera 5) Have someone take a picture of the soda reaching its highest point.
6) Record height.
Pencil 7) Repeat steps 3-6 using 24 more bottles of soda and 5 trials for each
10 rolls of regular Mentos and 10 rolls of type with regular Mentos.
strawberry flavored Mentos. 8) Repeat steps 3-7 using the strawberry flavored Mentos.
9) Using data, form a conclusion.
Yard Stick

Data (Regular Mentos) Data (Strawberry/Waxed)

Trial 1 2 3 4 5 Average
Trial 1 2 3 4 5 Average Number
Coke 37 in 25 in 28 in 29 in 34 in 30.6
Coke 33 in 43 in 45 in 46 in 39 in 41.2

Diet Coke 65 in 60 in 82 in 70 in 91 in 73.6

Diet Coke 94 in 110 in 112 in 90 in 103 in 101.8
Root Beer 25 in 14 in 15 in 16 in 18 in 17.6
Root Beer 40 in 55 in 28 in 22 in 45 in 38
Big Red 23 in 24 in 30 in 28 in 28 in 26.6
Big Red 53 in 52 in 50 in 40 in 48 in 48.6
Sprite 31 in 29 in 28 in 29 in 30 in 29.4
Sprite 41 in 51 in 48 in 46 in 52 in 47.6

Average Heights (Regular/Strawberry) Discussion of Results


My hypothesis did not correctly correlate with the results from this
experiment. The averages for each trial showed that Diet Coke combined
80 with regular Mentos created the best conditions for nucleation causing the
Regular Mentos soda to reach a greater height than Coca-Cola or any other soda.

40 Strawberry/
Waxed Mentos

Coke Diet Root Big Sprite
Coke Beer Red


Student Sample #2 (Best in Fair 2nd Place in Chemistry)
This sample includes the Official Abstract, PowerPoint presentation excerpts, and trifold board
for my student who competed in ARASE as well as Junior Academy of Science. This student
benefitted from the experience by winning Best in Fair, 2nd Place in Chemistry.


Many of us know that vegetables need the sun, nutrients
H20 to the from soil, and water to grow. Many people dont have
personal gardens perhaps because they think growing
Test vegetables takes long. What if the type of water could affect
their growth time? Maybe if plants grew faster more people
Name Omitted
would have personal gardens. In this experiment I will test
Joel C. Harris Academy if there is a difference between plants grown with two types
Junior Academy Science Fair of water.
Robert E. Lee High School

Rational: Question:
The purpose of this project is to Do vegetables grow faster with tap water
help people with small backyard or distilled water?
gardens know which water is best
for their vegetables, tap water or
distilled water.

Hypothesis: Variables:
If distilled water is used instead of Independent Variable: The Independent
Variable of this experiment is the types of
tap water for the pinto bean water.
plants, then the plants will grow Dependent Variable: The Dependent
Variable of this experiment is the pinto
faster. beans used.
Control Variable: The Control Variable of
this experiment is the sunlight the plants

Science Fair Outline

The Science Fair Outline supports my role in exposing students to this opportunity. As a Science
Fair sponsor, it is my role to guide students through the scientific method and help them
navigate the official rules while adhering to deadlines.