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Discuss this statement in detail within the context of the Malaysian

environment. ‘Conflicts of professional interest frequently arises in the
working environment of an engineer’. Discuss the statement and
propose the appropriate solutions for overcoming the problems.


Conflicts of professional interest frequently arises in the work environment of an
engineer is one of the situation happened in Malaysian environment. There are a
few factors who cause the situation happened. The main parties that will involve
in the conflict of interest are the developers, contractors and consultant
engineers. In order to overcome the problems, the conflict have to be figured out
and overcome the problems with optimal solution. The conflict should be
decrease as to help the company growth better.

Conflict always happen on our surrounding, especially in the world which is
full of sophistication and complexity. We face many kinds of conflicts in daily life
which involves our family, friends and colleagues in learning or working
environment or even the boss. Everyone has his/her opinion and interest on a
certain issue or thing. When one is disagree with another person’s point of view
and interest, conflict will occur. In Malaysia’s working environment, to work as an
engineer in the related field, these conflicts can’t be avoided. However, the
conflict of professional interest is a current issue in the career of an engineer. If
this type of working environment does not improve or changed, it will bring
negative effects to the employer, employees who are working in the company
and also the company’s own reputation.
A true profession is an occupation which requires skills and knowledge in a
specified field that was for the benefit of the society. A professional able to
demonstrate their knowledge and skills which they done by training and it was
used to provide service which is unique and it was used to serve the community.
A professional was a person who can distinguish others from all the occupational
groups by showing their expertise in the particular area of which utilizes the
knowledge and skill which he already had.

The knowledge and skills which an engineer has was a result of training,
researching and experience. Through these processes, an engineer was able to
develop more critical knowledge and professional ideas. What they learnt was
tested, examined and evaluated before they are qualified as a professional
engineer. Through disciplined academic training and experience, they will obtain
a certain level of knowledge in their area of practice. It required certain level of
standards, also with rules and regulations to ensure that the person can be
called as a professional engineer.

Problem Statement
As mentioned in the earlier section, conflict occurs as a result of different
opinions and interests in one from that of others. Engineers involved themselves
in the industry which is a wide, fast-growing and competitive profession. The
main parties that will involve in the conflict of interest are the developers,
contractors and consultant engineers.

but many more subtle situations can also present conflicts. The next party would also have conflict of interest with the engineers was the contractors. Another side which has the conflict of interest was the consultant engineers. Contractors will also have concerns on the cost of the project but it is not the main issue for him. buying goods. They are usually considered as business men that do investment in the property to build building to gain more profit. There are also wealthy individual developers which can build construction project by having considerable amount of funds. services which works for a land and also the construction activity of the land. . One of the types of conflict in the working environment was conflicting client interests. the casualty was able to get treated at instant. The main task for him was to ensure the progress of building the project within the timeframe and will be completed at the expected date. It is important that the safety measurements of a construction site are following the protocols set by the local government.  To overcome the conflict between professional and the engineers. but it is more common for a group containing all wealthy individuals which forms a development company to separate the lost and risk of a construction project. As an engineer. Discussion A construction project needs a quite big amount of funds. A first aid emergency centre should be at standby condition with simple medical assistance and staffs on site. It is important that engineers let the contractors know how to arrange the human resources available at the construction site. An engineer should be reporting about the amount and cost of the material used in the construction project. Contractor also would needed to be suggested to follow the schedule for the construction project as any delay in time will cause a lost in the construction cost. The main responsible for the consultant engineers was to keep an eye on the quality of working activities in the construction site. The classic case involving conflicting client interests occurs when a forest professional is required to serve a client whose interests directly clash with those of another current client. a forester representing a landowner in a timber trespass case cannot also work for the logger who allegedly committed the trespass. any raise of price of material well also affect the distribution of developer’s funds to each sectors regarding the construction project. it is important to think what others think. Consultant engineer’s job was to ensure the construction were carried out in relevant and was following the engineering codes and complying with international best practices. The developer side will only consider about the cost and profit issue. If any accident occurs. Besides that. A construction developer mostly was an organization involved in the act of acquiring.Objectives  To figure out the conflict happen among the engineers with professional. Obviously. Workers or anyone authorized to enter the construction site must wear safety helmets and gloves as prevention to any incident that may happen when they are in the construction site.

when a forester who owns a partial interest in a wood-using manufacturing plant sells wood on behalf of a forest landowner. For example. Financial conflicts of interest are not always as clear-cut as one might assume. before accepting an assignment from the second party. If no waiver is provided. is not party to this decision. but we need to put the interests of the company’s employer and its employees before their personal interests. Building trust between the engineers is key in this case. the company was able to improve its performance and will be having a better future. Avoiding the conflict would guarantee continued mutual respect between the engineers. the municipality could decide that there is no conflict and be willing to continue with the engineer. who is the first client. We also should understand that engineers might perceive a conflict of interest. The municipality may well deem this to be a conflict and select another engineer for the assignment. the organization of the company and the company’s future prospects. and that the perception would damage mutual understanding and credibility. Solution of to this issue was first to create mutual respect. The lack of trust by engineers might be extended to the entire management of the company. The engineer should advise the municipality that the assignment will be accepted only if the developer agrees in writing that there is no conflict. The common goal can unite all the staffs of the company which allows them to fight together to achieve the goals set by the company. A prudent engineer will explain to the municipality’s representative that a report was prepared for one of the land developers. If the engineers have positive relationships and work together as a strong team. the forester has an obligation to make the landowner aware of this other business interest. It is nice to see engineers having meeting each week discussing about the issue of the company. Shared objectives can help engineers to be motivated in their work and became more innovative to produce better and useful solutions which make sure that they can reach the objectives. Establishing common goals and objectives of the company are vital. Alternatively. The objective of a company is to establish a foundation or the base for the company. because the developer. In a company. The company was able to obtain more benefit and profit. More than that. the engineer must recognize. if the outcome of the . The solution was first. the municipality may agree to retain the professional engineer generally but obtain a different one for this specific land owner. this does not resolve the engineer’s potential conflict. However. it will reduce the conflict of professional interest as they are moving in the same direction for sake of the company. Another type of conflict which will be occur was financial conflicts. We should know that everyone who works in the company has his/her own vision and commands on the company in terms of the company’s policy. The loss to the company might be substantial. the second assignment can be accepted. thereby ending the potential conflict. that there is a potential conflict of interest. We should able to understand the concerns of the engineers to the company and try to acknowledge and respect the suggestion given by them. Once that written agreement is obtained. However. effective communication has a very important role to avoid conflict of interest.

Everyone has his/her standards and restrictions towards their position. it was good to provide your own ideas and opinions. The outcome of the discussion was to solve the problem in only one way which was effective. The discussion also can be done in small groups which involve members from the same department. the engineers and the technicians. To decrease the gap of conflict of interest between two parties. What you practice will influence others to practice the similar approach in the whole working environment. Another example was only one of the sides was giving opinion and suggestions but does not receive any feedback from others. building material. which was also ineffective. if one of the engineers proposed the idea of a new product. The strategy of having an effective communication was information should always be clear and easy to understand for everyone involved. expect what information they want to hear and present to them. Therefore. It should be a good practice if one was able to put himself/herself in their shoes. what is more important was to consider what they will feel and think if they accept the opinion and ideas given by your side. Developing a positive relationship between the engineers is important. try also to consider the problems and difficulties which will be faced by the other engineers or departments. and functionality. In a working environment. Engineers faced a lot of issues and decision making moments in the working environment. As an engineer.meeting was still unable to solve the problem. But. there will be concerns on the design. Therefore. If the trusts were built in the organization. but at least you tried your best to reduce the burden of the other engineers and departments when the proposed product was approve to be mass produced. building good relationship will help to develop your working practices and were able to understand the point of view of your colleagues and able to know how they think and how they solve problem in different ways. It was a challenge to an engineer to optimize all the resources of a company and produced a solution which can benefit the company and give good reputation to the company. discuss and debate the opinions and suggestion given and came out with a best solution as the outcome of the meeting between the engineers. It was known as a one way communication. A two-way communication should be build up. It may have different communications plans for different sides in a meeting such as the administration board. There should be having frequent discussion for a quick solution. Both sides listen. this was considered an ineffective communication. Discussion can be made during meeting to find out the best way to overcome a problem. If no discussion was been done . engineers meet different peoples from different department. which able yourself to have wider access to more information. As an example. As an engineer. they will be more likely to compromise and work towards goals. reasonable and acceptable by all the members of the group. each person needs to be considerate. having good working relationship among engineers will reduce the conflict of interest. It will also be a stepping stone for your career development. Just go straight to the point. it was impossible to take consideration for all the sides. Having good relationship also improves your networking skills. before proposing an idea of your own. cost. target customers. Engineers solve issues by providing solutions to solve the problem. However.

To avoid the conflicts and argument. Reference: . It will also help the development of an engineer’s personal value and career. engineers should make discussions often. Conclusion As a conclusion. It is important to change the working environment of a workplace which can produce a more effective but still competitive environment. the conflict of professional interest should be decrease to a minimum in the working environment of Malaysia. there will be conflicts on the method used was not good enough which may lead to argument. This would help companies grow stronger and better. everyone will do their routine job in their own way. When problems arise.between the engineers. It allows the employees to imagine the future of the company’s plans and visions.