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Teacher Candidate: _____Karley Hoff_____________________________________________ Date: _2/7/17__________

Cooperating Teacher: __Ms. Schneck________________________________________ Coop. Initials: _____________
Group Size: ___20__________________ Allotted Time: _45 mins_______________ Grade Level: _2nd__________
Subject or Topic: _Math/Read and Write 3-Digit Numbers_________________ Section: __________________

STANDARD: (PA Common Core):

Standard - CC.2.1.2.B.2
Use place value concepts to read, write, and skip count to 1000.

I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

A. Students will be able to write 3-digit numbers in three different ways (expanded, standard and
word form) by completing whiteboard activity.

B. Students will be able to determine the difference between expanded, standard and word form
by completing BINGO.

II. Instructional Materials

A. Computer (1 for teacher)
B. Prezi (1 teacher made)
C. Whiteboards (21 for students)
D. Markers (21 for students)
E. Bingo cards (21 for students)
F. Bingo Markers (21 for students)
G. Checklist (1 for teacher)

III. Subject Matter/ Content

A. Prerequisite skills
1. The students should have an understanding that the three digits in a three-digit number
represent amounts of hundreds, tens and ones.
2. Students should understand place-value.
3. Students should be able to have basic writing skills in order to write numbers in word

B. Key Vocabulary
1. place-value- The value of where the digit is in the number.

2. standard form- A general term meaning "written down in the way most commonly

3. word form- when the number is written in words.

4. expanded form- Writing a number to show the value of each digit.

C. Big Idea- Writing Numbers in Different Forms

D. New Content-
1. How to Write 3-digit numbers in expanded form.
2. How to Write 3-digit numbers in word form.
3. How to Write 3-digit numbers in standard form.

IV. Implementation
A. Introduction
1. To start lesson, remind students how we have learned about 3-digit numbers and place-
value the past few days. Tell students that today we will be learning more about 3-digit
numbers and specifically the different forms we can write numbers in.
2. Ask students if they are familiar with any number forms. If a student raises their hand,
let them answer. If they bring up standard, expanded, or word form say, Yes! That is a
type of form we can write our numbers in. Then bring up Prezi.

B. Development
1. Open Prezi presentation. Say to class, With three-digit numbers we can write them in
different forms. The first form we will be talking about is called standard form. This form
is the normal way we write our numbers.
4. Next, tell class, The next form is called expanded form. This form is when you write
each of the values out for each place and add them together to form the same number. For
example, with 124, what is the value of the 1 in the hundreds place? Listen to students
answer. Student should say 100. Say, Yes! So, you would write 100, then what is the
value of the 2 in the tens place? Listen to students answers. Student should say 20. Say,
Yes! So, you would then write 100+20 and lastly, what is the value of the 4 in the ones
place? Listen to students answer. Student should say 4. Tell students you would then
write each value out, 100+20+4.
5. Explain to students that with expanded form, you are stretching or expanding the
values out. This is the longer from and expanded is a longer word, so this should help you
6. The next slide in the presentation shows the last form which is word form. Tell students
that this last from is exactly what it says, you write out the number in words. So, for
example,124, in word form is written as, one hundred twenty-four. Tell students that you
write the hundreds first, tens next and ones last. You write the number as you say the
7. The next slide is the Lets Try It! Tell students that we will practice another number.
Ask students what would the standard form for 259 is. Listen to students answers.
Students should say 259.
8. Next, ask students what the expanded form is for 259. Students should say 200+50+9.
Then, ask students what the word form for 259 is. Students should say two hundred fifty-
9. After, tell students to get their whiteboards ready. Pass out whiteboards and markers.
Tell students that the teacher will read a couple questions on the Prezi and the students
need to write their answer on the whiteboard and hold it up when the teacher says to.
10. Go through each of the 5 slides of questions for whiteboard activity. Discuss answers.
11. When done with whiteboards, tell students that now we will play a game of bingo in
order to practice some more with number forms.
12. During bingo, teacher will pass out bingo cards to each student. Explain directions on
how to win bingo. Teacher will pick a card out of the bag to call the number form.

C. Closure
1. After bingo, get students attention. Ask students, What were the 3 number
forms we learned about today? Listen to students answers.
2. Also ask, Why do you think it is important for us to know different ways to
write numbers? Listen to students answers.
3. Tell students that they will have homework to complete for this lesson.

D. Accommodations / Differentiation -

E. Assessment/Evaluation plan
1. Formative
a. Activity will be completed to show their ability to write 3-digits
numbers in three different forms. An observation checklist will be used to
document learning. This will be recorded on a checklist with a check or
b. Activity will be completed to show their ability to tell the difference
between expanded, standard and word form. An observation checklist will
be used to document learning. This will be recorded on a checklist with a
check or minus.

V. Reflective Response

A. Report of Students Performance in Terms of States Objectives

1. Did my students achieve the expectations of the objectives?
Yes, my students achieved the expectations of the objectives.
20 out of 20 students completed the white board activity.
5 students wrote the incorrect answer during the activity.
20 out of 20 students completed bingo correctly.
B. Personal Reflection

1. What could I have done to have students more engaged during my lesson?
If anything, I could have had students come up to the board and write answers
during prezi presentations. Students always become engaged when other
students are doing work.

3. Was the lesson completed in the time allotted? If not, why?

Yes. The lesson was completed in the time allotted.

VI. Resources
Teachers pay Teachers