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Life-Growth NetLetter

Life-Growth Christian NetWork, Inc. (LGI)

85 registered in LGI Bible Curriculum 1st Sem

A prayer for our Praise God for your financial tions. We have printed work-
sponsors, do- support! books used weekly by the
nors, support- students. Certificates of Com-
ers, intercessors Life-Growth opened its 2-
pletion will be awarded after
Reward them, oh Lord, accord-
semester course last June 14
finishing the one year course.
ing to your riches in glory. with 4 classes distributed in
When they call upon your three Bible centers: 2 classes Some of you are supporting
name, answer them quickly.
Bless the works of their hands in Cosmopolitan Church, your scholars. I’m giving them
that they may be fruitful for Manila; 1 class in Church of your email address since they
your kingdom and do not allow the Risen Lord, UP Dilliman, want to thank you personally.
your blessings to be snatched
away from them. Open the eyes 1 class in Union Theological
By the way, your donations
of their spirits that they may Seminary, Cavite. We hold
know you better, and see your are supporting 7 trainees
power that works powerfully
one class weekly, 3 hours per
whom I have invited to be
within them. Convince them session. We limit each class to Life-Growth Easy-To-
Holy Spirit, that their labor for members of the LGI Faculty! Learn Bible Curriculum is
about 20 students. designed for Christians
Jesus is never in vain. Give
them miracle upon miracle that All in all, we have 26 non- who want to influence
Students are blessed by the the world for Jesus!
they may praise you and love paying students, supported by
you more. With gratitude we PowerPoint presentations
your donations. The rest are
pray, in Jesus’ powerful name. with graphics, making the respectively. Next year’s
giving their own contributions
classes on Bible Doctrines course will be on specialized
to Life-Growth.
truly interesting. These pres- sessions on Christian Leader-
Plans for the entations are made possible Next year, by God’s grace, ship. In 2007, a specialized
coming year! with the use of the brand new Life-Growth is developing 2 training will be offered to
Write a new book July LCD projector and laptop we more new courses to be those who wish to learn how
on prayer-healing. 05 purchased out of your dona- launched in 2006 and 2007 to “hear” the voice of God!
Fundraising for 4- Jan
storey LGI Build- 06
ing. LGI celebrates 2nd Year and moves to new office
Prophetic prayers, Mar
devotional on 06 The LGI Board of Trustees our office. The LGI Board and its work-
met at the new office in Que- force capped the meeting by
LGI is blessed to have volun-
Apr zon City for its 2nd Annual having a super yummy anni-
Forming fraternal 06 teer work of 3 people: Ms.
relations. Meeting last July 1, Friday. versary lunch at the Shangri-
Esther Bartolome as Office
La Mall, EDSA.
One Year Course Jun We are delighted since all you Assistant, Ms. Ofelia Gegan-
on Leadership for 06 prayer warriors and donors toni for her gift of prophecy We look forward to a more
the Corporate
make so much blessings possi- and for helping in the mainte- powerful year of sowing and
ble. We received unexpected nance of the office, and Mr. reaping in the name of Jesus!
One Year Course Jun donations– an airconditioning Jun Ereneo for doing errands.
on Knowing 07
God’s Will unit and a stereo tape deck for
Life-Growth Christian NetWork, Inc. (LGI)

Rev. Dr. Mina Navarro-Palomo

Executive Director
17 K6th Street Kamias, Quezon City LIFE-GROWTH Christian NetWork, Inc. is a
PHILIPPINES non-profit, non-stock Christian organiza-
433.7000, 928.9985, 928.9664 tion. We believe that God calls Life-Growth to institutionalize apostolic-prophetic min-
istries on a global scale to help illumine
God-seekers everywhere, that they may
experience intimate and intensive life-
changing God-encounters through an or-
LGI NetLetter ganized network of discipled, anointed and
trained prophets, deliverance ministers,
prayer intercessors and Bible educators, in
the power of the Holy Spirit and in the
...that the world may believe
most glorious name of the Lord Jesus
that Jesus is Lord!
LIFE-GROWTH is a ministry of faith, believ-
ing that God will move in the hearts of
many to give free-will offerings to sustain
Receive prophetic prayers. the work of Jesus Christ through the lead-
Send in your prayer requests. ing of the Holy Spirit. Everyone is wel-
come to share in the work of the Lord.
Checks are payable to: Life-Growth Metro-
Bank Kamias Peso Acct. No. 3-047-27566-
1; Dollar Acct. No. 2-047-00786-5.
Life-Growth (LGI) Services

L-eadership and Management Semi- E-vangelism and Exercising Spiritual session on healing, deliverance, spiri-
nars: Raise leaders who will make an Gifts: Lectures on “Holy Spirit strate- tual warfare.
impact for Christ. gies” on evangelism. Actual sessions O-rganization and Training of Pro-
I-nstructions on Bible Doctrines and are held to demonstrate the practice of phetic Teams and Presbyteries: 6-
Discipleship: Teach fundamental spiritual gifts for evangelism. Trainees months setting up and developing a
truths in the will discover their anointing and learn prophetic team for a church. Lectures
Bible about what to use it for and how to use it to and prophetic sessions will be con-
God: Father, glorify Jesus. ducted among team members.
Son, Holy Spirit, W-orship, Prayer and Fasting Events
life after death, G-rowth and Development Planning: and Seminars: Month-long weekly
heaven and hell, Seminars to help churches and indi- lectures in organizing, setting up
baptisms, and viduals formulate long-term goals and prayer and worship programs for the
many more. practical action plans based on pro- church. Actual event could be organ-
F-acilitation of phetic revelations. ized as culmination activity.
Workshop Semi- R-evelation of God’s Counsel T-raining in Written and Oral and
nars: Various through Prophecies, Words of Knowl- Media Communication: Training for
...that the world courses for edge and Wisdom: Sessions with a aspiring communication specialists for
may believe that personal trans- prophetic team will be conducted to the Gospel.
Jesus Christ is formation and receive God’s direction and strategies H-ealing, Deliverance and Spiritual
Lord! for church for life, relationships, work and minis- Warfare: Lectures and deliverance
growth and try. This can also be done through sessions to set ourselves and others
development. prayer-counseling requests by e-mail. free of sicknesses, demonic bondages
This also may be combined with a and ties.