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a. How do they built a better customer service culture in their business?

The culture within KFC is that it is a people-focused, customer-focused culture.

The hallmark of the culture is recognition and appreciation. The big thing is that people
usually don't leave a company because they are underpaid. They are not motivated
primarily by salary, although you must be competitive on that front. They leave because
they are under-nourished and under-recognized. So, what KFC is trying to do in their
organization is to put a higher premium on people recognition because they think that
'soft stuff' drives hard results. Take people out of the process and the process doesn't
run, the chicken doesn't fry itself and the inventory doesn't manage itself, so you need
people'." Recognizing that people's output and attitudes are primarily driven by the
culture in which they operate.
The passion of KFC is to satisfy customers every time they visit the restaurants
and to do it better than what their competitors are offering in the market. KFC offer
customers delicious food, good value, and customer-focused teams. All the employees in
the restaurants are trained to serve customers in the best possible way.
Also, critically important to creating a performance improvement culture within
KFC were the articulation of the three key KFC values of 'teamwork, friendliness and
pride'. Friendliness is about creating a family-like. Being friendly to co-employees and to
the customer. Teamworking means also working with the customer to continually
improve the KFC experience as well as teamworking within the restaurants and
throughout the KFC organization. And pride is about being proud of the product, the
company and the work.
The leadership principles of KFC are:

Customer Focus - We listen and respond to the voice of the customer

Belief in people - We believe in people, trust positive intentions, encourage ideas

from everyone and actively develop a workforce that is diverse in style and

Recognition - We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others, and have fun
doing it

Coaching and Support - We coach and support each other

Accountability - We do what we say, we are accountable

Excellence - We take pride in our work and have a passion for excellence

Positive Energy - We execute with positive energy and intensity

Teamwork - We practice team together, team apart

b. How do they create a culture of continuous service improvement?

KFCs formula for success is that: People capability comes first then satisfied
customers and profitability follow. If right people were in the organization and properly
trained, then satisfied customers and profitability will follow. KFC recognizes that they
are a people-dependent business. KFCs people must be more motivated, better trained,
and better resourced than the competition. This will ensure that we have happy
customers, which will lead to more profit.
KFC create a culture of continuous service improvement by knowing and driving
the business, and building and aligning teams. Taking responsibility for and be
passionate about exceeding customer needs and by being committed to executing 100%
CHAMPS at the restaurants. This means ensuring that
C : Cleanliness is maintained at our restaurants at all times
H : We are hospitable and courteous at all times
A : We always ensure that orders are taken accurately
M : We maintain our restaurants to the best standards
P : Our products are of the highest quality
S : Our service is speedy

CHAMPS is the philosophy to ensure that the customer has the consistent quality
experience in every restaurant, every day, on every occasions and you will be playing role
in delivering CHAMPS to our customers.

c. What are they adapting: a service education or training?

Service training teaches someone how to do something: provide quality in a
specific situation. Training, by its nature, is tactical, prescriptive and usually differs
between functions and departments. And it is that what KFC is adapting in their
Learning is part of the KFCs culture. Each employee, at all levels, is conscious
of the need to upgrade continuously her/his knowledge and skills. The willingness to
learn is therefore a non-negotiable condition to be employed by KFC. First and foremost,
training is done on-the-job. Guiding and coaching is part of the responsibility of each
manager and it is crucial to make each one progress in her/his position. When formal
training programs are organized, they should be purpose oriented and designed to
improve relevant skills and competencies. Therefore, they are proposed in the framework
of individual development programs.
It is the responsibility of HR staff to assist the management in the elaboration of
training programs. Great importance is attached to programs enhancing the language
skills of the employees. Regular counseling and guidance are the best tools for improving
performance and for helping people develop their skills. It also allows to correct errors
swiftly and to transform them into a positive learning experience. In an organization with
flat structures this supports better delegation. Direct personal contact should always have
been given preference over written communication whenever possible. Each manager has
the duty to act as a mentor for his employees.

d. How important are the following with regards to achieving a good service culture as
follows: If they used it, what are the results?

i) Service recruitment
The long-term success of the Company depends on its capacity to attract, retain and
develop employees able to ensure its growth on a continuing basis. This is a primary
responsibility for all managers. The KFC policy is to hire staff with personal attitudes
and professional skills enabling them to develop a long-term relationship with the
Company. Therefore, the potential for professional development is an essential
standard for recruitment. Each new member joining KFC becomes a participant in
developing a sustainable quality culture which implies a commitment to the
organization, a sense for continuous improvement and leaves no place for
ii) Service communication
KFC also recognized from the start, the absolute importance of internal
communications. Service communications inform, educate and motivate the entire
organization. Creative communication channels surround everyone with relevant
service information, timely customer feedback, uplifting success stories, and current
challenges and objectives.
iii) Service recognition and award
Another important contributor to KFC has been the significant attention the senior
management has paid to rewards and recognition. It motivate the team to celebrate
service improvements. Incentives, acknowledgement, prizes, and praise all focus
attention and encourage greater service results.
iv) Voice of the customer
Excellent service providers know that all customers are not alike. And they
know what each type of customer prefers, and their priorities, in different service
situations. Customer complaints and compliments are the real-time voice of your
customer. These outspoken comments should be heard throughout your organization.
KFC uses the technology as one of the tool in hearing all the voices of its customers.
Actively participating with the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. KFC
also a site, the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey, which they value the candid
feedback and appreciate the time of the customer in completing the survey. By
presenting the receipts with validation code, customers can get gifts or freebies from

e. Do they practice walk the talk?

KFCs employees especially those with higher position practice and value walk
the talk philosophy. It is essential that leaders, managers and supervisors be seen
giving excellent service to customers and to staff. Employees may know the Vision,
read the Mission and memorize the Values, but they will only BELIEVE in your
customer service culture when they see it and hear it from the people at the top.
The manager who tells the team Get out there and serve! while he stays
comfortably in back is not a service leader at all. The real service leader gets out on
the frontline to help whenever she can, especially when times are busy, customers are
angry or staff are overloaded.

REVIEW on KFC Imus (G/F Ilano Bldg. Nueno Ave. Brgy. Tanzang Luma, Imus, Cavite)
Every day we had a lot of customers who visited our store to eat our best product.
Each day we work under pressure time and we handled it well.
Doing multitask during peak hours.
Our management was always make sure that we provide good services and following a
standard procedure.
My co-workers are all good, they also doing their job in their designated area.
Well, being a food server is not that easy specially during peak hours, too much
crowded and more orders that we have to make. But how hard it is, we always assured
that we make our best.
The most enjoyable part of the job? Well, a bond that we had after duty.
-Food Server (Former Employee)
Productive and fun workplace. Good shifting schedule. They also have nice
management. Having fun with co-workers to make the job less stressed.
- Restaurant Team Member (Former Employee)

Every day we clean the Restaurant. Some of management team is OK in terms of

managing people but some are indescribable. -Restaurant Team Member

I always experience na laging kulang ang foods na inoorder namin for takeout.
Madalas sa bucketmeal kulang ang chicken. Ngaun naman walang funshots na binigay
sa order q.... Buti sana kung nakakabalik agad kmi s store kapag nsa bahay na kmi...
Ubos oras na mamamasahe pa ulit pra lng balikan..kaya minsan deadma na lang. - Iam

Poor delivery service. Crew said its 1.5hrs but Almost 2.5hrs+ of waiting & still no
delivery & no update from crew. - Rachtsel Anne Aquino

Ordering system seem to be efficient and well organized. Maire

Located at the old goldilocks, across Lotus Mall. Spacious but parking is a problem.
Limited slots available. -Mary

This branch of KFC has an awesomely fast Wi-Fi connection without a password! How
cool could that be? But of course, it is near the public market, so be prepared to its very
busy and loud ambience. - Jasper Jed Gueco

Horrible delivery service. If you order mad they say 45-1:00hour... The real time is
1:30-2:00. Im currently still waiting for my delivery. Ordered 6:34.. And the time is
8:01. Hans Lenon

They served me raw food, 2am kami nag order ng GF ko, sabi ko sa cashier for dine-in,
tapos ginawang to go? Suspicious. kaya pala, bloody yung mga chicken. ambiance is
good but the service is poor. Jem Tapiru